Morning all.

Is it time for Willock and Nelson? The question which has been asked before and will continue to be all the time Pepe dawdles on the right and our creativity is little short of a pile of poop. Forget Mesut Ozil because that ship has sailed. Regardless of whether you or I think it’s right, Mikel Arteta is the one making the decisions, or the club but either way, it’s their reputations on the line. Despite his talent, Ozil will be gone in the summer and Arsenal will finally be able to move on from the never ending questions about him. As well as his hideous salary.

When we lose a game as we did on Sunday, it hurts. We vent our anger either towards the manager for not doing what we think he should have or the players for their lack of effort. Suddenly, those same players who won at Old Trafford are no good. The tactical beating of OGS by Arteta was a fluke. We can beat the big teams but not the so called lesser ones. All because we’re frustrated, disappointed or even angry.


In reality though, we were beaten by a team who are not only looking pretty strong this season, certainly away from home, but a team which thumped the current league champions 7-2 at Anfield. No excuse or an attempt to justify our shoddy performance I know but just worth remembering.

As for Nelson and Willock, why not? In my opinion, there are many reasons why Mikel Arteta might be tempted to try them because of the way they’ve performed in the Europa League but Villa aren’t Molde, Dundalk or Rapid Vienna are they? Nor are Leeds, Wolves or Toots who are our next three opponents.

I think it’s often easy to believe an alternative player is a solution to any problem a team experiences. Whereas for Mikel Arteta, he probably knows his strongest/best squad and believes it’s up to him to solve any issues individual players have and the squad have as a group. After all, that’s his job. He is the one responsible for identifying and rectifying what went wrong on Sunday, not just Sunday mind you, and put it right.

What was it about Willian which convinced Arsenal to sign him? Only Arteta knows but it’s fair to say he’s not playing anywhere near the level he was at Chelsea. Aubameyang has gone from being the striker every club would love to have in the team to a player who looks lost and quite frankly, disinterested in scoring goals. Why is Pepe struggling to make his mark, after all, we know he’s a very good player.

I don’t doubt that Nelson and Willock would bring something different to the team but as Nketiah is experiencing himself, Premier League fixtures are a lot tougher. The opposition are tougher physically and in general, more skilful. Certainly harder to beat.

It’s only my opinion but Mikel Arteta’s man management skills are important now for this Arsenal team if we’re to improve. A kick in the backside for some perhaps, an arm around the shoulder of others but either way, it’s he who has to get the best out of who he has. Find their strengths and play to them.

See you in the comments guys.