Campbell & Podolski Off? Schar Bid Going In & Merts Wants Improvement!

Morning all. On this day back in 1932, Gillespie Road station was renamed the Arsenal station. Bet you didn’t know that did you? No, neither did I… Gossip: A few headlines around this morning suggesting Arsene Wenger wants Swiss defender Fabian Schar and will make a £10 million offer in January, if not before! Apparently the […]

Arsenal and Liverpool Ready To Rule English Football?

Morning all. Where would we be without the internet eh? Lost, absolutely lost I suspect and when the internet crashes, darn, Highbury House suffers with a later than usual post. I’m sure we’ll cope though…. Anyway, not a lot of news around about Arsenal and I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m still pretty […]

New Scout Signed Up. Park The Bus Arsene, If You Know How To….

Morning all. Back in 1977 and through to 1984, Brian McDermott made 61 appearances for Arsenal FC in midfield but he didn’t quite have what it takes to make it with us and he was sent out on loan to Fulham and IFK Norrköping  before eventually departing for good. Most people these days will probably know […]

Arsenal Lack Flare! Welbeck Arrives Right On Time…..

Morning all. I hope Uefa throw the book at Galatasary and their fans! Throwing flares on the pitch as they did last night was not only stupid, it was darn right dangerous! Thank goodness we don’t behave in such a fashion! I also hope that referee from last gets dumped out of the Champions League […]

First Wilshere, now Oxlade-Chamberlain! Six Weeks Out For Ramsey…

Morning all. First up, a big well done to Europe in the Ryder Cup, they absolutely battered the Americans and I thoroughly enjoyed watching it. Nothing quite like spanking the Yanks! We need more goals don’t we, many more goals. It’s all well and good talking after a game about how we had 70% or […]

Derby Debacle! Wenger Out of Ideas?

Morning all. I’m not going to go through the game as everyone would have watched it and needless to say, a draw was not a good result. A victory yesterday should have been a formality against a very average Tottenham side, so what does that say about us eh! Why Arsene Wenger didn’t start with […]