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If that’s the best Arsenal can muster up when “there’s still a lot to play for” then Lord help us. If Leno has a lapse in concentration in Spain on Thursday night, Lord help us. Yes, Xhaka’s defending has seen better days but Richarlison‘s shot/cross was soft and going nowhere until Leno got his hands on it.

Both Arsenal Everton were pretty poor, although their keeper was certainly the busier of the two and had to make a couple of good saves towards the end of the game when Arsenal showed a little bit of urgency.

The overall story was a rinse and repeat really. We were the better team, we had the most chances to score and had a penalty decision reversed by VAR and then we give away a sloppy goal.

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta to BBC Sport:

On the pitch performance wise we were the better team, we controlled the game and we had some opportunities and openings. We had a clear penalty that was disallowed somehow and then we score an own goal. The penalty is clear, those decisions have been made after, I don’t know how or who by, we cannot see their faces to explain it. It’s the second time in two weeks. I can see the images 20 times and I don’t get it.

Errors are part of football, we conceeded an own goal that defined the game at the end. We didn’t create enough against a team that is well organised, we lacked clarity in the final third. We need to go through the disappointment and focus our energy, the semi-final is more than crucial for us.

Actually, I thought the penalty was soft, purely because Cabellos went over about twenty minutes after he was clipped, if he was clipped but then earlier in the game, when he was fouled in the box but stayed on his feet, Moss showed interest and neither did VAR.

What does Arteta think about our home form?

It’s terrible, unacceptable.

It certainly is but it’s up to him to improve it.

Away from the pitch though, Arsenal fans were voicing their opinion on Stan Kroenke and the message was clear. Get out of our club.

Getty Images.

Reports suggest more than 3,000 fans gathered outside The Emirates at around 6pm to make their feelings about Stan Kroenke and KSE clear. They are not wanted at Arsenal.

But, as they’re said before and have said since the Super League fiasco, they are not selling up anytime soon.

Perhaps the best way for the Kroenke family to earn the trust of the fans is to be more committed to the club. By that I mean more investment this summer so that Arteta can build a squad which looks like it’s capable of returning to the top four and in time, challenge for the Premier League title. Whether he’s the right manager to take us there is something I’m still unconvinced about.

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