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So we’re still wondering whether Freddie can turn things around at Arsenal with the players he has at his disposal.

‘He can give us something special. Everybody is respectful of Freddie.’


‘He was part of the Invincibles. His career speaks for himself. He played for Arsenal and he has this in his heart.’


‘We will try to follow him and give the best for him. For me personally I think it’s good for us. It’s interesting to have him.’

Well, if every player thinks the same way as our captain then that’s half the battle won I reckon. At least it means there going to be listening to what Freddie is saying, Mertesacker too as the pair of them together have so much experience to share with the players. Both have history with the club too which money can’t buy. Especially Freddie who played alongside some proper Arsenal men. The fans loved Freddie the player too and clearly still do today as on Sunday his song could be heard loud and proud at Carrow Road. With a slight amendment to the original lines of course. ‘We love you Freddie, ‘cause you’ve got no hair, we love you Freddie…..

Bernd Leno:

Firstly, we’re disappointed because Freddie said in the dressing room that in the first half this was the gameplan that we wanted, and the two goals by transition were not good, but in the second half we lost the control.


I think when we analyse the game the first half was good because we controlled the game but only the two goals were not good. In the second half we have to work in transition.

I think we all all pretty much said the same yesterday. The first half was much improved and had we taken our chances, we might have put a huge dent in the home side’s confidence and perhaps their goals wouldn’t have come.

Admittedly, we didn’t concede another goal after the break but we really were all at sea, just as we were against Watford, Palace, Sheffield Utd, Frankfurt and Leicester. It’s almost like our concentration goes or as suggested yesterday, fitness levels drop. I don’t know for sure of course but that’s how it appears to me. Whatever the reason, hopefully Freddie and Merts will get to the bottom of it real soon.

In an ideal world we’d cast aside a whole bunch of players who between us believe simply aren’t good enough to be playing for Arsenal but I still believe a lot about being a good player comes from within. One can have all the skill to play the game but if the attitude is wrong, that player won’t go as far as their talent would suggest they should. It’s the same with pride which can only come from within, the desire to improve and the dedication to that cause.

When did you/we last hear about players staying behind after a training session to perfect something they weren’t getting right? Practice makes perfect, practice can also make ‘permanent’ which if you’re doing things the wrong way, is hard to eradicate from an individuals game. Yet doable, it that person wants to do it. Couldn’t Mustafi learn not to go to ground or turn his back on a shot? Of course he could. Could players have it drummed into them to play to the whistle instead of standing still with their arms waving around in hope of an offside decision, instead of concentrating on their job? Of course they could? And so it goes on. Simple things, yet sometimes so costly. These blokes get paid enough, perhaps they should put in a bit more effort to justify it other than 90 minutes on a match day and a couple of hours each day in training.

Anyway, on a lighter note, we’ve drawn Leeds Utd in the FA Cup. A nice home tie to kick off with. Didn’t we play them not so long ago when an ageing striker came on from the bench to grab a late winner?

I bet he stayed behind after training during his peak time at Arsenal, with Dennis Bergkamp if memory serves me right…

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