Morning all.

‘I was his vice-captain at Arsenal and he trusted me.’ ‘I was by his side during team meetings and we had a great bond. I’d love to work with him again, a top guy.’

That’s from Per Mertesacker talking about Mikel Arteta to FourFourTwo.

I’m sure Mikel Arteta is a top guy and there’s no doubt he’d have learned a lot from Pep over the last couple of years and as much as I’m far from convinced he’s the right guy to replace Unai Emery, I’d welcome the change right now. But then I wasn’t dead set against Mourinho, not because I would love to see him at Arsenal, I’m just totally underwhelmed by Unai Emery. Eight games to save his job? Well I wouldn’t have given him eight minutes. Not after the Watford game, not after the Villa game and definitely not after the Sheffield Utd game. He should have been gone long before we travelled to Leicester.

The board made it clear during pre season that the club needs Champions League football yet they seem happy to sit back and let our chances slip away week by week. If they truly cared about the club and us fans, they’d have put Emery out of his Arsenal misery. There’s still time I know, plenty of time before Christmas and more importantly January when any unhappy players will be looking for a way out. One of course is Lucas Torreira who isn’t happy being played out of position. His agent has waded in to stir the pot:

“I must say that the change of role has penalised him sharply,” Bentancur told Calciomercato.

“He is no longer at ease and we hope that things can change.”

No surprise at all and Torreira won’t be the only one. We all express our own disgruntlement over the way Emery has this group of players playing so imagine what it’s like being part of it. Is Mikel Arteta the right guy to change that, or be the right appointment to convince unhappy men to remain in north London? I’ve no idea but I’d say he’s more chance of doing both than Unai Emery.

Arsenal need to smart though now because if the newspapers are to be believed, a managerial merry go round is about to kick off. Poch could be on his way out of Toots, with Mourinho now tipped to replace him which means the door would open for Utd to finally make a move for him, although Julian Nagelsmann, Eddie Howe and Ancelotti are all reported to be on Daniel Levy’s wish list. Poch to Arsenal would be a massive coup and he’s used to a frugal club so would fit right in but I can’t see that happening at all. Unless he’s brave, very brave but Nagelsmann, yep, I’m sure none of us on HH would be disappointed if he replaced Emery. I’d hate to see him down the road that’s for sure.

As said though, at times like this, anyone seems better than who we currently have and I felt the same way during the last few years of Arsene Wenger but it became clear that life isn’t like that. The appointment of Emery has proved why there’s a saying ‘out of the frying pan and into the fire’ because that’s exactly what’s happened at Arsenal.

It happens though and not just in football, even in the real world employers take on the wrong employees. They talked a great interview, they produced a really good CV too so taking on that person seemed the right choice at the time.

Life isn’t about who gets the job, it’s about how quickly action is taken when the realisation of having employed the wrong guy or girl hits home.

Have a good Tuesday guys and stay warm…