I am stunned by the bad press Arsene Wenger attracts, it is beyond what is acceptable and borders on bullying. Arsene has the grace to attend every press conference and answer questions that at times are damn rude and disrespectful. If Alex Ferguson received a fraction of this treatment, there would be no journalists at his press conferences as they would all have been banned.

As an Arsenal fan born in the sixties, I have seen a considerable amount of football and appreciate what Arsene Wenger has done for this club. I have never seen a football manage so castigated in the press like Wenger over such a long period of time. Whether it is because he is French or because he took on the English kick and rush community, I don’t know but something is behind it.

I have just made a complaint to the PPC on the ‘Exclusive’ report by Phil Thomas of the Sun, concerning a two-year extension to Arsene’s contract. This story was made up, Wenger quite rightly lost his temper when the press asked him about this during yesterday’s press conference prior to the Bayern Munich game.

Not one mention anywhere about Arsene’s gesture on Saturday to David Oates widow.

(David Oates was BBC matchday reporter who died aged just 50 two weeks ago).

Can you imagine how much pressure he was under straight after the game but he rushed to give a hand written note of condolence to Charlotte Oates and offered to support any charity of her choice.

The BBC commentator on 5 Live was gushing with praise for what he claimed was an amazing gesture from Wenger, who had heard she was in the ground and made arrangements before his press conference. This shows the class of Arsene Wenger. The fact that the media have not reported it, speaks volumes. Had that been Harry Redknapp or Alex Ferguson, it would have been all over the media.

It is bad enough that we are subjected to the ‘Daily Arsenal’ on Talksport and the gullible Arsenal fans that seem to believe everything they see and hear.

The abuse aimed at Arsenal and in particular Arsene Wenger, is not based on fact, it is based on ignorance. The eight years without a trophy mantra is getting tiresome. There is never the mention of the fact that during that period we built the Emirates AND redeveloped Highbury.

At the same time, Roman Abramovich started flashing his cash and replaced us as the Megabrand Utds closest rival. With Man City’s Arab owners also thrown into the mix, quite why we were expected to compete is anyone guess. The media seem unable to understand the disadvantage we were at or that the continual qualification for the Champions league was a massive over achievement.

Arsene Wengers achievements should be celebrated. Instead he has become a figure of fun, ridiculed by the media at every opportunity.

I find this totally unacceptable but with Lilly liveried glory hunting Arsenal fans queuing up to help the press, it is getting worse.

Somebody has to make a stand or I feel Arsene will just walk away and I for one would not blame him. Unless we form a collective and start questioning the press and putting out positive support for Wenger it will only get worse.

I apologise if this has turned into a semi rant but I am currently seething at the treatment Arsene Wenger is receiving in the press. The fact that Phil Thomas, a journalist for The Sun newspaper has written and had printed an exclusive story consisting of a lie about Mr. Wenger speaks volumes but should not be tolerated.

Instead fans believed the story and took to the phone-in shows.

Ignorance is bliss.

Written by a man called Kevin…….

I’d normally do a pre-match post but so much has gone on, so much is going on, it’s hard to write about tonight’s match.

But clearly Arsene Wenger was angry yesterday in his pre-match talk to the press and maybe he had every right.

I hope that every player in our squad was watching their manager yesterday and I hope they feel a huge pang of guilt for contributing to what he had to endure andΒ they go out there tonight and do themselves, the fans, the club and of course their manager proud….

Even if it’s just to give Wenger a breather from those gits in the press……