Morning all.

‘The last few results won’t change our approach to the window’ said Mikel Arteta and rightly so. As good as the last two results have been, to believe Martinelli, ESR and Saka for that matter can be the saviours every game would be naive, stupid even. The alternative options are William, Ozil and Pepe. Thank you but no thank you. Mo Elneny has been doing alright but mistakes have crept into his game. Xhaka, he isn’t going to change. He can ping a pass around, but his pace is non existent. Putting them all in the same team, bar Ozil of course, is the reason behind slow and boring football which PL sides find easy to play against.

Mikel Arteta said after the Brighton game that he needs to pay respect to the senior players who have helped the younger players come through and whilst I doubt very much he meant all of them, without a certain few, these young guys would be taking on a challenge to big. This League is hard, it’s like no other really. If Mikel took an entire team of youth to West Brom, Big Sam’s lot would kick them off the park. Literally in some cases as I’m sure Bukayo Saka would agree as over recent weeks/months it’s been clear to see that the opposition know he’s our danger man and by fair or foul means, try to stop him.

The key is the right balance, the right players, the right personalities and most importantly, those who believe in what the club is trying to do and how it wants to get there. Selecting players who aren’t on board with the clubs ideas aren’t going to win matches. They’ve already proved that. Mikel gave them long enough and now it seems they’ve been dumped. Good, he should have done it long before he did. If the stories about certain players going running to Edu to whinge about Mikel Arteta are true then in my opinion, they shouldn’t be selected again any time soon. I would suggest they play in the Europa League fixtures, the FA Cup or for the under 23’s but I don’t even think they deserve to wear the Arsenal shirt at any level.

The ideal solution is to sell the troublemakers and those who aren’t part of Mikel Arteta’s future plans. Surely it makes more sense to cut our losses now rather than keep paying deadwood for the length of their contracts which will work out to be millions anyway. We’d even make a few pounds on Willian seeing as he was free.

Whatever the transfer plans are for Arsenal next month, if any players come in on a permanent deal, someone else may very well have to make way. Certainly so if they are neither under 21 or homegrown.

Each squad must contain no more than 17 players who do not fulfil the “Home Grown Player” (HGP) criteria. The rest of the squad, up to a total of 25 players, must be “Home Grown”.

Well, we certainly have a long list of players who if we here on HH had our way, would be gone just after Big Ben strikes midnight. Not all will be possible I know, probably hardly any but it doesn’t mean we can’t list them. Although it might be easier to list who we’d like to see the club keep. Lol.

Go on then, who would you like the club to move on?

See you in the comments.