Morning all.

The media we’re on the Willian, Ceballos and Luiz incidents in a flash. No surprise because it’s there job to drag up dirt and write about it for a few days. Because it’s Arsenal, I expect it’s extra satisfying to have two stories hand to them on a plate. The Athletic were fed the details of the Ceballos and Luiz incident but I’m not sure who won the race to tell the world.

On the reported incident between Ceballos and David Luiz…

Nothing. Training is very competitive and issues happen a lot of the time, but those things get resolved immediately within the team. There’s not much to say.

On whether there’s an issue between the two…

No problem at all.

On whether he saw what happened between the two of them…

No. I’ve got a really bad vision from far away! That’s why we train behind closed doors.

On whether Willian will play on Sunday after reportedly being in Dubai…

You keep asking me for more and more issues. Whatever happens internally with any issues or things that we don’t expect, as always we will try to resolve them internally. That’s been dealt with and explained, and we move on.

On whether Willian let him down…

We had a conversation and I explained what I expected. There are a lot of personal factors at the moment and as well from our side, we need to be in their shoes. A lot of players are having different issues, like any person out there and sometimes they make decisions based on the needs of the moment, or what people are expecting from them. Whether they are right or wrong, it’s a thing that we have to discuss. But it’s been dealt with in the right way so let’s move on.

I don’t think I’d have wanted to be Willian at the moment Mikel Arteta confronted him after breaching the Covid rules. The squad is already depleted because of Covid and there’s Willian, flying abroad with total disregard for the rules, the club and his fellow players. If it’s a breach of contract, sack him. I know, it’s not that simple but if it was, it’d be a great way to remove a player who’s not performing.

We often talk on HH about the younger players and how difficult it must be for Mikel Arteta to integrate them into the first team for League fixtures, well I’d rather see Willock or Nelson on the pitch than our Brazilian right now and not just because of this incident.

The Luiz/Ceballos incident is quite frankly pathetic. It’s a non starter of a story really. As suggested yesterday, there must be tension within the camp because things aren’t going well on the pitch. I’m sure little spats take place regularly because it’s almost impossible to put 25 odd human beings together and expect them all to get on. I liked Arteta’s response, right out of the ‘Arsene Wenger I didn’t see it’ manual. Of course the incident will have been dealt with internally but that’s where it should have stayed to begin with. As Mikel Arteta said, that’s why clubs train behind closed doors. Clearly though, this one was leaked and I’d be wanting to know by whom.

Anyway, we go to Leeds tomorrow with a depleted squad. No Partey, Elneny or Kolasinac. Leeds will be out of the blocks quicker than a rat up a drainpipe. We just have to be ready.

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