Morning all.

ESR, excellent, Elneny, excellent, Arsenal’s defending – pretty darn good. You know what, I’d take that kind of performance each time we played the likes of Chelsea, Man City, Liverpool etc away from home if the outcome is the same as last night.

Mikel Arteta and his players achieved something an Arsenal manager hasn’t done in years, a win at Stamford Bridge and the double over them in one season.

Our game came after a howler from Jorginho. His back pass left Kepa scrabbling to get back on his line to use his hands clear what would otherwise have been a goal. Marriner could have blown his whistle and sent Kepa off but instead allowed play to continue as Aubameyang was lurking. Still with much to do, he played the ball to ESR to score his second goal in as many games. That was to be the only goal of the game and all three points went back to north London with Arsenal.

What to take from the game? Positivity I guess but a season is about 38 domestic fixtures, consistency and performing in the games which matter and not just those which are effectively meaningless. Mind you, there is a slight hope that if other results go our way and we can muster up two more victories from our remaining fixtures, not only could we finish about the neighbours but secure a place in the Europa League.

Current position: 4th
Games played: 36
Current points: 64
Remaining schedule: Leicester (H), Aston Villa (A)

Leicester City
Current position: 3rd
Games played: 36
Current points: 66
Remaining schedule: Chelsea (A), Tottenham (H)

West Ham United
Current position: 5th
Games played: 35
Current points: 58
Remaining schedule: Brighton (A), West Brom (A), Southampton (H)

Current position: 6th
Games played: 34
Current points: 57
Remaining schedule: Man United (A), West Brom (A), Burnley (A), Crystal Palace (H)

Tottenham Hotspur
Current position: 7th
Games played: 35
Current points: 56
Remaining schedule: Wolves (H), Aston Villa (H), Leicester (A)

Current position: 9th
Games played: 34
Current points: 55
Remaining schedule: Aston Villa (H), Sheffield United (H), Wolves (H), Man City (A)

Current position: 8th
Games played: 36
Current points: 55
Remaining schedule: Crystal Palace (A), Brighton (H)


5 West Ham 35 10 58
6 Liverpool 34 18 57
7 Tottenham 35 20 56
8 Arsenal 36 12 55
9 Everton 34 4 55


Arsenal need Man Utd to beat Liverpool tonight and Aston Villa to beat Everton especially as Everton have two games in hand over us.

I still think we’ll end up just short of securing a Europa spot but we could qualify for the new Europa Conference League If we can finish in seventh place and both Chelsea and Leicester finish in the top five. Or if Chelsea beat Man City in the Champions League Final.

The Europa Conference League would be far from ideal but at least the younger players would get to play in a more competitive League than the under 23 domestic fixtures offer. The prize for winning it is a place in the Europa League next season. Unless that team qualifies for the Champions League by way of the League table.

Let’s just win our last two fixtures, hope other clubs cockup and we nick 6th place.

See you in the comments.