Morning all,

Well this is a huge statement made by John Cross, the man following Arsenal whilst on tour in the Far East:

Gedion Zelalem looks the one to watch. Whisper it quietly, but the word is he’s every bit as good as – if not better than – Cesc Fabregas at the same age.

Zelalem is only 16, is a terrific prospect, comfortable on the ball, able to dictate and run a game as well as having super vision. He’s young but strong for his frame and has shown in a couple of outings that he can take tough challenges.

Those who have watched our three pre-season fixtures may struggle to disagree with John Cross saying he’s one to watch because this young man has put in three classy performances but better than Cesc Fabregas at the same age?

He’s 16 years old and despite looking strong, he’s not ready for the Premier League, yet.

Come January 2014, he will turn 17 years old, the same age that Cesc was when he made his first team debut, starting with the Community Shield against Manchester United. Injuries to team-mates dictated the playing time for Fabregas that season and he played in a lot more matches than I suspect Arsene Wenger planned or wanted.

As good as he is, surely Zelamen won’t be thrown into the deep end and risk damaging his young bones as they still grow?

The Capital One Cup and Nextgen series will hopefully be his season, maybe a few FA Cup appearances too, depending on who we are up against.

The following season, a year older, stronger and wiser, then maybe he will be gently introduced into the Premier League and Champions League.

In all honesty, the younger players who have been involved in this tour have done really well have showed that they will be good enough to wear the colours of Arsenal for many a year to come.

In the meantime, we need some experience to help these youngsters mature and allow them the time to progress, otherwise, if they are relied on to fill our squad, they will no doubt all end up on the scrap heap far too early having been overplayed too young.

Talking of experience, suggestion is that we have made another offer to Liverpool for Luis Suarez. £40 million and a £1 is the amount quoted in the papers this morning! An amount which has again been rejected however, this time the offer meets the clause in Suarez contract and Liverpool have to tell the player about the offer.

Like he wouldn’t already know…..!

A few stories are going around about Wayne Rooney again, suggesting he would be prepared to move to Arsenal should his dream move to Chelsea not materialise.  ‘Dream move’ – That’s a new one.

The Bernard story won’t go away either. According to Brazilian site O Tempo, Arsenal and Atlético Mineiro have agreed a deal to bring Brazil playmaker Bernard to North London for a fee of around £21m.

The player doesn’t exactly deny he’s coming to Arsenal, in fact he’s been quite diplomatic:

I don’t know what will happen after the game. My future at Atletico Mineiro will be in the board’s hands from Thursday onwards.

Now that’s one way to make sure the fans don’t turn on you if you leave….

Right now he has more important things on his mind as his club play out the second leg of the Copa Libertadores final today…

Another one to keep us guessing but if the medical on Friday rumour is true, then not for long….

Finally, officials from Roma are reportedly flying to London today in effort to secure a deal for Gervinho.

That’s about it for another day, have a good one…


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