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2-2, but should it have been? Giroud out of Besiktas fixture?

Morning all.

What a bunch of cheats. From the officials to a few Everton players…!

And I’m so glad we don’t play that way, I really am. The way Naismith went to ground so easily in order to con the referee was embarrassing enough but the way the referee Kevin Friend was taken in was disgraceful. To add insult to injury, Calum Chambers received a yellow card for no reason.

The fact that Naismith was on the end of their second goal which was offside, made matters worse. Linesman, wake up! The foul on Mertesacker in the build up to the goal went unpunished too which at this level is wrong, so very wrong.

The first half wasn’t a good one for us for many reasons but I’ll leave that for the comments section.

The second half began and getting anything from that game 2-0 down looked a high mountain to climb…

Alexis made way for Giroud and it wasn’t long before he had his first chance but the Frenchman blasted high over that bar. The next chance he had just before 70 minutes went low and just wide and very soon after another chance went begging. It didn’t look like it was going to be Giroud’s day, nor ours. Chances need to be taken more often but Giroud was certainly looking a lot more lively than he did last Tuesday.

As we strived to get something from this game, Arsene Wenger threw on Joel Campbell to make his first appearance in the league, ok he looked rusty but you cant fault his energy and willingness to track back and help out. I like that, perhaps a few others could learn from that side of his and Alexis game.

The clock was ticking down and despite piling the pressure on Everton, we just couldn’t get a breakthrough until Aaron Ramsey popped up in the box to score from a lovely ball from Santi Cazorla.

Giroud spurned another chance, this time he headed wide from a corner. It just wasn’t his day in front of goal was it…….

Until the 90th minute of course when he finally headed home a wicked cross from Monreal.

We nicked a point. No, we were robbed of two!!

Before the game, I honestly thought we’d win and we would have if the officials had got things right on the day but to be honest, in that second half we had enough chances to win regardless of the poor decisions given against us.

Now we need a win on Wednesday, secure the Champions League group stages and then, sign up 2/3 more top quality players.

Olivier Giroud is a doubt for that match according to Wenger:

It is a big game and I hope we have not lost him. In the final minute he stretched his ankle. At the moment it doesn’t look too good.

Sanogo or Campbell it might be then, unless Alexis gets the nod again…..

That’s it for today, have a good one….



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294 comments on “2-2, but should it have been? Giroud out of Besiktas fixture?

  1. Well… like I said before the game, I’d rather a draw vs Everton and a win against the Turks than the other way around. I guess that what we got. Everton at home are a good side, no doubt, and it really shows that we are not as equipped for the season as we should hope to be.

    I think all of the signings this summer have been excellent. But the fact is its not enough to seriously claim we have a squad that is able to challenge for the title. Stay calm and wait till the end of the window for transfer judgement, first we must beat Besiktas.

    A draw with Everton is no tragedy, and a well saved point. Good fight till the end!

  2. roger, agree re the signings. All have been very good, just not enough of them so far..

    Huge game Wednesday, huge and just hope Giroud is fit because he made a difference when he cam on yesterday.

    He could so easily won the game for us, he should have really…

  3. Morning all.
    Nice post, Rico, and fair….we were robbed, but hey, we are used to that.

  4. if arsenal cant sign cavani tomorrow then get the check book out and sign DANNY WELLBECK,if giroud is injured & no one to play up front and they put in a performace like sat it will be a early exit .

  5. Good Morning again everyone.

    Rico – Unfortunately bad/missed calls by the match officials is all part of the game. Sometimes they err in our favour and other times, like yesterday, they favour the opposition.

    I just hope that Giroud is fit to play on Wednesday, as going out of the UCL at this stage would be unthinkable and a big blow to team morale.

  6. I still maintain that Rosicky will deputise better for Arteta than Flamini, i’m biased there 2 fold. I think Rosicky is great and Flamini is a waste.
    I would even take Coquelin or Denielson over Flamini.

  7. Morning all.
    I never thought we would lose at Goodison Park even when we were two goals down.
    If Szcesney would have stood up both attempts on goal would have probably bounced off him – even the one that was offside.
    I read the negativity of LeGrove’s post early on, and I certainly didn’t see it like that.
    Wenger made a tactical change at half time which turned the match. He never does that.
    He took of his £35M signing and replaced him with the man that saved the match – a man that was slated midweek.
    Having brilliant individuals doesn’t always form the team. Giroud’s introduction provided the right dynamics. Our Plan A got us back into the game, however LeGrove had one valid point. Ozil’s position. You can’t waste his talent as he did Arshavin’s by playing him wide.

    On the opening day of the 1970/71 season Arsenal drew 2-2 at Goodison Park, Charlie George cracking his ankle scoring the equalising goal.

    History repeating itself?

  8. Thanks Scott..

    Steven, Welbeck?

  9. Hiya Bradster
    I’m not a big fan of Flamini as he is a very limited player. I admire his tenacity, but it is a position wasted when we have better players.

  10. Scott – I see a number of the papers think that Khedira is heading our way, but most seem to be regurgitating the same source. So, we wont have long to wait to see if you are right.

  11. SYG, good comment…harsh of Szczesny though :)
    History….it has a habit…..

  12. I know Cg, just days like yesterday, it seemed far more annoying…

  13. Fckng Danny Welbeck?
    Another bum. If he was that good Van Gaal wouldn’t be wanting to ship him out. It has taken Van Gaal around eight weeks to appraise his squad and he’s decided that Welbeck is shit. I concur.

  14. Syg, do I say good comment by you or shall I pop on LG to tell Pedro? lol

  15. CG, see if my gut us right, you mean……I’ve had a few people say it will be done if possible, but aside from that, every single factor lines up, in my view.
    He is absolute best mates with Ozil.
    He is a player we can mosey definitely use.
    Real, through ego, will simply not allow him to leave on a free.
    Such a quality footballer….why doesn’t he have a plethora of clubs chasing him???
    It all adds up to one thing, in my opinion, but it is just that.

  16. I’m just saying as re: Szczezney, Scott.
    Naismith’s finish was hardly top drawer and the header from Coleman was straight down his throat.
    If he’d have just stood there both attempts would have bounced off him.

  17. LOL. Nice one Rico

  18. Scott, wish we could get him in before Wednesday, great cover for Ramsey..

  19. SYG – As I said to Scott late last night or very early this morning, depending on your time zone, I’d like to see young Chambers playing in front of the BFG and Koscielny in one the back two midfield positions. He seems to read the game well and has the speed to recover and make up ground to cover any holes in the backfield.

    Even if works out in that position, I’d still like to see us bye a dedicated and experienced DM like Carvalho.

  20. Morning all
    we see Campbell,he good more than Alexis.
    Wenger should him.
    In yesterday match,we know ,we good not enough.
    We should change .
    Alexis play football with foot, no brain.
    But we get one point.
    Thank rico.

  21. Rico – After the FA Cup and Community Shield wins the team were flying high and maybe getting a little ahead of themselves. The draws against Besiktas and Everton may serve to chasten and refocus the players – a wake up call. I’d rather they had a small stumble now, with time to recover, than later in the season.

  22. Morning rico, all…

    This is the best post I’ve read from you yet.

    When we get robbed, let us tell the world about it and not concentrating on what we did right or wrong. What footballing rules got Chambers and Per booked? Even Flamini’s!

    Well, I would have gladly taken the result before kick off but when we clearly deserved to win, I felt bad and really terrible regarding the roles the the officials played making sure we didn’t. Somebody said Giroud’s goal wouldn’t have stood…I still can’t recall any reason for that stance.

    Something about Ramsey’s goal says a lot about a great player that he is. How many midfielders in world football would be exactly at that position at that time Carzola made that cross to slot home?

    And Giroud? A villian and hero within a space of four days!

    Martinez? A manager trying to impress hia fans? Probably. He said Arsenal didn’t have a shot on target in first 65 minutes.minutes. Everton had only one shot on target in 90+ minutes. The second shot on target shouldn’t have counted. Arsenal ended up with three legitimate shots on target. 13 shots on goal to Everton’s 8, 52% possession still went to Arsenal…so, where was the immaculate display he made so much noise about?

    Like Scott will probably ask – what if Chelsea had played in midweek while Arsenal didn’t, then Chelsea visited the Emirates … and Arsenal was leading by one good and one offside goal till 82 minutes…then Chelsea equalised and almost went ahead…what would the press say?

    Because it’s Arsenal, it’s ARSENAL SURVIVE. If it was the right team, it would have been CHELSEA SHOW CHAMPS STUFF.

  23. Scott – As I have said before, Khedira is a good player and we could use him. However, I see him more as a box-to-box player than a DM. His defensive stats (tackles won, interceptions, etc.) aren’t anything to rave about. I’d rather see the likes of Bender or Carvalho for DM.

    If we could get both it would be great, but someone would have to go to accommodate both of them. If so, who (Wilshere)?

  24. Good and fair match report Rico. You could have added that for the 2nd game in a row we started playing when JW10 was subbed.

    Wellbeck???? No thanks. Although it is in our favour that he is English and can play centrally and on the flanks

  25. SYG, the header was very close range and that little blonde bastards…..maybe……just maybe.
    CG, I’m with you on Chambers.

  26. I’m quite ‘with you’ on the Chambers doing the ‘spoiler’ job, CG.
    As re: Carvahlo I’m not totally convinced – not that I am someone who knows much about him as a footballer – that is.

    Miguel Veloso keeps him out of the national side, which tells you a bit about the player, and maybe if he was as good as we are led to believe, maybe Mourinho or AVB would have got to him first… There is some substance in that

    The ‘idiot blogger’ – and there are a few – assumes the DM to be some ugly nasty beast like bloke that you’d hate to meet on some dark night, when in reality, it can be a footballer who is just the total midfielder or the total footballer – a footballer who possesses an engine, a brain and who is totally accountable. Although Ramsey had a poor game by Ramsey’s standards yesterday – he is that type of footballer.
    A DM is a position not a person.
    My preference would have been Javi Martinez although we were apparently knocked back on that one in June.
    Arteta isn’t mobile enough and Flamini is limited. It is a problem, but it is a problem that will probably be sorted when Khedira joins. Probably .. Maybe ….

  27. Devil, do you blame Jack, or as I’ve suggested, Wenger for not working out how to best utilise him?

  28. SYG, that’s a great comment…..on DM’s.

  29. kyawmgmgtun

    Campbell better than Alexis? Not really sure how you can come to that conclusion. Alexis will fly in this team, once he’s settled.

  30. Morning Tai.

    Thanks, but you obviously haven’t read many.

    Not sure Giroud deserves the hero label, he scored a good goal, but a hero would have buried one, perhaps two of the other glorious chances he had.

    Those misses are what keeps him in the fans bad books…

  31. Fairly and squarely on JW10’s shoulders Scott. His attitude I do not like. He does not keep it simple…..pass and move. the only thing I blame AW is for not putting him on the bench and playing Rosicky.

  32. Syg,

    I completely go with you re Szczesny. World class goalkeeping includes making instinctive saves. If he had the right instincts, and as someone who clamours for greatness, he should…he should have saved at least one of those goals, particularly the first. He’s a big guy and should spread well in such point-blank situations…just like Ramsey being there to slot home the first goal. Going the extra mile counts.,

  33. score draw as i predicted,Arsenal are not playing well, and its down to tactics. Wenger,s tactics first half were awful, picking Ozil on the left wing on his first match back, who for all his talent is suspect defensively, up against the leagues finest attacking right back Seamus Coleman and paid for it.we should offer juventus wilshere and a 15 million for vidal.
    monrael struggled,still on the fence. flamini works hard,but does not have enough quality,sanchez will never be our centre forward, giroud needs 3 or 4 chances to score 1 goal.the Ox is the only player in any sort of form. If the tactics are wrong(which they seem to be against the top sides all the time) we will continue to struggle.

  34. Thanks Devil, I thought I’d leave that topic for the comments.. lol

  35. SYG – I can understand your reservations about Carvalho and I’m not slating Khedira. I’m not convinced he is or has what we need. Ideally I’d like to get Schneiderlin, but if in the unlikely event he is allowed to leave Sotton it will probably be to the noisy neighbours down the road.

    I take your point about “some ugly nasty beast like bloke that you’d hate to meet on some dark night”. That is why I’m not pushing for the likes Nigel de Jong or, God forbid, Cheik Tiote.

  36. Fair call Devil.
    Tai, reverse the situation……
    If one of our players had NOT scored either of the Everton goals, we’d be asking why, as they were both simple finishes.
    Sorry, but I can’t see how he is at fault for not saving those goals, and for being left in those situations.

  37. SYG – Javi Martinez is not in contention as he is likely to be out for a while with a recent knee injury.

  38. For heaven’s sake…Ches has only 24 years mates. he is still learning and will continue to learn for the next 5 years. He will be one of the best keepers to have around. The only keeper I would have like to come over to the Ems would have been Buffon who is 36 years and more experienced than Ches. He would have taught Ches much more and proven to be a great keeper for us.

    Otherwise I am sorry…..Ches is there to stay.

  39. I thought we were totally outplayed for an hours , then started to get in our stride. Both their goals shouldnt have sttod but Monreal was getting roasted doen that left flanck and in the centre of mifield Ramsey was non existent as was his passing range. Wilshere was pony for a good hour till he got his yellow and upped his game, the ox wasn’t too good neither.

    Its more of an unlikely point gained rather than us being robbed off 2. That Mirallas chance was the turning point. 3 down we would have gone on to concede a 4th. THe ref was a right banker and was trigger happy with cards . It was a physical battle , but lik most on here, that diving little sh1t conned the ref at least 3 times.

    We will be better , and should have more than enough for the visiting Turks.

    Good cameo for Campbell…SYG lol@11:03

  40. Hiya CG
    I never thought you were slating Khedira.

    ..Sometimes blogging, texting etc can come over as being a bit abrasive… If it did, it was certainly unintentional… I generally let my feelings known a bit better than that when a stupid comment arises … Yours definitely wasn’t one of them !!

    Schneiderlin knows the league and what is required. He is mega-odds on to join Tottenham, however the fact that Southampton have had a mass exodous of players makes me feel that he will be there for another season.
    It will be interesting to see how it all pans out….

  41. Devil – Amen to your 11:34 am regarding JW10. I too think he needs a wake up call, reality check or whatever you call it. I think this season may be critical in his development, the making or breaking of him.

  42. SYG, that’s spooky…

    Yesterday, that was exactly the thought that went through my mind…

    August 1970, Arsenal draw 2-2 @ Goodison Park…

    The rest, as they say, is history….

  43. Syg,

    Again spot on Khedira. AW doesn’t fancy beast footballers. Vieira was pure coincidence of a player who mixed brain and brawl in extreme measures.

    Khedira is technically sound, naturally strong, good physique (6’2”). I don’t usually buy this tackling stats. A big guy who reads games well usually gets there by shear power, like shouldering opponents off the ball…a small guy may resort to tackles. Ramsey averages a very high tackle rate. Let him compliment for Khedira. The German is our perfect foil…plus having teammates in Per and Ozil as starters, he wouldn’t be needing much gelling time.

  44. Carvalho played all the games for Portugal at the WC, and was one of the few to come out of it with a reputation in tact. Watch him on youtube, he’s huge, mobile, intimidating, breaks up play well, and can pass well. I know youtube is highlights reel stuff, but watch HOW he does it, combining strength and body positioning like noone else at Arsenal currently.

  45. SYG – No offense taken or intended.

    I can understand peoples’ reservations about certain players, especially if they play in leagues they don’t follow. I don’t watch many games from other than the BPL. So, many of my opinions are based on seeing players in the UCL and WC.

  46. Hiya Kev.
    I’ve got a book coming out in November – loosely based around that era – and Jon Sammels..

    The big injuries to Sammels, Simpson and George defined how we set about that season ..

  47. Score draw as i predicted,Arsenal are not playing well, and its down to tactics. Wenger,s tactics first half were awful, picking Ozil on the left wing on his first match back, who for all his talent is suspect defensively, up against the leagues finest attacking right back Seamus Coleman and paid for it.we should offer juventus wilshere and a 15 million for vidal.
    monrael struggled,still on the fence. flamini works hard,but does not have enough quality,sanchez will never be our centre forward, giroud needs 3 or 4 chances to to score 1 goal.the Ox is the only player in any sort of form, It doesn,t matter who we buy If the tactics are wrong(which they seem to be against the top sides all the time) we will continue to struggle.

  48. Hiya Tai
    Patrick Viera was a ‘once in a lifetime’ kind of footballer who played within a team packed with gifted players. Back then we played a 442 and when Petit left there was a gaping hole there, and even he could do very little about it.
    Parlour then Edu eventually filled it.
    The self same hole is apparent now.
    It will be filled, but I am hoping it will be by a footballer rather than some hatchet man.

  49. Rico – You still have a soft spot for JW10.

  50. I’m convinced AW won’t go for a hatchet man either…that’s why I laughed off when mentions were made of Tiote…Arteta will give us the idea of AW’s preference in that position. Making him captain explains a lot…but only incessant injuries plus Flamini fast becoming a burden that will make it possible to get a DM in…and of all available out there, Khedira seemingly comes closest to his definition.

  51. SYG….that role was filled by Gilberto,

  52. 2002 FA Cup Final, Kev.
    Gilberto came later.

  53. Cg, no, not really. Think he needs to grow up and start using his brain…

  54. Rico – I agree with you there. I’d really like to see Jack come good, the potential is there, but the rest is up to him. It seems to be similar problem with many of the young players who get too much money and too much press early in their careers.

  55. Carvalho, Khedira and Manolas would do me… :P

  56. Devil and SYG – A younger version of Gilberto Silva would be most welcome. He certainly wasn’t an “ugly nasty beast”, but few appreciated what he did for the team until he was out injured for a few games. The Silent Wall deserved far better than he got from many fans.

  57. George. Not sure we were outplayed for an hour mate. I thought we were the better team, football-wise until the first goal went in. Everton did have a lot of the ball but most of it was in their own half where we left them to it. The offside/foul goal could have finished us off but we kept winning the ball and trying to play in and around them. Considering that we played away in Turkey midweek I think we did ok to get a draw. Let’s not forget that we easily could have won it too.

  58. Cg, he needs time on the bench imo, nothing like being dropped to make a player shape up. it worked for Szczesny and Walcott for a while…

  59. Hmmm, rico, that means we’re going to let off two senior players. I wonder those you would want gone.

    For me, Podolski should go… I like him but I’ve been wondering where he’d fit in once Walcott comes back.

  60. Rico – Those three would do for me too. We wont have long to wait. Fingers crossed they’ll be announced this week.

    Maybe we stretch it to include Marco Reus too.

  61. Yeah, Adam … that’s the same match I watched. We were NEVER outplayed. We deserved all points.

  62. Which is why I think Wenger is desperate to keep Chambers away from a full international call up. In my opinion Jack’s attitude changed when he got involved with the prima donna chavs in the Englandl set up. At that point he decided that he had made it and stopped learning.

  63. Adam, nothing that a few quality signings would change eh.. ;)

  64. Latest quotes from Ancelotti just coming in via Goal.com

    “Khedira is happy here and he is staying,” Ancelotti told reporters. “The matter is resolved & he stays at Real Madrid.”

  65. Tai, Podolski and Diaby for starters, and I wouldn’t be at all fussed if Flamini or Arteta left as long as we replaced them with better players..

  66. Hi guys…good post as usual…far better and less alarmist than other sites!! Haven’t been on for a few days as moving house but just caught up with all posts/comments!!
    I’m sure the usual slew of signings will happen post CL qualification and the quality of will depend on weather it’s attained or not!! We all know what’s needed so let’s cross our fingers Arsene delivers!
    On the subject of my favourite French pensioner; he is confusing me with this new formation and why it’s necessary! We employed a 4-2-3-1 all last season and led the league for longest, won a cup and, not counting games v top 5, had the best defensive record in the prem. Our problem was tactical/defensive nouse in the big-games. The densive midfield wasn’t defensive enough. The solution is clearly to acquire a specialist in this position especially for the big games.
    So this season he employs a 4-1-4-1. This pushes Ramsey further foward and leaves just one deep-lying player. It also accommodates Wilshere but pushes our AMs wider and even further from their comfort-zone.
    IMO we need to return to what works, 4-2-3-1: Szczesny, Debuchy, Koscielny, Mertesacker, Gibbs, Arteta (new signing needed), Ramsey, Walcott, Ozil, Sanchez, Giroud (better needed!). New signings needed to improve an already working system!
    Anyway, essay finished, rant over….apologies!!!

  67. Cg, I like your ideas more. Reus would be the icing on the cake…

  68. Tai, I bet he doesn’t stay, CA just wanting to make out he’s happy to ensure Real get good money..

  69. Adam , your right we could’ve won it and probbly should’ve , only le quiff needs 4 attempts to put 1 away.

    After that match in a farm field in turkey, it was a valiant effort and KIm sure alot of teams wont get points at Goodison. I wouldv’e taken the draw all day. I expect our clash with Besiktas influenced le profs team selection.

    I thought Gareth Barry was v good imo, and we were once linked to him.

  70. Would love to believe you, rico

  71. Hi BB, thanks. I didn’t think yesterday was as bad as some do, yes in the first half we weren’t making things happen enough but had we not been involved in this match on Wednesday, I think things would have been very different.

    Just praying for us to win that one, sort the transfers out and then really get going….

  72. Tai – The same or similar quotes from Ancelotti on Khedira appeared a couple of weeks ago. Either someone is recycling a previous story or Carlo is playing games as those statements are at odds with other recent statements from Real.

  73. I’m telling the truth Tai, that’s just my view of course but I wouldn’t shed a tear if all of those left. As long as we replaced them with better players and in most cases, that wouldn’t be too difficult imo.

  74. SYG, Hi Yorks, yeah I always felt a bit sorry for Sammels…

    The book sounds interesting….

    My favourite season remains 1997-98…

  75. CG, I thought so too but it just came through from Goal.com. They hardly re-cycle stories like that and put it on headline as just coming in stuff.

    I only hope it’s all mind games. If things were resolved, he should have been involved with the super cup game.

  76. Hi George. I agree. I did discuss the Barry thing with Rico and the boys last year and thought, at the time, that he was the sort of pragmatic footballer that could have helped us. I believe he did discuss a move with us, according to him anyway. Having said that, he was quite spiteful yesterday, but that is part of his game.

  77. rico I was referring to re Ancelotti.

    On those to let off…I’d point at Podolski and Flamini… as long as we got in Khedira. But I personally do not see us signing more than a CB and DM…so we may end up just shifting on Podolski.

  78. Rico – Here’s hoping we can play Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI, without losing our heads of course, but able to have our cake and eat it too. However, four players in the last week of the transfer window may be one or two too many to hope for. Maybe?

  79. If I was offered, an uncertain season, or 3rd in the EPL and the League Cup, I’d take top three and a trophy…

    My expectations are what they are and I don’t subscribe to the clubs propaganda/hype.

    So I don’t expect Arsenal to win the EPL, although if they do I shall be absolutely delighted and get Rico a crate of Cobra.
    Nor do I expect Arsenal to progress further than say the CL QF.

    But 3rd in the EPL and a trophy would represent a successful season to me….

    Just saying!

    Feel free to disagree… ;-)

  80. Tai – Khedira has been left out of the squad for a few of RM’s recent games. Many seemed to think that those were deliberate snubs and a message to Sami to move on. It all seems very contradictory, especially after statements from the club that they believed Khedira already had an agreement in principal with another club. If that club is Bayern Munich, the recent injury to Javi Martinez should force their hand.

    Either way it will be a relief to see the transfer window shut so we can concentrate on our games.

  81. Sorry Tai, mix up there. Khedira won’t be a Real player next season I’m sure. Just hope it’s us he’s coming to and not the Chavs or Bayern…

    Cg – I’m not expecting that many in either, we can live in hope though eh… lol

  82. Very odd statement by ancellotti. just 3 days ago he said ,He’s rejected an offer to renew but has a year of contract. We’ll see what happens.” Rejected a new contract, surely they wont let him play and let him go for free next season. very strange scenario.

  83. Actually Kev, 3rd and a trophy would be progress and I’d take that right now.

    Totally agree re the CL, we’ll never win it with the squad we have right now, and nor with the manager we have right now imo.

    One thing I hope we don’t have this time next season is an annoying CL qualifying fixture…

  84. Agreed kev@1:03 but if by some sheer chance we did win the league-any chance of a case of KEO beer?

    Adam , Gareth Barry is the same age as Arteta yet, he would’ve been a better investment..

    Any news on the OG12 ankle?

  85. Sorry dublin, for some reason your earlier comment went into spam…

  86. no bother rico.

  87. Rico – You better make a note of Kev’s prognostications “…So I don’t expect Arsenal to win the EPL, although if they do I shall be absolutely delighted and get Rico a crate of Cobra…”. That would give you something to celebrate with when Arsenal win the league.

    Kev – I’m not implying you’d renege on the offer, but your memory might need a little prod.

  88. Sigh… youre probably right Kev, at least based on say the last 5 seasons. The point is wherever we finish I want us to be right up there competing for first in the PL. Thats exciting, that gives hope, drives passion of supporters, captures the imagination of new signings… helps us to improve and be PL winners again!

  89. Think i’ll be waiting a long time for the crate of Cobra Kev… ;)

  90. Rico – I have my cake knife, dessert plates, dessert forks and champagne flutes at the ready. Have you any preferences as to the type of gateaux and do you like fresh strawberries with your champagne?

  91. Cg, I’m not fussy, but I do like cherries, and strawberries with champagne is a must… ;)

  92. Lunchtime for me, catch up in a bit…

  93. George, if we win the league I’ll get you a lorry full :-)

  94. In just two games …we’ve scored four against very good defensive teams…which team have scored more? Only Chelsea for now…five against two newly promoted sides. They’ve conceded just once.

    We? Three chipped in. Any indication where we need to strengthen? CB and DM…no rocket science!

  95. Kev – Your in a very magnanimous mood today. Can I get in on some of your possible largesse. A good bottle of Armagnac would do me.

  96. I’d like a jar of the finest Canadian maple syrup myself.

  97. I’d like a game where Arsenal didn’t give me heart attacks.

  98. Adam – Your easy to please.

  99. CG. I want that anyway. Lol.
    If we win the PL Lee is going to buy me a case of the finest vintage claret but I haven’t told him that yet. :)

  100. I’d like Lewis Hamilton to win the Belgian Grand Prix, but that isn’t going to happen either… ;)

  101. Potter – The club could return to Boring Boring Arsenal with an extended run of 0-0 ties with the occasional 1-0 to the Arsenal so the old chant wouldn’t die out. I think that would be conducive to your cardiac condition as it would probably put you to sleep.

    What’s the game without a bit of excitement and tension?

  102. Adam – Just make sure Lee is sitting down when you tell him and have Potter’s cardiologist on standby.

  103. Kev, I’ll hold you to that @1:35

  104. Afternoon folks,
    rico, not too worried if Giroud doesn’t make it for Wednesday, two world class strikers waiting in the wings, Sanogo and Campbell, 25 odd league goals between them not forgetting the 1 champions league goal as well, we’re well sorted in that department.

    I’d be curious to know the last time we went into deadline day with maximum points ! Wenger loves to wing it.

  105. Hi Micko – I feel better now :)

  106. rico, always a pleasure, never a choir !

    With the midweek game so delicately poised we really do need a fit Giroud firing on all cylinders !

  107. We do Micko, we really do….

  108. Wonder if it’s true that we turned down the chance to sign Balotelli twice this summer….

  109. Looks like the grave yard shift for you kev !

  110. Off out with the woofa now, later folks…

  111. Here are some player ratings for the match – http://wildamericangooner.com/2014/08/23/a-comeback-from-nowhere-player-ratings-and-analysis-from-everton-arsenal/ – I really think Arsenal need to get their fullbacks more involved offensively. The last two matches they’ve hardly got forward at all.

  112. Will you get me a lorry full of Italian white and red vino if we win the league and a cup, Kev???

    Good Afternoon Baby Looney Tunes.

    Nice Post Rico ;)

  113. Spuddie supporters must be wetting themselves today. They are top and it looks that they might be staying there since I do not think Shitty will thump the dippers to the tune of 4-0. Or the dippers thrashing shitty 5-0.

    They must be kreaming themselves in their pants at just the thought.

  114. Yeah, if we win the league, the drinks are on me… :-D

    I’ll even buy Wath a GG…

  115. Afternoon All,
    After watching the game yesterday,
    thought..I wonder what match of the day would make of it,
    he thought the toffees were fantastic,
    he thought the toffees were unlucky,
    he thought we never had a clue how to defend,
    he thought the toffees second goal(offside)was great.
    We had more of the ball,
    We had more shots,
    We had two good goals,
    We had 4 bookings.
    They had a little bleach-headed sweaty sock,diving all over the place,getting our players booked,for just breathing on the little pri#k,
    So what game did shearer watch,did he really watch all the game,
    or is he sticking the knief already.
    To think our tv licence money is going in that muppets pocket,
    was worst than dropping two points.

  116. Everyone being so negative, a draw at goodison hardly cause for concern.always look on the bright side of life

  117. Alan Shearer is a bitter managerial failure.

    And a waste of internal organs.

  118. I wrote yesterday: Ozil and Wilshere can’t play at the same time. and it’s not a question to move one of them to the left or to the right. It’s a question of balance the team, have a strong midfield and enought players for defend.
    Mostly of us don’t like Arteta . Arteta for me is a fundamental player in this team because is the only midfield DM player able to link the defence to the midfield and begin to construct the game. No one of the central defendres can do it (the only one was Vermaelen). Flamini no either. He only defend and gives the ball to the side. It makes no progression.
    I’m agree we need a DM. younger, strong and with quality. Probably tis mean function will be defend and give to the others players of the midfield the responsability of be real midfield players.
    Porto bought today Aboubakar (ex-Lorient) and it was very expensive. Was a international player from Cameroum. A good player I think. For me, I’d like to see Kessling in Arsenal, more then Cavani.
    I like Manoulas but we need one more defender, One able to player at central and at the right or/and to the left.
    Jenkinson had playing in West Ham?
    Totts are stronger again and motivate.
    Dropped two points yesterday? yes, although Everton second goal was off-side, when a team the 2-0 pass to 2-2 in the second half when mostly of the time was in defeat, not dropped points but won 1.

  119. Calm down lads. its early days and Arsenal are the easiest target for low intelligent people like Shearer etc etc. They all jump on the bandwagon because they are envious of the fact that we got no sugardaddy pumping money in the club and we have been near the top while building a new stadium etc. And the fact that Goonerdom is still split because half of the supporters keep battering the team and players does help them. We cant criticise them yet….they would only reply….even your supporters bash the team. Let them enjoy it while it lasts.

    And when I said early days I did not mean this season only. I am talking of the next ten years.

  120. Any Arsenal members out there that want 2 tickets lower tier for Besiktas . I won’t have time to get from home to London on Wednesday , so if your out there let Rico know for my E-mail address. If that is alright with you Rico.

  121. Yanited of MAnure 1-0 up.

    Currently we are on a run of 9 games unbeaten in the EPL. Won 7 drawn 2. 41 to go to beat the longest unbeaten run by any team in the EPL.

    tough call. but who knows!!!

  122. For sure that’s ok Potter, if no takers by the morning, I’ll put something on the post for you…

    Fred, Shearer is another man who if he was that good, he’d be a manager instead of sitting in his comfy chair spouting how he knows everything about the game…

    Afternoon guys and gals….

  123. Tough but not lmpossible. With more key players and more depth.

  124. Afternoon Rico.

    Re…Shearer……those who can manage, those who cant….become ass holes on TV

  125. sorry should have put a coma there……those who can, manage, those who cant….become ass holes on TV

  126. I hate 3 at the back. Just ask ManU.

  127. JM, but we need a younger, fitter version of Arteta, and one with a bit more to him…

  128. Good Afternoon Rico and All.

  129. Afternoon Devil, spot on.. And there’s a few of those kind of folk around on TV..

  130. Afternoon Ng..

    Utd getting all the decisions again then…

  131. JM, but we need a younger, fitter version of Arteta, and one with a bit more to him…

    Could have had him but didn’t need him.

  132. If you ask me, I doubt if they could make top 4 the way they play.

  133. I don’t think Cesc would be the answer though, he’s another midget and can’t defend can he?

  134. yrs Rico, we need one younger then him but not at any price.
    William Carvalho was sent off last weekend

  135. When we change manager I hope we don’t become ManU.

  136. Cesc knew how to tackle without going to ground , granted he isn’t tall 5 foot 10 “but he could control a game and dictate players around him. He is in fact taller than Arteta obviously the Catalan sun grew him up a bit.

  137. So was Ramsey on Tuesday JM. ;)

  138. :) potter, half an inch….

  139. I still say that Cesc would have been better than Arteta in the holding role. He would have adapted as well.

    I do not think the reason AW gave him was that he had Ozil in his position. NO

    I think AW did not want to pay him the wages Cesc wanted.

    As simple as that.

  140. I never saw Fabregas as a holding midfielder myself…

  141. I don’t see Sanogo as a striker.
    I don’t see Flamini/ Arteta as our DM.
    Upgrade those two positions and we will challenge!

  142. Throw in a CB and we’re in with a chance…

  143. And a defender Lee…

  144. Rico, I took the kids to a dog show today and saw one of the biggest dogs I’ve ever seen, it was a Great Dane Dogue de Bordeaux cross! He weighed 75kg and was massive…taller than most of our players! ;)

  145. That’s not that hard I suppose?!?!

  146. My daughter entered Dave into an agility course…. I’ll app you the video!

  147. Lee, sounds fab and that is one big boy! Do the owners walk it it or ride it? lol

  148. Look forward to seeing that…

  149. Bought some ‘hot and spicy’ pickled onions the other day and have just eaten two…

    My goodness!!

  150. Don’t eat a third then Rico. :)

  151. Maybe they give three to Giroud before every match, they’d quicken him up a bit! ;)

  152. I see that powerhouse of football namely manure managed a draw at Sunderland! Maybe our result wasn’t that bad?

  153. I wouldn’t have got past the first…urk..

  154. I like a pickled egg when served in a packet of salt n vinegar crisps!

  155. Sounds like a day in the boozer..Lee…

  156. Evening Rico and the House.
    Good read Rico and some very good comments on the game.
    Did anyone else see the incident in the first half when Debuchy
    on his back took one in his nuts from that cropped hair cheat.
    To add insult to injury Friend gave a free kick against Debuchy
    what a muppet.

  157. I wish BT, unfortunately my kids have put a spanner in the works!

  158. Syg ref yuor 11.54.
    I have always been agreat fan of Jon, Simmo and the King.
    I would be very interested in your book. Will let the house know when it is out please.

  159. I did Adam, four in total :)

  160. Have some of those in the cupboard Lee, love them and they are minging… ;)

    Evening Rick, thank you…

  161. I bow, before you Rico, not behind though.

  162. Lee, are you off on hols soon?

  163. Podolski to Juventus rumours are gathering pace…

  164. Good luck to him if he goes, more money to spend or bank..

  165. It better be spend….

  166. Amen to that, Rico.

  167. Reus perhaps Bt….

  168. And Falcao, Rico….lol

  169. I’m off on Friday with my daughter for five days…..”challenging” to say the least!

  170. Reus he’d be good!

  171. My 10yr old son says “sign Falcao,Ya Ya Toure and Kompany. We’d win the PL.”

  172. You’ll love it, Lee…

  173. this is the original ice bucket challenge……

  174. Good Evening Baby Looney Tunes.

    Did you see Rodwell today?? He was good no??

    Do you think we should have gone for him??? at 10million??

  175. Lee, your son is a bit ambitious…

  176. Yep, and him Bt ;)

  177. That’ll be great Lee…

    Rodwell was good Devil, but against very average opposition… lol

  178. As much as I love Podolski with no major championships to play for next summer history tells us we won’t see the best of him this campaign…..2015/16 will be his time to shine again.

  179. Has Diaby, been nominated for the ice bucket challenge, yet?

  180. Rodwell, once England’s next great hope, another player citeh ruined just because they could.

  181. On a serious note Bt62, putting a bucket over his head might improve his game !

  182. It’s sacrilege what citeh and chavs are allowed to do to player’s careers! Or maybe their greedy managers….

  183. Barca struggling against Elche at home… They’re missing Cesc and Song! ;)

  184. Fucking hell Messi just scored a cracker…. I’d take him!

  185. Mascherano off….

  186. Ha ha Micko, what are you trying to say about Podolski…

  187. As usual your timing is impeccable lee !

  188. Yeah, don’t listen to me I told Frank Sinatra not to sign my way!

  189. I’d take Mascharano, he’s a dirty git, but I’d luv to see him sitting in front of our back-four…

  190. Yeah, he had a good WC didn’t he?!?!

  191. sign or sing? ;)

  192. Me too Kev…

  193. Emma called him out last week rico, obviously an ITK, SYG summed it up quite well yesterday, much rather he stayed than the ligue 2 road sweeper lol.

  194. Fucking Eyepad! :lol:

  195. My God, how many more times are those moronic tosser sites on NewsNow gonna repeat that non-story about Arsenal bidding £51 million for Cavani…

    FFS :roll:

  196. When Walcott is back we’ll bloody quick up the wings who’s going to keep up in the middle???

  197. Doesn’t make sense eh Micko…

  198. Cavani would be great (don’t want Giroud going the other way) but it ain’t happening, imho.

  199. Sanogo, Campbell and Alexis should be able to keep up… :)

    Kev, was thinking about that for the morning, best I don’t then? lol

  200. You sure that’s not iPatch…?

  201. Wenger must have a plan in place? Fingers crossed.

  202. We’ll I’ve just had an iroll, maybe that’s the problem? ;)

  203. Not only does Wenger have a plan…

    He has a cunning plan…

  204. So cunning….

  205. As cunning as…………….

  206. Blackadder: Baldrick, I have a very, very, very cunning plan.
    Baldrick: Is it as cunning as a fox what used to be Professor of Cunning at Oxford University but has moved on and is now working for the U.N. at the High Commission of International Cunning Planning?
    Blackadder: Yes it is.
    Baldrick: Hmm… that’s cunning.

  207. Still funny…. :lol:

  208. So, we’re not getting Khadira.

    And we’re not getting Balotelli.

    And we’re not getting Manolas now, but Winston Reid… :-|

    Not getting Di Maria…

    But Song and Kalou are still lurking out there…

  209. Makes you wonder how many of these players we were in for?

  210. No Manolas Kev??

  211. You heard from vape-man Kev?

  212. Kev….If we get Song I will bang my head till I become brainwashed.

  213. That’s the rumour on some of those wonderfully unreliable NewsNow sites Rico :-(

  214. I did earlier this morning Lee, he and Mrs Adam were off to buy sticky buns, perhaps they are still there munching and drinking tea.. lol

  215. 3-0 messi’s second!

  216. Had a chat with the Vapeman this afternoon Lee…

    I was shocked to find him spot welded on, you-know-where. :-)

  217. That goal was just wicked footwork…

    Kev, I read his agent, who happens to be the same one as Balotelli has, is here sorting a deal out… lol

  218. FFS,,Messi

  219. Coach, if Wenger re-signed Song I think I would just take up knitting or lacemaking… :roll:

  220. I’m off for a cup of cocoa and a ginger nut… ;)

    Night Micko, Lee, Bt, Kev, Devil and anyone else reading…

    Enjoy the rest of your evening….

  221. I’m calling a night gang! Be good and sweet dreams!

  222. Rico, £16m for Balotelli, it was a steal…

    I know that he’s a bit of a nutter.

    But what a nutter to have for all the big games where his ego could flourish.
    Just save Giroud for all the little teams like Stoke, Leicester and Spuds

  223. Yeah, me too, Night All…

    Night Rico, Lee, Coach, BT, Mick and Adam (if your reading)

  224. Nite rico, say hello to paul scholes for me !!! catch you tomorrow.

  225. Good night all. .cu tomorrow

  226. Night, Kev, Rico and Lee.

  227. Goodnite gang !

  228. Podolski for Luiz Gustavo makes some decent sense… Love Podo though and he scores (when he doesnt go missing)… http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/arsenal-transfer-news-luiz-gustavo-4100523

  229. Good Morning Baby Looney Tunes.

    Aaron Ramsey scored last Saturday.

    RIP Sir Richard Attenborough.

    The Ramsey curse strikes again.

    Is Mourinho a famous person????

  230. Coach I just read that SRA had passed away…. That’s spooky re Ramsey scoring etc!
    Got to ask you a question mate, what would you do (realistically) in the transfer market if you were in charge of Arsenal?
    Morning people!

  231. Khedira included in Real Madrid’s 20 man squad, Di Maria going to sign for manure……we better look elsewhere because Khedira ain’t happening!

  232. hmmmmm. Now that is an interesting question.

    First of all I would have already bought Manolas. The day that TommyV left. Debuchy I agreed to so no problems there. Gibbs and Monreal are fine.

    I would have gone for Rodwell. He was a fine player until Shitty managed to waste him. But rest assured…..what once was can be again and an Englishman at 10million would have been a steal. I would have also gone for Khedira, but I would have released Flamini.

    The advanced midfield and striking department I would have left as they are……but would have tried to buy Torres for 10million.

    So that would make it Rodwell 10 mil…..Khedira 12 mill….Torres 10-12 mill.

    Total outlay would have been 32 million.

    And I would have sold Podolski…..12-15 million.

  233. The majority of times Aaron scores, a famous or infamous person passes away. So spooky. Gaddafi, Bin Laden, Jobs, Paul Walker, Whitney Houston, Robin Wiliams, Sir Richard…..all died the day after Aaron scored.

  234. Definitely I would not bring back Song and would not buy Gustavo.

    Cesc I would have liked but his wages would prove to be a stumbling block.

  235. you might ask…..why Rodwell and Torres?

    First of all Rodwell had great promise and Arteta knows him already. He is an Englishman and is very young. He would have rested Arteta now and then and also played alongside him. He knows the EPL and is the perfect water carrier for the other players in front of him.

    Torres was a great striker until the chavs contrived to put his mind all over the place. With AW he would have the perfect chance to flourish again and I believe that our system would suit him fine and at the same time he would be perfect as well.

    And Agag would sleep happily ever after.

  236. Coach, not spending obscene amounts of cash and making us much more competitive…. are you reading Arsene?

  237. Strength in depth would be my first option Lee. And believe me, I would rotate players. So everyone would get his chance. I do not suffer from favouritism….never have done so….Podolski is one of my favourites….but I would still sell him.

  238. Arsene needs to be more ruthless!
    I see that arsehole Ashley Young got booked for simulation yesterday!

  239. There are so many players around who would have given us strength in depth. and not young ones either. players in the 25 to 27 age bracket. And some of them Englishmen as well. sometimes I feel there is no need to spend vast millions on these players. They will surely play because with injuries piling up and players needing rest then they will surely get their chance.

  240. Ohhhh…..I would bid au-revoir to Diaby.

  241. I would of binned him a while ago and replaced/upgraded him!

  242. Morning Rico, Brudder, Devil and all.
    RIP Dickie Attenborough.

  243. Morning Brudder on this grey damp Bank Holiday Monday!

  244. Morning you lucky sods, I’m not in the mood to work today but have meetings from 9.

    I’m with Devil, good pick of players and prem experienced.

  245. I think I will lay on the sofa today Brudder. :)

  246. and besides they have a lot to prove as well. Both Rodwell and Torres will burst every sinew in their body to show their previous club was wrong to let them rot and mistreat them.

  247. Morning all.
    Torres would be a ripper buy for us!!

  248. You go easy Brudder! Mrs A not got alternative plans for you today?

  249. £63.9m for Di Maria!!! Wtf?

  250. LVG must be desperate. Even PSG didn’t want to pay that kind of figure.
    I see a flat 4 back at United soon.

  251. Has been proven over the years Wenger looks abroad before home established players. He still has the lack of technique bug in his brain .I am sure he watches foreign football before British. He doesn’t trust British players and only notices opposing players when they play against us , if they don’t play they are not seen. He will know of Torres and Rodwell but would in Torres case have studied his performance stats and seen his loss of pace and Rodwell hasn’t played enough for our scouting system to have watched him 25 times. He only invests in promise if no-one has heard of the player before. Ramsey being the odd one out.

  252. Brudder. I am sure that if I suggested lunch at Dishoom she would be amenable.

  253. Although feisty, she is indeed a creature of habit Brudder.

  254. RIP Richard Attenborough….

  255. What about you? Any plans for today? Mrs L taking you out on the razz?

  256. Morning Rico. I agree. Dickie was a great actor who spanned the decades.

  257. Morning Adam, Lee, Devil, Bradster, Scott, Potter and all…

  258. LvG backs Young for his ‘dive’ saying is was a penalty. Guess having seen Robben dive so much, Youngs wasn’t so bad… lol

  259. Khedira in Real’s 20 man squad, isn’t Podolski in ours? Just a thought… lol

    Adam, he did, very sad news, even at his good age…

  260. Morning All,
    Getting rid of tommy was bad business at the time without a back-up what was the point,the proof we signed a replacement yet devil,
    This greek geezer thing,how the fu#k can we have trouble signing him.
    We all new how wenger would play this window,we find out now that Podolski(our best striker)is up for grabs.
    How can any arsenal fan say wengers got this window right with only a week to go.

  261. For me having a good youth policy,what we do now is attract youth players from other clubs,once they get to 15-16.
    Then I would try to sign a captain a player that may not be as tecnical as wenger likes.
    But you to have compete if you have the money for the best strikers, its no good having 75% of play and 101 chances on the stats and scoring least than your rivals like last season.
    I know we all hate that midget chav and that costa is shi#e,
    but 2 games 2 shots 2 goals.

  262. Fred, Giroud has scored twice as well.
    So has Ramsey.
    Costa was blessed to score on the weekend…..it was the worst first touch in the history of football lol.
    Naturally, he will improve, but so will our boys.

  263. Morning Fred. Let’s see what Wenger comes up with in the remaining days of the TW. If he doesn’t secure a high quality central defender, the midfielder most of us think we need and a striker then he really will be pushing it with the fans.

  264. Wish I had your faith scott,are we stronger than last season do you reckon then.

  265. To be honest adam he may well sign a few,
    but are they the ones he wanted back in May.

  266. Morning Fred. I could be Manolas is waiting for Wednesday as his current club are in the CL…

    I’m still hopeful that AW has a couple of signings lined up and we just need that win…

  267. Morning all, our performance on Saturday deserves commendation. When Giroud came on you could see what scoring a goal meant to him. He got himself in good positions and eventual scored the equalizing goal. I slated him on Wednesday after his poor performance but he was definitely and upgrade on the Giroud that played in champions league game.

  268. potter, are those two tickets still available?

  269. Fred, yes, I think we are, but only just, as it stands.
    We most definitely need at least two and preferably three quality players brought in.

  270. Rico we know the trolley dash is just around the corner…don’t we.

  271. I like Giroud I hope we keep him,but if podolski is off this a chance to get a top striker in a player with a bit of no how over 10 yards.

  272. Yes they are thanks.

  273. I personally would’ve prefered a goal scoring number 10 to play off Giroud. Not even Ozil is that type of player.

  274. Morning All

    Morning Fred, Adam, Rico, Scott, Lee, BT, Coach et al…

    Rodwell is a great player…

    Chavs would never sell us Torres.

  275. Our TW re-opens this Thursday fellas.

    Nothing is gonna happen before then.
    Maybe even before the weekend?

  276. I don’t really get all this last minute stuff but I suppose there are egos to satisfy and a bit of brinkmanship that goes on. I was expecting a new, rejuvenated Wenger, flush with money. Now, I am not so sure.

  277. Kev did you watch the U/18 v the chavs.

  278. Messi would’ve been perfect if those rumours were ever true.

  279. We do fred, bring it on.. ;)

    Thanks Potter

    Morning Kev, Bondex..

  280. Bradster, This Messi must be good……he’s known as the Argentinian Ramsey :)

  281. We are blessed to have Rambo scott.

  282. Kev, had to check your not behind me, spooky….Morning all..

  283. Adam. I actually think AW is showing small signs that he’s changed. When did he last make a substitution at half time… ;)

  284. Morning Bt…

    New Post up now…

  285. Rumours from North London we are in for Gustavo…….

  286. I’m with you Adam, get all that good business done early and then not finish it off? The final players could/should be bedded in and helping us with CL qualification. All to save a few £££’s!?!?

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