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Luiz Gustavo linked & 25 Goal a Season Striker at Arsenal!

Morning all.


The Mirror report that Arsene Wenger is again interested in signing Luiz Gustavo to bolster our midfield.

Reports in Greece suggest Roma have agreed personal terms with Olymipacos for the Greek international Kostas Manolas.

However, Italian journalist Gabriel Marcotti believes the players agent is in England to seal a deal for the defender:

Mario Balotelli’s agent, Mino Raiola, is currently in the UK. He is in London trying to do a deal for Kostas Manolas, presumably to Arsenal.

This story has been bubbling away longer than a saucepan full of brussels at Christmas. The big Greek international was left out of the squad for Olympiacos’ first league game of the season and that omission has fuelled speculation that he’s on his way to us. The longer this goes on though, the more I suspect it’s untrue. Unless he’s waiting to see what happens on Wednesday night of course.

I can see right up his shorts, nearly...

I can see right up his shorts, nearly…

If true, it’ll be good to add a bit more height to our defensive options and Arsene Wenger can’t keep playing Calum Chambers, or Laurent Koscielny if he has an Achilles problem.

And what about Jack Wilshere, does Arsene Wenger keep on playing him, even though it seems that we improve once he’s been replaced during a match. Jack is dividing fans opinion right now but the player is full of confidence ahead of Wednesday nights crucial match against Besiktas.

It is easy for me to say that we have great character but if we put in performances like that week in, week out we can prove it to people. We have got great character, great togetherness and some leaders out there that keep us going. We also have great players to go with that.

We never give up and at this level that is massive. We have always shown over the years that Arsenal are going to battle like mad right until the end.

There have been a few games where we have been behind right until the end but have kept going. This is a fantastic point and now we have a big game on Wednesday and this will give us great confidence going into that.

He’s absolutely right of course, to come back from 2-0 down to earn a point away from home and at a ground where we got trounced earlier this year, showed true character and determination but we have to stop going behind in games before upping our level because there our sides who if they get a lead, won’t surrender it.

We can’t afford to go behind on Wednesday, that’s for sure because one goal for the opposition leaves us needing two.

It would be quite refreshing to take the lead and go kill the game off early….

Finally, Arsene Wenger has backed Olivier Giroud to score 25 goals this season. Following comments made by  GaryLineker about Giroud not being the 25 goal a season striker we need, our manager said:

How sure are you he won’t be that man? He scored 16 last season and what he demonstrated here when he came on was very convincing.

You never have to set limitations or targets for any player, but for me he is improving every year. I wouldn’t rule out that he will get 25 goals.

What you smokin’ Arsene…..?

Have a great day all, it’s a Bank Holiday here in England and it’s raining!



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273 comments on “Luiz Gustavo linked & 25 Goal a Season Striker at Arsenal!

  1. Wenger has warned Arsenal fans not to expect a new forward at the club this summer.

    ‘We have [Yaya] Sanogo who will be an important asset, we have Giroud, we have Lukas Podolski, we have Joel Campbell who can play centre forward,’ he told the Gunners website.

    ‘We have Alexis [Sanchez] and [Theo] Walcott coming back. Let’s not forget that.

    ‘All of our opponents look for strikers as well and nobody finds a world-class striker available who is better than the strikers you have.’

  2. Morning Rico… good post.

  3. Rico, I will see if any Aussie mates over that way are after some tickets…..

  4. Haha Scott, so true about Ramsey. But we need that boy to keep tackling like he does.

  5. Morning all. Nice post. I thi k le Quiff will get 20 this season. Now the the other strikers at Arsenal, well…none will get double figures. If our midfield chip in with 10 each then maybe Giroud will be enough.

    For me Podolski will be sold, Joel Campbell loaned out and Sanogo will be 2nd choice striker behind giroud , leaving Walcott and Sanchez as the other 2. I also expect to see Akpom loaned out as well.

    I dont think we will buy anyone else.

    Would love to see Jack start playing football and less of the johnny big 1 statements.

    I wouldnt start him on wednesday. Id start Rosicky in his place.

  6. Good post.

    Btw, why do guys have so many Bank holidays? I hear about them often?

  7. Morning bondex, thanks..
    :) Scott, best you be quick…

  8. Morning all.
    Giroud may get 20, but he will have plenty of assists as well.
    He cops a raw deal, in my opinion.
    Still, get a WC striker, play them both and we will get 45 between them :)
    Gustavo……..I said a year ago he’d last one season at Wolfsburg, as it was all about the World Cup for him.
    That’s done, he wants better…..than playing with Bendtner :)

  9. lol Scott – playing with bendnter has upset the applecart already

  10. Rico, please check your inbox……

  11. George, can’t blame them, really :)

  12. No Fred, I didn’t see the U18’s, but all the talk is of a big improvement in organisation…

    Maybe, by the end of this season, we may see a few more changes in the coaching staff, possibly in the U21’s…?

    BT, I just guessed that you was about. ;-)

  13. Shubham :- I guess it’s because we are not a particularly religious country and we don’t celebrate saints days like a lot of Europe . We have approx 8 a year including Christmas and Easter and it’s term we use to cover the rest.

  14. Is Gustavo right though? If it’s true of course…

  15. Who wouldn’t want to play with TGSTEL! I couldn’t see Gustavo moving away from the Bundesliga. He seems like one of those players who has found somewhere comfortable and will stay there. Hoffenheim then up to Munich and back down to Wolfsburg? He’s found his niche I reckon.

  16. Thanks George.

    Depends which Giroud turns up each game, if it’s the one who takes his chances like he did in the dying minutes on Saturday, then yes. If it’s the Giroud who scuffs the previous three chances, then I seriously worry…

  17. Welcome Cynthia, for sure women are welcome here, the site is run by one :)

  18. Welcome, Cynthia.

  19. This won’t be a popular comment but Gustavo has always been my number one choice for the DM role. He was very good for Bayern when he played and was immense for Brazil in the Confed Cup last year. Would be thrilled if we got him. He’s an excellent tackler, has a very good left foot and can run all day. Sign him up Arsene

  20. Geziah, nothing unpopular about that mate.

  21. Morning all
    Is Wenger talking about just the PL in relation to Giroud scoring 25 goals or across all compertations.
    Remembering he scored 22 goals last season in all compertations if so it’s not much of an improvement.
    Read a piece of information that Everton only dropped 12 points at home last season makes are result at the weekend even better.

  22. I just think that everyone wants a replacement for Viera which we have had a lot of players that have come close but not close enough. What we really need is a replacement for Gilberto Silva who we have never came close to replacing. The silent worker that doesn’t get noticed but sweeps and mops up all the mess. Yes Flamini might have done this in his prime but nowhere near as good as Gilberto.

  23. Bossey, he certainly wasn’t keen to fight for a place with us last summer. Well, that’s according to reports..

    Geziah, we could do worse, we could re-sign Song!

  24. GJ, good point on Everton…..they’re a tough unit to beat at home, so it was a decent result.

  25. Arsene does talk cobblers doesn’t he? He has turned it into something of an art form.

  26. Sporting Lisbon have knocked more than £10million off their asking price for Arsenal target William Carvalho, according to reports in Portugal.

    The highly-rated defensive midfielder has a £35m release clause in his contract but Portuguese newspaper O Jogo claims Sporting could be willing to sell for around £24.5m.

    But they would only accept that amount for the 22-year-old star if Arsenal send them a player, either on loan or permanently, in return.

    It has been suggested Sporting would be open to taking Yaya Sanogo or Serge Gnabry for the season – although Francis Coquelin or Ryo Miyaichi could also fit the bill.

    Sanogo looks set to play a part for Arsenal this season, with Olivier Giroud the only other out-and-out centre-forward in Arsene Wenger’s squad.

    The other three, meanwhile, have been heavily linked with loan moves away from the Emirates already this summer so it seems more likely one of them could be sent to Portugal if it means Arsenal can land long-term target Carvalho.

    Read more at http://talksport.com/football/carvalho-latest-porto-will-drop-price-if-arsenal-agree-player-plus-cash-deal-140825109869#BW4H4eTl8FupbDAH.99

  27. Rico, our poster boy is a jekyll and hyde type of footballer. one minute who are praising him and the next ypur calling him , lets say, for mod purposes ‘allsorts’ when he has a stinker like in Turkey.

    Welcome Cynthia.

    Luis Gustavo would be a good acquisition but like Bossey says, he is a comfort player, and he’s found his level in the mid table sides in Germany

  28. Joe, from 2-0 down, a draw at Goodison was a good result but had we played in the first half like we did in the second, we’d have won.

  29. George, if he could find consistency, he’d be a 30+ goal a season striker… ;)

  30. Rico, and if the linesman had his glasses on………….:)
    Adam, he is the best, no doubt lol

  31. Guys i just cant wait for the end of this transfer season …… gosh.

  32. Rico. We go through the same old tosh every season don’t we? Why doesn’t Wenger use the money that the club and fans have suffered to get him to really, seriously improve the squad? After all, he fell back on the old financial excuse often enough but I think he must be happier having that get-out. Arsene against the big bad financial Wolves of Chelsea and Man City is where it’s at for him.

  33. The way it is i’m already preparing my my mind that what we have is what we’ll get. any addition is a bonus.

  34. Happy bank holiday all.

    have been away all weekend so wasn’t able to comment. Why can’t we start every game like the second half against Everton?

    I firmly believe sanchez should be a winger after the few appearances I’ve seen of him as CF

    No attacking player coming in is sad, was hoping for a Reus like signing on deadline day. Wenger always said if quality comes to the market he will do it and I hope that’s the case.

    Would like Pod to stay if we aren’t getting an attacking signing.

    We need to start getting our backside into gear in games and in the market or we are going to be blown away by the “bigger teams”

    How great was it to see Man U fluff up again?

    lol good post Rico :)

  35. Adam, hope is fading, but it’s still there :)

  36. Scott. Wenger’s PR has always been hard to understand but I hear you. :)

  37. Indeed Scott…. :)

  38. Adam, we do and it’s wrong. I still hope though that a few are lined up and waiting for us to win on Wednesday…

  39. Rico
    The fact is if the refs weren’t so corrupt or inept we would have won as well.
    I have felt for years that until these-refereeing performances change it really doesn’t matter who we buy. ;)

  40. Adam, that would suggest he has PR’s :) :) :)

  41. GJ, unless of course we buy the refs hahahaha

  42. Thanks Nickie.

    Yes Joe, but had we taken our chances, they wouldn’t have mattered so much. But I agree, a good point…

  43. Scott he will have to be a red member for me to transfer the tickets through the club , I can’t get to London 240 miles return to give him my cards and if i could get there to hand them over , I would go to the match . If he and his friend have the magic numbers we are on.

  44. Afternoon all, Rico, nice post, Sammy Davis jr, not sure about, think he’s happy to flit around the BL…

  45. Potter, Rico has the contact details mate……get on to him and thanks again.

  46. Good Morning to The Lady of the House and all fellow Gooners in residence.

    Ah the final week of the transfer window where we will be bombarded with more fairy tales than than a compendium of all the Brothers Grimm stories and more lies than a national political campaign. I too will be glad when the window shuts, but I am optimistic that we will sign at least one more and hopefully at least two more players, a CB and a DM.

    Bring on September.

  47. Potter, have mailed you all the details..

    Afternoon Bt & Cg – thanks re the post Bt.. SDJ :)

  48. Rico – Have I been hallucinating or did we have a lady from Spain post earlier? I can no longer find her post(s).

  49. Cynthia’s post disappeared……..

  50. Nor can I CG?????

  51. afternoon, I said yesterday Giroud, needs 3 chances to score 1 goal If he can cut that down to 2 in 1, he could hit 24 ,25 goals in the league. I do hope wenger is not selling podolski to accommadate Joel campbell, Podolski is simply the best finisher at the club,

  52. She has gone Cg, not quite the person she suggested she was… Or should I say her Ip address suggested…

  53. Rico – Thanks. I was worried I was going senile.

  54. evening all – how are we then?

  55. Afternoon all,
    rico, I wonder if that was the same Cynthia that kept getting herself tied up in knots !!!

    As Gjoe mentioned earlier, Everton have a great home record only lost about 4 at home in the last 40 so we didn’t do too bad, always tough at Goodison.

  56. Dublin, you were only one out ! close but no cigar.

  57. Why don’t we spend properly, wow this is all over the net in the media everywhere – wonder who knows the answer – i have an idea, lets buy more attack minded midfielders!! :-)

  58. Not just yet Cg.. ;)

  59. Afternoon Oz and Micko

    Micko, you know my memory isn’t good… lol

  60. It was very interesting and enjoyable watching SAFC vs ManUre yesterday. Van Pursestrings cut quite the dejected figure, especially when substituted. ManUre do not have the CBs necessary to play the new 3-5-2 formation. Unless they pull off some fantastic deals this week, they are going to struggle. The team as a whole were not playing with their usual arrogance and swagger. I have never cheered so much for the Black Cats, nor am I likely to again.

  61. dublin – more questions for Wenger – he praised the lad as the finest instinctive finisher at the club then sells him? WTF is going on?

  62. Cynthia Payne rico !!!

  63. CG – agree i sat there thinking back to Fergie’s crew and how far removed from that disciplined team they have become – rabble comes to mind and if they are not careful VG ego will blow the club apart

  64. Enjoy the rumours you like! Rico 11:38, great news re Carvalho, where do I sign?

  65. I wonder if Tomstoned has kidnapped Cynthia?

  66. Oz, I reckon that ManUre will give LVG this season and next for defo, doesn’t matter how they finish this campaign…

    They can’t be seen to be changing their manager every season…

    So hopefully they’ll finish 5th.
    LVG keeps his job and they miss out on CL again…

  67. oz – Watching the faces of ManUre’s senior players made me think that there is a lot of dissatisfaction and tension in the team. To make massive changes to the squad and a change to the formation on top of that is pure folly. Something has to give or someone has to go. VG may eventually get it to work, but by then it may be too late. Pity ha ha!

  68. conspiracy theories suggest that Cynthia is someone who is already thinking it was carnival….putting on a costume and immediately been recognized. ;) A colourful person masquerading as a dumb blonde.

    Good Afternoon Baby looney tunes.

    Rico…..good post. But why haven’t we bought anyone yet???

    Ahh…not yet in the group stages.

  69. Funny that Sporting are reported to be dropping their asking price for Carvalho, just as reports of Arsenal renewing interest in Gustavo?!

    We could be in for an interesting 48 hours Aug31st/Sept1st…

  70. CG – agree with that, didn’t seem a happy bunch did they? Lots of changes and again i think his ego will be a HUGE problem, especially when he’s proven nothing in this league

  71. Kev – Judging by ManUre’s games so far this season they will be lucky to finish fifth. LvG is no teflon don. After spending so much and with more to come, surely the owners will expect results this season.

  72. Kev – I am with you mate, sounds good to me – 5th 2 seasons in a row would be good

  73. just reading this mornings articles. the way he,s talkin, he,s keeping them all. how long has podolski left on his contract, anyone ?

  74. I’ll go better than Kev….and put my head on the block and state that Yanited of Manure will finish outside the top 6 again. LVG was a winner in many different leagues…..AVB was as well….but the EPL always manages to seperate the real deals from the flops. Ask the spuddies how many winners they employed…only to end up flopping.

  75. oz – When you’ve had and continue to have a clear out like theirs, all the players must feel like they are under the gun. A few more games like yesterday and their confidence and morale will be eroding rapidly.

  76. dublin – I think Poldi has two years remaining on his current contract.

  77. Chucks Aneke wonder goal……

  78. Cg, I watched some of that game too, were’t Utd average…

  79. van purse strings will leave january as will lvg

  80. :) Micko, , now I remember…

  81. Thanks Devil, let’s hope we win then…

  82. Rico – ManUre seemed like a pick up team with little or no cohesion. If they don’t make drastic improvements they’ll be ripped apart by Everton Oct. 5 and Chelsea Oct. 26. They have a fairly easy run of games till then.

  83. ye its looking increasingly likely poldi could go to wolfsberg,maybe as a part swap deal with gustavo, or juventus want to bring im on a season loan with the option to buy, when he,ll only have a year left on his contract. would make sense if wenger,s mind is made up on keeping Joel, Cant help thinking sanogo will end up like Diaby, and Van persie, years on the treatment table and wenger will stick by im.

  84. Kev. was it not reported, that Sporting would take a lower price, if paid in full, well before SDJ link?

  85. Cg, I think LvG will try and be busy between now and next Monday. How they can afford to though I don’t know..

  86. Bt, it’s suggested that SL will take a lesser price now if we let them have a player. I say give them Diaby and Ryo… ;)

  87. Giroud out possibly for 3,4 or 5 weeks would really put the paucity of Wenger’s rebuilding/squad depth, under scrutiny…

    He does this every fcuking year and we fly by the seat of our pants whilst the bank account bulges with unused funds….

    It’s so fcuking boring and so fcuking repetitive…

  88. Rico, would they equate to one player?….

  89. Kev, we have Sanogo……

  90. whats more worrying Kev is we loan Campbell and akpom out, sell poldi and sanogo becomes worse than he already is

  91. Good point Bt, throw in another then.. ;)

  92. Potter, have you sorted out the tickets?

  93. Can’t we start every game like we did in the 2nd half? Really?

    Was it not the way we started against Chelsea and Liverpool? What did people here say about those games and how we started? Arsenal fans and their ‘double-edgedness’. The team was ridiculed and now same people want them to start away games against top 5 teams.

    We didn’t play well but we got a very good point at the park. if it were Chelsea or Manchester city that got the same result and played as badly as we did,the media and people here will be full of hype for them. What a Pity!!

  94. Kev – spot on i am still amazed how he glossed over his little plaything and jack’s smoking -

  95. Afternoon all, i didnt bother to see the manure game and im glad they couldn’t muster a win.My season won’t be complete if they come 5th and we dont win the league…

  96. Xr – my worry here is the damage we may very well do to Chambers – he had some very poor moments and really should not have been put in that position given his very limited game time – it doesn’t take much to setback a budding star as we well know – we knew Verm was off and if we didn’t we’re incompetent – so where the f**k is the replacement – bullshit stuff this

  97. Off for the night. Hopefully tomorrow will bring some good news on the transfer front.

    Have a great day everyone. Sorry to hear it is raining on a holiday.

    Keep The Faith!

  98. BT, you might be right there, but personally I’d rather Arsenal didn’t bother trying to sign players from Portugese clubs.
    It ain’t worth the aggro…

    The only advantage I can see from Carvalho over Gustavo, is the travelling the latter will do for Internationals…

    Both of them had average to poor WC’s…

  99. Xr’s – I think in the main, fans think the result was a good one after going 2-0 down. And considering one of Everton’s goals shouldn’t have been awarded, a win should have been the outcome.

    But we can improve and we must surely?

  100. Night Cg, ’til tomorrow…

  101. BT, yes, we do have Sonogo…,

    And???? :-)

  102. Exactly George, it’s a nightmare in the making…

  103. You know, every season it’s the fcuking same…

    Wenger pushes the boat out, then bottles it…


  104. Exactly Kev,?????? Sanogo another saviour, lol

  105. Xr, think most of us on here thought it wasn’t a bad result, only problem is were can’t keep going 2 or 3 down in the first 20 minutes like we did against citeh, chav’s and pool last season if we want to win anything this year.
    Oz is right, as well as Chambers is playing he made two big gaffs in the last couple of matches which luckily for us went unpunished, it’s not his fault he’s been thrown in at the deep end, ideally he should have started from the bench saturday, but our squad depth put paid to that.

  106. Kev, back in June/July when we were signing players for fun, I thought I’d push the boat out and upgrade to sky sports this season.
    Since then Arsene has stalled the digger and it’s back on hold again, massive 7 days ahead !

  107. so true what ye said brainwashed, There is the fear wenger is over playin chambers, due to his lack of balls to go into the market again and get exactly who he wants.chambers could still be found out against the top teams. But wenger paying 16 million for im . He,ll get his money,s out of im and run im ragged till he gets injured.

  108. Isn’t always Micko?

  109. Man U should’ve pushed for Vidal. A team full of Wingers, srikers and number 10’s.
    I can’t believe they compared Cleverly to wilshere a few years back. Wilshere struggles but i’ll take him hands down to cleverly

  110. Giroud having a scan today? No chance he’ll be playing Wednesday..

  111. bradster, LvG has hinted he might….

  112. Catch up in a bit…

  113. Rico :- sent him an e-mail but have had no reply. Game appears not to be sold out , so probably the expensive ones are still being sold by the club.

  114. Mick, would match days really be the same mate watching at home on Sky?

    Imagine all those Plastic Mancs at your local, and the fun you could have…

  115. Afternoon Rico and the House.
    “This story has been bobbling along longer then a saucepan of brussels at Christmas”
    Love it Rico a great line in a good post which to me sums up all the rumours linking us with players in this T/W.
    However there is one today which I think has some credence.
    I think that Arsene is looking to move Ryo Coquelin and Miquel on either on loan or permanently.
    So the report linking them with a move for Carvalho seems possible.

  116. OG12 out for some weeks……so Remy it will be.

    Adam…… ;)

  117. Reports from Portugal seems that they favour a loan with us paying the wages as they did with Nani. So Coquelin or Myaichi would seem favourite for us but maybe not for them.

  118. Kev, Fred the highlights of the U18 and the U21 are now on Arsenal .com player I must say they both look alot better than they did last season.
    They are also showing interviews with de Kat and Gatting and they point to a big difference between them(in my opinion)

  119. Ill say it again, Remy best, cheap option available as cover. Unless we are seriously buying Cavani or Falcao (lol), a loan move for Remy is better than most with low risk due to PL experience. The utter logic of this means that it wont happen.

  120. Hangon, just got a call. Giroud’s injury is worse than initially thought and will be out for 2 months. In that time Yaya Sanogo, currently with no goals in a competitive match for Arsenal, will lead the line.

    If such a little scenario doesnt scare the crap out of you, nothing will.

  121. Afternoon Rick and all, I’m glad you like my little line in the post, I chuckled as I wrote it… ;)

    Thanks potter, hope you get it sorted. I have had other emails asking about them if you don’t….

  122. Thanks rick,I have seen it wanted kev to see it.

  123. Excellent post Rico. :)

  124. Cheeky Adam.. ;)

  125. Wenger says we are not after a striker and we are comfortable in midfield,he go’s on to say..we are still looking,but nothing happening..so has the bubble bust on the bubble then?

  126. fred, look on the bright side, saying he doesn’t want a striker, might just mean he does… ;)

  127. If he is going to win the PL this year then surely the more top players you have, the greater the squad depth, the better your chances.

  128. Words of wisdom rico.wink wink

  129. You’d have thought so…

  130. Ha ha fred, but in all seriousness, when has Wenger ever done what he’d suggested to the media he would.. Never imo…

  131. Fred I agree with Rico ,Arsene is telling porkies.
    At the moment we have a 21man squad and if Podolski leaves it will be 20. there is no way he will go into this season with such a small squad and I think he will sign the C/B M/F and C/F that every one says we need.
    I should addI am not counting Ryo Coquelin and Miquel as I feel certain they are leaving.

  132. I’m convinced we’ll get a defender and central midfielder. Not convinced about a striker though…

    Apparently AW doesn’t like a big name striker to steal the glory which might be why he hasn’t signed one for years….

  133. Rick I think we all new what the outcome would be regarding the window…Whats new.

  134. rico 5.17, you have to go all the way back to 2002 for that ! Only he said it a season too early.

  135. You lost me again Micko, must be the weather getting to my brain…..

  136. Doh, RvP….?

  137. Talking about strikers i have seen a number of posters on H/H and other sites saying Chuba Akpom should go on loan. I cannot see how that will happen.
    The U 21 league is a new format this season and there is promotion and relegation. I would think that we would be looking gain promotion and keeping our best team. With Afobi and Lipman on loan for the season Chuba is the only C/F cum striker that we have at this level, so I think its essential he stays with us.

  138. The under 21’s will need him – so might the first team if we suffer a few injuries…

  139. micko, He does sometimes say something and mean it, I guess thats why he is so hard to read. Its crazy to think he has never spent more than 15 million on a striker, considering he,s trying to win things, It just beggars belief. ridiculous.

  140. Rico :- he has contacted me and is joining tomorrow , if it works out great if not I will let you know. thanks.

    Seems that L’equipe are reporting that Podolski has signed for Wolfsberg £ 9.6 million. If so that’s another one short.

  141. rico, you would have been great on the Krypton Factor, wenger telling the media we could go the whole season unbeaten.

  142. Ok, thanks potter.

    Another space in the squad that must be filled. Reus would be ideal.

  143. Oh that Micko, I thought you meant signing a striker…

    Talking of that season, did you know that the players at the time didn’t really give a toot about going unbeaten once they’d won the league – that was until they played Birmingham….

  144. Perhaps Wenger is aiming to be the first manager to win the PL and CL double with a squad of 20 players while still making a profit. Imagine what a tremendous feat that would be.

  145. Soon be playing Scott’s team of 11 Ramsey’s

  146. Is Giroud out for Wednesday?

  147. Super post Rico.

    Good Evening Bananas in pyjamas and oranges in nighties.

    we signed any one or Nobo Dy yet????

  148. All quiet so signing off for the day..

    Night all…

  149. Nobo Dy is one of the greatest players of all time. he offers cover for all positions, inc gk and is right up AW’s street….freebie. Forever young. and never gets booked, sent off or injured.

  150. i don’t know,,,
    And Diaby?
    We need him
    Why Gnaby have been rejected ?
    we have now 28 players in the squad.(with Ryo,coquelin,Diaby….)but we need a central defender, another defender (full back/central), a DM and maybe a striker. We have always arround 4/5 players injury and suspend every week.. so, fit, we have almost 20 players a week if we are lucky.

  151. The referee for Wednesday: Pedro Proença (Port.)

  152. Hi Devil, didn’t see you there ;)

  153. Hi Rico…have you heard about Nobo yet???

  154. Is is strong JM?

  155. No this summer Devil, we have signed four… lol

  156. four Nobo Dys you mean???

  157. Four goodies, just need 2 or 3 more…

  158. Totts are in for Khedira :eek:

  159. Good Evening Rico. Thought you left already.

  160. Evening Ng.. Just caught Devil so stuck around. Thought everyone had gone as it was so quiet..

  161. that means that the spuddies will remain on top till at least Saturday.

    they must be kreaming in their pants the kunts

  162. City top now Devil

  163. Aguero just 23 seconds in he makes it 3.

  164. yes…..on GD

    soon they will start going down on points

  165. 3-1..

    I’m off now, night Devil, Ng and all…

  166. AW going to pull the same stunt he pulled last season re: striker?

  167. I don’t believe this,the commentator says lilipool should be commmended for making the right substitutions … Loosing 3-1 ?……

  168. Loserpool 1- shitty 3.†̥ђƺ match is closer than †̥ђƺ score line in ♍Ɣ opinion.

  169. Potter, let me know if it goes awry……I’m happy to help anyone out, but also don’t appreciate being made to look an idiot……I don’t need anyone’s help for that :)
    Saying that, he has just contacted me this minute all excited about it, so I’d say he’s right on to it.
    Thanks again, Potter and Rico :)

  170. Nash 9.44, arsene can’t keep pulling a rabbit outta a hat, believe he just got lucky with Sanogo last season !

  171. Stories doing the rounds, Giroud has a broken foot…

  172. BT62, sounds like a metatarsal, gawd help us.

  173. Scott I am doing everything i can this end , he should at least get one ticket even if his mate doesnt join.

  174. If true, Micko, we’ll need all the help going…..

  175. Three games in and here we go again 5 players injured and one suspended Fu*king hell.
    With the problems we have with corrupt refs and injuries, bloody hell who killed the black cat down the Arsenal.

  176. BT62, in Arsene’s defence it has been a long season, we’re 3 games into a new campaign now.

    Gibbs injured
    Giroud injured
    Sanogo injured (although he doesn’t count)
    Arteta injured
    Kozzer – wrapped up in cotton wool
    Ospina – injured
    Theo – injured
    Apologies for anyone I missed out.

    And as for this greek la de da Manolas he would only kill Miguel if he came, roll on Wednesday !

    Nite all.

  177. Stop whinging Gjoe !

  178. I said 5 it’s actually 6 f……ing hell this is going to be a fun season
    It’s my post I’ll cry if I want to cry if I want to etc … :cry:

  179. Saloman Kalou, come on down… :-(

  180. The Price is Right..No, Darren Bent..

  181. Typical ain’t it BT…

    I knew Wenger would regret letting Bendtner slip thru his fingers…

  182. Sadly Kev, it’s bloody typical…….

  183. Night Kev….

  184. I wake up and you’ve all gone… ;)

    Broken foot and three months out then for Giroud so the headlines suggest…

    If true, that’s really really sad for the guy….

    And awful news for the club. Six days to find a striker….

  185. Or will Podolski now stay….?

  186. I’ve had my cuppa, now it’s back to bed… :)

  187. This season has started with a train wreck of injuries and still lack of depth in key positions… please let this not be a sign of things to come for the season. You cant win anything without quality in depth – especially when we are already wondering who is left to start on Wednesday!

  188. There are gaping holes throughout the squad and they are being highlighted by the lack of quality replacements we have! Someone said the other day what if Giroud got injured? Sanogo are you fucking sure Arsene? Oh no he’s injured too. Any top side wouldnt have our strike force anywhere near their starting eleven!!!
    Diaby & Gibbs are perma crocks, why not cut your losses and replace them with fit players? Arsene knows……..

  189. The Giroud injury simply shows how weak we are up front, we all knew it, every footballing pundit knew it…. but wenger ignored it, Prepare yourselves guys n girls, Thursday night football on its way. Wenger has had all summer to reinforce his squad but has failed to do so.

    You reap what you sow!!

  190. Good Morning Cow Bells and Pitchforks.

    Giroud out???? Sanogo out??? That means that Podolski or Campbell or Sanchez will lead the attack.

    If Podolski does not play tonight that will definitely mean he is on his way out.

    Tomorrow is on a knife edge mates.

  191. Im not sure if sanogo is out devil.. i pray he ain’t. .. desperate times when ur praying for sanogo lol… 😩

  192. Morning Rico, Brudder and all. Chatting to a fellow Gooner a couple of weeks ago we were having the usual spiel. For him Wenger can do no wrong. Every pearl that droppeth from his lips is like gold to this chap. He was going on about how he fully expected to win the PL this year and get to at least the semis of the CL. The FA Cup? That was a given. You may not be surprised to find out that I was rather more circumspect. I do believe that Wenger HAS to win the PL this year. Why? Because he has the resources to put a mighty powerful squad together and of course because he has blown out year after year for so long. We could all see the possibilities in years past but they have been characterised by both injuries and a dearth of ambition in the market that may or may not have been down to a lack of financial weight. But that’s over now. I know because I heard Wenger say so. If we are not going into the season confident of winning the PL, then what are we going into the season for? Fourth?
    Anyway I said to this bloke that, in cricket, to assess where a batting team are, add two wickets and evaluate the position then. Similarly, as he was telling me that Chambers is already World Class (yes, really), I asked him to assess the squad by imagining two major early injuries. As an example I picked out Sanchez and Kos, but the point remains. Personally, I am staggered that Wenger has either left it this late or has let the window drift by again, while making the same rather silly pronouncements and doing very little. I don’t like Giroud much as a player but, in our situation I would rather have him on the field than in the treatment room. What the hell is going on at Arsenal? Do we really have to literally stagger from crisis to crisis all the bloody time? Weren’t these last 3 years supposed to be Arsene’s great swansong?

  193. Praying that Sanogo is fit, has it come to this FFS? I thought we were a rich big club??

  194. It seems like the staggering from crisis to crisis will continue Adam, I’m so frustrated with wenger, yrs of having no money to compete i excepted, but now we have the money and we are still seriously short in squad depth on the eve of champions league qualification. For the life of me i can’t understand why the man won’t strengthen his squad properly. I hope we qualify, and pray we strengthen, but again why have we to wait until the end of august again… we could have had players like remy and schnerdlin etc a month ago if we wanted imo.

  195. Kel. I agree. If Wenger is going to be ‘forced’ into the market because of an injury to Giroud the, quite frankly, what does that say about the depth of his squad?
    His mantra seems to be that we only finished 7 points behind the winners last season therefore just a little tweak here and there and a prayer on injuries and that should be enough to win it.

  196. Morning all,

    Thread bear it seems. I guess it Schez, Debuchy, Kos, Mert, Monreal, Chambers, Wilshere, ozil, Flamini, Sanchez and Campbell/Podolski.

    Didn’t wenger play Rosicky and Merts as striker last season ;-)

  197. kel, he obviously thought we didn’t need them…..surely he can’t be that blind?

  198. Yes Adam that’s my point exactly one injury to giroud and we are looking at the transfer market to save us, surely we should already have that replacement in the door.. neglectful imo,and not for the first time.

  199. I’m not so sure Lee, sometimes I think wenger just waits and dithers that long he ends up thinking his squad just needs a we tweak,when it needs another 2 players at least.

  200. This Russian roulette with the squad has to stop!

  201. This time next week the window will be closed and he has two big games between now and then. Our needs are probably 4 players now, perhaps 3. Will he do that?

  202. It depends how AW sees Giroud. If Giroud is his number one striker and in AW’s mind he is irreplaceable then the striker he will get will be a short term one…..sort of Chamack type. But if he wants to improve and sees OG12 as the present temporary striker then he will get a better one.

    Imo…..Giroud is the main striker at AFC. And AW will not look to replace him….rather to bide his time. So if push comes to shove, as the present situation demands it will be Kalou not Remy. It will be a short term solution rather than a Cavani or Falcao.

    I will be very surprised if its one of the latter. They will not come to play as the main striker till December and then play second fiddle once OG12 recovers.

  203. Morning Adam, Lee, Devil, roger, kel, bradster and all.

    What a mess!

  204. Your right Lee it really has to stop its completely unnecessary.

    Kos is another on the verge of an injury, still no back up there either.

    Let’s pray Alexis, Ox, Campbell can carry us through.

  205. Ah sigh, we all take Giroud for granted you know. He works hard scores a bit, assists and is good value in general buildup play. Best of all, he’s never really been injured, until perhaps now…

    Who wouldnt take a player like Mandzukic now, just a click or so down from the top echelons? Slim, slim pickings in the striker market so slim Wenger could do his damned best and come up empty. My point is that this need to be addressed several transfer windows ago… such as when we gave up on Higuain.

  206. Morning Rico and all, a mess indeed, Im sitting by the phone waiting for a callup from Wenger as striking cover, probably some of you are too. Ive got the old Puma Kings out and all polished up, a bit of keepyuppy in the living room, a few star jumps to warm up, that sort of thing before breakfast

  207. If Torres is for sale I should say that AW must bite the bullet and pay 15million for him. He should hold the fort while OG12 is out and then the one who is on form will play more than the other. They can rest each other and play together at the same time.

    A strike force of OG12, Torres, Theo and Sanchez is a good one imo.

  208. G mornin troopers…. Its dire straits.

    We will see Sanogo and Campbell up front with. Akpom on the bench. I suspect LP10 to be offski, and sanchez on the right , Campbell left of a 4-4-2. We will see the ox left, middle flamster and ozil with rosicky on right. Monreal Kos, merts and Debuchy with chez in goal. Subs martinez coquelin miguel bellerin akpom ryo wilshere

  209. Imo the attack today will be the same one as that which started the match against Benfica unless Podolski will be retained. if Podolski is going to stay he will start the match up front with Sanchez on the right and Ox/Cazorla on the left.

    Aaron, Ozil and Flamini/Wilshere will begin the match.

    Imo the midfield should be Aaron, Ozil, Ramsey. ;)

  210. Rico, did a nightmare, wake you early this morning?

  211. I personally would start podolski George,I know it would effect his transfer value but f**k it… needs must imo.

  212. Morning all….

  213. Ramsey is suspended devil.. 😕

  214. Morning Bt, I think i’m still living it…..

  215. Dev ramsey is suspended.

    I would start Podolski too Kel, only the yanks will be looking at recouping cash seeing as we’ve spent some this year.

    The money we would lose would be greater than the money we would lose in transfer value of the left pegger.

  216. Morning George, 442, you sure AW will play that way from the off? I hope we start with Campbell though as he’s a grafter…

  217. They’ll just have to accept 7m for podolski George rather than 10… 😉

  218. It’s all hands to the pump time, folks…so sad, yet so predictable.

  219. oh shit I forgot Aaron is suspended.

    So it would mean Jack, Flamini and Ozil in midfield.

    Bollox. All hands to pump time you said BT62??? More like hands to different pumps while there is Jack.

    In this case I would put Flamini, Rosicky and Ozil in midfield.

  220. oh well….if Aaron is suspended no famous or infamous person is going to die.

    Its only mere normal folk who will die. The world will still go round.

  221. It’s embarrassing BT Absolutely no need for it. On a positive note this is Campbell and the Ox’s chance to impress wenger,Fingers crossed they do.

  222. Dev, i think Rosicky has to start.

  223. Devil. £15 million for Torres? With his wages? He hasn’t done anything for years now. Surely he is old news.

  224. Kel, no need for it indeed, we’ve only needed a top striker, since the begin of last season..

  225. I’d put Rosicky and chambers as the pivot imo…

  226. Hi everyone.

    Think I’d like Campbell up top with Alexis and Ox playing either side as he has more presence. Ozil just behind with Flamini and Jack sitting deep

  227. Is Kosser fit?

  228. I should imagine Arsene’s getting a massive bollocking this morning as we speak…………. or b)

  229. I think so BT… was rested against Everton, a slight concern over his achillies

  230. I have noticed Kos hobbling through most of the games so far. Wenger is asking for trouble if he plays him tomorrow before the problem is fully sorted.
    It’s all so boringly predictable isn’t it?

  231. No chance Lee, it just another accident, one that was waiting to happen…

  232. Lee. b) is that he is carrying on regardless, insisting that this is his finest squad ever while walking naked through the training ground.

  233. I’d swap Rosicky for Jack actually

  234. Just thought I would share just how easy it is to get information from the club. This year they introduced a new system to exchange tickets for matches to members only . Yesterday I asked for information as to how to do it for Scott’s mate for the Besiktas match. I got a reply this morning . :- Following this automated response, your enquiry will be processed within 3 days however if the enquiry requires investigation, please allow 5 – 10 working days for a response. (External product and service offers/enquiries may not receive a response).

    Really helpful automated message. thanks a bunch.

  235. Typical, Potter.

  236. but with us Torres would flourish again Adam.

  237. Potter. You know Arsenal. They always put their customers first. :)

  238. Rico, he’ll have to go for it 4-4-2 …This would be the type of game Sanogo could be useful for , but a game of this magnitude dhouldn’t be reliant on an unproven 21yr of frenchie

    Bring back David Dein

  239. Rosicky and chambers over flamini and wilshere for me nickie.

  240. Devil. I see no evidence of that mate. To me he looks like he is cruising along, taking the enormous salary and doing very little. But I know you like him so you might be right. Not for me though. His attitude stinks.

  241. Adam, ‘while walking naked through the training ground, stepping over the injured that lay all around’..

  242. BT. :)
    You have to laugh really. Or so I tell myself.

  243. Chambers will play in defence mate. Imo Kos should not play and be rested.

  244. It’s better for the sanity and anybody in close proximity, into my fourth year of it now, cats are happier to….

  245. I think Chambers should play CB to allow Kos extended rest tbh but i’m all for that in another game Kel. Very interested to see Chambers in that role

  246. Your right devil… Kos should be rested if his achillies is strained. I meant if kos started id put chambers in the pivot imo.

  247. Yes nickie he looks a far better option than flamini imo…

    And tbh when we signed chambers I was pissed right off… 16m on a right back.. lol… i was wrong!

  248. All summer I have backed this manager, I truly thought we’d see big changes.

    What a mug I have been!!

  249. Poor old Kenny Sansom, pictured out of it on a park bench in Orpington, clutching a bottle of wine!

  250. Rico, stay calm, i’m sure your not alone.

  251. That’s really sad news Lee.

  252. Lee, that’s so sad and we think we have problems.

  253. Same here Rico… i always thought if wenger had the money, we’ll do the business.

    In all honesty it seems to me that he’s not the man to take us forward atm. I’ll continue to back him as always, but how hard is it to reinforce your squad with 80m in the bank.. manolas and wanyama along with a striker, we’d have a very solid look about us imo.

  254. I’m trying Bt, but I’m losing patience….

  255. To the Superman theme tune, Sanogo runs onto the pitch on Weds night just as we are about to take a corner,he rips open his shirt to reveal a large letter “S” he jumps like a salmon to head in the wining goal!

  256. Lee-tha is too funny @10:19

  257. Sanogo runs onto the pitch on Weds night, trips over his feet and gets injured…

  258. Morning all.
    Back from the colony of Scotland and ready to rumble!
    How about Chambers a sour we. Number 9, he seems able to play in any position he is asked to! Perhaps he could be our25 goal secret weapon!
    Remy would be a good understudy to Le Quiff, but he could never replace him! Giroud is much maligned. He is a much better player than he is given credit for, imo.

  259. *as our new number9……..
    Bloody iPad

  260. All messing aside, Turkish teams don’t travel that well.

  261. Wavy, did you get into the swing of things and wear a skirt?

  262. :) Lee, he’d probably do a Wenger and struggle to rip open his shirt….

    Morning Wavy..

    New post up now…

  263. Much as we would all like to see someone like Cavani come in, I think there`s more chance of me winning tomorrow`s lottery. Remy would do, but not Welbeck. Welbeck, even if he stays fit is probably only a 10 goal a season man, and we need a proper goalscorer. Unfortunately, I think Arsene will decide he can get away with using Podolski until Walcott returns. I hope the manager wasn`t watching Afobe score those last two goals!

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