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Ospina confirmed. Right Back, Centre Back or Winger signed? Midfielder next……

Morning all.

Many stories today suggest we have agreed a deal with Southampton for Calum Chambers. The fee agreed varies from £7 million to £16 million, depending on which newspaper you read. Apparently, the player heard that we were interested and then made it clear to Southampton that he wanted to move.

This means we’ll have three players in the squad who will be fighting for the right back position, four if you count Hector Bellerin.

However, Calum Chambers started his Southampton career as a winger so could he be about to revert back to that position if he signs? Added to that, he can play centre back too apparently so, all in all, he’s a versatile player and Arsene Wenger likes those doesn’t he?

If this story is true, just where he’ll play remains to be seen, he could be our new winger, he could even be our replacement for Vermaelen should he depart.

However, if is to being signed to purely challenge Mathieu Debuchy for the right back slot, what happens to Carl Jenkinson? Perhaps he’s deemed ready to take a side step and play in central defence when needed?

Maybe tonight’s match will give us a clue, especially as not one single first team central defenders will be on show.

Arsene Wenger loves to shift players around to make them fit in somewhere, he’s done that many times in the past and it’s for that reason alone that I think we could see a few changes.

Of course, I could be totally wrong and Carl Jenkinson’s days at Arsenal are numbered. West Ham want him as do Newcastle but I truly hope he stays long term and any exit this summer is purely on a loan deal.

Anyway, Chambers has already had his medical apparently and will join up with the squad when they return from America.

The Morgan Schneiderlin stories won’t go away either and there’s suggestion that once Chambers is in the door, Ivan Gazidis will try to get a deal for him done.

You have to feel sorry for Southampton don’t you. They really are a selling club and how they have survived as well as they have is incredible. Bale, Walcott, Oxlade-Chamberlain previously have left for clubs further up the table, well, I’m not sure the Totts were when Bale signed and then this summer has been simply awful for them having sold Lambert and Lallana to Liverpool and it appears that Lovren looks like he’s about to follow them. If we sign Chambers and Schneiderlin, that’ll be five key players gone.

Like I said, just how they cope I don’t know…..

Arsene Wenger let slip the goal keeper signing yesterday whilst in the Big Apple:

At the start Szczensy will be the No.1, then we’ll be down to performances and, if Ospina shows that he is better, he will play.

Just why Arsenal.com have not confirmed this deal yet seems odd, perhaps they want to announce a few together to cheer us all up…

A DM Arsene, get us that DM, time is ticking by and the new season starts real soon…..

That’s it for today, have a good one all….


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581 comments on “Ospina confirmed. Right Back, Centre Back or Winger signed? Midfielder next……

  1. Morning Rico and all. An interesting post but I see the Southampton situation as entirely logical. They have the set up and the knack of producing fine young players. It is obvious that such a relatively small club will never be able to hold onto them in today’s footballing climate so, it makes complete sense to maximise their outlay and continue with the conveyor belt to me.
    If they can grow into a bigger, more successful club the good luck to them. But at the moment what they are doing makes for sound business. Certainly more admirable than Chelsea and Man City’s model anyway.

  2. Calum Chambers can play CB as well, so maybe a replacement TV?
    or direct competition for Debuchy?

  3. I’ve got me chloroform, and I am loitering with intent outside Costco, waiting for a certain geezer wearing earphones…

  4. Fred/Rick, check out my question to you from 9.58pm yesterday.


  5. Kev. I am tracking you through the Viber app. :)

  6. Losing a true passionate Gunner in Jekinson wl hurt me,but I’m not convinced CJ wl thrive @ CB. ‘possibly’ Chambers to replace TV5.

  7. Perhaps Jenks will be loaned out to get more playing time.

  8. Wenger made a strange unofficial Ospina announcemnt,yet d Iker rumours keep gaining weight. 3 first team GKs,3-4 RBs (Hector)???

  9. I am up in the tree line Adam, observing everything, especially the comings and goings from Percy Ingle’s….

  10. The more the merrier perhaps?

  11. Good riddance. That Chambers deal escalated quickly ;)
    Now get me a DM and I will be very happy

  12. so we bought 2 or 3 players but if you really think about it our most concerned areas are DM and ST if we do business on this areas we will fight for a trophy trust me we need out n out striker and a settled DM like bender no kadira and we are still light on Left full back as gibbs and monreal are the weakest on the defensive side we were very much hurt last season with the big sides like Liverpool and even Everton got as on the left side so what do you think guy’s always gunner

  13. Are those full battle fatigues you have on Kev?

  14. Morning All btw….

    Morning Rico, Adam, Lee, it’s another beautiful sunny and hot day in London Town…

    Gazides is really proving to be The Man…

  15. Good Morning to The Lady of the House and all fellow Gooners in residence.

    Arsene and Arsenal continue to amaze this transfer window; first Sanchez, then Debuchy, Ospina and now Callum Chambers. Although Ospina hasn’t been officially confirmed, Arsene’s ‘slip of the tongue’ quote about Ospina being a direct challenge to Szczensy is enough for me. Someone as careful with his words as Arsene does not make accidental slips of the tongue even when under intense pressure. As for Chambers, if indeed Chambers has passed his medical, I’m sure he will be announced in a day or so.

    Unfortunately for us poor long suffering Gooners the club are stereotypically anal about announcing new player signings. Nothing is officially announced until both clubs have signed of on the paperwork, the player has signed his new contract and all the required paperwork and registrations are filed with the FA. The holdup with Ospina appears to be waiting for him to return from his post World Cup holidays to sign his contract.

    Now the only major worry is will, who and when the club sign the DM/holding player we have all been holding our breath for (no pun intended). I’ll have to double double check my calendar as it is still almost a week until August by my reckoning. Excuse me as I take time to poke myself with the needle from my trusty Swiss Army knife to make sure I’m not having a waking dream. No, then surely I must be hallucinating.

    Happy days are here again
    As Arsenal challenge for the league again
    Arsene is turning boys to men
    Happy days are here again!

  16. Darn it, you spotted me…. :-)

  17. Is chambers what we need? Think id rather keep TV tbh.

  18. Who is this Arsene Wenger and what has happened to our Arsene Wenger.

  19. Wonder if those loan deals, if true, have an option for Southampton to sign those two, or if they are simply loan deals?

  20. Morning again Kev, Adam, Cg and all…

  21. Morning all !

  22. I was in London yesterday Kev.
    it hammered it down…….

  23. TV hasn’t left yet… ;)

    Kev, I hope just a season loan for both…

  24. The next big question is, what are Arsene’s intentions for Jenkinson our, if you cut him he’d bleed red and white, right back? I’m with Adam on this one. I too think he will be loaned out for the new season to a team that will guarantee him regular playing time. Something he wouldn’t get with us during a title challenge unless Debuchy is injured.

    After that he’ll probably be reassessed for a regular position at right back in rotation with Debuchy. We’ll have to wait and see on that one. Quite were that leaves young Bellerin is another matter.

  25. Syg, they have a point…

  26. Adam, re your early comment. We of all clubs know how difficult it is to keep certain players when ‘bigger clubs’ – or big offers might be more appropriate, and yes, all the time Southampton aren’t up the top of the table or winning things, players will no doubt want to move on and the club can make big money.

    Just think it’s a shame and just imagine where they might be soon had so many not left them. Always quite liked Southampton and despite us gaining, it’s quite sad. Ruthless business eh..

  27. Good point Cg, maybe it will be Bellerin who has the most to be concerned about…

  28. Has anyone seen chambers play? Is he any good?

  29. I haven’t Kel, tbh, I thought we’d be more likely to go for Clyne out of the two Saints right backs and although The Mirror said back in February that we were interested in Chambers, I never really believed it.

  30. We tried buying Martin Chivers off them in 1969/70 but Southampton sold him to Spurs …..

  31. As for Gnabry and Jenks loans, perhaps these are being discussed as part of the Morgan deal – if reports about us wanting him are true…

    Shame they didn’t want Coquelin…..

  32. Rico. Agree absolutely. However, I don’t recall too many feeling sorry for Arsenal supporters when we were selling our best players yearly and being simultaneously wrung for every penny. Abramovitch and whoever the bloke is who owns Man City really set the big wage thing up so it seems suitably ridiculous to read the Portuguese midget moaning about it in the papers this morning. Personally, I think there is no sense to any of it while there is so much suffering in the world. But, I am too idealistic perhaps.

  33. Adam, I’m sure southampton fans will see it differently, must feel like their club is being raped and pillaged this summer and it could get worse.
    Morning everyone.

  34. Morining Rico and the House
    Once again another good read Rico and a belated well done to Teo. I do not agree with all your views but I enjoyed your post.
    Kev sorry I did not see your post untill a short time ago. As it stands Ryo,Martinez and Miquel (if they stay) must be included in the 25 for next season.

    Aoc,Sonogo Afbobi and Ajayi are 21 this year and if they stay will be included in the 25 for the 2015 -2016 season
    Gnarby more in a min

  35. Morning all.
    Players come to Arsenal to play and to learn.
    Players go to Citeh to train and to earn.

  36. Adam, agree, others just ridiculed us. I was sad though and I feel for the Southampton fans. Maybe I’m just too soft…. lol

    Morning Micko and Rick, and thanks…

  37. Oh, and Rico/Wath, remember I said a month or so back we’d get Chambers?

  38. Honestly don’t know what to think of this signing a lot of money to spend on a kid who is most likely a backup player, i to hope the gnabry and CJ loans are linked to a possible Morgan deal.

    Ps. The game is on premier sports tonight.

  39. Good read Rico…

    I am not overwhelmed by this latest Southampton signing…maybe we need to keep our contingents of British players up…

    For £10m that can rise to £16m can we do better?

    AW should stop signing from the same academy.. Auxerre, Southampton, Cannes etc..

  40. Morning Scott, how true….

  41. Rico, tell Lee that’s twice I’ve been right :)

  42. Thanks Ts.

    I am in a strange kind of way, Chambers is tipped to be the next best Rb in England.

    Two years time, he’d be worth double what we have snapped him up for…

  43. Micko. I completely get that point.

  44. Scott, you have been reading too many of Ts posts, what’s all this wanting to be right… ;)

  45. On and off today as I’m on chicken watch as the old and new join as one…

    Wish me luck, catch up in a bit…

  46. I remember when we signed Henry and there were plenty asking why we paid so much for such a failure. I see this transfer, if true, as an attempt to get ahead of the game.

  47. Well, it seldom happens, Rico, so I must savour the moments hahaha

  48. Is it official?have we sign him.

  49. I understand that Adam imo tho we could have signed seamus Coleman for 18-20m who imo is better than debuchy and chambers. Fingers crossed tho the kid makes it with us.

  50. Good morning all, I think Chambers is a very good player, he had a very good game against Arsenal in January when we drew 2-2, Debuchy really got competition for the starting spot because Chambers could easily be our starting RB, he is younger & better than Clyne. He is homegrown, under 21, and give an extra squad space, very good signing imo.

  51. Morning Rico, all,

    Great post. All the right questions regarding Jenks. Personally, I’m still to understand why Wenger insists on the right back this restlessly when we have a seriously poor department to sort out.

    When I woke up with this Chambers news, I checked his profile…not many players excel at CB at just six feet. And I wouldn’t gamble on any when there are suitable candidates all over. Another thing is – most versatile players are never excellent in a particular position…just a little bit of everything without so much of one!

    To me, Chambers is just one luxury I really don’t know why we went for. Jenks is a good cover for any top team in the prem…unless Chambers can play LB, where I would sell Monreal if any interested party called along.

  52. Ginge – Good morning. I think Arsene would have preferred Javier Manquillo, but couldn’t negotiate satisfactory terms for loan fees and a transfer fee for an option to buy. It is a bit like the Morata situation where their current clubs are afraid of letting the next big in position x go.

    Arsene is obviously looking out 3-4 years down the line as both Chambers and Manquillo are quiet young. He doesn’t want to get caught short again, as he was with Sagna.

    Tonight’s game may give us an answer or two.

  53. It seems more people are getting content with the chambers signing so if he does happen, he becomes one of ours so we will back him.

  54. Morning all, good read. All the rumours, then under the radar this is almost a done deal. Shows how much time we all waste reading news now and press sites continually!

    Couldn’t understand the variance between 7 and 16 million but that would make more sense if loan swaps may be involved.

    Jenks on loan would be great for us. We would know exactly how good he can become with regular football. Is it possible to loan these days with ability to call back? I will still believe it when I see it that Walcott and Wikshire can complete a whole season. Gnabry has never let us down and I think unfairly didn’t stay in after some good performances. Be good to be able to call him back when Walcott’s shoulder pops out or some goaly decapitates him.

  55. Hi cg. You all know I am one of Aw’s biggest excusers’ on here but at his age he should be looking at the short term within the short 3 years he still has left with us…

    As a fan of his I believe AW has the money to kill 2 birds with one stone… i.e reinvent himself and win the UCL and the EPL. thereby making fans happy too…

    The competition is only going to get fiercer with the likes of Shitty and Psg finding ways of going around teh FFP obstacle…

  56. Scott – Ginge and I will have to see all your data and related statistics on this matter before we can declare that you are/were right. Coming from someone who, until only recently, openly admitted he was always wrong this would be the only fair and prudent course of action.

  57. CJ25 is not leaving though…

    Gnabry will move though… I think its best for both parties for now…

  58. Adam. 11.48. Couldn’t agree more…

    Scott, you have a fair point… ;) ;)

  59. Rico, agree about a soft spot for Soton. I have two opposing memories of close ups of Henry. One was of Newcastle fans spitting snarling and frothing at the mouth as Henry dared to come near them to take a corner. The other was of Southampton fans giving him a standing ovation after he had destroyed them.

    One was class, the other made me sick.

  60. :D Cg, Scott

  61. Arsenal should buy James Ward Prowse & Morgan Schneiderlin too and give Southampton cash + Coq, MF & Diaby to complete the deals.

  62. Adam,

    Good point regarding Saints selling chores. As far as I’m concerned, that little club is doing great. They were structured to win EPL or UCL…they’re carving out a very positive reputation of giving out talents. Bale, Walcott, Ox, Shaw, etc…their academy is better than ours of late. So, all young English talents would now route their journeys via Southampton…and that, is real business, mates.

  63. Morning Andrew & Tai, thanks.

    I think perhaps it’s best to wait and see who stays and who goes and who is signed during this window.

    CC could be just one part of the jigsaw the club are trying to piece together and I’m still convinced there are a few pieces to go yet.

    CC can play on the wing, and we all want a winger, who knows how good this guy is until he plays.

    As for Jenks, Gnabry, well they are still Afc players until we hear otherwise, same with TV…

  64. Good Morning Chicks and Gun smokers.

    The Chambers signing has taken me literally by surprise. Imo we do need him. For the simple reason he can fill all the positions at the back. And he is young and English. For the crazy prices quoted for English players the price for Chambers is a good one.

    Now do not be surprised if AW converted him into a CF ;)

  65. Kel, admittedly, I watch very few games without Arsenal, but from what I’ve seen, I’d pick Chambers and any day over Coleman.
    He seemed decent, but not where near as good as his reputation.
    We got the player without the hype, to my eye.
    CG,…the queen remembers, that’s good enough hahahahaha

  66. Well said Andrew. Talking of Henry, perhaps he liked Southampton too. To this day I don’t understand why he didn’t go to ground in the FA Cup Final against them.

    Perhaps he knew that they’d end up with players on the pitch and he didn’t want that…

  67. Just a point…..is Sotons academy really better than ours, or because they sell so many players, they are forced to play young guys earlier than normal, therefore exposing them, but also blooding them.

  68. Good article Rico. But there is one thing I do not agree with. Why do we have to be sorry for Southampton?

    When we were selling players everyone was ridiculing us. Why did they not feel sorry for us?

    So considering all factors I am not sorry for either Southampton or anyone for that matter.

  69. Meant they were not structured to win EPL and UCL in my 12.14

    Thanks, Rick.

  70. Ginge – Chambers seems to have the talent, time will tell, and the added advantages of being English and 19 years old. So, we don’t have to worry about home grown and it will be 2-3 years before he counts as one of our squad of 25.

    We have/will pay a lot less for him than ManUre paid for Shaw and his wages will probably be less than half those of Shaw. Is Shaw that much better or is ManUre just that desperate?

  71. Scott, I think it’s better. Whether that remains the case from now though is another matter as I believe they have sacked two of their main coaches. And of course, Jonker might start to make a difference.

  72. Thanks Devil. I guess I am all heart… ;)

  73. Absolutely right Cg, Utd have been well and truly ripped off for Shaw, all because he was selected for England imo..

  74. Not sure Henry is a saint! Two handballs and a goal against Ireland is not quite forgotten!

  75. ;) Andrew, but that was playing for France, not us.. lol

  76. Can’t say that I’ve come across any Arsenal fans laughing at Southampton…

    If anything, I’d say most right-minded Arsenal fans have a lot of sympathy for the plight that Southampton find themselves in, us having been on the receiving end of the vultures in recent times….

  77. Andrew – I believe the transfer fee for Chambers is a tiered one with a base fee and additional amounts due, if as and when, certain performance criteria are met. Some of the news sources are confusing/guessing at what the base and top fees may be.

  78. Good question Scott.

    lallana is 26 y.o and is nothing special imho…

    Bellerin is still around and deserves a chance too imho…

  79. And that is how I should be as well.

    But life has thought me otherwise. So that is why I do not feel sorry for such clubs.

    If other clubs did not laugh at our expense when we had to sell to fund our stadium then it would be different.

    Now the tables have turned. So I do not feel sorry for them.

  80. Agree Kev….

  81. CG, yes that seems to be the modern way of paying in installments!

  82. Kev, sympathy? Not me. Can’t ever have sympathy for a club doing good business. Don’t you know most great English talents would flood their academy? We rob them at the top, they rob us at the bottom.

    If anything, I admire them.

  83. Apparently Barcelona paid for Jaws with Southampton vouchers… lol

  84. I suppose time will tell Scott, i diagree with you that chambers is the better option than coleman atm tho.

  85. Rico, it might look like a rip off now for Man U in regards to shaw but if u look a shaw he posses the talent to be the best LB in the world, I watch most Southampton games once the game time is different from Arsenal because i think they were playing the most attractive football in the 1st part of the season. They have some serious talent in MF Reed and J Ward Prowse. I’m surprise they sell CC with 4 yours remaining on his contact.

  86. Ts, lmao,

    Yeah…Dev, where are you?…Ts…please you two and whoever….Can CC really play as a left back? Can he cross a ball with his left foot?

  87. CG and Rico….that is what I felt as well. Manure were ripped off for sure.

    I hope that Chambers for us turns to be what Bale turned out for the swampies.

    Now that would be a reason to smile and smirk.

    Incidentally…….just have read that Ospina deal may be off since the keeper Nice FC have signed has got himself a 6 month injury. I hope not……..that would give AW the perfect reason to say….I tried but nothing came off.

  88. Tai. Honestly I have only seen him play like 5 or so times against the big boys on tv… When I watch Southampton I normally concentrate on Morgan, Rodriguez, Fonte, Lovren and Osvaldo before he left.

    I did stats for NUFC vs Saints game and he did well against Yoan Gouffran . It looks like he is an English version of Ginter… 24 appearances no card so…

    From what I saw of him he help onto the ball like Cj25 and struggled in decision making… but he is still young so…

  89. Rico – As you are Queen of the House, or is that Chooks (makes no difference), and a trusting country lass one must acquiesce to your royal decree. However, an aging cynic like me does not trust or accept so readily without concrete proof in hand.

    Also, I’m loathe to pass up such an opportunity to poke a bit of harmless fun at Scott’s expense, while fully expecting a warranted riposte.

  90. Gdna, I’m not totally convinced by Shaw but time will tell. Sometimes it’s easier to shine a certain clubs than it is at the bigger ones…

    Still think Utd paid an awful lot for him, especially compared to what it seems we are paying for Chambers…

    Devil, I thought about Bale too, we may just have got a great player in the making through the door. I know I’m looking forward to seeing how/where he fits in…

  91. :) Cg, I guessed you were having a giggle…

    Hope the Ospina news is false…

  92. opta database has no record of him as a LB or CB so…

  93. Nice will have to find another keeper, surely the deal with Ospina has been done otherwise AW wouldn’t have mentioned it yesterday…

  94. There was a debate on Radio 4 (about 2 weeks ago) cocerning the Academy system. It was said that clubs look at them with different views,The big clubs hope to find young players who can keep them in contention for honours. On the other hand smaller clubs look at them as means to keeping the club solvent buy selling on the young players to the big clubs at inflated fees.

    One interesting stat the pool has the biggest catchment area in England for school boy footballers , how many do they bring through?

  95. Hey Scott, you told me Grolsch is a nice beer…

    That’s three times you’ve been right…. ;-)

  96. Tai, CC can play CB, RB and RW according to a Southampton site I looked at earlier. He started out as a winger when he was young apparently…

  97. Liverpool Rick? If so, not many do they…?

  98. Barkley’s profile seems to have died after the WC… to me he is still worth £20M

  99. Kev, that’s true.
    3 times on about 4 years….not too shabby lol

  100. Ginge, Barkley is an absolute ripper.

  101. Note Ox’s fee was reported to be around £17m. Has he really been worth it yet? Albeit £9m plus installments…

    All the players we have bought from Southampton have been injury plagued…

  102. He can play loads of positions though. Scott

    A big game player with fight in him…

  103. Well I’m off for the night. I have an appointment with one of my recently minted granddaughters and while I needn’t be bright eyed and bushy tailed; I should, at least, be awake and attentive. Have a great day all. Hopefully the weekend and the new week bring us more good news.

    Keep The Faith!

    Scott – I await your return of serve.

  104. I think the same as you re Barkley Scott, Everton, if they seel him, will no doubt look for £40m + if Shaw’s fee is anything to go by as defenders are usually cheaper than midfielders I think…

    Ts, Ox is still young, surely the guy deserves to be given some time… All the players? We have only signed two haven’t we…

  105. Night Cg… Have a lovely time later…

  106. True Rico, that is why i added ‘yet’.

    They all deserve more chance but sections of fans we are expecting more from them…
    To me the answer is having a deep enough squad so AW can rotate and not rush players back…

    If you note, I have never called for any of our young guns to be sold or to be gotten rid off…
    The only time I may do that is when the likes of Le coq and Yaya are given more chance than other possibly deserving homegrown players…

    I always say players like Gattuso, pirlo were on loan at Rangers and brescia when they were in their early 20’s…

  107. I do not feel sorry for saints atm…

    They could be racking in close to £120m in this window… if 60% of that is made available to koeman they will still be a force imo…

    Schnederlin if he is sold lets say 25m
    Chambers 16m
    Lalllana 25m
    Lovren 20m
    Shaw 27m
    Lambert 3m

  108. How unlucky can you get. Once again Lewis out of Qualifing .Car burst into flames on very first lap. Will start in last position.

  109. CG, I did respond……..I said the Queens saw it…..my original comment….so that’s good enough :) :) :)

  110. Thanks, Rico and Ts for the info…maybe Wenger is looking for his own right-footed Bale…to me, signing Chambers makes no sense!

  111. Thanks, Rico and Ts for the info…maybe Wenger is looking for his own right-footed Bale…to me, signing Chambers makes no sense.

    but then, Arsene knows best!

  112. tsgh 1.20, where’s victor ? your out of order !

  113. lol… I left Wanyama out for your sake. Micko… :-)

  114. Ginge not only did the Chabers signing surprise I find it rather strange that every one thinks its a back up for Dubuchy in front of Jenks.
    Chambers is the same age as Gnarby Bellerin Hayden Olsson Toral and Akpom. They will not be in the 25 squad untill seaso 2017-2018.
    3 years time. I have not seen much of him but but i do not think he is any better then Bellerin.

  115. Rick you know somethings don’t just happen sometimes ;)

  116. Hi All,

    great read.

    What are Southampton doing that we’re not? It’s a shame we can’t take a leaf out of their book or pinch some of their staff. Surely with our facilities we could produce even better youth.

    I’d read a few months ago we were interested in Chambers. Some see him as a CB. Like the article says Wenger loves his versatility and the kid can definitely play.

    It seems like we’re interested in Khedira and Schniederlin. Both deals have issues, Schniederlin’s fee maybe too high and Khedira’s wages are a bit too high. I expect one of these in but I also expect this to be the transfer that drags out.

    A note on Jenkinson, I think he is still part of plans for Arsenal. First team football out on loan, Chambers remains cover for the RB/CB slot. Would be a great shame if we lost Jenko purely based on his personality around the team (watch Jenko and Chambo chit chat video).

    Wenger really changing his ways re transfers and Ospina.

    Good times ahead.

    Ps Rick, gutted for Hamilton

  117. Archie Bland
    Much sadder about calum chambers leaving than I ever was about shaw. Seems like total capitulation. What a prospect you’re getting, arsenal.

  118. As Tony Adams always said “You get your first season for free” meaning that after others have got a look at you and judged your game and your pace, the second season is where you begin to prove yourself. This season we will see just how good these young players are.
    Tai. Surely for the sake of squad depth it must be looked upon as being positive and it also brings extra competition. If true and if it doesn’t compromise other more pressing signings, it seems ok to me.

  119. Totally agree re squad depth and rotation Ts, and that seems to be what the club are doing now…

    CC signing makes total sense to me Tai.

    Hopefully by the end of this transfer window, the other key areas will have been addressed as well..

  120. Same here Rick.. similar mind Sir.

    Even Miguel has potential if he can be trusted… according to LCFC fans Miguel was very good in the games he played.. players like Liam Moore, Morgan were just very good.

    I think I have done enough bashing/questioning of AW’s motives for a years so… :-)

  121. Doron Salomon
    Arsenal fans… great Chambers interview from earlier this year


  122. Agree Adam and we have a few…

    Theo must be on his 7th free season by now, maybe this will finally be a great one for him… lol

  123. Read it Gdna, Syg posted it earlier, come on, keep up… ;)

  124. Vidal can play RB back too. just saying.. :)

    All these 2×2 signings could be used to get Vidal from Juve.

    Now that is a player who wont accept a 12:45pm self pity…

  125. Agreed Rico. It’s a positive move for me. But there are always some…

  126. Rico.. are you subtly showing your knowledge in numerology re. the 7th year comment… :D

  127. Ts, how much money Vidal would want to play for AFC? I have asked the question many times and didn’t get a reply, where is AW gonna find playing time for all those MF, knowingly a world class DM is priority.

  128. I know Adam, nevr pleased…

    Hi Nickie, thanks re the post….

    What’s happen to Lewis??

  129. Fuel leak and fire. Car is destroyed, looks like a pit start

  130. Dna. less than £35m and he earns £4m a year currently

  131. Ginge Things are not as bad as they look believe you me . Come on back frim the dark side mate.

  132. Dna Vidal earns €5 million a year… €1.5 million of that being performance related.

    doing the maths that is roughly £100k per week…

    If we give him £120k p/w he will take it and link with his buddy AS17 imo…

  133. Lol.. Rick… I will be back when the season starts o blindly defend AW again… ;)

    I think defending like this from Miquel wont help his cause… typical AFC defending though…

  134. Ts, that would certainly be value for money, he is a very good player.

  135. Dna. Vidal plays DM too.. he only moved into RW/CAM when Pirlo joined Juve…
    But he covered for Isla and Stephan at RB when they were injured.
    Judging from comments on the internet and AFCTV it seems folks are judging Vidals position/play from his world cup appearance.

    He plays the same way as Ramsey from March 2013 to May 2013..

  136. … Ramsey played from March 2013 to May 2013*

  137. Vidal defending..

  138. At Leverkusen my German friend tells me vidal even played CB in a couple of game for them…

    The closest player to rijkaard I have seen in 20 years imho…

  139. Ts, he wasn’t fully fit at the WC, so ignore what certain fans might say, u can’t really blame them when they probably never see him play.

  140. LZ @DiabuIous ·
    Met Pogba in the Mosque today. Told me he’s joining Arsenal.

    Ha ha ha

  141. Horrific marking, positioning and strength from Miquel there Ts lol

  142. lol Nickie.. Isn’t that the AFC way?

  143. How does Ches miss Flappy’s challenge when there was no challenge at all till the last few months???

    Ches is scared of Ospina. He is genuinely scared. That is why he misses Flappy. He knew that with Flappy around his place was 80% secure.

    Now its not.

  144. Hi Everyone!! Nice post-interesting comments, but if I may, let me start by pointing out that TV must stay, He can be an effective BWM sitting directly in front of the CBs. Also, letting the FBs Debauchy/Chambers/gibbs and Monreal to support the attack well. The zone protected by the CBs-DM(bwm) is the most vital defensively and can frustrate attacking teams who play through the middle as well as limit teams who play counter attacking football or through the wings, if Wing-backs are used rather than fullbacks and the wingers are modified to defensive wingers with a running-at-the-defense mentality (Sanchez -left and Cambell -right) with Giroud leading the fwd line, opperating in the AM positions could be Ozil/ Carzola/ Ramsey/ Wilshere, TWalcott and Gnabry can be rotated with any among the front three.

    I believe this is an opportunity for Gnabry to learn from Sanchez, he must not be sent out on loan. as I said, I really believe TV05 can really boost the strength of the defensive triangle if placed at the tip- DM role to protect the defense while he plays just simple short passing role to retain possession. a strong defensive triangle is key in high profile games.

    Arsenal does not really need any other player having players like Diaby, Jenkinson, Gnabry, T Rosicky, Flamini and Sanogo backing up the first team.

  145. Ts, 7 was a guess… lol

    Just seen, engine fire, darn!! Thanks Nickie..

  146. People have been calling for Vermaelen to play defensive in front of the back four for a long time. So far it has not happened and with Wenger’s track record it is unlikely to happen now.

  147. Hi Oscar, TV doesn’t want to play DM apparently, and I have to disagree about not needing further players.

  148. Oh I see Rico. ;)

    there was me thinking you went to the same Numerology school as Christine Lagarde. ;) this morning I was listening to her talk to the top banking industry and IMF folks about 7 and Numerology…

  149. Rico for you.. lol

  150. Never heard of her Ts, is she someone important then?

  151. Oh, an you need to get out more… lol

  152. Rico, arguably the 2nd most important woman on the globe… head of IMF

  153. Team selection at Harrow.
    Afobi up front with Crowley and Willock
    1-0 after 7mins Pleque (the Young C/H

  154. Ts, she must be behind Rico then.

  155. 2-0 after 14min Crowley

  156. IMF, what’s that then?

    :) Bt… I like that.. lol

  157. Rico are you sure we have not yet gotten a PL winning

  158. Rick, is it on live anywhere?

  159. Rico, i could give answers to IMF, but they would be a bit dodgy..lol

  160. of course Bt.. I chose my words carefully. :)

  161. Bt no I dont think so.

  162. Barton and Yossi… crazy

  163. What more do you expect from Barton Ginge
    Afobi nets no 3 after Willock hits bar
    Kev are you there.

  164. I look at Ox-Chamberlain…and I always wondered – what would his playing position in Arsenal finally become? Has he improved since joining or declined?

  165. Rick. Hopefully Benik gets a move to Fulham or another similar club.

    He has always scored goals at this level…

  166. Interesting question Tai.

    One can give 2 answers depending on whether they are thinking with their heart or mind…

  167. Sorry, afternoon all, Tai a belated congrats on your post mate, a striker for me please. Ts, how’s it going mate?

  168. Positive Oscar..

    Bt, go on… ;)

  169. 4-1 ht. Afobi with no 4 a header.
    It looks like he is having one of his better games is it too late.
    I think he has inproved since he joined us.
    From the games I have seen him play he needs the ball in front of him so I would say midfield would be best.

  170. Tai, OC has improved, some of the games he played last season he offered exactly what our side missed. Directness, attitude and no fear and of course pace.

    I struggle to understand why anyone would think he’s not improved or was not worth his fee…

  171. Sounds like a good game Rick…

  172. Heart or mind Ts? Not really sure what you are trying to suggest?

  173. Rico, watched the FA Cup semi, last night/morning, it showed exactly that ref The Ox.

  174. Rico your 4.11 is spot on.
    It seems Harrow are very impessed with the boys.
    Do you know lf Kev managed to make the game.

  175. Bt, glad you can see what he gives us, my mind blows sometimes when our players get criticised – even when OC lost the ball twice in one game last season (can’t remember which game it was) but straight away he was chasing back to to get the ball, and he did…

    Sometimes I think people want to criticise players for the sake of it and it irks….

  176. Thanks Rick.. Not sure if Kev got to the game, I know work is busy for him but I do know if he’s there, he’ll be sending me a report later…..

    Won’t you Kev??? ;)

  177. Rick, is Jonker at the game?

  178. Thanks, Bt.

    We wait.

    On ox, any time I watch Edin Hazard, I say that’s exactly the player Ox should become…has Wenger ever tried him from left side of attack?

  179. OC is 3 years younger than Hazard, he’s still learning. And yes, I think OC has played on the left a number of times…

  180. Hi Bt. Not bad at all mate.. just ‘chilling’ out having a lazy date.
    What about you?

  181. A lazy date Ts, and there was me thinking you were married… ;)

  182. greetings house
    nice post.
    Great move by wenger signing player that can play 2 to 3 position.

  183. Ox was playing on the lhs in the game against Yanited thay AA23 come on for him that led to the boos.

  184. day even… Rico. :-)

  185. Yeah Ts…in that game, he was my man-of-the-match. Wenger subbed him like he’d gone wacko. If you ask me, that was the day RVP decided to quit Arsenal…RVP was openly bitter that the boy who supplied him the equalizer was pulled out when both were getting nearer a winner.

    My question, why should Wenger not play him from our left side of attack? Pace, power, direct, goal sense…why waste him in an already congested middle?

  186. Hi onyedikachukwu, thanks – do you have a shorter name we can call you please?

    Not only that one Ts, he played there last season I’m sure…

  187. Tai. On Ox as I was saying 2 days ago when I was talking about Theo… I think he looked good enough technically to start ahead of Theo on match day 1 against Av last season before his injury.

    My argument is always that is Ox as effective as Sterling who is slightly older when he starts games? Its difficult to judge as Ox has not been able to have a man of games due to injury…

    Another question is has Ox left the ‘stage’ of being considered a player with potential to a sure starter?

    In my view Ox has potential to be a very very good player; and is also exciting to watch. I am not sure yet if he is ready to be a starter consistently..

    I know I got slated last summer for saying this when Serge had not played any games but 1 for us but I say what I believe so… I still think Serge is a far better all round footballer than Ox. Tactically Serge far superior…

  188. Tai, maybe he will this coming season, why not wait and see what AW plans to do with the players…

    Right now, none of us know where or even who will start games…

    People may choose to guess because they are armchair experts, but let’s see what squad we have when we face City in the Community Shield and then again when the transfer window closes…

  189. have a run of games*

  190. All good Ts, just chilling, looking forward to the match tonight. Need me fix of Red and White. lol

  191. Tactically Serge far superior… – what do you do base that theory on then Ts ??

  192. Errr seriously what’s going on? Did arsene get bewitched by brazillian voodoo or what? 4 players signed and it’s not even mid august yet! God help me. Am dying of excitement. Keep em coming arsene. You ve got my backing I might even forgive thr 6.3 5.1 6.0 :grin:

  193. Rico, you just had to ask.

  194. Goonster, your alive!!

  195. Ok, Rico…we wait but while we wait, we still think, wonder, most times aloud…

    I’m getting worried over Ox because I rate him higher as an all-round footballer than Theo, even when I rate Theo very highly in terms of pace, timing his runs and finishing.

    I come from same part of the World with Onyedikachukwu…I’m sure he’d either prefer Onyi or Dika.

    Welcome to HH, my brother.

  196. Have a Merlot and a Pinot then Bt… ;)

  197. Stanley, good to see you are happy… ;)

  198. For sure Bt, go on, do tell… ;)

  199. Just sign Morgan and we ll then truly rip it. I can smell fear around west London. Hence the acquisition of Drogba. Damn my arsenal is back! Oh Lord I love this feeling. Better than sex. Come on you fucking gunners. Yeaaaaaaaaahhhh

  200. Bt it ll take more than a social worker to kill the goonster. I did time for not taking brianna for her shots hence she contacted measles but am back now buddy. Learned my lessons. Gee there’s more to raising a child these days. What happened to just throwing him or her outdoors and let nature take its course. Sheesh oh how I long for the old days…morning rico you bet am happy. Am ecstatic :grin:

  201. Ts, I usually take most things you say on our players home…but , like Rico, I wouldn’t really think Gnabry is far superior to Ox. I rate Ox, very highly…he’s a beast and very difficult to disposes…Gnabry may have more trickery though…does technique border on just trickery? Where’s Dev?

  202. I get that Tai but I just don’t get why our players need to be criticised so often and be questioned about their price tag.

    Football is a crazy world and players cost silly money, we may not like it, but we have to accept it.

    We’ve just won the FA Cup, the transfer window is open and the club are signing players, but even that seems to be pissing some people off.

    Jeez, the club are busy, they are talking about more signings and yet still ‘some’ whine…

    We should all be happy to see what’s going on, not bleedin moaning about stuff….

  203. I think the Ospina transfer from Nice is a done deal waiting for official confirmation. Till now, to the best of my knowledge, after Wenger’s remark about Ospina being an Arsenal player, there’s being no opposing comment from any Nice official stating that Ospina is still a Nice player , and that’s enough proof for me. And for Khedira transfer, I’ve this deep down feeling he will be an Arsenal player before the end of the transfer window. It spells the typical Wenger signings: Deal is hot at one point then goes cold in another, and gets done in the next…

  204. See, that’s the way to go goonster…. ;)

  205. And as usual, a very good post rico

  206. Rico, don’t do wine…lol…meant asking Ts, ref Gnarby..lol

  207. Hmmm…goonster, easy on the dance floor…we haven’t got a DM yet…and Le Prof is known for not making ppl completely happy. It’s in his DNA. That’s why I’ve been screaming – get me the DM first…then other bonuses.

  208. I imagine that RVP decided to leave when told by Darren Dein of how much money he could earn at Man Utd. These days everything is for sale, even loyalty and integrity. I would also think that not letting the wolf back in the fold contributed to Cesc being where he is. Every single player that man represented walked out. I could go on…..

  209. Rico… just an opinion… as you always say its does not make it right ;)
    Maybe I am basing that on his German education…

    From what i see of his game he offers more defensively but has shown tremendous potential, and he is a similar style of player to Oxlade-Chamberlain with a powerful running style, explosive pace, accurate shot and skillful dribbling hallmarks of both their games though he might not be as exciting yet.

    Serge is also very good with both feet and can play multiple positions like Ox…

    Loew may have selected Serge for the DfB squad if Aw had not decided to play him less imo…

    Tai. i never said Serge is a better player; I said tactically… huge difference in my view. That is why continental players end up mostly being better players than English players in most cases…

  210. Tai, please just remember that what Ts says is opinion based only.

    Just like all of us, but not everyone gets the time to post as much as Ts does… ;)

  211. Rico, my comment just disappeared. Any info where it’d gone?

  212. Thanks arsewhale, how did you come up with that name… ;)

  213. Rico it’s foreign hence the apprehension (Yikes did I just say that??? What does it even mean? Look out world am now a linguist like adam a total package :grin:). Arsenal fans are used to 2 dollars players from the French league w. I don’t blame tai am freaking out too. Don’t know if I should sit down Orr swim the Atlantic! God help us. Arsene has gone ballistic.

  214. That’s the way goonie, don’t let the F**kers grind you down.

  215. Hello Adam, please do go on… ;)

  216. Ok, I got you Ts…tactically, I may agree…Ox may drift out of position, Gnabry hardly ever does…in that sense, Ts, I completely agree.

  217. Hey goonie….

  218. since I first saw Ross 2 seasons ago I also rated Barkley as the best English player and even thought he was better than Fellaini… again just an opinion or preference…

    I guess like Ronaldo vs Messi.lol

  219. Ts, this all started because you questioned the OC transfer fee, then knocked and then said every player we sign from Southampton has been injured…

    Not really sure what your agenda was re OC…

  220. :) Bt instigating as usual? lol

  221. Bt you know your audience amigo you know your audience. I ll rather kiss a spuddie than have the powers that be curb my influence…..hey what’s going on? Where is it coming from? Words after words. Am like adam on prozac. Rico that’s it am ready for my first post. I ll send it in pronto.

  222. Rick, I got a Gatwick from London Bridge at 1pm…

    Couldn’t turn it down…

    Traffic was terrible.

    Got there at 2.30.

    Gutted to have missed Crowley…

    Was Dobson playing?

  223. Tai, it was in spam, out now…

  224. Howdy ginge….how’s the summer treating ya :grin:

  225. Fab Stan, look forward to that…

    Kev, quicker than Lewis today then… ;)

  226. Barkley Ts, you knocked him earlier too? £20 million valuation wasn’t it?

  227. Adam, pls we still got any Dein player in our ranks?

  228. Jeez… Rico…

    I was merely asking a question;I have no agenda please…

    I don’t think I am wrong to ask if the £17m spent on him has been worth it YET….

    Could that money used on gervinho and Ox have been better used on Hazard that window or even given Nasri more money that summer?

    Hindsight is a great thing but its all a topic for debate no personal agendas…

  229. Ts, as you know, just jesting mate…lol

  230. Howdy big guy how are you and the missus?

  231. I would Rico but I can’t remember what I was going to say. In fact I feel a bit groggy. It must be the claret I just opened. :)

  232. Goonie… its been good so far… I can’t complain at all…Thank Heavens…

  233. Gnabry, tactically superior to Oxlade Chamberlain?!!!

    It’s an opinion I suppose, but it isn’t one that I share,as if concerns two young players still very much learning their trade….

    Criticism of young players, who need patience and encouragement and is usually counter-productive…,

  234. Ts, so why not write that about Hazard and the money from Gerv etc. ??

    Just sounded like you were out to knock OC and I don’t get why..

    Just like I never understood your downer on Santi….

  235. Very well thank you Stan. We are relaxing on the couch, out of the blazing heat. I do hope all is well with the family Stan.

  236. I didn’t knock Ross. That wasn’t my intention. I was saying his profile seems to have dropped after the wc since he is not being linked to anyone yet but I said I will still pay £20m for him…

    You and Scott said he would cost over £40m…

  237. :) Adam, I could do with some ‘grogginess’, where’s Lee… ;)

  238. 5.23 Kev. spot on…

  239. His profile hasn’t dropped though Ts, Barkley as linked to City just a few days ago and for hefty money…

  240. Complain Nah not you that’s WATH’s middle name. He is never satisfied. Speaking of which where is the bugger? Hey rico here is wath? I owe him 200 quid.

  241. Tai. I don’t believe so though I am not totally sure. No doubt the wolf is circling, looking for a blood vessel to suck from.

  242. Kev, I think Ts was comparing two very good players – both ours. I enjoy such debates as long as they are in-house. It’s when it’s written as an article that I may take exception. Still, this is football times..

  243. I will always criticise a player, young or old, if I think that they are cheating themselves and everyone else by not giving their all…

    They have a wonderful opportunity, a chance to have a career that most of us can only dream about…

    To wank it away, like some have done in recent years is unforgivable…

    Arshavin, JET, Bendtner, et al, we know who they are…

    Wasters who deserve our distain for not giving it 100%

  244. Rico. :)
    The next time we meet then…

  245. Adam, you and me both…no claret involved…lol

  246. Adam I did time in jail apparently I was meant to take brianna for her shots during het first few weeks but I didn’t know or better still no one told me. A social worker looking like an old gnarled tree bark rat me out. Am glad to be out. That’s my 6th life gone adam. 3 more lives to go. God help me

  247. I think most times I fail to complete my sentences…

    Bad writing style which can be confusing… laziness! :-)

    I guess I see thinks differently… my views were never meant to criticize.

    As I was saying before, when fans love certain players any view that may not be in line with theirs may be taken to heart…

  248. Lol…Rico, comeon, it’s just the combination of names. The first 4 letters is derived from the word ‘Arsenal’, and the others ‘Whale’ is a nick name for ‘Olawale’, which is my real name. Lol…I can’t stop laughing…

  249. Wath is busy with work goonster, i’m sure he’ll be back for his £20 ;)

  250. Kev. I heard that David Bentley retired with £10 million in the bank. Astonishing for someone who achieved very little. He was a star in his own mind before he had put the miles in. I take pleasure from the thought that the only club who ever got anything out of him was us. Wasn’t it about £8 million? :).
    Anyway now he can sit in front of the mirror 24 hours a day. No doubt he has the history of the Earth tattooed on his body.

  251. Tai, I prefer to look at the positives, concerning our young players, rather than the negatives…

    What annoyed me was the lack of spirit, heart and fight that out Youth team showed when playing Chelsea in the Youth Cup…

    That really pissed me off…

    Not a lack of talent, more worryingly a lack of character…
    That was very disappointing mate.

  252. Stan. I always wondered if you were a jailbird. As you may know, I did a few years for crimes to hideous to mention in polite company.

  253. Ts, I actually believe people judge players with their heads and that’s because player loyalty is long gone.

    So why should fans love players when they know they could leave any day they choose?

    Don’t underestimate peoples opinion I say…

    I love Theo, he was born just a few miles from where I live, he went to the same school as me and he dated a member of my family…

    But I know he’s been s***e more than he’s been a great player…

  254. Adam, as usual you have trumped me…

    There you go Tai, is there any better example of a wasted career than David Bentley…

    At 29 he should have had 80 odd caps and have been a mainstay of the England team in Brazil…

    A criminal waste of talent….

  255. I missed that then Rico re Ross…

  256. arsewhale, so what shall we call you? ;)

  257. Adam you re a legend….permit this humble slave to learn at your feet master :grin:

  258. Me neither Bt, unless it’s fizzy… ;)

    Ok Adam, I look forward to that… lol

  259. Yes Adam did 18 months for a vicious chloroform attack…

    The beast…. ;-)

    But a very decent beast… :-D

  260. Arise Sir Goonster, Lord of the Cream. :)

  261. Maybe I should confess. I did 23 months for stalking… :(

    The blue eyed boy was my victim, I’m surprised he still talks to me…..

  262. Kev. I asked you to never mention that I chloroformed Durham and reduced him to glue. My defence was that it was for the good of mankind.

  263. Kev, with you all the way mate, the youth cup was abysmal to say the least, the lack of pride really hurt.

  264. Rico, if you can recall which I know you will say you cant remember… ;) when several folks on here were criticizing Theo I use to say Theo was our best big game player…

    For instance 3 years ago folks got angry for me saying Ramsey was a better player tactical than JW…

    when I appear to criticise players I believe it is done constructively. Like I always use to say JW was never a no.10 because he could not receive the ball with his back to goal…

    none were meant as criticism…

    Its just that when I was younger I spent more time watching Ajax than Arsenal and EPl so I like my footballers a certain way…

  265. Then arise Sir Goonster, Lord of the Cream.

  266. Is anyone going to watch BM vs M’gbach later?

  267. Disapointed you could not make it Kev. I was looking forward to your veiws on Crowley and Willock. It looks like a good allround game for the lads and finished 5-1. The side was a mixture of u21 and u 18 but Dobson was not in the squad Scorers Crowley Pleq Iwobi and Afobi (2).
    Next game for them is Boreham wood next friday

  268. arsewhale is yet another Nigerian Gooner. So many of us here…!

    Rico, now you’ve started on Theo … and you got me to worry about. Theo is about one player that coaches worry whenever playing against us….ask Pep Guardiola…pls Ts, has Arsenal ever lost to Barca with Theo in line-up?

  269. Adam, relax mate, I disposed of the evidence in the boot of Lee’s car… ;-)

  270. BT. Are you in the Emerald Isle?

  271. BT, that’s what I cannot stand mate…

    Forget the sports car, thè Rolex, the Wag, sort your career out and have a career for 20 years….

    That’s a lot of dough….

    Adam said Bentley banked £10million…

    That sounds a lot to all of us, but in footballer terms, at the top level it’s peanuts…

  272. Hmmmm…you guys turning this house into a den of ex-cons?

  273. Rick, if was unavoidable mate…

    Borehamwood on a Friday evening will be a right git to get to…
    It all depends on my work, but I might try and zip up there as I want to see Crowley and Willock.
    Also the new guys, from Greece etc…

  274. Well kev I ll take dem peanuts off you right now if you don’t mind. 10 million quid is peanuts!! What is thr world coming to? God give me strength.

  275. Ts, yes in the bigger games, but for the rest of the season you slate him, just as you did Santi…

  276. No… Tai. He played in the game in February 2011 that we won 2-1.

    I will confirm later.

  277. Adam, i’m up nurf on the Emerald Isle.

  278. I slate them to not tracking back… but then also say maybe its Aw’s fault for not asking them to defend. :-)

    They earn enough to track back as professional players on their salary…

  279. Tai, may I ask why you ask Ts so many things?

  280. In footballer terms Stan, put dem glasses on man…

    You ever been in San Quentin, Stan?

  281. I know, he’s the stats man… ;)

  282. for not tracking back*

  283. Yeah tai how come you don’t ever ask me? Likr what’s up with that?

  284. Ts, I’m certain he played in that one we drew 2 -2. We were down to two Ibra strikes when he came on and turned the game. Think he scored first goal before Cesc’s pen, right?

  285. San quentin is for thugs drug dealers and murderers kev…I spent time in a tutti frutti jail with pink unicorns bunnies and teddy bears. Grrrr I mean I am manly ain’t I? Why put me in a sissified type jail?

  286. That’s my point really Ts, you don’t know what role AW has told them to play, you don’t know if they are given freedom to roam, in fact you don’t know anything about what AW tells his players to do…

    None of us do…..

    If we had a true leader on the pitch, he would sort stuff out as the game goes along imo, but we don’t…

  287. In tsgh’s defense, Stevey Williams had a bit of a dodgy track record with us as well, he might be on to something !

    Just heard about the judge who fell asleep during a child rape case….beggars belief.

  288. Goonster, your opinion is important to me… :)

  289. Stan, I really can’t answer that one mate…

  290. I was reading that too Micko… what a job eh? lol

    True Rico. but tactical players don’t need a Tony Adama or Vieira to tell them what to do…

    I know captain is big in this country but most continental teams who are successful do not appoint a captain the same way we do in this country…

  291. Thanks rico I know you ll see it my way. ..I know stuff too. Sheesh buy I don’t see anyone ever asking me. Ts Rick kev devil even wath have been asked stuff from time to time. Everyone sees me as a comic. Am only good for laughs huh? I ll show you all I ll show you all yet.

  292. Who Micko? ;)

    You serious about the judge? Sack him!

  293. lol goonie.. you are the Adonis!

  294. All I know Stan, is that Wath always speaks well of you when we’re having a chat…

    We’re all looking forward to taking you out on the Town, when you visit London…

    I reckon even Mick will pop over to join in…

  295. Well, Rico…you already answered…

    Let me say that the person who amazes most in this house is TS…how he ever keeps his stats handy beats my imagination. Besides, he’s a religious follower of the game and reads it quite well.

    Again, always here, never takes an AWOL…and always ready. Whatever you asked him got answers…accurate answers.

    goonster, for now you’re drunk…Wenger’s transfer liquor for now is blocking your views…what do I ask you? The colour of the wine? It’s always red!

  296. Disagree Ts.. It’s all about the bigger picture imo…

  297. Kev, as the great Rocky said “Remember who you are,what you are and who you represent” young players just don’t seem to get it. Displays like that get my blood boiling.

  298. Tai.

    Stats are easy, they are from a website somewhere.

    Everyone here can read the game quite well!

    Accuracy – no, Ts gives an opinion, just like us all…!

    I’m not knocking Ts, but each and every one of the HH contributors know about football. A lot about Arsenal too and what goes on at the club….

  299. I’ll tell ya what Stan, every blog needs a variety of bloggers to make it entertaining and informative….
    You are an important part of this blog….

    Adam will back me up…

  300. Gee kev but I want to be more than a comic relief. I know stuff too. You ask rico. Right mama bear?

  301. They’re so far out of touch rico ! Bunch of old farts.

  302. Spot on Kev, HH is about everyone having an opinion and I mean everyone….

    Unless someone wants to spill the beans and tell us all that they what goes on at the club and how they know it, then it’s all opinion…

    Of course they can tell me real things and I keep it secret of course, which does happen sometimes… ;)

  303. Goonie, you hate both Koemans’ so that is enough.. lol

  304. Rico, maybe aw, and no, not what you’re thinking, ‘Arsene Wenger’!
    Tai, really! like ow many ‘NG’ do we have up in here?
    I think Tai just feels comfortable getting info from Ts. Perhaps, he feels Ts is a more credible nd reliable source ;)

  305. Right Stan… ;)

    Micko, I think Dyke is an old fart but he makes sense….

  306. Ginge :grin:

  307. Absolutely. Stan Of Old Hampton Street is my kinda guy. :)

  308. Adam you re the man after my heart. I owe you drink whenever the home office deems it fit to grant my visa request. I mean 4 times adam. 3 times and they said no. Sheesh am not strapping a c4 into Britain am I?

  309. Jeez folks Tai/Arsewhale you going to get me barred.. lol

    Honestly folks I come here to learn too..

    Like Kev telling a few weeks Hummels played DM for Dfb u-21.in 2009…
    He probably thought I was being ‘odd’ with my comment but was just thanking him for the info…

  310. BT. I thought so. :)

  311. I know, I know, Rico…

    The addiction this house hangs on is the fact every visitor knows about Arsenal and football…Dev is awesome too.

    But in a pool, you still spot a favourite fish. I love stats …it helps in projections, not necessary how many tackles a game …but stuff like sign on fees, transfers dates, scores etc.

  312. Gee rico who has been telling you secrets :grin: wanna share? I ll bet it’s wath that rat face mugster.

  313. Goonster. Stan I remember all the chats we have had. You and I and a special natter with us and Rico a long time ago. You know you have a friend here in London. :)

  314. Pah stats he says….I know me some stats too. For instance I know agag is 32 23 30 don’t ask me how I came up with that though :grin:

  315. Adam, did my accent give me away?….lol

  316. lol… only an adonis will know

  317. Ditto adam….hopefully they ll let me in one day. They can’t say no forever. Sniff sniff.

  318. :D my neighbour just knocked on the door and asked me for some Azonto music… she is 67%

  319. As far as I know, Devil Gunner is the only one on here with a UEFA coaching badge…

    Therefore, when he talks systems, line ups, tactics, I listen.
    Because he is talking from a position of knowledge, that I admit, I cannot fathom.

    I actually come on here to have a chat and a laugh.

    There are many blogs out there, full of tacticians and budding XBox managers…

    Those blogs are painfully dull….

    That is something we must avoid on here…

  320. 67 y.o even .lol.


  321. Azonto??? What’s that ts? I want me some too. Sounds exotic.

  322. Aw,

    You just stay vigilant, you’ll be spotting us.

    Ts, I’m Rico is pulling legs lol. I’ve learn from every body here. No need mentioning names for fear of missing one out.

    But take it from me, this house is second to none in things about Arsenal and football. I know because I’ve been around blogs, quite around!

  323. lol… Goonie.. i thought you and micko had phd in nigerian/ghanaian culture…

  324. Hahahahah kev you crack me up. Budding Xbox managers? What’s that?

  325. Boo!! Hello, all. :)

    Adam, I’m sorry, I nodded off while blogging last night. I’m still getting used to keeping work hours again, lol.

    Hiya, rico, goonie, Tai, ginge, Shopping Buddy. :)

  326. OK, off to polish up a post I promised Rico…

    Rick, thanks again for the info mate…


  327. Goonie.. this is why Frimps was sacked.

  328. Azonto is Nigerian pop music…very popular but pray, 67 y.o? For his/her grandchildren?

  329. All work and no play Agag. You know what they say. :)

  330. Ginge, you’re popular today. :D :D

    goonie, jail?? Again?? Why do you need a visa to go to the UK??

    As for me, rico is my favorite blogger. :) She almost single-handedly buil this home. ;)

  331. BT. It was that Belfast twang. :)

  332. Lol…goonster, please tel me how u came up with that. Like to know what those numbers mean..lol

  333. Stats and the like, all have a place, personally, i like to believe what my own eyes tell me, at least when open… maybe that’s were i’m going wrong……lol

  334. lol… My neighbour’s (wife) said she went to a party and they were playing it and since I was an African she knew i could hook her up…

    I didn’t know how to take that… :-)

    Last week she thought my 2Paclypse album was too angry.. lol

  335. True Agag re Rico.. I even placed christine Lagarde after her earlier and Bt as always wanted to get me in trouble…

    Just when I thought I could ‘outmanoeuvre’ Micko another one pops in… lol

  336. Ts, a result!!!! lol

  337. Gee agag you cut me deep….I thought I was your favorite blogger. Dang stabbed in the back again.

  338. It was all play and no work for a year for me, Adam. Lol. :P How’s Mrs Adam?

    ginge, I don’t get rap music. Haha.

    Hi, BT. :)

  339. Whale those stats cane through painstaking hustle. Am not gonna reveal them just yet. Hang around buddy you might learn something new.

  340. I can’t stop laughing watching Ryo dancing in the background…

  341. I like abba ginge….still dance to it every morning before heading off to work :grin:

  342. Sorry, goonie. :D We ladies have to stick together. :) There was a lady blogger before, who cut you down to size. Ha!

    Christine Lagarde, ginge. :D

  343. I can’t get my head around modern music either. My younger nephew and neices say I am an old man for not getting all this Rihanna stuff but in my teens in the early 90’s gangsta rap was IT growing up in inner London… with Jungle music as well…

  344. Hi Agag, your first week done?

  345. Goonie. I dont mind Abba.. just delete that after you read so Micko can’t see that. lol
    Was Musical Youth big in your part of Holland?My cousins in Holland loved them then…

  346. Boo to you agag, how are you?

  347. Gee agag she cut me to size. An Italian foxy mama….what’s her name again? Boy did she grind my gears.

  348. Yes the Italian lady… :)

  349. Besides we still have Emma here so it’s a win win situation.

  350. Colinda or something similar

  351. Bt, 6.39. Spot on, so so right too. Trust in what you see, not what is hidden by useless figures….

  352. Goonie, are you a Dancing Queen?

  353. Emma- has been scarce recently… she use to be my info source for ligue 1.. lol

  354. Yikes ginge….clorinda. that’s her name alright. Hey rico whatever happened to her

  355. Steve Bruce now wants to get Jenks on loan…

  356. Not sure Gdna, maybe you could ask Devil…

  357. Bt you have no idea…I could rock that joint all morning and not get tired but my favorite is volez vouz

  358. That’s the one Goonie… good memory.

  359. Lol ginge stop patronizing me fella….lol

  360. :) Goonie.. me never

  361. Bt, yes, it felt like a loong one. The Phils is like 85% Catholic, but it’s a national holiday on Tuesday for Eidul Fitr.

    Haha. rico, I’m good, and you? :)

  362. Dinner calls… Later..

  363. I liked Tupac too ginge but to me his best albums were before he teamed up with suge knight. After then he just sounded angry to me. The best rap album of all tomes should be all eyes on me. Straight up like my black friends ll say.

  364. All good thanks agag, just hungry.. ;)

  365. Good man Goonie, keep it rocking.

  366. Bon apetite rico

  367. Lok bt rico is right you sure are an instigator. Lol

  368. Agag. She is quite well thank you and sends her regards.

  369. Agag, a holiday already looming, happy days!

  370. Ts, was OC doing the Azonto dance style? Where did he learn that from? That’s very interesting.
    Tai, sure will be on the lookout. Been part of HH for a while now,just not being an active member, read the post and then log off.. I think Ts is one, emma another and some couple others..

  371. Has she shopped for anything recently, Adam? :P

    BT, I know!! Goody for me.

    Goonie, my favorites are Mamma Mia and The Name of the Game. Lol.

  372. Goonie. All eyes on me was done on Death Row though.., his first album out of jail/.

  373. AWhale. OC ‘hung’ with Frimps so it was bound to happen…

    All the youth do it in UK now…

    Poldi apparently frequent African restaurants etc…

  374. Agag, we have a countryman of yours, plying his trade over here, a superb musician and thoroughly decent person.

  375. Adam, you on the rip, tonight?

  376. Agag. Strolling along Regent St recently she spied a sale in winter wear. In we went and she spotted a rather nice mac. It was a kind of electric blue, double breasted with some gold buttons and a chain at the neck. Needless to say it hangs in her wardrobe as I write. She asks if you have bought any handbags?

  377. BT. Immersed. You?

  378. Goonie… one of my fave rap tunes is

  379. Emeka obasi stop lying to da white folks!!..Azonto is from Ghana..stop being a typical Nigerian
    “Azonto nigwrian pop music” seriously bro come on

  380. Bt, Filipinos are everywhere. :) Many work in the hospitality industry; or as nurses/caregivers in retirement homes.

  381. True Agag. I have one 2 doors from me… her husband is a chav and gets me to the chelsea games…
    She likes her designer gear.. looks hot for her age too… ;)

    Goonie I meant this one.

  382. Will be, left to my own devices, since yesterday, awaiting the return of the other half, to decide which direction to take….Itching to get started good and proper…..lol

  383. Tai. A lil bit of misinformation there I think. Azonto is suppose to be a form of dance, right? And I think it actually originated from Ghana, no?

  384. Adam, haha. And I bet Mrs Adam, who has a closet full of clothes, says “I have nothing to wear”. :D :D I bought a Proenza Schouler PS1 bag when I visited NYC last year. :)

  385. BT. Pop by if you like. :) we’ll have a laugh.

  386. Lol, ginge. Mrs Ginge will see that comment, watch out.

  387. Agag. Now, that is a bag. Mrs Adam seems to prefer the good old Bridge bags. I bought her a Mulberry Bayswater and she never, ever used it. Said it was too big. Are you glad to be back at work then?

  388. Adam and BT, you’re speaking as if in code. :)

  389. Lol.. her husband asked my mrs if I was after his wife.. lol.
    We use to go jogging before..

    Thorough. Azonto is like Jollof rice… Ghanaian’s and Nigerian’s can’t agree where it originated from.. lol

  390. Yeah I know ginge but after dre left death row pac went suicidal. I still think suge has a hand in his death. God help me I ll prove it someday.

  391. Talking of music,
    I have a 6year old Great Granddaughter and the other day when visiting she said “Can you get music on your moble Pops”
    When I said I could not she replied ” Get with it Pops. Buy a moble like Mummy and then you can listern to One Direction”
    Just who are One Direction?

  392. Bayswater is very pretty, Adam. :) :) Does Mrs Adam find it too big? I’m glad bec. I should be able to travel again, haha. ;) I wonder when I will make it to London. I know a few whose Visa applications were denied. :(

  393. Adam, if only it was that easy….lol…you can’t beat a good…. laugh.

  394. This is the best group around. Even when I have a really tight shedule there’s always time for me to at least read the posts on here and I can asure you guys that its really been exciting to be a part of this for over 3 years now… Kudos rico, adam , goonster and everyone here. You guys are the best . @ tai I sight you guy.

  395. One Direction, Rick? A boy band better known for who they are dating than actual talent. :D

    Adam, oops, you just said she found it too big. :D

    ginge, haha. Maybe you give yourself away. :D :D

  396. Agag. She’s very small. :)
    I know BT. Perhaps one day then..
    Ok all. I am off for the evening. I wish you all a peaceful night.

  397. Rico….. Check your inbox….

  398. Haha agag you re a hoot. Lord God in heaven. Wouldn’t want to piss you off in public. Dang.

  399. Howdy bondex….where have you been hiding pal?

  400. Good nighty, Adam. :) Hello, bondex.

  401. lol Agag… the lady is closer to my age than to her husband. ;) still her husband and I are cool…

    Do you like BTNH? They performed in Unang Hirit- Manilla; I have been waiting for them to come to UK for nearly 20 years still no arrival.. lol

  402. Lol goonie re 7:47 Suge is my man…

  403. Adam, have a good one mate, someday most certainly, well up for that.

  404. Still think he killed yaki kadaffi too. It’s well known that he’s the only person that saw the gunman. To stop him from blurting out the truth suge had him killed. Little wonder him and pac died weeks apart. Coincidence??? I don’t think so.

  405. lol Goonie.. Yaki Kadaffi… you bringing back memories buddy. I was doing my A-level when I heard Yaki was dead too.. troublesome 1996.

  406. Bone bone bone bone bone… Lol. Brings back memories. Hahaha. How’d you know about Unang Hirit?

    Goonie, I’m never the person to cross. :D :P

  407. Dude am a big pac fan…..still have all his albums to date. Seems kinda odd walking down the streets of Arnhem and bobbing your head to rap music. Lol

  408. Are you telling me agag….I know not to cross you lil mama. You gobble me up and spit out my bones.

  409. Hi Shopping Buddy, great to see you getting your work, back on track…

    When are the sales??? :-P

  410. Agag- I said my neighbour is from your land…

    Bone indeed

  411. Kev, the sales are underway. :P Almost ending, actually. ;) I’ll get back to shopping ways in a few months. I’ll beef up my funds first. ;) Howdy, buddy?

    You got it, goonie. :D

  412. goonie. I tried to tried to take some posh boys who wore corduroy trousers and deck shoes with blazers to dancehall clubs. lol

    The look on the Jamaican’s faces when they walked in was like Dna about to say AW out. lol

  413. goonie. the Feds killed pac mate.. not suge!

  414. Just saw some footage on callum chambers. He’s not that bad ginge. I see him challenging for the best rb in the land in 2 years time. Plus he’s a gooner am told. Good times to be a gooner. God knows we ve been through hell and back.

  415. What are you doing in her living room wathcing Unang Hirit, ginge?? Tsk tsk :P

  416. Hahahahahahhaha ginge you re crazy bro. I ll get a frosty reception let alone prim and proper dudes like that.

  417. lol… he looks good indeed but as I said I haven’t seen much of him so no comment…

    I still think that cash could get us Miranda from Ath. a proper Cb so.. lol

  418. The only BTNH song I know is Crossroads; and the one with Mariah Carey. Lol.

  419. Let’s agree to disagree ginge. Feds didn’t kill pac suge did. Pac wasn’t going to renew his contract with death row and he was gonna leave with snoop thr dogg pound gangstas and of course outlaws immortals. Suge would have gone bankrupt to stop him them from all leaving was to curtail them and what is the fastest way to do it…yep kill their ring leader. 2pac.

  420. Awwwww lil mama what chu know about bone thugs and harmony? Lol. I ve been hanging around black people for too long.

  421. Ginge mentioned Bonethugs, goonie. I remember the one with Mariah Carey, cause it was always played on the radio. Looool.

  422. Nice confirm Ospina to AFC, never saw that one coming !

  423. lol…Agag. I thought it was a morning programme?

    Goonie. pac and killuminati mate…

  424. Agag. BTNH have like 3 or 4 songs with wailing Mariah..

    which one you referring to?

  425. I’m off, guys. :) Night!!!

    Hello, Micko and bye, Micko. :P

  426. Bt – One Direction is a new way of saying ‘one way street’.. lol

  427. Nighty agag, sleep well…

  428. Thanks Kev…

  429. Breakdown, Ginge. :D :D I think that went to no. 1. :P Yes, it’s a morning show. :) Why are you in her living romm so early? Loool.

  430. Too many questions Agag. ;)

  431. You guys are ahead of us so… ;)

  432. time wise…

  433. goonie.. when you get time view the ’95 source awards on youtube.. all the best musicians then performed… of course fat suge was there too..lol

  434. Nite agag, think I’ll stick with my best of billy ocean cd thanks !

  435. Rico, a one way street to no where….lol

  436. Bt, agree, they are bloody awful…

  437. Micko, love Billy Ocean, and Freddie Jackson, the latter is one of my all time favourites…

  438. Billy the Gooner, Micko.

  439. lol.. smokey robinson. Micko

  440. Agag, have a good one, bye.

  441. Yuck rico Billy ocean and Freddie Jackson? What’s next cameo and Rick James :grin:

  442. Been around mate … Just been really really busy these days.

  443. and The Miracles.

  444. Nah ginge I like the original smokies…the British band. Going back to Bradford was one of my favorites and living next door to alice. Gee nostalgia.

  445. No Goonie, Luther maybe?

  446. Cameo are cool though.. days of the jheri curls… lol

  447. I don’t think so Goonster, I tot the Feds did kill both 2pac n Biggie and made their deaths look mysterious. And I think they did it to stop the East Coast- West Coast trouble that was gettinng outta hand as of the time. Take out the two focal points and the rest is history; nd that’s exactly what they did…I maybe wrong, but I did follow the story very keenly bck then…

  448. I’m off guys, got to make sure those feathered ones get to bed..

    Night all….

  449. Only Gianluigi Buffon with 81.1% had more saves to shots ratio than David Ospina (80.3%) in the top five leagues last season.

  450. Have a nice night Rico..

  451. Nite Ricooooo!

  452. When the going gets tough.

    The tough get going…

    Yeah, they don’t make ‘em like that anymore.

  453. Man U playing As Roma on Fox, Tom Cleverly captain. Lol

  454. Ts, you watching the match?

  455. Night Rico…

    Casserole, don’t forget, it never fails… ;-)

  456. BT, what time is the kick-off…?

    11pm wasn’t it?

  457. Kev, I think it’s 10pm in the UK.

  458. Kev, 10pm i think, 11pm is CET, on stream site.

  459. Szczesny, Jenkinson, Hayden, Monreal, Gibbs, Ramsey, Wilshere, Zelalem, Arteta, Cazorla, Rosicky

  460. I should do… Bt.

    Who is Sam Johnstone? lol

  461. Whoooo? lol

  462. Interesting no RB?

  463. Yanited’s goalie… lol

  464. Oh, must be a twat then..lol

  465. So either Jenkinson or Monreal will partner Hayden as CB in the 1st half

  466. Wooney looks class in club football but headless for England…

  467. Does anyone know of a decent stream of the match?

  468. Ts, what are your thoughts on Man U 3-5-2 formation?

  469. Morning all.
    Game time……..bring it on!

  470. Interesting Dna… good result today… it allows Wooney loads of room

    try this folks


  471. why oh why is Akpom on the bench vs RedBull? Who is striking out of the starters? Szczesny, Arteta, Cazorla, Gibbs, Hayden, Jenkinson, Monreal, Ramsey, Rosicky, Wilshere, Zelalem

  472. Rosicky starting up front.

  473. 4-6-0 as dev mentioned yesterday… I think TR07 will start upfront

  474. or, reverse order, Szczesny up front

  475. Cahill may cause us issues at the back… with TH14 of course

  476. Thanks GDNA/BT…

    Gonna see a bit of if on Twitter…

    Goodnight All

  477. Gdna,

    Who strikes? Szczesny?

  478. comedy defence… lol

  479. He probably does.. but the suicidal passes he is been given…

  480. Is TH14 playing CM?

  481. He’s deep isn’t he…

    Are any arsenal players playing in any position?

  482. He is Woody?

    It looks like we are playing 4-1-5… absolute rubbish and disrespectful… imho

    I dont like Ar16’s new attacking role at all… Scott forgive for saying that.. ;)

  483. Very rusty, but it’s a trial match.

  484. Hopefully it’s only unti we get players back

  485. Henry looks total class in pretty much everything he does

  486. I know its pre-season but watching BM and Yanited earlier they look like they have been working on a system…

  487. He does woody. Because he is tactically superb so even when he looks the speed he has the brain…

  488. Ts, it’s a exhibition game. Lol

  489. I am on the dark side until match day 1 so… lol

  490. Ts, the disrespectful thing is coming to a big country like the USA without a proper defender or striker, It’s laughable.

  491. Miquel will come on in 2nd half me think..

  492. I believe in training like you mean to fight…
    if the mentality is not right now.. how will the kill switch be turned on when needed?

    The reason why even the chelsea u-18’s have more fight in them than some of our boys…

  493. Mes yeux est bleu….I’m worried!

  494. I feel violated..

  495. King Abou…

    Lol lee…

  496. Over and out from Murcia.

  497. Diaby need to release the ball earlier.

  498. Le Coq is shite imho…

  499. What a finish and a pass

  500. Ts, what’s up with all these kids you are always exited about?

  501. Guessing we lost, then?

  502. Didn’t see the game, but from what I’ve read Hayden had a good game…

    It was, what it was, a run-out and a PR exercise…

    Pre-season starts in Austria next week.

  503. You’re up early Kev ;)

    Morning to you and all…

  504. Morning Rico and Kev.

  505. Good Morning Sexy chicks and hunky gun smokers.

    Just read reports and comments on yesterday’s game.

    Seems that Martinez and Hayden had good game.



    More like 3 at the back, jigsaw puzzle in the middle and Void up front. Sort of 3-7-0.

    Monreal at CB???? WOOOWWWWW Could never have envisaged that idea. Not even in my wildest dreams.

    2nd half seems to have been better as we went with a more settled formation…..albeit a sort of 3-6-1 formation it seems.

    The more I am mixed up the more I understand it seems.

  506. Morning Rico, yes, it is early….

    Morning Adam, did you see the game?

    Morning Coach.

  507. How seriously did Wenger take this game?

    Not at all imo…

    It was just an exercise in fitness.

    Good for shirt sales though.

  508. Hi Kev. No mate. I am not too interested in the pre season turnout myself. As you say, a few shirts have likely been sold and a few blokes got to rum around a bit.

  509. I did not see the game habib. Too late for me. And after doing another 7 miles on the clock with another 5 miles coming up today I simply could not afford to stay awake.

    But like you asked……how seriously did AW take the game? Imo he is doing all he can to ridicule such a fixture. He does not want it and it shows.

    As you said….exercise in fitness, fulfilling obligations and a PR stunt.

    I guess he legged it quickly to the airport after the game.

  510. Morning Rico, habib and Adam.

  511. Morning Adam and Devil..

  512. Didn’t know Bradley Wright-Phillips played for the Red Bulls…

  513. Morning gang….

  514. Morning Lee..

  515. I’m not a massive CJ fan but surely he has to be given more of a chance before we sell him???? He is a massive Arsenal fan to boot!

  516. Just read that Santi thinks with our current signings we will come close to wining the league…..I’d like some of what he’s smoking ASAP!

  517. I hope any move is a loan, let him play every week and see how he improves. I always think that the more he plays, the better he gets…

    Really don’t want him sold off, he’s young, English and a Gooner and I can think of one or two players who should leave long before he does…

  518. You spying on my post again? ;)

  519. Apparently Arteta & Flamini we’re not at the races! I didn’t see it though….

  520. The cava that was left is in fact a spy-cam…..there’s no Cava in there, Adam made me do it!! It was that or hours of water torture!!!

  521. I’m more intrigued to who this blue eyed person is you’ve been stalking…… I’m hurt!

  522. What is the point os mosquitos? One of the fuckers stung me on the finger and it’s really itchy!

  523. So that means you can now see inside my recycling bin… ;)

    Sky News are talking about Vaping… ;)

  524. I’m guilty as charged, his eyes are more blue… lol

  525. I hate the little blighters, they are as bad as Wasps….
    :) Kev…

  526. That young right back is also supposed to have said he signed for Liverpool because he didn’t think he was ready for a move to a big club – referring to why he didn’t join us..

    Love comments like those….

  527. Vaping in order to give up cigarettes or in order to get out of your mind???

  528. Morning Lee, how are things, on the moon? ;-)

  529. I watched Brenda last night. Since he outed his poor wife and took up with a younger woman he has lost weight, had his hampsteads whitened, ditched the Casio for an IWC Big Pilot and now he is lightening his hair. What a knob!

  530. Liverpool fans still think that they are the biggest club in the Universe…

    When they’re just about the biggest club on Merseyside, just…

    Deluded bunch of pickpockets.

  531. Oh and I forgot the Botox.

  532. Lee, have you ever thought about lightening your hair… :-D

  533. Botox sounds interesting…

    I might give it a try….

  534. Kev. You could look like John Henry, the man with the ironed face. :)

  535. London Town is a little cloudy today (like my head) but thankfully it’s pleasantly cool with a nice breeze…

  536. Adam :lol:

    I have long admired the crease less quality of both John Henry and David Moyes.

    It’s a look I could well see myself adopting… :-)

  537. You don’t like Brenda then Adam, I’m shocked… ;)

  538. 8.56 Kev :lol: :lol:

  539. I see it too Kev.
    “Now just you lay still Mr Henry while I steam-iron your remarkably crease-free boat race”.

  540. Rico. As a source of twisted amusement he is this year’s Moyes for me. As the year goes on I predict he will look blonder and blonder and younger and younger, though sadly no taller.

  541. Morning Brudders, I left the moon yesterday and am currently residing in Murcia where it’s currently 28c….
    As for my Barnet, are you spying on me Kev? I’ve had highlights recently done and grown a ponytail….very fetching even if I do say so myself! ;)

  542. Now that you say it…. I think there’s something different about that complete bellend Shane Warne! He looks so different these days!

  543. One hilarious view from a ghastly site suggests that big-hearted Sami Khedira has dropped his demands from £150k per week after tax to a far, far more reasonable £134k. What a guy! He’s all heart that Sami.

  544. No more handsome either Adam. lol

  545. Warne has had a skin stretch where the surplus was removed after suspending him from a hook for 7 days. What is left resembles a skeletoid Antipodean with thyroid-like bulging eyes. A skilled confectioner teased his hair into an improbable design by weaving confectioners custard (or Creme Anglais) into the remnants of his barnet.
    Brenda is looking on with interest.

  546. That’s a £1.2m p.a (gross) salary cut…..what a good egg Sami is?!?!

  547. Personally, I couldn’t afford a cut of that magnitude Lee.

  548. Doesn’t Shane Warne wash his face in formaldehyde???

    His face has a stretched-out glow to it…

    Almost as if his skin comes in a roll…

    You know, like pastry from the supermarket…

  549. Yeah Adam, I saw that report about Khadira’s gracious drop in wage demands…

    I didn’t know whether to laugh or laugh…

    I am beginning to lose any form of enthusiasm about the non-prospect of signing him..

  550. There seems to be an increasing number of Patisserie Valerie’s in London these days…

    Best chocolate cake I’ve tasted in ages, out of there…

  551. If you want to taste a good cake Kev……..try the ones made by the missus. They are simply……D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S.

  552. New post up now…

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