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Big Signing a Certainty. Debuchy comments will upset a few!

Morning all.

Jim White, the Mr Excitable of Sky Sports on deadline day of the transfer window has predicted that we are far from done with signings:

Arsenal will do more business and a big name as well, I’m certain.

There you go, we can all relax safe in the knowledge that Jim White knows everything! Pffff!

One of our summer signings, Mathieu Debuchy has really laid the boot into his old club. We snapped him up pretty quickly after Bacary Sagna decided to jump ship to get more money trophies.Talking to the Arsenal Magazine, he’s been honest and pretty ruthless.

When my agents told me Arsenal were interested, I said yes straight away!

There was no question, no debate, no doubt, nothing! You don’t turn down a club like Arsenal. A lot of players would like to be in my shoes right now.

This is another dimension. If you compare the training grounds for example, nothing at Lille or Newcastle can match the Arsenal one. It is another world.

Everything here is made to optimise your preparation and you as a player. So you can be in the best condition to play and win football games.

Mathieu Debuchy also believed that the timing was perfect to join a big club:

It was the right time for me to make this big step forward and this big move.

I have learnt a lot in the last two years from playing at Euro 2012 and the World Cup this summer, by discovering the Premier League as well.

Alan Pardew won’t like that will he, neither will the Newcastle fans. Good!

Pardew is one of those managers who get’s right up my nose. He berated Arsene Wenger for signing overseas players a while ago and he even had the bare faced cheek to goad our manager when Englishman Marlon Harewood scored the winner against us to earn his West Ham side three points.

Rumour has it that the comment made to Arsene Wenger after Harewood scored was pretty horrid. To be fair to Arsene Wenger, he doesn’t react to trivial stuff does he and this comment which apparently made reference to the goal being made in England, clearly irked him.

Nice bloke isn’t he that Pardew!

Oh how the table has turned since he’s been at Newcastle. Strapped for cash, Pardew went French! In fact, this time last year, Alan Shearer was moaning about how Loic Remy became the eleventh French played signed up by the same man who slated Arsene Wenger for doing something so very similar. Shearer said that Newcastle had far too many French players on their books. Meanwhile, Arsenal have have slowly ensured that we have a glut of  British players.

Theo Walcott, Jack Wilshere, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Aaron Ramsey, Carl Jenkinson, Calum Chambers, Kieran Gibbs and young Chuba Akpom. And there are many more who might just push through from the Academy in the future.

I wonder what Pardew thinks about that now…….

Or the fact that one of the better French players he ever signed, couldn’t wait to jump ship and join a proper club!!

That’s it for another day, have a good one….


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170 comments on “Big Signing a Certainty. Debuchy comments will upset a few!

  1. Poor Pardew.

    Not his biggest fan.

    Morning again everyone, I think we will definitely see some movement next week.

  2. Good read on this slow day!
    The rumour was that Pardew got the Spanish archer from West Ham for making someone within the club’s daughter pregnant….sums him up! WANKER!!!

  3. Morning again all…

    Thanks Lee.

    I detest the man, didn’t know he’d done that, what a git he is….

  4. Parwhooooooo???
    Morning guys and girls.
    All is well down under, and Arsenal is about to embark on a journey that will end up with the PL title :)

  5. Rico, i’d call him a shit, always reminds of a Thunderbirds character, the poor woman, must have lost her sight. Again Rico, on such a slow day, mee cap is doffed.

  6. Thanks Scott/Bt.

    Wonder who this big signing that Jim White says we’ll sign will be… lol

  7. I hope it’s Carvalho… Or Pogba :)

  8. I must be mental, I’ve just booked a long weekend in Spain with my 6yr old daughter…..spending quality time with her was the general idea, however she’s a handful!

  9. And Sami on DD…. lol

  10. That’ll be lovely Lee, do you need a babysitter to join you? ;)

  11. Ditto Rico! But a bit worried how long carvalho deal is taking! Thanks for reminding to relax and breathe

  12. I think we’re going to get a big name signing, not so sure he’s going to be a DM though…..

  13. Good post Rico…

    Transfer deadline day just wouldn’t be the same without Jim White going apoplectic about every single minor transfer and insignificant loan deal…

    I actually find him quite entertaining and have a good old larf at his antics…

    A big Arsenal deal on deadline day eh?
    Surely he isn’t trying to draw a whole lot of Arsenal fans into watching his show?
    Perish the thought…

  14. i have nothing against newcastle apart from pardew and that tw*t barton. Always found the geordies to be a down to earth bunch… good people. but then pardews a firkin suvverner aint he?

  15. And Falcao on loan….

  16. I hope it’s not Cavani Lee..

    Thanks Kev. I suspect White is trying to draw us in… Little does he realise we’ll be watching anyway.. lol

  17. Dj, I don’t like the club….

    Falcao on loan? Oooerr lol

  18. Rico, a club loan, not a personal one……

  19. Apparently, White is talking about Klose…..

  20. That’s an oldie… I barely remember it…

  21. He’s getting on a bit now though Scott…

  22. You told me about it Rico, cheeky sod!

  23. I’m out with Waldorf and Statler tonight….

  24. Did I, well I forgot that too Lee… lol

  25. Lord help the restaurant you are all heading to….

  26. Good Morning Chipmunks and Munchkins.

    Good post Rico. Great of you to remind us what a kunt Pardew is. I wonder why dont they do footballs with his face on them. Would love to kick that ball about.

    Debuchy has said what many players know but dont have the balls to say…….AFC training and club is on another planet to other clubs.

    I have the feeling that whoever AW signs will be on the Kos method…..unknown to us and a solid unspectacular signing.

  27. Morning Rico and everyone……I always knew you never liked Pardew, I don’t see what to like about him either he is a very petty man

  28. The transfer deadline day show on sky sports is the one I don’t miss, its funny with all those people in stoke and other clubs behind the reporter and shouting always very funny with Jim white won’t miss it again this time…….that day should always be an holiday

  29. True, Rico, but a straight swap for Giroud…no change of plan required.

  30. Morning Coach,

    That would be typical Wenger trying to protect what he thinks the world views him as – a genius in unearthing talent. He should just buy proven for a position we really need then fill the squad(if needed) with unknowns or projects.

  31. carvallho! Wenger out.

  32. amen Luznic. Deadline day should be a bank holiday lol

  33. Thanks Devil.. Morning to you and Luznic..

    Scott, can you see AW letting Giroud go? Or do you mean from the bench..?

  34. £51 million for Cavani on deadline day it is then… :lol: :lol: :lol:

  35. Toby Alderweireld – could he be the CB??

  36. More likely Remy Kev… ;)

  37. Rico, I meant from the bench…..no need to change formation or tactics…sorry, it wasn’t really clear lol

  38. Waldorf and I, shall be soon partaking of the odd Cobra…

    Garlic bread with extra garlic Rico… ;-)

  39. No worries Scott. Can’t see it myself but who knows eh.. lol

    You lucky things Kev, do have one for me and of course, garlic with a bit of bread added… lol

    You going Indian I take it?

  40. Nah Rico, Remy is off to the Chavs…

  41. Signing Cavani or Falcao simply wont do. 51 mill is too much imo. Secondly they are non EU……we will have them both and Sanchez on long trips.

    I do not think AW or the club would sanction that.

  42. Kev…..in your opinion……would Remy say he always supported the chavs deep down? And that they were the club of his dreams or something!!!!

  43. I like Alderweireld. I like a lot of the names we have been linked to bar M’bia and Tiote. They can stay away

  44. Oh yes Kev, I forgot. Cover for the Drog…

  45. Morning good people…what’s new? Any signing of any kind? I ll take any right now. Am that desperate. We got 4 in July but things seems to have slowed down. I want more signings man. One each day till the end of the transfer window.

  46. Agree re M’bia and Tiote… Not Arsenal players….

  47. Mbia rico?? Who’s that? Sounds exotic. Looks like he ll be all muscle and no flair. Sign him up. We ve got too much flair already.

  48. seems that Kos might be available for Saturday.

    let’s hope so. Fingers crossed.

    M’bia and Tiote??? No thanks.

  49. Manolas is by far better than M’bia…tactically and technically. Younger as well.

  50. Nothing yet goonie..

  51. Whatever happened to stopilla sunzu :grin:

  52. He was at Newcastle goonster….

  53. Good news re Kos..

  54. Seriously if we don’t get a younger deep lying mid fielder or a conventional dm we might struggle against the top sides in England and Europe. Arsene stop being a long head and sign one sheesh. I don’t think I can take 6.3 5.1 6.0 ever again.

  55. Sunzu is at Sochaux.

  56. Wenger should go on holiday until the TW closes…

  57. Nah rico he should go play beach volleyball at belo Horizonte :grin:

  58. Gek, he’s staying for 3 years, having just signed four really good players, aren’t you just a bit pleased?

  59. Morning all, good post rico.

    Jamie Carragher Blasts Arsenal Spine

    “I look at the spine of the team and think: goalkeeper, good but not great, centre backs, good but not great. [Mikel] Arteta, holding midfield player and captain, good but not great. Same with the strikers. The spine comes up short. They spent more time at the top than any other team last season but still came up short. Why has Arsene Wenger not done what Mourinho has done? Why has he not bought a top goalkeeper? I wish Wenger would go out and buy a big goalkeeper, a strong centre back, a big midfielder and a decent striker and go for it.”

    Arsenal are on the brink of something special but this flaw could wreck the season

    Jamie Sanderson

    “The talk this week is that Arsene Wenger has decided to sign a defensive midfielder who can also cover at centre back. It seems like a smart move – killing two birds with one stone.

    But it’s a totally flawed idea. If that player features in midfield, we’re lacking a back-up centre back, and if he moves into the back four, there goes our holding midfielder. The cash is finally there, so scrapping around for one player to fill two very valid roles is not on.

    This has been a great few months for Arsenal, with a lot of the pride and excitement in following the club being restored – but not finishing the job by signing a defensive midfielder and a centre back could put us all the way back to square one.”

  60. That would do goonster, leave Ivan to sort out our next signings..

  61. You said it Jamie Sanderson….morning dna

  62. Bloody twitter is full of Neville nobodies.
    Chelksi have bought a top scorer, right?
    Or was it Ba?
    Maybe E’to.
    Their best purchase of late up front has been Lukaku lol.

  63. Thanks Gdna.

    Jamie Sanderson is spot on..

    Carragher can take a hike. Not sure our two keepers are as bad as he suggests. The DM and CB position he’s right but we have all being saying that for a long time…

  64. Rico, that’s my point.
    Do we need Twitter muppets to tell us what we all know?
    If I want the opinion of idiots, I’ll get on Twitter.
    If I want intelligent opinions, I get on HH :)

  65. Rico, i disagree with the GK, but he is spot on with all the others.

  66. Olympiakos official: “Juve have made a good bid for Manolas. But English clubs are also in. We won’t sell for less than £8m.” #ArsenaI

  67. We don’t Scott..

    The only area folks on here differ with a view is our strike force…

  68. Goalkeeper good but not great isnt it???

    Well……he is only 24 years old.

    we conceded 41 goals in 38 matches, 17 of which came in 3 of them. that makes it just 28 goals in 35 matches.

    We kept 16 clean sheets in all. That is better than good.

    yes he is still young and immature. However he is slightly more than good. yes not great but he is much better than most of the keepers in the EPL.

  69. £8 million? Go and offer £9 Ivan and get him….

  70. Golden Glove.
    Enough said on Szczesny, though he will get much, much better in time.
    As I said better opinions on here.
    Rico, I reckon we’d all like to see a WC striker in, but as I offered up with Chelski, a seemingly WC striker doesn’t guarantee goals.
    How many 2-3 years back would have swapped Torres for Giroud?
    There are no guarantees in football, except that idiots will always be paid for their opinion just because they could play the game.

  71. £8,000,001, you mean, Rico :)

  72. The only memories I have of Carragher is being totally mugged off by Thierry season after season, dragging people down in the penalty box and acting like a baby when not selected for England. Put a suit on a moron, stick a microphone in front of him and the crap will flow from his mouth like a mountain torrent. The fact that it is illegible should not detract from its puerile nature.

  73. Devil, and if we stop letting other sides glide through our midfield, we’d reduce that amount by an awful lot…
    :) Scott..

  74. But he DID play, Adam, so he must be intelligent and well versed on all things football, surely :)

  75. Mignolet and Jones I say poor, why all these Arsenal Is not good for the title talk, the way I see it, I say its a straight battle between Arsenal and Chelsea for the title, Jamie carragher?? who is he? he should keep shut along with Owen……..A CB a DMF and that’s one hell of a team…….imagine people betting on Arsenal not getting into the top 4………..Owen and Carragher what are they smoking in Merseyside??

  76. We sure need three commanders; CB, DM and a 25 goal per season striker. my type can play the rest.

  77. the only thing GG was better than AW was in his psychological tactics…….he would make sure he would stick those comments on the noticeboard before every game.

  78. Scott. You mean like Robbie Savage? :)

  79. Which is just why I can’t see the club paying £51 million for Cavani Scott, too much of a risk at at 27 years old?

  80. Rico – you want us to bid £8,000,009 for him?

  81. Fair call, Rico, and I’d be surprised if we did.
    Adam, exactly like Robbie.
    It’s a natural transition from player to pundit.

  82. Morning All and good post Rico
    I see wenger doing a Kos all over again. So I dont trust any name the media bring up, Buh Monolas will be ideal for me.

  83. Rico, why would buying a 27 yr old a risk?

  84. It’s crystal ball time again isn’t it? With the PL due to starting a few days our national obsession with predicting everything is now in full swing and guess which club is attracting the most interest and the most divergent claims. I don’t know who is going to win the premiership this year. I am content to let it play out in front of me as I will be attending all the home games and perhaps a couple of away ones too. I know it’s a big year for Jack and that Sanchez is going to be key to our success. I believe that we do need the tediously touted world-class DM and the centre of the defence is looking a bit light since TV left. I would like another striker too, but hey, it’s not up to me. When I look at the team it looks generally ok. When I look at our obvious rivals I just don’t see Chelsea as being the massive favourites that the press do. We know that Mourinho’s plan A is to stifle opponent’s creative play and whack the ball out to Hazard who will then float it over the top for Costa to chase down and barge people out of the way to carve open a chance for himself or a midfield runner. It will be dour and it will probably be effective. Mourinho isn’t the slightest bit interested in entertaining people. If he wins the PL it will be yet another sad day for football. Obviously like all right-thinking men, I very much hope he fails miserably and is drummed out of the country in shame only to bounce back next year in Turkey where ai hope they get so sick of him that they finish him off for good. It would be best for everyone if this were to happen. But, I also know that football results are decided on the pitch and a lot can happen in a season.
    From a personal view I can only say that Wenger really has to win the PL this year. I say this because he has the experience and the knowledge plus the financial clout to assemble a team that should be fully capable of achieving it. If he doesn’t then questions will need to be asked.

  85. Adam, well said re Carragher…

  86. Agree with all of that Adam, and especially the question mark over Chelski being favourites.
    Their recent history of purchases is crap when it comes to strikers, and those asking whether we have the necessary firepower up front whilst lauding that mobs are simply kidding themselves.
    We are a player or two from being title favourites….I truly believe that.

  87. Scott. I would think that the idea of being favourites would not sit well with Arsene. There are literally no more excuses now.

  88. Hi Andy and thanks..

    Luznic, that would do.. lol

  89. Who translated the scouse fuck? I can never understand him the thick cnut!

  90. Gdna, £51 million, a huge wage, no guarantee he’ll suit the PL and no return when he wants out…

    Not a risk I would take personally and if AW wanted a top striker, he should have gone for Costa for a lot less….

  91. As we have been told Rico. Costa is shit. :)

  92. When you walk, thru the storm,
    Hold you head, up highhhh.
    And don’t, be afraid, of the darkzzzzzzzzzzzz

  93. Turn the light on.

  94. Ah, I forgot that Adam…lol

  95. Eat more carrots….

  96. Scott, have you read about Arsenal might have pre-season in Australia next summer?

    Sorry if that’s already been discussed…

  97. Suarez appeal failed :)

    But he can train…..

  98. Afternoon Rico and the House.
    Good post Rico and like H/H I hate the sight of Pardew.
    Good news for Sat.
    Koss is avaiilable , Diaby is fit, just needs games under the belt.
    Right Arsene U21 tomorrow as an overage player. you know you can.
    Ospina 2to 3 weeks Theo beginning Sept

  99. A thought on Jamie carr’s comments : how many players presently at liverpool will get first team places at say Barca or Real madrid?

  100. Afternoon Rick..

    Good news on Theo and Ospina..

    Diaby fit? Wonder if he’ll play Saturday….

  101. But he can train………………………………………Got what they wanted then !

  102. Diaby ? I hope not, He will slow the game down even more than Arteta will.

  103. From what I can gather he will not be in the squad for sat.
    It was being stated that games behined closed doors could be thought of to benifit to Diaby and the world cup winners.
    Thinking along those lines Theo Reo Serge and Ospino could benifit as well.

  104. Perhaps Courtinho?

    Exactly, on both accounts Potter.

  105. Glad to hear that Rick, I actually hope Diaby suffers a small setback so AW doesn’t get tempted to rely on him…

    Surely by now he knows he shouldn’t….

  106. Arsène Wenger has revealed the following team news ahead of Arsenal’s Premier League opener at home to Crystal Palace on Saturday.
    on Theo Walcott and Ryo…

    They are not available. Ryo is very close after injury and Theo is, as I always said, end of August or start of September. That is back into training of course.
    on Serge Gnabry…

    He is not ready as well. I am not sure about the timeframe at the moment.
    on David Ospina…

    Ospina is two or three weeks away. He has a thigh strain from the Brazil vs Colombia game.
    on Abou Diaby…

    He’s back in full training – that’s good news. He needs to play a few games but this week he looked good in training.
    on Laurent Koscielny…

    Koscielny had a knock on his Achilles but he should be available for Saturday.

  107. Thunder and lightening here :eek:

  108. Thunder and lightning down in Southend too rico. Its now gone black! Nice post, agree about Pard. Think its fair on Suerez, could never see why he couldn’t train. I mean, I hope he bites lots of his colleagues. Except TV of course!

  109. Hmm, garlic naan, not long to go… :-)

  110. Stretch or starve kev…..take no prisoners.

  111. Just got back from a lovely 3 course meal at the Bluebell in chigwell for my managers retirement lunch. Very full!

    Would have loved Suarez to get off the ban completely just to see the outrage from the scousers, but what has happened is fair lol

    Kev, sod garlic naan you want the special chilli and cheese naan that’s lovely ;)

  112. Viera signed 18yrs ago today!

  113. Thanks Andrew. I actually think that Suarez should have been banned for a lot longer…

    Afternoon all…

  114. What about Vieira Lee? ;)

  115. Courtinho ? well i just don’t regard him as being in the same mould as Rambo.. Even Gerrard is past his prime and is just a little bit better than AM08 .. Point is without LS 07 Liverpool are bare and cant even be regarded as title contenders in the light that Jamie was talking about…i just cant find their spine.

  116. Tongue in cheek really bondex, didn’t he score one good goal against City last season and that was about it…

    Brenda has signed loads of players but it reminds me of the activity at the neighbours last summer….

  117. It reeks of it Rico, it looks as though Brenda will be signing at least 10 players.That’s ridiculous in 1 window and it’s not as if any of them are real top drawer. His number 1 purchase was Sturridge a snip at 9-12m. A lot of his signings are hit and miss

  118. Agree Nickie, could be his downfall if all goes wrong…

  119. I hope it all comes crashing down. Their fans wind me up, think they’re all high and mighty because they got champions league and came second. I wouldn’t feel confident if I was a Liverpool fan this season. The teams to fear this season are Arsenal and Chelsea. Maybe Man U if they make the correct signings.

  120. I Understand that mentioning Arsenal in any interview is gold but he should try to be objective ( which seems beyond every anti Arsenal fan) . By taking a critical look at LFC, he probably would find out that they don’t have a back, talk less of a spine.

  121. Mick, when I face off with a naan, there’s only gonna be one winner…

  122. I fucking hope they get relegated, love to see all the professional scouser’s faces if that happens!!!!
    Off to meet a brace of wankers…. over & out!

  123. @ lee me too with all my heart.

  124. Amen to that Lee..

    You all have a fab night….

  125. Suarez is also allowed to play in ‘friendlies’, but not competitively until Barca face Real in October.
    Justice seen to be done? Mmm. I preferred the total ban.
    Afternoon all. Just popping in to say hello! Will be more vociferous when the season starts.

  126. Wavy, the original ban should have stood imo…

  127. Javi Martinez ruled out for the rest of the year

  128. Darn, I had hoped it was him on the radar… lol

  129. Ornstein has said people at Arsenal have said they’re not pursuing Khedira or Tiote. Ornstein believes the CB position is the main position Arsenal are targeting and that the CDM targets seem to have gone quiet due to Jack Wilshere proving his fitness over pre season and CS

  130. Gawd help us then….

  131. I said at the very start of the window the position or player I see Wenger skimping on was the CDM. Still 16/17 days to go but it’s all gone worryingly quiet

  132. Quiet is good Nickie… I truly believe we’ll get a couple of players in yet. A DM kind of guy and a defender….

  133. I’m calling it a day, Enjoy the rest of the day folks..

    Night all….

  134. Do the right thing, AW/AFC, make do, won’t do, this time round.

  135. Anyone seen this Tony Pulis thing?! He’s had talks with Parish (vice Chairman) this evening and a journalist from The Times is saying he’s resigned…to be confirmed in the morning!! So we could be facing a managerless team Sat!!
    Javi Martinez injured for the rest of the year so dream big-signing #1 out the window….what’s the betting they’ll get Khedira in now?? Jive apparently pushing for Manolas too but also Luisao apparently so hopefully they’ll settle for the latter as the Greek looks pretty handy!

  136. Juve not jive….bloody autocorrect!!!!

  137. Sky have just broken the Pulis leaving story too…wow!! So they obviously want to be relegated!! Might have to slip a few quid on him becoming West-Ham boss before October!!

  138. Crystal Palace should be mentally in bits when they vist The Grove this weekend.

    Fate has handed Wenger a golden opportunity to start the season on a flyer.

    Let’s hope we smash ‘em…

    As Mick says, take no prisoners…

    Night All…

  139. Morning all.
    Rico, I did read about the possibility if an Aussie tour, but no point getting my hopes up yet :)

  140. Morning all, i don’t understand Crystal Palace allowing Pulis leave.

  141. @ lee if only wishes were horses. The only realistic option amongst the three is Khedira, even that is not a certainty. Something tells me AW will go back to default setting and get us a LESCOT.

  142. bondex I agree this Greek CB looks like it may happen….he will be mad not get a younger DM, imho!

  143. Morning all.

    Those 3 and a DM Lee… :)

    You all have a good evening?

  144. Good Morning Munchkins and Chipmunks.

    Like you I do want a DM

    But above everything I want Manolas.

    At 8 million he will be a snip

    And based on matches I saw him play…….he will be another Kos.

    Then again………the EPL is a good couple of step ups from the Greek league and Greek national team

  145. May you have a most splendid Season rico1. My tip for the Title is The Arsenal followed by daylight, then the chavs.

  146. £8 million is indeed a snip Devil. Not seen him play but if you think he’s good enough, that’ll do for me…

    You too GG…

  147. bondex, i’m hoping Ivan doesn’t let AW set his default button…

  148. He is still 23 so he will learn. His first year will be difficult but then watch him go.

  149. Won’t mind having him as a back up to per and Kos… When was the last time we had every thing we wanted as arsenal fans?

  150. And we’ll have Chambers to call on too, would give us depth and strength at the back..

    It’s sure been a long time since we have been able to boast that.

    Get it done Ivan… ;)

  151. Good Morning Rico and the House
    Busy day so will be short.
    Happy birthday to the Ox .21 today.
    Have a great day and follow it with a good performance against Palace.

  152. Morning Rick, have a good day.

  153. Morning Rico
    Looks like Pulis is a secret Arsenal fan all the nice things he was saying about Arsenal on Sunday. And now he leaves crystal palace without a manager for Saturday. :)

  154. Morning Rico and all. Lovely evening with the chaps last night thank you.
    Unless Wenger has a couple or 3 aces up his sleeve, the decision not to resign Cesc is looking unfortunate to me. That is unless there were hidden or unknown complications.

  155. Morning Joe, I missed what Pulis said about Arsenal. Good job, I’d have probably fallen off of my chair if he was being nice…

  156. Morning Adam, glad to hear, although I was quietly confident you’d have a lovely evening….

  157. The food at Dishoom was really, really good.

  158. New post up now..

  159. Don’t tell me what you had Adam, I’ll be envious…. ;)

  160. Rico the basics he was saying what a huge and great club Arsenal are.

  161. I’m amazed Joe… ;)

    See you on the new post..

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