Did injury to Aaron Ramsey help our season? Coquelin will play in a mask…

Morning all. Its hard to believe that there’s just eleven Premier League fixtures left in this seasons campaign and after the first half of the season, it’s perhaps harder to believe that we sit 3rd today. Everton, Leicester, Man City, Utd, Totts, Stoke City, Hull City, Swansea and even the Dippers away from home – […]

Was that Monaco loss planned?

Morning all. Having finally seen a bit of that match, it wasn’t good was it so it’s no surprise that comments from Arsenal fans and critics suggest we were awful.  In fact I haven’t read anything positive about our performance – other than the classy strike by Alex Oxlade-chamberlain. Was the loss planned? It’s all well […]

Scrappy, Physical and Dodgy Decisions – But Do You Care?

Morning all. I didn’t see the game, I seldom do when it’s a Saturday 3pm kick off but I managed to catch some highlights… How on earth did we win that match? Goodness only knows but lady luck sure was on our side and it was a good job too. Danny Welbeck was involved in […]

Should Jack Wilshere start? Monaco can wait!

Morning all. “There’s a good understanding and collective desire, and that unity will be key for us. We know we are in front of three important months in our lives and we want to commit to doing well.” – Arsène Wenger I suppose he’s right. The next three months will determine our season, just as […]

Cheap Arsenal deal confirmed! Two doubts ahead of Palace fixture….

Morning all. Arsenal FC have done something good, very good for it’s fans. As announced previously by the official site, there will be no mainline trains running back from Manchester Piccadilly to London Euston after the match against Utd so the club has worked with Virgin Trains to charter a train for 450 fans to make […]

What’s that hanging over ‘The Lane’?

Morning all. These games are high intensity and high intensity is dictated by how well you prepare mentally and how well you’re ready physically. I believe that on both sides that we will be ready. – Arsène Wenger It’s Derby Day! Remember March last year and the same trip? Two minutes on the clock, Tomas […]