Yep, I read that yesterday, Squillaci is in talks about a one year loan at Leeds – shame it’s not permanent but at least Leeds will pay most of his wages!Plenty of time though for other clubs to come in, i’m sure there are many keeping tabs on his situation. πŸ˜‰

Also, we have slapped a Β£1 Million price tag on goal-keeper Mannone, Hull want him, they can have him.

Robin has been talking about Mikel and he’s disappointed that he misses the last few games and after hearing that Jack is also out for the remainder of our fixtures as well as both summer tournaments, he said it was ‘a sad end to a miserable season’ for him.

Whilst on the subject of our captain, Arsene Wenger has given himself little time to tie Robin down to a new contract.

Wenger wants the situation resolved before Robin heads off to Dutch camp which is May 17th, that’s just four days after the season ends. To commit himself in such a way makes me believe that there is not too much to sort out.

Onto today:

Drogba, Luiz and Ivanovic are all out for Chelsea – but that means little!

Chelsea may rotate further knowing that they are a draw away from a Champions League Final.

That means little either!


Because they have a deep squad, one which is much stronger than ours and for each player they rotate or lose through injury, in comes another who is pretty much as good.

Todays opposition are full of confidence, they have just beaten that Catalan club, secured a place in the FA Cup Final and Di Matteo has got them back on track after the dark days of AVB.

Bearing all that in mind, the odds will be firmly against us getting three points today and they won’t fear The Emirates any more or less than Wigan did.

Odds are stacked against us and there is no way we can win is there……

Well well, what garbage!!

Two weeks ago we faced the richest club in the Premier League, the one which money truly seems to be no object, they have big named players in every position and beyond!

What happened that day though was every single Arsenal player turned up for the match, the match that most expected us to lose!

We totally outplayed Manchester City, we could and should have battered them, not just scrape through with a 1-0 victory but at the end it didn’t matter, we were the ones who chalked up three points against our name!

Today we face the second richest club in the Premier League but the reality is they can only play with eleven players, just as we can and on our day, as proved against Manchester city, we can beat the richest best!

Arsenal players have one of two choices today:

1) Approach the game as we did against Wigan – we lose…

2) Approach the game as we did against Man City – we win…

There is nothing we fans can do, that is now all down to the manager and his squad…

Win today though and our clubs little toe will be in the Champions League next season..

Isn’t that enough to make our boys turn up and want to win?

Well it bloomin well should be……

Have a good day all…..