Where was the EPL player of the year yesterday then?

It made a surprising change for Arsenal to go into a game with their massively subsidised London neighbours Chelsea, with the ersatz club from SW6 carrying the crucial injuries… But this is Chelsea, a team constructed from a budget that would normally run a small country, a club that has pretty much run away with the […]

Grimandi wants Fekir in. Day of judgement for Arsenal….

Morning all. I’ll get the gossip out the way before Kev’s post. Apparently, well, according to the Mirror, Gilles Grimandi has been scouting Nabil Fekir and has sent Arsene Wenger nothing but glowing reports about the young Frenchman. He’s an attacking midfielder who can also play up front and he’s valued at £15 million. Here […]

Don’t waste energy on Fabregas! Carvalho talks ongoing…

Morning all. Back in the summer of 2000 – French midfielder Emmanuel Petit was approaching 30 years old. He’d been with us for three seasons and together with Patrick Vieira, he bossed our midfield with great success. That summer, he moved to Barcelona. Injuries and playing in defence didn’t help him during his first season, […]

‘Serious’ transfer talks underway. Wanyama & Kondogbia linked. Ospina talks form..

Morning all. When things are going a bit wayward, which to be fair has been all too often, we soon hear from a few of the players on the official website. They talk about how they’ll learn from defeats or individual errors and how they’ll move forward and make things better. Then comes another defeat […]

New Diaby deal a good idea? Lloris to do a Sol? Bid confirmed….

Morning all. A few headlines yesterday afternoon were about Abou Diaby. Talk is, he’s to be offered a pay as you play deal. Firstly, I haven’t a clue whether it’s true but secondly, it wouldn’t at all surprise me if it was… When Diaby has been fit and healthy, which I know seems a lifetime ago, […]

Arsenal snap up Olympian. Clubs begin ‘Arsenal walk’ – will they suffer as we did?

Morning all. Back in May 2004, Arsenal were top of the tree, Invincible, playing the best football in Britain and arguably the most entertaining in Europe or anywhere in the World. Arsenal’s worldwide appeal is a testament to that expansive football. A football that any Chelsea fan can only dream of… But that was as […]