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German Captain on his way to Arsenal? A nice welcome for new summer signing….

Morning all.

We are being linked to Greek CB Kostas Manolas again today. The 23 year old, 6′ 1″ Greek international currently plays for Olympiacos and was apparently voted as one of the top 50 performers in the World Cup. How many players were on show, 51? He’s under contract with his current club until 2017. Apparently a deal was agreed with Everton a couple of years ago but he refused to move as it would leave his club short at the back. What a decent chap…

The Telegraph suggest that Benedikt Höwedes, Luiz Gustavo and William Carvalho are among the players being monitored by Arsenal as manager Arsène Wenger aims to end the transfer window by recruiting a player with the versatility to provide cover at centre-back.

Höwedes stands out because he has the ability to play DM, CB and left back. He’s the current captain of Schalke and his contract doesn’t run out until 2017. He’d be a top top signing wouldn’t he and you can never have too many World Cup winners in a squad…. Maybe our current three have whispered good things in his ear…..

I think it’s fair to say that Arsenal fans have been very impressed with new summer signing Calum Chambers. He’s really hit the ground running and has looked totally unfazed in the heart of our defence. In fact he looks like he’s been playing there for a few years and he’s far more mature than his 19 years of age would suggest he could be.

He’s settled in really well and is already loving life as an Arsenal player:

I’m really enjoying my time here. Everyone has welcomed me really well so I’m really enjoying it.

It’s been quite a whirlwind of a few weeks. I’m taking every day as it comes, just concentrating on what I’m doing next. I’m really enjoying it here and everyone has welcomed me really well. I just want to play the best I can and show everyone what I can do.

We’ve got a lot of quality players here. The team spirit is really high at the moment so I think we can do well this season. We’ll go into every game and give it 100 per cent, and with the quality in this team, we’ll hope for a result in every game.

Over the years we have seen a few suspect defenders signed up and a couple have been at an early stage in their career and expected to do great things. Johan Djourou and Philippe Senderos spring to mind..

Both players struggled to cope with the demands in the Premier League. Drogba singularly all but finished an Arsenal career for Senderos and Djourou lost any confidence he did have when he was asked to slot in at right back. Prior to that, I think I’m right in saying that he partnered either Koscielny or Mertesacker during a time when Arsenal went on a long winning streak…

His case wasn’t helped by suffering an injury which broke up that solid partnership….

Both players were always called up by their country but neither could cement a place for their club.

So here we are again with a young centre back who looks very assured early in his career but there’s something different about Calum Chambers.

Not one of the Manchester City players got to him, just like none of the big players on show at The Emirates Cup didn’t. He clearly believes in his own ability and he’s confident. No cocky, or arrogant, just confident and his performances show exactly why he should be.

As said earlier, Arsene Wenger has signed a few dodgy defenders in the past, but I have a sneaky feeling that Calum Chambers isn’t going to be another…….

Neither will Mathieu Debuchy. Older and wiser he might be but so was Mikael Silvestre and that idiot Sebastien Squillaci and we all know how they worked out…..

That’s it for today, have a good one all….


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294 comments on “German Captain on his way to Arsenal? A nice welcome for new summer signing….

  1. Mornin’ Folks, Nickie, non squinting seats, i hope.

  2. New Post up now…

    Good news Nickie…. Should be a great game and the fans will be in full voice I would imagine…

  3. Morning all,

    Persistence paid off, managed to get some wonderful seats vs Crystal palace this weekend :)

    Manolas, now this is a player who seems to know how to defend, very happy if true.

  4. Devil, both my ACL’s are fine…..can I get an upgrade :)
    Morning all.

  5. For Olympiakos and Greece he has done well. It does not mean that he will do well at AFC, though how he plays for his club and country is a good indicator.

  6. I’m still not sold on Tiote, doesn’t he have a lot of injury issues?

  7. Morning All…

    Ok Coach, if Manolas is as good as you say, then I’ll back your judgement.

  8. Morning all, as much as i dont really rate Tiote, he will be better than nothing IMO..

  9. It seems that Aw is pursuing Manolas hotly acc to reports in Greece.

    So……..sell a crock of 29 years old for 15mill after buying him for 10mill.

    In his place get a 23 year old who impressed during the WC and who is also a regular in the last year for the national team. His cost will be 8 million.

    that is good business…..considering that AW will be getting him for half the price of a former captain.

    Manolas is a mean defender. In the old mould of CB. He is calm on the ball but is also a safety first type.

    Whether he would fit in at AFC is another question. But imo we will be getting good value.

    And I have a sneaky feeling that he and Chambers will be regulars together in the centre of defence during various games.

  10. Theo will be gutted?????

    He will be pleased as punch. Bellerin would not need Theo to cover for him now. So Theo will continue staying up front.

    Anyway……after doing his cruciate, Theo’s speed will drop. That is why AW is in no rush to offer him a contract soon. In 2016 his contract will be up. Look at OG12. He was offered and improved contract.

  11. Interesting then re Manolas…

    Theo will be gutted… lol

  12. Bellerin the fastest Arsenal player over 40m!

  13. Got an Olmpiacos supporter in the office and he really rates Manolas!

  14. I know Rico. But believe me……the heat really kills me and saps my strength. God knows how I manage to go on 5 mile runs every evening.

    And your weather, together with that of Italian Alps would suit me fine.

  15. Good point Devil, and was just teasing honest. ;)

  16. Not with your high unemployment rate Rico. I wish though. The weather would not faze me…….I like autumn and winter a lot so I will not get fed up.

  17. Move then Devil… ;) ;)

    You’d soon get fed up with the English weather….

  18. Wish I was living there Rico. A chilly environment makes me feel comfortable. And I would go and watch the Gunners U17/19 more frequently. Would get to see the young ones more.

  19. Me neither Lee..

    Hope it’s a spoof story with something else going on in the background…

    All calmer today Devil, but chilly. Autumn seems to have arrived a bit too early…

  20. Bonjour Chipmunks and Munchkins.

    Are you still being bawled here and there by the storms??

    Here we are still frying. Today its expected to go up to 38 degrees in the shade and 44 degrees in the sun. We will be sweating so much we can take a soap and wash in our sweat.

    Kev……Manolas is a mean Greek defender. Remember we said the same about Kos. WTF is Kos?? W stands for who, where and what…..choose as you please. He turned out to be ok.

    With regards Tiote………..NO COMMENT.

  21. Tiote absolutely no interest in him!

  22. Morning all..

    I thought my ears were burning last night…. Special Brew with a Cava top, pff, why ruin a good Cava… ;)

  23. Arsenal are preparing an £8m bid for Newcastle United midfielder Cheick Tiote.

    Arsene Wenger has reportedly turned his attention to landing the tough-tackling former FC Twente player after previously chasing top targets Sami Khedira and William Carvalho.

    The 28-year-old Ivory Coast international has been linked with a move to the Emirates in the past, but Newcastle are believed to be ready to do business this time.

    If the player moves to Arsenal he would follow former Newcastle team mate Mathieu Debuchy to north London. Tiote is reported to be keen to join the Gunners.

    Wenger also wants to bolster his squad with Greek defender Kostas Manolas.

    The Arsenal boss has made the Olympiacos centre half his first choice to replace Thomas Vermaelen after the Belgian’s £15m switch to Barcelona.

    Manolas, 23, has been a target for Everton, Sunderland and Tottenham as well as several clubs in Italy but the Gunners are hoping to do a deal before the start of the season.


  24. Looks like Manolas getting close…the Greek TV station MEGA have apparently said its a done deal. I tried translate on their website but no help so I guess we’ll see in the morning!! He seems pretty good and the Greeks produce some mean defenders. All the YouTube clips are of him scoring though…I’d prefer to see some if him defending!

  25. Stats can tell a wrong story: silvestre won 5 league titles and a champions league amongst other medals.

    Wes Brown won 2 champions leagues, 5 league titles and 3 fa cups plus 1 league cup.

  26. Rick, I’ve not seen either of the Willock brothers, but it’s encouraging to read all the positive stuff coming out of the club about them…

    By all accounts, Charlie Gilmour is very highly rated, another very technical midfielder in the same vein as Wilshere and Crowley…

  27. Cheick Tiote and Kostas Manolas, neither if them really do it for me…

    If those rumours are true it just smacks of Arsene Wenger reverting to tightwad mode…

    Those two aren’t gonna make ‘the’ difference, that is narrowing the quality gap in all areas of the squad when comparing it to the best that ManCity and Chavs can put out…

    It would be disappointing, if at this late stage, that Arsene shoots himself in the foot instead of pushing out the boat one last time to ensure that we’re truely competetive with the Petro Dollar clubs.

  28. Good for you BB, rico’s not a bad ole fruit but wath can be a real ole grumpy so and so at times, feel free to vent your spleen, your amongst friends.

    Nite Gooners.

  29. Yeah him and Perry Groves were my favourites…and Rocky of course!! Thanks, been toying with commenting for a while now so today I took the plunge ha!! Yeah Arsenal has always been an obsession…I have a serious issue during transfer windows though! I end up looking a blogs/Facebook/newspaper articles for teams whose players were connected with and running through google translate etc to get info!!
    Seems Juventus fans are pretty sure they’ll get Manolas too…but then they thought that about Sanchez too!!

  30. Thought as much BB, Champagne Charlie was a big hero of mine as well, always scored against the scum, welcome aboard HH.

  31. Pre 87 really, 87 was first match I went to though! I was about 9 then, started following them couple years before, collecting posters stickers etc!! Don’t get to see them much these days but still a armchair obsessive!!

  32. Hi BB, take it you’ve been supporting the arse since 1987 ?

  33. Manolas left out of Olympiakos friendly squad with Ath Bilbao! Apparently fee agreed etc. if after a CDM 21yrs+ he’ll have to drop a player from prem squad..probably an overseas player or won’t have 8HG necessary!! Even more decisions for the eventual CL squad also!

  34. Qpr, oldest squad in the premiership at 29.
    Arsenal come in at 26.
    Not sure what that tells us only tsgh knows the truth !

  35. Over-rated lee.

    Do think james rodrigeuz will be the new Jack Rodwell of Real Madrid…..time will tell.

  36. Probably just the back four lee, even our turk would struggle over there !
    rick, keep proving the bastards wrong matey !

  37. Good news Rick!!!

  38. How many of our starting 11 get in that Madrid team?

  39. Special brew with a cava top Micko!

  40. wath, i reckon she must be on her 3rd special brew by now !

  41. Interesting with contereo(spelling) in CDM

  42. I am pleased for the Willock’s… his tweet today was humling for a young lad… hope it continues…

    RM still have €62m worth of talent in llarramendi for €32m, Isco for €30m in no mans land…

  43. Enjoy the pub Rico…. don’t lead anyone astray…………! ;-)

  44. Thanks Kev.
    How good do you think the Willock brothers are.
    Chriss Willock and Kevin Hynds have been chosen for the England U17 team to play in the FA international tourement from 27 31 Aug.

    Younger brother Joe Willock is one of four Gunners in the England
    U 16 team to play Belguim on 20th Aug.
    I have been told Joe is the best of the three.
    How proud must the parents be.

  45. I’m off for the day folks, there’s a pub calling me… :)

    Night all…..

  46. He was special Wath… lol

  47. Terry Hall….

  48. BT, I had the lead singer of The Specials, Terry something or other, in my cab a few years ago.

    Thoroughly nice guy

  49. Thanks Rick, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see one, maybe two go. One a loan and one a permanent deal….

    That’s fine as long as we get a DM/CB player…

  50. sportingintelligence @sportingintel

    Another wonga record for Real Madrid: their starting XI tonight cost €458.5m (£364m), making it the most expensive starting XI in history.

  51. Rico todays post another good read, and I think Howedes sounds like the type of player Arsene says he is looking for.
    The other news coming out of the club today leads me to think he is in the final stage of completing his squad for the next season .
    I still think that there are 2 or 3 who will not be there on sept 1st.
    more latter

  52. BBC Sport ‏@BBCSport 4m
    Liverpool have agreed a £12m fee with Sevilla for Spanish left-back Alberto Moreno.

  53. This is a proper team, not to mention the bench.

  54. :) Gdna….

    Rick, fab stuff, so so pleased to hear that. You sound positive and that’s good enough for me….. :)

  55. Rico on my good news day it certainly is.
    All results in and they got it wrong.
    2 months of treatment ahead but I can take that.

  56. Hope AW, doesn’t see that, Dna..

  57. Rico, Martinez might be an option at DM, CB or CF. lol

  58. Gdna, if Ospina’s injury isn’t all that bad, I’m not sure keeping Martinez as 3rd choice keeper is a good thing. A loan with a call back option would surely benefit him more, as long as he plays for the loan club…

    He won’t learn from sitting on the bench and training…

  59. Evening Rick, sad news eh….

  60. Bt – I wish… :(

    Micko, sadly I have. Too many ailments which end in ‘ritis’ ;)

  61. Evening Rico and the house.
    Also surprised to see diaby on the team sheet. Gotta trust in Le Prof

  62. Argentinian goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez has officially been promoted to the Arsenal first-team squad for the new season.

    The 21 year old is the club’s third-choice shot-stopper behind Wojciech Szczesny and David Ospina, and, in the absence of Ospina, he was on the bench for the Community Shield victory over Manchester City on Sunday.

    Martinez, who has been given the number 26 shirt for the new season, spent the majority of the 2013/14 campaign on loan at Championship side Sheffield Wednesday, for whom he made 11 league appearances, and also had a temporary stint with Oxford United in 2012.

    The tall goalkeeper has represented his country at U20 level and has made two competitive first-team appearances for Arsenal to date, both of which came in the Capital One Cup during the 2012/13 campaign. He was especially impressive in pre-season this Summer.

    There could yet be further promotions to the first-team squad this summer, with Hector Bellerin and Ignasi Miquel also on the fringes of the senior set-up.

  63. rico, have you reached the stage where you have to check with the doctor first before doing anything strenuous !! Hope not.

  64. Evening Rico and the House.

    RIP Mrs Doubtfire you made me smile when things were bad and you leave the world a sadder place.

  65. Rico, i don’t believe you, i’d say you can still, cut it with the best of them. Touring starts October,…lol

  66. The Kostas Manolas headlines are increasing….

  67. :) Joe, let’s hope he’s fit then…. lol

    Bt, I’m too old for all of that jumping up and down.. ;)

  68. Rico,still on the go, still great to this day, if you get the chance to see them, you won’t be disappointed.

  69. Arsene Wenger believes Diaby should be in the CL squad that’s good enough for me. I’ll say no more

  70. Bt, I didn’t know they were still going. Great in their day eh….

    fatgun, you watch the poison dwarf do the same but offer him more money…

  71. Sami is a freebie next season he is gunning for the best paying deal since he will have the choice where he wants to go. RM know this and want atleast some bucks from him since he has mrefused a contract extension… AW knows this and wil put in a cheeky 10m bid on transfer Dd.

  72. Rico, saw them a couple years back, what a night brill, flat out party time, danced all night long.

  73. No Ospina in that CL squad either. How bad is his injury I wonder…

  74. 2.28 fred, my thought is Real are trying to convince us all that Sami is wanted, however, they are more likely to be making sure he’s up for sale for anyone who will make a offer a sensible offer for him

  75. 4.43 Bt, The Specials? Loved it….

  76. He shouldn’t even be at Arsenal Lee, should he? Why not give his place to someone else who might be fit…

  77. Bt is right fatgun, TW isn’t back for the qualifiers and I guess the squad can be changed before the CL proper..

  78. I know Rico ridiculous……

  79. Diaby named in the CL squad is the best joke I’ve heard for ages…

    Afternoon guys and gals….

  80. TW14 won’t be fit for the qualifiers.

  81. Why is TW14 missing on the list?
    Rico say smthing…

  82. Ghost…………….. Town………………………….

  83. he for free

  84. Wonder why Ancelotte is warning everyone to leave Khedira alone.
    Ain’t for free next year.

  85. Oh yeah Fred I forgot that….. he looks like the geezer/woman in Benidorm!

  86. Kelle to you Lee.

  87. lol……

  88. No more signings before the CL it seems…?!

  89. Apparently Frank Maloney has swapped his boxers for knickers!

  90. Abou Diaby should be gone, is what I meant!

  91. Lee…..AW will only use 18 out of that pool.

    the rest are fill in the blanks.

  92. obviously that is only for the two legged tie vs Besiktas

    there will be another sheet submitted for the groups stages.

    Chocolate gateaux in the shop window you said???

    I’ll get mah hat, coat and walking stick.

    see you there habib

  93. Arsenal’s Champions League squad:

    1. Wojciech Szczęsny, 2 Mathieu Debuchy, 3. Kieran Gibbs, 4. Per Mertesacker, 6. Laurent Koscielny, 7. Tomáš Rosický, 8. Mikel Arteta, 9. Lukas Podolski, 10. Jack Wilshere, 11. Mesut Özil, 12. Olivier Giroud, 15. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain*, 16. Aaron Ramsey, 17. Alexis Sánchez, 18. Nacho Monreal, 19. Santi Cazorla, 20. Mathieu Flamini, 21. Calum Chambers, 22. Yaya Sanogo, 24. Abou Diaby, 27. Serge Gnabry, 28. Joel Campbell, 34. Francis Coquelin, 35. Gedion Zelalem, 38. Chuba Akpom*, 39. Héctor Bellerín, 42. Isaac Hayden*, 43. Ryan Huddart*, 45. Alex Iwobi*, 46. Jack Jebb*, 47. Glen Kamara*, 49. Matt Macey, 50. Damian Martinez, 51. Ignasi Miquel, 52. Tafari Moore*, 53. Kristoffer Olsson*, 54. Brandon Ormonde-Ottewill*, 56. Jon Toral*, 57. Josh Vickers*.

  94. Coach, there is chocolate gateaux in that shop window… :roll:

  95. Sorry C2 for the stick you got earlier on, I am an African so I understand you perfectly, I understand Dev also and he is not a racist and I know you never even called him that but for the sake of argument for another day, the only reason why the AFCON is played after Christmas is because that’s the dry season in Africa, we hardly have rains then but its winter in Europe and America and if we were to move it to your summer folks then that’s our rainy season and football can hardly be played then, that’s why we play it after Christmas and why we play it biennially is because the African leagues are poorly structured unlike the European so this is the most watched African spectacle in Football and we treasure it a lot and take it to 4years then we won’t have any football fiesta to keep us together, Rico don’t bin anyone you really just didn’t understand c2 and Dev was making a valid point in African players, because he said African and not black so that’s not racism…….HH is a lovely place and no one wants to be binned

  96. BT, those are delicious…

  97. Lee, I only wear a mankini when Adam and I go for a stroll down Old Hampton St…

    It causes quite a stir…

    Adam of course, wears his latex trousers…

  98. About to have a lemon and poppy seed, muffin, yum, yum..

  99. You and Adam have matching ones… “Right said Highbury House!”

  100. you ogle cakes Kev????

    you should hit the beaches mate.

    see my 1.29pm for the reason.

    That is something to ogle habib.

  101. and sun tanned goddesses Lee.



  102. God, I’m sitting on a rank in Piccadilly, right next to a Caffe Concerto patisserie…

    Just ogling the luvly cakes in there…

    Fortunately being so slim and athletic I can afford the odd pastry… :-)

  103. I thought you wore a mankini Kev?

  104. Bermuda is lovely…… pink sand!

  105. Nevermind about my bleedin’ Bermuda shorts Coach…

    Not had a pair, never likely to either…

    I tend to wear Armani shorts, to match my bins… :-P

  106. you blog from your bermuda shorts Kev???

  107. Wath, 12.41;

    You git, :lol:

  108. Gd everyone,
    Good post rico,

    RIP robin williams. My childhood memory of him are the movies ‘Jumaji’ and ‘Mrs Doubtfire’

    Priority now should be to get a DM who can play as a CB. Quite happy with Chambers been 3rd choice CB as he can rotate with PV4 and LK6 Howedes is not a DM but rather a CB who can also play LB. Manolas is a CB doubt he is the utility player we are looking for. Whoever Wenger finally picks hope he is the player that suits our needs. Javi martinez i can only dream. Carvalho might have a third party issue sorting out that deal. Fingers crossed and hope for the perfect signing 🙇

  109. Dev, He’s a nasty piece of work is that Kev…..!

  110. no Wath. but the hair is thinning now. And Kev had the audacity to tell me to become a hairdresser so that in the future I can cut Fellaini’s hair to use it as my own.

  111. Bi-focals Nickie, Kev swears by them although he now has 22 carrot gold framed ones from Armani it seems..!

  112. Dev, you being nasty towards people with hair…? :P

  113. Yes Kev I remember you telling me about a couple of Belgians. You told me to become a hairdresser……so that I will buy Fellaini’s hair to make a wig to cover my thinning hair. ya racist.

  114. lol! opera glasses….

    I didn’t take my glasses to the emirates cup, was 8 rows from pitch, struggled to make out the players over the other side haha.

  115. Spot on Wath, NLD is the ONE!!! None compare, the greatest feeling of all, wackin the shite.

  116. lol Dev… 17 goals in 35 games now that is what matters even for a conspiracy nutter like myself.

  117. Bt, nothing sweeter than beating that lot mate, people that say our big derby games are chavs n mancs really are talking out their arses…! The only game that matters is beating them for me…! The others are a bonus but beating them is the big one and always will be how ever shit they are..!

  118. Ditto, Wath, goes back to my school days…grew up hating, still hate and will die hating, the fcuk dogs…

  119. Was listening to a journalist in a discussion about Arsenal’s injuries he started he’s comment that on there the day Arsenal play the best football in the PL.
    Seemly this is their problem because it invites late hard tackles( so it’s Arsenal’s own fault) also came out with the old chestnut about how Arsenal don’t like it up them.
    But at least it’s a recognition that it’s the impact tackle that’s a major cause to a lot of Arsenal’s injury problems.

  120. Dev, Are you bored…? lol

  121. Aaron Ramsey scores…..Whitney Houston died.

    Aaron Ramsey scores…..Bin Laden dies.

    Aaron Ramsey scores…..Steve Jobs dies.

    Aaron Ramsey scores…..Gaddafi dies.

    Aaron Ramsey scores……Robin Williams dies.

    Spookier and Spookier.

    Saving a shot from Ramsey…..means someone’s life is saved.

  122. I think the consensus is that Nickie needs glasses lol

  123. Bt, as the saying goes I wouldn’t pee on them if they were on fire….! Vermin scumbags…! to say I detest them doesn’t come close…..

  124. Nickie, have you not got opera glasses?

  125. Get some decent binoculars mate :D

  126. Arsenal this weekend Wath, decided against buying them. 55.50 ea is disgusting. players would look like dots all the way back there.

  127. Wath, your making my decision even harder, ref NLD, love sticking to the cnuts at home and a birthday weekend, in to the bargain…

  128. Kev watches his waistline expand……………….

  129. Not there yet, Kev. I can eat anything for now.

    Ginge, more like next summer if we manage to get a CB now.

  130. Cheers Scott, seen it, will reply a bit later…

    Cash or cheque Digger?

  131. Have replied Scott………… ;-)

    Tony, if your an AKB you should also know AW don’t buy in Jan lol

  132. Are you going to watch Palace Nickie or Arsenal…………?
    The price is then not about the opposition is it..! It’s a rip off who ever we play the prices are a joke we all know that but you either wanna go or you don’t it def for me isn’t about who we playing unless it’s that shower of shit down the road then I’ll pay anything to see us beat that shit.

  133. the AKBs(me included)know arsene will sign just one player.another CC21 then we close till jan.

  134. Or Spuds, winning the League.

  135. Low sugar C2, I gotta watch my waistline…

  136. Kev, Rico, Wath…..check your inbox :)

  137. More chance of him tipping shit out of a bucket Bt…..

  138. Wath, I’ll treat you to a pint of GG in the Hawley Arms when I’m back…

  139. managed to get 2 tickets next to each other on reserve upper tier 55.50 each a pop, that’s not worth it for a crystal palace league game is it lol

  140. Kev, low sugar or high sugar?

  141. Wath, your cheque is in the post..

  142. Such a tight wad bastard… you said you’d share Kev………….

    Dev, I looked at printing some bog roll with the vermin crest on years ago but it was quite cost preventative and the printer said he didn’t want that shit on his machine as well.

  143. Blimey Kev. I thought you wore shorts not bermudas.

    you mean you put your hands in your bermudas to blog????

    That is gross, man!!!!

  144. Catch you later folks….

  145. Really, ginge, those two? If you look at it very well, what really holds back most of our players is laziness at the senior level. That could be explained by the age or money thing.

  146. Yes Wath, I am actually blogging from Bermuda… :-D

  147. especially the Maltesers Kev. They are so yuumyyyyyy.

    Rico you were wrong.

    I am a racist.

    I am against the white.

    the whites of spuddie lane that is.

    Are they supposed to be a race though???

    thought they were mutants.

  148. I once wanted a maltese cross ad then ‘my eyes were opened’… :)

    lol gj

  149. two weeks ago I went and bought a spuddie ball. The salesgirl knew me (from the distant past around 30 years ago) and she asked me I I still supported Arsenal. I said yes.

    Then she asked my why was I buying a spuddie ball then. I told her that me and the prince wanted to have a kick around and that there is nothing better than to kick a spuddie coat of arms.

  150. A wise man once said to me” it’s you and me against the world son” then he said and these are the wise words “come to think of it Fu*k you to”
    Seems to be a lot of love flying around today. ;)

  151. ha ha ha C2… well falcao and Cavani have their doubters too..

  152. Speaking of loos……..are there any toilet rolls with the Spuddy coat of arms emblazoned along the paper. Would love to wipe with them.

  153. Kev, You remember me telling you the winning lottery numbers last week…?

  154. Mind you, you can’t beat the Cadburys Flake adverts…

    Blimey…. :-O

  155. I glorify in hating the spuds………..any time of the day. Even when I am on the loo.

  156. I think Adam is more of a Frys Turkish Delight kinda chap…

  157. There’s that age thing Ginge, are we sure they are really 16, 17, 20 re african players?

  158. BT, yeah mate, I luv Revels…

  159. Coach I still remember you telling me about that French trio…

    Do you recall telling me about the talented Belgians coming thru and the Spanish, told me alm that a couple if years before it happened.

  160. Coconut, for me lee. yuckkk..

  161. I’m a massive fan of Gustavo and would love to see him in the Arsenal shirt. He stood out at the Confed cup last year and played well this year in the WC given the team he had to play with. Worst Brazilian team in years but he was very assured with the ball and broke up opposition play. He has a fantastic left foot and is a silent worker. Howedes I’m not so keen on. A lil too slow I think for this Arsenal team especially if he has to play LB

  162. That’s fine….I was sorting out the kids lunch anyways!! Seems since my last comment the Howedes rumours are hotting up! Preferable to Manolas for experience and versatility. IMO preferable to Carvalho due to experience and similarity of German league to ours!
    Also seems some talk of Rabiot going to Juventus as a Vidal replacement so scrap that idea!! Still sure the Micanovic deal will happen but unlikely to turn any heads!!!

  163. How on earth are you going to get Lahm, roundleather? That headline is misleading.

  164. Of course Bt… we need a trigger happy defender. lol

    I ditto your views Dev… African footbalersl as a whole will be always technically advanced than the Europeans but as they go past u-17 level it becomes more tactical…

    The reason why most u-16/17/19 tournaments have an African player being voted amongst the top 3 players in the tournament…

    Last season in the u-20 wc in turkey an African was voted the best player after pogba but since then Pogba is playing for Juve and France whilst African/Ghanaian was bought by Chelsea but is being shopped around on loan…

    Eboue is a typical example if it was up to skill and athletism alone he would be a world great but he lacked it up there whilst Neville was shite technically but tactically he was world class imo…

    Its like spain before the mid 2000’s they had the best players in Raul, Huerro, Mendieta etc to name a few but until they got their tactics right they were known as the 2nd ’rounders’ in tournaments..

  165. It’s, in every right thinking persons mind, to f**kin hate f**kin Spuds!!

  166. The Maltese buy arsenal merchandise, Kev, will that soften your stance?

  167. Off with the Maltese heads then Kev. ;)

    serves them right…..especially those who say that the heat is enjoyable.


  168. Bt, the coffee one was hideous…..eating round Revels was like Russian roulette for me!

  169. I’m with Kev, I hate everyone…! Unless they support Arsenal…!

  170. Kev, long live Revels..

  171. I tot we were getting Lahm,… “German Captain on his way to
    Arsenal? A nice welcome for new
    summer signing….”
    I enjoy my dream

  172. Make good sweets though Kev….

  173. Who’s a dickhead? Adrian Durham?

  174. I’m not racist, I hate everybody, especially the Maltese… ;-)

  175. I think you are getting the wrong end of the stick re c2hills Rico……

  176. Thanks Dev, there was non on my part too.

  177. Seeing as your obviously a dickhead to make such a pathetic comment chuk your stuck in the bin which is where you will stay..!

  178. C2, good, now move on and don’t even make a comment in jest suggesting someone is racist in future.

  179. You are getting me wrong rico. I didn’t say there was a racism problem here. See my 11:30 pls.

  180. its ok.

    there was never any intention of racism.

    I just view things from a different perspectives than others.

  181. oops, thanks Wath…

  182. C2, how you deal with your own personal issues is up to you, there is no racism problem on here so leave it, last chance!

  183. Sorry Rico……shows how much notice it take……I really do only watch Arsenal….and the odd World Cup final :)

  184. Morning Bruised Banana, sorry for being in moderation so long Rico was sleeping again…………. Welcome to you as well Raymond…!

  185. Btw, I think my 11:30 clarifies what I meant.

    Dev, I hope you don’t take offence. I never meant to label you. I’m sorry.

  186. Nasri could have been an all time great, he’s that talented.
    No, he’s a world class bench warmer but hey, he’s earning the bucks.
    What a waste.

  187. Well said Lee..

    Scott, every 2 years I think, but even so, it’s stupid having a competition just after Christmas…

  188. Scott…..I was so mesmerized seeing those three that day that I did not watch out for anyone else.

    the game ended 5-3 to France U17 and Benzema and Ben Arfa scored 4 between them that day. Nasri assisted in three of them.

  189. Rico, in this day and age, if someone makes monkey noises at me or shows me a banana, I won’t even think about it. Maybe that’s just me but I think the world has gone past the superior race argument.

  190. Devil, funny things is Diaby is the best of the lot when fit…poor bugger.

  191. And just in case you were wondering……I had my teams playing against U17 African teams. And believe me….I cannot get nearer to a team than the dugout.

  192. Ts, is he not, a bit, red card happy?

  193. that is how coaching goes Roundleather. At the moment European players are on the up. The progress of African players has been slightly at a standstill.

    I follow many youth mathces, especially the U17 and U19 ones….and you can see that the level of African players in those ages has stood at a standstill while that of some European nations has surged quite a good distance ahead.

    If you think I am wrong….just go and take a peep at the results in the last three years and see how many players stood out. Then compare that to ten to fifteen years ago when African soccer was on the boom.

    If you want to know how a country is progressing in terms of football…..follow the U17/19/21 games…..and you will know.

    Years ago I saw live first hand a trio of french players at U17. Kev will testify that I sent him a text message saying…..Benzema, Nasri and Ben Arfa are going to be three very good players. Wish AW bought all three of them.

    I was in North Italy at that time and they were playing a selection of Swiss U17 players.

    One player I failed to notice that day….Diaby.

  194. Why is the ACON played every year?
    They’d be better off holding it the same year the Euros are on, and it would make it a bigger and better tournament.

  195. Well if anyone had been on here for any length of time they’d know that Devil is 100% not a racist and has been 100% consistent in his views about Arsenal signing players from a far! So get off his case!

  196. For me,itz AFC ahead of nationality. if there is a good non-europian available,Y not..thats my point

  197. ‘.but going AWOL for the ACON and coming back out of sorts’.

    There is nothing wrong with this comment at all, it’s true, so many of our players have gone off in January for the ACON and they are exhausted when they get back and Afc lose out…

  198. just think how our attack can break the bus parker mou defense.

  199. C2, you may think you are being funny and clever, but you are not. Racism is a serious issue and to make such flippant comments to someone on here is wrong and not welcome.

    I told you the other day about your smart arsed comments and nothing has changed.

  200. ha ha ha Scott… well I know your sort. :-)

  201. Dev,now this is more than jst the AFCON and traveling distance worries.

  202. You’re all racists.
    Oz and I cry ourselves to sleep every night :)

  203. Ok, roundleather. Hope they do it sooner though. No right thinking manager would want his players leaving in the middle of a season. Moreover if the player(s) come back injured, the club take the financial responsibility coupled with more loss in playing time. Thanks for the info.

  204. ha ha ha Bt.. well he has the free bus pass currently. lol

  205. sorry mate…….but even if Weah was at AFC I would still have grumbled. we had various players coming out of sorts so we suffered.

    I can assure you that Yaya will not be Yaya-ing so much this year mate. he was found out last Sunday and believe me…..he will be found out much more this year. mark my words.

    And not only Yaya I feel.

    African player seemed to have caught up with Europeans in terms of skill. But now the latter are circumventing the cycle once more…..and are getting better.

    just look at the WC showing to know what I mean.

  206. Luznic, am not sure Pep would sell.

  207. pls dm more important.

  208. Ah Gerwankstain…..

  209. Don’t get me wrong guys. In this era of political correctness, anytime someone mentions anything relating to delineating people, others joke about racism. Thought twas fairly common knowledge.

  210. ..but going AWOL for the
    ACON and coming back out of sorts
    does leave a sour taste.
    Devil,Mancity enjoys Yaya..AFCON timing has been restructured to take care of your worries anyway.

  211. So the DM we’ve been scouting from Bora Bora is a no no Coach? :lol:

  212. Djourou,senderous and †̥ђƺ great squllacci in one post?This is epic

  213. can’t we just bid 35m for Javi Martinez?? that’s a combo of Dmf/CB

  214. Rico, don’t be a kill joy. I’m sure Dev knows it aint serious.

    Dev, I deny knowledge of those two players. Never heard of them before. The ACON is a pain in the arse. Hell, even the world cup is a distraction. It would’ve been better if, the ACON, was synchronised with the Euros.

  215. The only player who is non-EU who I would accept at AFC is only Messi……..on the condition that Argentina play their European friendlies at the EMS.

  216. Rosie is the C.F.O too…………

  217. Hi! I read HH everyday, and all the comments, and thought it was about time I got in on the act!!
    As a lifelong Gooner (my first game was Charlie Nickolas’ last!) this season is giving me the most cause for optimism since the move to The Emirates. Our midfield (barring a CDM) is as good as anyone’s in the league when all are fit, our first choice defence is solid (with a backup CB needed) with able reinforcements and our strikers fre sufficient for the system we employ.
    With all players available registered, and those u21 on Jan not, we have the 8 home grown required and only one space left! This leads me to think a CDM/CB utility will be signed, possibly Carvalho or Howedes.
    My thought is it’s more likely to be a CB and a u21 CDM. Manolas is available for approx £10mill and likewise PSGs Rabiot (19) for CDM. It also appears the Serbian trialist Mladen Micanovic (17), a CDM, is being completed too and apparently quite impressive.
    Either way would only require the aforementioned 1squad space. The CL squad is a bit different as Sanogo and Chsmbers would need registration therefore 1player needs dropping already with further to accommodate new signings!
    Apologies For the Essay!!!!

  218. thanks Rico.

    I have nothing against Africans…..got some neighbours and one of them owns an African restaurant……I trust him blindfold when I go to eat there.

    But on the pitch I want only Europeans……and preferably English, Germans, French, Spanish, Italians, Belgians, Swiss etc.

    Not longer than 2 hours and a half max flights.

  219. lol where has the racist accusations come from? I’ve never once witnessed racism on this blog, it’s the friendliest around in terms of accepting all ethnicities

  220. Agree fred…

    Only 20 odd days to sort it out though, makes a change to have snapped up a few, a nice change…

  221. ahhh yes c2Hills….you gave us Gervais and Song as well.

    sorry mate…..but going AWOL for the ACON and coming back out of sorts does leave a sour taste.

    Ask SAF. How many African players did he sign??? Or how many did he sign after Djemba Djemba???

    and in any case…..I said non European.

    I love and support AFC…..they are first before any other country, etc whatsoever.

  222. Shazbot..

  223. C2, cut it out, nothing Devil has said has a racist undertone…!

  224. Surely, the luck of fergie includes the ref. Or are you implying a knight of the british empire is ******* fred?

  225. Cheer up fred, we still got 5 days till kick off.

  226. Morning Micko, strange move for Glen…

    Another M&M fan then, loved it as a kid…

  227. That explains it then, Dev. So you don’t want us africans at arsenal? We gave you Kanu, Lauren, Eboue (comedy value). Don’t know where Adebayor came from, probably somewhere in outer space.

  228. Morning all sad news about Robin Williams I thought One hour photo was a great film.

  229. It’s gone quiet on the CDM front, a CB is definitely coming in though.

    If anyones on twitter I suggest following @thearsenalhorse

    The guy has been correct on everything so far, well respected, good debates and is very honest with his views/news. Keeps the people we’re linked with down to earth, if he knows something he will let you know.

  230. Squillaci, Silvestre…..why do you have to remind me of those guys that constantly brought tears to my eyes!?

  231. Yes we have a big squad…but its unbalanced for 60 games..unless we have the luck of old red nose or sign a few Ref’s or both.

    We could come unstuck once again..

  232. Nanu Nanu Robin, rest in peace.
    Morning all,
    Glen Hoddle back as 1st team coach at qpr, no sign of eileen though.

  233. Not racist.

    I use common sense.

    1st…..Non European players face long trips and disruptions plus the ACON.

    2nd….with Tiote we regress not progress

    3rd….there are more skilled players available

  234. Luznic, I don’t either… ;)

    Thanks Nickie… It’s hard to believe he’s so young, just hope he’s not overplayed….

  235. Morning everyone,

    Nice post Rico. Chambers certainly has that quality feel about him, it’s got to be those luminous boots he wears lol

    Howedes, not sold on him at left back. Would certainly be a good back up 3rd choice with Chambers. wouldn’t pay anymore than 7-8m for him

  236. Yea, a CB and DM are a must.

    With proper rotation, 5 CBs can be kept happy. The only question is one of complete understanding which AW wants. That is difficult to achieve when you are constantly changing partners.

  237. -will +we re above rico.

    Don’t mind me Luznic. Only saw Howedes at the world cup, can’t comment on him.

  238. with the scousers having 5 CB I wonder if Brendan cares about squad balance and how can he keep them all happy and playing…….

  239. :) Bt..

    C2, if it was down to me, we would sign another striker and send Yaya or Cambell out on loan…. But seeing as AW has said that both are staying put, I doubt we will sign one.

    A CB and CDM are a must….

  240. Thanks Bondex, perhaps Bellerin has too…

  241. DM and CB yes, but a striker? Will may not need that 30 goal a season type this time, rico.

  242. even though I don’t know that William Carvalho guy my mind just tells me he’s not our guy but I fancy that howedes he totally impressed me at the world Cup and C2 don’t worry I hardly take you serious anyway……..lol

  243. Rico, GN obviously reads HH on a daily basis…

  244. Good luck finding Heskey, Luznic. Pundits are crazy. They go around suggesting teams should buy, buy and buy. Squad balance is alien to them. That’s why they dawn over real madrid and less so the german clubs.

  245. Ts, is Spahic, drawing the pension yet?

  246. Gary Neville reckons we have no chance of the PL unless we sign a DM, CB and striker….


  247. Lee, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, it is then.

  248. Howedes I hope will move because him leaving will weaken S04, BVB’s local rivals… but S04 are one of te hardest teams to negotiate with in Germany apparently. They might want Poldi in exchange or even Serge. ;)

    Spahic will be a decent buy too.. he is aggressive and can play in DM and CD too..

  249. You’re in danger of being labelled a racist too, Luznic. Don’t label the germans. Caveat: I’m not being entirely serious.

  250. C2 how about I do better than bent and sign heskey, I am not complaining about the quality the pundits are for me in the striking department I am OK and its perfect barring injuries

  251. Morning all, CC has so far shown us why C J was sent on loan. Great post Rico….

  252. Tiote……is a no we want to progress not retrogress, the schalke guy is perfect big and strong typical German

  253. Good Morning HHmates.. I expect jst one more signing goin by Arsene’s statement. Someone to do both jobs @DM&CB.

  254. It is worrying Fred…

  255. Luznic, you want quality? Sell Walcott sign Darren Bent.

  256. Dev, mentioning Silvestre and SS, together, send shivers down my spine.

  257. Oyy oyyy oyyy

    I do not want Tiote.

    Unlike AW…..I look at player’s passports first

  258. Morning Luznic, I do.. ;)

    Thanks Bt..

  259. How did you manage to get over Silvestre, rico? They seem to me to be made of same material.

  260. Campbell, Podolski, Giroud, Walcott and Sanogo………numbers complete …….quality is the argument

  261. Ts, i love Good Morning Vietnam,and Mork and Mindy. lol

  262. Morning All,
    If someone had told me 2 months ago that for our first league game we would be starting with Monrail and Chambers as our centre backs.
    I would have asked them..What the Fu#k are you Smoking.

  263. I’ll never get over AW signing that useless lump C2.

  264. CC21 will be on the bong with Jack in Vegas!

  265. If its Tiote, Dev, then we need another CB.

  266. Rico, nice read, i like what i’ve seen of CC21, has a calmness and an assurance about him. A bright future ahead of him, if handled right, in the coming seasons.

  267. Bt- for me the father of the bride was classic from robin. RIP indeed…

  268. Shitvestre was worse than Squillaci.

  269. Now its Tiote who is being linked.

  270. Morning C2, who is SS?

  271. Morning to you Rico and all……idiot Sebastian Squilacci seems like you hate the old boy……….lol

  272. 5th. Well, I’m representing Man utd today.

  273. Morning Devil, Ts, Bt and all again..

    Sky Sports still think we need a striker, well some numptie on there…

    Right now we need a DM and a CB, come on Ivan, get it done…

  274. Morning rico, all etc.

    Nice un, lady HH. Strong word for SS there. It seems you still can’t wrap your head around his signing. Neither can I, though.

  275. wakey wakey Chipmunks and Munchkins.

    Good Post Capo.

    If Arsenal get Howedes and Manolas it will be impressive.

    So AFC let Vermaelen go and Kos got injured. hmmmmmm.

    Maybe AW knew something about TV that we did not know. Ahhhh. TV is injured as well…….and will miss the first few weeks of la liga.

  276. lol Dev…

    Any signing froS04 that would weaken them will be like killing 2 birds with one stone for me…

    Morning Rico and all…

    Interesting how OG12’s goal did not take a deflection but the media think he is shite so he must have taken a deflection or he didn’t mean to do that…


  277. GOOOOD MOOORNING HH, RIP Robin Williams, a truly funny guy.

  278. 1st

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