Thinking like Arsene Wenger…….

Morning All. The transfer window came with high hopes for Arsenal fans, especially after bedding in Petr Cech early. But all the high hopes flew out of the window as the curtains slammed shut at 6pm, September 1st. Arsenal’s fans’ optimism was not misplaced. Having been told the Emirate’s Stadium debt had seized to be […]

Wenger jets out, French agent jets in as triple deal on deadline day possible, but not probable….

Morning all. Hope you’ve all got your yellow tops and ties on ready to join in the Sky Sports fiasco which is transfer deadline day. No? Me neither…. Wasn’t it this time last year, well not to the very day but the final day of the transfer window, when Arsene Wenger hoot-footed it out of […]

As transfer windows close today, will Arsene sign anyone?

Morning all. It’s a Bank Holiday here in England and in typical fashion, it’s raining! Dark too, in fact it’s like August has turned into October over the last few days… I think it’s fair to say that the only thing on Arsenal fans mind now is will Arsene Wenger get us a couple of players […]

Arsene wants Leicester winger? Newcastle didn’t deserve red card, they deserved three!!

Morning all. Well I thought that game was going to be a real toughie. Lunchtime kick-off, the hostilities of St James Park and its rowdy fans and our slow start to the season. But in reality, it was a breeze wasn’t it. Did Petr Cech have a save to make? I don’t think so and as […]

Striker deal done. Wenger and agent in talks for Yarmolenko & Ollie to continue fine form?

Morning you all. It’s Saturday, its match day and it’s time to get behind the team for ninety minutes. Actually, it’s not just about getting behind the team for ninety minutes, it’s about getting behind them for an entire season because that’s what true footballing fans do. And I think they need us. Tough game […]