Face Off!


Morning all.

Not quite the Hakka but there’s little doubt Lacazette was making his thoughts clear. There is no room for racism in life and certainly not in football. To position himself where it did and to then go on and play a big part in our 4-0 victory proved actions really do speak louder than words. The picture above will live on. And on.

Little did Lacazette, or Arteta and Arsenal probably know was how his and his teammates actions would earn support. Steven Gerrard loved everything about the game. Incidentally, Arsenal will play Rangers on July 17th at Ibrox in a pre season friendly as part of the SPL’s league champions 150th anniversary celebrations. A Rangers club statement read:

Rangers and Arsenal enjoy a long, rich history and first played each other in 1933 in what was known as the “Game of Champions”.

Back to Thursday and Steve McManaman clearly enjoyed watching us play too as his commentary made that clear. In fact any person who believes in equality would have enjoyed watching Arsenal play Slavia Prague off the park. The Slavia v Rangers fixture in the previous round was full of controversy resulting in a three match ban for ex Arsenal man Glen Kamara and a whopping ten match ban for Salvia’s Ondrej Kudela so no wonder Gerrard loved watching Arsenal knock them out in style.

I loved everything about the game, I loved the Arsenal performance, the way they went about it. I admired how they approached before the game, during the game, and after the game. I’m sure Glen did as well. I was really proud watching Arsenal’s performance last night. Everything about it, the way they prepared for the game, the way the manager spoke, the way the players behaved before, during and after, and then to back it up with that level of performance, I sat there are really enjoyed that performance. I thought it was sensational.

Well it was wasn’t it?

That’s two good performances on the trot but we need more. Ten more before the season ends. Tomorrow we have a great chance to close the gap between the two clubs above us, Toots and Everton who last night faced each other and had to make do with a point each. Arsenal simply have to take advantage of that result. I know there’s only seven fixtures of this weird season left but that’s 21 points. The gap between Arsenal and West Ham in fourth place is just 10 points, 9 between us and Chelsea in fifth place and 7 between us and Liverpool in 6th place.

Two Europa spots are still very much up for grabs.

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