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No New Players Close. They Should be Arsene!

Morning all.

On this day back in 1995, Dennis Bergkamp made his debut for us against Middlesbrough at Highbury. We only managed a 1-1 draw but regardless, it was the start of a wonderful relationship between Bergkamp, Arsenal FC and the fans…

Last night was grim.

Aaron Ramsey, who has so many times been our saviour, showed immaturity to pick up two bookings which will see him miss next Wednesday’s do or die match. Shirt pulling, the first was silly enough but to go and repeat such antics and get sent off was stupid.

Mikel Arteta hobbled off injured and it’s looking likely that he’ll miss the second leg too.

Olivier Giroud, well he could have won the game and given us a huge away goal which would have given us a great advantage in this tie but his shooting boots and his legs were clearly missing last night.

Alexis shone, as did Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain when he replaced our Chilean international but why the pair of them weren’t on the pitch at the same time amazes me. Wilshere, Cazorla, Arteta to name just a few just didn’t get into the game. Cazorla seldom does when playing on the left. Calum Chambers was again a rock in the centre of defence, a defence which did well to keep a clean sheet.

We were fortunate not to conceded and Ba came very close to doing just that from the kick off. Thankfully Szczesny was alert to tip the ball onto the bar.

Our midfield just isn’t right. Arteta, Ramsey and Wilshere just doesn’t work in my opinion. Not one of them is good or strong enough to protect our defence when needed and last night should have been clearly obvious to Arsene Wenger that he needs to sign a defence minded midfielder as if he doesn’t, we’ll be ripped apart all too often. Maybe the injury to Mikel Arteta will force him to act, not that he should need last night to make him realise we need that kind of player, it’s been clear for a while.

Callum Chambers, as good as he is proving he is, is just 19 years old. He’s played all through pre-season and if he carries on playing each week, he’ll soon be either injured, or exhausted and that would be wrong and unfair on such a talented player. Yes we have Mertesacker coming back but he alone isn’t enough, we desperately need a CB.

On last night’s showing, I’m slowly joining the ‘we need a striker’ camp to because Giroud really was woeful. He could so easily won that match for us.

The bright side of the game was Alexis and the very nearly goal from Oxlade-Chamberlain who was denied by the post. Chambers too had a chance near the end but he just couldn’t get his headed on target.

After the match Arsene Wenger talked about the defence:

We are a bit short at the back, yes you’re right. But we should have Mertesacker and Ozil and Podolski available again at the weekend. Let’s hope they are in good shape when we go home.

And his transfer plans:

Not at the moment, no. I have nothing special to add on that at the moment. Honestly, we are not close to signing anybody.

I hope he’s lying!

We’re not out of the Champions League just yet and if the club get a move on and make a couple of signings, we won’t be next week either.

Before then though, we face a very tricky trip to Everton…….

That’s your lot, have a good day all….


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273 comments on “No New Players Close. They Should be Arsene!

  1. good post Rico

  2. Morning rico, all,

    Nice post …summed up the very disappointing match last night.

  3. Shaddup OZ :)
    Morning all.

  4. I thought it was rubbish oz, a bit like Giroud last night… lol

  5. Rico, post says it all really, on our three Germans returning, none has played a competitive match since the WC, let us all pray, they hit the ground running.

  6. Morning Tai, thanks

  7. Sorry, morning all….

  8. Woeful performance last night…. Chambers had a good game, so every cloud and all that!
    I still think we’ll qualify but talk about do it the hard (Arsenal) way…
    Good post Rico!

  9. Good report Rico…..but one thing……even if AW signs players, they will not be able to play next Wednesday. So we have to do with what we have.

    I would keep the defence as it is. but midfield I would tweak…….Flamini, Jack, TR07.

    So that would make it…..

    Debuchy, Chambers, Kos, Monreal
    Flamini, Jack, TR07
    OX, Giroud, Sanchez

    If Joel does not get on the pitch then it means he is off.

    I do not know if Per/Ozil/Pod will be ready. But if yes they should not begin, especially Per.

    Incidentally……without Per and Arteta next Wednesday I will put Flamini as captain.

  10. Bt, none will cure the midfield problems though and if AW his putting all his hopes on their return he’s a fool.

    Podolski, well he seldom plays, Ozil might paper over Ramsey missing but I seriously worry about our midfield.

    However, I bet Merts will partner Kos and Chambers will be thrown into the centre of midfield.

    Joel Campbell. Why didn’t he come on last night when it was clear Giroud was really struggling. Campbell is quicker and more direct…

  11. Thanks Lee & Devil..

    Arteta injury might be a blessing in disguise.

    Ivan needs to sort our transfers out and rapidly…

  12. We do need a striker.
    This time, I have changed my mind :)
    Actually, I’ve just made my mind up…..

  13. Devil, I’m seriously worrying about Everton before Besiktas…

  14. Why are our three Germans not ready but Schurrle played and scored on Monday?

  15. I think its not the CL situation which has meant AW not getting other bodies in.

    I think its the TW…….he will get 2 or 3 at the end so that their price will drop. I am sure of that.

    Whether we agree or not is another matter.

    But if our net spend is around the 45mill mark than it will mean that with 15mill he might get 3 players. That leaves a tidy sum of 40mill to be added on to next year’s transfer kitty.

  16. On Giroud … he’s no new signing and we’re all used to what he can offer. What worried me is why he’d use ages to physically recover from a world cup he left at the q-final stage…while Schurrle who played in the final is playing great and scoring too.

    Brings me to why we’re keeping our German trio out of matches when all Bayern players, Schurle, Messi, Di maria, Demicheles, Aguero, Higuain, etc that played in same final are scoring already playing.

    Ts told me we had extra one week to play in FA Cup final…what about Di Maria that played a week later in UCL final? Didn’t he play for Madrid yesterday?

    Why is a club that desperately needed her players more than others, regarding our UCL qualifiers, carried on as if we had the luxury?

  17. Absolutely Rico, not saying they’re the answer, but at the minute, we need every possible player available. As for Campbell, you’ll have to ask Arsene, perhaps you’ll get a straight answer, though i doubt it…..

  18. I really hope we go for a midfield 3 of Flamini, Ramsey, Rosicky with real widemen. Sanchez and Ox on wings with Campbell/Giroud(no other options) up front. Why we persist on having 9 paceless players on the pitch is disgusting.

    Shame for Arteta, He hasn’t looked bad at all.

    Alexis must be feeling a bit sick. Goes from supplying Messi to being 10 metres away from Giroud and his broken feet

  19. I thought Wenger would be different this season- make team selections according to opposition- but I’m being disappointed. this has been exactly the same players since Community Shield except those omitted cos of injuries. why won’t players get injured when you don’t rotate? Thank God that I didn’t watch the game yesterday. Against CPFC,they didn’t play well and yet he went ahead and played the same team. Arteta has played full 90mins in few days at his age,why won’t he get injured?

    I thought Shad would advise him against playing Arteta so much in few days.

    if Wenger does not rotate,bringing in Shad will be a waste of resources.

    morning All

  20. two games played……..Chambers got the MOM for the 2nd time running.

  21. Scott. It must be me. I thought when you said Wenger should go that you believed he wasn’t the right man for the job any more. But, as you now say we will win the PL I naturally assumed you had changed that view. :)

  22. Just what I don’t understand either Lee.

  23. I alos hope he is lying. The thought of playing against the top 5 or 6 with Arteta as DM is worrying.

    If Arsene equipped himself with the players he could win it all. How well we do with some of the quality of player we have seen at THOF is remarkable when you think about it.

    I don’t understand why Arsene doesn’t buy a big DM, and I am starting to shift towards the we need a CF camp as well.

    We have the money, we must be the most attractive team in the Prem for a striker at the moment. The only other two clubs that could challenge us are Citeh and Chavski. And as a striker you would fancy getting ahead of Giroud first, surely? Plus we have the Ozil et al to create chances.

    My priority for signings would be


    Although its a very small difference between them.

  24. Bt, sorry, my comment sounded like I was questioning you, it’s Wenger my moan was directed at. lol

    He’s making out like the 3 Germans will be our saviour but they won’t.

  25. I still think Campbell is off out on loan…

    Have a sneaky feeling that when Ozil is back, Alexis will play up front..

  26. Priority for me has changed. CF IS as important as a new CB. I’m at the end of my tether with Giroud. We would have won the league last season if he was half decent at finishing. Last night we could have had an easy second leg. To watch that is embarrassing. City, Chelsea, Liverpool fans laughing at us and rightly so with that clown up front.

  27. The reality of the season is very different to the fantasy of the transfer window when everything seems possible. It is of course very early and I can’t imagine right now why I thought things might look any different. For me, it is the predictability and lack of freshness that is disheartening.
    Still, things might change.

  28. Rico,didn’t take that way….Arsene, needs saved, from himself…lol

  29. I was quite shocked when I logged on to HH after last night’s game. I thought I’d stumbled onto LG by mistake such was the vitriol. As soon as I saw the ploughed field the game was being played on I knew it was going to be tricky. Add in the strongarm tactics such as the forearm in Giroud’s face and the ref who did the usual token booking for them followed by loads for us and we did well to come home with a draw. In my opinion Rambo’s second booking was a joke. The most he did was put his hand on the guy! You’d be lucky to get a foul for that in basketball!! Straight after one of theirs pull Jack back and didn’t even get spoken to. Giroud is copping almighty stick everywhere and I agree he was poor but it was his first start of the season and he was getting fouled pretty much every time the ball was played in to him which made it even more difficult to control the ball on that excuse for a pitch. I’m prepared to cut him and the team some slack. If we nause it up next week I may not be so generous!

  30. I’d exhale now Adam.

  31. I was shocked the other time when many people here preferred the EPL title to UCL title… I still can’t get over it. We may then get our wish. If we get knocked out, then we’d concentrate on winning a competition most of us prefer.

    Other than that, I’d personally prefer we lost 0 – 6 at Everton and beat Besiktas by 1 – 0. That return tie would even be trickier at the Emirates…one away goal, and they’re quite capable of that, and we could have a terrible night.

    Dev, with Flamini’s careless tackles, I’d rather see Chambers in the holding role as long as Per comes out without injury against Everton … and come to think of it, Kos too.

    I’m worried too why Wenger prefers Carzola from the left when there’s Chamberlain…

    Like someone noted overleaf, Giroud yesterday made Sanogo look world class…but I’m not slating Giroud … finishing is not why he still strikes for Arsenal. He needs to get into gear and fast. Sanchez? Hard worker … but why he wasn’t switching positions last night baffled me.

  32. Morning all,
    Our Germans are ready, the WC was their pre-season if you like, already up to fitness and have had a nice little break as well, it’s not like they’ve been pigging out on the couch all summer, they’re all in good physical shape.

    Not a bad CL debut by Chambers as you say rico, probably Girouds worst game for us.

  33. Tai, don’t tempt fate, ref Everton 6..

  34. Ahhhh. Thanks Lee, that’s better. :)
    Tai. The PL is a much more important and difficult prize.

  35. Micko, Merts and Podolski should be well rested too… lol

    On the bright side, Giroud can only get better…

    Bob, I thought we were quite reserved on here… lol

  36. every team wants their home title surely?

  37. I just want to see more pace in that line up. I want to see Ramsey play it more simple. I want to see us scaring the opposition, our attacks seem like they’re almost built out of luck at the moment and not true football.

  38. Sale giroud
    Change our strikers
    if have giroud,Wenger don’t buy another striker

  39. By the time Wenger see’s out his current 3 year contract he will have been with us for 21 years…… Sounds too crazy to be true !

  40. kya – I don’t think we’ll sign another striker.

  41. I honestly think we’d have been a lot better had Alexis and OC started together. More pace and more direct…

  42. i said in the summer when the press were banging on about it Wenger would not sign anyone who would threaten the playboy and so it is – predictable to the core. We are looking very light on already again – another window wash out or will the budget buys be drafted in to plaster other those cracks?

  43. To be sincere, giroud has never prrove to be a striker worthy of starting for arsenal, even if we qualify to the group stage without a better striker upfront we’ll still be humiliated by team like bayern nd barca. Wenger know he need a striker yet he wont buy, a DMF he wnt buy, d old prof is waitn for his new signing abou diaby to come back, fool! Marsh already write us off the premier league just after a match played. So so bad for us, i believe most of us arsenal fan believe we cant win either premier league or UCL without a better striker than dat model up front. Still a gunner anytime.

  44. Adam … a more difficult prize, maybe…but much more important? I’d never come to grips with that one.

    Bt, we can lose to Everton by even wider margin and still win the EPL.

    If we get knocked out by Everton, we certainly won’t get the desired extra signings we’re hoping for. Even Manolas is rumoured to have eyes on Juventus…he’d abandon us once we crash out. And besides, Arsenal is too big a club not to be found on Tuesdays’ and Wednesdays’ nights of Europen football.

    Again, winning Everton doesn’t guarantee us the title. So, in AW’s shoes, I’d just use that Everton game as a preparatory match to the Besiktas game…rest whoever is an injury risk and give game time to some players. I’d definitely rest Chambers

  45. Totally agree Rico, I said yesterday Wenger makes it well known we are fatigued yet decides to play one on the left wing for 90 minutes (who doesn’t have the tools to play there anymore) when we have Ox and Campbell on the bench arguably fresher. Madness

  46. Tai- I think you have misquoted me above..

    What I said was FIfa say a minimum of 4 weeks continuous break a year has to be given to all new players…

    Most clubs like to give their players 5 weeks plus 1 week at winter…

    The comparison in my view should be why Schurle is back and Ozil and co are not?

    But they have been back for 2 weeks; the same time as Schurle came to Chelsea but we have decided to let them have 2 weeks non-competitive training re. Forsthe (spelling).
    Kroos and James joined new clubs and so like Sanchez they forsaked their extra holiday to settle in…

    Schurle knows he is under Jose and can’t afford to play catch up…

    Yes, AW is soft but if we can win the first 3 or so games without the 3 Germans then we must as well throw in the towel…

  47. Adam, I hoped Wenger would win the Cup and leave with his head held high.
    I didn’t think he deserved the abuse he copped, so winning a trophy would give him the perfect send off, which I believed he deserved.
    I don’t rember saying he’s not the right man for the job.

  48. I really enjoy reading the posts here, unfortunately I don’t have the time to comment usually but I’ve 10mins to spare today. Yipee!!
    Giroud looks very unfit. With Campbell sitting on the bench I don’t understand why he isn’t given a chance, maybe he’s not up to it in Wengers eyes.
    Glaring necessities are a CB & DM. I cud live without signing a striker if these positions were filled. But to watch how open we have been in the first to games and not to address it is asking for trouble. Imagine what Chelski & Shitty will do to us if we play that open.
    Saying that though, it’s only 2 games in and we are still finding our feet. With Ozil & Per back, oh and Theo, we will cause havoc from every area…..hopefully..

  49. Morning all btw…

    Good read Rico…

    The ‘doom slayers’ are back in full swing… 10 days ago it was all gravy after lifting the Community Shield… Scott, have a word. ;)

    Turkish teams are not easy opposition…

    Oddly, we have not won a game on the 19th Aug for a long time…

    who remembers the loss in 2000 against newly promoted Sunderland; we had PV, DB10 etc btw…

  50. Tai, any Arsenal team, that looses 6 or any big score is not acceptable, be it Everton or anyone for that matter.

  51. tsgh – morning mate

  52. Tai, right now, I can’t see how AW can afford to rest Chambers. I can see him moving into midfield if Arteta’s injury is bad..

    Thanks Ts, no doom slayers as you put it, just fans being realistic about how our squad looks right now. And its frail…

  53. Oz- realistically there are/were only Remy, Bony and Balo’ who we can buy as strikers…

    Balo’ most folks do not want with us and Bony, well he is an African so is not wanted…

    It is what it is…
    unfortunately AW does not do squad management or rotation but squad pecking-order…

    So if you are number 17th on the list then you come in ahead of a player who is more suitable to play in a better position.

    Currently, Ox is ahead of TR07 so Ox will come in and take Arteta or Ramsey’s place even though Ox is not ready to start games in CM imo…

  54. Well, Ts, I wasn’t in any way trying to ‘quote’ you in a negative light.

    First time I brought the issue up and used Schurle, you told me our players had extra one week of FA Cup final which Schurle didn’t … I then asked what of the weeks Ozil was out injured…you still replied period on injury table didn’t count…and I accepted it. When I saw Di Maria play against Athletico last night , I remembered he played a week after our FA Cup triumph in the UCL final.

  55. just dont see Sanchez as a central striker at all must be honest but no doubt we’ll see – he has taken the place of Ozil as the great Arsenal hope for the championship with the press – Wenger has listed him they say, as a striker when he’s a forward – i have headache haha!

  56. Agree Nickie. Madness.

    Glad you took the plunge Padar. lol

    Campbell’s exclusion suggests to me he could be going out on loan and AW doesn’t want him tied for the CL.

  57. And on winning without the trio, Ozil and Per are two of our most important players … we should have our best players on the pitch when playing any game in UCL or EPL.

    I just can’t get it why AW gives players extended returns as if they’d never get injured…then overplays the ones in his fold …and get them injured. Perhaps, it was good that Ramsy got injured. He has Wilshere to rotate with our most important player presently but continues playing Ramsey every minute!

  58. Rico – never saw anything in Campbell’s resume that suggested he was ever the standard we needed – one look at his last 3 year output as a striker told a story in itself – ffs can’t we just buy someone to strike fear into the opposition at CF. Is it really that hard?

  59. True Rico…
    But folks were saying lets be positive until close of transfer window…

    in my view we have not improved the squad but most tell me we have so fair enough…

    Debuchy who some folks thought was not good enough when we last played NUFC in April is now all of a sudden far superior to BS who played over 250 games for us without any cover in front of him whilst Debuchy has played with arguably the most tactical and hardworking winger we have hard since Parlour left us…

    At least with BS as I have been saying all along we could have assurance that he can cover CB positions if needed.

    Looking at it logically we beat Fene’ last season who on paper are stronger than Beskitas… the positive is we kept a clean sheet but it also means we have to keep a clean sheet at home at all cost…

    We will qualify beating them 3-1 next week but to me it is just signs of the season ahead…

  60. I can re Alexis oz…

  61. Goodness goodness me… Quality signings required at CDM, CB, CF … We all know it, we’ve need a CDM since Vierra. A CF since RvP. A CB since, well we all knew TV would leave. This return leg is going to be tricky… and Im not liking the injury situation already! My panic button is pushed.

  62. I understand what you are saying Tai…
    It is what it is I am afraid.

    Even for a staunch AW supporter; I have to take my AW goodgles off and wonder what is going on…

  63. tsgh – agree 100% on BS – Debuchy has a long long way to go to fill those shoes mate – also agree we’ll do them next week and all will be swept back under carpet…. till the next time

  64. Oz- I can’t see Sanchez as a central striker either based on how he played for Udinese and Barca’

    Maybe Aw should play him on the lhs instead as like Bobby pires he plays better there than on the rhs…

    Sanchez also scored 1 goal in the WC as did JC…

    I am not saying or trying to compare the two but like LS07 first 1.5 seasons in this league he will have up and downs…

    At this moment the media are most likely dusting off their pens to write and question why Costa has scored in 1 game whilst AS17 hasn’t yet… just a thought.

  65. Rico – make you wonder why Wenger did that – adds him as a striker and plays the hapless Sanogo with quality midfielders on the bench? Any ideas?

  66. I’m sure fans are staying positive until the transfer window closes Ts, doesn’t stop us talking about how we play etc…

  67. roger, un push it.. lol

  68. tsgh – i think the media have been overboard with Wenger praise TBH – The amount of times i have read we’re now the real deal is ridiculous – one 18 year old gamble, 2 players replacing others and another midfielder added and that makes us the real deal? I like Chambers dont get me wrong but he’s still a risk at this level and look how long we waited for Walcott to actually show anything.

  69. I’ve no idea oz, but I do think Sanogo will come good.. Ok, off to get my tin hat on… lol

  70. We are not the real deal yet….a few more signings and they may be :)

  71. Morning all, good post rico. Last night’s game was an eye opener , we truly really need a CF if we want to score more goals.Giroud should have killed off the game . As for the DM and CB positions they are too glaring to ignore.

  72. I’m sure he is Rico. We can forget any business until deadline day. Couldn’t bare a defeat to Everton and Besiktas. I find it funny, we go mad when Wenger doesn’t make movement in the market but when he has one of his most active/successful windows in a while he still cocks it up lol

    I hate Mourinho with a passion but…credit where credit is due, he knew his weaknesses, knew what his team were missing and got it done. He’s ruthless in that aspect and actually rotates. He also doesn’t put players in positions where you think “why are they playing there”. I don’t buy into the “he has money to do it” Arsenal do too and players want to be here.

  73. Thanks bondex, CDM and CB are just as you say, glaringly obviously needed….

  74. Scott – agree mate but how long do we keep saying this mate? Surely this was the time to really make the statements on world class. He’s hidden behind not having any money IMO and is now having to admit we can compete – so come on man, show us, there are plenty of positions he can add depth and options to :-)

  75. Oz, do to ask me, i have no idea.
    We’ve bought well so far, but the jobs not done.
    How many of us know what will happen from here on in?

  76. Ts, I’ve always learnt that talking about our strengths after watching one bad Arsenal match, is usually a lonely route. But I toe that path often enough.

    Yes, BS was a solid player for all the six seasons he played for us…but Debuchy is no step down imo..

    Otherwise, we have significantly strengthened…Sanchez has an astonishing work rate. He’d certainly drag others along with him as the team settle.

    TV wasn’t the player we had in his first two seasons in his last two… never could come in for Per and keep our defensive shape. Chambers is a step up on TV … he can partner both Kos and Per.

    Fabianski did well in his last season … we can only hope…but I get this feeling Ospina is a better goalkeeper…

    Plus of course, we lost just Sagna as a player we didn’t want to lose … but considering his age, we’re going to replace him one day.

    Ozil will be having his second season…and with Sanchez, that’s definitely an improvement. I also believe Wilshere will kick off his real career this season. Ox too.

    Giroud was awful yesterday but I can’t say do away with him because of one match. We all know what he can offer … finishing has never been one of them.

  77. Wenger is also going to need a big summer next year if he doesn’t address the CDM problems. Cazorla, Rosicky, Arteta, Pod, Flamini….will they be useful next year? the wise heads and older core may need some spring cleaning. The CM options next year are lacking, especially if Jack is tripe, which after 2 games looks like he’s on the same old road.

    Sorry to be doom and gloom. Year after year it seems its our ” big year” and I do commend Wenger for what he has done in the window so far but judging by his comments (maybe 1 more), it seems like he doesn’t want to finish the job off.

  78. I’m not sure we’ll be waiting until then Nickie, too risky..

  79. Debuchy seems of similar ability to Sagna, I reckon, so he’s more than a replacement considering he’s several years younger.
    Plenty look for the negatives, yet accuse me and a few others of always looking at the positives.
    Maybe we are all guilty then.

  80. Tai – i am seriously worried about Jack TBH – he’s showing very little either.

  81. We did last summer Rico when we had all that money and the squad was calling out for reinforcements. Didn’t we have to wait deadline day for Kallstrom aswell. 11 days to go, we aren’t really heavily/nailed on to sign anyone and Wenger himself has said we are absolutely close to no one. It stinks of deadline day shambles

  82. been saying it a long time. with a world class striker, we,d of won that match. arsene wenger is not the same man he was 10 to 15 years ago.He just doesnt think the same as he did. players like cazorla,too inconsistant ,flamini, arteta,monreal,sanogo,rosicky and even poldi would simply not get into a top team. thats why we will continue to fight for 3rd and 4th place at best under him. I question he,s ambition in every transfer window, when lately he,s bought 1 or 2 .v good players, but it,s never enough.and those that say this is our year, are just setting them selves up for a dissapointing seaon.

  83. Oz, Jack is a massive worry.

  84. Lets hope they are in good form ???? So Wenger havnt got a clue if his best players are ready or not,horrific manegement at 8 mil a year good grief !!!

  85. Scott, I’m with you re Debuchy, younger and already looks like he’s been at Arsenal for years. I see nothing negative in him whatsoever…

  86. Scott – everyone around here reminds he of how highly i rated him, just don’t get what happened to all that talent

  87. Nickie, but we’ve already made four good signings, last summer we hadn’t done anything other than Sanogo. I can see a surprise on DD but I still think 1/2 will be in before then..

  88. Rico – its not negative, he does look ok, in fact, looks very good but is he a good replacement for BS – time will tell is all i was saying

  89. Oz, me too.
    I thought he was world class two years ago.
    Some say he’s not Improved.
    In some aspects, I reckon he’s gone backwards.

  90. tbh I think Debuchy has been our real stand out performer in the last 3 games and has deserved a motm himself. He got caught out once last night which lead to Arteta’s injury, other than that I’m really please we signed him. Was sceptical before and will admit I called for Aurier.

  91. Oz, Scott,

    I liked what I saw of Jack yesterday. Imo, Jack is a B2B midfielder and should … Wenger should settle with him and Ramsey in that position instead of making certain both play together. Should Ramsey go missing for 10 games, Jack will shine in b2b role.

  92. From a Villa site

    Randy Lerner, who as we all know is looking to sell the club, is set to appoint a new CEO apparently.

    At the moment we have the finance director Robin Russell doing the role but according to The Telegraph reporter John Percy we are set to appoint Arsenal chief commercial officer Tom Fox.

    The report says Villa are in advanced talks with Mr F.

    The Telegraph says Fox is “highly regarded at Arsenal” explaining the American set up their £170million kit deal with Puma last year. He was appointed by the Gunners in 2009. He has also been president of NBA Asia.

    The report goes on to quote Lambert saying Randy has been excellent and he is looking to fund a couple more purchases.

  93. Speculate to accumulate. That’s what the January window is for. Tai is correct in saying that should we not qualify then players will not come and that is why they should have been tied up last January whilst we were still contending. Wenger has followed the path of all old people something that I am well aware of. As you get older you become more cautious , he is not as dynamic as he once was , that’s why salesmen get the sack after 50 and youngsters come in.

  94. Oz, may be if you look at the dugout, you’ll find the answer.

  95. Debuchy and Chambers for me..

    I’m going to be cocky and say that I posted that our replacement for Sagna was at Newcastle… ;) ;)

  96. Potter, there’s a flip side to that. To players should realise that if they signed, they would probably guarantee our qualification.

    And, it didn’t bother Alexis….

  97. is it just me or do we always seem to waiting for something, excuses maybe? I mean again, how often have we heard this same excuse over the years

  98. Potter. I agree. We like to think of ourselves as decent people and we have a high amount of affection for Wenger for sure, but football is moving on and tactics where fluidity is the key seems the way to go. Those who come down on anybody who dare criticise Wenger quite obviously see this as somehow disloyal. I think it is entirely ok to change one’s opinion as all we can judge by is what we see. I think Arsene is predictable on and off the field where he was, as you say, dynamic. Today he seems cautious but perhaps with good reason. He has never done that well with big money buys and most of his successes have come from nurturing young talent.

  99. rico,

    Alexis was done early enough…all that mattered then was we’re in it … as draws were made and speculations get on…no one would place a definite bet then…if we had got Athletico, it could have been worse. No player who rejected Man U because of non UCL football would sign for Arsenal now. They have to be certain we qualified.

    Unless we’re going for average players, I just don’t see any signing before next Wednesday’s night.

  100. breaking news rio ferdinand sectioned under the mental health act. Rio Ferdinand: Man Utd will win the title, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool have no chance, wow thats a true quote he goes on to say “Manchester United will win because they have a good manager. Wayne Rooney is a good choice as captain. This is his 10th year and he will be top scorer in the League this s season. jesus the mans deluded, harry have a word with with im.

  101. potter quite agree on January…if Man U hadn’t grabbed Juan Mata when they did, he wouldn’t have left Chelsea for a non UCL team…pride before other considerations.

  102. Tai, and we are still in it.

    We’ll just have to wait and see but I hope we see a couple in before next week.

  103. Ok, rico … I’d be happy, just as I know you would.

  104. Rico, get the trolley out….

  105. :) Bt, Aldi here we come….

  106. Hope they’ve got late opening…

  107. It’s a results driven business.
    Our two results have been positive.
    Our performances have been very average.
    A week ago, things were positive due to the signings, but with the realisation we need more.
    Two results, and neither was a bad one, but look what happens.
    Come on guys.
    We have some World Cup winning quality to return.
    We have Theo to come back.
    We have plenty of players to find top form.
    Yes, we need two or three players, but why are so many focusing on that?
    When the window ends, that’s the time to complain.
    For now, get behind the boys.
    Yes, I’m delusional :)

  108. Morning all, good post rico.

    We will beat Besiktas easily next Wednesday. imo. All our problems can be solved with repacing MA08 with a more powerful athletic player, OG12 with Remy, JW with Ozil and Santi with Ox/TW. So basically if we add two more players to the first 11 we will be a better equipped to compete. Its not hard the purchase of Remy & any 1 from Benders/Kaderia/Gustavo /Miguel Veloso/Fellani/ Axel Witsel would not make AFC goes bankrupt. Its frustrating watching this team and knowing its impossible to even repeat winning the FA Cup.

  109. Gunnerdna – not impossible mate, the draw and any given day makes anything possible. Wigan held the trophy remember before us

  110. Thanks Gdna.

    Best you mail AW… lol

  111. MAtes……how many times do I have to repeat it……even if we sign 1 million players right now…..they cannot take part in next Wednesday’s game in the CL…..because the list has already been given to UEFA. so we have to play with what we have. If we go through, then another list will be given to UEFA…..for the Group games.

    but whoever signs for the club now is not able to play in the qualifier.

  112. Oz, i was taking into consideration we were down 2-0 to Hull City, if it was a team like Everton we would have been humiliated chasing the game. At the moment even the signing of Samuel Eto’o would improve us, no excuse because he is free, although he is 45 yrs old.

  113. Rico, i’m not worthy to question AW, it would be easier to stop watching the team until he leaves.

  114. Tai Emeka Obasi says:
    August 20, 2014 at 12:23 pm
    Oz, Scott,

    I liked what I saw of Jack yesterday. Imo, Jack is a B2B midfielder and should … Wenger should settle with him and Ramsey in that position instead of making certain both play together. Should Ramsey go missing for 10 games, Jack will shine in b2b role.

    TR07 should be rotated to allow JAck and Aaron to rest. TR can play with anyone…….and everyone around him shines. So every 4 games one of Jack or Aaron can be given a breather and Rosicky plays.

  115. Gdna, if the club don’t sort the squad out this summer, I can’t see you having to wait too long….

  116. Well said Devil……it’s a good point.
    For all those who say I never criticise Wenger, I’ve said for 12 months that he is yet to work out the best way to utilise Jack.

  117. We don’t need news players to beat Besiktas, they are not better than Swansea or West Brom. They will leave the Ems with 4-0 pasting, they are aggressive but playing on the red carpet at the Ems and playing in plow field is a different story. imo

  118. Gdna,

    Barca’s ban starts by January 2015. Only FFP can stop them from buying whoever they wish now…but then, they can equally sell.

  119. Tai, the Barca ban is now, they had a reprieve purely because they appealed the decision.

  120. When the window ends, that’s the time to complain

    To late then Scott , at that stage the die is cast.
    And Devil I can’t just concentrate my mind on one game . We should have enough to beat Besiktas at our place and if we can’t we don’t deserve to be in the competition. The need for extra strength in certain areas stretches over the next 40 – 50 games. I just can’t see it happening now , I can see more shirt fillers but real difference makers ? unfortunately no.

  121. Rico, winning the game next week AFC will pocket £35 M, our net spend is £40+ M. Which business owner in there right mind will replace an employee who allows the company balance sheet to always reflect a profit other than a loss. I realize that, as a AFC supporter you have to just support the team because you love them, its like a religion, for the powers that be winning is not a priority. imo

  122. Actually, I got that wrong, you are right Tai.

  123. potter – agree mate

  124. Scot, Dev…I’m with you all the way. We all know AW’s fault … seeing and doing things only his own way. He believes his next Arsenal title-winning team must include Ramsey and Jack in same team…

    But Jack made waves that season he settled into B2B role while Ramsey was being ‘versatiled’ all over the place. Jack got injured and Ramsey took over that role and held it tight by adding goal-scoring ability to his sublime efforts. Now, it’s Jack’s turn to be ‘versatiled’.

    But I always wondered… is it wrong to plan to start Ramsey in 25 EPL games, start Jack in 13 … sub each other in games and have both finish the league healthy? Instead of starting the two where both have demonstrated their best spot is in same B2B role? Then share UCL games…always start Jack in the Cup games to balance out Ramsey’s upper hand in EPL? Is it a crime to have two good players in one position?

  125. 0-0 away from home in the first leg is a good result.


  126. Rico- if Campbell is to go out on loan, then we are down a striker are we not? So putting 2 & 2 together, maybe Wenger is plotting a master plan and waiting until the closing stages of the window to bring in a big name striker. That or we end up with an unheard of French striker who is there to make up the numbers. I’ll hope for the big name!!

  127. Gdna, don’t you believe it. If all goes sour after another disappointing transfer window, Arsenal fans will not be happy. I hope it doesn’t come t that but fans can put a lot of pressure on a manager and owner….

  128. Potter, can you tell me what good complaining now does??
    As for “difference makers”…..well, a year ago, we weren’t going to buy anyone…we got Ozil.
    Two months back, we were going to do what we always do…..promise plenty but get nobody (forgetting Ozil) then we got Sanchez.
    Sorry, but we could sign Ronaldo and Messi and some would still complain.
    Tai, there’s no doubt we are better without them both on the pitch at one time.
    That’s not a criticism of either player, but the man who puts them out there.
    Rosicky and Ramsey or Rosicky and Jack are better.
    Is Rosicky better?
    Not necessarily.
    It just works.

  129. We have two of the top 7-8 PL signings In History, and in the last 12 months.
    We don’t spend.

  130. L2M, not if Besiktas get a goal at The Emirates it’s not. 1-1 would have been much better…

    If he goes out on loan Padar, yes, but that’s a big if at the moment.. Not sure Sanogo can be relied on either, plays half a game and then injured….

  131. Afternoon All,
    Me business man..no…
    Me football fan…….yes
    The one thing I will never get my head around,is selling a player and then not replacing him,I can live with all the other crap we need this and that,
    why do we need to have an extra 12m in the bank,
    this very promising young player chambers 19y/old is holding us together.
    We were told we can compete now with the best,
    Debuchy is a step up I think,and Sanchez could be great,so why has wenger put the handbrake on again.

    Ts one for you……….overheard on the radio that Arsenal and Burnley have the lightest(weight) squads in the Premier.

  132. That’s just my problem with Sanogo…injuries! He should stay on his feet and prove doubters wrong!

  133. Until we win the PL , which must be this year, there will always be plenty of criticism. It’s human nature and the internet has given us a chance to broadcast our views, no matter how crazy they might seem to others.

  134. fred, only Wengers knows. Just why we didn’t get a CB before TV left I don’t know. I’m with you on Debuchy too….

    Re the handbrake, prob because he was hardly involved with the other signings, Ivan just got on and got them sorted….

    Dilly dally is back….

  135. Rico, the fans doesn’t mean anything to the club, Stan is rich American with rich people problems, they doesn’t care if u turned up at the ground and be disgruntled, because attendance record is based on tickets purchased not who is at the ground, that means most of the money is already secured, we might finished 4th next season they might make 2 big signings and everyone becomes optimistic again and our problems from previous seasons are swept under the carpet. It has become a trend, the current people in charge are reluctantly unwilling to move forward. It was rumored that our trophy less years are due to not enough cash, this year we have cash and we have the same problem, what the fucking answer, only god knows.

  136. I don’t think we’ll win the PL Adam, not with the squad we have right now…

  137. I disagree Gdna…

    But let’s just hope it doesn’t come to that and the last two weeks of this transfer window brings in 2/3 top players.

  138. Adam if we never had 60,000,turning up eating and drinking,Tv and sponsers falling over them selfs to get on our bandwagon,
    I would be the first one to say give the kids a go,
    because I lived through them times,but the goalpost have well and truly been moved.
    So I agree with you mate.

  139. Gdna. Not really. There is an implicit bond between the fans and the club. Things have gotten very poisonous at times over the years but, at the back of our minds, we always had the old ‘it’s the cost of the stadium’ excuse trotted out. I know that there are factions within the club that are far, far more ambitious than Arsene who runs the place like a dictatorship. Now the excuses have dried up the fans will be waiting to see if Wenger can deliver the PL title. As Scott rightly said earlier, it’s a results-driven business. If he can’t win the big prizes with the resources he has then he will have to go and a new manager will come in. I believe it is the fear of this that drives many people’s thinking.

  140. Tai, I’ll prefer sanogo goes on loan to create space for one big name striker. I hope this is not another chapter in Diaby’s books. So much promise and potential but no fitness to match it.

  141. Scott….TR07 works with both and with everyone else for that matter because he is a master of the short pass and movement game. He often works in tight spaces, especially when the opposition put two walls between the ball and goal. Even OG12 works better with him in the team.

    its not it just works mate…..TR07 makes it work.

  142. Rico. You are almost certainly right, but what excuse will there be if we don’t?

  143. Rico, its easier to win the PL & CL than see an American businessman getting rid of 1 of his most profitable employee. Remember we are taking about someone who use a walkie-talkie at their crib just to get a beverage.

  144. I am with you Dev re TR07

  145. Gdna. That is shocking. I just shout. :)

  146. Adam, with the squad as it is, no PL, with quality additions in the right places, we have a chance. I also think we have to look, further than just players, regarding PL success.

  147. BT. I agree. But Wenger has had lots of practice now and something mischievous inside me keeps saying that he might actually prefer operating without the big bucks where the expectations might be lower.
    Silly of me I know.

  148. 2/3 top players?

    Is Debuchy a starter? Yes…Is Sanchez a starter too? definitely…

    Wenger’s philosophy won’t see him starting more than three new signings…danger is … is he already seeing Chambers as a starter? If yes, then we’d likely see Sept 1 of massive disappointment. If no … then we’d expect one other big player…most likely in the DM role and a 4th choice CB … then he’ll wait for next summer…

    Can we win the EPL with day? Definitely not. Last season, we would have done because both Mourinho and Pellegrini were new with their squads…and that’s why Liverpool almost snatched it. This season, both managers still have the best squad and have comfortably settled in. It is more difficult and we are not supposed to be title challengers this season.

    Personally, I’d take another FA Cup, 3rd in EPL and going beyond second round in UCL. It’s 2015/16 season that I have my eyes on EPL. By then , Wenger must have either replaced Giroud or molded Sanogo into real quality …

  149. Adam, for me it depends on how the squad looks at the end of the transfer window to start with. If it looks strong and deep then job done.

    If then it becomes clear that we haven’t learned anything from the batterings we took last season when up against the sides with pace, like City, Liverpool, Everton etc, then surely the blame has to lay on the shoulders of one man.

  150. Adam, i agree with everything you said because your are there on match days, but bro i’m glued on some electronic device from overseas and trying to figure whats happening, so please have my excuse. I give AW bad names for the trophy less years and after i heard the real reason, i felt ashamed and prayed silently for his forgiveness. But when i hear from his mouth that we can compete and we are still using players who playing like they are pulling a anchor, i have to come up with all different type of shit to confirm if i’m crazy. I know money is the cure for most problem. It is so frustrating when we can go to the Bridge and have a goal less draw or bet them 1-0 if he just buy 2 more players and its like you asking them to commit suicide. I honestly don’t think they care. If AFC was situated anywhere other than England they would have lost support. imo

  151. Gdna, again I can’t agree. We have seen at other clubs how fan pressure can push owners into doing anything…

  152. Yes Tai, if we are to be in with a real chance of winning the PL, or CL for that matter, we still need 2/3 top players.

    Because sure as heck we aren’t equipped to win anything with the squad we have right now….

  153. Rico, you might have a point if Stan was not from America, trust me they are NOT into soccer. The NFL season starts in 2 weeks and i’m pretty sure Stan doesn’t know the amount of games AFC already played and i bet my life he watched every Rams preseason game. The exact reason is he has AW who is veteran & trusted employee who puts the club first and live with the result. Remember we are referring to an American who is valued at 4+ billion, saying that to say AW leaves when he feels like. imo

  154. Wenger pumped the ball up with the signing of Sanchez,
    it’s starting to look like a slow puncher now.

  155. Didn’t stop Liverpool fans from forcing their previous American owners out Gdna…

  156. :) fred, good analogy….

    Off for a while so catch up later…

  157. Adam, as i see it, there’s one common denominator, one constant and one big factor, involved in all Arsenals performances.

  158. Rico. You know, in a world as it is at the moment with the sheer craziness, mayhem and death going on around us, I do believe that the fact that the clubs and the players are all so financially obsessed is rather unpleasant, immoral even. But the fact is that football is a mega billion £ business now and yet, as fans we live in far more steady state way. Surely there can be very few who like the way that football is or in the direction it is heading, apart from the players and the odd psychopath like Mourinho for whom this gives his life meaning through the opportunity to abuse others, but we are forced to take it on the chin. Is there a worse time for us fans to have to travel to watch our club play that at 5.30pm on a Saturday evening? But hey, it’s all about the money isn’t it? So BT or Sky can attract audiences. Fuck the fans and what they think. They are there to be milked of every possible penny because we have our hands in their pockets as they are loyal and mildly obsessive about their team and this game. I would not be surprised to see a few games starting at midnight soon as something for the all-night people to watch after an evening of staggering drunkenness.
    The fact, it seems to me, is that everything is changing around us far quicker than we realise and this includes Arsenal. We had a fantastic and intimate ground, filled with lifelong fans, many from working class backgrounds and now we have a huge concrete one, filled with thrusting young professionals and designed with one thing in mind. While the playing field was more level Wenger did great things but it ain’t level any more and it isn’t in the TV companies or the authorities, to make it so. Could there be a case made that the club and the fans expectations have outgrown Arsene? Would Kroenke be so keen to hang onto it if a far more financially demanding manager took over?

  159. Adam, as i see it, there’s one common denominator, one constant and one big factor, involved in all Arsenals performances on the pitch…

  160. I’ve got a big stutter… lol

  161. Rico, AFC fans are classy, i’m not even sure if they know to act in a bad way, they have so much respect for AW & the club, i’m not sure if we would actually witness them acting in such a way to force the owner out unless we are facing relegation. On the other hand LFC fans are hard to understand they are even having problems mastering the Queens english, so i’m not sure what they are capable of. If you ask them who will win the PL & CL you would probably barf when you hear the answer. They can’t see beyond the players who player for Liverpool. If i was’t familiar with PL, i would think Liverpool played in a different league than the EPL, because they are always the winner before the season starts.

  162. I think you may already know the answer, Adam.

  163. We will scrape past Besiktas, draw at everton , again scruffliy while Campbell and Akpom are loaned out and Podolski sold. I can’t see us signing another striker its giroud fit or unfit , with Sanogo playing a dozen games when fit.

    As far as goals in the team, even with the 2 french carthorses up top , we will be ok.

    i must say I agree with most posters that our midfield selection for the last 2 games have let us down. I do NOTexpect big things from Jack, Cazorla, Flamini, Ox or even Ozil. If our midfielders played like the midfield of the late 80’s , where we didn’t have the stars but a hard working Davis Thomas Rocky and Merse we would be fine.

    As for new signings , at a push we may snare a youth from somewhere which is just not good enough.

    Why we still have Le coq and Miyachi beats me…I mean, if they were good enough they would have shown something , right?

    Overall, the team is stronger than last year, and I could think of a few clubs who would swap places with us.

    I’ll look out for a sheikh in Dubai to buy our club off Stan

  164. Scott your comment sarcastically says we don’t spend , well we do and we have but not necessarily in the right places. You queried my description of difference makers and quoted Ozil to me . Well he made a difference in 2011/2 we were 3rd , 2012/3 we were 4th, 2013 / 4 4th again. Now imo Sanchez is a fine player ,looks very lively, he is an asset. Is he going to score 25 goals this year ? I don’t think so. His influence like Ozil’s will go so far but not far enough. You ask what good complaining does ? and obviously it does no good whatsoever but then by the same stick neither does discussing things on a forum. It matters little what we say as we don’t have any direct influence on the club but it is the basis of what we do here. Like everyone else here I support the club but my belief and trust in the man that has it in an iron grip has waned. My experience in football leads me to believe that a few changes here and there are needed if we are to go from contenders to winners. I don’t believe the man at our helm sees things the same way and I don’t think he has the vision to implement them. ……………….So I complain.

  165. Arsenal have had a £20 million bid rejected by Sporting Lisbon for William Carvalho, Goal can reveal.

    Goal is always on some bs.

  166. Here is an argument – Wenger wont spend the cash, so its time to go cheap. Here we are:
    CB: Manolas (6-8m)
    Striker: Remy (loan)
    DM: We dont go cheap, we buy Carvalho
    Business done!

  167. BT. Sorry mate, I was summoned to Waitrose. Yes, I think I can see where you are coming from. :)

  168. Hi George. Has it hit 50 degrees over there yet?

  169. 46……when it hits 50 Adam , I reckon Diaby will be like a new signing

  170. Just reading back a few posts… Im not the kind to bang on about players too much – I really dont think there is too much wrong with those we have… its more just letting out frustration on them because of who we dont have and need. For example:

    Wilshire: Ok hasnt developed as we hoped but he is not bad at all. Maybe not a starter but totally good for the squad
    Arteta: great captain, a bit slow, but solid and dependable against all but the best opposition
    Flamini: Works hard, tries hard, great squad player
    Giroud: Obviously slow, but digs in keeps working and scores a sufficient number of goals for a second striker option.
    Sanogo: debate is out, but I can wait.

    The point is that some of these guysdont get a fair go, because we expect them to world class and they are not – they are ‘just’ good or very good players. Nothing wrong with that. But we take it out on them because what we really desire is a World Class DM and Striker, and a very good 3rd CB. We have to remember that before thinking our guys are someone they are not. Of course that doesnt have to stop us losing hope that Wilshire will pull a Ramsey and become brilliant unexpectedly, or that Sanogo starts resembling Henry… :)

    But its up to Wenger to sometimes buy World Class players rather than wait and wait and wait for them to appear in the squad. Not all, but in the crucial positions.

  171. George. That sounds appalling. :)

  172. Adam, is that ‘Diaby will be like a new signing’…

  173. Arsenal football club has reduced it’s fans to squabbling over 2 terrible french strikers. We should be debating who’s starting between 2 world class strikers lol. Falcao or Suarez? who would you start this weekend against Everton

  174. Good Afternoon Rico and All
    Precise Match Report. Even though I missed the first 3 minutes of the game.

    I have criticised AW of late but yesterday won’t be one of them. Not buying players that we need yes, but the way we played yesterday, no.

    What were Arsenal supporters expecting? For Besiktas to roll over and gave us the 3 points, why, because we are Arsenal?

    Yes we have qualities players more than them, we play good football more than them, we are not in the same level with them, but don’t we at least expect them to put up some fight and show some balls in front of their supporters in their own pitch?

    OG12 could have made it happened but he did not, so could Demba Ba.

    How many of us would allow a 6ft. 9in man to walk into our living room, and tell us they are going to beat the living hell out of us in front of our wife and children and accept it? Knowing you own living room and the distance to the kitchen where all the utensils are?

    Just look at the pitch yesterday will tell you something different.

  175. Espcore ‏@espcore 26s
    Angel Di Maria will leave Real Madrid in the next 48 hours. After reportedly agreeing to join Manchester United. [Mundo Deportivo]

  176. Gdna, when has any of the tweets you link here ever been correct lol

  177. Just finished reading the interesting posts from today it was 0-0 away in the CL last night wasn’t.

  178. Sorry Adam, I had to nip off..

    I like your 2.46 comment and you are absolutely right. My answer is no, and perhaps that’s why he was quick to hand a new 3 year contract to AW.

    But isn’t Ivan ambitious? If so, what he asks for must have the backing of Kroenke..

  179. George, I’m waiting for Usmanov.

  180. Nickie, u r very lucky to have concern if they are right or wrong, that seems to be the patter with football, people fighting to be right or wrong. lol.

  181. Nickie, we all hope this one is true.

    Gunnervision ‏@Gunner_vision 6m
    BREAKING: Dortmund open to selling Reus, ARSENAL favourites


  182. I’d so love us to sign Reus…

  183. What about Falcao?….lol

  184. Why would Reus come to Arsenal the manager is useless that’s the common opinion on here today.

  185. Gj, a very good question.

  186. And him Bt… ;)

    joe, not sure anyone thinks AW is useless, just an old flapper in the transfer window…

  187. Yeah, he’s a window flapper ;) http://eaglesthatlooklikearsenewenger.tumblr.com/
    Rico, Falcao is very important to complement Reus, given that he is not an out and out striker. The team sheet is looking better though lads. Now lets sort out the DM and CB positions and we can go have a beer :)

  188. Evening Adam, sorry, I nipped off to eat…

  189. DM and CB would be a good start roger…

  190. Me too Rico. Back now. Some interesting points today.

  191. Anything yummie Adam?

  192. Evening All…

    Evening Rico, have we signed:
    Reus/Falcao/Carvalho/Hummels/Umbongo/Cavani/Di Maria/Khadira/Bent/Suarez yet???

    Delete as applicable…,,

  193. Evening Kev, I’d delete the lot! Even Umbongo…

  194. AS Monaco’s results against Bordeux with Falcao…

    will I pay the £12m loan fee and take his salary on for a year amounting to close to £25m? or even for Cavain?well, it depends.

    I saw Cavani mis from 1 yard 10 days ago when Psg needed the points… all human I suppose.

    Reus and Balo’ I will take but then again I will take Son on loan too so I can’t be serious. :-)

    Good point Ng…

  195. Ts, I haven’t a clue what you have really said….

  196. lol neither do I… Rico. :-)

    What i was trying to say was Monaco with Falcao albeit not yet match fit have lost 2 games in a row…

    Last result was 4-1;

    At least cavani scored against newly promoted Bastia…

  197. But a Monaco side is about more than just Falcao.

  198. Oops. Fell offline again there.
    Yes Rico, some spicy noodles, you?

  199. Put a top striker in a side which creates goal scoring opportunities, he’ll score goals.. Simples…

  200. Blimey, it’s getting cold here. :)

  201. Sounds nice, peppered mackerel and salad. Boring actually.. ;)

    But I might have a Cornetto in a minute…. :)

  202. It’s really chilly here too, heating is on…. ;)

  203. Rico. Just one cornetto?

  204. Give it to me… Adam..lol

  205. Sharp as ever Rico. :)
    Mrs Adam is impressed that you have them in the fridge and has now decided she fancies one too. :)

  206. Gud evening.. Falcao imo is the best option

  207. Freezer Adam, freezer.. ;)

    Mrs Adam has good taste… ;)

  208. We have the Aldi equivalent Adam, they are a 3rd of the price and taste better…. :)

  209. Better that Giroud McR? ;)

  210. I am afraid the taste explosion for a man in my condition might prove too much Rico. I shall ban them. :)

  211. Off for the night.

    Night Rico and all.

  212. :) Adam. You must put them to the test…

  213. Ts, what about this Cavani goal over the weekend?

  214. Me too Adam, night to you and all….

    Catch up tomorrow guys…

  215. Morning all.
    Potter, yes that spending comment was tongue in cheek, but still relevant.
    There is still time.
    Two months ago, none of us would have imagined we’d already have Sanchez, Debuchy or Chambers in at this stage of the window, yet people suddenly take that as early shopping equals early closing time.
    That’s Arsenal fans in a nutshell, generally speaking.
    If Wenger doesn’t get a CB and DM, we will again cop some slaughters this season.
    They are absolutely imperative.
    A great striker is next in the agenda for me.
    It would be the icing on the cake.

  216. Podolski off then? Part of a Reus deal would be good!

  217. Morning all. Hard to believe anything from Metro Brudder.

  218. I don’t believe anyone anymore Adam…..apart from David Icke and Sir Robert Mugabe!

  219. Morning Lee, Scott and all…

    Those two rumours needs to come true….

  220. Lee. Those two pillars of truth and justice are among my heroes too. I have created models of them from icing sugar.
    Morning Rico.

  221. Hi guys.
    Podolski off?
    Well, I hope not, unless…stating the obvious here…we get someone better in.

  222. I have a life size ice sculpture of Sir Robert. Tom Cruise is another bastion of truth and sincerity, but too small to replicate in ice!
    Morning Rico

  223. As a leading Scientologist, I of course have a blow-up Tom Cruise in my spare room, next to the one of Igor Stepanovs.

  224. Dippers are in talks to sign Balotelli…

    Morning Adam

  225. Save you breath from the rubber blow up dolls Adam. Steal them from Madame Tussaud’s. much more life like.

    Good Morning Baby Looney Tunes.

  226. Kev’s favourite programme….Talk Something ……has said that Rabiot could be ours by the weekend.

  227. http://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/gallery/2014/jan/08/worlds-worst-wax-museum-in-pictures#/?picture=426583740&index=0

    This is some of the work of the person I’ve commissioned to do my life size statue of Gervinho…. so life like it’s uncanny!

  228. maybe he will do the statue with a more handsome look mate. it can be an attraction in your front Garden Lee.

  229. trust the metro to come up with pushing for Carvalho and khedira after Arteta injury blow.

    next week it could be that Arsenal push for Casillas after Ches has been ruled out for two days.

  230. Those are shockingly bad Lee..

    Morning Devil

  231. Morning Rico.

  232. Just saw the whole vid Lee.

    AmazingLee they are so shockingLee and horribLee bad

  233. Lee. I would pay to go to that wax museum. Fantastic. :)

  234. Hi Adam. Imagine seeing a handsome Gervinho!!! Or a handsome Tevez!!!

  235. Good morning everyone

  236. or a blonde, blue eyed Adebayor!!!!

  237. Morning Nickie

  238. Wenger on signings: “We are not in an emergency case but we are open to any opportunity to strengthen our defensive department.” #EFCvAFC

    Forward reinforcements-a-no-go

    Campbell will get his chance though. Not against a DM coming in.

  239. Morning Nickie.

    ‘Open to an opportunity to strengthen our defensive department’

    He does cheese me off sometimes….

  240. Cheese is good Rico. But I cannot imagine a life size statue of you made totally of cheese.

    That would be really cheesing you off. ;)

  241. Apparently the Balo deal to the dippers has stalled because they want a misbehavior clause that means should he bring bad publicity to the club they can send him back and get a refund. Apparently Milan won’t agree.

  242. lol doesn’t he just. Just say, YES, we are in the market. Put our minds at rest. It’s like he toys with us emotionally to look like a hero on deadline day when he does make a signing. Probably sign a broken leg RWB to play CB and make it out asthough we’re lucky to get anyone haha

  243. come on mates……surely AW is not going to say…..I am going to sign player X because he will improve what we have here and we need him………..and then watch Pellegrini and the undertall one slag it out in an auction for player X!!!!!

    so please…….remember that if he puts your mind at rest…..we will end up suffering more.

  244. never thought of it that way. I hope that’s how his crazy mind works then. Knows his plans, doesn’t shout about it so he gets his targets. If not we’re in trouble lol

  245. Is that real potter?

  246. Experience has taught us that the chavs, the shittys and the spuddies are surely going to watch who AW is after…..and then go for them.

    just check how many players are linked with us…….sometimes the club works in such ways so that others waste their money in going for players they think AW wants…….when the real targets are usually different from the ones we think and unheard of.

  247. Milan would prefer a permanent deal and that could yet prove an obstacle as Liverpool understandably have concerns about his behaviour.

    Balotelli has been involved in a series of scrapes during his career to date, especially during his time in the Premier League.

    On the field, he was sent off for Manchester City against Arsenal in 2012 in a defeat that almost derailed their title charge.

    And off the pitch, there was the notorious incident when Balotelli set off fireworks in his house, leading to him revealing the famous ‘Why Always Me?’ T-shirt when he scored in the Manchester derby at Old Trafford in 2011.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2730343/Mario-Balotelli-eyed-Liverpool-loan-Brendan-Rodgers-makes-surprise-U-turn.html#ixzz3B12THkqS
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

    Apparently so !

  248. Balotelli has a camouflaged Bentley the same as Adam’s one!

  249. That’s funny, Milan want Podolski… Just saying.. ;)

  250. Wenger hints, Wenger says this, Wenger says that…..buy the fucking player(s) just a thought!

  251. Lee, i’ve one of those, but can’t find it….

  252. So campers, would we take Balo? I would…..

  253. I think most Arsenal fans have learnt what to expect from Arsene. Experience tells us that, again, he will ‘ probably’ not buy the players we need to compete. He has been doing this for years now. When the voice of most of the fans pointed out our deficiencies, he disagreed and told us that he expected to win trophies season after season. He was wrong in those assessments of squad strength as failure followed failure, injuries bit and there was no contingency. In fact he was very wrong. The outcome of all this, fuelled by his latest rather bold pronouncements of financial power, have increased the fan’s levels of expectation for this season. If, as most of us expect, he will blow out again, I can see a whole new pressure on him this season, from quite early, especially if results are poor. Of course there will be the usual Ostriches that will not tolerate any criticism of the man whatsoever. The rebuttal to their blindness lies behind the doors of the cabinet room.
    He still has time though.

  254. Lee, you’d take anyone that can score goals.
    What’s the matter with ya??
    Honestly, I’d grab him.

  255. Saying that I once lost my car at Bluewater……smoking and shopping don’t go together!

  256. Morning Bt..

    Lee, I’ve changed my view. Yes.

    New post up…

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