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Shock Exit at Arsenal! Podolski next? Wenger confirms more signings. Reus, Carvalho & Khedira back in the mix…..

Morning all.

On This Day 2010 Theo Walcott scored a hat-trick as Arsenal beat Blackpool 6-0. Hurry up and get back Theo, we need you…..

On this day, also back in 2010 Highbury House was born. Thank you to each and every one of you guys and gals who turn up each and every day to keep this place ticking over. Without you all, I’d be doing something very different to writing a load of rubbish each morning just to keep the place refreshed… lol

A big thank you to Wath, who makes sure I can have a few holiday’s each year and of course to those who often chip in with posts. More are most welcome of course….

As HH enters another Arsenal year, it seems Tom Fox won’t be.

Having played a big part in securing the multi million sponsorship with Puma, he’s rumoured to be heading off to Aston Villa as their their new CEO. Tom Fox joined the Arsenal staff back in 2009 but it seems he’s tempted to take a role which would give him far more responsibility…

Oh well, life will go on I guess, perhaps the next man in will clinch even bigger and better financial deals.

Talking of deals, we need a few done don’t we.

Loic Remy is still up for grabs. Good ol ‘Arry has confirmed that he’s staying at Qpr unless a top four side in the Premier League come in for him. Having supposedly failed a medical at Liverpool and Chelsea ruling themselves out of a deal, that leaves just Manchester City and us. Ok, there’s no way Manchester City would entertain such a signing in my opinion, so that leaves us.

Should we?

Another is Marco Reus.

Hans-Joachim Watzke, CEO of Dortmund, was asked about the transfer rumours concerning Reus and gave a boost to the interested parties. He said:

We will have to wait and see whether we can keep hold of Marco.

All I can say is that I know him really well and it’s not about money with him.

Respected German newspaper Welt stated last week that Arsenal were leading the race to sign him, they even suggested that we are set to launch a bid to secure another big star this summer.

The Sun report that Galatasaray willing to pay £22m to prise both Lukas Podolski & Joel Campbell away from Arsenal. They and other newspapers suggest Podolski would be allowed to leave but not Joel Campbell. The same paper suggests that both Milan sides want Podolski too. How about a deal with AC for Super Mario?

The Metro, well I know they are hardly the most reliable but they report that Carvalho and Khedira remain possible additions before the transfer window closes as Mikel Arteta is expected to be out for at least two weeks with sprained ankle.

TalkSport reckon we could scupper Everton’s move for PSG midfielder Clement Chantome…..

Don’t you just love all the silly gossip?

Arsene Wenger has held his press conference this morning and confirmed he is open to signing more players:

We’re open to any opportunity in the transfer market.

Dearie me Arsene, you do know how to reassure us fans don’t you!

But when asked about the possibility of signing a defensive midfielder:

We are not against that, no.

There are just eleven days left in this transfer window and we have gaping holes in our squad which seriously need addressing and filling. I hope he’s more than just open to doing further business, he has to be……

That’s it for today, have a good one all….


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375 comments on “Shock Exit at Arsenal! Podolski next? Wenger confirms more signings. Reus, Carvalho & Khedira back in the mix…..

  1. Great post Rico :)

    Morning again everyone.

  2. Morning, great summing up of our position rico. Congrats and thanks for running such a nice place where all fans can contribute daily or chip in when they can.

  3. Happy Birthday Highbury House!
    Great work Rico!!!

  4. I thought this was a good comment…

    Adam says:

    August 21, 2014 at 10:18 am

    I think most Arsenal fans have learnt what to expect from Arsene. Experience tells us that, again, he will ‘ probably’ not buy the players we need to compete. He has been doing this for years now. When the voice of most of the fans pointed out our deficiencies, he disagreed and told us that he expected to win trophies season after season. He was wrong in those assessments of squad strength as failure followed failure, injuries bit and there was no contingency. In fact he was very wrong. The outcome of all this, fuelled by his latest rather bold pronouncements of financial power, have increased the fan’s levels of expectation for this season. If, as most of us expect, he will blow out again, I can see a whole new pressure on him this season, from quite early, especially if results are poor. Of course there will be the usual Ostriches that will not tolerate any criticism of the man whatsoever. The rebuttal to their blindness lies behind the doors of the cabinet room.
    He still has time though.

  5. Morning all. HB, HH! Excellent work Rico.

  6. Morning all, good post Rico, a day to pop some corks,a big thank you, to all who make, HH what it is.

  7. Lee, i’m now officially an AKB…

  8. It’s your birthday, happy birthday to ya. Special thanks Rico and Wath

  9. Thanks guys, can’t believe four years have gone by so quickly..

    Perhaps Wenger will make a signing so we can all celebrate. :)

    And to think HH birthday is the same day that Theo Walcott scored a hat-trick.. See, that’s why I love him….

  10. Yes, congratulations Rico. :)

  11. Lee / Adam, that was a very good comment. There will always be those ostrich’s regardless. The y are the same people who feel vindicated when we win the Community Shield.

  12. I read last night, that until Rtita got injured, AW/Afc were not in the market for a DM.. it was, J. Cross of the cracked Mirror fame…

  13. Good Morning Baby Looney Tunes.

    Happy Birthday HH. And good post Rico.

    Congratulations are on the Menu today.

    Conspiracy theorists…….if we beat Beshitkas and qualify it will be Marco Reus.

    If we play on thursdays it will be Remy.

    If we beat the shit out of Beshiktas, Giroud scores a hat-trick, Campbell bags a couple, and Flamini keeps the turks in their own half singlehandedly……it will be curtains for a new DM

  14. Morning Rocky. The problem is always the same. Any hint of criticism and the factions start to take shape and the divisions form. I see it as stating the obvious. To some Wenger has never and could never make a mistake. I like him as much as anybody but the lack of trophies tells it’s own story.

  15. Good comment Adam, I’m hanging on with great hope. Just.

  16. You’re bang on coach!

  17. BT. I find the fact that Arteta might be out for a couple of weeks as a strange reason to force Wenger into the market. Bizarre in fact.

  18. We all are Rico. But we know that Arsene is entirely reactionary in his dealings.

  19. But surely the shackles are off now, we have the money what’s stopping him finishing the jig saw off?

  20. Happy birthday, HH.
    8 million hits and counting.

  21. Lee. I think the answer to that question must be that he believes the jigsaw is complete.

  22. Lee, himself.

  23. I still think Wenger just say’s what comes into his mind to play with the press, to suggest an injury to Arteta would change his transfer plans is outrageous.

  24. Morning all! As a regular reader I would like to thank you for the good Arsenal reads you provide us with and wish you many many more years of sensible writing! And to all fans to keep their cool and believe in the Arsenal


  25. Since when does anyone believe Arsene?

  26. It certainly doesn’t suggest the presence of a ‘master plan’ does it?

  27. I do. That’s my problem.

  28. Adam, I’m sure you jest :)

  29. Hi Adam.. I know. Dare to slag him off and you are told to go and support another team (usually by someone who only started supporting them around the Invincibles era). I don’t dislike the guy. I dislike his tunnel vision and sheer bloody mindedness when it comes to not strengthening in areas we are screaming out for. And persisting with shite.

  30. Thanks Adam, Devil and Scott..

    Yes re Remy….

  31. Scott. No, I tend to believe what people tell me until I realise that I shouldn’t. As for Remy, no, he’s not good enough for me. Top clubs should have top players.

  32. I’d take Remy

  33. Rico, i was at the Blackpool match, their fans were brill, as i remember, they never stopped sing all day, even when leaving.

  34. Remy at the moment, would be a better option than Giroud. He isn’t great though and I’d rather have a better signing.

  35. Scott From Oz says:
    August 21, 2014 at 10:49 am
    Since when does anyone believe Arsene?

    I think he does not believe himself either my dear mate.

    Balotelli over Remy any day. that is, on the finishing level.

    Mental level is another story.

  36. Rico – think a comment of mune just hit your sin bin… No reason as to why!

  37. I just can’t entertain the thought of Balotelli. I really think he’ll do more harm than good.

  38. Would we take Remy over nothing?
    Adam, in the case if Arsene, surely that day is long past.

  39. Happy birthday HH… Thanks for all the good times and the many good people i’ve met On here.
    As for Wenger, i’ll give him the benefit of doubt till the window closes.

  40. Rico do we get cake happy birthday to HH

  41. Bet you had a great day Bt, I used to like Holloway, a refreshing, honest manager but he’s recently have a few nasty things to say I think. Went right off him….

  42. Good Morning to The Lady of the House and all fellow Gooners in residence.

    Happy Birthday to the House and may there be many more.

    Rico – Thank you for giving us a place to air and discuss our views and keeping it a civil, if not always civilized, place.

    You posed some interesting questions regarding further player acquisitions before the current window slams shut. I just wished I knew all/some of the answers. Alas, I don’t. Like you, I remain hopeful that there will be one or two more.

  43. Thanks Jeff..

    Joe, thanks but no ;)

    Rocky, it’s out now. Darn WP..

  44. Happy birthday

    I must be one of the few Podolski fans. That left peg is clinical. He is still a decent striker, and whilst Giroud is low on confidence, he should start Podolski and Sanchez up top with chambo on the right.

    Everton aaway frightens me. We need pace and to take our chances. Maybe Arteta injured is a blessing in disguise.

    This would also be a very good time for Jack to really up his game so the pundits aren’t talking up ross barkley instead.

    Rosicky to start in place of Cazorla must be everyone’s wish. The cheeky spaniard looks out of sorts too and needs a kick up the $##$

  45. Scott. Not really. If I was to think that everything Wenger said was an outright lie, I would stop going to watch the team. Potter’s post of yesterday was superbly observed when he said that blokes of Wenger’s age become consumed with excessive caution. That is as good an explanation as I have heard. Experience is great, if tempered with balance but I have often wondered, if Arsene had limitless money like Man City, what sort of squad he would assemble. Would he still start with Sanogo or consider Giroud as a first choice?

  46. Morning Cg, thank you and I hope there are many more years too…

    Fingers crossed AW remains serious in the TW…

  47. Thanks George. I too think Arteta’s injury could be a blessing in disguise. Guessing Flamini will slot into his place..

  48. Adam, i’m not sure, why you find it bizarre, if it’s true, last year we needed a striker, we got Sanogo.

  49. Adam, it’s a fair point and one I can not refute……
    If I had to decide, I’d say no, he wouldn’t spend up on every top player available as he’s, among other things, an idealist who seeming would rather build a side than buy one.

  50. I have to agree with Adam ” As for Remy, no, he’s not good enough for me. Top clubs should have top players.”

    I would hope the days when we have to accept stopgap and make-do is over. Remy is a decent player, but he isn’t a world class player that most of us want.

  51. Adam, my answer to that is no.

  52. I think he’d re-sign Song & Gerwankstain…

  53. BT. You are right. :)

  54. Well I am off to buy a cake then

  55. Top clubs have top players what a load of shit, we’ve got Giroud and Sanogo! ;)

  56. It is a shame Adam that the support has become so polarised . Any criticism no matter how well meaning and constructive is greeted with a volley of abuse from those that cannot see any wrong in anything the club do. Their minds are closed , they can only see the way of their lord and they chase dissenters down with all the fervour of a collection of members of the KKK. Any right minded person can see that not everyone is correct all the time , Wenger isn’t , you are not and neither am I but ,if you don’t have different voices to discuss things then nothing changes, and that’s been our problem for a long time.

  57. Guillem Balague ‏@GuillemBalague 7m
    Khedira: Mou reluctant 2 enter an auction ’cause he thinks player has a personal deal with Arsenal. His agent denies it. RM want him to go

    Naughty…come on Wenger

    How does one walk without a spine? you can’t

    Arsenal need a spine CB CM/CDM CF lol the 3 c’s.

  58. Nickie, Diaby has a spine, but no hammies,legs, ankles…etc

  59. Potter. Excellent comment. Couldn’t agree more.

  60. Happy anniversary Rico and HH! Brilliant effort.

    Ps of course id take remy on a loan in a flash! He’s the best realistic option available and with pl experience and certain goals. If we can upgrade with Reus/cavani/yourdreamplayerhere we do that too.
    Its not rocket science and we can do thatoan for a season without risk

  61. I’ll second that Potter / Adam.

  62. Guys can you tell us all exactly who these people are that defend Wenger relentlessly, and attack those who criticise him?
    If they aren’t on HH, why are spending so much time on them?
    If they are, I’m yet to see them, because there is not a single regular on here who never criticises him.
    Enough already.

  63. I don’t think the comment was aimed at anyone here….

  64. Spot on Potter. But I think we all know that the majority of those against any kind of criticism of AW have only supported the club since he arrived….

    Thanks roger

  65. Nickie. The Chipmunk talks bollox. A few months ago I saw him, cheeks full of acorns, say that Morata to Arsenal was a done deal.

  66. We’ve had a few on here Scott, honestly. And in the last few days.

    Most you don’t get to see as they are binned before their comments are aired…

    I can recall one regular left because of the critical comments and was most offended by the Ebenezer Wenger picture I had in the sidebar… ;)

  67. Heading off out for a couple of hours, catch up later folks..

  68. Balague is half beaver!

  69. Lee, that’s my point though…..we have wasted a lot of time on it……
    Arsene gets plenty right, plenty wrong…..we all know it.
    He’s in massive trouble if he doesn’t have the League a hell of a shake this time, and has absolutely nothing and nobody to blame but himself, as we all know the cash is there and at his disposal.
    It’s all on him.

  70. The irony is that those who do criticise him were, at one time, his most fervent supporters.

  71. Ok Rico………glad I don’t see them lol.
    It’s obvious I’m on the Wenger side of the equation, but damn, I see plenty of stuffs up in him lol.
    Anyway, let’s celebrate the birthday lol.
    Rico, is there any way you can see when I first started posting on here?
    I wasn’t there at the start, but it’s been a while.

  72. Cheers Adam, know to talk what he says with a pinch of salt now ;)

  73. Adam, that’s sad more than ironic, and no, I’m not aiming that comment at those past fans……

  74. You do get the odd daytripper on here with an extreme view one way or the other. They don’t last long though

  75. I’ve only known Wenger. I take the good with the bad. He has his Pros and Cons and I admit I struggle to see Arsenal without him. But I can say it wouldn’t be a bad thing to freshen things up when his contract ends.

  76. Guillem Bollock just wants to be loved. Just wants people to know he exists so spouts perennial shite from those massive cheeks of his, just so his ugly mug is always on TV. The same way then massive turd Stewart Robson keeps spouting his ridiculous diatribe, so he can keep getting column inches. Gobshites, the pair of them.

  77. Came here first time today at HH and would.praise the editor…can see wonderful members here… hope we sign CDm and full back

  78. Potter – If I had to make a choice between The AKBs and the AOB; I’d choose to be an AKB. However, that does not mean that Arsene has not made and will not make further mistakes.

    I am glad that the House is an open forum to discuss our views and differences in a civil and generally convivial manner. It would be a very drab and dull world if we all thought the same the things and in the same way. Out of chaos comes creativity. Out of conformity comes stagnation.

  79. lol@bt 11:20

  80. Happy birthday Highbury House, and may there be many more!
    Nice post too..

  81. Well done guys I’ve been here for almost 3years now and I’ve always come back for more… kudos rico.

  82. Such short memories everyone has. It wasn’t that long ago Sanchez arrived. Or Debuchy, Or Chambers, Or Ospina.

    Sanchez has bolstered our attacking options. Chambers is working out to be a real gem. Debuchy has picked up where Sagna left off with no issues. And Szczesny now has some decent competition for his place.

    Loic Remy? If Chelsea and Man City are not interested, and Liverpool don’t think he’s fit enough, why is his name even mentioned in the same sentence as Arsenal?

    People also forget that Sanchez can play as a striker too, and when Walcott is back we might see that happen. Ditto for Walcott – he may finally get that chance to play more forward and central that he’s wanted.

    Sanago still has time yet to prove himself. Don’t write him off yet.

    With Wenger, its easy to underestimate his achievement. Yes 4th place isn’t a trophy, but he’s managed to keep Arsenal competitive despite the restricted flow of money. Yes we might have won stuff if we’d had a wealthy backer donate his ill gotten gains, but the fact is we can now outspend most other clubs and do it using revenues fairly earned through our own activities. We don’t run the risk of our owner falling out of favour with Putin or simply getting bored, or the oilers deciding their soft power projection strategy needs overhaul.

    Wenger has executed the plan to improve Arsenal with success, and now he should be given time to build the squad in the right way.

    I want to see world class players in every position, of course. But I realise that doing it quickly is dangerous; both to the team stability and in terms of the financial outlay required. One only needs to look at Leeds to see what happens if you build too quickly and fail to achieve.

    What happens if Arsenal fail to achieve this season? Fail to get into the UCL? We’ll have quite a few irate fans, but the club won’t financially collapse, and we’ll still be in a good position to continue to strengthen.

    Have patience Arsenal fans, regular silverware is on it’s way.

  83. Happy birthday

    I am proud to be part of this house. Big ups to you Rico for all this wonderful posts and contributions.

    On the Podolski issue I would rather allow him stay, loan Sanogo or Campbell then get Army on loan who is far better finisher than model OG12.

  84. Sorry esxste – Sanogo is awful and will never cut it.

  85. Voila canadiangooner, im a wenger fan still, but it doesnt stop me criticising his bad decisions , or lack of them . He frustrates the hell out of me sometimes bevause he takes us so close to greatness only to not buy those extra two players, or take a gamble rather than make sure we have enough artilery. But all in all he gets excellent results from those he works with, and we’ve always been somewhere there in the mix. I would love him to go out winning the double again!

  86. Not from all he works with Roger – And not always excellent results at all.

  87. Afternoon, rico, all…

    Congratulations…and Happy Birthday HH.

    Wenger gladdens and annoys in equal measure…so being completely in love with him is not possible neither is completely hating him. There are things he’s achieved that no manager in world football has … there are equally minor things he’d failed almost every other manager wouldn’t have.

    Bottom line … we’re stuck with him because those that have the final say see him adequate. In that regard, I’d support him because doing so means supporting my club.

  88. True Tai – But 1 word in there sums everything up. “Adequate”. We are now happy to settle for “adequate”. I don’t really think that is good enough

  89. esxste – I agree with most, if not all, of what you say. However, it is time to flex more of that financial muscle that we have waited so long for. We need at least two more players, a DM and a CB.

    Yes, most/some of the Young Guns may well come good, but we can’t depend on them now. We need to buy for this season. If the team don’t win on Wednesday and in most of our subsequent UCL games, the club stands to lose some of that financial muscle we need to compete at the top levels.

  90. Well said, Tai.
    I do t any other manager in world football could do what he’s done over the last ten years, but I also question whether any other manager would put us through it, if that makes sense…….

  91. rockyrocastle07:
    Wenger has an eye for potential. He can only help players achieve that potential, but they have to do the hard work. You only need look at what people said about Ramsay not 2 seasons ago. You say he won’t ever cut it, but your basing that on the scant few minutes you’ve seen him play.

    If he doesn’t take the opportunities he’ll get this season, I might be tempted to agree with you… but right now its far too soon to write him off.

  92. Esxste, can we give him this season to see if cuts it though?
    I like him, but he’s not ready.

  93. rogerbij – Amen to your 11:50 am. Although I can also understand where rocky is coming from. We have no fundamental disagreements, but we do disagree as to the degree.

  94. Canadian Gooner; I agree we definetely need another CB. Monreal isn’t a CB. Wenger has said he’ll replace TV, between getting Chambers and TV going. So I fear not there.

    The DM position, I’m fluid about. We coped well without one last year… barring the aberrations. I think Wenger is on the hunt for a guy who’s good enough to know when he needs to be a DM, but can easily go forward and play attacking football when he isn’t Which against most teams in the premiership. Again, we want top quality here; no point in buying someone more average now for the the sake of it, when top quality might come up in the deadline madness.

  95. Morning all, good post rico and a happy earth strong to HH.

  96. Afternoon all,

    congrats to been around for 4 years and many more.
    I actually hope Wenger asks Rosicky to play the holding role instead of Flamini or wilshere as he’s more disciplined, calm on the ball and can bring the ball out of defence.

  97. Tai and Rocky to use the word adequate to describe Wenger is unfair at best and insulting at worst.
    It is no secret that I am a supporter of Wenger and I know he can make mistakes but I believe he gets a lot more right than he gets wrong.

  98. Khedira will be ours……..I’m staying positive on that one guys :)

  99. Esxste – We can’t keep playing people who may or not have potential. That has been what has been killing out team. Cut price players who MAY be good enough. Giroud cannot do it all alone this season, and Sanogo is not the man to come in to get the required goals. Wenger has already said Sanchez is going to be used as a winger. Walcott is not the answer as a striker either. No idea if Campbell will be ready either. Surely if he was, Wenger would have hauled off the woeful Giroud on Tuesday and put him up top. Its not as if Giroud was needed to keep hold of possession, as he was incapable of doing that on EVERY occasion. We need ready made players now. Ok, Ramsey has showed what he can do. But how many before him haven’t, yet Wenger persisted with them, taking up space in a team that would have been better filled with a good player. Gervinho and Hleb instantly spring to mind.

  100. Scott From Oz

    I’d suggest there is likely to be a season after this one. If he doesn’t cut it, we’ll still have the financial muscle to rectify that situation. There’s every chance Wenger will go out a buy a “top class” striker who then flops. Look at Torres for how that can happen.

  101. Scott,

    If Wenger gets Khedira, you have to ask the question…Why didn’t he sign him sooner? When it was well known he was available all summer lol. Wenger logic

  102. Gunnerjoe – adequate seems the word throughout the squad too – We are adequately stocked. Not just about Wenger. I actually feel he is a lot better than adequate. But some of his decisions regarding playing staff, tactics etc leave a lot to be desired.

  103. Nickie – I think Wenger believes his price will tumble the closer we get to deadline day as it seems as though RM have decided he’s going.

  104. Brad – I’d have Rosicky playing anywhere in midfield. I love the guy.

  105. Rocky, spot on mate..

  106. Could be Rocky, hopefully that is the case

  107. I still think we’ll get him. Or Tiote.

  108. No thank you Re Tiote lol

  109. Rocky, i wouldn’t even call Tiote adequate.

  110. i agree, but I’m talking about the DM/HM position not being filled by Flamini or Wilshere.

  111. Agreed. But he’s cheap….. So it has to be a possibility!

  112. esxste…..Torres would become a world beater at AFC. Give him the chances OG12 gets and he will score over 25 – 28 goals in the EPL.

    Torres is like someone who once rode a bike. The skill never goes. But if the bike is used badly than its wrong to say that the bike is a flop.

    If I buy a EUR2000 carbon fibre racing bike I should use it on proper surfaces. I cant use it on rough terrain. For that I will buy a proper mountain bike.

  113. Flamini and Rosicky are both great, but both have the same issue…. You just know that there’s a huge possibility they are going to get sent off. They are both passionate and go flying into challenges, and pick up a yellow card early on. If they do that as a DM, that then renders them almost as obsolete as they can’t be too rash for the remainder of the game or they will be off.

  114. Nckiw, Rocky beat me to it….
    Real won’t let him go for free next year….no way.
    I reckon the player wants us, and we want him, that’s why no other clubs are talking to him, or about him.
    Just my opinion, mate…..

  115. Wilshere as a DM will never work in my opinion.

  116. Dev, I agree. I’d love to get Torres at Arsenal.

  117. exste,

    Lovely comment you made there…my first post here read…Arsenal: The Oliver Twist In All Of Us. We continue to be Oliver Twists…normal with nature. Otherwise, there’s no need whatsoever to blast Wenger this very transfer window.

    So far, he hasn’t done badly. Sanchez at 25 should be here for the long haul. We all know why Giroud plays…not necessary as a striker. Will Wenger add height to a CB and DM to discard Giroud’s defensive abilities with corners and set-pieces? Once he does, then Giroud’s days of leading the line would be numbered.

    One slight mistake and you’re off top 4, then the world class strikers will do you a Man U! While strengthening, care must be taken not to unbalance the squad. If Wenger buys our required top striker now and play him upfront with Sanchez, we’d be out of top 4 before they gel together by sometime in January. So, why not bed in Sanchez first, then look for his perfect foil by next summer?

    Sagna is gone but we’ve put Debuchy in place and we all agreed Bellerin is better as cover than Jenkinson that was sent on loan. We’ve added Chambers which must be given to Wenger’s genius…people were scrambling for other Southampton players but he quietly plucked the best. Ospina is a step up on Fabianski…

    Why this impatience of insisting Wenger must make the team perfect in one transfer window? Why can’t we build wisely to get back to top class?

    If Wenger can add a real DM and another CB, he would have done perfect in my eyes this window…bed them in and kick off next summer. We deteriorated in player quality so badly that no one transfer window would be enough to solve all our rot!

    You can’t oust the super squads of Chelsea and City in a flash…attempting that may get us crashed. Wenger has his annoying faults like sticking to 4-3-3 whatever the opposition, making terrible substitutions, etc but when it comes to building a squad, he’s one of the best. Whatever failings we’ve had past eight years were occasioned by poor finances.

  118. I can see where you’re coming from mate. I never thought of it that way. Wenger once said “the best deals come on deadline day” lol

  119. Esxste, so we look for top quality, in the midfield department, so why not the same in a CF?

  120. For sure, when the club wants to sell……
    That’s not the reason Wenger has always done deals on deadline day though lol

  121. Tai – How long do we have to wait exactly? Has it not been long enough? Why should we wait ANOTHER season? Especially when our rivals have strengthened this year and will do again next year, effectively leaving us behind? We’re not asking for a complete overhaul. Just top players in key positions. We have the money. We just want strengthening in the areas we have been asking for over the past 5 years. A DM and a striker. That’s not much to ask is it. We could have easily bought those players over the past 5 years but haven’t. It’s time to stop dicking about and get it done.

  122. Tai – gobsmacked is the word i would use, no wonder we’re treading water season after season

  123. agreed Oz.

  124. Balotelli off to Anfield for 16m, small risk considering possible returns and we’re linked with yet more midfielders uummm

  125. and I don’t think we have ever had “Poor finances”.

  126. and there we go, Ancelotti has confirmed Khedira has asked to leave the club. Arsene, go for it

  127. Oz, I just don’t see missing out on Balotelli as a problem. I’m glad we didn’t get him,.

  128. The decision we have to take is about what we want to be and what we want to do. If we want to win the league we have to acquire ready made players and follow the pattern of the last few winners. If we want to develop players to maybe become winners and then lose them to the other teams that ARE winners. Then we persevere with the likes of Sanogo , Campbell , etc. It’s simple really.
    Tai , you say :- Wenger gladdens and annoys in equal measure There are things he’s achieved that no manager in world football has … there are equally minor things he’d failed almost every other manager wouldn’t have.

    On one hand it’s good and bad in equal measure achieving things no other could but on the other it’s minor things that he has failed on. Obviously you can’t quite get to criticise although in your heart you know you should.

    BTW I am teasing.

  129. Oz, you don’t want a DM?
    That’s a big mmmmmmmmmm :)

  130. Nickie – Didn’t he do that right after the world cup, only to shit his pants and declare a love-in for the club?

  131. I see Khedira and Demaria have asked to leave Real and Baloteli is saying it’s he’s last day at Milan and he’s off to Liverpool.

  132. Next season it is then.

  133. rocky – i know people are scared of the head case but just can’t tune in to another year of watching the same old same old and to me thats where its all heading – Ozil was going to change the world, didn’t now it’s Sanchez and he won’t either, it s a team game and in this league you need depth a lesson forgotten by Wenger IMO At least now he can’t hide behind false excuses any more

  134. Scott – everyone and his mother knows what is needed, well nearly everyone ;-)

  135. I know what you mean Oz. I think Ozil will do better this year. I don’t see Sanchez having the same issues Ozil did either. He has a totally different work ethic. He runs his arse off regardless whereas Ozil kind of meanders through games.

  136. Torres has not only failed at Chelsea he has also failed when playing for Spain since he moved to Chelsea.

  137. Torres or Sanogo………hmmmm.

  138. esxste – “The DM position, I’m fluid about. We coped well without one last year… barring the aberrations.” All the aberrations you speak of were against the other top six teams who could match us for skill, but bullied us in midfield. We cannot win the league until we can dominate in midfield and not get overrun on the counter attack.

    Arteta is not a natural defensive or holding midfielder. He is an attacking midfielder who has been asked to play out of his natural position and lacks the speed to recover and the strength to dominate. Flamoney lacks the technical skills. Both are typical Arsene square pegs in round holes.

  139. One who has finished he’s career failing at Chelsea and Spain. The other a player at the beginning of he’s career who has the backing of he’s manager.

  140. It’s a toughie Lee…… But its ok, this season has already been written off as by some, if we buy any more players we will implode. I’m afraid it is another rebuilding year this year with the hope of maybe – just maybe – mounting an assault on the title next year.

  141. One who wanted to quit and become a postman, who looks like Bambi on ice and cannot run and control the ball at the same time at all, or Torres, who was once awesome, and could easily be again. I can’t believe that’s even up for debate!

  142. Going to see the cup final now. Arsenal Vs Besiktas woo

  143. Cg, glad you posted that, i’m still trying get my head around ‘barring the aberrations’, i suppose when AW, chooses to call them ‘accidents’ what more can you expect.

  144. Exactly that, BT.

  145. Nickie, where did you end up parking last weekend?

  146. Nickie, booze on a Wednesday night, yeeha…

  147. Train Rocky lol :)

    Bt I can’t drink on a school night! Especially as I struggle to function after 2 pints haha

  148. So by the way what’s wrong with Sanogo remember people thought that Ramsey,Kos,Scz,BFG and Walcott weren’t good enough. They also wanted them out of the club but they wer backed by the manager and fans that trusted the manager.

  149. the same manager that made amazing declarations about so many others who are now eg. Bendtner long gone thank christ

  150. Nickie, you might need one after the game..lol

  151. Torres looking to Roma apparently as replacement for Mattia Destro who is coming to London. Chelsea or Spurs being touted . Seems to be a better than average forward with a good scoring record in Serie A.

  152. The thing is Torres is finished he is now third in line at Chelsea and he won’t play that much for Spain.

  153. Scott – I’m not so sure Khedira is ours. He is certainly a player we could use, but IMO he is not the DM we need. he is more of a box-to-box player.

    I don’t think Arsenal are the team that Real think Khedira already has a deal with. I suspect it is more likely to be Bayern Munchen or Chelski. If it is Bayern, the injury to Javi Martinez may force their hands. Fortunately we don’t have too long to wait.

    I’d rather have Carvalho or Schneiderlin.

  154. if we lose i’ll have a stiff one on the rocks ;). My gf said she would cry if we lose. Even more important Arsenal win now or I might leave her there lol

  155. Agree with you CG – I think he was there for the taking, not so sure now

  156. Like Ramsey, on Bendther he could have been a good forward he has the talent but not the brains you could have picked a better example.
    The fact is Wenger has brought a lot more great players to the club than duds.

  157. I’d have Torres in front of the hapless Sanogo in a heartbeat BUT we should be setting our sights higher than both of them!

  158. He’s also brought some absolute shite and persisted in playing them…..

  159. Joe :- As with every success you can name, there are twice as many who failed to make it. Just because Wenger puts his faith in them doesn’t guarantee anything.it can be argued that it is because of his faith in players and giving them first team positions that we find ourselves as the bridesmaid more often than the bride.

  160. Richard Wright , Francis Jeffers , Justin Hoyte , Stefan maltz, Jermaine pennant, Arturo Lupoli, Bendtner , Quincy , Senderos , Djourou, Santos , Aliadiere. Could go on but taking a breather.

  161. rocky,

    How long we’re going to wait? Just one more season …I reckon we presently have Ramsey, Ozil and Sanchez as world class…they can get into any team in the world, at least any EPL team.

    Next come Szczesny, Gibbs, Koscielny, Per, Chambers, Wilshere, Walcott as players that could get into most EPL sides..

    Because of agae, I just kept Rosicky, Arteta out of it..

    We need a world class DM and world class striker… if we get those two that can equally make any EPL team, then we’re ready to go for the title.

    Presently, we may not get that desired CF. We may have money but I’m not so sure we can spend as much as extra 50 mil this window. But we can get a World class DM…my choice is Khedira. People say he’s no DM and I laugh…was Arteta a DM?… what Khedira has over Arteta are physique and young age. If we get Khedira, we just require that top top CF to truly win another title.

    Realistically, we can’t get that striker this window. I just pray AW gets that DM…then we may hope for that striker, particularly if Giroud continues to huff and puff with Sanchez around. Who knows, Wenger may step out and get that striker in January, depending on how well Sanchez had bedded in.

  162. Do you really want to keep going back to he brought in some shit (Ramsey) argument you will lose when it comes to great players compared to the so called shit.

  163. No-one EVER thought those players you mentioned were as bad as Sonogo

  164. How could you miss Gervinho out?

  165. Gonerjoe – “So by the way what’s wrong with Sanogo remember people thought that Ramsey,Kos,Scz,BFG and Walcott weren’t good enough.” I’m willing to wait before pronouncing on Sanogo. However, we need an experienced and talented striker to rotate with Giroud for this season. Campbell and/or Sanogo may come good this season, but it is a very big gamble.

    Like Rocky and the line from the old Kinks song “I’m so tired, tired of waiting for you…”. Yes, the club have been walking a financial tightrope until recently, but it is time we flexed our new found financial muscle. Especially now that some of our prime rivals have run afoul of the Financial Fair Play rules and find themselves restricted by their sanctions. There may be no better opportunity.

  166. Sorry Tai – I’m done with waiting. We have waited long enough. 1 more season is 1 season too long.

  167. Sorry Lee :- Gervinho , Vela , Fabianski, Chamakh , Denilson , Eboue.

  168. Potter I am not going to start listing the great and would class players that Wenger brought to this club.

  169. And lets face it – Chelsea, City etc chop and change managers all the time. We can spend big and still have the stability that the others didn’t have.

  170. gonerjoe – world class – there’s a big statement – ronaldo is world class, messi too – henry was as was DB but a long list?

  171. Gonerjoe – Go on, name them. I can probably match the list with ones that WEREN’T bought by him…. Bergkamp tops all I’m afraid.

  172. Silvestre, Danilevicus ,Grondin….

  173. World class…. TH14.

  174. Vieira I’d say was world class too.

  175. Vivas….

  176. But Henry was already a World Cup winner when he came to us….

  177. fair call rocky and Cigan cough

  178. CC I agree about Sanogo but I am willing to wait like you if he stays at club he’ll play CC games early rounds of the FA cup and come on as sub in PL games.
    When it comes to strikers he’s behind Giroud,Sanchez and Walcott so why the vitriol.

  179. Well dawn isn’t far away and I need some sleep. So, I bid you all a Good Day.

    I trust the this discussion will be resolved before Rico shutters the House for the evening. HA!HA!

    Keep The Faith!

  180. Reyes , Wiltord, Von Bronkhorst , Cygan, Stepanovs, Nordtviet, Squillaci.

    My point is there have been some that have been good and many that did not cut it. Having seen Sanogo the jury is still out and I am not convinced. I would also add that as much as I want him to be a total success with us the comparison between Reyes and Sanchez is there to be evaluated. Both play /played wide , both have or had pace ,both are / were big signings and both had full support of the fans. Things went wrong for Reyes hopefully Sanchez will avoid the Marinello fate.

  181. There’s no doubt he’s signed some great players but that is tempered with some absolute wastes of internal organs he’s bought!

  182. Because Walcott is always out injured, and Wenger has already stated Sanchez is going to be used as a winger. So that’s why he signed him. He didn’t sign him to be a striker, so realistically Sanogo is directly behind Giroud. Who isn’t spectacular either.

  183. Night CG – Til next time!

  184. Potter – you can just tell that Sanchez isn’t a mummys boy, and is SO much stronger than Reyes. Can’t see the same thing happening

  185. You all know the list I am not going to spend the rest of the day listing them and arguing which player was good or shit.
    I think most of the issues with players is more to do with the manager.

  186. Night Cg.

  187. Happy birthday, HH. :) :) rico, four years? Has it really been that long? :P You, WATH, and all the contributors have done a terrific job. :) It’s a great community that we have here. :)

  188. Just wondering is anyone in the first team considered shit?
    Sanogo is a back up player

  189. Well hello smiley…

  190. Canadian Gooner,
    Another blog posted an article about how the need for a DM is over stated. Take those aberrations out, and we had one of the the best defences going. We collected the most away points of any team last season. Looking at those matches against City, Chelsea and Liverpool, you have to wonder whether those teams were so much better, or whether there was just tactical errors. (Yeah, thats right, I don’t think Wenger is perfect) How comes teams in the UCL didn’t walk all over us in the same way? They’re some interesting points.

    Yes I think we could do with an upgrade to Arteta and Flamini. They arn’t world class, and I want to see world class. But it has to be the right player, and its not always easy to just go get that player.

    Despite all the assertions this time last season that we needed a DM, that our squad wasn’t good enough, we led the league for a long time, and we were only a couple of wins from the title. And the cause of our failure to stay top were not the lack of a DM, but a glut of injuries to some of our key attacking midfielders.

    I too want Arsenal win everything this season, but I see no reason to get frustrated because we don’t spend £150m swapping half the squad. Tottenham did that last season, and it failed. Slow growth is best. We have a strong team, we’ve strengthened and added superior quality. Yes other teams have also improved too, but we’re able to compete with them, no fear.

    With regards to Ozil and Sanchez, I do think there was a tendency for the team to constantly pass the ball to Ozil and expect him to do all the work. The same seemed to happen in Istanbul on Tuesday. Sanchez being constantly passed the ball and expected to do something special every time. Meanwhile Jack, Aaron and Santi seem to just play supporting parts. Not what should be happening.

  191. Is he a back up player? Did he start as a back up in our first league match of the season, or did he actually start? He started. And was shit. He is shit. There’s your answer.

  192. Hi agag! How’s things?

  193. Giroud maybe Joe lol…

    I can’t help that Remy for 8 or Balo for 16 would be a great little buy. Big shame

  194. but think* Hiya Agag :):):)

  195. And then AGAG realizes, going through the comments, that it has been an arguey kind of day here.

    Loool. :D

  196. “I have no regrets that Fabregas [joined Chelsea],” Wenger told reporters.

    “My only regret is that he left us in the first place.”

    “Aaron Ramsey has a different style to Fabregas but he has huge potential”

  197. Oh and Rocky “Done with waiting”… was the FA cup not a good enough start for you?

    Its a tough league, and it doesn’t matter how much money you spend on players, or how many you buy. Tottenham spunked all their Bale money and more, and didn’t achieve anything. The scousers had the best player in the PL, didnt win them anything.

  198. esxste – We don’t need to swap half a team. 2 players more (Debouchy doesn’t count as he was a needed replacement for an outgoing player and Chambers is a back-up) to add to Sanchez is more than enough. A DM and a good striker. That’s all. I agree swapping half the team would be detrimental, but that’s not what we are suggesting.

    With regards to Sanchez on Tuesday, I agree with what you said. Santi may as well have not been on the pitch. They looked for Sanchez every time which should not be happening. People expected Ozil to do loads last season but that Donkey Giroud is NEVER going to be making those runs for him that Di Maria / Benzema / Ronaldo used to, so he was less effective.

  199. This Sanogo must end up a great guy. Every day he’s being mentioned and discussed. Isn’t he lucky!

  200. FA Cup was an OK start. But 9 years wait for an FA Cup? Come on. We all know we should be getting more than that.

  201. You should all listen to yourselves… shit, you lot moan like a bunch of old tarts…. No disrespect to Micko…..!

    11 days left yet before you all get to have a hissy fit…! Can only imagine how bad you’ll all be then……….!

  202. I hope Sanogo is a better postman than he is a footballer. Although he never delivers on the pitch so why I’d think he could deliver mail is anyones guess..

  203. Hello, all. ) Hiya, BT. Howdy? It’s a holiday here today. And then again on Monday. :) I wish I remembered to plan a hort trip. :)

    Hi, rocky? How long til Baby Gunner arrives? :)

    Hello, Nickie. Wth will teach you to hold your drink. And I suspect, Scott, too. :D

    Oh and Gonerjoe, I am on your side. And not only because you bought the cake. ;)

  204. 11 days until due date agag!!

  205. Tai, i think he’s lucky not to be in a sorting office, in Paris.

  206. If I’m wrong about Sanogo, I’ll happily let these guys remind me about what I have said about him, and admit I was wrong. I don’t think that day will ever come though.

  207. Agag, holidays again, no wonder your always smiling…

  208. Not too far away now, rocky. We’ll have another gunner very soon. :P Yay!

  209. The reason Sanogo started against palace on Saturday was he was carrying out he’s job as back up.
    As seen on Tuesday night Giroud was not ready to start the season.

  210. Due date? Should be called total life change date….. good luck Rock keep me in the loop!!

  211. I know agag. Already looking into some Arsenal bits and bobs! Although the Arsenal shop seems to no longer sell anything for babies.

  212. Rock don’t let any of those relations get any of that sp**s stuff near your child!

  213. Will do mate, cheers. Thought it was “go time” the other night but itr was a false alarm. Was relieved as it had been a long day and I was shattered!

  214. Rocky I’ll do the same if he fails

  215. Rocky, I started supporting Arsenal properly around the time Wenger first joined. I was about 12. In all that time I’ve been lucky enough to see Arsenal perfom consistently in the league, witness the Invincibles and win quite a few trophies. Given my grandad has suffered watching Arsenal flirt with relegation and mid table obscurity, I feel blessed to support the team in this era.

  216. I’ve already warned them that if they buy any Spurs stuff, its going straight in the bin. They all laughed, but only realised I wasn’t kidding later on when my wife told them how serious I was.

  217. Its a deal Gonerjoe. We can work out at a later date what will constitute a failure or success! I feel we have brought down the mood of todays celebrations with all this Sanogo talk!!

  218. Haha, Bt. I live for them. :D

  219. You certainly have been lucky esxste. I started supporting in about 1980 / 81 and have not seen a lot of the dross that many on here have, but I have still gone through some awful times.

  220. Joe , I think we all agree that 99%of our first team squad are not As others have said “shit ” . They are all good players but the ones we have do not cover all the bases we need covered. We have a vast array of tricky little players that play through the middle or just behind the forwards playing out of position but we are short of players in other positions and that is our problem and is one that our manager seems not to want to address. He has a philosophy on how he sees football being played and I have little doubt that with the players he has were he playing in La Liga or Ligue Un he would be far more successful than he has been recently. Rightly or wrongly the English Premiership is a different animal and playing pure football is not enough to win it. A certain degree of physicality is required here and we don’t have it in spades. There will always be teams that lump the ball at our diminutive players and others that use pace and power to over run us. We need players to combat that and that is all I ask for.

  221. Something I never understand is the fact that people who started supporting in the Wenger years have only known success, up until 2006. So they should be more pissed off about the past 9 years than the rest of us who have witnessed some dark days of George Graham and earlier.

  222. Good job, rocky. :D :D It would be tragic if the baby is turned into a Spud unbeknownst to you. :D I should imagine heads will roll.

    I’m hoping we get Khedira- it’s not too late yet; or Schneiderlin in Jan. since Soton look likely to be keeping him now.

  223. Heads would roll agag. The wife would be chucked out and have to go and live with her family for starters if that happened.

  224. Rocky, I’m sure some guys my age probably are raging about it. I just take the perspective that I’d rather Arsenal was run properly, not be a billionaires play thing, or a countries cultural weapon.

  225. We have always been run properly. But to be told money is there to spend, and it is not being spent, is too frustrating. Especially when sub-standard players are getting games each week (not so much now, but over the last few years it has been rife)

  226. I started supporting Arsenal 68-69 I was born in 1961. Maybe my affection for Wenger is due to the fact under him we have won almost 25% of are titles and 50% of are FA cups.

  227. I have affection also – but my patience wears thin with him as he seems blind to what the team needs when everyone else repeatedly tells him. He is very stubborn.

  228. very

  229. Three top signings and this team would rip trees up!

  230. Been saying that for a long time Lee. That’s another problem.

  231. Agreed.

  232. None are as blind as those who will not see.

  233. Even the blind squirrel finds a nut!

  234. Good afternoon Rico and the House.
    A great post to celebrate your birthday

    Its about 3years since I found the House and I have found all of your posts up there with the best.
    I look forward to being part of the family for for a few years more.
    Happy Birthday H/H.

  235. Myopia works both ways.

  236. Rocky. The baby might arrive just as the transfer window shuts. :)

  237. The trophies will tell you all you need to know and cut through the bullshit like a knife through erh…. Bullshit.

    Hi Agag. :)

  238. I’d better not miss deadline day Adam!

  239. No team is perfect, everyone will always be able say “but if we signed him we would be better”. This is universal to all teams.

    We’ve played sub-standard players for sure. But that was in an era of constrained finances when Chelsea and Man City were snapping up the best players at stupid prices.

    Now we’re out of that period, and we’ve signed some amazing players. There’s a danger in changing too much too fast. There’s the simple fact that the right player might not be available. You can shout as much as you like that we need a top class stiker, or DM, or defender… but if there isn’t anyone suitable for us on the market, its either buy sub-standard or don’t buy at all.

  240. As a fan of Nigeria’s Super Eagles … we all enjoyed 1994, the very first time we played in the World Cup. In a tough group comprising Diego Maradona-led Argentina, Hristo Stoichkov’s Bulgaria and fellow debutantes, Greece, Nigeria powerfully sailed to the second round. But in less than 90 seconds to a famous elimination of Italy, Roberto Baggio struck, dragged the match with Italy’s Azurri to extra time and got eliminated by Baggio’s penalty. Nigerians were so devastated after few seconds to q-final.

    In 1998, Nigeria went to France, qualified again as group leaders in a group of death comprising Raul’s Spain, Bulgaria again and Paraguay…again we were unexpectedly sent parking by Denmark in second round.

    Suddenly Nigerian fans became tired of second round , called whole team names, sacked coach, disbanded the team … and prepared for 2002. In Korea/Japan, Nigeria saw herself again in the group of death comprising Argentina, England and Sweden. This time, Nigeria managed a solitary point against England to fly home from group stage. Only then did some of the fans appreciate our first two feats. Those that didn’t appreciate eventually were forced to do so when in Germany 2006, dear Super Eagles failed to qualify. Again in South Africa, we left with a solitary point from the Group stage.

    Nigerians then fully appreciated the favours we enjoyed getting to the second round as debutantes. In Brazil, we got to the second round and for the first time appreciated that team. The coach that led the team is on the verge of signing a four-year contract to lead the team through qualifiers and hopefully the next mundial in Russia.

    Why this tale? Arsenal fans should appreciate where they are … if we ever drop from top 4, we all know what Liverpool went through to get back and seeing what Man U is going through now. The game against Besiktas is very dicey … it’s a must win. Whatever should be done … if it means losing to Everton, let’s happily do so. Something tells me our next signings are waiting for us to push through into UCL.

  241. Tai, i’d settle for beating Everton and Besiktas.

  242. same here. The difference being Nigeria have never exactly been a footballing powerhouse. That shows that you had 1 lucky tournament. Arsenal were constantly at the top, fighting for titles. To slip this far, and go SO long without a trophy considering the team we had become, was pathetic.

  243. Esxste. You speak as if this has been going on for a season. It’s been like this for a decade. Every year we are told that we have the best squad ever and that we will win the PL when anybody who has watched football for a while has known that it was never going to happen. And it hasn’t has it?
    We are a huge club with a fantastic tradition and ground. When are we going to start acting like it in deeds other than words?
    I don’t know how often you get to the games but I can tell you that another season of failure and the fans will make themselves heard. They are sick of the torpor.

  244. But Rocky, don’t you see that it could have been so easily different. How much have the spuds spent in the last 5-10 years, how many managers have they gone through, in the quest to settle into the top 4? How about Liverpool, Everton?. Chelsea have spent about £1billion over the last 10 years, and while that’s bought them some successes, they haven’t blown away all competition. Leeds blew up trying to spend their way to success. It’s easy to get complacent about expectations. Man Utd supporters probably had never even had nightmares they’d have a season like last season. There is nothing wrong with demanding the best, but its wrong to minimise the success Arsenal have enjoyed and understate the achievement of remaining consistently good, when other teams would have failed.

  245. The sad fact is Arsenal where only a real powerhouse during the 30’s and even I can’t remember back that far. :D

  246. Bt, you think I’m that deluded not to want us to win both, or win every match we play for that matter? I just made a choice, pal.

    Rocky, Nigeria isn’t that a bad playing football nation not to have made a q-final yet. In Africa, Cameroun, Senegal, Ghana have all made q-finals…they’re all not bigger footballing powerhouses.

    For the past nine seasons. I’ve many times wondered how we made top 4 while Liverpool, Tottenham didn’t. It’s was never because we had better players…we only had a better manager and at times the luck.

    When we groan so much and forget not appreciating those favours, we may eat from the other side of the dinning. I’ve witnessed it with Nigeria…I wouldn’t wish for a second stroll with Arsenal.

  247. Adam, I’m merely saying that Arsenal has a long term plan when the built the stadium. Things happen that wern’t planned for. Man City would never have been expected in the plan. To an extent, niether was Abramovich. They made Wengers task that much harder. If Man Utd had continued to be the only team to beat, as they’d been all the way through the 90’s and early 00’s, we might have picked up a few more trophies along the way.

  248. Tai, in know way do i think your deluded, it’s your choice, mine is the other. pal.

  249. esxste. I understand that and it is a worthy and well trodden argument that I don’t disagree with. I am more concerned with tomorrow rather than recent history. I have argued Wenger’s case for years and years with friends and family but I have to admit that I really can’t see it happening any more, especially after the way he has carried on in this transfer window. Yes, he has bought in good players but we have lost good players too. Sanchez is a real plus but without a top striker to play alongside, how long will he or Ozil stick around? We went through the Cesc thing yesterday, but quite honestly, how many think that going to Everton with him in the squad would make us weaker?

  250. Good point Adam. I also wondered how long Ozil would stick around when we were going through our rough patch last year. Same with Sanchez this year if no WC is brought in. Must be demoralizing passing to that “footballer” up top

  251. Right. off to ante natal class. Catch you tomorrow

  252. Rocky. Breathe deeply now. :)

  253. Gjoe, wath would tell ya 1933/34/35 was our best ever hat-trick, even better than Dennis Bergkamps !

    Happy Birthday Highbury Houser’s.

  254. But its entirely unfair to disregard the recent past when despairing about the future. We came through that tough period in excellent condition given the circumstances. We had a strong base to which we added one world class player, and finished only a couple of results away from winning the league. We’ve signed more class players this year, so I struggle to see why people can be so negative about the future.

    With Cesc, he certainly wouldn’t have been a bad addition to our squad, but given a choice between him and a top class striker and DM, what do you prefer? It would have been £25-30m on a player we didnt necessarily need. It’s a shame he decided to go to the chavs and not stay at Barce though.

  255. Adam is right we have had the jam tomorrow syndrome for a long time. the crowd that attend the stadium and the ones that no longer enter the ground but turn up religiously to the local pubs on match days are growing tired of being told that it’s round the corner. There are many that have only witnessed the Wenger years , there are the rest of us that remember Whittaker , Mee and Graham bringing us success. We are not silly but many of us feel that we have been played by the club taking fortunes from us and giving us a certain level of commitment . We have seen bad days and good ones but when I hear and read people telling me how lucky I am to be an eternal runner up I can’t help feeling that they have swallowed the club’s excuses hook line and sinker.

  256. esxste :- So if you find we end up with that money still in the coffers and we don’t buy your needed player during this window , how would you feel about not buying a world class player that wanted to join us.

  257. Well done rico and congrates,

    Lets be honest,we all love our boys don’t we,
    rambo,jack,tommy,arteta,flamini,but lets be fair,
    holding the midfield against the top sides away from home,
    it’s never happened so far..has it.
    I would’nt back any of our boy’s even in an arm wrestle with some of these sides.

  258. Afternoon all…

    You still moaning? ;)

  259. now why do you always have to moan Rico??? When we spit and spat you complain. Now we behave and you complain as well.

    typical Arsenal supporter. :P

  260. rocky, so your nipper is due on the same day the transfer window closes. If make all the right signings between now and then and your little one is a boy and born on the 1st.

    You going to call him Arsene? lol

  261. Healthy debate, Rico…lol

  262. rico, they’ve been unstoppable. :P Haha. :) Happiest birthday to your baby HH. :)

    Hello, Adam and Micko, fred, potter, esx, and Tai.

  263. rico, nah. rocky will name the bubba “Olivier”, loooool. :lol:

    Hey ya, Dev.

  264. I think Rocky has gone for Sanogo if it’s a boy!

  265. You can never have too many world class players as far as I can see.

  266. Just kidding Devil/Bt…

    Thanks agag, 4 years eh, seems like only yesterday when it began..

    :) Lee, middle name Yaya then….

  267. Thanks fred, Micko, Rick and all others re HH..

  268. Adam, I agree, but they should also be grafters.

    Madrid with all their superstars did not win the Liga. And barely won the CL. And even when they were leading Ronaldo had to dive. :D

  269. Off to work enjoy the rest of the evening

  270. Ten Ray Parlours over ten sulky world class players for me Agag..

    Top players and grafters are the best….

  271. Doesn’t necessarily follow that every player has to be a galactico :- purely that horses are bought for courses and if you want a winger get one and if you want a defensive midfielder don’t try and fit an attacking one there.

  272. Potter, I’d have liked to see Cesc back in Red and White for sure. I don’t think I’ve swallowed the clubs line hook and sinker. People were complaining about not winning things, but Arsene and team delivered the FA Cup last season. They need to build on that and do even better this season, for sure. But I see no reason to complain right now. Everything seems to be more or less on track, given all the circumstances.

  273. Spot on potter.. How long have we been playing square pegs in round holes and we are still doing it now with players like Arteta, Jack and Santi to name just a few…

  274. But sometimes, potter, you buy a winger (Henry) and convert him to the best striker the premiership has ever seen. ;)

  275. On track, but still missing at least two proper players.

  276. All my opinions though, are affected by the fact I don’t pay for a season ticket, so perhaps my views are worth less in that regard. Although it has to be said, although those who do obviously wish to see us win Silverware, they can’t complain that they attend home games to regularly see us lose. Some supporters leave matches disappointed far more frequently than Arsenal’s do.

  277. Trouble is agag, because it worked with Henry and because a very young Anelka proved his worth, AW seems to think he can do it with every player and it’s not worked very often.

    Something similar is unfolding with Calum Chambers, although I think wherever he plays he’ll shine.

  278. Certainly looks that way, Rico, as long as his progress is managed right.

  279. Sneaky feeling he’ll end up as our holding/box to box midfielder Bt…

  280. Ten Parlours would be great.

    But ten Chambers would be unimaginable.

  281. Just looking back at the comments.

    Wath, in 11 days time, I hope we are all smiling…. :)

  282. I know, rico. :P Henry was exception making.

    Chambers has been a revelation for me. Wow, just wow.

  283. How about five of each Devil?

    Really impressed with way he has made the change Agag, he is so comfortable and assured. Just hope he doesn’t get overplayed, but then I hope that for all our players…

  284. hmmmm. it depends Rico.

    I would go for this……..

    Chambers, Parlour, Chambers, Chambers
    Parlour Parlour
    Chambers, Ramsey,Chambers

    Now that would be unbeatable.

    Oyyyy mates. try to better that if you can

  285. I’d rather Henry and Bergkamp up top Devil..

  286. So the undertall one has taken the ice bucket challenge.

    now, law of physics state that with cold many things shrink a bit……so did the undertall one shrink a bit??? lol

    imagine his teeny weeny sausage when it felt the cold ice water…..did it come out of his arse???

  287. Imo……I would buy two midfielders and simply put Ramsey up top instead of OG12.

    With the present system and playing style it would be a tad difficult to have these two upfront. we would have to change to 4-4-1-1

    But I concur with your idea.

    I still think that the above team would have been unbeatable

  288. Devil, I have deleted your last comment because I have just written something about that for tomorrow.. ;)

    You know that happens so often on here….

  289. Stop it Devil, tomorrow :)

  290. haha.

    I am a mystic Rico. I know what you are going to write in your posts the day before. Sometimes two or three days in advance. :P

  291. Evening Rico, Devil and all. Nothing like the impending end of a transfer window to get the juices flowing.

  292. Evening Adam. what do you think of my team combining Parlour, Ramsey and Chambers???

    Imo…..Ramsey would make a fine CF

  293. Too many water carriers Dev. :)

  294. But 100% commitment mate.

  295. Sorry, I was eating :)

  296. Chicken stew Rico???? Or….Chicken tikka masala??? Or..Sweet and sour Chicken???? Or…..Chicken with coconut kuku??? Or…Chicken escalopes???

  297. sorry if the chicken dishes are part of tomorrow’s article Rico. ;)

  298. lol Just watching the media conference with Wenger. No matter how hard he tries he can’t say YES….

    Reporter: It was rumours you’re after a CDM, are you after one?
    Wenger: Umm..*Pauses* We are not against it, no.

    *followed by laughter*

    He loves toying with us lol

  299. dont know how much is true but if we get Reus and/or Cavani on TOP of a DM and a CB it would be a mouthwatering TW

  300. He sure does Nickie…

  301. Eduardo Vargas just signed by QPR on loan…exactly where he should play…

  302. Dev, Ramsey as CF? You mean ‘false 9’?

  303. I honestly believe Wenger when he says that we won’t be making an attacking signing

  304. why not Tai??

    Even as an out and out CF……I think he would cut the mustard. If he scores so much from midfield and is intelligent in his play, I think he would be a success there.

    I agree with AW……he has the ability to be far superior to Cesc.

  305. No goals at half time in theU21 game against Derby
    Akpom hit post on 40mins Crawley misses sitter on 45.
    It sounds like a good game.

  306. I don’t Nickie…

  307. It is being stated we have offered £40 mill +Giroud for Cavani
    Total offer £40 mill+£1pound.

  308. Dev,

    Can a poor header of the ball truly play CF in the EPL? That’s about the only of Ramsey’s qualities that is really below average… in fact quite poor..

    I know he’s even presently at par with Cesc in positive play, lower in class to passing but miles ahead in defending…not bringing sentiments, I’d choose today’s Ramsey over today’s Cesc.

  309. :) potter, the last line is funny.

  310. Ha ha Rick, I like that….

  311. Imo…..these players are the current world class players….Koscielny, Chambers, Ozil, Ramsey and Sanchez.

    You might ask…..Chambers?? already???

    Imo I think he is already there. The boy oozes class and he will be a top footballer one day.

    AW should look for more young players from clubs who play in England. Just look at Aaron and Chambers.

  312. Tai…….was TH14 a good header of the ball??? :lol:

  313. I wouldn’t say Chambers is WC yet Devil, not by a long way. And why even judge him to that level right now, let the guy mature, learn and show what he’s made of…

  314. lol it will be an intriguing deadline day. Lots of people predicting lots of different things. No. of players, positions etc. Will be a great day on here that’s for sure. Wenger could stun us all and sign no one :p hehe

  315. Only if Wenger will protect Chambers by not overplaying him. Ramsey was at that level when Showcross chattered his leg…he just picked it up after three years. Wilshere was ahead of what Chambers presently is when overuse forced him out for 18 months…he’s yet to come back to his 19-year old form!

    Aw must protect Chambers…I’ll be gutted if he starts against Everton.

  316. he is there already imo…..I just hope he stays level headed and humble enough. And I believe he is as well.

  317. If you remember Rico….Scott and I were banging about Aaron before he had his leg broken. We were telling people he was WC. And we were laughed at.

  318. i’d like to see a Chambers along side Ramsey tbh. With Ox and Campbell on the wings, ozil in behind Sanchez

  319. TH14? Not quite but he’s much better than Ramsey with the head….besides, Henry’s pace is phenomenal…Ramsey lacks pace

    I won’t put Koscielny and Chambers in the world class bracket…very good players…Chambers could make that grade from what we’ve seen. Kos is at peak … he’s great but can’t call him world class. Ozil, Sanchez, Ramsey…definitely.

  320. I think any signings will e done before DD, just.. ;)

    Devil, many were saying the same about Ramsey before his horrid injury, everyone could see his talent. The doubt came when he returned and when AW kept playing him out of position. He was awful then and that’s why so many had concerns..

  321. I don’t think Ramsey is world class either, not yet. He’s bloody good, but not world class….

  322. hmmmm…..Ramsey, Chambers alongside each other. Theo on the right, Ox on the left (or vice versa). If Jack gets his act together it would mean a British Core…….

    Ramsey, Chambers
    OX, Jack, Theo

    All we need is a good English CF

  323. I thought you would Rico.
    Maitland-Niles has given us the lead scoring from a brilliant through ball from Chriss Olsson.
    G/K Macey in very good form.

  324. rico, I don’t think of any team in the world that would not play Ramsey. his incredible work rate and goal scoring ability will always get him a starter’s role…and if it’s true, that qualifies him as world class.

  325. With Ramsey I just don’t want his ability to go to his head. He needs to keep grounded and keep playing it simple like last year. He sometimes “skills” himself into trouble or takes it no where. It looks like he’s trying too hard to top last season already and it’s having a negative impact on his performances

  326. Rick?

    I disagree Tai.. Like I said, he’s very very good, but world class is just that and imo, Ramsey isn’t there, yet.

  327. You have a point Nickie…

  328. Ok, rico…from my own definition, I know Ramsey is world class.

  329. :) Tai, you are easily pleased then. lol

  330. Maybe, rico…and I’ve been enjoying life that way. Better for me than being excessively critical.

  331. What day is actual DD ? is it Monday 1st or Sunday 31st?

  332. Tai. I find realism is the best….

    On that note. Night all…

    Catch up tomorrow…

  333. Final Score 1-1.
    Derby goal pen on 80min.
    In granstand finish Derby g/K made 2 great saves to deny Akpom scoring the winner.

  334. Happy Birthday Highbury House…

    Well done Rico, the Cobras are on me…

  335. OK, knock out Besiktas this Wednesday then let’s see some bloody intent Arsene.

    Let’s see you bring in Manolas, Reus, Balotelli and Carvalho…

    Then we might see a seriously competitive Arsenal in both the CL & EPL…

    Otherwise it’s the domestic cups and a top three finish…
    Which, in itself, is good, but if that’s the case, fair enough.
    But don’t bullshit us anymore about winning the two big prizes.
    Because Arsene, frankly, all the bullshit is getting fcuking boring mate…

    Night All and Mick….

  336. Morning all, the media are reporting this morning Arsenal are ready to bid £40m plus Olivier Giroud for PSG’s Edison Cavani

  337. Good Morning Baby Looney Tunes.

    Morning Luznic……If they are offering £40mill+OG12 then it equates to £40,000,001 according to some geezer who posted yesterday. Cant remember who it was but I was LMAO when I read it.

  338. Morning all.
    Kev. I loved your 11.57 mate. :)

  339. Morning Adam.

    Early riser today mate

    I loved your 6.49 am

  340. Can’t we throw Sanogo in as well…

  341. Devil. Yes, but I fell back asleep for an hour. :)
    Morning Brudder.

  342. Over cooked it last night Brudder! :(

  343. Sounds like a touch of over refreshment. Still the settee can be nice sometimes.

  344. I find that hard to believe Lee. :)

  345. I’ll be spot welded to mine ce soir!

  346. Morning Lee, Adam, Devil, Potter, Luznic and all…

    Thanks Kev, I look forward to those… ;)

  347. Sad to see Gazza making the news this morning….

  348. Had a few glasses of a very nice Cabernet last night…

    Morning Rico, the Cobras are on ice M’Lady… ;-)

    Morning Adam, thanks mate, looks as if Balotelli has gone…
    £16m, what a fcuking joke!

    Giroud for Cavani eh?

    If that was gonna happen, then why did Wenger cup-tie OG..?

  349. Morning Kev.

    I’ve taken a liking to Red Stripe.. :)

  350. You have issues Rico. ;)

  351. Not sure why we arent offering Sanogo + 40m? It still equals 40m +1.
    Seriously though, Im not in favour of losing Giroud if possible. He’s never injured, and totally a decent #2 striker. Just not cutting edge #1 quality. It would be terrible if we traded away Giroud to get another striker, only for him to be injured. Buy, dont trade.

  352. Belated happy birthday to the House and all the Housers therein! He we have another exciting year on the ‘gossip exchange’!
    Still away doing market research and missionary work in Scotland!
    Sorry the new province of the Commonwealth!
    I continue to live in hope and expectation of marvellous things to come this season!
    Am I mad?

  353. Morning all, asking the same questions kev @ 9:36am

  354. tbh….I donot want OG12 gone.

    we got the money….spend it….get a CB, DM and Cavani or a good striker. If the striker is European the better

  355. I’m beginning to wonder Lee… ;)

  356. Thanks Wavy, men in white coats are on their way… ;)

  357. I too think swapping Cavani for Giroud would be a strange one as we’d still end up having the same problem if injury struck.

    Like you say Devil, we have the money so if AW plans to sign a striker, add to who we have, not swap…

    Then loan Sanogo.

  358. Morning All,
    Kev sums it up mate..11.57

  359. How about the mancs 50million on 2 leftbacks.
    we know what system flatnose will be playing then.

  360. Morning fred…

  361. New post up now..

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