Morning all.

Our season so far.

5 defeats
7 draws
8 wins

Premier League.

4 wins
6 draws
3 defeats

18 points from 13 games played. 10 points off of Watford who are firmly rooted to the bottom of the league table. Just 8 points ahead of Norwich who are also in a relegation battle and the club we face this weekend. Our goal difference is -1.

We’re out of the League Cup, despite having a two goal lead which we couldn’t defend at Anfield. Our chances of reaching the Europa Cup knockout stages are in jeopardy after a home defeat last night.

Not one single performance has been good this this season. Not one. Yet somehow for reasons I doubt anyone who has an interest in football can understand, Unai Emery is still the head coach at our club. No disrespect meant but Arsenal are not Everton, West Ham, Bournemouth, Burnley etc whose objectives are possibly to finish in a Europa place, as high up the table they can or Premier League survival alone, we’re a club who should be challenging for the league title, achieving top four at least.

Martin Keown said nothing a few here on HH have said before and that’s if change doesn’t come, we’ll soon find ourselves in a relegation battle and should that unfold, we’re done for in my opinion.
I don’t think it’ll come to that of course as I’m sure a change of coach looms large. Not that there’s any guarantee a change of coach will secure top four but I’m pretty sure that whoever it is will have the ability to get more from this group of players than Unai Emery is.

The warning bells were gently sounding during the last couple of months of last season, now they ringing out loud and clear as if waiting for a bride and groom to appear only they’re not scheduled to do so.

The Mirror and Sky Sports report that the board are holding a meeting this morning. The aforementioned are running a live update as it’s anticipated today will be the day Unai Emery will be handed his P45. Both Sky and The Mirror have either been gifted a snippet from an inside source, or like me and no doubt many many thousands of Arsenal fans around the world, simply believe that only a bunch of fools would let this disastrous situation run any longer.

Maybe it really will be Black Friday, for Unai anyway but for us, more like a Red Friday as this could be the day when the Arsenal board finally do what’s right for the club, what’s right for the players and of course, what’s right for the fans.

Keep them crossed guys….