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Tommy Gone…? Does your heart rule your head?

Morning all.

Gossip first, Well looks like Barca have made an offer for TV but the mancs are still linked, I’d way prefer he was sold abroad although it’s a shame he doesn’t seem to want to stay and fight for his place. The need for a central midfielder continues and we’re linked with the same old names so nothing new there. Hopefully that gets resolves soon.

Back in 1977, we signed Pat Jennings for just £45,000. He played 327 games for us and was a top top goalkeeper.Nice to have snatched him from the neighbours who thought he was near the end of his game. Pff!

Safe pair of hands...

Safe pair of hands…


Anyone who has been here on HH for a few years will know that I’m a staunch defender of Theo Walcott and I’ll always do my best to defend his corner when and where possible.

Yet deep down, he frustrates the heck out of me and at his age he should be so much better than he often is during matches but still I stand by my man. Que Tammy Wynette….

Perhaps my view of our striker/winger runs a little deeper than simply being an Arsenal player because he was born just along the road from me, and he went to the same school as me, albeit a good few years apart……

So perhaps I let my heart rule my head when it comes to Theo…. Perhaps…

But am I the only one?

More and more on the internet, certain players appear to be supported regardless of how good or bad they perform each match, some are even being backed to the hilts before they’ve even played a hat-full of fixtures for Arsenal. I say Arsenal because it’s how they perform for us which counts, not what they have done in a different country or different league because no-one knows how they will perform for Arsenal, or in the Premier League until they have done it!

Look at Yaya Sanogo – he couldn’t hit a barn door last season despite having a number of clear cut chances to bury the ball into the back of the net. Yet in a meaningless friendly, he grabbed four and suddenly he’s the next best thing to sliced bread. Once he starts scoring goals on the big stage I’ll believe in him much more than I do now but until he does, he’s just a young French footballer who shows potential. Meanwhile, Benik Afobe get’s pushed out on loan having been given very few opportunities. I doubt he’ll even return….

Joel Campbell is another. So many fans are expecting big things from him this season but why?

Last season on loan at Olympiacos, he played in 32 matches and managed just eight goals! But hang on, he had one great game at the World Cup, he scored against Manchester United in the Champions League and in the Emirates Cup, his one goal was good.

Does that really mean he’s going to be great for Arsenal?

Again, no-one knows the answer, no-one, not until he’s played in the Premier League for a while…

Then of course we have Diaby, Arteta, Flamini and even Jack who appear to be supported by many when like Theo, they don’t always perform well, or at all in the case of Diaby.

Maybe I’m not the only one who let’s their heart rule their head…..

Have a great day all…


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309 comments on “Tommy Gone…? Does your heart rule your head?

  1. Good morning all HHers.
    Nice read as usual.
    Thanks Rico

  2. Adam

    Completely understand where you’re coming from. It’s not the players aren’t being paid generous salaries to sit on the bench, I’m sure they take great comfort for that. Also, agree on the fact it’s competitive but I just don’t think there’s that mindset at Arsenal, even if you play well, do well in training Wenger picks his favourites. Ozil for example, rough patch, he would not put Caz in the hole because he’s stubborn. Giroud absolutely done in had a Bendtner back to fitness who, when given a run of games is as good as Giroud. It feels at Arsenal players who deserve a chance don’t get one even if the bloke on the field is terrible week in week out.

    Ts…I know Medel has gone but was worth a look same with Caulker. Especially Caulker as I believe with the right team he’s a very good CB

    Off to read the post :)

  3. lovely post Rico, a post that made me think which Arsenal player I will defend no matter what and I came to a conclusion that there is none………morning everyone

  4. Morning all………who is this Theo of which you speak, Rico :)

  5. On Tommy V…..I believe he has stayed around long enough to show he did fight, but I think he realises it’s not going to happen, so best for all concerned he goes……to Barca, though.

  6. Nice post…

    There’s no player, not even Messi, that enjoys an excellent season all career. The worst enemy of any footballer is injury. Once you have a bad injury record, your on-field performances will be swinging like a yo-yo.

    Walcott is a player I rate very highly… a big game player…always scored against Chelsea…besides pace and finishing, his greatest asset is timing. For a player that fast, you’d expect him to always be cut in offside positions…but hardly ever. His problem is whenever he picks up to truly make his mark one long-term injury or the other sneaks in to drop him back to zero level. Sincerely hope this one is his last long layoff.

  7. Hello rico
    who will be our captain?

  8. Good post Rico. Obviously we all have our views and opinions on everything from players to formations and we know that Wenger likes to take the odd chance on a young player now and again. With 4 competitions plus the usual injuries and suspension, not to mention the time he gets to see the squad in training, everyone will get their chance but he isn’t going to please everyone all the time. This is a forum for opinion but the reality is on the pitch and the mental and physical challenges we meet there. Wenger must have drawn some conclusions from last years bitter/sweet performances surely. At this moment in time I think he really is about half way through a squad reshuffle that should be designed for the harsh realities of the coming season. He is a bright man, but all men have their blind spots. If he really has a go in the transfer market then the fans will get behind him.

  9. The captain will be Bfg, just sayin… Deputy should be Rambo/ Kozzer

  10. I hope Per takes the captaincy

  11. I didn’t know you and Theo attended the same school! I didn’t know you were significantly younger than he! Years apart eh?

    I have/had a favourite player, unsung, largely unrecognised outside the club but,, a consummate professional, a consistent performer and generally a great team player…..Peter Simpson. Going back a bit, I know but he is just the type of CB we need now. He played alongside such ‘luminaries’ as Terry Neill, Ian Ure etc. he was a much better player than the internationals he played alongside too.
    Yeh, I wish he was 45 years younger!!

  12. Top post… a good question to ask too…
    I guess with AW there is loyalty and there is AW loyalty which defies logic sometimes.

    As with Luznic, do I blindly defend our players and manager even as an ardent Akb card holder? NO.

  13. the captain is Arteta, let’s not kid yourself even with TV in the squad you know Arteta is the leader, per ranks close but Arteta is the captain and he will be around in an arsenal shirt for a while

  14. Wavy. Wasn’t Simmo a chain smoker too? :)

  15. Our self* not yourself

  16. I defend BFG regardless. Morning all.

  17. Morning Rocky. I’m a Giroud man myself. :)

  18. Per is already the ‘tax collector’ of the squad…

    He is already slow we do not want to jinx him with the armband.
    In TV’s first season even big tony backtracked from his initial assessment of his height and called for TV to be made a captain…
    RvP was made a captain instead when cesc leftin hope to persuade him to stay but he left.
    When RvP was our captain, ex-pros were calling for our last minute signing Arteta to be made captain after showing some top performances… that same time sections of fans were slating AW for not going all out for Cahill…

    TV was also made captain to soften his stance after his best friend RvP was sold…

    Per has had a very good 16 months for us… but he is part of our limitations as well imho.

    Rambo will be captaining the side at least 10 times next season when Per and Mikel are both dropped…

    We still need a striker, a CDM and a CB. 24/25 days to go… AW earn your money!

  19. I know Adam… Your staunch support for that clown is nothing short of admirable.

  20. Ts, bloody hell mate, you almost sound…..like a…lol

  21. That’s Wengers problem. He dishes out the armband to appease disgruntled players, or in a futile attempt to keep them at the club. It should be given on merit, not as a pacifier.

  22. I will defend Per with everything I have lol and Rosicky

  23. I agree with you Luznic. Arteta has been captain of the club for almost 3 years…

    He led us to a trophy too… he took the FA cup to Dubai; the Emirates Hq too…
    He captained the side 27 times last season in the EPL alone;TV captained the side 7 times; Per 4 times

    Per will retire a coach or a scout…

  24. Mikel* will retire a coach or a scout…

    lol Bt.. you know.. ;)

  25. Per will retire as an arthritic Giraffe at London Zoo. He certainly runs like one.

  26. Or a street lamp light bulb changer….

  27. ha ha ha Rocky.. the Rspca will have a view on that.

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  29. Adam, I really have no idea whether he was or not. I expect he smoked most people did in those days, footballers, athletes and the rest. I mean he was a pretty slow mover across the ground but whether smoking contributed to his lack of pace or not, equally I couldn’t say.
    He was a bloody good defender though!
    Anyway, Jack smokes! So does Wooney!

  30. Morning all,

    I agree with Nikkie, I have a soft spot for Rosicky. He can do no wrong.

    You’re funny ts, last time when I suggested a high line and replacing Merts you wanted Wenger to stay with our fantastic defensive figures from 2 seasons back.

  31. i suppose it puts the jinx on a captain leaving but i’d make Ramsey the captain. hopefully with us for many years.

  32. I was speaking to a Man U fan and he rates Wilshere one of our best midfielders. I said he runs head down straight at a group of players. He said he has drive, can dribble, great control and touch and is really good at passing.

    I wonder if I’m mistaken and too critical or he only notices Wilshere in highlights and goal of the season.

  33. Lee, where do you get your Sloes?

  34. Today we have a radio interview with a manager of a team , not a team at the very top but not an insignificant team either that is stating that his team cannot function properly without one particular player and that having seen two of his squad already sold he feels that this would be weakening too far.
    I am of course discussing Stuart Pearce and Nottingham Forest and the player is Henri Lansbury , yes Lansbury the guy that never got a chance at Arsenal , the guy that came through the ranks and never cost the club a penny to buy. The guy that did virtual cartwheels when he scored against Tottenham a player that was Arsenal through and through. The question is why did he not get the chance that was afforded to others , Denilson , Diaby , for example . Why did others too go by the wayside , Jet , Bentley , Frimpong, Randall,Bartley , Afobe, Barazite, Eastmond , Henderson, Nordviet, Ozyakup, Sanchez Watt, Yennaris, Freeman. In my opinion because there is no-where to go at Arsenal because the all money grabbing Premier league doesn’t care about giving youngsters a break , it doesn’t provide a proper system of youth development , there is no true football to be played at a adult level once they have reached a certain age. I have said before when I was a kid playing in the lower leagues of semi pro football you aspired to get into the South east counties LEAGUE and the aim for the Football Combination LEAGUE. 2 training competitive leagues the latter playing against men ,not some kiddie protected for under 21’s where they might have to man up. I remember at 17 being drawn in a cup competition against a team of ex pros all in their late 30’s and 40’s. We were roughed up and soon went 5 down but as the game wore on and they slowed and we were all kids we bought it back and eventually lost 7 – 5 . But we learned that day. We joined an adult league in division 5 , three years later we were playing in the top division. It’s amazing what can happen if you bring a team of youngsters through together and give them something to aim for.

    My god Rico that’s almost a post.

  35. you got to love Graham hunter… with all the ‘exclusives’ that he has revealed that has not come to past I wonder how he still has a platform to spill his guts… lol

    Last summer according to Graham, Hig personal terms had been agreed and RM and AFc were just £5m apart on transfer fee; in January, he said Morata deal had been greed and it was just a matter of time..

    This morning according to him a fee has purportedly been agreed for Sami but we are still far off personal terms… lol

  36. I live in the sticks (N.Essex) they grow all over mate…. I’ve also made blackberry brandy and a pal made damson whiskey!

  37. Nice post Potter…lol

  38. Wenger needs Hummels (please buy b4 dirty mancs) and Kozzer as our CB pairing. The BFG can be back up. Either Khedira or William Carvalho as a DM, Sell Arteta looked terrible at the weekend. And we still need a World class striker, my preference being Karim Benzema.

  39. Good comment Potter!

  40. We all know PM04 is †̥ђƺ next captain.

  41. Hasn’t Benzema signed a new contract?

  42. Wavy :- Peter Simpson ,Born in Gorleston, Norfolk, Simpson initially joined Arsenal as a member of the club’s groundstaff in 1960, before signing as an apprentice a year later in October 1961. He turned professional seven months later, in May 1962. He played for Arsenal’s youth and reserve teams at first, before making his first team debut against Chelsea, in a First Division match on 14 March 1964;

    So 2 years in the South East Counties and Football Combination. HMMM.

  43. It all sounds so easy doesn’t it Lawrence

  44. Foraging it is for me then! Over here, they make brandy ball poteen and even skittle flavour.

  45. In the German model the Bundesliga work under the Dfb on all matters…

    In this nation the FA on paper controls the PL but in actual fact the PL has the clout because of the TV money coming in;

    Whilst the ex-pros with their dark secrets and bad grammar employed by the media machinery continue to tell the world the EPL is the best league in the world there is no incentive for the PL to promote the grassroots… Dyke an co well that is another topic on its own…

    How many times are our fixtures re-scheduled so that viewers in the Far East can get to watch a game?

    In Germany, the DfB and Bundesliga ensured the mighty FC Hollywood had an additional 28 hours before we faced them even though they were playing at home. our fixture was scheduled late afternoon for TV purposes.

    I read somewhere that AFc will continue to be hated on by the refs etc and scheduled for 12:45pm k.o until we bought ‘big players’ so as to ensure the EPl remained attract for generating money…

  46. They sound potent Bt…

  47. I prefer Van Basten myself instead of Benzema but I guess … ;) lol

  48. Hi all
    Very interesting subject today. The Arsenal crowd has always been a strange animal. The list of top players that have taken unwarranted stick over the years is quite amazing – John Radford in his early days. Bob Wilson ditto. John Sammels who was another good player and Arsenal man. Graham Rix, Paul Davis, Lee Dixon! I could go on. Yet others have gained some sort of cult status where they could do no wrong. Charlie Nicholas was one who continually disappointed but was never criticised probably because he always seemed to score against the Spuds! Alan Sunderalnd was another who was a lazy git in most games but popped up with important goals so avoided stick. I think Theo falls into that category. He looks great on a highlights reel!
    PS Rico – did you receive the article I sent to the ‘contact us’ address?

  49. Because Arteta didn’t perform well in †̥ђƺ emirate means he should be replaced?Come on Arsenal fans you guys behave like †̥ђƺ spud and chelshit fans sometimes.And this is affecting us on †̥ђƺ field,as much as I hate to say it,we will never have that spirit,drive and passion like that of losserpool anfield.Emirate is too silent considering its 60k capacity.

  50. TV was injury last season and during the world cup. I don’t know if he is completely fit now but I think he never would be again the player like he was been.
    However, was a reference of Arsenal in the last few years.
    We need a CB. That it’s clear. Moreover, we must think in options for the 4 positions in back. Many times, during the last seasons, we had the 2 right or left backs or 3 Central backs out and we could improve solutions, like Sagna can play at the central back (and it’s now his right positosn…), Vermaelan at left or even Coquelin on the rigth.
    Without a strong defence in all the games it we be impossible to win something

  51. Lee, Poteen on its own is ‘wreck the house’ , add flavours, easier consumption, book A&E…lol

  52. I’m wondering what Wenger’s doing with Djourou, he hasn’t been sold or loaned out even though Hamburg said they’ll take him.

  53. He has been training with Hamburg for awhile now. Brad

  54. I missed that, not even Sky has it as players out and I recall him been on Arsenal.com before the world cup.

  55. As long as that’s not in Wenger’s plans when TV leaves.

  56. TH14 and the MLS all stars today face FC Hollywood

  57. nice post Rico……….I guess we all have that one person in the squad that we try to defend at all the time……I’m sad TV is leaving but I heard the club was offering him a new contract ?it was on the net a few days ago if he decides to go fine as long as we replace him with a better player….I can see per not been as effective as he was last season hope I’m wrong though

  58. Morning all, good post rico.

    The ex Swansea manager warning ex Barcelona, Ajax, AZ, Bayern and Netherlands manager that PL job is tough. lol


  59. Afternoon guys and gals…. Thanks re the post, can you tell news is thinning… lol

  60. Bj, I haven’t received anything, will check my spam folder…

    When did you send the mail please?

  61. If this is true Arsenal needs to give them a offer they can’t refuse this summer.

    Bayern Munich chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge has irritated Borussia Dortmund general manager Hans-Joachim Watzke with comments about Germany forward Marco Reus. Rummenigge was quoted as saying that “everybody knows (Reus) will be available next summer for 25 million euros”, prompting Watzke to respond to BILD:

    “Rummenigge knows full well that his behaviour is only going to further damage the already tense relationship between Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich.”

  62. AFCPressWatch™

    Arsenal have no interest Daniel Agger & monitoring Winston Reid’s situation at West Ham. No Vermaelen news #LFC #AFC #WHUFC

  63. 11.47 Potter. top comment..

    Howard Webb has retired from the game, shame he couldn’t take a few of the other old farts with him….

  64. Good poser rico. I think Theo is often criticised unfairly. If he stays out wide like I assume he’s told, and doesn’t see a lot of the ball he gets it. If he comes inside to tries to get more involved, he is criticised for not being out wide. He has pace, He can score. He just needs a whole season without injury and an Ozil delivering the perfect balls. 15 goals if that happens.

    There you go. Think he might be my player who I defend most :-)

  65. Potter take your point. Going back a bit, again, the Double winning side of ’71 consisted of mostly home reared players, they came through the ranks as you identified for Simmo.
    As you say there will be no real development of youth at any EPL club until we return to ‘reserve’ teams playing in a competitive league, for all the afore stated reasons, made by others already.
    In Theo’s case the rules were altered to prevent boys having to travel too far from home, so they had to play/join a ‘local’ club, in his case Soton. Perhaps had the rules been left as they were he may have come to us as a child!
    No matter, we have him now! He is still full of potential as are many in the younger orders! However, they have nowhere to display their talent of hone their skills against eager opponents. So the youngsters have to seek first team football elsewhere, eg Lansbury.

    The only way the trainees get a chance to play is if they are ‘top, top’ players by the time they are 16 or 17, eg Cesc or Wilshire. A very, very few will or do ever make these days, unlike the past when many did.

    Perhaps it is the fault of the scouting system! It’s lost its mojo! Perhaps the new man Jongleur (?) will reignite the juniors fortune and fame……….who knows?

  66. Phew re Agger..

    Reid again in the news then Gdna…

  67. Thanks Andrew. You don’t live near me by any chance do you?…. ;)

  68. Leigh-On-Sea rico. But my wife was sure we walked past Theo at Lakeside shopping centre a year back :-)

  69. Good Afternoon Guns and Roses.

    Heart or Head you asked Rico??

    Once it used to be heart for me. Sadly I lost that a long time ago. now my head rules. I used to have favourites. Still do. But not at the expense of AFC.

    Atm one of my favourites Jenks. But that does not mean that he will be defended at all costs. If Bellerin is better then Bellerin it will be as a sub for Debuchy. I would have liked to see him play, but if that means AFC loosing games than I am sorry……..someone better has to come in his place.

  70. :) Andrew, perhaps it was Lewis Hamilton…? lol

  71. Devil, I’m not so bad re Theo these days, if he was sold and replaced with someone better, then so be it….

  72. FFP expert criticises Arsene Wenger’s comments over Frank Lampard’s Man City move

    David Bick, a expert in football finance, believes it was a good move.

    He told Sky Sports News: “I don’t think Arsene Wenger can have his cake and eat it.

    “I admire the man for being prudent but he’s basically criticising Manchester City for doing prudent business based on a loan and whatever the wage they are going to pay him.

    “You can’t lambast them for overspending and then lambast them again for not spending too much.

    “The reality is all of the sides are working hard to get inside of the rules. Wenger has been a big complainer about overspending in the past.

    “He’s now being forced to spend money to compete with the others, so my view is it’s a good bit of business by Manchester City.”

  73. Good post bdw.

    Wavy and Potter………..unless we do like Ajax, Bayern, Barca, Real etc and buy a club somewhere else were we can farm out our youngsters we will find it difficult to produce our players.

    Imagine Arsenal buy a 4th division club in Spain or Italy…..and let’s say they name it AFC Calcio.

    Well the players we have who play at under 21 level will go and play there. Week in week out. and use only players who are 21 years or under and those players who are coming back from injury. They will be playing against men not against boys their own age.

    I am a great advocate of such a system. And find it to be extremely important for the development of young ones. Imagine Crowley who at 18 goes out to AFC Calcio for two years. What an experience that would be for him. And he would come back richer for the experience and ready for the next step.

    Imagine Ryo being sent there and playing week in week out.

    Imagine Afobe, Akpom, Wellington etc. going to play there under the coaching of Arsenal.

    And yes…..Arsenal should set up a hotel as well…….so that the players would stay together during their education.

  74. Of course you can lambast citeh…David Bick is talking out of his arse! What a bell end!

  75. First time my dad took me to Highbury my favourite player was George Armstrong.

    Then Peter Marinello, thinking back as a kid I was told he was going to be the new George Best. Not sure he made it.

    Followed by Rocky, Brady, Charlie George, Limpar, and Overmars.

  76. Inbox Rixo!!!

  77. Rico not Rixo. lol

  78. I don’t actually know what City have done wrong, after all, they’ve only loaned a player, an old fat one at that… :)

  79. Webb has retired.

    will they retired his Yanited of MAnure shirt?

  80. Why do people think Per won’t be the player he was last season again in the coming season? is there something you guys know that I don’t know, if you ask me I think he will improve the more, shame TV is running away would have preferred he stayed and fought for that place as I am sure he has the ability to get it back, my worry is Arsene getting another Squilacci once TV leaves

  81. Afternoon All

    Afternoon Rico, very good post (honest)

    Lee, I was Mr Peroni last night, heavy but enjoyable…
    Until I had to get up this morning… :-(

    Maybe I should have stuck to the MDMA…?

  82. Well, I think City only tried to give some dignity to Lampard by signing him via the longer route…after all he was a freebie…it wouldn’t have cost any thing to sign him … thought it appears the US-based City will pick the wage bills now.

    It now wouldn’t appear as if he left City for Chelsea…

  83. ..he left Chelsea for City rather…

  84. The guy is missing the point probably deliberately , it’s not just that they are loaning a player it’s that they are loaning a player from themselves. Why not buy Messi for the Americans and then loan him to City. No transfer fee no upset of FFP just a great player on the cheap.

  85. I find nothing wrong with Shitty getting lampard. They played within the rules and got themselves an extra body who can rest others with rotation. He will not get many games but imagine him getting around 15. resting two players for around 8 matches each. Pellegrini will not run them to the ground will he???

  86. MDMA now you’re talking Kev!

  87. How expensive can it be for Arsenal to do that Devil. Surely it’ll also add sell on value if they’re not quite Arsenal material. Let the B club pay for its self.
    Our players will love it, they’re so crocked that rehab will feel like a holiday in Spain.

  88. Thank you Potter! Hallelujah….

  89. Excellent idea Dev. All for it.
    Just one concern, Diaby would have to take up Spanish nationality, in that he had/would have lived in the country more than 5 years during his period of convalescence!
    Are there any rules that would prevent such an audacious move?

    Our very own kindergarten!

  90. other clubs do it within their own FA.

    Shitty have bought the whole world.

    So I do not know if there is a rule which prohibits Arsenal from doing it.

    Then again………….its ARsenal we are talking about

  91. u got the email Rico???

  92. Thanks Devil, will check my mail shortly…

  93. Like the £400m Ethiad sponsorship deal….Abu Dhabi royal family blah blah blah!

  94. Afternoon Kev, headache gone yet? :)

  95. If Lampard was loaned to City that all his bills would be paid by the US branch, then they did the whole world wrong. Imagine PSG trying to sign Di Maria on loan?

  96. The Metro reckon Nastasic is up for sale…..

  97. I hope we get him. AW has a good relationship with Pellegrini. maybe they agree between them that Nastasic would join AFC once TommyV ends up at Barca.

    Imagine Per and Kos alternating with Nastasic and Chambers. one getting the league and the other the cups.

  98. Dev, really? Aw and Pellegrini get along well together?

  99. Excellent post Rico, and an interesting little niche topic that you dont often read in many blogs. Of course it very well captures some of the debates we have in the comments section, and why we each believe as we do – stats? a feeling? impression of the (few) games we saw? past glory?

    Personally, I will always defend King Thierry, and I dont understand why is isnt starting for us these days ;)

  100. Devil, would give us solid defensive options. What a change that would make….

  101. Thanks Roger…

    Dennis for me, I’m sure he still has it in his locker… ;)

  102. I’d rather him starting than Giroud…..

  103. We can sign TH14 in November for a freebie……….his contract will be up then.

    But that is only in our dreams.

  104. Petit and Pires should come back for me. More uptions

  105. well, I used to defend Adebayor, even when he did always annoy me with incessant offside positioning.

    He may miss five before scoring one but what mattered to me was being there in the first place.

    Today, I defend his clone – Sanogo.

    Diaby too, Wilshere and Theo.

  106. Me too Lee..

    Devil, they have both signed up for the Indian League, hope that’s shown on television somewhere…

  107. Is there a reason re Ade Tai?

  108. The little prince is named after Petit and Brady……both short names

  109. for heaven’s sake mate. Ade of all people???? One of the only two players I have hated in an Arsenal shirt.

    I have never liked Almunia as a keeper, but I always stood up for him as a person.

    But Bendy and Ade imo were fine examples of all that is wrong about football

  110. Ade was always vilified by Arsenal fans…they look for just finishing. But Ade was a beast of a striker…someone defenders fear. Almost like Drogba…if he had stayed with us, he would have reached Drogba status…he left, destroying his career before he ever got to his prime!

  111. As a player he had nothing wrong bar his first touch mate. And yes I agree….he would have rivalled Drogba in his prime.

    But as a character he pissed me off. him and Bendy.

  112. Yes Dev…you just said why I always defended him. I always looked for someone’s strengths – Ade never got bullied. He always did the bullying. Terry confessed Ade was one striker he never liked playing against – that Ade was totally unpredictable.

  113. Ade = complete arsehole!

  114. Touch of a rapist…

  115. Unlike Ozil, who could nutmeg a mermaid!!

  116. Tai as you have no doubt learned over the past few days. Arsenal supporters are a funny lot. We moan and bitch about many things but join together in adversity and when Ade came out with his I am Henry’s replacement and I want the same money , the crowd turned against him. He lost his support and was seen as a greedy bugger that was just there for the money. Simples really if you want respect it goes two ways , be nice to people on the way up and they are less likely to kick you when things go astray.

  117. Hi Rico, my head is a bit fuzzy… ;-)

  118. I understand now, Dev. I hated his antics too…but I never asses a player based on anything else but his footballing potentials. I respect Balotelli’s qualities as a striker but wouldn’t want him in Arsenal because of what follows him along.

    I admire good football and footballers…the club you play doesn’t matter. but I’d always wish Arsenal to beat any side whatever variety of players both sides parade.

  119. Ade’s attitude stank, I was so pleased when he left..

  120. He really took the pee too, remember the two interviews in less than 5 minutes, the first declaring his love for the club, the second saying he didn’t know whether he was staying.


  121. His terrible antics started during his last season…and he got what he deserved. Before then he was always vilified for poor finishing. We’re talking of football quality, aren’t we? If antics would be involved C Ronaldo may never have won Ballan D’Or yet.

  122. But Ronaldo is a stunningly good footballer too, he may dive around a bit too much but when he’s playing, he’s just a joy to watch..

    Can’t say the same about Ade…

  123. What is Ozil doing at a nightclub when he could, maybe should be back training by now… Tsk.

  124. The suspect package on that inbound Manchester flight was in fact the trophy Manure were returning with……….it has been a while!

  125. rico, haha on Theo. But I bet if he’s sold, you’d be up in arms about it. :P

    Well, I always defended Clicky and Cesc. And it turns out, my “faith” was unfounded. :D :D So I will hold off defending Giroud. ;) Some days, even I must admit that he is altogether indefensible. :D

  126. Only one player playing football presently compares with Ronaldo – Messi.

    Ade is not in that class. And we all know. I just brought another player whose antics stink in my view. But i enjoy watching Ronaldo play until it’s time for free kick … arrogance personified!

    After Ade’s celebration at the Etihad, I personally cursed him and he never came out of it. but i never throw away the baby and the bath water. I recognised his abilities as a footballer and would never take that away from him.

  127. AFCPressWatch™
    Chambo was often introduced in the 71st minute as Arsenal had to pay #SaintsFC£10,000 if he played 20 minutes or more in a game. lol

  128. Joe Stanley-Smith
    @AFCPressWatch it’s true – and #AFC were surprised to end up billed for several of these appearances as hadn’t taken injury time into acct. lol.

  129. Afternoon all,
    Theo, not perfect, infuriating at times but has arsenal at heart, his best years are ahead of him.

    Pat Jennings, the Gentle Giant, Oxford United 84 springs to mind, gifted them the winner in the league cup, said afterwards it was the worst goal he’d conceded in his career, played with an injury that day !

    TEO, wasn’t that the same game Adethewhore stamped on rvp’s face, he can’t be all bad !

  130. Ha ha Lee, could be a while yet too…
    :) Agag, you are probably right…

  131. Hi Micko, if he can stay fit, I think this season will be a good one for him.

  132. rico, my only fear with TV going to barca is we’ll probably miss out on tom cleverley, lifes a bitch sometimes.

  133. For me,The Mozart is never wrong..Thank goodness he remains a gunner. I am only 8yrs old as a gunner,and in my early days as a fan a time when Cesc & IgweHenry ruled,itz bn Rosicky for me..and Clichy cos sounds like my name Kelechi…lol

  134. roundleather, think we all had high hopes for clichy what with the way cashley left for chelsea, didn’t take us too long to find out otherwise.

  135. Sagna: Clichy and Nasri told me to join Manchester City

    “I did (speak to Nasri and Clichy), many times,” he told City’s official website. “They said – because they knew I was free and they knew I wanted to move – they said to me, ‘you should come, because we have a great team and we have a great mentality. The players are here to work really hard and to win trophies.’

    “So I was thinking about it, so when the opportunity came I just chose the right one.”

    “I spent seven years in Arsenal and had a great time there but I wanted to start from the bottom again, to work hard again and I think I just chose the best city in England and even in Europe,” he added.

    “To me, City is a great team, and I’ll have to work really hard to get into the team and that’s what I’m looking forward to.”

  136. Sagna seems a distant memory now with the options we have at right back. Bellerin is a real prospect, give it 2 years he’ll be running the show consistently down the right hand side

  137. Nasri,Clichy..I guess Sagna is the next to lose national team place

  138. Nasri,Clichy..I guess Sagna is the next to loss national team place

  139. Crikey, is it true that Reus has a release clause under 20m pounds?? I know this is not highest priority, but amazing player, great stats, 25y/o… can play left or striker.. I would even be happy to sell Podolski for this deal (And I love Podolski). I would certainly swap Campbell for him…


  140. I see Hector following the path of Gibbs,not without a few horrible times for growing up..hope those come in ‘less important’ games

  141. rico, I’m sure you’d storm the training ground demanding AW to explain why Theo was sold. :D :D And HH will be decked out in dark colors as if in mourning. :P :P

    Hello, all. :)

  142. rico, if you had a dollar for every hit on HH, you would be a millionaire eight times over! :P

    Happy 8 million hits. :) :) That’s a lot of people reading. ;)

  143. Hi Rico
    Sent post on 25 July. Was sent from work so they may have blocked it. Will try again

  144. 3.48 Micko lol

  145. That would have been nice agag.. ;) How’s work going?

  146. roundleather, I had to read your comment twice, thought you meant you were 8 years old… ;)

    Agag, cheeky re Theo… lol

  147. rico, it’s going well. :) Already lots to do, but that would be the case anywhere, I think. Oh, and I’m paid better. ;)

  148. Micko, funniest thing I read today the bit on Cleverley. :D

  149. plenty of money for shoes Agag :)

  150. Tai, 3.10;

    Yes Ronaldo and Messi are on another level…

    But have you ever seen Darren Bent in action?!

  151. 2.52 Kev, I dread to think why… lol

    Thanks Bj..

  152. Nickie, I wouldn’t go so far as to say “plenty”. :D I wish, but unfortuntely, no. ;)

    Hallo, Shopping Buddy. :)

  153. FIFA 15 – New Player Faces & Stadiums – Barclays Premier League. Wilshere is featured.


  154. *http://t.co/FT5tbFpPSE

  155. Ah Rico, if was a good evening…

    Today I am just going thru my recovery… :-)

    Hey, Shopping Queen, how goes it over there in Philly?

  156. Manchester is the best city in England? Europe? Really, Sagna. I know he’s trying to get on the good side of fans, but seriously? :P

    It’s super rainy here in the Phils., Kev. :? Non-stop dreariness. Ick.

  157. Rico/Agag, I reckon another week+ before we see anymore positive Arsenal transfer activity….

    Think that AW will have another good look at what he’s got when we play ManCity, before giving Ivan the OK….

    Adam, I totally agree, Arsenal are a massive club, have massive resources, the potential to expand even more but they simply have to act like a massive club and go for the best that they can afford.
    Making do and bargain basement signings really don’t cut it anymore.
    There are no excuses of reasons why our club cannot compete for the best.

    Wenger has three years to seal his place as one of the all-time great managers…

    If he fails to do so, it’ll only be because of himself…

  158. Vidal and and a cut-price Balo, Kev. And we are all set to conquer the cups, the league, and CL. :D

  159. only in our country dot com……………..3 hours without electricity.

    and in this heat we were frying without being in the pan.

  160. I’ll drink to that Agag….

    Actually, I’ll drink to anything… :-D

  161. Afternoon guys….what’s new?

  162. Good evenings lead to rough mornings Kev.. ;)

  163. Kev, one too many drinks for you, I see. :P

    Hello, Dev! You’re not alone. We have a power crisis here, too. Rotating outages by next year. Plus, we have it worse cos we have mosquitoes. :D

  164. we have mosquitos as well Agag.

    the problem is that here this is a regular recurrence

  165. Kev, I really believe our spending is not over…

  166. I blame our corrupt officials for the lack of power plants Dev. :( I blame them even for the mosquito infestation. ;) It’s always all their fault.

    rico, I’m with you re: AW not being done with his shopping spree.

  167. Dinner calls…

  168. I think the next choice of captain will be really interesting to see what direction Arsene Wenger will be pushing the club in the coming years – I wrote about that here http://wildamericangooner.com/2014/08/06/who-should-be-arsenals-next-captain/

  169. Kev 5.15, it could be the difference between a very good or very average season, it’s in arsene’s hands…….

  170. Kev 4.54. Yeah, the Darren Bent that plays for Real Madrid? He’s in their class too. Lol.

  171. Rico,

    Between Ade and Song, who would you loath more?

  172. Tai,

    Good question. Probably Adebayor.

  173. Both imo.

    entrambi schifosi (Italian)

  174. Imo, I loath Song many more times than I do Ade…

  175. I hate Adebayor as a player and his attitude, Song is just a lost boy he needs a home and he strayed from the one he used to have all I feel is pity for the poor boy

  176. Why Tai? Be interesting to know..

  177. If you ask me – of all players that deserted Wenger, he’d most probably forgive others before looking the way of Song.

  178. Ade was already a player we saw in UCL game for Monaco…a Kanu lookalike. He didn’t come as unknown…he went straight into main team.

    Wenger picked Song from nowhere…nobody heard of Song. he came to trials and Wenger picked him up. When Wenger made the mistake of shifting on Gilberto because of Flamini and same Flamini went to AC Milan…Wenger entrusted a top 4 DM role to inexperienced Song. Together with Denilson, Diaby…they cost us matches upon matches…fans cried and cried but Wenger stuck to Song…at that moment Song became one of the best DMs in EPL, Song signified to go to Barca at first time of inquiry.

    If you noticed, Song was the fastest player Wenger sold. he must have been quite annoyed that Song could be that far ungrateful.

    And worse than Ade, Song is forever ended as a football of reckoning. I think Song should be the biggest lesson of not how to abandon a manager like Wenger!

  179. I kind of disagree. I don’t think AW would struggle to forgive many players and I doubt he cares at all about Song or Adebayor as both were never really that important.

    Imo, the ones who hurt would be RvP and Cesc.

  180. Possibly Sagna too…

  181. I detest Adebayor and if I ever thought about Song I would probably not think much of him either. Cesc and Robin were not the people they seemed.

  182. Yeah…Cesc hurt because AW was building the Arsenal of his dreams around him. Cesc was dignified in leaving and kept touch until he joined Chelsea and that was after being turned down by Wenger.

    RVP’s leaving dragged and dragged … money was clearly the issue … we could have kept him if we paid 150…but we all know what Man U are paying. He acted the mercenary they all are. Nasri’s was even worse than RVP and Cesc.

    But Song – out-of-the-blues! Song position is always very vital…and he could play CB too. And we haven’t truly replace him…we have replaced Cesc with Ozil, replaced RVP with Sanchez. We’re still guessing as regards to Song…

    And I’m sure Wenger won’t miss Sagna for one bit. No malice there unless Sagna talks himself into it. His last statement was very close…if he doesn’t keep his mouth shut, he’ll soon attract our wrath.

  183. I agree Rico. RVP and Cesc were players who should have never really abandoned AFC and AW.

    However I think Tai is right at least about Song. he made him what he is and Song deserted him.

  184. From what I heard Song had become full of himself and was a bad trainer and timekeeper. Not great things to be. When a bid of £15 mill came in he was out the door. Let’s not forget how awful he was when he first came and how Wenger stood by him when he went on loan to Charlton where Paul Merson described him as being as much use as a fish up a tree. Young men, adulation and money often provide for an unhappy recipe.

  185. Me too Adam…

  186. Yeah, Adam…that’s why I loath him most. He was a nobody made a footballer by Wenger…the only man that could have made him a top player.

  187. Tai, if we are to take RvP on his word, all he wanted was what ‘most’ fans wanted but he didn’t get it.

    To this day, I don’t have a problem with his comments, I just wish he’d gone somewhere other than where he did…

  188. Devil, again I disagree. Imo, AW couldn’t wait to get rid and thank goodness Barca were stupid enough to pay what they did for him.

  189. Now, just a thought…keep aside loathsomeness and attitudes, could our team presently be better if we still had Song, Ade, RVP, Cesc and Nasri … instead of Arteta, Giroud, Sanchez, Ozil and Carzola?

  190. agreed Rico……..I should have said that what hurt AW most was the attitude of Song. It was this attitude that made AW chuck him out at first sniff of Barca.

  191. Imo, there is no way Song would have ever become a top footballer. He didn’t do it with us, and he truly got found out at Barca. I don’t think he deserted Arsenal, Arsenal deserted him at a time they could get good money.

    If he was that good, he’d have been sold for twice as much…

  192. One of the beauties of HH is the way people see things differently and understanding how they form their viewpoint. We have a cross section of people spread far and wide . Some have seen The Arsenal live others see things on T.V. and some go to every match and have clearly different influences on the way things pan out. To me Song was never a defensive midfielder at least if he was from watching in the stands he wasn’t particularly good at positioning . He got caught too far forward and was slow to get back . These things are more noticeable in the ground . Perhaps it was Wenger’s tactics after all protecting fullbacks has never been his tactical strongpoint. Far too often you would see our backs go forward , a move break down and no-one covering the position. The player cutting inside and getting a 3 on 2 against our defence. We talk about Clichy leaving but really we burned him out. Most other teams concentrated on him, often in the air as he had no cover. A defensive midfielder is supposed to do this , Song did not.

  193. Only RVP would have improved our team.

    Song and Cesc no. Due to their attitude and wanting everything to go through them.

  194. RvP is the only one for me who would have made a difference…

  195. Rico, from your 8.31…you apparently loath Song most…just like me.

  196. Potter, exactly why AW made his comment about Song being not defensive enough and soon after, he was gone….

  197. Potter. I agree. He often left a gaping hole where he should have been when he loped casually back from an attacking position. Plus he gave away too many stupid fouls in dangerous areas which is I am afraid what I see Jack doing more and more, when he isn’t rolling on the ground.

  198. Tai. We haven’t seen Sanchez play yet but Robin, in his last season, was often quite amazing.

  199. True Adam , someone has to teach Jack to stay on his feet , sometimes winning the ball is not as important as making a player go where he doesn’t want to go.

  200. Cesc , Ozil , Sanchez RVP and Walcott would have made a wonderful basis for winning.

  201. RVP…….I sang his name everywhere and that hurts, I called Cesc my fantastic 4 and we had different nicks for him and he left, for me the only reason why they would hurt Wenger was because these two were suppose to make the difference between Arsenal been the super trophy winning club and a failed club like the press used to see us but they cared less and left, I will never forgive Rvp for moving to man utd, I was indifferent about Cesc until this summer when he moved to Chelsea, Chelsea of all clubs!!!!!! those two clubs are the ones I detest most closely followed by barca and now Cesc is a nobody to me

  202. Potter. I know Jack likes to draw players before playing the ball but I would like to see him take a touch then move it on quickly much more. As we have all been saying, this is a mega year for the young man.

  203. Tai, but I detest Adebayor more…

  204. Tai, no, RvP as well as Alexis.

  205. He does like money does Adebayor, but what a waste. I bet Spurs were hoping someone would come in for him but on his wages and with his attitude? What a joke. You are given a talent like that and can do what practically all young men would give anything for and you turn out like Adebayor. There’s a lesson there somewhere.

  206. Luznic, Cesc had little choice. AW didn’t want him, apparently his partner wanted London and London only, what could he do?

  207. Spot on Adam, so much talent yet so little brain…. What a twit he was and still is…

  208. Potter, yeah…one of my biggest pains as an Arsenal fan is not being based in London…maybe I’d take a PhD programme soon somewhere in London to just achieve that.

    I rate players most by their movements off the ball. Man without the ball is the most dangerous than the man with the ball in most positions. But television cameras most times just follow the ball.

    But I just manage to imagine positions during and after play. If, for instance Gibbs crosses the ball from the byline and there was no Arsenal player within 18, I’d only conclude Giroud, Ramsey, walcott, or whoever taking their positions lost their heads!

  209. I laugh when I see the poisonous dwarf spinning the Cesc transfer. I have this feeling that we are going to see some fairly disgusting stuff coming from him this year. Like every other year in in fact.

  210. Rico. I saw him once in his huge BMW cruising down in the west end with the music blaring. The seats were while leather and had the name Adebayor stitched into them. He must have though he looked the dog’s b….. When in fact he looked a complete knob.

  211. The midget will always be the midget and the more he rants the better because he’ll end up being the author of his own destiny. Roman will soon get cheesed off with his disgusting comments about Arsenal and Arsene Wenger…

  212. He is a complete knob Adam, and always will be…

  213. Tai. Bang on. The viewing positions at the Emirates seem pretty good and the stadium isn’t as horribly corporate and impersonal as Wembley. From where I sit, which is near Potter we think, you can just take a snapshot of the shape of the game in a single glance. So when we move into attack or defence, you can see who is where in a moment. It has always puzzled me how managers can see that from the touch line.

  214. Rico he could have gone to westham…..lol……just kidding but if his partner wanted London alone that means he was put in a very tough position, how come that foolish manager of chelsea says he chose Chelsea and never thought of Arsenal knowing fully well he was just a beneficiary of the lads domestic issue………in football there is no one I detest more than Maureenyo

  215. Nicely put Rico. :)

  216. Time for me to bid you all a good night.

    Catch up tomorrow all…

    Night Adam, Tai, Potter and all….

  217. Or Qpr Luznic… ;)

    You know me Adam… ;)

    Gone now…

  218. I predict we will see Mourinho trying to be matey with all those managers he has beaten. Any right thinking person can only wish the very worst for him.
    From what I have seen and heard of Cesc’s squeeze, she will certainly get what she wants.

  219. Yep, me too. Night Rico, Tai, Potter, Luznic and any other lingerers.

  220. Evening to anyone left on H/H or have you all gone.
    Have just finished reading todays debates.
    Great to see Simmo and Jon Sammels being mentioned, they were allways underated.
    In fridays draw for the C/L we can face one of the following:-
    Lille,Standard Liege, FC. Copenhagen,Athletic Bilbao,Besiktas.

    Looks pretty good to me.

  221. Evening Rick. How are you toady?

  222. I’d love to avoid Athletico Bilbao and Lille…both can cause problems…and they didn’t provide many players in the World Cup.

  223. Hi Teo I have had a far better day the I thought I would.
    To be honest I dont think Bilbao or Lille will give us many problemes.

  224. Great to hear…and also wish to tap from your optimism regarding Bilbao and Lille. Any particular team you’d love to avoid?

  225. We play these games on the 19th and 26th by which time our world cup winners will be back,our other players will be back to full fitness
    And we we could have two more new players.

  226. Can they really be ready in seven days, our World Cup winners? Any way, barring injuries, we may not need them…especially when we’re playing second game at home.

    But we must be careful.

  227. rico ‘the author of his own destiny’ what did you swallow tonite, I’m seriously impressed lol !

  228. Lille, Athletic bilbau, Besiktas,S. Liege e Kobenhavn. one of them will play versus us. Terrible!

  229. JM, can’t see anyone there who would frighten us if anything they’ll be looking to avoid us like the plague.

  230. Spot on Micko.

  231. Hi Rick, good to hear things went ok today, as for the germans hope they don’t suffer a hangover from the world cup, would love to see them hit the ground running, as potter mentioned the other day you don’t win or lose the league in Aug / sept but you don’t wanna be playing catch up either.

  232. Some great comments on here earlier re: Song, Nasri, RVP, Adebayor etc…

    I think I have nailed my colours to the flag pole about Mr Song.
    I was quite pleased when we sold him and thought that £15 million was a steal…

    The thought of him being re-signed leaves me totally underwhelmed.

    Adebayor could, and should, have been an Arsenal legend.
    He had all the attributes to have been our best centre-forward since Frank Stapleton.

    Strong, quick, great in the air, a powerful shot…

    Sadly his temperament was suspect and his lust for money tended to override everything else…

    When I look at him, I just think ‘what might have been’…?

    A tosser….

  233. A bloddy rich tosser Kev

  234. Yeah Rick, you are right, a very rich tosser.. :-)

    But he could have been a very rich legend… ;-)

  235. I did a few weeks back, that Wenger wasn’t anticipating having any of his WC winning Jerries available until Early Srptember.

    I bet we’ll see BFG long before that…
    Now there is a great club man!

  236. Kev have you seen Dan Crowleys interview on Arsenal .co
    Jonker is pulling thr strins already.

  237. No Rick, I haven’t, but wasn’t Crowley complimenting Jonker on his influence (already) on the Academy…

    There’s no reason, as I don’t know, but I just get a good feeling about how things will change for the better now with Jonker in charge…

  238. Kev, lets be honest, the BFG is more likely to pull a bicep than a hammy, of course we’ll gonna see him reporting back for early for duty !

    Nite Gooners.

  239. Just been wasting bit of time on NewsNow,


    But what a croc of shit eh?

    That’s me done…

    Night All,

    Night Rick.

    Night Mystic…

  240. Ah Mick, you came in on my blind side…

    Gone now…

  241. Dan said we are working harder and are a lot fitter.
    He also said he is making themwork on the defence side of the game.

  242. Morning Rico and all. Hi Lee.

  243. Morning Adam…. have you seen this Reus stuff?

  244. No mate. I just got up. Is it in the papers somewhere?

  245. Interesting. Would be a great signing but it seems no secret that Wenger rates him as I believe I read reports that we were close to him before his pre WC injury. Him and a great CM and I am sure we would all feel good. Oh, plus the replacement for TV of course.
    Not much to ask? :)

  246. If Reus, DM and a CB happened we’d be all set…..would be bloody weird for Arsene to not fully equip the team especially after his early business?!?! Think of the feel good factor in the stadium and amongst Gooners, would be brilliant!
    How are you?

  247. Also be lovely to have an injury free season….

  248. And a goose that laid golden eggs……

  249. Good Morning people.

    seems as if the blogs, papers and all on NN have gone on an overdrive.

    Reus it is now.

    I wonder who is next??

  250. Not bad thanks mate. I awoke to the strains of Clare De Lune. Surely one of the most beautiful pieces of music ever written. Interesting how your first sensory input of the day leaves such an impression.
    Totally agree re the fans. Seeing squad additions like that would be great. I still wouldn’t sell TV to United though.

  251. Morning Devil. I can’t see much on Reus on NN from here.

  252. Nor would I Adam, steam and piss springs to mind!

  253. Morning Adam.

    It depends who is willing to offer more………If Yanited of Manure offer 15 million to Barca’s 10 million, imo, its a no brainer. I would sell him to YoM. At the end of the day 5million more is not something worth throwing away, especially considering the fact that Barca take long to pay the money.

    If AFC get 15 million and the same money goes to buy an adequate replacement then YoM would have paid for our new player. Hope its not Agger though.

  254. Morning Adam, Lee, Devil and all…

    Dortmund have said Reus isn’t for sale… Pfff -money talks.. ;)

  255. Benzema has extended his contract (5 yrs)… Sami to follow soon.

    Morning Rico and all

  256. I don’t want a scouse reject…

  257. Dev- did you catch highlights of MLS vs FC Hollywood last night?
    MLS won 2-1

  258. no mate. I do not have time to watch FC hollywood.

  259. seems that Guardiola had a spat about some crunching tackles done on his team.

  260. Morning all,

    Surely Dortmund would rather get money this year than let him walk for free next and especially not to Bayern.

    I agree Devil, Sell TV to the highest bidder and replace him but definitely not with Agger.

    I don’t think wenger will renew after these 2 years so now it’s balls to the wall time for him to win some cups.

  261. Rico. Hasn’t Reus got a single year left on his contract and are BM hovering like wolves? Perhaps not.

  262. Dev. Even if they did offer more I still wouldn’t sell TV to Man Utd.

  263. It will be interesting to see in which direction Pepe takes BM this season.

  264. UCL next round draw this morning…. I reckon it is Besiktas or the turk team again….

  265. Morning Ts, Bradster.

    I didn’t know that Adam, he’ll be sold then I guess.

    Barca are reported to be the favourites to sign Agger, so surely they wouldn’t go for TV – leaving Utd as his only real option…

  266. Hansa Pilsener???

    Mein Gott!

    Brad, is it any good…

    Lee, I will have to do some serious research on this matter…

    Morning All…

    Morning Rico, Rick, Rocky, RAdam, RWath…

  267. Hansa Pilsener???

    Mein Gott!

    Brad, is it any good…

    Lee, I will have to do some serious research on this matter…

    Morning All…

    Morning Rico, Rick, Rocky, RAdam, RWath,…

  268. Research = drinking!

  269. Morning Kev..

    CL draw is tomorrow isn’t it?

  270. Draw is tomorrow Ts

  271. Research is vital in this matter Lee… :-)

    Harold Wood

  272. Reus would be the cherry on the cake…

    Especially now Di Maria looks to be a no no…

  273. Coach, I have to agree with Adam.

    To me, Arsenal have two options….

    Sell Vermaelen to Barcalona.

    Keep Vermaelen.

    Selling TV to ManUre isn’t an option in my view…

  274. lol… why am I thinking today is Friday.

  275. it would not make any difference to me habib.

    TommyV will still remain suspect if he went to YoM. Since he spent that year out of the team he has gone backwards. In all the matches he played for us since then my heart has always been in my mouth. I think AW know he is a bit crocked and is holding out for who bids highest.

    So getting around 15 million for a suspect and maybe a crock is good business………especially as we paid 900k to YoM for Shitvestre.

  276. Hansa is not bad, not my preferred beer here.

    Similar to a lager like Castle.

  277. bradster what’s your fav?

  278. I prefer Amstel and Windhoek.

  279. Reus did his best sketch of ‘my idol is TR07 and Arsenal is my favourite team; I would love to play with my idol Tr07 one day’ 2 or 3 seasons ago but he apparently turned us down this summer in expectation that Barca would come for him but Barca went for Rakitic instead when he got injured before the WC. lol

    If BVB can afford to let Lewandowski walk for free we can certainly keep TV and let him walk for free next summer…

  280. we have a Castle lite that is not as bitter as normal Castle lager which I quite fancy too. We have our own version of Amstel here called Carling Black Label when we used to make Amstel, it’s close but not the same.

  281. Nah ts, I’d rather sell TV for 15m than have him warm the bench most of the time, earn a decent salary and then leave to United for free anyway.

  282. Morning Nickie..

    Estrella, Stella, Cobra and Kingfisher for me. All washed down with a glass of Cava… ;)

  283. Must be a lady thing, my wife also likes flying fish.
    Oooh, i had Cava in Belgium last month, really nice stuff Rico.

  284. Steady on Rico. Some might think you are joking. ;)
    Some of us know you’re not though. :)

  285. I love it Brad, you may have noticed.. ;)

    :lol: Adam….

  286. I am with Bradster regarding TV. he will still go to YoM next year, so the best thing is to get 15 Mill for him now while the sun shines.

    secondly……we would have a suspect defender who is willing to run down his last year and when he plays he will simply be going through the motions. He will not give 100%. All the talk from AW that he expects all his players to be professional is bollox.

    Imo……sell him ASAP. To the highest bidder. And replace him with someone who is willing to give his all and not just stay there. The fact that TV refused a new contract speaks volumes.

    AW wants to sell……….otherwise why offer him a contract but stop short of telling him he has a place?

  287. Dev. That is, I must say, a persuasive argument. Sell him to Barcelona and buy a quality replacement. What about the bloke from Man City, Nastasic is it?

  288. You just listed my favourites Rico expect Becks Vier lol.


  289. You don’t rate him Brudder? I can’t remember much about him myself.

  290. Any truth to the rumour that Real want to force Kedeira out accepting a lower transfer fee?

  291. Brad. Who knows. There is so much rumour and nonsense around.

  292. Adam…..atm Barca are offering less than YoM……circa 5million less

    And since they take long to pay their money I would prefer to wrangle an extra 5 million from YoM. Serves then right for taking 900K for shitvestre and laughing in our face about it.

  293. Becks gives me a headache Nickie… Could be down to the quantity rather that the beer though… lol

  294. New post up now…

  295. Visor is a good lager…. becks vier is only 4%, not for me!

  296. Are justarsenaldotcom for real????

    they say AW needs to sell TR07?

    I wonder what they smoke when they are typing?

    Did he get out of the wrong side of the bed?

  297. Dev. I hear you but we don’t really know that for sure do we? I just think selling anyone to that bunch of crackheads sends out the wrong message. Apart from Bendtner of course.

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