Morning all.

It’s fair to say that we could talk about Arsenal and the Villa blip, at least I hope it’s a blip, until the cows come home but it’ll get us nowhere. We can guess what’s going on with certain players, the board and even the owner but the reality is, it’s just a guess. Patience and time will answer questions which perhaps run through the minds of you and I.

I saw the remarks made by Tony Adams about Jude Bellingham and how Arsenal were very close to signing him but somehow, Edu got in the way and the deal failed to materialise. Edu joined Arsenal in July 2019 as technical director. Sven Mislintat was the guy Adams suggests had the deal ‘kind of done’ but as he departed in February 2019, the deal fell because Edu, who arrived in the July of the same year, didn’t know who he was. I find this little story hard to believe. Not the spotting of Bellingham but the deal being done before collapsing because of Edu. Wasn’t Raul capable of following any such deal through? Probably not because as Mislintat later declared, his signing were agent driven rather than by data and good old fashion scouting.

Sven Mislintat wasn’t at Arsenal for long, just over a year I think but even so, he’s been credited for Arsenal scouting Aubameyang, Leno, Torriera and Guendouzi, although I don’t think Aubameyang needed a scout to tell any club how good a striker he is. The other three, I’ll leave you to make your own mind up about them.

Since Raul left, Sven too, Arsenal have brought in a number of new players. Not all will have pleased Arsenal fans I’m sure as one only has to read the headlines on newsnow to see how Cedric and Mari were pretty unpopular at the time although I personally don’t agree. Cedric hasn’t really done a lot wrong when he’s played, neither has Mari but to judge them before they’ve even kicked a ball for Arsenal was harsh. Elneny is proof that the coach can do wonders for a player’s career. No club can have 22 top top players in its squad in my opinion. Not every signing can be the quality of Gabriel and Partey. Or Aubameyang and Tierney for that matter.

Just the first eleven though. Eleven players who have the right work ethic, are very good at their job and have pride in the shirt they wear. Right now I think Arsenal are two or three players light in that department. Funny enough, in the creative department and funny enough Tony Adams has had his say on this too. A simple solution, bring back Mesut Ozil:

Ozil, for me, is one of the best creative players in the world. What he struggles with at times is the defensive side of the game. To win the league we need great players, I asked Dennis Bergkamp now and again to get back in, get behind the ball, do a little bit and make it a little bit difficult for them. That’s all Ozil needs to do. When you’re putting him on the sides and you’re asking him to go with runners and full-backs he’s not got that. But what he has got, if he played in this team now, is someone like Partey who can cover.


The times Dennis let people go and Patrick [Vieira] just slid over, or Emmanuel Petit, great leaders, great team players. That’s the stature, and Partey’s like that. When you’ve got players in your team like that, I’ve always said Ozil is the cherry on the cake without the cake. We didn’t have a cake for so many years.


But now we’re getting some players in the team and there’s some stability there. There are signs where you can put the cherry [Ozil] on and pull strings for Aubameyang down the middle. I don’t think the other guys are working at the moment. Like Dennis fed Thierry Henry, I think there’s loads of similarities there. I would love to see Ozil in behind feeding Aubameyang all day long.


Someone needs to that’s for sure, although I can’t see it being Ozil.

See you in the comments guys.