Morning all.

Not the best of FA Cup Finals I’ve ever watched but what a superb way for Leicester City to beat Chelsea. A wonderful strike by Youri Tielemans which Kepa had no chance of stopping. The goal wasn’t as good as the ‘It’s only Ray Parlour” or Freddie Ljungberg’s when we defeated Chelsea in the FA Cup Final but then I’m probably biased. I must admit, I didn’t think Chelsea’s very late equaliser should have been ruled offside but those kind of decisions have been made all season. Hopefully by the time next season kicks off, a more sensible offside rule will be in place. Anyway, we’ll done to Brendan Rogers and his players for winning the clubs first ever FA Cup. Next year, I hope we’re back at Wembley once more.

The FA Cup winners automatically qualify for the Europa Cup but if Leicester City secure a top four place, I’m pretty sure the Europa Cup place is awarded to the next place in the League. In other words, 5th and 6th place in the PL will be in Europa next season as long as Leicester don’t drop out of the Champions League places.

West Ham dropped two points at Brighton yesterday afternoon which is good for us and we could really do with both Wolves and Sheffield Utd winning their matches later today too. I still think we’ll get to next Sunday thinking, “if only” and there’s been so many. Leicester at home and Wolves away are the fixtures which stick in my mind as we should have won them both. We certainly created enough opportunities to win them, in fact both games could so easily have been all but over by halftime but we couldn’t score for toffee. But that’s been the story of the season really, that and costly individual errors.

Still, this season is soon to end and in August we start all over again, probably, or rather hopefully, with a a different looking squad. NewsNow headlines suggest both Leno and Xhaka hope to follow Luiz out the door which if true means we’ll certainly see a new goalkeeper arrive during the closed season and in all likelihood, a midfielder too. I’ll actually be sorry to see Xhaka leave because there’s no doubting his intentions as an Arsenal player.

It looks like we’ll still have the same owners though as the new campaign kicks off.

Well, if the Kroenke’s aren’t in need of the money, or unwilling to sell to someone who might show more ambition for the club, then let’s see them show a bit more ambitious than they have done thus far. If FFP is to be relaxed again this summer then they to back Mikel Arteta in the transfer window. As said before, it’s likely one or two academy players will help bolster the squad but in the key positions, like both fullback and central midfield if Xhaka does depart, I think Arsenal need strong players. Good or even great players. Sales will help generate funds, but if it comes to the club being a few million short of getting the player Mikel Arteta needs to improve our chances of returning to the top four, then he has to dig deep and come up with the money.

I’ve waffled on too long, probably even repeated myself but who cares?

See you in the comments.