Morning all.

Yesterday the football headlines relating to Arsenal were all about Sheffield Utd rejecting our opening offer for their midfielder Sander Berge. TransferMarket value him at around £17 million but according to a few NN headlines, the player has a ‘get out clause’ set at £35 million. Local newspaper Yorkshire Live reported yesterday that United are willing to accept an offer of £25.8million, with a 10-20% sell-on fee.

Who can blame Sheffield Utd for pushing to get the maximum or best deal for their club? They know their players better than anyone and I think it’s fair to say Berge has been one of the bright sparks in what’s been a horrid season for the club which last season did so well.

Just because Arsenal have been a soft touch over the years when it comes to selling players, it doesn’t mean every other club has to behave in such a way and they don’t. Long gone are the days of signing an Anelka for £500k and then selling him for £20 odd million. To a degree though, that’s not always the best practice because if a club has a great player in their squad, surely the best option is to keep him? However, not always is that possible.

If Arsenal are prepared to sell Willock, AMN, Nketiah, Nelson and Chambers, or any other player for that matter, they really need to get the maximum fee for them. Even if a club offers £100 million for Martinelli or Saka, not that I think Arsenal should sell them of course, think twice, or a third time before saying yes. If Harry Kane might sell this summer for £150 million, Bukayo Saka is worth more, much more. As is ESR. Leno is a German international keeper, he’s better than Kepa so if he goes, stick a £50 million price tag on his name. All pie in the sky figures I know but I’m sure you get my drift. Same goes for wages, Arsenal need to stop dishing out the kind of salaries which then make it almost impossible to sell a player.

Anyway, back to Sander Berge.


He seems to have everything, height, speed, ball control and he’s happy to have the ball at his feet and run with it. In other words, barring one or two in Arsenal’s squad, he has everything we lack.

If Arsenal really want him and this story isn’t just the usual transfer gossip which the media like to fabricate, they need to get him sooner rather than later otherwise another club will soon snap him up. Get a deal done before the Euros kick off. The player himself might not want to join Arsenal, although reports suggest he does, but Arsenal are a club on the rise, or at least that’s what I hope so the red and white side of north London could be an exciting place to be.

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