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Costa bid made. Do Cazorla’s comments suggest he’s leaving?

Morning all.

Sure as heck they do not but there’s a few people who are trying to make out he is….

This is what our Spanish midfield maestro has had to say:

Last year maybe we didn’t quite have enough strength in depth to win the league.

We had to deal with injuries to important players, including Theo Walcott, Aaron Ramsey, Jack Wilshere, Mikel Arteta and Lukas Podolski, and I had niggling ankle problems.

That meant that when push came to shove, we were unable to keep pace with Chelsea, Manchester City and Liverpool.

I have high hopes [for the forthcoming season]. The signing of Alexis Sanchez and Mathieu Debuchy shows that the club is building a team to challenge. Hopefully we can lift at least another trophy this campaign.

Winning the FA Cup altered the type of pressure we’ll be under this season. It unshackled us in a manner of speaking. After so many trophyless years, the tension was getting to the team.

If Santi really wanted to leave, would he be talking about the coming season and what he expects of it? Would he be quite so positive about the new signings?

I don’t think so, in fact I think he’d have little to say, keep his head down and hope his agent can force a move away.

Let’s not let the media idiots lead us to believe anything other than he’s staying put!

Talking of new signings, for a moment yesterday, doubt was cast over the much expected arrival of new goalkeeper David Ospina when news broke that another keeper at Nice had suffered an injury and will miss many months of this coming season but those doubts were removed when the head coach of Nice, Claude Puel spoke about the deal:

It’s confirmed, yes. It’s a good affair for Arsenal because he’s a very good player.

There is no denying Ospina had a pretty good World Cup and we aren’t getting a guy who is about to settle for a place on the bench which is great for Arsenal. Not quite so good for Szczesny though and I’m pleased, he seems to be the kind of player who needs another keeper breathing down his neck, one who will really push him for the number one spot. Fabianski didn’t really do that and not even his heroic displays during our run to the FA Cup final were deemed good enough by Arsene Wenger, well not good enough to displace Szczesny.

Arsene Wenger has said that Szczesny will start the season in goal but he’ll need to be at the top of his game, otherwise the new man will soon be taking his place.

My bet is it won’t be too long before Ospina gets his chance….

Then it’ll be down to him to take it….


The Metro are running a story suggesting we have made a £15.8 million offer for Douglas Costa. Well I doubt there’s much truth in that one and it’s all come about because of the problems in Ukraine and certain players not wanting to stay in the country.

Apparently, we tried to sign him in 2011……

Finally, Jack Wilshere has promised not to smoke ever again because he doesn’t want his children to grow up thinking he’s a smoker..

Good boy!

New York, well I didn’t watch it so no comments from me on our 1-0 defeat….

That’s it for another day, have a good one….

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332 comments on “Costa bid made. Do Cazorla’s comments suggest he’s leaving?

  1. Good post Rico, so good, I read it twice… ;-)

    Jenkinson going out on loan is looking fairly nailed on…

    Not heard anymore about Gnabry?

    Hayden as our 4th choice centre-back, looks a plan…

    I’m sure I read somewhere that ManUre made an improved offer for Vermaelen and Arsenal made a counter-offer of Vermaelen and £5m for Jones…

    Good to see us playing hardball, at last!

  2. Morning,

    Tidy post Rico :)

    Game was a dull affair almost had a Norwich-esque goal for Wilshere again but it wasn’t meant to be. Playing against a semi decent team really showed how much growing up a lot of the youth has to do. Jenkinson didn’t really put a foot wrong and looked comfortable which begs the question why are we trying to out him.

    Can’t really see the need for Costa. If we get chambers and ospina officially announced 1/2 more players and we are talking.

  3. Thanks Kev, or was the second so to understand it… ;)

    I read that too re TV, Jones though.. :(

    Sainsbury calls me, back in a short while…

  4. Morning Rico, all,

    Great read. When I see such articles speculating on Carzola leaving, it only tells me which paper and blog to avoid reading/visiting.

    From the go, Santi said he was happy at Arsenal…he was used as one of the players in our Puma promo…and if Wenger wanted him out, he would have re-signed Fabregas, never mind Mourinho’s lies.

    And to cap it, Athletico has signed Griezman. Case closed…Santi is winning another title/s with Arsenal. Still drool over his free kick against Hall.

  5. Ospina. Why has he not been on .com? Why has he not been announced, anointed and assimilated? Is he on holiday? Has he a fever? Is he injured? Is he in hiding?
    What in the world is the delay?
    Nice one Rico, you’ve started me off, early!

  6. Good morning all. Sorry forgetting my normal salutations!

  7. Good Morning and nice read Rico.

    Yes Nickie….Jenks did not put a foot wrong. But the team we came up against was half decent not a top team. I just wish he was played CB instead of Monreal. What is the sense in playing the latter at CB when Jenks could have tried it out there?

  8. I more than concentrated my attention on Jenkinson during last night’s game and still don’t see why we should send him on loan.

    It pained me Jack’s goal wasn’t and chalking off Diaby’s got to me too. Too close a decision. It might have only been a friendly with a truly friendly side, but I always want Arsenal to win. Pity we couldn’t even snatch a draw. Akpom made tame his gallant pace and control but fluffed tamely when he should have shined.

    waiting for the Emirates Cup to take a closer look at our squad. Last night, I didn’t see the antcipated confidence of FA Cup kings!

  9. Morning all.

  10. Agreed dev,

    Strange decision to put monreal cb IMO and he played the full game there too. He just about cuts it at lb he’s far too frail to play cb in the epl

  11. Evening Scott. Did you get to see the game???

  12. Hi Devil,
    I saw the first half, but Sean’s Aussie Rules meant I missed the second.
    I liked what i saw.
    We were rusty.
    Barely a player in position, but I saw Thierry, and he could roll out in a wheelchair…..I’d still enjoy that.
    Jack was sharp.
    Szczesny WILL prove himself the best keeper in the League, and one if the top few in the world this season…
    Diaby will have an impact this season.
    Aaron needs to piss that hairdo off…..bloody terrible.
    Gibbs IS the best LB in England.
    Akpom showed enough.
    As did Zelalem.

  13. Good morning

    Who saw MA08 play yesterday?? We really need a DM asap.. Happy to hear Jack say he doesn’t want his kids to think that he smokes

  14. morning house
    i dont see santi living arsenal, as for the match played yesterday no coment.waiting for emirate cup to see how far the boys as prepare well for the new season.

  15. morning all,

    Coach I saw your assessment of the non-system we played in the first half…

    to me it was a worry. Hayden showed why he should be playing CB only.. moving him to DM will be counterproductive imo.

    I thought Akpom showed he had enough… he did well in his runs considering his age…

  16. I thought Monreal was sensational as a CB…

  17. Ath signed a Cazorla who is 17 y.o last month… still the media think it is our Santi they are after… tsk

  18. Good morning b/w
    What i learnt from yesterday’s match:

    Hope Diaby stays injury free, he was brilliant

    Hayden looks comfortable at CB and was the brightest amongst the youths coming through

    Good workout for wilshere, ramsey, gibbs, Jenks, cazorla, rosicky etc

    Monreal in CB. Hope it doesn’t happen again

    Coquelin shouldn’t be an arsenal player. Hopefully he gets sold before the transfer window ends

    How did we manage to resign Flamini. He spends all his energy talking on the pitch. No tackle/interception. He is sh*t

    Zelalem shouldn’t have being promoted. Only reason maybe for commercial purpose just like Miyachi

    Arteta legs has completely gone. He was moving in slow-mo yesterday. DM urgently needed

  19. Ha ha ha Emma. I thought Monreal did well at CB and communicated well with Hayden.. of course he is not a CB but he did well.

    MA08 is the same every pre-season.. he starts slow but yes we need a DM.

    I agree with all the rest. I thought Miquel did ok too in the second half. He offered us the stability we needed to push forward.

  20. Arteta is the slowest starter to a season I’ve ever seen in any code.

  21. I think Wenger is willing to roll the dice with Diaby and not sign a DM. If he manages to stay fit, and has the season he’s capable of, Wenger gunner look like a genius.

  22. With the comments SC19 made i don’t believe will leave us. I still see him plays about 2 more season for us.. As already said why reject buying Cesc Fab and allow Santi leave..

  23. lol Scott… how was Seans game?

    Emma. did you see BM vs Mong’bach yesterday? Lew scored as one would exppect and Dev’s buddy Kruse should be playing for us. Top player!
    Ribery came back and so is Badstuber..

    Our old boy Nordtveit started for Mong’bach…

  24. Thursday night working strikes again :D

  25. Montreal at CB? Perhaps the wily old manager was displaying his FB to show the world how versatile his squad is, or was he just putting Nacho in the ‘shop window’?
    Reading the responses on here some thought he played well whilst others didn’t! It all about opinion! Imo!!
    None the less, we still lost. Not a good start, although I think Wenger was ‘making a point’. About timing, need and greed! He was looking for time at home to teach tactics!
    Still they had a run out and played in New York shopping arcades etc.
    Happy new season

  26. Monreal didn’t play bad but he just won’t suit
    That role in the epl. I struggle to see why wenger didn’t try jenks. Good run out for the lads though, a defeat sometimes brings out the best in a team, learn a lot more

  27. tsgh – Saw the highlights. That goal was brilliant by Lewy

  28. Morning again all, and thanks re the post guys…

  29. True Wavy… spot on Sir…
    Hi Nickie.

    I thought Monreal covered loads of Hayden’s inexperience. Also Monreal partnered Miquel in the 2nd half and they did well…
    I dont think Monreal will be used as a CB in the EPL but was just cover as Aneke played CB for us last summer when we were on the far east tour

    As Emma has said above Le Coq AW and fans favourite should not be in the team ahead of players like Aneke or even Frimpong.

    Note that unlike JW and Frimpong who have had injuries (serious) ones in their young careers, nothing has really stopped Le Coq from progressing.

    He has been loaned 2 times in the last 3 years and has failed with all clubs…

    Emma and I use to comment on his performances at Freisburg last season and I guess some things are left unsaid…

  30. So it’s finally announced on Afc.com, I hope Ospina really pushes Ches all the way and beyond….

  31. Absolutely brilliant goal..

    I liked Rode’s performance too…

  32. I suspect Coquelin might be on show for sale… Well I hope he is…

    It’s inevitable he’d be involved in pre-season, AW wouldn’t be able to rotate/rest players during these friendlies otherwise…

  33. Emma 11.40, very nice clip, rarely get to see that side of players, no subtitles required.

  34. micko – ;)
    At least Scz will know someone is breathing on his neck and will step up his game.

    tsgh – We should have kept Aneke. Watched the Europa qualifiers on thursday and he was brilliant for Zulte Waregem. Scored one and made an assist as well

  35. Exactly Emma… He could play almost every position apart from LB. A proper AFC man who turned down Barca and he got repayed like that…
    He could have been our own Yaya Toure imo..
    The funny thing is AW tried to sign Powell from Crewe before he joined Yanited and Aneke did as well for Crewe but AW allowed him to just leave.

    With those players I guess I think with my heart because I saw they play so many times around 2009 and 2011 and expected those players to make it…
    All I can do is wish those guys well.

  36. Emma. did Aneke play CM or CAM?

  37. Why keep Coquelin and let go of Aneke??

    It does not make sense!!!!

  38. tsgh – CAM.

  39. Hi Ginge,
    Sean is a natural at Aussie Rules.
    Just over 12 months ago, he’d played one game and we had the Sydney Swans junior development officer telling us his kicking technique was better than plenty of professional players.
    Thank goodness he prefers football hahaha.

  40. cheers Emma just saw video. he was bullying the opposition.

  41. Nice read Rico, a rather boring game last night but a decent run out for fitness gibbs and jack played well nobody really stood out tho.

    Looking at zelalem imo he is nowhere near first team quality yet 2yrs away imo.

    As for Akpom well easily to see why sanogo is way ahead atm but would like to see more of him as he hasn’t had a lot of chances.

  42. This is the highlight of the Europa league match aneke was involved in last thursday

  43. Totally agre Devil, makes no sense at all but I doubt Coq will still be with us by the end of the transfer window…

  44. ha ha Scott… you dont want him playing Aussie Rules.

    I think from the little I know of Aussie Rules its very technical and tactical.. so far as it doesn’t get him injured it can only be good for him like Jedinak.

    Hi Dev, defies believe but I think Kev said once that maybe his attitude was not right…

  45. He(aneke) had 2 assists in the first leg. The video above is the 2nd leg and are through to the next round. I think I will start watching the belgium league to follow his development next season ;)

  46. Asia, Africa, America, all travelling ciruses to wenger, he must be itching for Austria, that’s where the hard work begins, if he had his way he wouldn’t go anywhere else, obviously doesn’t get the final say on quite everything.

  47. Scott @ 11am

    Mate, those are some bold statements, even for you…

    Szczesny, the best in the EPL?
    A big call imo!

    Well mate, with Ospina breathing down his neck, that should be all the motivation he needs after shipping 5 at Anfield, 6 at Wastelands and 6 at Stamford Bridge…

  48. I was going to say the same Emma re. another league to watch.. lol

    As Scott says sleep is for the dead.. or something similar.

    lol Micko… AW is the dictator allegedly so… ;)

  49. I kinda agree with you Scott, about Gibbs, not quite there yet, but as long as he stays fit then I reckon that he could easily be the best in that position.


    Well there’s the million dollar enigma…

    Good points though Digger.

  50. Kev, When Szczesny made his debut v Utd, I said he’d be one of the best keepers in the world, And nothing I’ve seen since has changed my mind.
    He has the best hands I’ve ever seen on a young keeper, and when experience comes, he will go down as Arsenals beat ever, IMO.
    Ginge, Aussie Rules is the second best game in the world.
    Footballers can learn a lot playing it, as it really teaches them to find space off the ball more than any other game.

  51. I will take your word for it Scott… I would have put it 3rd behind BB personally. :P :P

    Seriously, though as I said when we met Aussie rules is shown in the uk late nights so i sometimes find myself watching it…

  52. Night guys……here’s to kick starting another campaign, and I am glad we can share it together!!!!!

  53. Ginge, until you see it live, it’s i possible to appreciate the game.
    Night mate.

  54. night Sir…

  55. Not any more Micko, that’s for sure and long overdue…

  56. Night Scott..

  57. Another great day here I know it was only a friendly but it always hurt when Arsenal lose.

  58. just been able to watch that Ospina video Emma. I love it when a player shows true emotion, hopefully he can fall in love with Arsenal like he obviously did with Nice :)

  59. I’m in shock, Cook isn’t out yet…. ;)

  60. Give it time he has already been dropped once. :)

  61. :) Joe, I know… He needed a slice of luck…

  62. Is this not the first time a player will be announced for Arsenal on a Sunday? Are rules changing or is it just AFC catching on with modern jingles?

    Whatever, Ospina is highly welcome…

    The day I gave Szczesny tips for top class was when I watched him three/four seasons ago in a Carling Cup game against Newcastle. We beat them 4 – 0 but Woj made two world-class saves that would have easily beaten then no 1, Almunia. When he debuted in the League against Man U, he only confirmed my belief…but unfortunately, Chez hasn’t gotten to that level of my initial expectations. His first 20 matches of last season revived that promise…but again, he dived low till season end. I wondered if we would have won the FA Cup if the taller pole had kept charge.

    I hope, and only hope, that Ospina’s coming would push Chez to claim his prize. That lad truly possesses in-born ability to be best in the world.

  63. Tai, I don’t think there are any rules about signing announcements being made on a Sunday. The TW is open so clubs can do as they please…

  64. Even Seaman was criticized when he was still the top keeper. ITs easy for us supporters to do so.

    Ospina arriving will only be good for the club.

  65. Does 50 count as a score for cook

  66. Agree devil, just like any other signings can only be good, as long as they aren’t like Stepanovs (spelling)

  67. Tai
    Should have been Thursday but the whole club had to bloody go to New York . :D

  68. Ok, Rico…not complaining…only surprised at the day of announcement. And somebody was waiting for it for last Thursday. Phew!

    Coach, pity you didn’t watch the game…was looking forward to your analysis. Personally, I wouldn’t blame any player in a ‘charity’ match…was only deeply interested in Jenks for obvious reasons. Not happy with loss though.

  69. Its a start Joe, he just needs another 50… lol

  70. I didn’t think you were complaining Tai.. ;)

  71. The problem is not the result Tai. The problem is AW’s attitude about the problem.

    The players pick that up as well. They sense the attitude of the coach……and from the line up it seems that AW was seeing the game as a spoke in the pre season wheels.

    I would have used the game to see how well Jenks operates at CB. If Debuchy was there he would have played so it obviously follows that Jenks should have been tried as a CB. Imo it was wrong to put NM at CB and leave him and Gibbs for the whole match. Would have made more sense to put Bellerin on the right and USE Jenks for the whole match at CB.

    Blame any player??? Nah. I would blame AW for beginning the game with no one up front. And yes……use Akpom for the whole match. Then if he gets injured play without a forward. But not used him for the 2nd half only.

    IMO…..Bellerin, Jenks and Akpom should have played the whole match.

  72. I’d have played Jenks at CB too Devil…

  73. Grenier is being mentioned again. Seems as if Lyon want to sell at 7.5mill.

  74. Thanks for that Dev…

    Correct me if I’m wrong…when coaches want to do away with a player, they play him out of position, or not use him at all … so that fans do not put undue pressure. Jenks, Akpom, Monreal… something might be cooking about the trio…loan/outright sales?

  75. Can he play up front Devil… ;)

  76. yeah Rico…you’d play anybody upfront. Surprising you’re not suggesting Ospina…you’re mind definitely on our bet, lol…

  77. Then again it maybe that Chambers is being bought to play as a CB while covering for RB and LB if we are backs to wall.

  78. Tai, my comment was tongue in cheek re us needing a striker.

    Can’t see another attacking midfielder being on AW’s radar but then again, who knows what his plans are but so far, so good…

  79. The Emirates Cup will tell us a lot I think Devil, the Comm Shield even more..

    Really looking forward to the new season and I don’t think we are done in this transfer window yet, not by a long way…

  80. The worst thing we can do is begin comparing Ches and Ospina atm.

    Ches plays for a top four EPL team while Ospina played in ligue 1 and for a team which was in the bottom half.

    We can compare him better at the end of the season when both would have played the season at AFC.

  81. Afternoon,everyone.I like le coq but it seems I have to accept he’s not good enough for arsenal so as jenkinson.Aneke shouldn’t have been released,he would have learn with mikel and he will develop into †̥ђƺ real DM with power,pace and pass.Sanogo,campell,afobe and akpom,who will leave.One must even if we fail to sign another striker.

  82. Gotcha, Rico…

    There are more attacking midfielders in Arsenal than the rest 19 teams in EPL combined…yet we’re forever linked to more players of same quality. Grenier is another!

  83. Devil – couldn’t agree more which I why I posted the twitter comment.

    A good example of why I really dislike stats.

  84. I don’t think we’re done either…Wenger’s transfer season usually started midday August 31…still shocked he’s already grabbed three and looking for a fourth. Habits die hard…at least one deadline day capture is still on the cards.

    But while we’re still looking at it, I’d go for Samuel Eto’O….why? Mourinho’s signing of Drogba is more psychological than ability…though it’s just two matches against the Chavs or thereabout, I’d bring in the Camerounian for countermeasure…besides, there are goals left in Eto’O yet…and he’s a freebie!

  85. Sukky, I truly believed that Aneke was going to be the player to fill the place that Diaby was meant to….

  86. Eto will destroy our peaceful and sweet dressing room.

  87. Sukky, not anywhere near as Balotelli would!

  88. morning all just saw the aneke show, I hope AW remembered to slot that buyback clause in there we may just need it someday

  89. Boo!! How’s everyone?

    Well, I hope Ospina really pushes Chesney. I appreciate that he kept many clean sheets last season, but he really lost his head when playing against the more glamorous sides. And the number of those shipped goals really hurt the team morale. Not that he’s entirely to blame, of course. ;) For me, the match against the Chavs was the hardest to take. :( I hope it never happens again.

  90. Tai, perhaps our transfer activity has had little to do with AW this summer, other than naming the players he wants..

    It certainly appears to be that way….

  91. Eto, Mario – no thanks on either…

  92. Come on Lewis!!

    Boo agag, Chelsea and Liverpool games were hard for me to stomach…

  93. Dev, couldn’t agree more with your view on AW’s attitude…
    like you i do not believe the score line matters but the performance and attitude must be there from both players and manager…

    What i learnt from arguably the most professional force in the world was that you trained and practiced as realistic as you envisaged to fight…

    In p-company selection/practice live rounds are fired over folks heads requiring you to leopard crawl to ensure you knew how it felt when your life was actually in danger.

    Having watched a few teams like bm who also have most of their stars still on vacation, there is a sense of urgency about their play…

    even yanited yesterday showed signs of a team ready to be a force and show fight…

  94. Come on, Lewis!!

    rico, I just remember the look on AW’s face; it was his 1000th match in charge, and the ignominy of that defeat will haunt me forever. Mou was trying so hard not to be smug, but you could see how overjoyed he was… Grrrr.

    Hiya, Tai. :) Dev, great comment on Chesney v. Ospina; but I should hope Chesney really works harder hs season. Ospina just may be the kick up his backside.

    Sukky, hiya, been a while. :)

  95. only buffon fairs better than ospina in the top 5 leagues.. we have ourselves a star imo…

  96. I forgot that side of the defeat Agag… :(

  97. lol…

    Remy failed a medical at Liverpool and they decided not to sign him

  98. Hiya, ginge. AFC has made some quite astute purchases this season. Now, for that DM!! Can’t wait to see Ozil link up with Sanchez and a fit Theo (fingers crossed). I hope the Germs get all the rest they need and that their winning ways rub off on the team. :)

  99. Think the German number one keeper might disagree.

  100. Liverpool pulling out of Remy

  101. He is a star Ginge. As Kev will testify I have been banging the drum for Ospina since he was 20 years old.

    But then…….we should not underestimate our own Ches. He is a star as well.

    Put him up for sale and watch other clubs queueing up to sign him. I am sure of it.

  102. Remy failed a medical???

    that takes the biscuit imo.

  103. Indeed he has Agag. but imo not in the areas we needed foremost imho…
    We started last season with 3 CB and Sagna.. are hayden and Miquel ready?

  104. Yo been playing pacman again Ts.. lol

  105. Indeed Dev… but we tend not to rate our players because sky and motd say we need a better goalie but still tell us HArt who fairs no better than Scez in all departments is fit for City and England… ;)

  106. Seriously re: Remy??? Oh. Wow.

    rico, AW looked so much like a defeated man, it was painful to witness. :(

  107. lol Rico.. you tease…

    No never played pacman.

  108. Perhaps we’ll sign Remy now…. ;)

  109. Your training comment reminded me of many evenings sat with friends in a pub playing Pacman Ts, I always felt like my little man’s life was in danger… lol

  110. Devil, I bet Remy just realised he didn’t want to play for them and made out he was injured… lol

  111. Rico.. Scez is the closest to Neuer in world football but i think Neuer does better on the big stage than most goalies that is why he is well respected…

    In day to day Bundesliga games I think Neuer lives on the edge too much..

    Buffon imho has been the best keeper for 10 years… coach may disagree with his Serie A expertise though…

  112. :) rico.. is that how you spend your evenings?
    Even George bush wouldn’t plan wars whilst in the pub. :P

  113. Rico
    I think the medical department have enough work

  114. Buffon I really like Ginge. Buffon is like Pirlo, Baggio, Inzaghi and Di Natale…..one of my favourite Italian players.

  115. It was Agag.. :(

    Not sure the signings so far are not what we have mostly needed, in fact I’d say they are three of the most needed, apart from a DM and lets give the club chance to get him…

  116. Ches close to Neuer, I hope you never tell the German that to his face. Imo, they are miles apart…

  117. The same Baggio? :P

    Just pulling your legs mate as you know…

    You didnt put lentini or Maldini in there?

  118. When I was young Ts, yes, I think most people of my generation did.

    George Bush and wars?? Errr….

  119. Joe, they do but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Remy is really fit and healthy…

  120. rico, pacman. :) Gobble gobble and there were creepy little ghouls, right? :P

    Ginge, i should imagine Verm will stay; it’s not as if he will walk into first team at United, on current form. And are you really saying we don’t need Sanchez?? :P Come on, now. This is S-A-N-C-H-E-Z!!! We have replaced Sagna and Fabby, now to get our DM!!

  121. lol Rico… I didn’t mean Scez was as good as Neuer currently..

    What I was implying was risk taking i.e both deciding to dribble a striker, playing as sweepers etc…

  122. Thinking about Remy, wonder if he failed one with us but the club kept it quiet??

  123. That’s how it sounded Ts…

  124. Ts,

    On Ches… I think his biggest failing is not really taking command of his area ala Lehman. A giant like him should make strikers think twice before coming in for aerial challenges.

    Again, he is very poor with handling the ball with his feet. We escaped near disasters more than a couple of occasions last season with his clumsy dribbles…we may not enjoy same luck forever.

    Neuer is a master on both weaknesses … but in reflexes and shot stopping, yeah…both keeper a’re quite close.

  125. Of course not Agag… Sanchez should have been done last summer and is not really a striker so I still hold the view we need another striker… lol

    The key word is we have replaced Sagna and Flappy… imo only David is an upgrade on Flappy…

    Note, OG12 is ahead of Remy in France and has only scored more than 20 goals a season in his career…

    All the OG12 bashers… context imho…

  126. I like Courtois so far as keepers go!
    WS needs to stop believing in his own hype, imho.
    Love to know the truth behind the Remy scenario!

  127. Tai. I watch Bundesliga religiously.. Neuer makes loads of mistakes and take risks that would make Scez look like Seaman. lol

  128. :) Agag, they were, but great fun….

  129. I think Giroud is ok as a striker BUT Arsenal need a pacey, clinical natural finisher…..

  130. Not saying neuer is a bad goalie in fact he is WC as we all agree but like Valdes was rated 2 years ago when he had Pique and Puyol protecting him all these top players have errors in them..

    If Scez had the big game presence of the spanish waiter or even flappy then maybe it will be different

  131. Neuer over WS all day long.

  132. Hmmmmm……..a new super WAG.

    Jessica Sterling it is now.

  133. So would I Lee, can’t see how a player who was involved in the WC has failed a medical myself…

  134. I think cech is †̥ђƺ best Gk in †̥ђƺ past 5 years.He’s really consistent and calm.WS is a good developing Gk but Ospina is rated highly,let’s see how this work out for us.Hi gunnergirl,long time.

  135. Hiya, Lee. :) For what OG cost, he is more than an ok striker. ;) Lol.

    Atari, rico? :P

    Ginge, I like Sagna, but he has left. Debuchy was the best to be had out there. ;) Ospina is indeed an upgrade over Fabby; and Sanchez an upgrade over pretty much everybody. I think you’re just sore at AW cos we haven’t bought Morgan yet. :P :P

    Now if we get Vidal… this will be the best trf window yet. :D

  136. Something fishy…

  137. Of course Remy is a far superior footballer…

  138. Agree re Neuer Lee, would love him at Arsenal, him and Ospina.. :P

  139. My money is on Remy becoming an Arsenal player real soon… :)

  140. I think Remy offers us something very different to Giroud Ts, neither are world class strikers though…

  141. Atari it was Agag… All good fun in it’s day eh… lol

  142. Dev, on the wag hunting again? :P

    You are spot on Agag.. I dont want to appear like I am crying over spilt milk btw…

    Having followed AW for nearly 30 years due to Abedi Pele and Weah playing in Ligue 1 in the ’80’s and knowing AW gave Thuram his debut but did not rate him as a player; factor that with Le Squid, Silvestre, Volz, Nelson Vivas,Mendez, Stepanovs, Santos and several other defensive disasters I think I can be forgiven for being a tad cautious when i comes to AW making defensive signings…

    Note it was apparently Grimandi who forced AW to sign Kosser over Rami…

  143. Re Remy, it’s only speculation that he’s failed a medical. Apparently the Dippers pulled out of the deal, or Remy did….

  144. Ts, you have followed AW for 30 years??

    I thought you you were only in your 40’s, you should have got out more as a kid… lol

  145. KK passed a medical with a broken back, if Remy has failed a medical what could be worse than that? One of them must have pulled out for other reasons. Rico, you may be right….last minute swoop from the Arsenal lol. Wenger likes surprises

  146. It is strange indeed Rico…

    But according to physio room he has had 6 injuries since he signed for QPR… OG12 and very robust…

    I like Remy but just saying he is not as prolific as the internet say he is… imho of course.

  147. Lol… Rico. my first post for you talked about how I came to know AW…

    As i said I watched ligue 1 because of Klinsman and Abedi Pele…

  148. Where does that Grimandi forced AW to sign Kos story come from??

  149. Nickie, or Remy was just waiting? Wath this space I guess. lol

    Ts, really, i’ll have to look back at that, I can’t remember you writing about getting to know Arsene…

  150. I am sure you can find it on the internet if you want to verify.. ”apparently” stated.

    As you know everything I say is a lie so…

  151. Not a lie Ts, just copied and pasted… ;)

  152. rico, you may be right about Remy. I don’t mind him, but I do want better. :) It’s like shopping for shoes, often the ones on the sale rack aren’t nearly as special as those still selling for suggested retail price. Loool.

  153. I’d be happy with Remy Agag because he’s different… But yes, I’d love a pukka striker signed, one who on his ability alone, demanded a start…

  154. ginge and rico, you’re always rowing. :D :D

  155. Afternoon all,

    Seems i need to be away, Wenger seems to buy. :-)

    Glad to see who we got. I think we have a few players we need to let go though. I agree we need to replace Arteta (sorry ts) and wouldn’t mind us signing Hunterlaar.

    Regarding Schez, i prefer the keeper that doesn’t make the team and myself nervous.

  156. rico, you can’t turn back the clock, reminiscing about your misspent youth in the arcades ! lol.

  157. bradster, from what I’ve read on here today Arteta seems ready made for the MLS.

  158. Afternoon Rico, Lee, Micko, Agag and all. Nice to see Cook scoring a few and an interesting Grand Prix at last.
    Really funny about Remy.

  159. Haven’t seen the grand prix adam, don’t know the result, was gonna watch the highlights at 5 !

  160. Boo, bradster, if you stay way a bit longer, we just may get Vidal. :P

    Hi, Mick. rico is an Atari grandmaster. ;) Hiya, Adam, how would you feel if we got Remy? :D :D

  161. Remy to us I don’t think so because I think Sanchez and Walcott can do that job.
    As well don’t forget Campbell to come in to the squad with does three I think we have the pacey forwards covered.

  162. Agag, not rowing, we just see things differently. I’m a stickler for the truth, that’s all…. ;)

  163. GJ, but we don’t know when Theo would be back. :( If he’s supposed to be back on full training by the end of August, I get to feeling like, we will see him in action only in December. You know how it is at Arsenal, you always have to add two months to the return date AW indicates. ;)

  164. Micko. Then I won’t tell the result so as not to ruin the surprise for you. :)
    Agag. Remy is ok but I am not as keen as Rico is on him. I would prefer a player who needs but a single half chance. A player with more pace than Giroud obviously. I know who fits the bill but I dare not speak his name. :)

  165. Hi bradster, we think alike, although I’d ship Arteta and Flamini out and sign both Benders….

    Arcades Micko, nooooo, the pub :)

  166. rico, it reads like a bad romance sometimes. Looool. Okay, don’t bin me, Lady. :P

  167. Afternoon Adam, I watched 68 of the laps, Lewis did really well, I bet he’ll be cheesed off tonight though….

  168. Agag, its because I talk to Rico more often than my Mrs and my mom..
    Even when I am at work I am on HH.. :P

  169. Joe, isn’t that ‘making do’ though?

  170. Rico. Having raced single sweaters myself at a far lower level I think that Lewis has become quite a dangerous driver. I know he reckons he’s a Gooner but, personally, I find it hard to warm to him. I much prefer Alonso because he is a miserable git like me.

  171. Adam, that sounds like Torres (of four seasons ago). :P :P But, really, I’m intrigued.

  172. Trust me Agag, it bares no resemblance.. lol
    :) Ts, what about your nipper?

  173. I’m guessing Lewis was faster than a vindaloo adam.

  174. Hey Brad, long long time how is the motherland?

    Arteta is still the best in his position… slow but sure..
    as emma put it he was moving slow mo’ I would have said running in quick sand but… lol

  175. Agag
    Theo will be back the middle of September fingers crossed. :)
    How about this for an idea swap lone deal we take Balotelli from AC Milan and they take Campbell.

  176. A single seater driver does sound glamorous doesn’t it?
    Single-seaters Woz wot ah ment.

  177. Adam, Lewis is quite lovely on the eye though, I really like him and I’m quite jealous of Nicole… Plus Lewis has lovely eyes….

    I loved the way he shoved Rosberg (spelling) out wide to stop him overtaking, that’s my kind of driving… lol

  178. Rico. my boy is only 4.. we have been for a cycle ride already.. my job is done with him for the day. :P

  179. Must have been a short one Ts, you’ve been on here all day… ;)

  180. Micko. Lewis was Lewis. :)

  181. :P rico and ginge.

    GJ, Milan just may take up that idea. Balo certainly won’t sell for top dollar after his lackluster WC campaign. Funny really how much certain players can go for, after a good shift at the Euros or WC. The money Hamezzz went for is mind-boggling.

  182. Arteta the best Ts, you been on those Bud Lights again ;)

  183. We seem to be doing better in the commonwealth games than I expected the medals are coming in…

  184. Rico. I should think that Lewis and Nicole must have the biggest collection of mirrors in the known Universe. Naturally, I cannot stand her.

  185. That GP was well worth watching.

    I guess Vidal didn’t rule us out. That would be a great buy. As long as it’s not Wilshere as i’ve seen in articles.

    I was thinking we could offer our youngsters to the saints, let them be our B side with prem experience.

  186. Just because you haven’t tried the Rita Bud light yet… ;)

    As Cg put it… ‘he would rather lose the middle man and poor it down the urinal’… lol

  187. And she has a voice to rival Cheryl Fernandez Verssini. Like a cheese grater on a blackboard.

  188. I find Nicole pretty, Adam.

  189. Good Afternoon Rico and All. Good Read and I always love the gossip side of the Post. It keeps my hopes up.

    T’s said ” Of course not Agag… Sanchez should have been done last summer and is not really a striker so I still hold the view we need another striker… lol”

    When I read this Ginge, I said to myself have to say something. What took you so long. We all been banging this drum for so long without your support. If you had joined the Van Wagon the past two Transfer Windows maybe AW could have got us a Striker. :-)

  190. Agag. For me she is the Liverpool FC of the pop world. Brimming with entitlement and caked full of make up like Brenda.

  191. I really like Nicole Adam, but I’m not surprised you don’t. You don’t like many really… lol

  192. Brad, I have been trying to massage/rub my crystal ball to remind AW that Vidal can play CB, DM, CAM, RW, RB.. a timely investment in that individual will shut me up for an hour at least…

  193. ha ha Ng… never too late to join the crew.. lol

  194. Rico I don’t think it’s making do we have 3 players with pace and can score goals to different amounts.
    I feel we need a forward to put pressure on Giroud as player who can hold up player and bring other players in to game.

  195. Who is Cheryl Fernandez?

  196. Have you then Ts?

  197. Has the laser tattoo come off yet? :-)

  198. Hey ts, same old same old. Strikes killing our economy.

    I hate Lewis’s attitude. When McCleren was doing well, he was saying he’s the best. McClaren does badly, he threatens to quit.

    Rosberg says thank you to the team and his crew for the wonderful car.

  199. :) Rico not yet… not a big drinker but I am contemplating walk to the shop to get me some 7up to go with my pimms…

  200. rico, like you, I like Nicole. ;) Adam, she has great hair and skin, unlike many in Hollywood!!! :P Like I never understood the world’s fascination with Gwyneth Paltrow. She is the most overrated of them all. :D

    Hi, Nash. :)

  201. Afternoon Ng, thank you. You make a good point there….

  202. It’s Cheryl Cole. She has gone and married a penniless French playboy after meeting him 6 weeks ago and declined a prenup. If I had insisted on those with my 5 wives I would still be poor.

  203. Agag but I thought you fancied Bieber? :P

  204. It’s 4 mins. past my bedtime, now. :) You know, we working girls need our sleep. Lol. Good night, guys! :)

  205. A working girl? I wonder what goonie will say to that? :P

    Night Agag. stay safe

  206. I think we need that kind of player too Joe, Remy may just be him…

  207. It is Joe, 5 runs would have shut the critics up, for me, 95 is a very very good bat…

  208. Yep it’s always about the 100’s

  209. Always been a fan of the working girl agag. :)

  210. Ewwww. I fancy Thierry Henry, ginge. :) David Trezeguet. That generation and ‘look’ of players. Lol. And further along, Torres. :blush:

    Lol, Adam. So many missuses. Ah, so it’s Cheryl Cole. I have never heard that girl say a single intelligent thing. But like Nicole, she is very, very pretty. ;) She will regret her decision when they divorce before the year ends, and he makes off with half of her fortune. Tsk.

  211. Adam said “…I know who fits the bill but I dare not speak his name. :)”

    Adam please do tell… dreams come through sometimes.

  212. Of course, I mean an employed female person.. :D Some cheeky people in here!


  213. hi everyone lovely day to talk arsenal I see good comments all round as I didn’t watch the game I can’t really comment about it but it was just a preseason so……..

  214. Have a safe night what time is it there by the way?

  215. I’m surprised Ts, you once said you were ‘T Total’, funny eh….

  216. Snap, any further news on Lille vs Haifa troubles?

    I read Falcao is back and Lacassette is going to the French FC up north. lol

  217. Night Agag, sleep well…

  218. Nashua. Please let a chap have his little secrets:)
    I will tell you when we sign him. Honest. :)

  219. cheeky. lol Rico… not drinking does not make me teetotal… that is why I said contemplating… ;)

  220. Hi snap..

    Ts, not what you told me, and, you did declare here the other night that your tipple is Bud Light… lol

  221. Snap, Pjanic showing his magic against Yanited..

    Van Gaal wants him now…

  222. Strawberry flavoured Rita bud light to be specific. :P

  223. All alcoholic…. Bad man for straying… ;)

  224. no news yet on the incident ts not that I know of anyway……it was a horror show but nobody was injured luckily I’m surprised they played the friendly as it was always going to be counter productive with what is happening the lille players are OK so all is good I guess…….falcao is back and should be ready for the emirates cup……Alexandre not sure he would be sold as Lyon don’t really want to sell but that might change he recently said he wasn’t thinking about moving so I think it is unlikely even though Newcastle have made an inquiry about him

  225. hi Rico how you doing?

  226. ts I must you made Mr change my mind towards pjanic didn’t really rate him when he was in ligue 1 but he has really matured and as I watched a lot of Roma matches last season he really stood out a very very good player might end up as a deep lying playmaker like pirlo IMO

  227. Im good thanks snap, and you?

  228. Rico.. was joking about Bud light and all… I don’t even know if it is sold in the UK…

    I saw it when I was in Canada for work and was just teasing Cg really…

  229. Ah, back tracking Ts, never a good sign…. ;)

  230. Bud light is here in the Uk, it’s in most supermarkets. I pass it by though, it’s wussy….

  231. he looks good next to Totti…

    I never rated Strootman in Eredivisie either but him and Totti and Pjanic are a perfect combo with De Rossi.

  232. lol… Rico. I am a spin master.

  233. Ts, don’t we all know it…..

  234. i am only paid to do Arteta and Aw’s bidding… lol

  235. Ts, i’ve other name for it…lol

  236. Well don’t bother…. lol

  237. Liverpool have decided not to sign Loic Remy after realising he wasn’t a Southampton player.

  238. Rico I can’t find my post please

  239. :) Sukky..

    Snap, it’s not in mod or spam :(

  240. Fighting talk and I love it!!

    Ospina has been told he will start the season on the bench due to the presence of first-choice keeper Wojciech Szczesny but will get his chance if he impresses in training.

    “He [Wenger] told me that it all depends on me, my performances in training and then he will take a decision.

    “I will have to adapt myself as quickly as possible [to the Premier League]. We all know it is very competitive.”

    The Colombian was also full of praise for Polish shot-stopper Szczesny but confirmed his intent to win a starting place.

    “Szczesny is a very good keeper, lots of potential and very young.

    “Szczesny has a lot of qualities, now I will show mine. We will see what decision the coach makes.”

  241. Rico it looks like your right theres more to this Remy story than meets the eye.
    Seems Liverpool can’t sell Borini to Sunderland has a chance to leave and he won’t go why. :D

  242. Pure fluke Joe ;)

  243. Na your oracle of football knowledge ;)

  244. Ha ha Joe, I wish. But the reality is I just love the club and write about them. And that’s where it ends… ;)

  245. What a turn-up over Remy. Glad to me a Goooner today. Well, most of the summer actually. So different from previous years. Think I’ll download a YouTube clip of the cup final and watch :-)

  246. Rico, you think AW realised against NY he was ‘a little short’ of out and out strikers? I suspect its a genuine injury, but interesting all the same.

  247. Adam, who do you have in mind? Rio Ferdinand?

  248. No idea Andrew, but our strikers are either on holiday or in Sanogo’s case, injured… i just pray he’s about to sign another…

  249. :) re the cup final Andrew, keeps me going to…

  250. Time for me to bid you all a good night…

    Catch up tomorrow..

    Night all, sleep well….

  251. Wenger given interview talking about chambers and he’s reasons for buying him lookss like another done deal.

  252. Wenger’s really getting the hang of this signing lark now!

  253. It’s now wait for it to be on the .Com our wait for Wenger to give an interview.

  254. Morning all,

    Times are changing and very rapidly at that. Wenger yet again confirms Chambers ahead of Arsenal.com.

    Isn’t it a way of telling doubting Thomases that he is absolutely in charge of transfers … and subtly conveying that he ain’t a Scrooge but rather the club’s tight finances had humbled him?

    Whichever way, I love it this way. I love it that no one linked us to Chambers until deal was done!

    Well done, Arsene. That DM please!

  255. I see citeh gave AC Milan a slap last night….
    Nice visit to Burkina Faso yesterday….

  256. Morning Rico, Tai and all.
    Tai. I agree. There has been a change in emphasis this year. I imagine the club have someone monitoring the most relevant Arsenal fans forums, so you never know. Perhaps they’ve read The Goonster’s criticisms and taken them to heart? :)

  257. Morning Brudder. You went to BF?

  258. Hear Ivan Gazidis…

    ” There’s nothing that really distinguishes us from the other clubs in England, other than this man.”


  259. Morning Adam,

    Yeah. Goonster should keep complaining then…and this Khedira turnaround is getting stronger and stronger! Any hope it’s real?

  260. Via Bamako Brudder… they were running day trips out of Alicante airport, I really wanted to go to the Congo (to scout you know who!!)
    I bumped into the pope at a roadside restaurant en route to the airport, oh and Dean Gaffney!!! What a star?!?!?

  261. That tiggled me earlier, “Liverpool pulled out of the Remy deal when they found out he wasn’t a Southampton player!”

  262. hi there!
    our squad is not strong enought
    I am abroad but keep in touch

  263. Still need a top drawer striker and a DM to be anywhere near ready….imho!

  264. Brudder how did you know about the Chambers deal so long ago???

  265. Keep out of the midday Sun Brudder. :)
    Tai. Could still be a possibility but Arsenal don’t ‘do’ bidding wars so it would require the Portuguese midget to keep his nose and and for Sami to commit to the club. Perhaps Shneiderlin? And perhaps someone who is off the radar but well known.

  266. I had a vision Brudder. :)

  267. Whoever…the earlier the better…because, watching Diaby against Red Bulls…he’s real deal and he has learnt one thing that Wilshere should learn – play simple! I won’t rest confidently until we sign a DM…Wenger might believe Diaby can go the distance.

  268. Morning Adam, Lee, Tai, JM and all…

    I’m still not convinced it’s AW handy work getting these deals done and tbh, I don’t care, as long as they are being done.

    DM and Striker and I think we’ll all be pretty darn happy…

  269. Interesting comment Tai re:- Diaby. I did not see the game so I can’t comment first hand but other people’s comments that I have seen said that he held the ball too long and slowed things down .

  270. 8.09 made me chuckle too…. lol

  271. I’m worried AW thinks we don’t need a DM…..

  272. Perhaps he’s waiting for Sami….

  273. Everyone I’ve spoken to here in Spain thinks that we got a top drawer player in Sanchez on the cheap (relatively that is…)

  274. So Chambers can play CB….

  275. potter,

    I watched Diaby for 45 minutes…as a player I knew, Diaby played very well…never held or slowed games down…even scored a beauty that was chalked off for offside…whoever says otherwise either didn’t watch same game or apparently wants to give him a bad name to force Wenger into a new signing, which is smart though.

  276. Diaby always had so much potential. What happened to him was awful. But to rely in anyway whatsoever on him seems folly to me. I would treat his fitness as a bonus if it happens.
    I agree with Rico and Lee though. Midfielder of bestial quality (Pogba) and a venomous striker (?) and we will be contenders.

  277. I did try to tell you the other day Lee… ;)

  278. Agreed re Diaby Adam…

  279. I see the Dippers have got Lovren…

  280. Adam are there any other players arriving that you’ve had visions of?

  281. Is he a Southampton player by chance???

  282. Liverpool are weighing up a bid for Mick Channon….so I’m told! :lol:

  283. … so Chambers can play CM too according to AW?

    Morning Rico, Tai and all.

  284. He is and :) re Channon, they only want him as Le Tiss said no….

  285. Funny how Liverpool’s first game is against Southampton…

  286. Even Le Tiss refused the dippers???

    I guess that now Channon will say no as well.

    Even Lineker and Gray might refuse. ;)

    Good Morning lovely people.

  287. And Suarez’s is against Real Madrid….

  288. Liverhampton F.C

  289. Southpool F.C

  290. Liverpool have put In a bid for Le Tissier.
    Morning all.

  291. Morning Devil.

    Has Suarez’s ban been lifted now?

    Liverhampton… :lol:

  292. No Rico, but someone here said when he can play again his first game will be against RM.

  293. I wonder if, when AW says Chambers can play CM, he means CDM, if so, there could be the answer to our DM problem. Risky being so young…

  294. Thanks Lee, I read somewhere that he has appealed etc and Barca are expecting the ban to be lifted..

  295. So the home office are up to their usual games…?

    AS 17 has not been granted his work permit yet! What a bunch of haters…

    Hi Scott, Dev

  296. Morning Scott..

  297. Sanchez is getting his Visa today/tomorrow in Paris. There are no problems…

  298. That makes a change for us….

  299. Morning still have to feel sorry Southampton fans i’av never seen a team have it’s hearth ripped out so completely.

  300. Morning All…

    Liverpool have enquired about Ted Drake.

    Morning Rico, Lee, Adam, Tai, Scott et al.

    Had a few last night, oh my head…

  301. Luckily Darren Bent doesn’t play for Southampton.

  302. How is everyone?
    We’ve done plenty of business already which is a lovely change, and more to come, me thinks.

  303. Thanks Rico… with all his caps he should have received it earlier but good to know. no issues in that regards.

  304. Morning Kev, bad head then?? ;)

    Morning Joe.. Me too…

    Liverpool are rumoured to be after Thomas Vermaelen…

    No way should we even entertain selling to that shower of s***e…

  305. Me too Scott, another two would be nice….

  306. What was your poison last night AK?

  307. Why not Rico???

    If they offer 40,000,001 than bite their hand I say

  308. Steam and piss springs to mind concerning the mickey mousers!

  309. Heart
    sorry it’s an early morning it also be the bloody IPad

  310. Terry Paine has been asked to polish his boots by Southampton because they are now so short of quality players! Liverpool claim they are not interested in signing an old has been! Where does that place Brenda then? The new look teeth and the young girly friend?

  311. Ha ha Devil, I might think about that….

  312. Nani linked to us again this morning…

  313. LVG says he needs 5 more players…
    interesting how cleverley was made captain in friendly ahead of Wooney…
    They have over £100m to spend but can’t get the players they want… lol

    How times change eh?

  314. Lee, I am quite conservative in my poisons, as you know, Peroni and San Miguel mate…

    You still in Africa…?

  315. New post up now…

  316. “Out of Africa” now mate…

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