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Serb midfielder to sign. Announcement due today. Would City sell to us?

July 23, 2014

Morning all.

Yesterday morning there was headline on NN relating to us and Man City defender, Matija Nastasic. To be fair to the author, he didn’t at any time suggest or make out that Arsenal were on the verge of signing him or anything such like, he just looked at City’s situation logically. They are on the verge of signing some all singing and dancing defender apparently which could in theory push Nastasic further down the pecking order.

Low and behold, today’s newspapers are full of headline which suggest we are now readying a £15 million bid for the player who has suddenly jumped to the top of the clubs transfer target list.

Just like all, well most of what we read in the newspapers is made up as we all know and I doubt this story holds any truth whatsoever but, if by some miracle there was a grain of truth behind the Nastastic stories, would Man City sell to another Premier Club I wonder? More so, would they sell to a club which is really trying to set itself up to win the Premier League?

We know Chelsea wouldn’t and I doubt Liverpool or Manchester Utd would, well the latter did not long ago and that was a disaster for us but no way would they sell us an upcoming star like Nastasic is supposed to be. We are used to selling players to City for a hefty transfer fee, not taking their players for £15 million.

Would you guys/gals like to see Nastasic at Arsenal?

He’s 21 years old, plays for Serbia but has just had a horrid injury plagued season. Sounds right up our alley….

Talking of young upcoming stars, a few of our own are expected to be included in the squad for the trip to America. Arsene Wenger is due to announce who will be travelling to face Thierry Henry’s side later today.

One who won’t be travelling of course is Theo Walcott as he continues his recovery. He’s doing well and should be back in full training towards the end of August.

Arsene Wenger is looking forward to the trip to the States and believes it’s the perfect time for Arsenal.

It is the first time since I [started to] go to World Cups that I’ve been stopped by so many American people. I can tell you something I’m completely convinced of – before people didn’t know who you were, but now every American guy I met knows Arsenal, knows England and knows the Premier League.

The enthusiasm about soccer in the States is new but big. I expect us to have a good crowd there. I hope that we can help to develop the interest in the game and that we can play a good match there to make people enjoy it.

It is the perfect time to go. I always wanted to go with Arsenal to the United States, so I’m personally very happy to do it.

Thankfully, the boys aren’t there for too long, just a quick visit, play and then home in time for the Emirates Cup on the 2nd August and that’s when we’ll see our two new signings, maybe even three with David Ospina set to be announced any day soon.

Could even be four if the story about Gino Peruzzi has substance to it.

According to The Metro, Arsenal have taken Serbian midfielder Mladen Micanovic on trial ahead of a possible transfer to the club before the end of the window. The 17-year-old, who plays for FK Javor Ivanjica, is regarded as a big talent in his homeland and Arsene Wenger has invited him to London for a trial.

The midfielder can play right back and centre back as well as in midfield.

That’s it for another day, have a good one…


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Is Wenger Preparing To Sail Close To The wind Again?

July 22, 2014

Last summer, as the usual suspects were trying their best to defend Arsene Wenger’s policy in the transfer window and suitability as our manager, the noisy neighbours were busy signing any 2 legged footballers Franco Baldini could get his hands.

According to the know-it- all media back then, Arsenal needed to follow their path and appoint ourselves a Director of football. This was the same Spurs who had signed a feeder club agreement with Real and were being written an IOU in exchange for Bale.

Meanwhile, the media darlings kept reminding us clueless AFC fans that finishing 3rd or 4th in the previous eight seasons was a total failure. But those same folks were insisting that the only way Spurs or Liverpool could guarantee finishing above us and get the coveted 4th place was for them to splash £80 million on players without any prior premiership experience and for them!

This summer, after the early signings of two very effective players, most fans I know have suddenly developed very high expectations for the upcoming season. Personally, I am a lot more apprehensive about our new campaign.

In my view, whilst most managers try their hardest to compete on all fronts, Arsene as we have come to know him, is always trying his best to assemble the most minimum of squad required. Wenger’s Modus Operandi has always been to have 16 or 17 senior players and fill the gaping holes with potential and inexperienced players when required.

As we will be competing on two fronts per week for the majority of the season and then possibly four fronts come January, I find this a huge gamble considering the magnitude by which the gap between the so called smaller teams has narrowed in recent seasons as compared to the non-Gazprom teams like ours .

Last summer, for some odd reason I strongly believed we would do the double which unfortunately didn’t materialise. Friends kept asking me why I thought that.

My reasons were:

· We had a back 4 that had conceded the least number of goals in 4 years. We had conceded only 37 goals and Per was beginning to find his feet in this league.

· That was the first time under Arsene that we had not lost a major player of our squad.

· King Fergie was no longer around to point to his watch when United were a goal down with 10 minutes to go.

· Statistically Giroud had scored 20 goals in his second season and therefore rumours that Arsene was looking for a more effective no.10.

· Ramsey and Arteta were forming a midfield pivot that in the 12 games of their partnership had become as ruthless at protecting our back 4 as any double pivot in Europe.

· We were beating the teams we were expecting to beat.

· Most importantly Wenger had also rotated his squad far better the season before and I was counting on a repetition of that.

Additionally, Arsene and Arteta our actual captain since his last minute transfer to us in 2011, had on a few occasions during the summer, talked about how it was important to improve our home record after dropping so many points over the last 3 seasons at home whilst we had maintained one of the very best away records in the top 5 leagues in Europe. The rest of the squad had also noted and commented on how it was essential to start the season much better than the last 3 seasons.

In my opinion one thing Arsene was most probably overlooking, was that our home record was firmly linked to his transfer dealings. It was proving a challenge by all accounts for even the reasonable die- hard fans who frequent HH to back a manager who was not matching the ambitions of the fans. It felt to most fans or according to media reports at least, that Wenger had overstayed his welcome.

For most Wenger supporters it was even more imperative that the club and Arsene got off to a very strong start before the annual deadline day ‘supermarket style sweep’ took place. After all that talk about our home form and the scrutiny the club was under, I was extremely saddened when Wenger decided to line-up Wilshere and Ramsey in central midfield against Aston Villa.

After that opening day defeat, some very strong performances against Fulham and Spurs lightened the mood slightly but the icing on the cake was the arrival of Mesut Ozil at least for a brief moment.

As the season unfolded and around the time when we were leading the challenge for the title late November, I became extremely concerned about 2 specific things.

To me it appeared that Wenger was reverting back to his usual stance of over playing his key players whilst other experienced managers were trying to keep their whole squad involved and match sharp. It appeared that he had again, started the season with several players he had no confidence in but had failed to move them on.

However, things were going better than we could have envisaged. For once we did not have our annual November collapse and Giroud, our slow coach who was the media’s punching bag, was coming up with goals when needed. Even our avid protagonists like Owen and Hansen were beginning to consider us as potential challengers even though they couldn’t help themselves proclaiming that we would have won the title by then if the club had coughed up for Suarez.

According to the media, the reason why we were able to finish fourth was because Jose was still getting his feet underneath the table at Chelsea. Not surprising, the same media experts who at the start of the season declared Moyes a better manager than Wenger, quickly backtracked and declared that Moyes after all was not good enough for a top 4 team let along the biggest club in England as they had said all along.

I have even read that had AVB been a better manager and not bought as many players who were not good enough we would have struggled to finish above them. Dear oh dear; the level these experts will stoop to. The pundits had forgotten the fuss they made when Wenger said last August that Spurs buying so many players would destabilise their already good squad.

Looking at the way the league ended, I am compelled to believe that even without buying a fast mobile striker in January we could still have won the title had Arsene managed his squad better. Etched on most fans minds are the humiliating defeats we suffered at Chelsea, City, Liverpool and to a lesser extent Everton. Those fans may not be wrong because we conceded 20 of our 44 goals from those games. That was an astonishing 45% of all the goals we conceded.

Irrespective of those score lines we just lost 3 points each after those defeats but we came back and got respectful draws against Chelsea, Swansea and United after those defeats it may be fair to say that those awful results did more psychological damage to fans than to the players.

Conversely, it could be argued that had we not been thrashed excessively in those games we would have won those aforementioned games.

In my view the league was lost because of our home form. Picking up points at home remains the bread and butter requirement for any team, regardless of the league they are playing in, or the height of their ambitions. But, in order to mount a genuine title challenge, winning on the road is an important factor and one which could prove to be the difference between success and failure.

It is no surprise that City became eventual champions as they had the best home form and held the longest winning run at home in the league.

Comparing us to our rivals, Man City took 52 points, Liverpool 49 points, Chelsea 48 points, and Arsenal 44 points. Had we not lost against Villa, drawn with City, Chelsea, Man Utd, Everton & Swansea we would still have had enough points to run away with the title.

I wish I could put my fingers on why I am less optimistic as compared to last summer considering the business we have done.

Make no mistake I still believe we will win a trophy but I have this deep rooted feeling that we will be sailing close to the wind again than we should be doing based on our purported resources. My fears are further compounded by the fact that our lynchpin in defence over the last 7 years has been allowed to leave whilst our club captain is manoeuvring for a move away from us to a rival and without appearing pessimistic, I believe we will need lady luck on our side for Per to replicate his form from last season.

As we all know winning this league epitomises how a marathon should be won, however, Arsene tends to prepare for the competition like a boxer who decides to throw caution to the wind and go for a few drinks the night before a multi-million dollar PPV fight in Las Vegas.

Maybe I am just bitter because Arsene has not bought Morgan Schneiderlein who in my view has been the best defensive midfielder in the league since Southampton got promoted. But then again am I?

If any of us was in Wenger’s shoes especially at his stage of his career we’d be doing all we can to go all out with a bang. But Wenger is always Wenger. A true gent who has continued to put his reputation on the line for the future of a club he might not have had any affection for 20 years ago.

As sections of fans will point out football is about winning. Looking at it in that light will compel even the most deluded of Wenger’s excuser like myself to admit our squad is still not deep enough for the modern challenges of winning this league even though this squad looks the most balanced it has been since 2005.

We are Arsenal and therefore we can all assume it will be us verses from match day one onwards….

Have a blessed day!

Written by Tsgh

Khedira and Ospina today. No Striker signing. May was a great month…..

July 21, 2014

Morning all.

You just have to love Twitter don’t you?

Last night someone called Los Blancos tweeted that we’d agreed a deal with Real Madrid for Sami Khedira and he will arrive today and Nice Matin, don’t ask as I don’t know, said we’d agreed a deal for David Ospina.

Wow, great news and by the end of today, we should all be that little bit happier.

Hang on, isn’t Khedira meant to be heading to Monaco as part of the James deal? Well, L’Equipe suggest that’s not the case and the player is ‘likely’ to join us this summer….

As for Ospina, that story has been in the newspapers for a while now but the deal still hasn’t been confirmed and maybe that’s because Casilla’s has been in private talks about a move to us… lol

Exhausted, me too. We all know that when Arsenal have a deal done, they will tell us. When all T’s have been crossed and the ‘I’s’ dotted, only then can we be sure that a player has been signed….

It may not be a striker though as Arsene Wenger has ruled out the need of an additional man up front. Of course he could be straying from the truth as he has so often done when talking to the media about transfers but if he’s telling the truth, it’ll be a great shame and another missed opportunity imo.

Anyway, enough of all that stuff, here’s today’s post from Kev.

I’m not sure when it begun and from where it came, but I can sense a ‘special spirit’ developing among this present squad of Arsenal players. I’ve seen it in the past and I had a feeling around last August in particular, that our squad of players were on the cusp of something special.

I remember being at Elland Road in 1997 when it saw Wenger’s first Arsenal team draw 1-1… Yes it was only a draw, but I just sensed a feeling about that team.

Back to the present and the squad we have now and  most of them have been with us for a few seasons now. Some have grown into internationals, all have suffered alongside their manager, as those ersatz clubs, Man City and Chelsea, have alongside Man Utd (well Ferguson’s Man Utd) hoovered up all the domestic honours over the past 3 or 4 years.

Snide and derogatory cheap shots from the Press, allied to a Media dominated by bitter ex-Liverpool players and other assorted no-marks, have added to the dreaded monkey on the back syndrome but all that ended last May at Wembley, when Wenger’s latest squad lifted the FA Cup, the last trophy we lifted nine years ago…

Adios monkey.

Anyone who saw that Final could not have missed the mixture of joy and relief among the Arsenal players, supporters and staff, not least Arsene Wenger, who threw off his usual calm urbane self and joined in the fun like everybody else.

Can anyone ever forget Per Mertesaker giving a post-match interview on the pitch and mid-interview just deserting the TV cameras to join in a delighted shouting celebration with Keiran Gibbs and Wenger getting the ‘bumps’ from his players, it was a bit surreal.

Arsenal winning a trophy whilst the Portuguese midget and the man with the ironed face at the Old Bog winning nowt, only increased our satisfaction.

And let’s not forget the entitlement club of Stevie G blowing it at the 11th hour, yep, May was a good month for Arsenal fans.

That spirit of togetherness carried on into the World Cup where Twitter messages went back and forth between Arsenal team mates sending good luck wishes and congratulations after a good result.

Utmost respect for each other....

Utmost respect for each other….

One of my favourite images was of the BFG and Laurent Koscielny in a friendly post-match hug, with the respect for their Arsenal team mate obvious as they congratulated/consoled their fellow Gooner.

So despite numerous rumours, most of them of the usual bile were accustomed to from the Press, nobody it seems, wants to leave.

Not Podolski, Cazorla, Arteta or Monreal, and even Vermaelen isn’t kicking up a rumpus. He might go, he might stay, Arsenal will decide to their benefit.

Sanchez and Debuchy looked delighted to have joined this group of players, blimey even Diaby has got himself fit…

And the way Gazidis and Law have been going about business, I quite expect to see two or three more new faces before August 31st…

Written by Allezkev.

Diaby shock! Second signing expected today but Sami Khedira starting to look unlikely…..

July 17, 2014

Morning all.

Are our eyes deceiving us??

Are our eyes deceiving us??

That’s a bit of a shock. Not only was Abou Diaby fit at the end of last season, he’s still fit. Not only is he fit, he’s training.

Great stuff I say!!

Not for one minute am I suggesting that he’s the answer to all our midfield prayers, I’d have to be a fool to think that but come on, a fit Abou Diaby can only be a bonus for Arsenal FC. He has one year left on his contract and if we get a good season from him, then that can only be to our advantage.

Just as long as his temporary fitness doesn’t prevent Arsene Wenger from addressing our midfield needs….

Just like Jack and Theo, Abou needs a season full of fitness and good performances. Sadly, I’m not overly optimistic though but you just never know, stranger things have happened. Knowing our luck, he’ll have a great season and then leave for free next summer..

Back to this summer and the Khedira saga. Press reports now suggest he wants £180k a week. Well that just isn’t going to happen, not at Arsenal and rightly so imo. He’s 27 years old, has not long recovered from a nasty injury and expecting a club to pay such a high wage is ridiculous. I strongly suspect he’ll get something near to that figure though should he join Chelsea and if only money drives him, then sometimes we have to accept losing out to another club.

It’ll be a great shame though as the poison dwarf would win again and that in my opinion is the only reason he wants to sign Khedira, just to get one over Arsene Wenger…

But if the player drops his reported wage demands and Arsenal manage to pull this deal off, then it’s Arsenal who will get another one over the under tall one and wouldn’t that be special!!

Finally, many reports suggest Mathieu Debuchy will finally become an Arsenal player today..

About time too…..

Go Dickie, Go Ivan…….

Have a good day all……..


It’s all about Sami Khedira! Squad buzzing after new signing…..

July 16, 2014

Morning all.

Fifty one years ago today, Bob Wilson left Wolverhampton Wanderers and signed for Arsenal.

He was pretty good wasn’t he?

51 years ago today....

51 years ago today….

Everyone is buzzing! Well, so says Theo Walcott:

Sanchez is a world-class player and I enjoyed watching him play for Barcelona and for Chile at the World Cup.

He’s still very young as well and he is going to show so much pace and power, which we lacked a bit last year. With me and him on the flanks, a lot of teams won’t be looking forward to playing Arsenal this year!

There’s a great buzz around the club at the moment. He is a marquee signing and something that the club has pushed on to: first you had Mesut Ozil and now it is Alexis Sanchez. Who knows where it is going to stop?

It is great to learn from these players, and I cannot wait to play alongside him. I am really looking forward to it.

Give or take a few months, both players are the same age but imo, Alexis Sanchez is a long long way ahead of Theo in all departments of the game, well maybe not pace but even that’s questionable.

We talked about how Jack Wilshere needs to step up his game yesterday, well it’s time Theo Walcott did the same. He’s the perfect professional off the pitch but on it, he’s not consistent enough. We see flashes of brilliance and on his day he really can’t cause defenders all sorts of problems but we need to see a lot more of that and much much less of the Theo who drives us mad!

If he can finally start delivering week in week out, he’s right, him and Sanchez in the same side is a mouth watering prospect.

Just hope Giroud can keep up… ;)

Friends... La la la la....

Friends… La la la la….

But as we keep on saying, Sanchez alone isn’t enough, we need more depth and certainly more strength throughout the entire squad and the rumours surrounding Sami Khedira just won’t go away.

Marca report that Real Madrid have accepted and offer from us for the player and all that needs thrashing out is the players wages.

These are friends too....

These two are friends too….

The fact that photographers have snapped Sami with all the Arsenal players whilst they celebrated their World Cup victory has of course help fuel the fire surrounding this story, as has Lukas Podolski’s antics during an interview yesterday but I’m still hoping this deal can be done.

Just like with Alexis Sanchez, the newspapers report that the poison dwarf wants to sign Sami Khedira and no doubt Chelsea would meet his reported wage demands but hopefully, and just like with Sanchez, there’s only one club he wants to sign for and that’s us.

Couldn't leave out the big guy....

Couldn’t leave out the big guy….

As Theo said, top quality players give the squad a lift, they give the fans a lift and if Sami Khedira wants to sign for Arsenal, I’ll give him a lift. From the airport to London Colney…..

Well, maybe I’d ask Kev, he’s nearer…….

Have a great day all……


Sami Khedira done. Arsenal World Cup winners, yet still ‘they’ pick on Mesut……..

July 14, 2014

Morning all.

Mesut, Mesut......

Mesut, Mesut……

Great night for Mesut Ozil, Per Mertesacker, Lukas Podolski and all their German team-mates as they got their hands on the World Cup Trophy.

The confidence that will come with such a victory will surely be enormous.

But will there be four WC Champions on show for us? The Spanish press believe so and it will be no surprise that that player is Sami Khedira. Sport believe he has agreed a four year deal and only a medical stands between him becoming an Arsenal player next season.

If true, this imo will be a great signing and Arsene Wenger will finally get one over the ‘under tall’ manager in the transfer window.

So why just Mesut holding the World Cup, well no matter what this man does whilst playing for us, or playing for his country since signing for us, the press here in the Uk, can’t wait to knock him and here’s a post from Kev about just that..

Since about November/December time last year, I have become gradually aware of a sinister press campaign.

In fact most of us Arsenal fans have noticed it, we have read it daily and are still hearing/reading it now. It is a subtle, sly and at times, insidious campaign from within the stinking bowels of our Press/Media, aimed at undermining our own German genius, the brilliant Mesut Ozil…

During that mid-season period just gone, Ozil began to feel the strain of a long, physical and incessant English football trek. Game after game and with no mid-season break to catch a breath, it’s no wonder that his levels dropped.

Arsene refused to give him a breather and with no policy of rotation on offer at Arsenal, Mesut began to look jaded.

That’s when the ‘Arsenal haters’ began chipping away, criticising Ozil’s performances and constantly quoting his record fee.

No doubt their criticism was driven by the terrifying prospect of Arsenal winning the League.

How could this happen?

How stupidly foolish would all the hacks and pundits have looked, especially as they had written Arsenal off in their traditional uninformed fashion but Arsenal aspirations of PL success was looking ominous, which would have made them look like the massive fools that we already know them to be…

Well, as we know, injuries to Theo Walcott and Aaron Ramsey put paid to our title dreams. The January Window was frustratingly familiar and we slipped from the top and were unable to keep up the pace.

Fortunately the FA Cup came to our rescue, a cup success that still sticks in the throat of those a Press/Media fools.

And so the criticism of Ozil continued and did so into the World Cup…….

Mesut is now a Word Champion but the snide comments won’t stop. In fact you can almost hear the ‘media morons’ sharpening their pencils in anticipation of beginning a hatchet job on Alexis Sanchez…

Maybe the fact that Arsenal have spent over £78 million on two World class players goes against the Press/Medias biased view of Arsenal mismanagement.

Well, Ivan Gazidis and Dick Law can give ‘them’ the proverbial middle finger and if Ivan is true to his words the media morons and press scum will have more humble pie to consume when a couple more big signings are made this window.

Fortunately, I’ve yet to meet, speak to or blog with any Arsenal fan who has been taken in by this criticism of Mesut Ozil.

We all know he is a fabulous player who we thoroughly enjoy watching.

Mesut Ozil, World Champion! Suck that up Fleet Street mugs…

Written by Allezkev.

Arsenal in talks for Sami Khedira! From heartbreak to delight!

July 12, 2014

Morning all.

Quick gossip round up before K-TR7′s post.

The Telegraph report that we are still hoping to get Lars Bender and/or Sami Khedira. Apparently Jose wants the latter and we all know he loves to get one over Arsene Wenger .

Stan Collymore has tweeted that he spoke to the players Agent yesterday and he confirmed that we are in talks and hope to get the player signed.

Loic Remy continues to make the Arsenal pages too with a story suggesting he is to choose between us, Newcastle and Tottenham. Logic would suggest, there is only one club he’d choose and that’s us, he’s said for many years he wants to play for Arsenal, well now could be his time.

However, having seen us sign Sanchez, he may just start thinking about playing time and whether he’d get much with us. I personally think he would, if he’s ready to fight for his place, he’ll play if he performs well.But many footballs want things on a plate these days and if he’s not up for the competition, then he’s not for us is he. I still have a hunch he’ll be in a Puma kit next season.

As will the girlfriend of Alexis Sanchez.

For the boys....

Blue eyes….

Today’s post:

When Van Persie decided to leave the club in the year 2012 I was heartbroken.

I remember that day when the news broke on this very blog I was so angry that fellow Housers had to calm me down. I really rated RvP but the way he turned his back on us further justified my stance in not growing attached to football players.

To this day I only own two replica jerseys with players on them, a Rosicky Arsenal jersey and a Mesut German jersey.

Now we have Alexis Sanchez, a player I rate highly enough to buy a kit with his name on it, a player I have followed from his days with Udinese days, where he really shone brightly.

Since the Dutchman left we have had no cutting edge player in the front line. In the current market its so difficult to get such players since most of them are at the biggest clubs in Europe and would be ridiculously expensive to purchase.

Wenger this past year even said that there are fewer top class forwards being produced in Europe and that the only continent which is doing well is South America. Oh boy was he right. He and our negotiation team deserve plaudits for being able to acquire Alexis.

For those who are wondering what all the hype is all about let me elaborate.

At Udinese Alexis was a menace. He first started playing out wide as a conventional winger where his dribbling skills and immense work rate both in attack and defence really stood out.

However he really went up a level when he was switched to playing in the middle as part of a front two. He was brilliant up top. He had the freedom to drift all over the final 3rd and this made it even harder for the opposition to cope with him. He was especially lethal on counter attacks and even the likes of Mourinho back at Inter then, had to instruct players to man mark him in order to minimise his impact.

Playing him closer to the goal saw him improve his scoring threat and soon enough the vultures came circling and Udinese had to sell.

Man City scouts had prepared a 59 page scout report on him and were very keen to sign him but he chose to join the Catalan giants.

Upon arrival to Barca, Guardiola observed that Alexis really liked to take risks on the ball by taking defenders at every opportunity and I think he was discouraged to do this. Instead, he was taught on how to make better off the ball movements to allow Messi to flourish.

It was difficult for him since as he had to re-learn how to play again. He was also very shy and this made it even harder for him to settle in initially. In a recent Q/A he pretty much confirmed this.

Q: How has Alexis changed his way from the way he was at Udinese?

A: I attacked any way I could before. I’d always take on players on. Now I have to read each sitiuation, to take players on but make sure I don’t lose the ball. They are the kind of things the team and club club demand.

Q: Is it difficult to play for Barca?

A: Yes, I think so. I’ve had to learn to play football all over again. What I did in Italy I could not do here. Before I would always wait for the ball at my feet, try to beat three players, and I was the one who tried to pass the ball into space, because the other players opened the field for me.

Q: Do you think you’re now a better player than you arrived?

A: I believe that I’ve adapted and that is very important when we talk about the best team in the world. But I’m still not what I can be, I am sure that I can be better, that am not playing entirely freely. I have shown that I can beat players here and give an assist, like I did in Italy- but I also have a sense of what I have not yet demonstrated. It’s that at times I want to take a defender one-on-one but I can’t shoot, because the team is behind me and I know I should pass the ball back to start play over.

At Barca he learnt a lot about off the ball movement under Guardiola. He became so good at it and it contributed to many goals for Messi.

If you can get your hands on some Messi goals, keep an eye on Alexis and you’ll see just how good he is at dragging defenders all over the place. He also improved his vision so much that he can spot passes like an Attacking Midfielder.

On the downside his individuality was toned down as I have shown in the bold section of the transcript. He can do more and he knows this.

The number of successful dribbles per game at his best at Udinese was 3 which dropped drastically to 0.9 at Barca. At the world cup, he had 5.3 successful dribbles per game which is very high.

This is what his Chilean coach had to say:

Perhaps at Barca, with the team-mates he has and all great players there, it is more difficult, but for me he has all the conditions to be the best players in the world: assists, goals, dribbles, everything.

This is where Wenger comes in.

At Barca he added off the ball movement and refined his vision to become a better team player in addition to his undeniable individual quality and immense offensive and defensive work-rate.

This feels like the moment Wenger took a certain left winger from Juve and nurtured him into our best player ever.

Alexis has everything you need in a forward. He is now complete. Wenger will now give him back that freedom he solely craves to be one of the very best.

Mesut Ozil must be excited too since he’ll have a moving target at all times. Giroud is another player who will benefit so much from Alexis.

Where will he play?

Wenger likes his best players central so we’ll have to wait and see but you can be sure he will get that free role. If there is a player who could come close to replicate what Henry did for us I’d bet on Alexis to be the man. So much that I’ll buy his tight Puma kit after hitting the gym to fit in it ;-).

This is truly a watershed moment for the club.

Seeing Ozil welcome Sanchez to the club is the stuff of dreams since it would’ve been inconceivable just a year ago and if you had told me we would sign the number 10 and number 9 from the Spanish giants in consecutive years I would’ve laughed hysterically at you.

Remember when we haggled over 5mil for Schwarzer?…

We deserve this, we really do…..

Welcome to Arsenal Football Club Alexis Sanchez, welcome…..!!

Written by K-TR7

Podolski or Rosicky to make way? Sanchez to upstage Puma, or will we have to wait?

July 10, 2014

Morning all.

So today is the big day as far as our new kit manufacturer is concerned. Of course it’s a big day for Arsenal too as with Puma, comes big money and we are soon to reap the rewards it seems.

But would Puma want to be upstaged by the club announcing the signings of Alexis Sanchez  and Mathieu Debuchy?

My own view is they wouldn’t as this is their big moment, they want the world of football to see the name Puma, nothing more, nothing less so perhaps we will have to wait another day or too to finally hear the news we are all desperately waiting for.

Not only that, there is suggestion that Barcelona are faffing around with the Suarez deal and that’s holding up things for us. Not sure why their dealings with Liverpool would have any influence on us signing Sanchez as they clearly need the money to get their deal done. Delaying the Sanchez deal doesn’t make sense to me.

Of course, I could be very wrong about Puma, they may just love the idea of Arsenal presenting the new kit along with a world class signing which if the case, our much expected new arrival could fly in today and get his medical done and dusted, as could Debuchy of course.

I kind of feel sorry for Mathieu Debuchy. A move to us is a huge step up in his career and I bet he can’t wait to get his situation sorted out and stuck into training with his team-mates, but his move will be slightly overshadowed by the Chilean. Who am I kidding, slightly overshadowed??

But the signing of the Frenchman is a key one and hopefully he’ll slot in well and the departure of Bacary Sagna will be long forgotten….

Talking of the defence, rumour is that there’s been a change of number for Kieran Gibbs, he will now wear number 3 on his back and one can only assume, Debuchy will be given the number 2 shirt.

I wonder what number Sanchez will wear, at Barca he had the number 9, for Chile it’s number 7 but both of those numbers are taken by Podolski and Rosicky.

I doubt either will give up their number, do you??

That’s it, have a great day all. I’m not staying up until 11pm just to see a big black cat make an appearance……


Jackson Martinez, again! Kammy the Hero & Crazy Transfer Prices….

June 28, 2014

Morning all.

Other PL clubs have kicked off their summer transfer window and the two stand outs are Adam Lallana going to Liverpool for a reported £25 million and Luke Shaw to Manchester Utd for a figure reported to be in excess of £30 million.

Crazy, absolutely crazy!

Luke Shaw is just 18 years old, yes he looks and exciting prospect but is he really worth £30 million? No, never in a million years but I guess as Utd had such a poor season, they need to be seen to making changes but we all know what happened when the neighbours did that. Yes they spent big but did it really get them any further forward? The answer is clearly no, in fact their big spending seems to have done more harm than good.

Adam Lallana, yes, he looks good, but £25 million? No, not in my opinion.

Both of those transfer costs fall victim of the over inflated prices that clubs have to pay to sign an Englishman and it’s crazy, especially when a player with the quality of Alexis Sanchez is reported to be valued at £20 million and look what is has done during his career.

Meanwhile Man City are on the verge of signing young Argentine midfielder Bruno Zuculin for just £3 million!

Anyway, both Liverpool and Man Utd were prepared to pay that kind of money to get the players so what I think matters not.

In fact I am far more concerned about who are club are going to sign and when but none of us have the answers. We just have to sit, wait and then hope that we get the right players for the right positions and come the start of the season, we are truly ready for the challenge ahead.

Jackson Martinez is back on the radar according to reports in the newspapers. On the way out could be Mikel Arteta as Athletic Bilbao are keen to sign him.

Love him....

Love him….

Good old Kammy stopped a street robber in Brazil, he held him down and then handed him to the police on their arrival. Bet we’d never see Adrian Chiles or Alan Hansen do that!!

Finally, the World Cup continues tonight with the first knock-out fixtures.

Brazil v Chile is at 5pm

Columbia  v Uruguay at 9pm

Both should be pretty tasty……

That’s it for another day…


Back in for Bender. Vidal and Debucy targets & Viviano wants Podolski signed up…

June 27, 2014

Morning all.

Arsenal’s on loan goalkeeper from last season, Emiliano Viviano is trying to get his club to sign Lukas Podolski:

Talking to Radio Blu, he said:

Who would look good in a purple shirt from the Gunners? Podolski, I think, could make a difference.

What a rotter, Arsenal bring him to one of the best clubs in the Premier League and that’s how he repays them!

On a serious not though, Lukas Podolski obviously impressed Viviano in training and why wouldn’t he, he’s got a left bullet shot on him like not many others in the league and I hope he stays. Last month he said:

As things stand today, I am an Arsenal player (and) it won’t change.

Going to London was the right step. I had the chance to go to a big club and to play in the strongest league in the world.

I am happy in the city, in the league, in the club. Those two years have been outstanding for me.

But what a flop Viviano’s loan was, he only played for the reserves didn’t he and in one game, I’m sure he leaked a number of goals!

Still, he’s gone thankfully as has Fabianski and it’ll be interesting to see who we sign to fill the latters boots. There have certainly been plenty of players names in the newspapers over the weeks, yet none have been signed and that comes to no great surprise.

It’s going to be hard to find a keeper who is prepared to sit on the bench watching Wojciech Szczesny play each week….

However, whether the club see it like that remains to be seen.

Sign him up Arsene.. Oh, it is Arsene....

Sign him up Arsene.. Oh, it is Arsene….

They have one of two choices in my opinion, sign and older and more experienced keeper who has just a few years left in his game which in turn would allow Damian Martinez time to mature as a keeper in both years and experience out on loan. Or, Arsene Wenger decides he wants a mature and experienced keeper in the squad who will really push Szczesny all the way for that number one spot. Szczesny has improved but I truly believe he can improve a lot more and the only way he’ll do that is if he has another keeper breathing down his neck… And he cannot be Polish! lol

Results from last night:

Portugal (1) 2-1(0) Ghana
USA (0) 0-1(0) Germany
Algeria (0) 1-1(1) Russia
South Korea (0) 0-1(0) Belgium

Germany and the USA progress from Group G and from Group H it’s Algeria and Belgium. The rest are on their way home….

The knock-out stages kick off tomorrow….

Transfer Gossip just for Kev:

Well today Lars Bender and Mathieu Debuchy hit the headlines in the Express and Mirror and The Daily Mail suggest we are close to a deal for Loic Remy.

A £21 million bid is being prepared for Bender and £8 million for Debuchy.

The Metro, and this has to be the best of the day, report that £44 million could get us Arturo Vidal!

Just the thought of spending some money leaves Wenger needing a cool down...

I think Arsene Wenger needed a cool down after reading that one and no wonder he’s puffing his cheeks…..

On that note, have a great day all, especially the birthday boy who is 21 again today.

Happy Birthday Wath!



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