Benzema a smokescreen? Bigging up Theo the sub….

Morning all. Headlines, what are they all about? Clicks,  hits and money making or just plain rubbish to get us sucked into believing…. The latest relates to Alex Song. The player many Arsenal fans celebrated his leaving when Barcelona so foolishly coughed up £15 million…. Arsene Wenger must have been laughing all the way to […]

Benzema tomorrow now! What is it going to take for Arsenal to win the Premier League?

Morning all. You know that guy who said Benzema is et to sign for us? Well tomorrow is the day, honest, he’s signing tomorrow. What a way to kick off our season eh, a brand new shiny striker through the door… Ok, I’m kidding but if we are to believe the ‘respected journalist’ Emanuele Giulianelli, he […]

Does Theo Walcott deserve a new contract?

Morning all. Theo Walcott – perhaps the most annoying and frustrating player at Arsenal right now. Well, apart from Abou Diaby who at least we know will be gone in the summer.. There are days, admittedly few, when he can destroy a side but sadly, there are many more when he just jogs around the […]

Will The Real Arsenal Turn Up? One Year On!

Morning all. Just what the real Arsenal is these days I don’t know. One week we can look half decent, the next few weeks, we look awful. Going forward with pace looks exciting, especially when Welbeck, Alexis, Santi and  Oxlade-Chamberlain are on form together but then when it comes to the opponents getting the ball […]

Missing Danny Welbeck & Theo Walcott Setback….

Morning all. Alan ‘Smudger’ Smith is 52 today, Happy Birthday to the big man….. Paul Scholes has been talking to the Evening Standard. He fears for his old club as they head to The Emirates: In terms of United, they miss the energy that Danny once gave them in attack. My view has not changed: […]

Wenger Won’t Risk Walcott! A Win & A Draw Will See Us Through…..

Morning all. Happy Birthday to Ian Wright – he’s 51 years old today…. Theo Walcott is set to be given a new contract and a pay rise according to Arsene Wenger: We are starting to sit down with him. I think he has one and a half years to go on his contract in December […]