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Arsenal FC Should Follow Tesco’s Example!! Smash, Grab & Very Lucky!!

Morning all. Ahead of last night’s game, Arsene Wenger  expressed how he believed the level of our performances so far this season haven’t earned us the right results. He felt that we should have more victories instead of draws. Well last night, that view couldn’t be further from the truth. We were awful, absolutely awful, yet […]

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Have Arsenal Packed Their Kwells? Wenger Gets There At Last…..

Morning all. Happy birthday to Arsene Wenger who is 65 years old today. Retirement age isn’t it? Sadly not but darn I wish it was and applied to football management. Fergie wouldn’t have won as many trophies as he did and now we’d be wondering who is set to become our new manager. If only […]

City Want Ozil. The Story Remains The Same……

Yesterday began with the earth shattering news that Man City were preparing to sign Mesut Ozil for £32million. A loss to Arsenal of over £10million should the move go ahead. The report was in the Express and repeated in the Metro. Two newspapers, famous for reporting a load of rubbish, so still my beating heart…. […]

Jack Wilshere Hits The Headlines Again! Stojkovic Waiting To Replace Arsene Wenger?

Morning all. Jackie boy is back in the news again and thank goodness, it’s all good, very good! Just seven months ago, Paul Scholes laid into Jack and went as far as saying he’d failed to improve his game since he burst onto the scene at 17 years old. Two stand out performances for England […]

Arsene Wenger Deserves More Credit Than He’s Getting! Say’s Who?

Morning all. Kenny Dalglish has been writing for The Mirror about tomorrow’s game against Chelsea. His view is that no matter what the outcome is, Arsenal fans will still be grumpy and of course, remain very critical of Arsene Wenger. He’s spent too much money on players. He hasn’t spent enough money on players. He shouldn’t be […]

Welbeck Takes A Swipe At Manager & Rightly So!!

Morning all. Full of confidence after his hat-trick on Wednesday night, Danny Welbeck has had a few words to say to his old manager. He’s quoted in one of this mornings newspapers as saying: Nobody can really criticise my finishing because they don’t really see me playing in a forward position too often. But now […]

Two January Deals On? Wenger Thrilled with Welbeck and Ozil…

Morning all. What a bizarre weekend of football that was. Well, good actually as it’s always nice to see the sides who the media love fall by the wayside. Everton and Tottenham got spanked at home, Utd threw away a 2-1 lead to lose 5-3 at Leicester and Liverpool got hammered at Upton Park and […]


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