Morning all.

Back in 2004, Arsene Wenger and his Arsenal team had just beaten Toots 5-4. A scoreline that little man from Portugal called a disgrace. A ‘hockey score’ he said, ‘not football.’

Not that anyone Arsenal related would have given a toss what his views were back then, or now for that matter but just like Toots back in 2004, Mourinho’s Toots team lost by the same score last night but against Everton in the FA Cup.

In a three-against-three training match, if the score reaches 5-4 I send the players back to the dressing rooms as they are not defending properly. So to get a result like that in a game of 11 against 11 is disgraceful.

Sometimes, certainly in a Cup match, any victory is a good victory because it usually means your team is through to the next round. Or of course, three points have been earned. I can remember Unai Emery saying that he’d always prefer to win a game by a higher scoreline, even if it’s close, than to win 1-0. Try telling that to George Graham. I don’t know what’s more amusing though, his team losing last night or the fact his 2004 comments have not only come back to haunt him but are all over the sports back pages.

Back on the good side of north London, Bukayo Saka has been voted Arsenal’s player of the month for a second time on the trot. To be fair to him, seldom does he have a bad game but as January was pretty good for the club in general, he shone. He finished off what was a lovely team goal at West Brom in our 4-0 victory, linked up with ESR for another goal against Southampton, twice and in amongst it somewhere, he scored ‘that’ wonderful goal although I think that came in December against Chelsea. ESR and Holding came second and third respectively.

Love him.

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