Morning all.

31st March, a day of remembrance for all Arsenal fans old enough and privileged to have seen David ‘Rocky’ Rocastle in the red and white of Arsenal. It’s hard to believe twenty years have passed since he lost his battle with Cancer. Rocky might be gone, but he’ll never be forgotten.

Yesterday, more Arsenal related sad news broke as Lucas Torreira’s mum passed away after suffering with Covid-19 and ATV’s Claude Callegari has died at the age of just 58 years old. Very sad time for family and friends left behind.

In other news, Thierry Henry has ditched social media because, as he said, “enough was enough” and he had to make a stand against racism on social media.

Too toxic to ignore and it was time to make a stand. Things I used to hear in the stadiums and the streets are coming more and more into social media, especially in my community, and the sport I love the most, football. I thought it was time to make a stand and time to make people realise it is not OK to get abused online, it’s not OK to be bullied or harassed online. The impact it can have on your mental health is second to none, we know people are committing suicides because of it. Enough is enough. We need actions. It is too easy to get an account and get away with it at times. – said Henry, speaking to the BBC’s Newsnight programme on Monday.

I know I’ve said it before but what is wrong with people? Keyboard warriors, that’s all they are but they need stopping. Social media websites need to do more. Any abuse online is not acceptable.

Talking of Thierry Henry though, there’s been a bit of a debate on the Internet which I’m sure you’ve all by now about who’s been the Premier League’s best striker. Three names popped up, Alan Shearer, Thierry Henry or Sergio Aguero. Firstly, I’m amazed Ian Wright’s name is not included and secondly, I think Thierry wins the debate but then I’m biased.

Aguero – 2011-2021. Played 271, scored 181 goals

Henry – 1999-2007. Played 254, scored 174 goals, 175 counting the loan spell.

Shearer – 1992-2006. Played 441, scored 126 goals.

Ian Wright – 1992. Played 213 including West Ham, scored 123 goals.

The Premier League has seen a vast number of strikers come and go since it was formed in 1992. Some of them have been outstanding and that list is very long. Drogba, Yorke, Cole, Bergkamp, Anelka, Hasselbaink, Suarez, Giroud, Sherringham, Owen, Torres, van Nistelrooy, Van Persie, Rooney, Le Tissier, the list is endless really. Some might not have scored as many goals as others but nevertheless, their goals were crucial for their club at the time. Look at Van Persie for Arsenal, spent eight years at Arsenal but it wasn’t until his final two seasons did he really hit full fitness and top form. His goals in those two seasons pretty much secured Arsenal’s place in the top four in the League. Then he buggered off to Man Utd and won the League! Before this season, Aubameyang’s goal to game ratio was up there with some of the best too but it’s funny, if someone asked me who Arsenal’s best strikers have been, he wouldn’t be one of the first names to pop into my head.

Anyway, just for a bit of fun, if you could pick one striker from Premier League history and put him into this current Arsenal team, who would he be?

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