Morning all.

Watching Arsenal yesterday was kind of weird. There superb goals yet it all felt too little and certainly too late. Saka was excellent at left back, ESR likewise without Odegaard nicking his space and even Willian had a decent game, topped off with a super free kick. Just a shame it’s taken him so long to find his range.

Substitutes are made to make a difference and they did but not in a positive way. That’s not me criticising the changes, just that once Saka moved up the pitch and ESR and Martinelli went off, our game kind of went to pieces. But hey, that’s Arsenal’s season for you, up one minute, down the next but the difference yesterday was three chances were executed. We still conceded a goal though.

Did you know that Arsenal were behind a big fat first in the Premier League? Yep, the first team to send Big Sam down a division. A good time for Arsenal to do a deal for Pereira I reckon….

Seriously though, there’s nothing wrong with Arsenal looking at the three clubs who’ll be relegated and trying to pick off their best players. Why not? They all know what it’s like to play in the Premier League so they should be able to hit the ground running. I don’t think Arsenal can afford to bring players in who might need a season to adapt to the rigours of English football.

The best bit about yesterday’s game was ESR scoring his first Premier League goal for the club and understandably, he was pretty chuffed when talking to Arsenal Media:

It’s a moment I’ve been waiting for all season to be fair. I’ve been waiting to score for this wonderful club so it was a dream come true for me. B (Bukayo Saka) got the ball down the wing and when he crossed it I just tried to stay as calm as I could and it was a good finish, I’m happy with it.


I feel like [Bukayo’s] got so much experience now and he’s so versatile. He can play in so many different positions and stuff. I feel like we know each other inside out and we’re going to keep carrying on and keep playing games together.

That’s the bonus of coming through the academy together because they probably do know each other’s game inside out so there’s bound to be an understanding between them. Our best football this season has been post Boxing Day when they’ve been the creative duo in the team. Odegaard has shown glimpses of his ability but when all three play in the same team, it hasn’t quite worked.

Personally, I don’t think signing Odegaard permanently would be a good move. He’d be expensive and in my opinion there are other areas in the team which need investment. A few contracts need addressing too, Lacazette, Chambers, Nketiah, Ryan and Azeez.

New Director of Football Operations Richard Garlick joins the club later this month and he’s likely to be a very busy man. Talk about in at the deep end.

Arsenal play Chelsea on Wednesday night. With Thomas Tuchel’s side still needing points to ensure they finish in the top four, there’s little chance they’ll take it easy against us although with a Champions League Final looming, perhaps Tuchel will be kind and rest his entire first team. West Brom scored five against them so there’s hope…

9 points out of the 9 left on offer and you never know, Arsenal might just sneak into a Europa spot.

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