Morning all.

Arsenal’s fixture against Liverpool, which comes right after this international break, has been moved from Sunday 4th April to Saturday 3rd at 8pm. Why? Because Liverpool have a Champions League fixture just a few days later. Moving the fixture is no big deal for us because we’ll get the extra day off before playing Slavia Prague but the following week, we play the return fixture in Prague before facing Fulham at 3pm on Saturday. Europa League football has always been Sunday/Thursday, not Thursday/Saturday. Either the FA/PL have royally cocked up or the Fulham fixture has been overlooked. Arsenal simply can’t be expected to play after just one full day of rest between matches. Man Utd are also scheduled to play on the Saturday after their Thursday fixture so perhaps BT Sport and Sky Sports are still battling it out the right to televise the matches.

Mikel Arteta turns 38 years old today. It’s hard to believe he’s where he is in his career at such a young age but then Pep Guardiola was managing Barcelona at his age so I suppose it shouldn’t come as such a shock. Personally, I think it’s good to have young managers in the game because older ones can get stuck in their ways, frightened to change. Arsene Wenger was an example of just that as is Mourinho today with his boring and predictable defensive tactics.

The Daily Mail report that discussions are being held over changing the transfer window this summer and the final three fixtures of the season.

At yesterday’s Premier League clubs’ meeting, Chelsea are reported to have proposed the existing transfer window be pushed back a week so it opens on June 16 with a week then added to the August 31 deadline to allow for deals between Premier League and EFL teams. Basically, it’d be similar to last summer. Considering many clubs seal transfers from the day the season ends, I don’t see a lot of point of having a ‘begin’ date other than 1st June. Why is there a need for the extra week for domestic transfer only? If a club can’t get their business completed in the three months of the transfer window, one week isn’t going to make much of a difference.

As far as the fixture change goes, the FA are considering cramming the final three games into nine days instead of the scheduled twelve days. This would allow all clubs to have fans, albeit a limited number, back in their own stadium at least once. Apparently Steve Bruce has said no, I’d imagine a lot of managers will say the same.

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