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Defender signing imminent. Captain departs & Wembley, here we come again…..

Morning all.

Just a few weeks ago, Arsene Wenger told us that if Thomas Vermaelen leaves, he’ll sign a replacement. Thomas Vermaelen has now gone, he’s joined Barcelona and I strongly suspect that Wenger has known all along that was going to happen. Why else would he have not played any part of or pre-season? It’s clear he’s not been injured as otherwise his medical could have been tricky.

Yes Calum Chambers has been signed, but Wenger has maintained that once Vermaelen’s exit was confirmed he would sign a replacement and that’s now done so a new signing must be imminent, it must be. Calum Chambers is good, very good but not even Arsene Wenger would go into a new season with a 19 year old as his 3rd choice CB. Would he?

I don’t think so as I’m not even convinced that the player or coaching staff/manager have truly found his best position, not yet but he’s going to be good, on that I think we all agree. No doubt today, he’ll start alongside Laurent Koscielny in the heart of our defence because there aren’t many other options. Other than Miguel of course.

As for the rest of the team selection, I’ll leave that to the manager, that’s what he gets paid for, that’s what he does and as much as fans think they know better, they don’t. If they did, they wouldn’t be typing away on a keyboard professing to be experts, they’d be doing what Arsene Wenger does, only at a different club.

Yes we all have our favourites and think they should start before others but as Adam said a few days ago, Wenger knows his players better than anyone and he’ll do what he believes is right.

Manchester City have a plethora of players missing today’s fixture. Negredo is injured, Lampard isn’t yet fit enough and neither is Sagna. Sergio Aguero, Pablo Zabaleta, Martin Demichelis, Fernandinho and skipper Vincent Kompany all sit this game out too having been involved in the latter stages of the World…

It should be a good game and one I think we’ll win……


Have a fab day all….


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558 comments on “Defender signing imminent. Captain departs & Wembley, here we come again…..

  1. Morning all , raring to go and off to read the last of yesterdays posts now.

  2. Potter takes the plaudits for being first today.

    Good post Rico. And so nice of you to let us have the cake and eat it regarding the team line up and favourite players…..room for debate.

    My team to thunk Shitty this afternoon ……..

    Debuchy, Chambers, Kos, Gibbs
    Arteta Rosicky
    Sanchez, Ramsey, Ox

    Cazorla to rest Aaron 60 mins
    Giroud to replace Sir4goals 70mins
    Monreal to replace Ox 75 mins

  3. Jamaa wenger ametekeleza ahadi yake na gunners wanaeza win coz most of da city key players r off da pitch 2day

  4. I like that team coach!

  5. Thanks Devil..

    As you know, I never guess the team before the game, or seldom do anyway…

    I just moan about them after they’ve had chance to play for a while… ;)

  6. Good Morning to The Lady of the House and all fellow Gooners in residence.

    Devil – An interesting and shall I say experimental lineup you have there. We have only a few hours to wait to see how prescient you were or weren’t.

  7. I don’t, it’s got Arteta in it… ;)

  8. hey….Wilshere must be involved at some point

  9. Morning Rico and all, today kicks the season off can’t wait to see the new signing in competitive mood

  10. Rico – Your MO seems to be the most common approach.

  11. Rico…..that is why I was careful enough to put TR07 beside him. So that Ramsey and TR07 would cover for the lack of pace Arteta has. I wanted to put Flamini but the latter would go up as well, leaving a hole in front of Chambers/Kos.

    So I put TR07 and Aaron and omitted Cazorla. If the latter plays with those 3 we will be unbalanced.

  12. Morning Luznic..

    Perhaps this will be the season we have little to moan about Cg, as long as players put in a 100% shift, I’ll be happy.

    As for tactics, they are overrated imo, just keeping the game simple is surely the best way..

  13. Devil, trouble is, none of us know what AW has planned this season. Surely until his plan unfolds, we don’t really know who will play where.

    He might shock and play 3 at the back, or two up front… ;)

  14. Morning All,
    Wonder why wenger always has to sell first then buy a replacement later,
    he tells us we are in the big league now,
    he told us last week Tommy was off,
    surely any club will now know we have to buy a centre half and up the terms,
    it’s hard to imagine,whats going on in wengers brain sometimes,
    next week the season starts,as it is we have a 19y/old 1st choice centre back.
    Listening to wenger the other day,I got the impression,he thinks the season starts the end of August.

  15. Coach I believe Cazorla will start today, Aaron will play beside arteta or the Ox plays beside him and Cazorla to the left, anyway its fun to still predict anyway

  16. $amir NaSti’s recent rant about stupid Arsenal fans makes me wonder if he spent his non-World Cup summer taking lessons from the Poisonous Portuguese Pygmy on “How to Loose Friends and Alienate People”. It is unfortunate he didn’t opt for the far more positive Dale Carnegie course.

    Oh well, just a bit of added spice for today’s game.

  17. Arsenal will effectively be a man down if Arteta plays. He cannot tackle; he always commits a foul, weak header of the ball and his legs are gone. A manager with any modicum of football knowledge will tell his players to run at and past Arteta. Arteta slows the game down horribly.
    I respect Artera but he is being wasted at DM which is not his position and I blame Wenger for not addressing this situation.

  18. Fred ……had AW bought in a ready made replacement, TommyV’s value would have gone down a bit because he would be surplus to requirements.

    Rico you are right…….we do not know what AW has planned for this season, but we go according to the past…..although the past is no guarantee for a similar future. However that was just an attempt with going the usual AW way.

    readers on here know that I favour the 4-4-1-1 formation while Ginge prefers the 3-5-2 formation. However the situation as it is we do not have the best man power for the 3-5-2 yet. We need a minimum of 2 more centrebacks to play that system.

    Ideally it would be Sanchez and Sanogo up front today in a 4-4-1-1 system.

    we will see this afternoon

  19. Morning all :)

    Finally we get to see Arsenal again.

    Nice post Rico, I’ve read we’re looking at a few CBs in the UK and a couple abroad. Definitely on the search for one, fingers crossed.

    The dream team league is filling up nicely.

    Score predictions?

  20. I’d just put pace and power against City and go for the standard back 4. With Arteta and Ramsey shielding it and a front 4 of Ox, Campbell, Sanchez and Sanogo. Bring Rosicky on to bang the final nail in the coffin. Cazorla on when the win is ours to give his a run out without pressure to do his confidence some good.

  21. Devil,take it your happy then.

  22. Now TV has gone, will Arsene really try to sign Hummels? It would be great to beat LvG to one of his targets, especially so when they are missing out on so many of their targets. It would be great to have the shoe on the other foot for a change.

    As for young Calum, it will be interesting to see which position he actually fills.

  23. On another note, what must Sanchez be thinking with this weather! lol

  24. neither happy nor sad Fred. Its just that I accept that method.

    If it were for me I would have bought all that we needed in the first week of June and have everything done and dusted.

    But then a few weeks ago someone on this blog said that if we buy all that we need in the first week of June it would show our hand and allow the others time to strengthen themselves. So in a way they are right as well.

    So that is why TV had to be sold before we bring in who we would like.

    Imagine we get Hummels or Blind.

    Now that would put a couple of spokes in the wheels of LVG

  25. 3 at the back,why would you play it,
    I took over a team many years ago playing 4-4-2 shipping 5,6,7, goals a game,the two centre halfs were big old lumps won everything in the air,kicking air-pie on the deck,
    so I decided to play this little geezer in the middle of them,success.
    So basicly its horse’s for coarse’s with players,the reason I think wenger never starts with 3 at the back,is…that he wants ball players at the back not ball winners.

  26. Devil,for me we have less chance of the two players you mention,
    the mancs are in for both of them.
    Hope your right.

  27. Good point Fred, it’s not like the club need the money before buying…

  28. Nickie you seen where that geezer comes from.

  29. Rico ,just repeating what the boss said.

  30. Thanks Nickie, haven’t looked at the FL today, I must..

    fred, I don’t think for one minute AW will play 3 at the back, was just trying to suggest we see what he has planned because perhaps he believes things need to be quite different to the way we played at times last season.

    The better players we have signed will help but I hope he spruces things up a bit.

    Hummels? Why not, CL with us and a few international team-mates, or nothing other than domestic trophies in Manchester.

    Top plays want CL which is why I think Utd are struggling to sign anyone, long may that remain…

  31. Still a good point though Fred and I wonder why AW thinks he should sell before buying, after all, clubs then know we definitely need to make a signing and the price will go up…

  32. Good KISS, Rico…

    I belong to the group of fans who punch the keyboards and guess line ups. It doesn’t in any way make me better than Wenger – it only gives me the satisfaction of having participated. Whenever I get it right, it gives me the feeling of truly knowing what is going on.

    I’m no coach, never attempted being one but in my profession, a lot of criticisms come my way too and I always take it on the chin…and many times, such criticisms make me better. Football is such a big business because of the fans…left to just coaches and players, none of them could afford the house rents. So, fans are owners of the game and such should always have their say. Wenger doesn’t know it all or he wouldn’t have gone trophyless for nine years.

    Dev…your line up is almost what I’d line up too..just keep out Rosicky, and bring in Carzola…let Ramsey play beside Arteta and Carzola play CAM…let Ox attack from left and Sanchez from right. Then of course, Sanogo leading.

    Officially, CS is classified as a friendly and six changes allowed, wrong?

  33. Barca have paid for 34.6% of the Emirates stadium through transfers fees!!!!

  34. Cg – Nasri is a twit!

  35. Wenger could have bought before selling TV but TV’s transfer was so tricky…we all didn’t want him to go to Man U…Arsenal couldn’t hold Barca till we get a replacement or they may look elsewhere, thereby landing us with only Man U…if Wenger attempted getting a replace, Barca wouldn’t have gone beyond 10 mil…the trick was show you want to keep him.

    Sometimes when you go for a player, he’d first evaluate if he’d get playing time…TV going means whoever comes stands a better chance now. It’s neither here nor there but I know transfers are far more tricky than it appears from the outside.

    One would have imagined Liverpool would have easily got Sanchez since they sent Suarez to same club. But happily the transfer world is a funny business terrain.

  36. Fred – Just because ManUre are linked with Hummels and Blind doesn’t mean they’ll beat us to either or both of them. Unlike in the past, we have the money and we made more money on TV. Add 10 million to TV’s fee and we are near Hummels valuation and still have money left over for a DM.

    ManUre have had to offer players silly wages to get the few signings they have made and they have missed out on many more. With no Champions League on offer at Old Toilet they are having trouble signing their targets.

  37. Thanks Tai.

    Not for one minute would I suggest AW knows it all, in fact quite the opposite for the reasons you give. But for me this is a new season,a new start with a stronger squad.

    Not strong enough though imo and a few more signings need to be made..

    Never has AW had a better chance to build a near on perfect squad and he has plenty of money left yet to do just that..

  38. :) Lee, is that stat real?

  39. Rico – “Nasri is a twit!” We agree 100% on that point, but if the Arsenal fans don’t bother him, why mention it? O think he is still sulking about being left out of the France squad for the WC at the request of some of his former team mates.

    Another sad and bitter little man.

  40. You think today’s game will define what other players Arsene brings in?

  41. Liverpool would never have signed Alexis imo and for one reason. The player didn’t want to go there, he only ever wanted to join Arsenal…

    Or that’s what has been reported….

    Despite a few idiotic buffoons at Liverpool spouting a deal was done, it never was and they never stood a chance. Love it!

  42. Morning All,

    I got angry when I read that Tony Adams said that Wilshere should have taken Ozil’s signing as ‘a personal insult’. Is Tony on drugs or something? Wilshere is good on his day but no way can he be compared with Ozil. That’s sheer arrogance. This kind of hype is one of the reasons English players don’t fulfil their potentials. He needs to work on his fitness and temperament to become close to Ozil.

    I’m upbeat about today’s match. By God’s grace,we’ll win it. I hope Wenger chooses the right team and everybody gives 100%

  43. Tai why take a dig at Wenger what’s the point of the nine years without a trophy comment because of Rico’s point we are not PL managers.
    I care to believe that the has been extenuating reasons for this drought In trophies.
    How about this statement 3 trophies and CL final in 11 years or 5 trophies in 13 years.

  44. Greedy, buck toothed, fat arsed, Jonny no mates wanker!

  45. Xr’s, some great players do talk rubbish don’t then. Crazy thing for Big Tony to have said…

  46. Lee – Ginge isn’t going to be happy that you beat him to the draw posting that stat.

    I don’t think our noisy neighbours are going to have as much luck financing their proposed new stadium for Shitehart Lane, unless they find another couple of Gareth Bales.

  47. Cg, perhaps we know they do bother him because as you rightly say, if they didn’t, why even comment. Another bitter and twisted player who maybe knows he left for one reason only, and I doubt trophies had much to do with his decision.

  48. And what do you really think of Suarez Lee? ;)

  49. Attention seeking educationally challenged ex pros…..hmmm!

  50. Tony probably said that as a motivational tool. You know how ‘deep and complex’ he is these days. :)

  51. Suarez / Na$ri brace of James Hunts!!!

  52. Morning all,
    Getting your signings done early isn’t showing your hand only showing the rest of the league you mean business and aren’t settling for second best.
    Only problem I have with that crafty fcuker wenger is he got Sanchez so early on I can’t remember which window we signed him in !

    rico 11.19, if only I had a pound for every time arsene used that excuse.

    Lee 11.33, it must only be a matter of time before we get done for taking the pish.

  53. Lee – I think today’s game could definitely have a bearing on who and what positions Arsene targets in the remainder of the transfer window. If we get bullied in the midfield like we were against AS Monaco in the Emirates Cup, I could see that convincing him we need a physically imposing DM and/or CB.

  54. Rico – I’m sure trophies runs a distant second to the almost doubling of his wages. He would have been better keeping his head down and his mouth shut for our fans will probably ride him even harder now. Pity?

  55. Yeah Rico…I go with you 11.38,

    Wenger has the chance to make Arsenal instant challengers for all four trophies we’re going to play in by making just two solid signings. He has the money…players are ever willing to come to Arsenal.

    But is he willing?

    In our fold, we have three truly world class players that can start for almost any side in world football – Ozil, Sanchez and Ramsey…

    We have some good players in Szczesny, Kos, Gibbs, Wilshere, Chambers, Walcott, Chamberlain, Sanogo that could blossom into very good or even world class coming season.

    Is Wenger waiting to see if these players, particularly Wilshere, Chambers, Chamberlain and Sanogo could turn out what he could have added this season before making moves next summer?

    Le Prof is never in a hurry. Within him, he could believe making Arsenal completely at par with our closest rivals aint a matter of just one transfer window … he could have made up his mind to keep the rest cash … promote Miquel and Heyden…

  56. Micko……crafty fcuker wenger is he got Sanchez so early on I can’t remember which window we signed him in !

    great one mate. :)

    CG…..could not agree more.

    But I still do not want to loose to that Kunt of Na£ri

  57. I wouldn’t like Arteta to play today just because he slows our game down and with his position on the pitch,he’s a risk if caught in possession because of his lack of pace. How many substitutions are allowed in the community shield? I know extra time is not played,just PKs

  58. Micko – Only one or two of the many players FC Barcelona have bought/stolen from us have been worth the money they have paid us for them. Yet, they keep coming back for more. Their frequently rotating Presidents must be slow learners. Either that or their constant change overs leave them too dizzy to make rational decisions.

  59. I go with Adam on TA’s comments on Wilshere.

  60. Hi Micko, that’s funny re Alexis…

    Re AW, yes, far too many times, so far so good this summer though, just hope there’s a few more to come yet.

  61. Good morning Rico and fellow Hhers

    How are you Cg? where is the other alias? :-)
    2 goal win for us today. Ramsey and AS17 to score

  62. Good morning all HHers.
    Hi Rico.
    So Nasri looked thru his little brain and that is the only hype he could find…
    Love the fact that most twarts that leave us for the big bucks all end up regretting one way or the other….
    It’s game on today

  63. Absolutely right Cg, he’s like a bitter old man who left his wife and now wishes he hadn’t after seeing her very happy and doing well…

    He can rot as far as I care…

  64. Jordi Mestre reveals Vermaelen deal cost 10 million Euros, with performance add on of 5 million and title bonusses of €3.8M…

  65. We should be getting Daley Blind but I can see the Ajax and LvG connection taking him to Yanited…

  66. Canadian Gooner, overmars, petit, van bronckhorst, hleb, henry, fabregas, song now vermaelen, over 100 mill there !

  67. Morning Ts, Fatgun and Scott..

  68. Dev, re your 10:07 have your 8 legged friends been telling you stuff? :-)

    Seriously, I can see AW satrting with JW and Arteta plus Ramsey as the no.10…

    I won’t be happy because Ramsey plays better breaking into the box from deep and his tackling figures are PV04-esque imo…

  69. Guys, if anyone wants to write the match reports this season starting from today’s I’d be really grateful. I hate doing them… :)

    I don’t anticipate any reply that’s polite… ;)

  70. We have made a £77m net profit dealing with Barca under AW; but according to the spuddies my next door neighbour at least we are a feeder club …

    They have forgotten we sell them our out of form players except maybe Overmars and Cesc but they are an official RM feeder club…

  71. Ginge – Yesterday was frustrating to say the least. WordPress loses my initial post, then I go into moderation as I’ve over-typed my user name. I then try to re-post but WordPress didn’t accept the correction to my user name and tells me that my post is a duplicate of a previous post. After more than a few loud expletives, I took a break. When I returned someone, who shall remain nameless, calls me a Yank. That was too too much of a slur to bear. So, I gave up a went to bed.

    Today, so far so good.

  72. Morning all, good post rico.

    Ts, are u watching BVB vs Liverpool. Pool leading 2-0, 13 mins.

  73. Nipping off with Fido whilst the rain has stopped, back in a bit

  74. Cg-ha ha ha who would have dared called a true Canadian a Yank- Hockey Central ? :P
    Damn, someone must have impersonated me… :)

  75. Micko – “…overmars, petit, van bronckhorst, hleb, henry, fabregas, song now vermaelen, over 100 mill there !” How many on that list were worth their transfer fees? Rumour has it that they have had no enquiries or bids for Song, yet they’re desperate to get his inflated wages of their payroll. It’s enough to make a poor man weep.

  76. Dna- you know I would…
    Rico- I will see what I can do… but you know my match reports are not as detailed as yours as I tend to waffle about stats unnecessarily…

  77. Rico – You can send some of that rain our way. This has been one of our driest summers for some time and we have many forest fires burning and the worst is yet to come. Things are so bad we are even importing experienced fire fighters all the way from Australia.

  78. Dna- klopp is pissing me off with his tactics

  79. What do you think of Ginter- dNa?

  80. Jojic is another top player I like. Klopp not using him well though imo…

  81. 4-2-4 is a bit over ambitious on Klops part imo…

  82. So by selling tommy now..we have an advantage over all the other teams then.
    Business as usual is how I see it.we sell to Barca or shi#y but not to the mancs.
    When judas signed for the mancs it was good business on here.

  83. Dna- I wonder what would you do if Kehl was your DM and captain? He is slower than Arteta.lol

  84. your right ts

  85. to me it does not matter Fred. Selling him to the Mancs or to Barca is irrelevant for me. Its how much the club make in profit which counts imo.

    The fact is that if we sell to shitty we can always ask for an extra Euro and milk them harder. At the end of the day if AW buys right and spends well on the team, makes selling some players to our rivals irrelevant.

    Imagine this……we face Judas twice a year when playing the Mancs.

    If we get drawn vs Barca in the CL it will still be twice we will face TommyV.

    So what is the difference?

    nothing imo.

    We sold Cesc to Barca, but did not play against them. He comes to the chavs and now we play against him.

    Again…..what is the difference?

    nothing imo.

  86. Sorry Cg, I missed all of that yesterday as I was out..

    Thanks Gdna

  87. CG,so you reckon we could get blind then,mate.

  88. Thanks Ts, but you know me and stats don’t work well, so…

    Cg, sorry to hear that, hope you soon get some rainfall to help out, must be awful for your country and all the wildlife… :(

  89. Fiorentina’s President: Juan Cuadrado has asked to leave this window.

    I am good Fred

  90. Does to me Devil, never sell to one of your rivals, that’s my motto.

  91. Devil,wish I could think like that.mate.
    When wenger says we can compete with the top teams,
    I really did’nt believe him.
    As I said early the season starts next week.

  92. BvB..Looking very lightwight..hope we don’t…ts

  93. true Fred- Sven is now on… for Kehl

  94. what was ginter doing?Coutinho absolute class.. I hate to admit

  95. Afternoon all, good post Rico, the clock ticks, the tins chill, everything else ready to hand, i’m ready, lets hope every player today, is ready to give 100% for The Arsenal!!

  96. Fred – I think we could give LvG and ManUre a run for their money if Arsene was interested in Blind. A lot would depend on what meant more to Blind, the Dutch connection or Champions League? However, I think Arsene is more interested in Agger, Hummels or the young Serb at Abu Dhabi Citeh.

  97. klopp- wake up.. 4-0 to the looserpool.I bet we/bvb will get slaughtered by Bavaria FC
    AW better set us up properly otherwise…

    Rico, well… stats set the scene. :-)

    Hi Bt

  98. Lee, glad to see yesterdays celebrations, hasn’t clouded your judgement..

  99. Hi Ts, is the bvb match over?

  100. I’m off for the night. Unfortunately I wont be able to catch today’s game until early this evening on a tape delay broadcast. So I’ll have to avoid the computer and the sports news. Still, it’s better than watching a jumpy live broadcast online.

    Catch you all tomorrow. Have a great day everyone.

    Keep The Faith!

  101. Crikey, has this place suddenly become a Liverpool/Dortmund blog? :eek:

  102. Hi Bt, I hope so…

    Night Cg, sleep well…

  103. Cg..the mancs doubled judas’s wages,shi#y doubled sagnas wages,
    not sure your right mate.

  104. Not for me Ts. Don’t worry, I’ll do today’s but thanks for your offer…

  105. Trust you slept well, Rico.

  106. Imo the sales to City and Utd regarding RvP were all about money, both for the players, and of course for Arsenal, the most being the latter..

    Quick bucks for Kroenke…

  107. I did thanks Bt, you? Do you have the horrid weather?

  108. Couple of late nights/mornings,so far..lol…Weather has been horrid since early doors and continues pretty much, unabated..

  109. Living life to the full eh, good on you. ;)

  110. Rico, can i ask a question?

  111. Of course…. But if it’s about who will be our captain, I have no idea… ;)

  112. imo…..the CB and DM AW will sign will have the hallmarks of Koscielny……..plucked from somewhere, never had heard of them and both will come for 10mill or less.

    Captain for me should be Per imo.

  113. Drat, foiled again..lol..

  114. Its over now Bt…

  115. Final score Ts?

  116. The Swiss guy perhaps Devil…?
    :) Bt

    Thanks goodness it’s over Ts…

  117. Arsenal have won just one of their last eight matches in all competitions against Man City (W1 D3 L4)

  118. Yaya and AS17 start

  119. ARSENAL: Szczesny, Debuchy, Koscielny, Chambers, Gibbs, Arteta, Wilshere, Ramsey, Alexis, Cazorla, Sanogo
    Subs: Martinez, Monreal, Flamini, Campbell, Rosicky, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Giroud
    MANCHESTER CITY: Caballero, Clichy, Boyata, Nastasic, Kolarov, Navas, Fernando, Toure (C), Nasri, Jovetic, Dzeko

    JW start as expected with ramsey as no.10 tsk

  120. Ts, did you see their goal, on members day, what was your take on that?

  121. it was well worked Bt…

  122. Let us hope that JW10 starts to produce today.

    I do not like it when JW, Arteta, Cazorla and Aaron start the game.

    Shitty have gone to 4-4-1-1.

  123. So as ‘suspected’ all summer Aw has already decided JW-Ramsey-Arteta will be his core…

    Having watched BVB set-up similarly against Liverpool earlier today… hmm, hold your breathe and have fingers and toes crossed.

    Nastatic and Boyata in CB are very beatable though so…

  124. Sanogo starts then, is this a ‘see how he does and if not so good a loan will take place’?

    I wonder….

  125. Ts, worked well yes, but defensive wise?

  126. Keep an eye on Fernando the octupus… to me the best DM in the league

  127. That’s not a given Ts, especially if we sign a DM.

  128. it is easy to say our formation is 4-2-3-1 but it is also similar to 4-1-4-1. Fluid imo…..but might not work out.

    It depends where Sanchez is to play. If it is upfront with Sir4gls than it will be very narrow. If Sanchez is to play on the right than its 4-2-3-1/

  129. Bt- I am not sure we have a defensive shape yet as I have been saying since NYRB game… hopefully we will see a bit more today…

  130. we need Cazorla to help Gibbs on the left, otherwise the latter will be made to look like a monkey. Jack must also get back to defend and not keep the ball long. He should be keeping it simple.

  131. Fingers crossed Rico…
    imo, and just my opinion I can’t see us going for anyone who will come in ready to replace Arteta. Unless all of a sudden Sami is approached…

  132. Ts, i thought it was shabby, to be honest.

  133. Dev- I think it will be Ramsey doing a tactical job on the lhs as no one will bother to do it against Navas…

  134. Caballero starts the game.

    I think if Ospina was fit he would have faced Shitty today.

  135. I can Ts, I really can. The centre of our defensive midfield is the weakest link, it seriously needs addressing.

    Saying that, our defensive options don’t look that good either…

  136. Bt- I agree;when CC21 was bought I suspected he was TV’s replacement and would start both the Community shield and CP game next weekend… he has looked good in the Emirates cup but I am not sure if he is a traditional no.4 or a no.5 if you get my drift…

    Kossser is very much a no.4 and so unless he is a proper Cb not centre half as in Kossser/Tv we might struggle defensively…

  137. :) Gdna… Say no more eh…. lol

  138. I am with you on that Rico re defensive options…

    Our midfield is 1 injury away from having a similar form we had in feb/march

  139. If AW is truthing, Chambers is not a replacement for TV, he’s a very good addition to the squad.

  140. we are also 1 injury away in CB today for Monreal to play cb

  141. If we win this game we shoot ourselves in the foot i.e winning the league only 7/22 teams have won the league after winning cup… if we don’t there is an 9/11 chance we will be playing in the community shield next season but then our confidence will be shattered considering our big team history…

  142. dna would you have preferred flamini?

  143. Which is just why I suggested that to be ambitious, we’d sign two midfielders. Khedira is not a DM, no matter how much the media think he is, and for the record, I have never suggested he is either.

    Sami and Carvalho or Sven would be rico a very happy fan…

    But that isn’t going to happen, not with AW as manager.

  144. The Charity shield is the trophy I cherish most Ginge. So I hope we win it.

  145. Ginge…..with Ramsey, Cazorla and Jack all in the team yes I would have preferred Flamini.

  146. My,worry with the signing of CC21, is that AW might see him as cover for up to 3 positions, and not address the positions, with proper solutions. Now TVs gone, i expect a proper CB, to be bought.

  147. 2.36 Gdna, you lost me re AW?

    You mean re the truthing?

  148. Morning guys…I actually expected this line up but had tr7 instead of Wilshire. Anyway it’s a strong line up I expect us to come out guns blazing. Hopefully an early goal ll settle our nerves. 2.1 ti thr arsenal. sanogo and santi to score in the second half. COYFGS.

  149. Ts, i don’t agree with your 2:35pm. We need to win, records are meant to be broken.

  150. I get that concern Bt, but I’m not convinced that’ll be the case. The lad needs time to grow I think. Great signing, but AW needs to make sure he becomes a master of one position because when he does, he could very well be a top top player…

  151. Exactly Rico, from what i saw at the WC, Sami wasn’t the DM we require.

  152. Hi goonster…

  153. Ts you and I know wenger never plays 2 wingers in any game. He likes a pay tricky winger on the right and an AM on the left who ll come in field and help keep possession. So it’s sanchez on the right providing the pace and tricks while and santi on the left cutting it and helping to keep possession.

  154. of course dna… that is the point in sports

  155. True Dev…

    Personally Jw should have sat it out but I guess he has a goal today so… ;)

  156. Winners think about winners, losers think about winners.

  157. goonster – do you honestly believe you know what AW likes to do?

    Hmmm, my answer to that would be no.

    It’s a new season, new players, perhaps new ideas. Why not wait and see what happens in this game…

    Armchair football experts are so annoying… ;) ;)

  158. Clichy at RB again Dev

  159. Lol rico am a keen observer. Gee keep your shirt on.

  160. So both think about the same then Gdna… ;)

  161. Rico, AW is very predicable. imo

  162. Hmm, AW ignored Pelle’?

  163. lol Goonie… have you been to hooters? :P

  164. Howdy DNA what’s happening bro? Did you see the arsenal/new york red bulls game??

  165. Just sorting you ‘know it alls’ out before the new site kicks off goonster…. ;)

    Like I said in the post, you’d be a manager elsewhere if you were that good. Not just you I hasten to add… ;)

  166. watch the size of the Octupus and Yaya against JW and Arteta? lol

  167. Perhaps Gdna, history suggests so, but it’s a new season, let’s see….

  168. Nah ginge cassie ll castrate me and she’s not joking. She means it. Lord jesus help me.

  169. :D Goonie… i bet she would… how is the lady keeping?

  170. Goon, i’m good bro. I watched the NYRB game on Espn.

  171. Ts, Fernando is not very good on the ball. imo

  172. The great Joe Mercer.

    Who once said:

    ‘Everyone says playing for your country is the biggest honour, they are wrong, it was playing for Arsenal FC’

    Something similar anyway, he’d have been 100 years ago yesterday….

  173. So its Gibbs vs Clichy.

    Hmmmmm……seems as if the PA system mentioned someone NAStY with the crowd booing. :lol:

  174. Dna- but you are the one who calls for a beast as a DM

  175. She’s doing alright ginge thanks…what’s new on the dm front? Any leads?

  176. Every media outlet i listen/watch saying AFC needs a DM.

  177. Ts, i didn’t say is he not a good player. lol

  178. Yeah, keep your shirt on rico ! You tell her stan.

    C’mon Arsenal.

  179. lol Dna.. just teasing.

    Nothing new Goonie…

    I think we will get a left footed player i.e LB/CB and then that is it

  180. It appears Ramsey playing deeper than expected.

    Hi Micko…

  181. Hey micko….how have you been big guy? I missed ya.

  182. Ramsey showing why he is the poor man Pirlo. :P

  183. A BIG LIKE for Debuchy’s crosses till now.

  184. It should read Arteta being poor man Pirlo

  185. booing Na$ri would only increase his determination.

    If the crowd just laughed out loud everytime he touched the ball he would be unnerved.

  186. Wonder if Giroud would have got his head on that cross and scored…

  187. Agree Devil.Mind you, I don’t know why the fans bother doing either… Ignoring him would piss him off more…

    His comments about the fans were made with an agenda…

  188. Excellent cc21

  189. Jovetic is a very good player.

  190. How are we playing guys….hey dna are you watching the game? What station is it on? Can’t find it.

  191. Good defending there…

    Didn’t someone on here question Debucy’s defending ability?


  192. I like his crosses Rico……good height, good swerve and proper strength in them

  193. Lol rico witch hunting today…Gee better watch what I say on here.

  194. I like his defending too Devil. Upgrade on Sagna? I’d just say he’s as good as Sagna and he’s younger….

    Sanogo is struggling…

  195. Yikes I don’t have fox sports 1. Hey who’s your cable carrier? Am on direct tv. What about you?

  196. No witch-hunt goonster, not at all…. ;)

  197. Give him time Rico. He is also pressurizing the shitty defence as well.

  198. super goal Santi


  200. Santi!!! Get in!!!!!!

  201. I was being diplomatic Devil.

    Honestly, I don’t miss Sagna one bit and Debucy has shown he’s up for his new challenge….

  202. Sanogo really has to watch himself with being offside for no reason

  203. tackle Arteta

  204. Aw doesn’t seem to have gotten over Sagna leaving though. ;)

  205. So far so good Rico…..your post till now was one of the best. :P

  206. I’m sure he has Ts…

  207. 62% possession against shitty is not to be scoffed at.

  208. I found it dna didn’t know I had it. Lol. COYFGS

  209. When did Sagna ever get to Lb to help the team??

    Great stuff Debuchy…

  210. Dev- we beat city 3-1 last summer with seb perez…

  211. Dev did you say 62% possession??? Wow

  212. The arrival of Sanchez has certainly had the desired effect. Cazorla is doing all he can not to be bropped

  213. well. debuchy is our player now so lets he does the business…

  214. Imo, there is no point in getting ahead of ourselves.. lets enjoy it if we win and make a habit out of it…

    We all know that when we have our first 15 players fit we can beat almost every team on the planet…

    As I said earlier, we beat them most a year ago in Austria 3-1; they lost to Yanited in the Community shield and they lost heavily to cardiff on match day 1 last season but still went on to win the league and scored 102 goals…

    They have 8 of their first team squad out and we have only 3 out… for this match.

  215. Hi stan, all good thanks, stick me head in the door most days !

    tsgh, when’s this bloke called the octopus coming on ?

  216. Well he has so far, which is why all his critics should have wait to see how he performs, not only today, but over the next few months..

    Shame he suffered criticism so soon and before he’d kicked a ball for us…

  217. Ts, I don’t think anyone on here is getting ahead of anything… It’s the CS, nothing more nothing less….

  218. Micko, you mean to say you haven’t spotted his many legs, come on, he’s got the best legs in the PL… lol

  219. Ts, we will not win the PL with MA08, Sonogo & OG starting.

  220. Debuchy got caught a bit then….

  221. ha ha Micko…
    well Arteta is bossing him but he gets slated by folks..

    Rico, I admit I questioned the business sense in allowing Sagna to go but not sure anyone said he was not good enough…
    Sagna placed CB,RB and LB for us in his 7 years with us…

    AW this week was still ‘crying’ offer Sagna leaving and has contended the club wanted to keep him…

    I was just checking up on post last season when a few folks said they were happy we did not buy Debuchy….

    Pure class ramsey…

  222. Rambo!!!!!!!!!! Get in!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  223. Did you see that??? Sanogo was quicker than the others in challenging Toure for the ball. That is why I like him

    And he got an assist as well


  224. Well played Arsenal, well played….

    Super stuff from Ramsey and credit to Yaya too…. He made that goal…

  225. Lovely play by sanogo. See what pace gives us arsene??

  226. Dna- you dont have to tell me mate… I don’t select him…

  227. Good Afternoon Rico and all. Good read but sometimes we’ve to predict; that’s what make the games interesting.

    With Debuchy, he’s now ours we’ve to back him now and give him all the support he need. And we shouldn’t forget BS was a faithful player that gave his all.

  228. Ts, I think you questioned Debuchy’s defensive ability and you weren’t alone.

  229. placed=played*

  230. Sanchez is going to be a handful when he finally clicks. What a player.

  231. My view exactly Ng…

  232. Goonie, we still need a striker though… I doubt AS17 will give us the 30 goals we need.. I hope he does tbh…

  233. And he’s not even fit yet. Watch out epl arsenal are back.

  234. Afternoon Ng

    Debucy is ours, he’s playing well and BS is history….!

  235. Give it up ts. We are not getting a striker and you know it sheesh keep up comprade. He might not give us 30 goals in his first season but he might score 40 in his second.

  236. Goon, Just imagine Alexis & Cavani on the counter.

  237. I will refuse to criticize Sagna mates. Let us not forget what he did for us as well. He always gave his all till the last minute, unlike others who just went through the motions in their last few matches.

    And we got a very good player in his place.

  238. I don’t want to imagine dna it’s not gonna happen. It’s OG and sanogo up top with theo sanchez and Campbell running off them. End of.

  239. Vargas is good as well Gdna. He needs to find the right team. And he is still young as well

  240. our defence haven’t been tested but I think Cc21 is a bit slow but impressed with everyone overall, still have Ozil,Podolski,per, Walcott to return, with a DmF we can cause problems but with this we will challenge barring injuries anyway

  241. That’s right, Santi is this and Santi is that and basically Santi is shit so let’s sell him to Atletico….

    Hmm, is that so???

  242. Ts, what you think about Eduardo Vargas, do you think he would fit in?

  243. Dev Vargas is in Valencia aren’t they good enough considering they won the Ems cup……lol

  244. Agree goonie, once Alexis is 100% fit, he’ll bury chances like he was presented…

  245. Tell them Kev……Cazorla is running the show today.

  246. Hi Kev, spot on…

  247. Goon, to have any chance of winning any major trophy AW have to go shopping, CF, DM & CB. There is no way to get around it other than transferring some of the asset from the bank to the pitch.

  248. we have gone down to 48% possession now. that is to be expected after going 2-0 up. Arsenal let shitty have all the possession waiting for them to open up like when Sanchez was all alone in front of Caballero, but him not being 100% fit did not manage to reach the ball quicker.


  250. Who’s this sagna player? Fuck him, we’ve got Debuchy!!

  251. Dna I want a cf you want a cf we all want a cf heck even Gambon wants a cf but it’s not gonna happen. I ve made peace with that. We ll probably get one more player and he ll be a mid fielder Am or DM. Knowing wenger we ll probably get an AM :grin:

  252. And people slag Cazorla off…..clueless!

  253. Hehehehe lee you old goat.

  254. Usain Giroud on….

  255. Kos off Nacho at CB, Christ help AW.

  256. Less of the goat Stan!

  257. Howdy my man…impressed huh?

  258. Let you know in 45 mins..

  259. I do not agree with the substitutions. Unless they were done as a precaution.

  260. Amen to that Lee, Amen!

  261. ‘Can you hear the drums……..’

  262. Apparently word got around that I suggested people should laugh at Na$ri and he managed to convince Pelle not to play him for the 2nd half.

    little sod.

  263. Oyyy Goonie…..if your looks are half as handsome as those of Chambers then we are impressed.

    He should be the blonde adonis.

    Imagine him being the model for DAvid of Michelangelo Rico. ;)

  264. Blind linesman!!

  265. when we are losing Arteta is shit and its his fault but when we are winning… ???

  266. Arteta isn’t shit, he’s just old and slow…

  267. Dev. I’m with you on this.unless there is something we don’t’ know.

  268. Dev chambers ain’t got nothing on me…Am dutch for crying out loud. We all look like gods kuyt being an exception :grin:

  269. on which one Nash????

    with regards the subs or with regards the fact that Goonie is not as handsome as Chambers???

    I guess its the latter isnt it mate???

  270. Giroud is shit too!! :P

  271. What a goal…

  272. That is my player…. OG12.. wow

  273. Girouddddddddddd

  274. Girooooooooouuuuud

  275. G ROD!!! GET IN!!!!!

  276. Crystal ball back working as usual. :-)

  277. Calm down people, it took a deflection. lol

  278. and that’s why we all love le quiff

  279. Ts. MA08 isn’t shit. We just need a younger version of MA08.

  280. :) Gdna, you sure?

  281. Michael Owen “these substitutions will work in city’s favour!” BANG 3-0 Giroud!! What a clueless cnut!!!

  282. That’s my boy, come on Girouuuuddd!!! Who’s rubbish now? (smug) :D :D

  283. Gee dna you must really drink a lot of fat tire beer. Lighten up my man. It was a classy finish.

  284. neither did I like them Lee.

  285. Lee, Nasri a the biggest Cnut in England. lol

  286. I pray he does more of this throughout the coming season

  287. Arsenal fans doing the Poznan….. Fucking brilliant!

  288. I would take off Aaron now and put on TR07

  289. lol Ng… MA08 and Pirlo and Schweinsteiger are like fine wine they get better with age.

    I know I have no coaching badge but as i say Ramsey and Arteta work… and we need abox-to box to compliment Ramsey not someone to replace MA08 as I doubt all the Svens, WC etc are better than Arteta in all departments… apart from being young and appearing to be running faster.

    Dna- vargas i rate but you know that already so.. ;)

  290. Montreal is dog biscuits. So composed in that center half position. Maybe just maybe arsene has found his best position.

  291. yes Lee it took a deflection but since OG12’s shot was straight at goal it will count in his favour

  292. Goon, i’m a social drinker, 6’1″ 170 lbs, nothing fat here. lol

  293. 4.20 Lee, love it.

    Hi agag, great goal…

  294. I know Nash…..next time tell me its the other…..bash Goonie a little bit mate. :P

  295. Fat tire is a beer bro am not dissing you about your weight. Sorry if it came out all wrong.

  296. OG12 is shite the goal shouldn’t count… in fact although he scored the 3rd highest number of first goals in a match than all premiership players was a fluke… ;)

  297. Arteta, get’s better with age… classic!

  298. oyyyy Goonie…..what is the size of your Beer Belly??

    And how many layers????

  299. Goon, i’m good bro lol. I was referring to being a beer drinker. lol

  300. Hehehehe dev I got a nine pack abs. Don’t mess with me man. Am like dwanye Johnson on steroids :grin:

  301. Giroud isn’t shite, he’s a good striker to come off of the bench… :)

  302. Rico, MA08 gets better with age like milk. lol

  303. Yep.. goonie I echo that. good point.As I noted against NYRB, Hayden did well but it was Nacho who held it together with his experience and tactical awareness. imo
    Maybe that was why in June AW was rumoured to be looking at OM LB Morel

  304. 44% possession and we are 3-0 up

    and we are shit.

    I must be missing something.

  305. I hate the smell of sour milk Gdna… ;)

  306. ha ha ha Dna .. cheese is made from milk and it gets better with age.. ;) lol

  307. 9 pck abs???? lol

    more like 9 tyre layers covering the small Wudy roll.

  308. Look at TR07’s injection and positioning…

    Another one who gets better with age…

  309. Can we hold on to this 3-0 lead?

  310. The only one whose got better with age maybe….?

  311. so we all want a DM and CB

    And AW will surprise us all and buy a LB and AM.

    Maybe AW wants to create a false DM?????

  312. Ts we just need to see him play there against stoke city before I pass my judgment but so far he hasn’t done too bad. Am impressed.

  313. I hope we do not hold to 3-0 Rico.

    I want us to go one step further….win 5-0.

  314. Best goal of the lot. :D :D

    Hello, all!!

  315. Wow another cup coming.. I will happily forget period between two FA cups. Foe me this is the continuation of 2005 Arsenal, the one I fell in love with ..

  316. Irony Devil….

  317. lol.. I shall take your word for it Rico. :P Micko any views? :P

  318. Robbed in midfield and then feign injury… lol

  319. Goonie, not every CB can handle the Rugby football team.. not even Kompany… lol

  320. only JC and Martinez remain now.

    who will get a run out in the last few minutes????

    It has to be Martinez. lol

  321. Nacho plays better as a CB than LB..

    With the season firmly opened I am back to saying AW is a pure genius at every thing. :P

  322. Chambers wht a defender !! we till need one ore tho

  323. Howdy stv….

  324. Rico, MA runs fast like mud. lol

    Ts, Ramsey have a no sub-clause in his contract?

  325. Is Ramsey still on the field?

  326. 2 footed tackle in the opposition half.. tsk tsk

  327. Easy there ts…pure genius??? Errr I ll just hold my tongue in check :grin:

  328. Always thought your comments never made sense Ts… lol

  329. ha ha ha Dna… well you never know.

  330. Loved the groovers slating Giroud and then.. BANG oops !! I am not a Giroud fan still he is a good striker

  331. Better in the oppo’s half than in our own…

  332. Am fine goonstr a very happy day, hop u all gud

  333. He does a job Stv. How are you?

  334. Dear oh dear… diaby just texted to say he needed company in the sick-bay… Micko go sing kum-bay-ya my Lord for diabolic Abou… lol

  335. why do you ask whether he is still on the field Ginge???

    He is not there. Can you see him?? :P

  336. Good to hear Stv…

  337. Did the octupus fall over his own 8th leg? :D

  338. JW went largely unnoticed today.


    That meant that he kept things simple and ticking.

  339. ha ha ha Dev- I am imagining things as always. :-)

  340. For sure Ts, make that tackle just outside the penalty area, it’s dangerous. In their half, it’s far less a problem…

  341. not time for Butterflies Chez

    keep that for tomorrow during rest.

  342. oyyyy City supporters…..the match is not over yet.

    Le shit is made man of the match

  343. Nice acting Szczesny ;)

    Giroud man of the match, jeez, how daft is that…

  344. STV 4.34, didn’t we also win the charity shield back then as well against a team from the red side of Manchester, happy days, nice to get another trophy in early !

  345. I hope 2 thing will not happen after this

    1) Wenger hail Arteta performance, make him captain and decide not to buy new DM looking up to him
    2) Use Monreal exp a a excuse to not to sigh 1 more cb

    anyway this is a memorable day Wenger’s 4th Community shield I think ?

  346. Well I enjoyed that… :)

    But, my feet are on the ground…..

  347. Stv, you serious??

    This side really needs a proper guy in the midfield, proper!

  348. its the 5th Charity shield win mate

  349. Campeones campeones ole ole ole

  350. STV Arteta has been the captain for over 3 years though… he was vice captain for RvP and vice for TV…

    Goonie, there is method in AW’s madness… Sanogo will cover CB position if needed. :P

  351. Yes Micko, The Bergcamp& Reyes show. I still remember the match like yesterday :) I was a boy back then

  352. How long has it been since we last won anything again, Dev?

    Hiya, rico. Ah, Le Quiff! :) Good on you. Cracking goal! :)

  353. I like Merts as captain than seeing Arteta as non playing captain like Vermaelen. But I think he would be..

  354. Cracking goal by Ollie Agag, cracking.

    This result is good, really good but imo, if we go forward with Flamini and Arteta as our defensive midfield options, we’ll win nothing.

  355. that moment again :) :)

  356. Agag- you might have to have a word with your crush OG12.. if he keeps banging the goals in like that… I might say he is better than Inzaghi or the legend Di baggio and get on Dev’s wrong side. :P

  357. Pat Rice handing the medals


  358. We can’t go into9 the season expecting the boy Wonder to keep doing what he does since Diaby is still Diaby…

    we need another box to box midfielder even more than a DM imo.. Nacho and Sc19 can and have played DM for Malaga in the past…

  359. two minutes since the Arsenal captain last lifted a cup.

    Tsk Tsk

  360. brenda is cheesing me off even more after beating bvb earlier…

    if he finishes 6th I will be pleased as a punch…

  361. Yep… the true captain.. Arteta. often under appreciated by fans but never under estimated by the boss…

  362. rico, I know. :) Not been too impressed with either. It’s not so much about a lack of footballing ability for either; it’s just that age has caught up with them. ;)

    Hi, STV, ginge, goonie, and GDNA. :)

  363. Well well well

    a round of applause for Rico mates.

    she has written the perfect post today.

    that is why we won.

  364. Totally agree agag, our midfield defensive players are so over rated by some, beggars belief really…

    Love Arteta for what he has done, but his hair moves quicker in the breeze than his legs do…

    Keep him for certain fixtures yes, but let’s get a proper guy in eh….

  365. Hi ag. I thought you was still out shopping. lol

  366. Devil, that’s all bollox… ;)

  367. ha ha ha rico. the lego hair

  368. This is brilliant. Will do their confidence wonders. :) :)

    ginge, if I whisper anthing in his ear, it will be sweet nothings. :oops:

    STV and Dev, five mins ago now. :P

  369. Action Man!!!

  370. i was going to imply exactly that Agag; but then i thought a working girl might not like that. :P

  371. Piece of p*** this winning trophies malarkey! a bit like buses really! don’t win one for nine years and then two come along in the space of 85 days ! The third will arrive, on time, in May!

    Great performance today, really impressive!

  372. Ts. RVP was captain and Vaminator was vice. MA08 became vice when RVP left.

  373. rico, it’s more noticeable with Arteta. But when he’s on form, he does keep us ticking. I want to keep him, but I simply don’t think he should be starting all the time.

    GDNA, I bought a pair of Pierre Hardy sandals. ;)

    “Lego hair”, classic, Ginge!!!

  374. Ginge, hah! By working, I mean employed. :D

    Wavy, our boys looked really confident. And up for it!! Loved our fans doing the Poznan.

  375. No Wavy….the next trophy will come in March.

  376. Lego hair Rico???

    More like Leg of hair….. :P

  377. i know Agag- just teasing you. :-)

    You have a point Ng, but Mikel and even Song took on the arm band when RvP was subbed in the few EPL games…

    Arteta captained CoC and FA cup games judas was rested.

    What do you think of your boy TV going to Barca… the sinking ship as Agag says?

  378. He does agag, but we can’t dismiss how many players were missing for City…

    Arteta has a part to play maybe, but not against the quicker sides…

  379. Early dinner for me, later folks…

  380. But I bet, rico, their second stringers still cost more than our first team. ;) Like you always say, we can only beat who’s in front of us. Boo hoo for them that their big name players were injured. :D :D

    I wish TV well, but I don’t see how he will get much game time. He has lost a yard of pace, have you noticed, Ginge? Plus, he tends to come the worse off in one v. one situations. I think we made decent money again on this sale. Barcelona just looooves our players. I have a feeling they will be bidding for Ramsey soon.

  381. Ts. It brakes my heart because he can’t fight for his place. But we all know he didn’t leaves because of money. When Barca come calling before he turned them down. I hate to see him leave. I wish him well. A true footballer.

  382. Getting really bored of arsenal winning trophies….Wenger out and take your gaelic funk with you :grin:

  383. Calm chambers….what a player we re gonna have in 3 years time. Reminds me of cahill in his Bolton days but with composure and better passing rate. He ll be a beast in 2 years. COYFGS.

  384. Goonie, you should change clubs, then. Arsenal will just keep on winning, you see. :D :D

    Love how both Rosicky and Ramsey have spoken about repaying the faith of AW. You really get the feeling that players really wish to be playing for Arsenal now.

  385. Arteta confirmed as captain, I see. :) :) Should give an extra spring in his step. :P

  386. Yes.. AW you genius. :P
    Capito Arteta

  387. Gary Lineker @GaryLineker · 1h
    Getting really bored of Arsenal winning trophies! #WengerOut

  388. Bradster, I am so so sorry. Happy birthday, a bit late I know, but hope you have had a lovely day…

  389. Arteta as captain? Bloody heck….

  390. Ng.. I think TV and pique will do well Enrique was a fiery player and so.

    Agag- I agree Tv has lost a yard from not playing much i the last 3 years but he had the 71% duel win ratio… higher than TV and Per. according to sky sports.

  391. Captain Action…

  392. Agag, they probably did and they couldn’t beat us. I won’t get too excited until we beat their first team…

  393. was it brads b’day? happy belated one buddy.

  394. Kev. I told you that yesterday. Mate, you couldn’t make it up. :)

  395. Happy birthday, Bradster. :) :) Hope those SA wines are flowing freely. :)

    Hello, Adam. :)

    ginge, does the 71% include aerial duels? Cause he was pretty awful when it came to the letting defenders run past him.

  396. Dust bin filler, Kev..

  397. Hi Agag. Nice, sharp win today.

  398. I knew we’d win. Great result. Bring on next week…

    Slightly tipsy, 2 lager tops you know… lol

  399. All good Adam?

  400. Easy, Nickie, easy…..lol

  401. BT. Just chilling mate. I hope you and yours are well. I enjoyed the game today. You?

  402. If master card did transfer window signings; they woul probably buy Arteta 10 minutes before the window closed again..

    best AW buying in 3 years; imo.. considering he took a pay cut to join us… ;)

    Not forgetting the goal!

  403. one of the goals that took us into the ucl… top guy!

  404. Adam our favorite player scored a killer goal, eh? Haha.

    Easy, Nickie. :P Hello, Bt62. :)

  405. Now that is a gentleman! Good luck TV!
    Happy birthday Bradster!!

  406. How classy is Vermaelen? Such a far cry from Na$ti.

  407. How was your birthday celebration, Lee? :) Plenty to drink?

  408. He did Agag. Some of the abuse he has taken on here is criminal. Looks like I am down to get Mrs Adam a Herve Leger dress apparently. I am in for a financial kicking I think, especially as she never wears dresses. :)

  409. Hi AGAG dinner last night and lunch today not too much drunk tbh!

  410. All the very best TV. A proper Arsenal man.

  411. Haha, Adam. :P Those dresses are tiiiiiight. I noticed in NYC, those dresses were padlocked to the racks. Apparently, they’re shoplifters’ favorites. :D :D Lol.

    Lee, I’m sure you’ll make up for it when you next see Mr. Kev and Mr. Adam. ;)

  412. Agag. And she’s a chunky woman too.
    If you want to pop over on Thursday we would be happy to take you out for dinner. No problem. :)

  413. Hi Agag, are you still, spending?

  414. That farewell letter says it all about Tv…

    It shows you don’t have to be a London-born and bred player to be a true gooner.

    I wish you and Polly well Verminator!

  415. Good man TV, good man and I wish him all the best….

  416. Adam, careful there. Mrs Adam might divorce you. :P I’ll see if I can get a visa, Adam on such a short notice, Adam. :P I swear, it’s no fun wanting to travel and having to go through such a tedious process to prove you’re not going to another country to be illegally employed. Plus, I think UK visas last only for a few months. Crap. USA at least grants ten year visas. Thank God, SE Asia is enough to keep me occupied.

  417. How crap was the Abba man today?

    I much prefer the original version of Fernando..

    No wonder he was cheap……

  418. A nice leaving gift from TV. good luck at Barca, he never moaned and he always got on with it. Nice of Wenger to give him credit too

  419. lol Rico :) he doesn’t even compare to Paul the octopus

  420. Rico. :)
    Agag. The invitation is open-ended of course. :)

  421. Ginge, such a contrast to that silly Nasri who won’t stop shooting his mouth off about AFC. Grrrr.

    I am off now, good night all. :)

  422. Or Colin the Coelacanth.

  423. I like the sound of that, Adam. :) :)

  424. Same here Adam. always enjoy it, when the Arsenal win, it was pretty easy in the end. Few issues still to be sorted, just hope the team/squad, get the tools to compete at the top, for a whole season. There is time, i hope there’s the determination and ambition. Hey, there’s another shinny thing, to polish..

  425. :) Nickie, apart from they have the same number of legs, although I think Paul covered more ground whilst making his predictions…

  426. Wow!Finally we won †̥ђƺ community shield again.♍Ɣ first as an arsenal fan,hope for many more.And what a good by ♍Ɣ main man OG12.

  427. Adam, did you get to see the game today?

    Night Agag, sleep well…

  428. Night Agag, a good weekend, for you all round.

  429. Sukky, I always thought you were a long long time fan from your comments…. Guess I got that wrong then… ;)

  430. I know I said I wanted Per as captain but i’m so chuffed for Arteta. Arsenal means everything to him.

  431. Rico. I did. I went to my brother’s house to watch it as I don’t have BT. I thought we looked sharp, was very impressed with Callum and Debuchy who I thought were tenacious. A difference in footballing ethos I think. City only looked decent when that creep Silva came on. Good player. Otherwise the usual destructive midfield, long ball crap from Pellegrini.

  432. Bt, DM and CB are a must surely, anyone else will be a huge bonus.

  433. As long as he doesn’t play too many games Nickie… ;)

    Adam, I too was really impressed with Debuchy, really good defending. Calum Chambers was born to be an Arsenal player. So calm and assured, really good signing imo…

    A really good performance by most I’d say….

  434. Yes, I agree. Wenger has a real chance now that he would be silly to blow. Use the money Arsene. Make it work for yourself and the team.
    I say those two and a striker Rico. I have this feeling we will need that extra depth in top quality.

  435. First community shield,second fa cup..pls ist epl and ucl…
    Honestly we played well today,imo..I don’t care who’s the captain but would love to see a younger version of Arteta..calum realy Chambered the defence and we had got a signing and half in Alexis

  436. Adam, a strike or a winger like Reus who can get goals maybe?

    If AW doesn’t support Ivan’s vision this summer, he never will and we’ll always be ‘nearly’ whilst AW stays.

    He has to do it this summer, he really has to…

  437. One hundred per cent Rico. :)

  438. Where’s Wath & my HHCC mates?


  439. Behind you, Rico, beating the drum… ‘nearly’ has to stop.

  440. Kc, the armband means exit, so give it to Arteta ;)

  441. Carvalho and Reus I think we’d be set….

  442. PL Champions then Adam… ;)

    Kev, I know I’m a part-time HHCC but i’m here… lol

    Absolutely Bt…

  443. I am here Kev, along with the other members plus member-in-waiting Bt. Another with an open invite. :)

  444. BT had a few Hendricks last night….. Hendricks,squeeze of lime, dash of elderflower cordial topped up with tonic! Bloody handsome they were…..

  445. Do for starters, Lee..

  446. Hendricks? What is that Brudder?

  447. How come no-one wants to ask me who the captain is now I know?? lol

  448. The drink or the players BT? ;)

  449. Carvalho can play there…

  450. Hi all,

    thanx for the wishes. I reckon Arsenal offered the best gift for me today.
    missing 8 players could have given us an advantage but still positives from this game.

  451. Gin infused with rose & cucumber.

  452. So who plays DM when he’s not?

  453. Players for the moment, Lee, not the biggest Gin drinker, but i’ll give anything a go, well almost, but sounds tasty…

  454. Hi birthday boy…

    City’s missing players certainly made a difference, but yes, I agree, many positives from today..

    Debuchy and Chambers played like they’d been at Arsenal for years….

  455. I’m not a gin man tbh but they were tasty…. Vodka,soda and fresh lime is my tipple after lager that is…

  456. CC21 , a player for all seasons, Rico…lol

  457. Just asking Lee… ;)

  458. :) Bt, he’s bloody good…. Top signing imo

  459. Adam how did you get on with Michael “the hobbit” Owen’s footballing nous delivered in that really interesting monotone voice?!?!

  460. Lee. Do NOT introduce Mrs Adam to those drinks. :)

  461. Chambers looks the real deal at 19 yrs old! We’ll have half the England team at this rate!! Hopefully a few more krauts too…

  462. goonie, your local team got thrashed by Ajax..lol

  463. Owen? One for the glue pot I would think. :)

  464. She’d swap the tonic for Champagne and then it’d all boot off…..

  465. She’s very powerful for someone with such a slight frame!
    Plus the hollow legs….

  466. CC21 interviewed after the game said he had no idea where he would be played this season but was just happy to play games.

    No recognised centre back second half, a week to kick off, arsene through and through that, will he sort it this week or leave it till the end of the month.

    Anyway, you’d never guess it but I am a happy bunny.

  467. Owen is another one who used to race cars at the GP, what’s his name?

  468. Micko, you happy has to be a first… ;)

    Perhaps Adam will catch on to that feeling… :P :P

  469. Rico, agree CC21, a very good signing, has composer, if played right could become a very,very good signing.

  470. Bt, one who can play in many positions too… Just hope he’s not overplayed at such a young age…

  471. I guess the Kos sub was a precaution then.

  472. Rico, with squad/team strengthening with quality, overplaying should be consigned to history.

  473. rico, i’m sure adam is happy on the inside.

  474. Kos is a doubt for Crystal Palace. Will be a good test for CC21 and NM18 at the heart of defence

  475. Rico u are a genius, the captain armband means exit give it to Arteta. lol

    Ts, Chelsea playing now.

  476. Nite folks, good day to be a Gooner.

    Off out to play.

  477. Back again Munchkins and Chipmunks

    we are walking in the air and make no mistake about it

    Shitty had half a team missing??? Who cares a fuck. they are supposed to have two reserve teams with all the money they have.

    and we had 3 world cup winners missing. Did we complain before the match???

  478. Looks like where we are heading , no new centre back which makes a new tall midfielder more important.

  479. Absolutely right Bt..
    :) Micko, you think so… lol Nighty you…

    Gdna, I knew you’d like that… lol

  480. I’m done folks, enjoy the rest of your day all..


  481. Hmmm…great match, great result, great goal by Giroud, two assists from Sanogo and almost a third….unbelievable work rate from Sanchez…classy identical goals from Carzola and Ramsey … great defensive unit.

    Aha…forget the loverens, Lallanas, Shaws, et al…AW got the best Southampton player. Chambers is pure gold!

    We lifted up another silverware. It can only get better.

    Still celebrating.

  482. Lol Rico,I started watching arsenal from †̥ђƺ invicibles season.Did you know what that means?I have won every major trophies except †̥ђƺ big UCL.Can you keep a secret Rico?I really want that trophy and a club world cup.

  483. The capito tweeted: “Great to lift another trophy and a massive honour to be named captain of Arsenal. Let’s have a great season.”

    Stop hating dna- Arteta will be a top coach when he is gone… lol

  484. Ts, CFC is so boring, so happy its half time i’m getting sleepy. lol

  485. lol chelsea and your player costa.
    night all

  486. Night Ts…

  487. Wenger “The only problem we had at half time was Koscielny with an Achilles problem, I hope its not too bad”

  488. Going back a bit, Devil, in my excited state I clean forgot about the Milk Cup! So that will be four or maybe even five busses all in a season and a little!


  489. Morning all.
    It seems everyone is happy…well nearly……still those who seemingly would prefer us to lose so they can start whinging about Wenger again :)
    What a result!
    Great start to the season………how long has it been since we won a trophy??

  490. Terrible internet connection down here on the South-Coast…

    Superb performance by a squad lacking BFG, Podolski, Ozil, Walcott, Diaby & the new goalkeeper…

    All we heard about were the players Man City had absent.
    Well how many times have we faced games against the top sides minus half a dozen of our best players, whilst the Press/Media ignored that fact..?

    I want Arsene to keep all our players, within the rules of the 25 man squad, and just add to it….
    Loved the way we defended as a team even when City tried to bully us…

  491. Some great comments on here yesterday, couldn’t really respond due to the internet coverage down here….
    Happy Birthday Brad.

    That injury problem to Kozzer is a worry.
    It’s the type of injury that can dog a player for a whole season, if not treated properly,..
    Maybe Wenger will now be forced into signing a c/b?

    Hummels would be nice and another slap in the mush to LVG…

  492. Bonjour Chipmunks and Munchkins.

    13 hours since the Arsenal captain lifted a cup. Tsk Tsk.

    If I were AW I would instruct the players to use trophies as weight lifting repetitions. That way they would increase their muscle and get them into the habit of lifting cups.

    Imagine lifting the same trophy for 5 sets of 50 repetitions a day.

  493. Some stats (I know Rico….but bear with me…..all with good intentions)

    So shitty were missing 7 players no???? blah blah blah

    The players they used yesterday, all 16 of them cost A WHOPPING 242 MILLION to assemble. Missing 7 players no??? Fuck their assholes.

    In Comparison the Arsenal team, all the 17 players used, cost a SUPER WHOPPING 140 MILLION to assemble.

    Can we get some of the pundits and stuff the difference in notes down their throats.

  494. And if you want to put that in your Match reporting Post Rico….go ahead.

  495. Morning Rico, Kev, Dev and Lee. It is beginning to look as if Arsene really has got his mojo back. Let’s hope he over indulges and tops the squad up. Hummels would be great and as Kev said it would be a slap in the face for LVG although it looks as if he has taken a lot of those with his mush. It would perhaps also be a statement of intent and another sign that the club intend to equip themselves for the big stage. Whatever, it was a very nice win.
    Dev. Interesting stat and I don’t say that too often. :)

  496. We’re so close Arsene do the right thing!
    Shame that cheating fucktard Drogba is out injured!

  497. Drogba feigns injury so often that he probably can’t remember if he is injured or not.
    Morning again Brudder.

  498. morning happy fans,

    I see Wenger gave his double sword message, ““If I can find another centre back I will do it”. Surely he’s not going to rely on Chambers even though he looks great now. he must’ve learned from playing Wilshere and Ox at 19 y.o.

  499. You’d like to think so Brad…..but it is Arsene we are talking about!

  500. Morning Adam, Kev, Lee, Devil, Bradster and all…

    Don’t sit back and think you have cracked it Arsene, there’s another 50 odd games to go yet…!!

    20 days left, my doesn’t time fly.

    CB & DM a minimum imo, and I think we’ll get both… :)

  501. I also hope he goes for a defender that will compete with Kos and Mert and not a decent defender that won’t mind being 3/4th choice

  502. Today is my day to struggle getting on here, the darn cheek eh… ;)

  503. It’s the matrix Rico. The machines are taking over the master… :-)

  504. I thought Howdes played pretty well in the world cup, we could look at him if Hummels is unavaialable.

  505. Morning,

    Agree 100% Rico CB and DM bare minimum.

    Ts, Monreal didn’t look bad at CB again yesterday did he, could we see Wenger spring a surprise and buy a back up left back and convert Monreal to CB?

  506. :) bradster, I think they are…

    Morning Nickie..

  507. Forget about Hummels,he has been named BVB captain yesternight.That man city Serbia guy will be good for us or we should go for an experience CB,I wonder why Wenger didn’t sign bred huderland(spelling),he’s free(was free).Koscielny will struggle with injuries this season given our record.When we brought kosser,vermaelen was our best CB and Wenger said he planned 20games for kosser but vermaelen was injured throughout †̥ђƺ season then kosser and djourou end up as our CBs that season.History repeating?I hope not

  508. Morning All,

    Nickie, I just been thinking that. Monreal is very poor at LB but surprising very assured at CB…it’s no more a fluke…Wenger may opt for LB now.

    Dev, thanks for that stat.

    The only regret I harbour for understanding English Language is having to listen to and read the English press in matters Arsenal. And it makes me wonder whether I can really trust them in other areas of reporting!

    Eight Man City players were missing. Arsenal had five missing. Out of those missing, Arsenal starting 11 would have included Per, Ozil, Diaby and Walcott while Podolski certainly would have played a part.

    Of City absentees, only Kompany, Demichelis, Zabaleta, Aguero would have started. Sagna and Zabeleta certainly wouldn’t have started. Lampard wouldn’t start ahead of Toure or Silva…And so others. A team with Yaya Toure, Clichy, Kolarov, Fernando, Navas, Nasri, Dzeko, Silva, Jovetic, Nasatic can beat any side on a good day. A rookie 19 -year old kept combined efforts of Dzeko and Jovetic quiet.

    The Gunners just made a great team look ordinary. But the English press would want to make people believe otherwise. Whoever believes them this time around must be blind.

  509. Morning all.
    Tai, media?
    Bugger the media :)
    Better and more knowledgable opinions on here everyday day than the media can come up with.

  510. Tai – the best thing is to ignore everything they write, they don’t like Arsenal, not one bit…

    Morning to you, Scott & Sukky..

  511. Hiya Rico :)

    Lovely morning out there

  512. Look at the Mail, all they choose to open their report with is how we only fielded 3 English players…


  513. When Arsenal lost heavily at Stamford Bridge without Ozil, Ramsey, Wilshere, Walcott, Podolski, I didn’t read it anywhere about our going there with a hugely depleted squad.

    Disgusting, this wicked bias!

  514. How many English players started for City?

    Didn’t they compare that? No Englishman started for City! Or has Yaya Toure changed nationality?

  515. It sure is Nickie…

  516. How many Englishman did citeh field?

  517. I was wondering the same….

  518. None.. Thanks Tai…

  519. Do Citeh HAVE any Englishmen?

  520. Ne post up now..

  521. :) Scott, Hart and a few old has beens…

  522. Wenger got it down to a tee. If you win the Community shield it’s a trophy and means something, if you don’t you get bitter and it’s just a friendly. Of course If Arsenal had lost it would have been doom and gloom amongst the headlines of papers, if Arsenal win like we did the papers will still be negative. Oh city had this many players missing blah blah blah. At the end of the day if you have the financial resources of City AND you still have players like Toure, Silva and co you have no excuses to put in such a poor performance and get away with it.

    Sod the media, Arsenal were great yesterday

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