Morning all.

Arsenal play West Brom this evening and I don’t know about your guys but I’ve got zero interest in the match. Of course I’ll watch it, even it’s just in hope that Mikel Arteta is already thinking about next season.

I hope he’s looked at those who’ve let the club down, those who are unlikely to be at Arsenal next season and thought, what’s the point in playing them anymore. Think about next season and use the players who will definitely be ready and willing for the new campaign. Trouble is, mathematically, Arsenal could still finish in a Europa spot and because of it, we’re likely to see the same old players dishing up the same old football.

I watched Leeds yesterday and they were everything we are not. Speedy breakaways, swift passing and generally very busy. Is their squad better than ours? No, I don’t think so. Bielsa is an unusual character but he’s certainly got his team playing entertaining football. They have a 21 year old keeper who seems fearless. A goalkeeper who’d look good in red and white, or even blue…

Big Sam will be out to cause an upset today. I say upset but I actually wouldn’t be that surprised to see his team win at The Emirates as it’s far from being a tough place to go to. Arsenal are hardly a tough team to play against.

“The squad needs changing.” Mikel Arteta told Sky Sports. Of course it does as too many players don’t seem to be ready or able to put the work in on the pitch.

Will he get the financial backing to make such changes? Oh yes!

There were already a lot of changes in December, something that has not been done in years, but it tells us where we were. Things are going to have to change and the owners are going to back it up.

Well, if the Kroenke family feel they’ve a lot of making up to do with the fans, their short arms will have to dig deep into their long pockets.

Regardless of what you or I think about Mikel Arteta and I must admit, I’m losing faith his abilities to take the club forwards, the sulkers in the squad will sulk under a new manager just as they’ve done so under Arteta, Emery and for one or two, Wenger. So yes, the squad does need changing and some of those changes are likely to come from within as those out on loan return older and wiser. Some might be sold, others might slot into the first team squad with ease. Willock, AMN, Torreira, Guendouzi and Kolasinac have all had a chance, now it’s down to Mikel Arteta to decide whether they deserve another. Other currently loaned players will need to be considered too.

For today though, I hope we get to see one or two different faces lineup against West Brom. Ryan, Balogun and Nelson are the ones on my mind. I know, I say that every week but one day I’ll get my wish. Maybe that day will be today.

See you in the comments.