Morning all.

It’s Christmas Eve, with a difference this year as there won’t be much partying going on. At least there shouldn’t be where I live anyway, not being stuck in Tier 4. There’s little point in moaning about it though as moaning wont bring change. Sounds familiar eh.

No sooner Santa and his reindeer’s work is done and dusted for another year, a New Year will be upon us and with it, the January transfer window. You know what’s often said just before Big Ben strikes midnight? Out with the old and in with the new. How apt those words are right now for the Arsenal.

Arsenal’s squad is full of oldies. Aubameyang, Ozil, Sokratis, Cedric, Willian, Luiz, Lacazette, even Kolasinac, Mustafi and Xhaka are no spring chickens really and the way they’re performing, none of them deserve to be at the club. Finally, it seems Arteta has seen sense to play AMN so the club can move Cedric, or better still, Bellerin on. If Barcelona really want Bellerin, Mustafi too for that matter, take the money and thank them kindly.

January certainly isn’t the best time for transfer activity full stop but, that’s not to say it’s impossible. Even Arsene Wenger managed to secure a few winter signings. Emmanuel Adebayor has to up there as one of Arsenal’s best winter signings. Theo Walcott at the time was also considered to be a super signing, Andrey Arshavin, Nacho Monreal and of course, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang too. There’s been some stinkers too with Kim Kallstrom, Denis Suarez and good old Francis Jeffers sitting firmly in that category. Saying that, had Kallstrom arrived fully fit, his short Arsenal career might have been very different.

Arsenal can’t afford to sign anymore stinkers. Nor older players who are cheap for no other reason because they’re not particularly good. We’ve enough of them already. Arsenal need quality now, quality to mix in with the younger players and get a the good football back.



We’re rumoured to be after 20 year old Vinicius Junior next month if Real Madrid will release him on loan until the summer. True? I’ve no idea but the rumour is spreading like wildfire on NewsNow so I thought I’d join in.

Edu is taking some stick on the Internet. Understandable really because Willian has been a disaster signing on a long contract and Runasson is nowhere near being good enough to be Arsenal’s number two keeper, let alone challenge Leno for the number one shirt. And to think we let Emi Martinez go. Bad decisions for which Edu and Arteta made. Decisions which aren’t the sign of a ambitious club.

Arteta said a few weeks ago that he wants to keep hold of Balogun, tie him down to a new contract. Well, the way to convince him to stay is by playing him in. Especially in a League Cup fixture and for more than ten minutes when the game is already lost. I know he’s only nineteen years old but he’s a beast. He’s bigger, stronger and in my opinion, offers far more of a threat to the opposition than Eddie Nketiah. Lacazette and Aubameyang too the way they’ve been playing this season.

How old was Fabregas when Wenger gave him the opportunity to play, or Wilshere and even Bellerin?

Some of the decisions Mikel Arteta makes has left me scratching my head. I honestly don’t understand why we’ve not seen more of ESR, of Nelson and as mentioned, Balogun. Why has it taken a one match suspension of Bellerin to see AMN reintroduced to the team when only a few months ago he was not only a first team regular but was playing really well too. Nelson has been nowhere the squad for yonks but why? Yet week after week we’ve dropped numerous points because we’ve just lacked something. Something different, extra or a bit quicker. Willian and Xhaka won’t give any team speed. Bellerin won’t suddenly focus on defence rather than attack, nor will his recovery pace return to what it once might have been. Aubameyang won’t suddenly take his head out of his own backside and realise there’s more to the Arsenal than Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

But the longer Mikel Arteta persists with these players, the more likely it is that he’ll lose his job. Edu was part of a team which played great football, so why isn’t he encouraging Arteta to make some bold decisions? Then go and support him by getting the old and disinterested players out of the club. Use whatever money we get on buying quality footballers who want to play the game and want to play for Arsenal.

Another thing I’ve been wondering is why has Mikel got Ryan Giggs Wales sidekick as his own? Surely there is someone out there better suited to the than him. Someone far more experienced in the Premier League who’ll offer a few words of wisdom to a struggling Mikel Arteta. I think Jesus Perez is out of a job. Lol!

Whatever you’re up to later, enjoy Christmas Eve the best you can during these strange and challenging times. Covid-19 doesn’t seem to be going anytime soon so stay safe guys.

See you in the comments.