Morning all.

The boys were photographed at training yesterday and Aubameyang was all smiles. He was stupid to turn up late on Sunday because all it’s done is create another negativity for the media to latch onto. The captain of any team, professional or Sunday League sets the example and being late for a match is a bad one to set. Rumours in the media suggest he left The Emirates before the rest of the players had finished warming down but we know the media like to spread Arsenal doom even when there isn’t any. The best thing Aubameyang can do now is set his alarm clock an hour earlier and to keep on scoring goals.

I really liked this photo.

That’s our 4th choice keeper Arthur Okonkwo. I say 4th choice but he’s probably ahead of Runasson by now and if we hadn’t have signed Matt Ryan, he’d have made the first team bench this season. But guess what, he’s out of contract this summer. At 6’ 4”, described on the official site as being the modern day keeper, he could prove to be a huge loss over time. At just 20 years old, who knows how good or bad he might turn out to be in his prime.



Time out with health issues will have hampered his progress but this week he’s been training with the first team again. I hope Arsenal can tie him down to a new deal, Balogun too of course. It’s these kind of players who can either make an impact on the squad in time, or can generate cash in the transfer market, cash which Arsenal need all the time Champions League football is beyond us.

But I don’t think returning to the Champions League is that far away. In some ways, finishing outside of the Europa League places this season might be better for Arsenal because without Thursday/Sunday football, Mikel Arteta can just focus on the League and getting that fourth spot or better. I doubt very much that Leicester City would have won the League in 2016 if they’d have been involved in European football because their squad wouldn’t have coped.

There’s still an outside chance of being in the Champions League next season of course by way of winning the Europa League Cup. We’re in a good position to secure a place in the next round after the 3-1 in Greece last week so barring an absolute disaster tomorrow, we’ll be in Friday’s draw. With a bit of luck, both Dinamo Zagreb and AC Milan will be in the draw too.

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