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Ozil Out For Longer Than Expected? Giroud Set For Early Return…

Morning all.

If we are to believe what is written in the press, the answer to the question is sadly yes.

Apparently Mesut isn’t happy being played out wide and he’s ready to up sticks in January and head home to Germany with Bayern Munich.

Of course I haven’t a clue whether this story is true but to be honest, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it was.

The English press have been on his back since he became an Arsenal player, many fans have constantly and consistently been very critical of him and to be fair, his manager has done very little to help his cause by playing him out wide week in week out.

Ok, Ozil isn’t a work horse, he’s not the first player to knuckle down and put in a shift defensively but that’s not his game, no more than it’s been Santi Cazorla’s although we do see moments. Nearly every side has a player who is given a free role, a licence to roam, maybe even to be a luxury and those players are allowed such freedom because in a flash, they can destroy the opposition.

Mesut Ozil is one of those players… Yes, I know he doesn’t always look as if he’s having a fab time out on the pitch but just look at the difference in his body language during the Villa game and we all know why that was…

Arsenal FC made a huge statement when they signed Mesut Ozil and if they turn their back on him in January they will make another one, but for all the wrong reasons!

Arsene Wenger has to make sure this player is happy, he has to play him in his preferred position and he has to make sure he stays!

We need him, Arsenal need him and sure as heck Arsene Wenger needs him!

Danny Welbeck hobbled off down the tunnel during the England match last night but Roy Hodgson has been quick to settle the minds of Arsenal fans:

I think he just rolled it slightly, but the doctors are not concerned about it all.

Just wait until our doctors get hold of him!

Talking of strikers, Olivier Giroud could be back in action sooner than expected after Arsene Wenger confirmed his operation went swimmingly well and he’s ahead of schedule in his recovery. That’s good news.

That’s about it for today, try not to get soaked in this awful weather…..



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Good Enough, Old Enough – Midfield/Defensive Problems Could Be Solved From Within…..

There comes a time when younger players need to be given a chance, especially when they are performing well for either the Arsenal under 21’s or their country at their respected age group and right now we have one or two who are doing just that.

Chuba Akpom is scoring for fun for both Arsenal and the England under 20 side, Hector Bellerin is looking solid for the Arsenal reserves side and Isaac Hayden is showing that he’s already a very composed defender both for club and country.

This weekend we face Hull City and we are without Calum Chambers as he’s notched up so many bookings, he’s now banned for one game. Surely Bellerin will be given another chance to prove he has what it takes to perform at this level?

Then we have Lauren Koscielny struggling with an Achilles injury which could present Isaac Hayden with his chance to play alongside Per Mertesacker.

I haven’t seen a great deal of Hayden but from what I have seen he looks a composed and calm player, a strong guy who isn’t easily brushed off the ball and one who knows how to tackle and he certainly didn’t look out of his comfort zone during the league cup fixture against Southampton just a few weeks ago and I’d much prefer to see him play than Wenger opting for a 5′ 10″ Nacho Monreal!

Of course it would be far better to have a big strong experienced centre back ready to step in the squad like most other clubs have, but we haven’t. What we do have is a 19 year old, 6′ 2″ Arsenal man, ready to take his chance and just as Calum Chambers has proved, if you are good enough, you are old enough.

Arsene Wenger has described Hayden as being a player whose key assets are concentration, intelligence and strength. Equally comfortable at centre-back or in central-midfield, whilst having also previously featured at right-back and as a play maker.

That kind of opens up a whole new debate really, if Wenger believes Hayden is as good in midfield as he is in defence, which in my opinion is pretty darn good, why on earth has he not been given a chance to play there?

After all, it’s not like we are seriously lacking a defensive midfielder is it??

Isaac Hayden could be the solution to a couple of problems we have on the pitch, if only he’d be given the chance……

Arsene Wenger signed a 19 year old Calum Chambers and has relied on him since the start of the season. Well in my opinion, it’s about time he started looking at a few players who are already in the Arsenal Academy and have been for a number of years, especially the English ones as it’s been a long time since Jack Wilshere burst onto the scene…

That’s it for this weekend, more internationals today so let’s hope and pray for no more injuries…..

Have a good day folks…



Arsenal and Liverpool Ready To Rule English Football?

Morning all.

Where would we be without the internet eh? Lost, absolutely lost I suspect and when the internet crashes, darn, Highbury House suffers with a later than usual post. I’m sure we’ll cope though….

Anyway, not a lot of news around about Arsenal and I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m still pretty cheesed off about last Saturday’s result and of course our injury situation. What a pickle we are in! Some good news though relating to Theo Walcott and Serge Gnabry who are both nearing a return. Fingers crossed Aaron Ramsey isn’t too far behind them.

Mesut Ozil as we know has joined the extensive injury list and in his absence, there has been many calls for Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain to take his place. To be honest, I’d rather he stays out wide as he gives us pace and directness but if Walcott really is ready to start, perhaps moving Oxlade-Chamberlain central makes sense. Right now it’s about getting the best from who we have fit and that number seems to decrease as the days go by and with one more international fixture to take place before we face Hull, goodness only knows who we’ll have fit next weekend.

Talking of the internationals, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain has been talking about how good it is to have so many club team-mates together when playing for England and he believes they can ‘do a Spain':

Spain have a big influence from Real Madrid and Barcelona. When you go and watch Spain play it’s almost like watching Barca or Real at times, with the number of players they have on the pitch.

It is a nice thing to have that with Arsenal at the moment. You do notice a lot more of an English presence around the club, it’s hard not to. It’s a nice thing as an English lad myself.

You know all the foreign boys in our team are really good, but it’s really nice to see a lot of great English players in our team and then coming away for the internationals.

Just knowing each other, off the pitch and on it, does really help in gelling the team together.

The Germans and the Spanish have been able to do that. Liverpool have got a good number of players as well.

It’s not just those two clubs, everyone who comes away really does integrate well with the team and helps us to ­hopefully be successful.

Talking of Liverpool, having had such a great season last term, it’s a surprise to see them have just a slow start to this season and because of that, their odds to win the league have dropped dramatically.

Both club and country will benefit of course as the more players play and train together, the better the understanding will be.

Arsenal was able to brag that five players represented England on Thursday night, a far cry from those years when Arsene Wenger fielded an all foreign starting eleven.

The other big positive is it means there is a growing ­understanding between the players who are team-mates for both club and country and that showed when Danny Welbeck scored his goal:

When you train day in, day out with these lads, you get to know the way they play. You can’t help but take that into the international break when you come away.

When they’re all on the pitch with you, you do know their characteristics and where they’re going to pass the ball and where they like the ball to be passed. It definitely helps.

When I got that ball down the line I knew Calum was going to be able to find me first and foremost, and I knew Danny likes to make that run to the front post.

It’s the same for the ­Liverpool lads. They’ve been a strong force in this England squad for a while.

The training we’ve been doing. It’s not just the lads that train together for clubs, we’ve been working hard all week to get patterns of play together, we’re going to work on and try and implement them in the games and I think we did that.

Both Liverpool and ourselves might be having a frustrating start to the season, it’s quite clear that players from both clubs are going to be the backbone of the England team for a long time to come….

Have a good Saturday, what’s left of it……


Arsenal good for England and Academy fails.

Morning All,

Well England had a comfy win last night and there were lots of Arsenal players in the line up.

Does this do us any favours or is it just a recipe for the media to jump on the bandwagon and slag off our players even more..? I like the fact it gives them more playing time together and it’s another manager with different ideas and formations. We get to see how another manager uses a certain player and is a different position more suited for them to possibly play that way in an Arsenal side.

The obvious downside is more games means more chance of injury and yes we all know what our lot are like with injuries…..

A player has a bad game and then as said the media frenzy is huge that they are rubbish for England shouldn’t get picked etc etc…. The pundits have their 2 penneth worth and the player gets ripped to bits. Not my idea of doing their confidence any good.

Talking of injuries Arsene has said that Arsenal will decide how long Ozil is out for and not the German FA…. I can see a war of words there shortly…! We also heard yesterday that Koscielny was sent home from the French camp to rest his achilles injury.

If no one has seen it before there is an interview with Andries Jonker our Head of Youth Academy in the dutch magazine Voetebal where some of his quotes are extremely interesting :

“It’s important Wenger and I work closely together. I have a very good feeling about the way Wenger and I are working together.”

“The scouting must be restructured all over again, so we can bring in the absolute best talents from abroad and England”

“Gazidis wants Arsenal to be the best academy in the world. He realises it will cost money and time, but that is his ambition.”

“Players have hardly been developing properly. This is why they wanted me.

Does this highlight the fact that the Academy has been run poorly for the last how ever many years…? Why has no one at the club addressed these issue previously or have they just “hoped” the problems would resolve themselves..?

Am sure there are a few on here with a lot to say about this and a few of you have posted many good points previously about this very subject.

When we look at the money invested in the academy over the years and the players that have actually made it through to the first team the return isn’t really rather poor. Lets hope Jonker is given the tools he needs to do what’s necessary.

Have a good day.


Arsenal players deliberately targeted and kicked out the game..?

Well, the media are all going on about the transfer window in January already.

We’re linked with several players and I’m not even going to bother listing them as you all read the papers and news feeds but needless to say we’re months away from January and need to get our season rolling in the here and now…! It would be great to bring in quality in January but we should of brought in more quality this past summer. I suppose we will have to put up with months of gossip and rumours about signing players but in all honesty it’s about us getting results on the pitch now.

On to today’s post… Thanks Kev.

Injuries are part and parcel of sport and in particular contact sport. I have to admit that recent events have again raised my suspicions about the unfair treatment dished out to Arsenal players.

I first heard of the term and became aware of ‘rotational fouling’ around the time of the Arsenal vs Man Utd FA Cup Semi-Final of 2004. That day at Villa Park a succession of Man Utd players and in particular Gary Neville, Phil Neville and the vicious Paul Scholes systematically kicked Jose Reyes out of the game. Nothing was done to protect Reyes, the referee that day was the weak and inept Mike Riley.
The very same Mike Riley who now controls the senior referees in England via the PGMOL. Riley is the man who picks the referees we suffer week-in, week-out in the English game.

Riley of course isn’t the only symptom, it’s also because the English Press and the Media in general seem to enjoy, nay they almost celebrate as the likes of Everton, Bolton, Stoke, Man Utd, Chelsea and their ilk routinely kick the excrement out of successive Arsenal teams and players.

Eduardo, Sagna twice, Diaby, Ramsey, Walcott, to name but a few, have been on the end of violent assaults on the football field. All suffered serious injuries, but to no avail, no protection.

‘Arsenal don’t like it up them’ so they say…. ‘Arsenal don’t like it if you get in their face’ say the dinosaur pundits. ‘Arsenal don’t like it if you close them down, hustle them and deny them space’, say the Shearers and Hansen’s of this world.

Of course, all those are coded statements for, in plain English, ‘Arsenal don’t like it when we continually kick them’… What team does, most sides het protection from the refs and when other teams have it “put up them” pundits and media call it fouled and kicked but of course when it’s us it’s a case of ‘That’s all OK, referees let teams kick Arsenal’….. They don’t like it up em it’s not a foul it’s proper hard football.

They won’t do anything to protect someone trying to play football, so it’s Open Season on anyone in an Arsenal shirt… ‘Get stuck in lads’…..

SKY, BBC, the Press and the general media have ignored this state of affairs for the last 10 years. Despite the violence handed out to Arsenal players it gets papered over as “we don’t like it up us”

All the injuries Arsenal get are, poor training methods, poor medical treatment, poor preparation, the boots, the training pitches, the Emirates pitch, even bad luck… But is it…? What about the fouling and the way we are kicked continuously week in week out..?

Match of the Day, following Arsenals defeat at Chelsea and possibly influenced by the involvement on the pundits panel of Martin Keown actually highlighted several choice examples of Chelsea’s rotational fouling as the game was analysed.

It was an obvious tactic, every time an Arsenal player beat his Chelsea opponent the late challenge went in. Late tackles, tapped-ankles, late kicks and lunges which over time can lead to an injury. It was a miracle that Jack Wilshere didn’t suffer more ankle damage, let alone the possibility of a Sanchez broken leg.

Mesut Ozil also took his fair share, just as he had against Tottenham the week before but surprise surprise the result of successive fouling has now culminated in the news that Ozil is out until at least January with a knee injury. The same knee that he got kicked by a Tottenham player in the NLD.

So it goes on, the awful standard of refereeing, the violence, the fouls, the succession of Arsenal players getting injured.

Nothing changes and still the useless Mike Riley keeps his job.

In general, the Media, the TV and the Press will ignore this. It doesn’t fit in with their agenda of Arsenal being full of timid weaklings.
Why then do players with good injury records join Arsenal and become crocks.
Players leave Arsenal and all their injury problems clear up.
Coincidence? Bad luck? Or our opponents tried and tested tactical policy?

Let’s ask Mike Riley


Now Ozil is injured….

Well reports from the German camp are saying Ozil is off for an MRI on a knee problem………….

I wonder if this would not be such a bad thing at the moment for us. Wenger would have to play someone else on the left and not play Ozil there “just because”….. Mesut gets a break and the fans get to lay off him for a while. Would it mean we play with a better balance if Santi is played wide left or preferably Ox or Alexis with Theo to play on the right with his imminent return…. I hope that hasn’t just jinxed him and he’s out til Xmas as well.

At what stage does Arsene look at the team and think to himself well it’s about time I put that right…. We need a better balance we need a balance also between attack and defence and the gung ho all out attack no matter what mentality.

Is it time that Bellerin had a proper run in the side, Chambers has done very very well seeing as he’s just been brought into the club and straight into the first team but his bookings have hit home from silly fouls and maybe he needs a week or two on the sidelines. He could possibly be brought into central midfield with Bellerin at right back and if we choose the opponents wisely surely it’s something we need to look at. Chambers is comfortable on the ball he’s big strong and yes still learning the game but is it not worth a try?

We are already being linked with players for the January window and thats the media for you but also it’s a reaction from blogs and fans highlighting the fact we were sold short in the summers transfer window yet again.

In reality we are already battling for 4th position in the league and 3rd at best so why do we not look to bed in one or two or the talented fringe players in games that won’t be as hard as playing the bigger sides. I am not saying there are any easy games in the premier league because there are definitely not but there are games that you would be happier playing a youngster where he should be able to cope. Introducing a young player in the odd game will help them, give them experience yet it’s not throwing them in at the deep end or playing 3/4 young ones all at once.

Seeing as the injuries have hit home yet again I think we need to know if two or three of the fringe players can step up and then if needed further along in the season we know they ready and they also know they can do a job for the team….

Just a thought.


Khedira to sign, Another crock..?

Well if the rumours are true and the tabloids have got it right for a change it looks as if we could be signing Sami Khedira from Real.

Firstly my concern is that since the world cup the bloke has hardly kicked a ball as he’s been injured, are we merely looking to replace Diaby with yet another injury prone player..? Why if Wenger is looking for central midfielders did he not buy a proper one in the summer like we have been crying out for..? Why does he always procrastinate and come up with his usual excuses as to why he did not strengthen where he should have?

It seems that we are in a cycle of all knowing what the team needs, listening to the hot air from the club about buying quality players and only buying better than what we have and then when we miss out on players and fail to get what we need Wenger tells the world that we need those players that he failed to sign..?

Does he take us all for idiots…? Is he involved in some kind of power struggle within the club that he will not buy what’s necessary because he is to stubborn to have to admit to being wrong..?

A blind man can see the weaknesses within the squad yet Wenger continues to ignore them and at the same time tell us that the quality players are not out there. If these stories about Khedira are true then why did we not buy him in the summer why wait until January is it just to try and save a few quid as usual..? The club talks the talk about competing and being a European footballing power but we really do act two bob so much of the time.

I think the fans deserve way more than what we getting and if another player talks to the press about getting better or being better in teh future I am going to scream, maybe they need to shut up and get on with playing rather than talking….. Then again the club seems to be very good at just talking.

Have a good day.


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