Morning all.

The next days, weeks and months will be about who leaves and who might arrive at Arsenal during the summer transfer window. Yes we have three fixtures to go but with very little to play for other than pride, I’d imagine interest levels will be low. Our last game of the season is against Brighton at The Emirates and ten thousand Arsenal fans will be present.

There were protests against Stan Kroenke before the game on Sunday and it’s likely there’ll more before our final home game too. Maybe during and after as well. For now, Mikel Arteta has escaped the protesters but next season, he might not be so fortunate.

Yesterday, Football London left a comment on Twitter which listed the players Arsenal are open to selling in the summer.

Bernd Leno
Hector Bellerin
Lucas Torreira
Matteo Guendouzi
Sead Kolasinac
Konstantinos Mavropanos (a season loan)

Where such information came from I don’t know but applying logic alone, anyone could come up with that list of players, and more I think.

Selling AMN will prove to be a mistake in my opinion and Arsenal under Edu, Arteta and co have already made enough of those. Giving Willian, Aubameyang and Soares long deals at their age was bonkers, giving Lacazette a similar length deal would also be bonkers in my opinion. If anything this season has proved is that in the main, the older players have been the disappointment. The younger players like Saka, ESR, Martinelli, Tierney, Chambers, Holding and even Pepe at times, are the ones who give the team energy and direction. As has been said before, Arsene Wenger’s over 30’s rule doesn’t seem so daft now.

I doubt transfer decisions are made by one person alone, otherwise Mikel Arteta wouldn’t have been appointed manager instead of sticking with coach. Edu said that Arteta would have a big input into who the club sell and buy so the mistakes made are a collective cockup. I’d like to think the same group of people have learned that just because a player was once a very good player, if he’s 29 years old or older and free, he’s not worth the risk. A loan deal is different because there’s no commitment but a 3/4 year deal, no, never again surely. As far as Willian goes, Aubameyang too this season, Arsenal might as well have thrown their collective salary down the drain for all the good they’ve done. Or not more to the point. All Willian has done is blocked another younger player’s chance, like Nelson for example, or Azeez. Whether the two younger players would have worked out or not is irrelevant, having the opportunity is what counts and as Saka and ESR have proved, sometimes it works exceptionally well.

Arsenal certainly need more energy, speed and directness in their style of play. The crabby slow and sideways football will get us nowhere. Just because Man City play that way sometimes, albeit with an injection of pace and movement when it really matters, it doesn’t mean it’ll work for Arsenal. Certainly not with the players the club currently have. Or rather, the players Mikel Arteta has selected.

Anyway, the list Football London has come up with is a list I’d take with a pinch of salt because I think Arsenal have a lot of players who if the price is right, could be sold. That’s if the club wants to be ambitious and serious about getting back into the top four next season. We’ll see.

Lastly, yet right after Arteta’s comments about the owners backing him in the transfer window, the club have announced that Season Tickets will soon be available as they prepare for a full stadium next season. Yes, I am a cynic.

See you in the comments.