Are we really falling behind?……

Capital One Cup is done for another round and it’s back to the Premier League and a side which could do with learning how to fight for a result like the team did against Reading, eventually. Hopefully in the next fixture, which is away to Bradford City, the players will show a bit of that fighting spirit from the off!

The first half though was more of what we have been witnessing from the first team during the Norwich and Shalke fixtures.

Yet reading through some of the Arsenal blogs, it seems we still have a few gullible fans out there, who believe that all remains just fine within the club..

I will always be Arsenal through and through but I have seen enough over the last few seasons to know we are going round in circles, little progress, no effort and a lot of complacency. What is more worrying, some fans can’t see the real picture; the level of ambition is on an all time low.

I’ve been asking myself some questions and may be you can add more….

What happened to the Arsenal “Spirit” where teams knew it would be a long 90 minutes?

What happened to the players respecting the badge and giving their best?

What happened to our corners?

What happened to making well-timed substitutions?

How can you be satisfied with finishing fourth?

How can you be satisfied with qualifying for the champion’s league knowing very well that we can’t win it?

Modern football has changed everything, the money in there is crazy and it’s not slowing down at all not unless you are Ivan and believe FFP will come to effect and solve all our problems.

Every gooner knows very well that we needed to quickly reinvest the money we got from the sale of players, £70 million in the bank and the team is crying out for a Falcao kind of forward.

Where is the sense in that?

Honestly, sticking with untested players and that’s the story of the last few seasons, and all the time the team crying out for two or three additions to challenge.

Arsene been going on about playing in the champions league is like winning a trophy and a section of fans are already buying into it. The main reason of playing football is to win trophies and yes we can’t always win but at least once or twice for the past 8 years would have been good.

We moved to the Emirates to enable us to compete with the best but now we are being told to wait.

I will not go into whether Arsene is still the man for the job but I will ask you a question….

Which top team would stick with a manager 8 years without a trophy?

Your guess is as good as mine……

It’s very clear someone is sleeping on the job, we just need to find him first though…..

Arsene (Mental strength), PHW (Mug), Stan (Clueless) and Ivan (Spin Doctor) take your pick gooners.

I am sure with a little change we can go back to winning ways but many gooners are afraid of change because of the uncertainty it brings with it. Those at the top of our once great club say a lot of things, but action speak louder than words. We have not seen any major improvement on the area that matters most and that’s on the football pitch.

We are falling behind in every aspect of the game winning, sponsorship and global brand. We have become a laughing-stock and the badge is associated with mediocrity.

That’s all from me gooners, Manchester United up next and I know how I feel about that, but I will reserve my opinion..

Written by Erick.

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