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Morning all.

Well the moment finally arrived. Another terrible performance, a dreadful result and a half empty stadium was the last straw. We can go on all day long about how poor a choice Unai Emery was, how bad his teams played, how poor he was at man managing his players and how he should have been sacked a long time ago but it won’t change anything. The most important thing now is that the owners/board have sacked the Spaniard and there’s plenty of time to turn this season around.

What’s important now is the future which for the time being is with Freddie taking the reigns. I’m sure we are all desperate to know who will be appointed on a permanent basis but the club need to do their homework and do everything they can to make sure the next man is the right man to take the club forwards. We’ll all have our own ideas as to who that person should be but we have to realise that who we want is likely to be different to who’ll well get. Nuno, Arteta, Rogers, Naglesmann, Benitez – the list goes on and as much as we think Arsenal aren’t a club to be turned down, I disagree. Financial restrictions, Raul and Edu reportedly deciding who we sign, their own current situation and long term plans for the club they’re currently at and The Kroenke family too. After all, their lack of ownership qualities are often raised here on HH. Not that I support that theory though, not entirely.


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Mustafi is right, there’s been too much chopping and changing going on for the last eighteen months. Too many personnel changes, too many captains and too many tactical changes on a game to game basis. Any team needs stability, players need to play together on a regular basis in order to understand each other better. The training pitch will only take a game plan so far.

The ideal guy would be someone who believes in youth but doesn’t rely on it. Someone who will get the best from our players rather than isolate them, someone who leads by example and believes in leadership on the pitch. A guy who’ll bring a group of players together on the pitch as well as off it, can organise a defence, a midfield, an attacking unit and turn them into one big eleven man unit. A guy who knows what the club is about, it’s values and the direction it wants to go in. Whatever that is these days.

Apart from Max Allegri, all other top managers are hard at work at other clubs. To prise them away will need a good speech with promises. Promises to be competitive, ambitious and supportive. And probably a lot of money. Arsenal must already have a plan in place for where they want to be in five/ten years time and that plan has to convince an ambitious manager that Arsenal are a club on the rise. A club which intends to bring a few glory days back to The Emirates.

The media asked Nuno Espírito Santo about replacing Emery just after Wolves had surrendered a 3-1 lead to draw 3-3 against Braga on Thursday evening. He didn’t say he wouldn’t but then there wasn’t a job going at Arsenal then.

Brendan Rodgers is quoted in the Express as saying he’s not interested in giving up on “something really exciting” at Leicester City.

The Sun say Max Allegri has ruled himself out of the running. ‘According to reports’ they write.

In the meantime, we have Freddie and I wish him all the best…

After taking his first training session yesterday, he tweeted:

‘However long I oversee Arsenal for I will give everything I have to put smiles on faces again. ‘We have a busy few weeks ahead and the team needs your support.

‘Let’s get to work!’


FA Cup 2002 – Foot Football – Joie Largeur


The one thing we’ll get from the Swede is respect for the fans. He’s been there, won things and enjoyed some very special moments at Highbury with us all. He was part of one of the greatest teams to play in the Premier League and part of a team which played exciting and entertaining football under a very very good manager in Arsene Wenger. As coach, he hasn’t inherited the kind of players Arsene did, certainly not in central defence but there’s nothing to say that they can’t be organised better, to be more efficient. As far as attacking players go, he has a great crop in Lacazette, Pepe, Nelson, Martinelli, Aubameyang, Ceballos, Smith Rowe, AMN and dare I suggest a rejuvenated Ozil? I’ll remain on the fence re the German. Torreira, Guendouzi, Willock, Tierney, Bellerin, Chambers, Holding and two very good keepers. That’s a very good squad in my opinion. Lacking yes, in central midfield and defence but most of all it lacks discipline and direction. If Freddie can sort both, he’ll be half way there. In my opinion of course.

Perhaps there’s a bit of sentimentality running through my veins but I’m hoping Freddie is a huge success and the job will one day be his permanently.

According to a few headlines on NewsNow, Gilberto Silva might be joining Freddie’s new interim coaching team which is set to be announced later today.

Edu, Freddie, Gilberto. It’s like old times eh.

That’s my ramblings over for another day.