Well, the media are all going on about the transfer window in January already.

We’re linked with several players and I’m not even going to bother listing them as you all read the papers and news feeds but needless to say we’re months away from January and need to get our season rolling in the here and now…! It would be great to bring in quality in January but we should of brought in more quality this past summer. I suppose we will have to put up with months of gossip and rumours about signing players but in all honesty it’s about us getting results on the pitch now.

On to today’s post… Thanks Kev.

Injuries are part and parcel of sport and in particular contact sport. I have to admit that recent events have again raised my suspicions about the unfair treatment dished out to Arsenal players.

I first heard of the term and became aware of ‘rotational fouling’ around the time of the Arsenal vs Man Utd FA Cup Semi-Final of 2004. That day at Villa Park a succession of Man Utd players and in particular Gary Neville, Phil Neville and the vicious Paul Scholes systematically kicked Jose Reyes out of the game. Nothing was done to protect Reyes, the referee that day was the weak and inept Mike Riley.
The very same Mike Riley who now controls the senior referees in England via the PGMOL. Riley is the man who picks the referees we suffer week-in, week-out in the English game.

Riley of course isn’t the only symptom, it’s also because the English Press and the Media in general seem to enjoy, nay they almost celebrate as the likes of Everton, Bolton, Stoke, Man Utd, Chelsea and their ilk routinely kick the excrement out of successive Arsenal teams and players.

Eduardo, Sagna twice, Diaby, Ramsey, Walcott, to name but a few, have been on the end of violent assaults on the football field. All suffered serious injuries, but to no avail, no protection.

‘Arsenal don’t like it up them’ so they say…. ‘Arsenal don’t like it if you get in their face’ say the dinosaur pundits. ‘Arsenal don’t like it if you close them down, hustle them and deny them space’, say the Shearers and Hansen’s of this world.

Of course, all those are coded statements for, in plain English, ‘Arsenal don’t like it when we continually kick them’… What team does, most sides het protection from the refs and when other teams have it “put up them” pundits and media call it fouled and kicked but of course when it’s us it’s a case of ‘That’s all OK, referees let teams kick Arsenal’….. They don’t like it up em it’s not a foul it’s proper hard football.

They won’t do anything to protect someone trying to play football, so it’s Open Season on anyone in an Arsenal shirt… ‘Get stuck in lads’…..

SKY, BBC, the Press and the general media have ignored this state of affairs for the last 10 years. Despite the violence handed out to Arsenal players it gets papered over as “we don’t like it up us”

All the injuries Arsenal get are, poor training methods, poor medical treatment, poor preparation, the boots, the training pitches, the Emirates pitch, even bad luck… But is it…? What about the fouling and the way we are kicked continuously week in week out..?

Match of the Day, following Arsenals defeat at Chelsea and possibly influenced by the involvement on the pundits panel of Martin Keown actually highlighted several choice examples of Chelsea’s rotational fouling as the game was analysed.

It was an obvious tactic, every time an Arsenal player beat his Chelsea opponent the late challenge went in. Late tackles, tapped-ankles, late kicks and lunges which over time can lead to an injury. It was a miracle that Jack Wilshere didn’t suffer more ankle damage, let alone the possibility of a Sanchez broken leg.

Mesut Ozil also took his fair share, just as he had against Tottenham the week before but surprise surprise the result of successive fouling has now culminated in the news that Ozil is out until at least January with a knee injury. The same knee that he got kicked by a Tottenham player in the NLD.

So it goes on, the awful standard of refereeing, the violence, the fouls, the succession of Arsenal players getting injured.

Nothing changes and still the useless Mike Riley keeps his job.

In general, the Media, the TV and the Press will ignore this. It doesn’t fit in with their agenda of Arsenal being full of timid weaklings.
Why then do players with good injury records join Arsenal and become crocks.
Players leave Arsenal and all their injury problems clear up.
Coincidence? Bad luck? Or our opponents tried and tested tactical policy?

Let’s ask Mike Riley