Morning all.

Is Unai Emery was the right man to turn things around?

Kieran Tierney says he is:

Yes, of course. It is up to us as players to correct it on the pitch. For me, he (Emery) has been brilliant since I’ve come in. I have learned a lot. I am learning a lot every day, playing with great players. Everybody in the changing room has got belief in each other and the manager.”

Does it matter who the Arsenal captain is?

The captaincy or who has this on the pitch, I don’t think it’s very important. It’s important that all the team is good in the dressing room. We are like a family. In the end who brings the pitch the captaincy is the last thing.”

Granit Xhaka was stripped of the Arsenal captaincy by boss Unai Emery
Granit Xhaka could be gone in January according to the Daily Star and The Times.
Will Aubameyang be a good captain?


“I don’t know, I think it’s the first time he is a captain.


“For me it’s more important that Auba first has to score, he has to do his work. “He’s a very good guy. But I already said something – who has the captaincy is not very important.”

Sokratis was asked about tomorrow evenings fixture against Leicester:

”It’s a very big game, it’s a game we have to win. “Of course we have a lot of games in front and if we see last year we were there but in the last seven games, we didn’t win one.

I don’t know any other job where the person responsible for causing major problems is left to fix it, especially when that person has contributed to the mess in the first place. No one can lose sight of the state the squad was in when Unai Emery took over as head coach and perhaps that’s big factor in the decision the board have made to date to leave him alone but there’s not been even a hint of this now much changed squad improving. Can you imagine the “owners” of Marks and Spencer, Harrods, Sainsbury’s, John Lewis etc stand by their main man or woman if sales were dropping or a sudden foot fall drop took place? No, of course they wouldn’t. They’d be stuck on gardening leave, paid off or simply sacked and replaced sharpish. No with any Tom, Dick or Harriet either as they’d go and get the best they could to turn things around. M&S did just that not long ago when clothes sales dropped because the design wasn’t right for the customer and they were paying the price in sales.

Arsenal are on the cusp of something really bad in my opinion. Fans are frustrated, players are being booed as is the team in general and Unai Emery is getting hammered by the media. All justified in my opinion because what the Arsenal fans along with the rest of the world are watching, is nothing short of complete rubbish. The board are taking a big risk by allowing this to continue because it’ll only get worse if Arsenal don’t improve.

Tierney isn’t going to say anything bad about Emery to the media, he’d be a fool if he did but I bet in private he wonders why he switched life at Celtic for one at Arsenal. I very much doubt there is one player who is happy with the way things are going right now.

I’d have liked to have heard Sokratis say what he did rather than read it because all I felt in his words was negativity. But I think he’s wrong, the captain is important. He leads by example, he steady the ship on the pitch, he represents the club and on the pitch he’s a big figure. If you look back at Tony Adams and Patrick Vieira, he sets the tone in the tunnel too where a game can be won or lost before it even got going. Now all we see is hugs and kisses between players from both sides..

I know he’s made his own mistakes on more than one occasion since he’s been at Arsenal, who hasn’t mind you but I think the very man who says the captain doesn’t matter would have been the better choice. Or Luiz because neither are nice footballers. Lovely blokes I’m sure, but as a captain, I think a player needs a nasty streak. Adams had it, Vieira did too as did Keane. Even Henry had an edge to him..

Aubameyang though seems too nice, but we’ll see tomorrow if a change of captaincy brings a change in fortune. Perhaps he’s taken the players out ten pin bowling or something similar where afterwards they had a long chat and agreed to ignore everything Emery says, half of which they can’t understand anyway, and do it their own way.

They couldn’t do any worse could they?