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Defender & DM heading to Arsenal. Pick your worst eleven ever…..

Morning all.

Gossip first:

Kostas Manolas was left out of Olympiakos squad for a friendly fixture against Atletico Bilbao yesterday. This of course must mean that he’s on his way to Arsenal having been linked to us for a while now. Apparently a few other PL clubs, including the neighbours are interested in the big Greek defender, so there’s no guarantee he’s heading our way. Although if he really is a target of Arsene Wenger, I’m sure we are the better prospect.

The Daily Star suggest Juventus are out to pip us to his signing….

The Mirror report that Wenger is lining up an £8 million bid for Newcastle’s Cheick Tiote and he’s ready to join his old team-mate at Arsenal.

If both stories are true, we should get the DM and Defender signings we need, although perhaps not the players we’d hoped for….

On this day back in 1980, Arsenal signed Kenny Sansom in a £1.25m exchange deal with Crystal Palace for Clive Allen. How many Gooners were glad to see the back of him?

Takes us to Bob John’s article, one which will get you all scratching your heads.

Q – Well Bob, you have been coming to Highbury for over 40 years now, although you’ve been privileged to see some real quality in that time, you must have seen some dross as well!

A- That’s true. I saw my first game in the mid-sixties when we had a great attack but a crap defence. In the mid-seventies we nearly got relegated and the mid-eighties and mid-nineties weren’t much better! Some of the t***ers who moan and slag as soon as a pass goes astray these days should be locked in a room and made to sit through film of Arsenal in those eras. Perhaps they could then appreciate what they are seeing now!

Q- Right, you’ve got a choice of every player you’ve seen play for Arsenal. Who’s your goalie?

A- No hesitation. Vince Bartram! Whenever I think of him, circus music comes into my head! One particular game stands out. We lost 3-1 at home to Leeds, who were really poor and negative. Phil Masinga (remember him?) managed to score the worst goal I’ve ever seen past the hapless ‘Coco the clown’. I think this was the game where we ended up with Andy Linighan up front having high balls pumped up to him! Believe me, no one else comes close!

Q – What about your full-backs?

A – Not quite so easy. We’ve been pretty lucky over the years and seem to have had excellent, long-standing partnerships. One man however stands out. One of the few Arsenal players that I have ever hated! Nelson Vivas. I detested everything about this man. He used cynicism to cover up his lack of ability. Mauricio Tarricco with straight hair! Summed him up when he got needlessly sent off in the FA Cup semi against Manure. What annoyed me even more were the morons in the crowd with their da da da da VIVAS chant! What this plank ever did to deserve his own song is beyond me. Lee Dixon gave years of brilliant service and yet got constantly slagged off!

As I say, we’ve been pretty lucky with full-backs over the years but we’ve had a glut of useless centre-backs. Therefore, Tommy Caton gets the left-back spot. I think he may have even turned out there once or twice. Terry Neill had a habit of signing players that scored against us and the late Tommy was a prime example of this. To sum him up; he started badly….. and got worse! His signing was also responsible for the decline of Chris Whyte, who had been playing really well until Caton’s signing was announced over the tannoy before a League Cup game against Walsall. Knowing Caton had been signed to replace him, Whyte had a ‘mare’ and we lost 2-1. He was never the same player again for Arsenal but gladly for him, won a championship with Leeds. So, Vivas right-back and Caton left-back.

Q – As you’ve already said, you are spoilt for choice at Centre-Back!

A – Absolutely. Ian Ure, Jeff Blockley, Terry Mancini, Pat Howard, Colin Hill, Tommy Caton. This lot make Igor Stepanovs look like a cross between Tony Adams and Franz Beckenbauer! Ure was remembered mainly for his horror show in the 1969 League Cup catastrophe against Swindon. Howard just kicked everything. Sometimes he even kicked the ball! Hill was a useless forward converted into a useless defender!

I’m going for a well- balanced pairing, Blockley and Mancini. Well- balanced because it’s difficult to know who was the worst! Not only was Blockley a big useless lummox, with a penchant for own goals and dodgy back-passes but also his signing meant Frank McLintock going to QPR! We signed Mancini from QPR because he was ‘a clown who would make the dressing room laugh’! He never amused me in the slightest! Some might consider Gus Caeser. Although he was error prone, it was usually only one per game. This bunch were consistently rubbish! And please, no one mention Steve Walford, who never let us down. Anyone at the City Ground in the 1979 FA Cup game when we broke Forest’s long unbeaten home record, knows what I mean. He was superb that night. No, it’s got to be Blockley and Mancini.

Q – Ok. On to the midfield. Four across the middle?

A – Yes indeed. Amongst them, in central midfield, another one of the few of our players I’ve ever hated. Peter Nicholas is a cert! I hated the dirty git when he was at Palace and then we went and signed him! Then to cap it all, we played Swansea at Highbury and he was quoted as saying, “I’m playing for Arsenal but my heart is with Swansea”. We lost 2-0 and at least one of the goals was down to him. Alongside him, John Jensen. Another example of a player playing above himself in a major tournament and securing a big transfer. Couldn’t run, couldn’t pass, couldn’t tackle, couldn’t head a ball, couldn’t shoot and he had a moustache! Some people found it amusing when he blasted yet another shot into the upper tier.

Not funny! I can hear a lot of people saying, “what about David Hillier?” Well, whatever his limitations, he did the business when he first came into the team in the 1991 championship year.

Out wide it has to be another waster from Palace, ‘Steady’ Eddie McGoldrick. What was going on there? Can’t remember him having even an average game! Toss-up for the other wide position between Jimmy Carter and Glenn Helder. I’ve no doubt that Helder had the most talent of the two but that’s’ what made him so frustrating in my opinion. Plus, Carter was a Gooner. So, Helder it is. One decent game followed by twenty awful ones!

Q – And finally. Up front?

A- Thierry Henry and Ian Wright! Only joking! Well, before anyone mentions him, not Chris Kiwomya. The day George Graham was sacked we played Forest at home and were in real danger of going down. Kiwomya scored the winner and then got two in the next game at Palace.

We stayed up by nine points in the end so we owe him a lot. Ray Hankin only played less than half a game in kit that barely covered his gut so he doesn’t qualify. Must admit, I never liked the poser, Paul Mariner but he wasn’t anywhere near bad enough to get in this side. Kaba Diawara was the unluckiest player I’ve ever seen. He must hold the record for hitting the woodwork! Paul Vaessen was excellent until his knee busted and anyway, for that goal in Turin alone he deserves recognition.

No, it has to be two classic Terry Neill signings. John Hawley and Lee Chapman. Both scored against us for their previous clubs, so Neill signed them! To be honest, we had no great expectations of Hawley. He didn’t cost a lot but it was still embarrassing watching this lower league journeyman trundle about in an Arsenal kit. A replacement for Frank Stapleton. You’re having a laugh! Chapman cost a million and that was at least a million too much! We went to Stoke to see his debut and gave some old Stoke supporter a lift on the way. He told us how bad Chapman was and boy was he right! So these two ‘classic English centre forwards’ complete the line up!

Well, thanks for that. Let’s look at the line up in full.

Vince Bartram, Nelson Vivas, Jeff Blockley, Terry Mancini, Tommy Caton, Eddie McGoldrick, Peter Nicholas, John Jensen, Glenn Helder, Lee Chapman, John Hawley.

A right pile of poo!

Written by Bob John…



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249 comments on “Defender & DM heading to Arsenal. Pick your worst eleven ever…..

  1. How has Denilson not made that line-up?! The epitome of cack.

  2. Morning all btw!

  3. Not to mention Boa Morte or Chris Wreh!

  4. Block one, right behind Arsenal bench and tunnel, no heads in our way and the cheapest at 36.50 a piece excellent :)….off to read the post

  5. or Quincy “I’m amazing” Owusu-Obeyie?!

  6. We’ve had some real shitbombs in our time

  7. lol, different post but nice read. I wish i’d seen some of these players… ;)

  8. Rocky, Wait til Kev gets on here and goes through his “list” we’ll be here all f’kin day…….

  9. Mornin’ folks, sadly i remember to many of the above, nice different post BJ..

  10. Blimey Bob, I’m glad I didn’t read your post before going to bed…

    Nightmarish XI for sure….

  11. Classic post Bj… I learnt something new and had a laugh too…

  12. Morning all,

    I know how bad some of our current crop were so to have some oldies before my time must make them really bad. Especially ahead of Silvestre, Stepaonos, Jeffers and Wright (Richard).

  13. Wath, I’m on it….

    How long have you got? ;-)

  14. Bt- I now know why you keep asking me why certain players are pensioners? :P

  15. I know wath…. Hope he doesn’t come on today!

  16. Damn… too late!! Morning Kev!

  17. Morning Rico and all, funny post by Bob John I must admit I can only remember Vivas from the line up……..
    KANU introduced me to the Arsenal 15years ago and I have been stuck but if I have to choose I will definitely put Pascal Cygan and Francis Jeffers

  18. Way you go Kev, fill ya boots mate I’m going to be off all day now after reading your comment…………….

    Bye…………. Don’t forget fingers Furnell…!

  19. Our last signing from Greece… Stathis Tavlaridis who remembers him? lol

  20. Morning all…

    Bob John – what a fab post, loved it….

  21. Ts, i said some, you’re easily fooled…lol

  22. How Aw manages to find them well…?? Michal Papadopulos…

  23. ha ha ha Bt if you say so. ;)

  24. Good Morning Munchkins and Chipmunks

    What are you trying to do Bob John?? Trying to give us a heart attack? Imagine that lot together. They would manage to get relegated even from the amateur leagues.


  25. Morning Rico, is the pub, restocking?

  26. and who could forget the mighty Daniel Karbassiyoon!

  27. Never realised Bellerin was so fast. Could be a frightening rhs with him and walcott in the team

  28. Gilles Grimandi could slot into that midfield nicely too…

  29. John Hawley the worst striker in a Arsenal shirt of all time!

  30. Ts, don’t worry mate, when the time comes, i’ll still take you out for your daily walk….lol

  31. Nickie, as long as they, remember to go back, as well as forward.

  32. Wath beat me to it but Fumbling Jim in goal for me too. Plus Billy Mc Cullough at full back , Ure and Blockley in the middle . McGoldrick , Helder , John Hawley and Lee Chapman all players that made me spit my peanuts out.

  33. Morning Bt, cheeky… ;)

  34. Rocky- Gilles’s elbow on pep g. in the UCL match against Barca in 1999 is enough to give him a free pass on this one. I loved the way he acted so innocent afterwards.

    this tackle was good as well…

  35. :D Bt… well someone has to… but I won’t even trust you to show me where the kebab shop is…

  36. Daniel Karbassiyoon Rocky, never heard of him… lol

  37. God, I forgot how seriously shit he was until that video!

  38. Ts, i’m offended…lol….i could say more, but don’t like to kick a man, when he’s down.

  39. I am not hearing any one on TS justifying why both Man United & Liverpool Captains being Everton fans yet… :)

  40. Rico, tongue in cheeky, think Danny is our N.American scout, Ts, will know, over to you ,Ts.

  41. Morning Rocky :-)

    See ya lata Wath, I’ll send my 25 man squad to ya by text… :-D

  42. ha ha ha Bt… yeah right; why should I have messy on you? lol

    Ok so I offer a virtual hand-shake… a short story for you…

    This morning I asked my sperds neighbour why Gareth Bale within a year of leaving themchad won more trophies (3) than his team had done in the last 24 years…

    He tried to back back with 9 years without a trophy and then I could see his mind reminding him we have won 2 trophies in 2 months… he walked away saying cheeky young man… lol

  43. Hi all. Thanks for the nice comments. Glad it has provoked some debate.
    Potter – Do you remember the incident in 1971 double season when Billy Bremner got Eddie Kelly sent off by diving and pretending thet Eddie had done him? We played most of the game against Leeds with 10 men and got a 0-0 draw that most recognised as our best performance of the season. Eddie Kelly told me that Billy McCullough was a member of the back-room staff at the time and at half-time in the tunnel he gave Bremner a right-hander! For that alone he could never feature in a worst eleven although he was pretty ropey!

  44. He tried to come back*

  45. Bj- Syg too would enjoy such a post… he might even a tale or 2 on how the 50′ chased him with the horses… :D

  46. Yes, I we’ll remember Jeff Blockleys stellar performance at Hillsborough vs Sunderland in the 1973 FACup semi-final…

    Leppings Lane terracing was as frightening as big Jeffs defending…

  47. Still never heard of him Bt ;)

  48. That’s the phone turned off as well then Rocky…….. :P

    We really have seen some utter pillocks over there through the decades and as BJ says this lot now don’t know they born when moaning about players being crap…!

  49. True Bj-

    Danny was the original sick note… he came and went
    apparently Danny and dickie use to scout N. America together.. he was reportedly instrumental in JC and gedion coming to us..

  50. Funny how you remember the rubbish as much as the legends eh?? I’m going with Vince Bartram, Gavin McGowan, Igors Stepanovs, Stathis Tavlaridis, Pal Lydersen, Alberto Mendez-Rodriguez, Amaury Bischoff, Juinichi Inamoto, Quincy Owusu-Abieye, Kaba Diawara and Fabian Cabellero….Subs Lee Harper, Sebastien Squilacci, Jason Crowe, Mark Flatts, Nelson Vivas, Park Ji Sung and Stefan Malz. That lot would struggle in the Dr Martens League!!!!

  51. lol classic BruisedB… Igor has to be the captain surely…

    I see Luzhny didn’t make your sqad was he that much of a horse? :-)

  52. lol… Wath… 11:14 stop moaning then about B-52… he is the only walking aristocrat in football. :-)

  53. I can’t recall most of the players you oldies talk about… ;)

    Luzny and Stepanvos are possibly two of my nightmares, along with Squlli and Tweety Pie…

  54. Is he pushing your wheelchair Ts…?

  55. Luzhny didn’t make it for playing centre-back in an FA Cup Final win….but was close! I have such fond memories of Jason Crowe though, the fastest ever debut red-card and never played for us again….legend!!! what’s your 11??

  56. Ts, and the Davids tackle for Grimandi, that was pretty special….

  57. I actually think the majority of my 11 are Wenger signings though….Arsene Knows Best eh??? Or maybe just likes a gamble??!

  58. what about whisky Fergie’s worst buys ?… :-)

    Taibi the goalie, Ralph Milne,Dong Fangzhou,Bebe,David Bellion,Gabriel Obertan, Eric Djemba-Djemba,Jordi Cruyff

  59. Rico, that’s cava and a misspent youth for you….

  60. Bt, spot on… lol

  61. :D wath… he is pushing my wheelchair in a white g-string as we speak.

  62. :D rico. Davids was a brute… we could do with a younger Davids in DM now…

  63. Ts, what a picture, my eyes are starting to bleed….

  64. BB-mine will be very close to yours..

    I can’t decide on who was worst Rami Shaaban or Mart poom… Mart poom apparently TH14 ‘forced’ Aw to buy as he use to stop us against Derby in those days… lol

  65. I’d rather a younger Marco van Bommel Ts….

  66. what about this goal from Tomas Danilevicius v Barcelona.

    I think AW rehetted it so much when he was shipped off no news was made of it… lol

  67. interesting rico… didn’t think Bommel will be your type of player… another dirty dutch player… goonie will kil me for that. :-)

    He was a very top player though…

  68. :D Bt- don’t tell lies… you wish you were in my seat.

  69. He was a nasty player Ts, but the kind we lack…

    And once he said:

    ‘Spurs play good football and have a good trainer but at the moment they are not a big enough club’

  70. Thing is in those days it didn’t matter, there were no expectations it cost about 1 /10 to get in tea was 6d and .a cheesecake 3d.The urinals were a trough of about 50 yards long ,which as a kid , I am sure you could get from one end to the other without your feet touching the floor , which was I suppose was a blessing considering. The sense of humour on the terrace made it worthwhile , most songs apart from the anthems were deprecatory ,as were the comments that flew about. “” Milk turns quicker “” Turns on a dustbin lid “” etc. Football was what it was meant to be :- A fun day out.

  71. lol rico.. he was only telling the truth :-) ;he wasn’t manoeuvring for a move to us then was he?

    Did you like Philip CoCu? When Petit was leaving I thought we would get him but his salary was a tad too much for our 35k stadium at that time I guess…

  72. Morning all, interesting post, although i have never seen any of those players played.

    Debuchy – “This is another dimension. If you compare the training grounds for example, nothing at Lille or Newcastle can match the Arsenal one. It is another world. Lol

  73. Kike Marin**
    Pending what happens with Di Maria and #PSG the #Arsenal not rule out signing Cavani. Wenger wants a 9 as the Uruguayan.

  74. Those were the days Potter, although the ‘milk turns quicker than… could be suitable for one or two of todays players… lol

  75. Ts, I’ll be honest, I remember the name but not the player, not really and I didn’t get time back then to watch much football other than us, which invariably, I took time off from work to do…

  76. I wonder what the fee of Cavani would be

  77. Gd morning all,
    Good post John taking us back memory lane.

    Doubt we are interested in Cavani. We’ve got problems area in CB and DM to sort with the available fund. Scaring thing now is seeing Chambers and Monreal at the hear of our defence vs Pulis this weekend. They are going to cause us problems with set pieces

    I am quite happy with Sanchez, Walcott, Campbell, Sanogo, Giroud, Akpom ;) spearheading the attack this season ;)

  78. Debucy knows all the right things to say…. Good man..

    Not that I care, but I’m surprised that Rooney has been made Utd captain. Twice he’s sulked and threatened to leave because he wanted more money and that’s how such dreadful antics gets rewarded…

  79. I’d be amazed if Cavani ends up at Arsenal…

  80. emma, Palace will need to get hold of the ball first… lol

  81. rico – very much confident we will win.;) Just hope we get the CB/DM issue sorted as ASAP

  82. Van Gaal in difficult position , he can’t buy what he wants and can’t afford to lose what he has. So Rooney being captain keeps him happy , what side deal he has made with RVP remains to be seen.

  83. When was the last time we opened a season with a win? been a few years at least. Hopefully it’s not a bore draw, Pulis loves to set his team up well against big 4 teams. Hopefully we open our account full of intent.

  84. Good day all,

    George Wood,
    Chris Whyte, Seb Squillaci, Igor Stepanov, Gus Caesar,
    Jimmy Carter, Ian Selley, David Hillier, Glenn Helder,
    Lee Chapman, John Hawley.

    The mutts nuts.

  85. So Greek TV saying Manolas is done deal, Kike Marin (Spanish journalist) is saying Cavani to Arsenal if PSG get Di Maria and there’s whispers of “third party ownership issues holding up a big signing”!! I should really stay off twitter…the Transfer Windows really not good for my health!!!

  86. Rico, right now we don’t a league winning squad. Cavani, DM & CB and we are champions, but i won’t expect it to happen it makes too much sense.

  87. Set pieces Emma ? The reason that I said earlier in the week that our players Jack in particular need to learn when and how to tackle. If you don’t give away free kicks you don’t have to defend them.

  88. Agree emma, this week hopefully…

    potter – I thought he’d opt for Rvp… Strange one..

  89. Hi Micko..
    :) BB, you should, welcome to HH by the way.

  90. I know Gdna, we all know, but as long as the DM/CB get’s done I’m pretty happy..

    Just can’t see the club blowing so much money on one player like Cavani, how old is he now?

  91. I loved Ian Selley though, He totally bossed it once against Standard Leige…injurys did for him. David Hillier was a trier though and scored a worldwide once v Sheffield Utd!! His Ceaser though…he was a different kind of special eh?? If memory serves me right he was pretty much at fault for the loss to Luton in the league cup final?? Yep, he replaces Pal Lydersen in my 11!!

  92. Emma 12.11, what’s Podolski done to upset you.

  93. The 3rd party tweet might be true, Carvalho….

  94. Does Siggi Jonsson get an honourable mention?! Dogshit.

  95. What annoys me about the “3rd party holding things up” is it doesn’t hold things up for other clubs!!!

  96. Banana – Yep, Cesar was remarkably gash in that match with some shocking defensive errors.

  97. I’ve got a signed Siggi Jonsson photo! I put it on eBay with a start price of 99p…not one bid ha!!!

  98. Is it only the PL which has a problem allowing 3rd owned players to be signed?

  99. Just because you have those players doesn’t mean you’re going to win the league. Liverpool had arguably the worst squad out of the top 4 but came 2nd and made city and chelsea look amateurish when they played them. You can buy all these “world class” players and they never truly gel. We would certainly on paper come close to winning the league with a top quality CB, CDM and CF but there are 4-5 other dangerous teams.

  100. Rico, i would take 1 WC player over Manolas & Tiote, we don’t need numbers we we need quality. Did you watch the super cup final yesterday?

  101. I had a few signed photos from my Junior Gunner days. I hope to God I didn’t ask for a Siggi one! I know I had Lukic, Rocky and Sansom but can’t remember the others! Only have the Rocky one left

  102. Yeah PL doesn’t allow 3rd party ownership since the whole Tevez/Mascherano thing! But didn’t stop Liverpool buying Mascherano, Chelsea getting sideshow bob etc….just pay the bloomin 3rd party too!!!

  103. A Rocky one? That one would be framed and have pride-of-place in my home!!! Lucky you!! Think I’m gonna have to pay my kids some attention now…bye till later!!!

  104. The difference between Selley/Hillier and the others was that at least they gave their all, though they were limited, while the others like Shitvestre we paid for them and they gave FA

    my worst team…….

    Stepanovs, Ceasar, Squillaci,Shitvestre
    Mendez, Bischoff, McGoldrick,Helder
    Park, Hankin

  105. :) BB, that’s funny..

  106. Gdna, it shouldn’t be one or the other. We need quality and in numbers…

    No, didn’t watch it..

  107. Micko – I purposely left Podolski out because if Arsene has his way he will be sold this summer ;)

  108. AFCPressWatch™ @AFCPressWatch
    Official capacity of Emirates Stadium has changed slightly this season to 60,272

  109. Was Richard Wright any worse that Rami Shabaan (or whatever his name was)?

  110. Shabaan was awful!

    Almunia was up there too…

  111. And last seasons loan guy, Villanio or something like that, played once for the reserves and let in 6/7 goals… oops

  112. Shabaan
    Vivas Caesar Squillaci Silvinho
    Helder Volz McGoldrick Boa Morte
    Boa Morte Wreh
    Subs: Wright, Malz, Grimandi, Johsson, Caballero, Kiwomya

  113. Pure horseshit

  114. Denilson narrowly misses out due to the presence of Moritz Voltz (playing slightly out of position, but when did that ever stop Wenger?)

  115. oyyyyy Rocky…..

    did we have the Boa Morte twins then???

    you mentioned him on the left hand side and in attack in your 1.15pm

  116. Sylvinho wasn’t that bad was he, scored a scorcher against Chelsea once didn’t he?

  117. Sorry, I chopped and changed it at the last minute, although he was SO shit, he deserves to be mentioned twice! I meant to put in Kaba Diawara

  118. I really couldn’t stand Silvinho. At all. thought he was terrible. Any of the shitters on todays post are capable of nicking a goal (McGoldrick vs St. Liege proves that). But they are still atrocious!

  119. I thought he was a decent left back rocky, did us in the C final too if my memory is right…

  120. Thinking about these players reminded me of the below email that was doing the rouns many moons ago, in the same style as “Choose Life” from Trainspotting. The players mentioned are all spot on!

    Choose Arsenal.

    Choose overbearing arrogance.

    Choose systematic dirty play and calling it “competitiveness”.

    Choose the most staged, contrived, up-your-own-arses goal celebrations ever witnessed.

    Choose having the ugliest man on earth as your centre-back and the second ugliest as your manager.

    Choose drawing 99% Of your fanbase from the ranks of the suburban english middle classes.

    Choose patrick viera whinging about having to play too much football even though he gets six games’ rest every season due to suspensions.

    Choose paying £9 million for francis jeffers. Choose being “the Bank of England Club”.

    Choose dennis bergkamp and his carefully timed elbows into the side of the head.

    Choose deliberately disrespecting and belittling the other team by playing keepy-uppy in their half with a few minutes to go.

    Choose forcing merchandise vendors out of business because they might deprive you of a couple of hundred quid on match days.

    Choose fancying yourselves as better than Real Madrid, then having Inter or Auxerre run rings around you at home.

    Choose Sol campbell continually tripping over himself. Choose turning the sports section of the observer into a gunners fanzine.

    Choose getting away with light or delayed punishments at FA disciplinary hearings because you’ve had every possible string pulled by david dein.

    Choose a persecution complex nonetheless and never shut up about it.

    Choose gamesmanship.

    Choose embarrassing yourselves in a Renault “va-va-voom” ad and then disgracing yourselves further at the world cup finals.

    Choose david seaman and his public mid-life crisis.

    Choose watching an opponent miss a last-minute penalty against you, then running after him and jeering him.

    Choose george graham grinding his way to the dullest championship win of all time.

    Choose stepping forward in a four-man line with your right hands all raised in the air, then screaming abuse at the linesman when he has the audacity to keep his flag down.

    Choose to see yourselves as one of the giants of continental Football when you’ve never even reached a european cup semi-final in your entire history.

    Choose picking ray parlour for over a decade.

    Choose having the quietest stadium in the world (“the library” as your home ground. even quieter than Old ‘Corporate’ Trafford

    Choose having nick hornby as the mouthpiece of your supporters.

    Choose making umpteen lists of reasons why arsenal are so great, and then admitting you didn’t bother following them for a few years in the 1980s when they were getting shite results.

    Choose tony adams coming out with his usual dreary “i am a Recovering addict” spiel every time a premiership footballer blots his Copy-book.

    Choose pretending that five or six years of playing in a ‘watchable’ fashion makes up for inflicting over a century of ultra-defensive dogshit on english football watchers.

    Choose igor stepanovs, nelson vivas,
    Kanu, pascal cygan, davor suker, gilles grimandi, david grondin, remi garde, Kaba diawara, junichi inamoto, jeremie aliadiere, oleg luzhny, luis boa Morte, richard wright, stefan malz, christopher wreh, and all the other Turkeys that nobody ever mentions when creaming themselves about how great Wenger is in the transfer market.

    Choose treacherous ex-Spurs defenders who’d sell their grandmother to a pimp for a few quid

    Choose 58 red cards in seven years.

    Choose lying to the media that you didn’t see a single one of the incidents that caused all these red cards.

    Choose being a bunch of smug, self-regarding wankers (with the exception of that nice So Lack Lustre) who are well on their way to being even more unpopular than man utd in less than half the time.

    Choose Arsenal

  121. Rico – just posted a mammoth post but I think it may be in the spam folder!! Pretty sure there’s no “C” word in it… although I did copy and paste an old email so can’t be sure….

  122. Silvinho= Jerry Lewis

  123. BT – What, he married his 13 year old cousin?

  124. No, i think that’s, Jerry Lee Lewis, one of his many wives.

  125. Sorry, that was Jerry LEE Lewis…. He does look a bit like Jerry Lewis though. Jerry Lee Lewis… Not so much…

  126. Rocky, Nelson Vivas, made me cringe every time, he was on the pitch.

  127. I found it rocky…

  128. Who found it…………. :P

  129. Seen it posted now, thanks Rico! Bit of a mammoth one!

    Bt – I felt the same. Did he ever play in the same tide as Stepanovs? That would have been horrific!

  130. good work wath!

  131. you know why it was in spam……….there was the word c.rea,my……

  132. As PSG offer di María €8m net (if they agree fee with RM, a big if), MU’s job is to convince him to change his mind. Nothing definitive yet
    Guillem Balague (@GuillemBalague)

  133. I did Wath, just de-spammed it… :)

  134. Ha ha Wath, seems we both did it… Just had a peep, how spooky…

  135. Typical wath – giving it Charles Large, saying he was the hero of the hour!

  136. John Hawley himself admitted he was in awe of our club & knew he was not good enough to play for us. How many players admit to that?!!

  137. Not enough Kip…. Not enough.

  138. BES need money to pay of their creditors… they value WC’s rights of 40% at £18m… I doubt it will happen as that means his club will have to sell for close to £38m which is over his release clause…

  139. To be fair, he let the comment on, I got it out of spam. Teamwork… lol

    Kip, I can’t think of any who would, although Draxler has said he isn’t good enough for us yet…

  140. Guillem Balague talks shite for a man who claims to be itk.. the £8m figure is a loan fee and deal has been agreed already; apparently issue is to do with Jorge’s fee’s and Di Maria snr and how much Psg after to pay afterwards and how soon..

    RM apparently want £20m next summer but Psg will fail FFP if they pay that amount at once’s next summer…

  141. £12m for cavani on loan; £18m for falcao no one wants them..lol

    Potter/Wath do you think FFP is working?

  142. Rico – don’t pander to him!

  143. BES are in a right shit state at the moment

  144. Rocky…………………..

    Go do one………..!!

    Ts, Is FFP working… I would say all it’s doing so far is slowing things down and making teams look harder at circumventing the rules…! I think only next season or two will we see if it actually really works…! How is it Citeh can buy Mangala for a reported 46mil euro yet report fee at 32million..? Maybe they will get NYCFC to buy him for them…?

  145. Haha!! You love it wath!

  146. ”making teams look harder at circumventing the rules” couldn’t have been put any better…

    The accountants and financial advisors are only working out means to bend the rules…

    I was just checking up on Mangala’s salary at Porto and how much he was offered…

    considering WC earns less than Euros 10k/week will it be worth it if we paid £31m for him including paying of Jorge and BES and then give him £40k a week?

    We know when he comes in after 2 years he would want more than £40k a week or he will get poached away… that is the predicament we have to consider imo…

  147. bit off topic here, does anyone or has anyone tested the car park at black horse station on a saturday? Easy to get a space?

  148. Wath- lets just say Mangala was on circular €13k/w at Porto… and he is not earning more than £50k for the first 2 years of his contract…

    specifically he was earning €12,930 at porto… and Wath guess who is his representative… I am sure it needs no guessing…

  149. Wath- and we can guess why Carlos Vela did not come back… the same denominator behind the scene… ;)

  150. Not me Nickie. I’m strictly a Cockfesters man! Although I did the Stadium tour with the Spud supporting wife a month ago and paid to use someone’s car park space a few minutes walk away from the Armoury which cost about £18. Well worth it.

  151. Ha ha rocky, I won’t….

    Nipping off with Fido, laters…

  152. Nickie you have to get there early , it gets full very quickly and I have also heard a few things about cars being broken into. As always be careful about leaving the car with Arsenal stickers on it and when you leave it don’t wear colours , it’s quite possible that the villains might be watching.

  153. If you do business with Jorge Mendez, you may as well pick up the phone and tell the Portugese Prick everything you plan to do….

    A no no IMHO.

  154. lol Rocky- they certainly have… they needed ideas… they are not the only one’s who get some of their rumours from here me think…

    Well put Kev… I bet Mauren-ho will pay Jorge out of his own pocket so not to give us any of Jorge’s clientele…

  155. Ok, thanks for the heads up guys. As it’s a 5.30 KO we will probs get there for around 3ish to get some lunch near the emirates before hand and have a wander around the shops.

  156. Nickie. Just drive to near the ground and park in Highbury New Park. That leaves you with a 12-15 minute walk to the stadium. Don’t bother with Blackhorse Road, it gets full and is very insecure. If you are talking about Saturday you will find a meter for a few quid easily.

  157. Is that just a residential area Adam? I’m not sure we would want to drive in that far. Is there any other alternatives from where we live? The train in just to come out is a bit annoying.

  158. Nickie. If you live in Woodford you would get there in about 25 minutes. If you are getting there early then it may be a problem as the meters are possibly two hours so possibly the train to either Finsbury Park or Highbury and Islington could be favourite. I have parked in Blackhorse before and it is unreliable for spaces. I have also parked just off Essex Road and walked on many occasions. For me, anything is better than the horrible squeeze at Finsbury Park after the game. Yes, it is a residential area but everywhere around there is. Getting there early? Park outside the area that is enlarged on match day, just off Essex Road on a 4 hour meter and you will have plenty of time. The walk back to the car will take about 20-25 minutes. Let me know if you want me to be more specific over roads etc.

  159. Nickie, you missing the point… get the train in and afterwards go and have a few pints by which time getting the train home is a doddle….!

  160. Yeah, get the train…..spend another 5 hours stuck in a sea of human traffic trying to get past Arsenal tube and down to Finsbury Park, only to get halfway down the road and be stopped in more human traffic as trying to get past the mosque and round the corner to the station is awful. God I miss match days!

  161. Those cheating scoundrels at The Mirror…

    And they had the cheek to remind us all of Santos!!

    Evening folks. Have we signed anyone??

  162. Nearly Cavani if the ridiculous rumours are to be believed!

  163. Hi Rocky. If I had to use the train I wouldn’t go. Simple as that. After a regular 3pm kick off (rare these days) I am usually home just before 6pm. Not bad really.

  164. Hmm, thanks for the suggestions everyone, i’m just experimenting a few routes. Really don’t want to go and park up in a residential area. Would rather a car park, then train in. Maybe Amos grove or oakwood from where I am. Straight drive down the A406 to Amos Grove with over 300 car parking spaces. The drive to Emirates is an easy one, it’s a big shame there aren’t more proper car parks around that area.
    The beer idea is good Wath lol

  165. Cockfosters is better than Arnos Grove or Oakwood. Much better car park. There’s a great residential road next to it too that I have used a few times

  166. Good old rumours eh… Just can’t see Cavani happening…

  167. no way would Cavani come

  168. Beer, trumps parking.

  169. Cavani’s a bit out of our reach if Manolas and Carvalho both happen too! I reckon the Vargas rumour might have more legs though!

  170. it’s a 30 min drive for me to cockfosters and i’m not sure it then makes it beneficial for me to actually drive lol. 30 min drive then 20-30 min train. that’s why the old black horse road station seemed ideal. now it looks as though that’s a terrible idea haha

  171. All this talk of Arnos Grove and Cockfosters makes me feel nostalgic….I grew up in Southgate!!!

  172. Nickie. Islington is a residential area and it is full of places to park. As long as you don’t mind a bit of a walk it’s a doddle and more secure than Blackhorse Rd which you can never guarantee anyway as it gets full.

  173. Cockfesters isn’t much further than Oakwood. I know what you mean though. Although the train ride in is pretty good from there (although it’s always a lottery which of the trains in the station leaves first – I always find the signs are rarely right).

  174. Blackhorse Road is a little too close to Spud country for my liking….

  175. Stock Orchard Crescent off Caledonian Road behind Holloway station always worked for me, just a few quid for the meters and very handy for block 1. (10-15 minute walk)

  176. Rocky, Cavani would be stupid to turn down a big club like AFC again, playing in a stadium 60,000+ passionate supporters every game, being the main man at CF and living in a city that is on par with Paris. He is 27 at the peak of his career, playing second fiddle to Ibra, he should be ringing AW phone discussing a pay cut while handing in a transfer request. Its almost criminal for a player of his ability to not to be the main CF in a team.

  177. BBanana, its rumored on the internet that our net spend is approximately £34m, if true there is no reason not to make the proper additions.

  178. dna – if the Chavs go in for him it will be all over

  179. Rocky, none of the top teams in England don’t need him, they are stacked at the CF position with quality who are on high wages. And its also rumored he turned down Liverpool.

    #LFC still looking for a striker. Have enquired about Benzema, Falcao and Cavani. But have been told ‘no chance’ via @BenSmithBBC #LFC

  180. Ribery On his Int’l retirement: “There were ups and downs, but now the time has come for a new chapter in my life.


  181. Ok we may look to drive in then. So let’s take it that I’m a complete tool as don’t know the area, will it be easy for me to find somewhere near where the streets are clear from football fans lol

  182. Arsenal target Höwedes is Staying at Schalke04: “I play for 13 years at Schalke and would not be here so long, if I did not love this club.”

    Benedikt Höwedes: “It would irritate me to go abroad and a new meet environment, a new language and a different club.


  183. If I was Schalke’s manager I would take that one of two ways. Firstly you have a player that wants to stay but secondly is he content to just turn up and take the money.

  184. If I just drove in I should add, no clue of road names to park. Just drive in see what’s there scenario

  185. Yeah £100mill was the budget figure given. Made approx 31/32 mill, spent approx 66mill so around 65mill left. Manolas 8mill, Carvalho around 30mill leaving us around 30….not enough for Cavani I think?? I guess if we got Tiote instead of Carvalho it’d be possible? I’d love it to happen but can’t see it.
    Just translated a Chilean newspaper article and Vargas’ agent is certain he’s not going to be playing at Napoli this season. Talked more about loans than permanent moves though!
    I have a feeling he’s going to go for Reus and pay his buyout clause. We need a leftie really. Cazorla does well there but he prefers central role. Keeping my fingers crossed!!

  186. Think my maths was a bit rubbish!!!!

  187. BB, it was rumored to be £100m two years ago, not taking into consideration the Puma + new TV rights money, correct me if i’m wrong.

  188. I would prefer play MA08 every game than buy Tiote and i’m not a fan of MA for a minute. Tiote is the African version of Flamini.

  189. Micko looks like a good quiet little road, how do you pay for parking there? I can’t see any meters in street view. Sorry if i seem a bit stupid, it’s not often I drive into London, it intimidates me to be honest.

  190. Oh I can’t stand Tiote either!! Totally agree there!

  191. Gdna, think the money in the bank is not far short of £200m

  192. I still think Gazidis has a trick or two up his sleeve…

  193. Rico, thank you, i know it was close but i didn’t want to say it. lol
    The under-mentioned figures might not be accurate but they are pretty close:

    Vela – £7m
    Cesc – 5m
    Vermaelen – £15m
    Djourou – £2m
    Eisfeild – £0.5

    Outgoings £29.5m

    Sanchez – £32m
    Chambers – £16m
    Debuchy – £12m
    Ospina – £3m

    Incomings – £63m

  194. all the roads you’ve kindly stated are part of the islington match day control program, does this mean we are unable to park there while the game is on? Might just try my luck with black horse, worst comes to worst i’ll just get the terrible tube.

  195. Sorry should have said ticket machines Nicky, just park up and walk up Quemerford Road, through the alley way onto the Holloway Road, right side for the Armoury as well, google map it, parking times may vary on a sunday as well.

  196. Gdna, Arsenal certainly have a lot more money to spend and I think we could all be surprised yet….

  197. Good evening all Nicky enjoy your match day experience on Saturday had planned to go myself. But got told in no uncertain terms I had to a one year olds birthday party eck.

  198. Manolas, Pranjic and Cavani please lol as reasonable realistic targets….Cavani a “realistic” target, never thought I’d see the day

  199. Micko. Good advice.
    Nickie if you get to Blackhore Rd and it’s full you will have to drive to the ground anyway. Keep Micko’s advice as a back-up plan. It is quite a short walk as he says.

  200. Sorry to hear the Joe!! Quite lucky with the tickets, I had been watching stadium view like a hawk, a couple became available front row block 3 and 31 but I bloody missed them. Then a couple became free block 1 today, got 1 of them then decided I wasn’t giving up, just kept clicking the one next to it and the other person must have given in lol :) to all those assisting with parking, thank you for your help but i’ve found a website called just park, it’s people with property around the area who rent out their own private drive way, may give that a go

  201. yeah I looked at that place Adam, what I’m not understanding is this controlled parking, both the places you and Micko said fall in the area, doesn’t that mean i’m not allowed to park there?

    I’ve read islingtons council page but it’s not that clear

  202. Nickie, can you check your mail please…

  203. Nickie. Rico is gonna mail you some info so keep a look out for incoming.

  204. sorry if I seem as though I’m spamming this site, wasn’t my intention :(

  205. Back shortly, dinner calls…

  206. You haven’t Nickie, gooners help each other out…

  207. Funny you should mention Islington’s site as I have just been trying to wade through the minefield known as Hackney’s parking system. Their site is as clear as mud and seems to do all it can not to actually say where and how much you can park for. They are quite honest about saying that they would rather people did not drive and use bikes and walk . Not easy from Norfolk though. Just for fun I sent them an e-mail , will keep you posted should I get an answer but don’t hold your breath.

  208. Interesting read Potter, the amount of times there are free tickets pop up on the website it’s no surprise. I found it very easy to get tickets and could have had a lot more

  209. Nickie, might be able to get you, a spot near Crouch End, if that’s any good, i’ll check with my mate tomorrow.

  210. Mail Nickie :)

  211. :) thanks for the support everyone. It’s really appreciated and it’s so nice to know people are there to help. This is the greatest Arsenal blog on the net and the people here make it, it’s just like a family so thank you again.

    Bt thanks for the offer but I think i’m getting somewhere in terms of parking/route to take :)

  212. oh and of course, credit goes to Rico and co for creating this great place ;) hehe

  213. Nickie, HH is the best Arsenal blog… – but I’m biased.. :)

  214. I’d have never set up HH if it wasn’t for Wath. And of course all the great people who have found the site and stayed around to make it what it is today.

    My bit was easy, it’s all you guys and gals who make it what it is…..

  215. I’m offski folks, you all have a good evening and catch up tomorrow…

    Nighty night…

  216. Fcuk me, I’m just glad you never got that season ticket Nickie !!! lol

  217. Nite rico, be nice to wake up to a signing in the morning.

  218. Haha! me too Micko, me too

  219. No problem Nickie, hope all goes well for you.

  220. My house needs re-pointing….

  221. Morning Brudder. Not the whole house?

  222. Just wondering if HH could do it for me….
    You ok Brudder?
    Am looking forward to tonight!

  223. WordPress is going mental…

  224. Mbia is our latest DM apparently…

  225. I don’t understand why Arsene hasn’t finished off what he started…..

  226. QPR reject….that’ll clinch it!

  227. Morning all…. khedira to Arsenal in the news again…

  228. M’Bia rumour..,,

    Classic agent inspired bullshit…


    Morning All…

    Morning Lee & Adam

  229. Morning all, what a glorious day.

  230. Bt, I will be drinking a Cobra in your name this evening as will Kev & Adam!

  231. Morning Adam, Kev, Lee, Bt, Bondex and all…

  232. Cheers in advance, Lee & Co, i’m sure it will be a good night. NLD, taking shape.

  233. Hi Rico.

  234. another question quickly on parking….

    Just kidding!! lol

    Morning all :)

  235. Morning Nickie

    New Post up now…

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