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Has your optimism returned? Is it a stretch too far to suggest excitement as well? Ok, let’s stick to optimism then. I feel like I did eighteen months ago when Arsene Wenger had left and Unai Emery arrived.  Here we are again with new hope. Longer lasting would be nice.



Josh Kroenke has had his say.

‘First and foremost, Freddie has Arsenal DNA. Obviously he was a player here for a number of years, the supporters know him very well and he’s worked diligently behind the scenes for the past several years.’


‘My message to Freddie and the players was let’s get back to basics and most importantly let’s get back to having some fun. I think footballers are at their best when I see smiles on their faces and going out there and winning matches. That’s a winning formula to me.’


Arsenal won’t be appointing the first candidate they see fit to take the club forwards. Instead, the board will take their time to find ‘the right candidate’ said Josh Kroenke which makes sense to me. It’d be easy to throw money at someone just to get a manager in the door but our next appointment has to tick every box the club has drawn up. A quick fix isn’t what Arsenal need in my opinion but a long term plan is. Steady progress with the younger players and buying wisely in January, the summer and onwards. More, Guendouzi and Martinelli, less Xhaka and Mustafi for example. Players who can be worked with and players who put the club before the size of their salary.

As Kev said yesterday and I wholeheartedly agree with him. If certain players who aren’t prepared to get on board now the coaching change has been made, pack their bags, go next month and take their massive egos with them. No player, regardless of how good he might be, is bigger than The Arsenal.

Per Mertesacker has teamed up with Freddie Ljungberg on the training pitch and the big German will be his assistant for the foreseeable. Merts might not have been the quickest defender in the game but I’m sure his vast wealth of knowledge and experience will help sort out the defensive mess we have been in for a long time. Improvement won’t happen overnight and that’s pretty much all the time our new coaching duo have had so I won’t be expecting miracles at Carrow Road later today. But I’d like to think we’ll see some kind of improvement, even if it’s just in attitude and effort. Freddie said in his first interview that he’s not about to smash everything to pieces, but he will be making a few changes, none of which he was prepared to disclose.


All smiles yesterday…….. (Photo by Stuart MacFarlane/Arsenal FC via Getty Images)


As I said yesterday, Freddie was part of a team/squad who played exciting and entertaining football. Backwards and sideways passing were seldom to be seen. Everything back then was about pace, width and being able to turn defence into attack in a blink of an eye. Neither Freddie or Bobby Pires stayed in one place for long as they switched sides on a regular basis. They didn’t need telling at the time because it was all part of the plan. Everything which served Arsene Wenger well was about speed, accuracy and quick passing. Admittedly, he didn’t need to look after the defence because they looked after themselves. Each and everyone of them had been drilled by George Graham. Apart from Ashley Cole but Tony Adams sorted him out. Cole would then team up with Campbell, Touré and Lauren and The Invincibles we’re born. From the day Arsène Wenger arrived until the day the Invincibles split, Arsenal were superb.

My point? Well surely Freddie, even if he’s only the caretaker manager for now, will try and return our style of football to being an exciting one. Out with the sideways stuff, the backwards stuff too and bring back the ‘get the ball forward quickly with sharp pass and move football’ approach. There will always be a requirement to play a safety pass but make it the exception rather than the rule which it’s been now for years.


(Photo by Stuart MacFarlane/Arsenal FC via Getty Images)


Our front players should be scoring goals for fun. Mesut Ozil should have been creating chance after chance for them but what with his lousy attitude and Emery trying to stamp his authority, the entire situation became embarrassing. It’ll be interesting to see if he plays today away from home.

The defending. If this side of our game improves today then wonders will have been worked but as already said, I don’t much change so soon other than in personnel. Luiz is doubt as is Mustafi and Bellerin so the door opens for Holding or Chambers. That’s assuming Sokratis starts but who knows, the two Englishman might be seen as a pairing to stem the tide and take us forward.


Love this picture….. (Photo by Stuart MacFarlane/Arsenal FC via Getty Images)


Freddie’s midfield selection will be interesting. I’d bet my last shilling that Torreira will be in there and he’ll stay there unless fitness and performances don’t dictate otherwise. Guendouzi or Willock too, maybe all three. Who knows.

That’s the exciting part. Everyone’s place is up for grabs again and that alone should kick a few of our disinterested players into action.

Good luck to Freddie, Merts and the players. Please let this be the beginning of something good.

Another ramble over..