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William Carvalho bid made! Arteta off? Vermaelen is but Arsene confirms he will be replaced…..

Morning all.

So the boys had a nice little run around at Boreham Wood yesterday afternoon and the travelling fans got to see a few first team players in action for the first time this summer.

We ran out 2-0 winners but it was a couple of youngsters who stole the limelight, well, scored the goals. Kris Olsson finished well after a super ball from Tomas Rosicky and then with five minutes left of the game, Benik Afobe was given a shove in the penalty area and he stepped up to slot home the spot kick.

Twenty two players were used yesterday, an entire different team for each half and just who of that group will still be at Arsenal when the transfer window closes remains to be seen. There was certainly a few I’d like to see the back of….

I wonder why Mikel Arteta didn’t feature……

Abou Diaby did and as far as I know, he’s had no after affects….

After the game Arsene Wenger spoke about a few things.

On a good workout:

For us it was important to give everybody a run-out to see how close the young players are, to see how fit the players who are used to playing in the Premier League are. Overall what we want is [to avoid] injuries and to get everybody at a good fitness level.

Everybody he said, so where was Mikel Arteta? Is he injured or going??

On getting players fit during major tournament years:

It’s much more difficult because players come back stage by stage. Players that have gone out early come back next week [but] for example the three players that won the World Cup will return at the beginning of August, so it’s very difficult to get everybody at the same level at the start of the season.

On pictures of Jack Wilshere in the press:

I haven’t spoken to him so it’s very difficult for me to make any statement. I know what you can make of pictures – I have to speak to him really to see what happens before I come out publicly. I’m not deeply concerned by it. I just want to know what happened and before I know what happened, I don’t want to talk too much about it.

And then the big one, the one we all really want to know about, transfers:

I’m very happy with what I could do until now. It’s not over – there’s still a long way to go.

I can’t give you any names because you are never sure that you can do what you want. We are still out there to strengthen our squad.

The manager went on to say that he cannot guarantee Thomas Vermaelen will stay which in my opinion means he’s off but he did say that our captain will be replaced should he depart. Good!

A long way to go says the manager – to me that means we are going to see a few more signings through the door yet which is great news. I think there was a slight fear that having signed Alexis Sanchez and Mathieu Debuchy, the club would go quiet, perhaps until the end of the transfer window but it doesn’t sound like that will be the case.

All good then in the Arsenal camp then and next up is a trip to America, where Thierry Henry and his New York Red Bulls are waiting.


Well reports are coming out of Portugal which suggest we have had a €30million (£24m) bid for William Carvalho turned down. The Metro are running the story and my goodness, if by chance this is true and Ivan makes it happen, how chuffed would we all be….?

Anyway, where was Mikel Arteta yesterday?? ;)

Have a good day all…..

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300 comments on “William Carvalho bid made! Arteta off? Vermaelen is but Arsene confirms he will be replaced…..

  1. Morning all. Great days ahead?

  2. Metro reports that Khedira to be confirmed as our player on Monday. Is this another “pure invention” or Wenger is about to suprise us tomorrow?

  3. Morning, Rico, all,

    Couldn’t watch game yesterday…wasn’t shown in my country and couldn’t hook in via any feed on the net.

    My worry – if Diaby was really good, then it may be goodbye to any DM signing.

  4. Morning rico, the plot thickens !

  5. When fit Diaby is an okay player. Not brilliant, but okay. Totally the wrong kind of player for Arsenal. He holds on to the ball far too much and he can be easily bossed, and as most will tell you . Nearly £30M outlay for three decent games is very bad business.

    He would be better served in the French league.

  6. Morning Micko, Tai, Syg and all…

    I think good times ahead, I really do…

    Micko, I bet Jose will now drop his interest in Khedira and go for Carvalho….

    Then we nip in and seal the man from Madrid… ;)

  7. I was at the Boreham Wood game yesterday and was in the Boardroom with Wenger and Gazidis. 2 comments I was also due to sit next to Arteta but he did not show up and secondly Wenger was in the boardroom at half time with Gazidis, I was sitting next to them and the last thing Wenger said to Gazidis was “do the deal, make it happen” can’t give you much more on that

  8. I really do think you’re right Rico.
    We are starting to identify proper players.

    Mourinho stated that he has done in the transfer window, so it makes you wonder where that leaves Sami Khedira?

  9. €30million (£24m) bid for William Carvalho?? lmfao

    Morning all btw

    Good read Rico

  10. £35million release clause btw

  11. If TV 5 is off, he’s left it just too late…….we could have replaced him with Rio!!!
    As for the poison dwarf, you are right about steering him in the wrong direction, what a masterful tactic employed by Wenger and the others, show ‘real’ interest in a player we don’t want to deflect attention away from one we do! But will it be Kedira or are we chasing ‘another’?
    Morning all. Just remember Arsene knows best!!!

  12. Wath will be chaffed with that bid…

  13. Absolutely Syg, not some crazy final day dash for whoever is available thank goodness, although I won’t mind seeing one or two on deadline day to bolster the squad… lol

    I don’t believe Mourinho, I’m sure he’ll be ready to shaft us yet…

  14. Good Morning to The Lady of the House and all fellow Gooners in residence.

    Interesting post Rico.

    The ‘bid’ for Carvalho is completely out of left field. No previous rumour that I can remember. Also, I thought the Khedira story would go quiet for a while. Next week could be a very interesting one.

    Few teams seem to be getting the players they want. Will there be a flurry of activity in late August?

  15. The good old double bluff and shuffle rico, Jose’s head will be spinning, a bit like that scene in the exorcist only faster.

  16. Thanks Ts.

    Where is the info about WC release clause please?

  17. Wenger on Vermaelen: “I cannot guarantee that [he will stay at the club] but should he go, I will bring another centre back in for sure.”

    As William can play CB I guess not a bad move… but again our club has shown we have a scatter gun approach to recruitment.

    Ginter would have be better and would have been 1/3 the price…

  18. Sorry Khedira. We can’t buy. Him cos I keep mis spelling his name. Smith, Jones or Robinson’s that’s who we really want!

  19. Also Ts, don’t think you saw my comment yesterday asking which website you get your player wage facts from?

    I haven’t been able to find one..

  20. Rico, I have posted it to you 2 times… ;)

    Check your mail..

    will forward to you in a mo’

  21. Hi Mat, come on, you must have heard the player they were talking about…. ;)

  22. Wavy – “Just remember Arsene knows best!!!” I don’t know about that, but it seems only Arsene knows who his true targets are.

    I’m beginning to feel like a kid in a sweet shop. Who knows what tasty surprises may turn up at the Emirates?

  23. I must have missed your previous posts Ts, thanks for the link…

  24. I just checked Arteta was out due to a slight thigh strain…

  25. You skip my post Rico… don’t pretend :D

  26. Morning Cg.

    Let’s hope it’s an interesting and productive week. AW will be off to America with the players but that doesn’t matter any more, which is how it should be..

  27. Not all Ts, I do read some, mostly when they don’t start with – ‘I told you’ or ‘As I said’…. lol

  28. If anyone believe what he reads as exclusives, one would go crazy before he/she knew it..

    Today alone – Khedira will be unveiled on Monday, Carvalho bid made and clubs in advanced negotiations, Balotelli bid accepted and so on…

    Soon, and very soon, I’ll stop directing my cursor to newsnow!

  29. Personally I will be surprised with any WC move… Yanited are in for him as well

  30. :D Rico…

    So you read my stats then? And how Arteta is hot?

  31. Mat, think you’ll find they were talking about Arteta’s mobility scooter, it’s a done deal.

  32. Morning Rico and everyone, Arsene doesn’t give anything away so I don’t believe in his words on transfers, where was Arteta? he’s fit I am sure and he is staying and I still believe Verm will stay, great post yesterday from Jeff……

  33. Good morning lovelies

    Nice dreamy write up…..Carvalho? I wish.

  34. Micko… age discrimination can get you whacked by the mafioso. lol

  35. Oh no, those posts I just totally ignore, I thought you meant actual comments rather than C&P stuff…. lol

  36. Ginge – Who’s to say who we are really after. Between;

    1.) Phantom deals dreamed up by players and their agents
    2.) Ghost deals leaked by clubs to throw other clubs of the scent
    3.) 100% pure bullshit and speculation by the press and pundits

    who the hell knows. Stay tuned for future developments.

    At least the club are active in the marlet and have managed to break out of the bargain basement they were stuck in in past seasons.

  37. :) Micko, did it run out of battery yesterday I wonder…

    Morning Luznic…

  38. Absolutely right Cg, most of what who we see linked is just made up by the press, same with any other club linked to players.

    Man Utd in for WC, well that’s probably because some dimwit who writes for one of the newspapers has suggested they are, just like someone has suggested we have made a bid….

    Got to love it though, gets us all through the summer… :)

  39. morning to you beautiful people…nice read Rico if we have bid £35 for WC why didn’t we just get fernado instead?

  40. Getting used to my new smartphone. So mistakes will be done

  41. :D Phantom deals…

    Man city bought the best DM from Portugal imho- the octupus.

  42. Thanks snaparse…

  43. Where was MA08? U wish to know? :p

  44. Exactly Snap…

  45. I wonder if Per Mertesacker will become club captain?

  46. Hiya Ginge mate… You have a good day yesterday?

  47. who is William Carvalho, why can’t we just get Ginter in and a new goal keeper is needed, that scares me and 35m for the guy carvalho, well Arsene is not that crazy and that’s a lie and a big rumor, Jose is done and I believe Jose when he says he’s done he actually is done what a honorable man he is

  48. Morning all,

    I think the commentator suggested Arteta had picked up a knock and wouldn’t be involved.

    Diaby looked good didn’t he? don’t think he lost the ball. Head and shoulders above most on the pitch. I’d love to see him string together some games next season sitting in that role next to Ramsey.

    Couple of youngsters impressed me…

    Plegzueloueeleleooe (don’t know his name lol)

  49. I did Sir… thanks for asking.

    Loads of food as one may expect…; It was lovely… I missed the game though…

    How was yours?

  50. Luznic.. Klopp read HH and signed Ginter pronto :)

  51. SYG

    Would love Per as captain, he’d break down into tears of joy if he found out he was full time captain lol

  52. SYG arsenal won’t do that even if Verm leaves because Arteta is the vice now and he will be the next in line for the throne of our captaincy that is a seasonal change which means Arteta will leave next season also can’t we just give the captaincy to Ramsey who we know will be here for about 8 more seasons at least

  53. Exactly Luznic re Arteta…

    Mikel led us to the trophy… he was also captain the season before and took the FA cup to Dubai without TV..

  54. We went to a wine bar for a meal with some friends. Very nice.
    I caught some of the game in between working.

  55. This is the man we should sign as our DM.

    Syg will love him.. :P :P

  56. I reckon it’ll be Per too who is given the armband..

    Thanks Nickie, I didn’t watch the game so missed the Arteta comment.

  57. Nice one mate…

    I am going to visit my bad today so… free lunch. :P

  58. With all the actual and rumoured activity of our club in the transfer market, the Tiny Totts fans must be soiling themselves wondering what their club is doing. I haven’t seen much of their usual annual preseason boasts that that this is going to be their year. Maybe they are saving up their money to pay for their new stadium, an imitation of the Emirates.

  59. Franco Baldini is on a sabbatical. Cg. :D :D

    Levy is the king of last minute TW sweep.

  60. That’s what I love about Ginge… Great sense of humour !!!! lol

  61. Ginge – Come on, our holding/defensive midfielder should be a little more mobile than a bollard.

  62. Can’t see Arteta playing much this season….

  63. you’re welcome Rico,

    I’m not bothered about Spurs tbh, they’re pathetic lol

    Liverpool with all these player links though…1 year back in champions league and they’re linked with frightening players. Obviously we’ll have to wait until the 1st Sept to judge but it’s very positive from them atm

  64. Syg, you’ve been watching too much footage of our German players, a lot of man love going on there too… :)

  65. Me too Rico. It seems a bit daft having a captain who doesn’t play.

    Mind you I thought it was daft having Henry and Fabregas as club captain’s.

  66. You are out Devil… ;)

  67. :D Cg… An enforcer is what we always ask for and we got ourselves a bouncer… I had to scout far to find him.lol

    Come on Cg… he was marvelous against Chelsea yesterday; you can’t just disregard him for looking like a bollard in front of the white house…

  68. Agree Nickie, let’s see who we sign first, Liverpool are signing many but they really needed to.

    CL will test them big time….

    Stevie me me me is over the hill and their main man has gone..

  69. Syg, so did I, neither were leaders…. Not in the true sense of the word….

  70. My bad Wimbledon and Ade Akinfenwa playing CFC today…

  71. My dad supports Liverpool so I really hope they bomb this season ;) hehe. Love Wengers comments after the game though, comforting to know we will have a few more surprises

  72. Suarez is irreplaceable.
    He is the one that made them tick. He is one of the top three players on the planet.
    It is going to be a right hole in their team.

  73. My brother-in-law does too Nickie and I had to suffer a few cruel text messages and stuff from him last season.

    Oh the joy in me when the final whistle went for the FA Cup Final..

    And as I rapidly tapped away on my mobile phone… ‘At least we didn’t choke a trophy’……..

  74. tsgh, frimps has let himself go a bit since christmas ! they like their pies in barnsley.

  75. Ginge. Ginter is at Dortmund already? wow anyway we still have till 1st September and if he can’t get a replacement verm won’t go, my predictions this season (bias) Arsenal, Man city, Man utd, Chelsea…….Liverpool will be 5th (unbiased) Arsenal Chelsea, Man city, Man utd, Tottenham, Liverpool, Everton

  76. Rico what will we do on transfer deadline day if we have bought all are players early.
    No taking the day of work filling the house with comfort food and beer. Hanging a do not enter sign on the sitting room door to keep the wife out.

  77. haha I done the exact same thing to my dad Rico…he wasn’t happy

  78. Laugh at tottenham Gjoe !!!

  79. Tks Rico. Still getting used to it.

    Per for me. I always prefer a def as captain.

  80. :) Joe, you never know, we could see a few outs on the final day and then a few in’s…

    Or just sit and watch ‘Arry… lol

  81. Felt great though eh Nickie… ;)
    :) Micko, why not, we do every other day of the year…..

  82. arteta as captain for me….not all captains are vocal(see lahm) arteta IMO is a natural leader and he commands respect even from the coaching staffs….I also like szchzeany as captain in the future

  83. would really like us to get gonalos as I think he is a good player very much like the Southampton lad but also a great leader

  84. Maxime is solid…Snap

  85. Morning all, good post Rico. After watching the game yesterday I’m still trying to figure out who scout the postman, his signing is a mystery, how on earth a player like that is allow to even train with the 1st team while Akpom & Campbell is sent on loan is just madness. It’s gonna be problem to loan him in England. Secondly we should get Diaby fit and send him back to France. After seeing Toral play for the 1st time he reminds me of a young Van P.

  86. won’t pay anywhere near 20mil for a DM in Portugal who can’t get into the Portugal team ahead if veloso

  87. Micko I always laugh at s*urs it does not have to be transfer “DEADLINE DAY”

  88. true ts but I think has stalled a bit needs a good coach plus a big club to develop more IMO….I think carvalho is a good player I rate him but is he 45mil good?? I don’t think so

  89. morning one thing wenger does not do well is pick captains, personally henry,gallas,fabregas, van persie and a captain sitting on the bench for a full season, all bad choices in my opinion. good job he,s good at other things. Mirror saying balotelli fee and personal terms agreed. I for one can still see this one happening.

  90. Diaby looked good didn’t he? don’t think he lost the ball. Head and shoulders above most on the pitch. quote.

    Borehamwood ?????????????????????

  91. Arsenal players potter

  92. considering he lack of involvement with football over the last 1.5 years. He looked good in comparison with other Arsenal players.

    Sorry when fit I believe he should be a starter next to Ramsey if we do not sign a CDM. some may disagree but we were so solid at the start of the 2012 season 0-0 Sunderland 1-0 vs Stoke 2-0 vs Liverpool. Stoke and Poo away from home too. 0-0 against chelsea until he came off.

  93. Baloteli???? I seriously hope Arsenal won’t consider him plus Wenger don’t need another striker again and a keeper is important we need this done very soon, snap scsczeny as captain that can’t be possible, Ramsey for me

  94. Thanks Gdna..
    :) Potter, I’d look good against Borehamwood…

  95. Luz

    Wenger is definitely in the market for a GK so don’t worry there.

  96. nickie, like you i rate Diaby but he is at an age where he needs to accept where he is and what he is..

    What I mean is when he comes back from injury in the first 2 or so games he keeps things very simple.. .. as he gets confident he begins to hold onto the ball far too long for a man of his experience and history; it causes him to ‘relapse’…

  97. Afternoon All

    Afternoon Rico.

    The post was simply fantastico… ;-)

  98. agreed Ts. He did begin to do that yesterday but shrugged off 3 players at a time sometimes lol. Boreham wood yes, against a matic, toure etc it will be another story. I just like how dominant we look whenever he is in the team. He has a great towering presence

  99. sanchez is not a striker ,we,ve still only only one decent striker Giroud, sanogo still to raw and now bentner is gone(thank god) and wenger wont play podolski as a striker, so we still need a target man up front to ease the burden on giroud.

  100. Zozou, Le Blanc all said diaby was Le Bleus best/important player 3 or so years ago; they placed him ahead of Ribery even.

    If you remember before the previous Euros the squad was not announced until Diaby’s availability was known…

  101. William Carvalho, £35m…?!!!

    Is he in the Vidal class then?

  102. potter lol

  103. Afternoon Kev, you sure?? ;)

  104. Dublin,

    Sanchez played striker vs England effectively and also in the WC. I wouldn’t like him there full time at Arsenal but he can definitely play there. We also have JC and TW14 who can play CF. We aren’t short up there by any means but like you i’d like to see another out and out striker join. If we didn’t get one I wouldn’t feel too on edge every time Giroud went down clutching his shin flicking his wrist.

  105. hi kev, dev,dg

  106. I guess that Carvalho is Portugese and was at the World Cup?

  107. he was mr kev and deer caught in headlights came to mind…

  108. Diaby’s tendency to hold on to the ball too long will invite the tackles his spindly legs can least afford.

  109. :D spindly legs.

  110. Diaby at his best

  111. dublin, we are waiting for one to be signed….

  112. ye nickie your right .we,ve an abundance of talent up front, but anyone im talking too are saying sanchez will be used on the right and can drift in. just saying although we need keeper,dm,etc. i dont feel we,ve eased any burden on giroud as of yet, and hey balotelli for 15 million. could do worse.

  113. Tbh Portugal were as hopeless as England at the World Cup, and they have Cristiano Ronaldo…

    Vidal was immense.
    Khadira was superb.
    Schneiderlin was vgd.

    Carvalho, hmm, he passed me by.

  114. Diaby is a beast. He’s not a DM at all, he’s diet Yaya Toure.

  115. I never said he was a DM, I said he could fill that role next to Ramsey. He gives off that fear factor and monstrous presence. With that alone we could afford not to play with an out and out DM. Risky but could work. Makes teams think we’re difficult to break down with Diaby there lol

    great vids ts

  116. May as well let Diaby see out the last year of his contract and see him off next summer.

    Semi-retirement in Ligue Un should suit him.

  117. Fathy has been rejected again after his trial… 2nd time… I feel sorry for him.

  118. Morgan pulling the strings in midfield like a young Deschamps

  119. With all these encouraging rumours, the week is off to a good start. Let’s hope some of them come true.

    With that I’m off for the night. The neighbours are beginning to think I’m a vampire. Have a great day all.

    Keep The Faith!

  120. IF Diaby has an amazing season manages 25 games how would you approach his contract situation? Yearly rolling ? just interested to see peoples views

  121. Morgan vs us last season 2-2 draw

  122. Nicxkie-The same terms as TR07’s with minimum apperances

  123. appearances*

  124. Night Cg..

    Play/wage contract for me Nickie…;)

  125. The Tomas ‘minimum’ game pay thingy was denied by the club I think I read somewhere…

  126. Arsenal are eyeing a move for Catania right-back Gino Peruzzi, reports suggest.

    The 22-year-old defender is thought to be on Arsene Wenger’s radar, with negotiations set to take place early this week, according to Sky Italia’s Gianluca Di Marzio.

    Peruzzi is an Argentinian national with four caps to his name, but only made the switch to European football at the start of last season.

    He made 21 appearances for his Italian employers last season, scoring the one goal.

    Catania paid Velez Sarsfield a reported €3.4million for the player in 2013 and the Argentine club are set to make 15 per cent of any future transfer fee from the player..

    Daily Mirror :)

  127. i see Rico…

  128. wow i havnt really seen schneiderlin play. looks very creative, good touch and can break up play, tall and wouldnt be bullied. im sold if khedira doesnt work out.

  129. with all this Rb rumours I wonder how Cj25 will be feeling?

    Fathi (trial), Manquillo talks weeks ago and now Peruzzi… IF true of course!

  130. DB, he doesn’t just do it against average teams… he ‘bossed’ our midfield, city and chelsea’s too..

    I don’t have to mention the noisy sperds and the bin-dippers… lol

  131. NN headline suggesting Morgan wants to join his old manager at Totts…

  132. Rico,

    Another RB link? Hope it’s all paper goof or CJ may put in a transfer request.

    One already failed trials…another about to be hijacked by Liverpool…now this Argentine!

    When we will see September? Dear God, I can’t wait!

  133. Hopefully Jenks has been told where his future is and he’s staying put….

  134. All garbage I suspect Tai, well i hope…

  135. It’s another hot day in London Town.

    How’s the new chickens doing Rico?

    Sure am gonna enjoy that beer i’ve left in the fridge, when I finish this evening. :-)

    All these rumours linking Arsenal with this and that so and so, is all smoke n mirrors.

    The gravy thickens.

  136. Back on the Laptop.

    Jeez. typing on the Smartphone is damn awkward.

    Hi mates.

    another RB???

    Good Lord. How many are we going to sign? Are we going to play a whole team on the right hand side??? Hang on. Where does the sun shine most? on the left hand side of the pitch??

    All crap me thinks.

  137. They are sweet Kev, just a bit ‘lost’ right now….

    Give them a few days I guess…
    :) re the beer….

  138. Chicken stew Rico?????

    fattening them up ehh!!!!!!

  139. Hi devil, I think so to…

  140. you think so??? really??? So they are for chicken stew. Slurrrpppppp

  141. No devil, the right back stuff all being rubbish!

  142. ahhhhhhh. :( I thought you were thinking about some chicken stew.


    joking and pulling your leg as usual.

    Jenks is English. They are doing all they can to destabilise him. So that he will leave and it will be an Englishman less.

    Imo Manquillo will come and he will be used both on right and left flank. Jenks will be 2nd choice RB and 4th choice CB as well.

  143. Hope you are right, as you know, Jenks is a fav of mine…

  144. Just after the FA Cup triumph, I wrote a long open letter to Wenger, with the following closing paragraph.

    ‘You know exactly the players we need. Don’t be tempted by the sudden availability of Fabregas… go for players dear Gunners truly need. A player like Alexis Sanchez would have been a good substitute for the Luiz Suarez you couldn’t get. Lars Bender is good but there are many strong DMs everywhere to be signed. It’s like Bacary Sagna is gone … pity but there are great right backs to fill in. Please, please…don’t be tempted into promoting Jenkinson…such move will only bring back that dreaded song termed trophyless!…’


    Coincidence, of course…but three things I asked of Arsene, he already did – snub Fabregas, get Sanchez, don’t promote Jenkinson into Sagna’s shoes yet.

    Can he do the last beat of getting a DM? I’d still take Bender!

  145. :) Tai, did you get a reply?

  146. There is a reason/plan why Schneiderlin seems to be the last resort for DM/CM position at the moment, do AW seems him as a massive improvement on what we have? It seems its the same reason why Remy is being overlooked. AFC DM/CM is overcrowded so if a new player comes in expect some departures. imo

  147. Rico…no, I didn’t. I certainly wasn’t expecting to. I wasn’t even expecting him to have read.

    I was just interested in making my feelings about the great Prof and dear Arsenal public…and I truly did get a ton of positive responses on my Facebook wall. I urge you to follow the link and read…

  148. Darren
    Mikel Arteta was down on list as guest at Borehamwood yesterday, planned not to play.

  149. Rico…no, I didn’t. I certainly wasn’t expecting to. I wasn’t even expecting him to have read.

    I was just interested in making my feelings about the great Prof and dear Arsenal public…and I truly did get a ton of positive responses on my Facebook wall.

    I urge you to follow the link and read…

  150. sorry abt d double comment. My browsing source behaving funny.

  151. Happy Sundays. tsgh 1:03 pm – that video shows perfectly why I rate Morgan – Sami Khedira would not be making half those tackles on that video. In fact stats back that up.
    Obviously Carvalo is a beast! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZGs6QGag5Ng
    One thing, a bit worried that Remy seems off the menu and the rumour mill has shifted to Balotelli, who is equal parts genius, madman, and sulky depressant. Huge gamble there if true. Personally Im happy with Remy as backup. Remember we must buy a striker because we are still one bad injury to Giroud away from disaster.

  152. Roger, why buy a backup striker to compete with a backup striker? OG12 should not be starting for a club like Arsenal he should be coming off the bench, TW14/LP can give the team the same impact that Remy can. We need to reduce our wage bill, i would prefer 1 more world class player than 4 good player, the club seems to be at a stage now where we can slightly compete with City and Chelsea who have the 2 best squad in the PL. No more bloating the wage bill with average players who we can’t move on until their contract expire. Ozil and Sanchez is a good base lets build on it. imo

  153. Gdna, I disagree re the DM position, we don’t have a proper one at the club imo, all are just players made to fit in….

  154. Tai, I’d love to but I struggle to keep up with HH and having a life. I’ll try when I can….

  155. roger/Gdna.

    I’m not sure it’s all about signing a back up for Giroud etc, imo what we need in the squad is a player who is very different to Giroud.

    Then we’d have a plan a and plan b to suit differing opposition…

  156. rbg,

    Personally, I believe we don’t have any problem in the striking department, provided TW14 comes back same player that got injured.

    1. Sanchez can play anywhere in the front three. I rate the Chilean the nearest to Luiz Suarez currently playing football. If injury claims OG12, AS17 can go central…flanked by TW14, SC19/LP9…

    2. Sanogo can play top with both AS17 and TW14 flanking him…

    3. Joel Campbell can top with both AS17 and TW14 flanking.

    The third option will see pace, interchange of positions and completely confusing the opposing defense. Campbell deserves a real chance after his exploits in Brazil. He had more game time in the biggest stage than all our strikers bar Sanchez. The Costa Rican sure deserves respect. Did Remy kick a ball in Brazil? Didn’t see him, even when my own country played France!

    In my own thinking, Remy is no step up for JC, who’s fuming with enthusiasm … and believe me, Sanogo is far more suited for a central striking role than Remy. I can’t forget in a hurry his contributions immediately he came on in the FA Cup final. And I’m sure Le Prof hasn’t forgotten either.

    Let’s save the money and use it prudently. We’re good in the striking department.

  157. Is that clip having a laugh Gdna? It shows so little….

  158. Rico, i agree that we don’t have have a proper DM, but all i was trying to imply is that AW might not see Morgan as others might see him.

  159. Tai, imo, Sanogo has no place in this current side this season. He needs to go on loan and play week in week out and prove his worth.

    JC – one, maybe two good games at the WC doesn’t convince me that he’s ready for the PL, but imo, he’s a better option than Sanogo.

    Give me Remy over both of those two, any day of the week….

  160. Gdna,

    I feel you…Remy is a sub. We don’t need him …

    However, don’t rate OG12 by just chances frittered. PM4 is the tallest outfield player in our squad, followed by OG12…OG12 does more defensive duties when we face corners and set pieces than all our defenders bar PM4.

    OG 12 is the one who claims all, well, nearly all, WS1 long kicks upfield, holds it up for team mates. A striker’s contributions shouldn’t be measure by just goals. A fit AS17 and TW14 flanking OG12 would make teams sweat, believe me.

  161. I hope he does Gdna, or someone similar.

  162. Ok, Rico,

    Would you put OG12 on the bench for Remy?

  163. Gunnerdna, my thinking is exactly what Rico says – He is cover for Giroud, our only first team striker. We will play 50-60 games this season. How many do you think Giroud can play? Remy is PL proven and can happily score 15+ goals. He is not expensive, so that leaves a little more money to spend on a powerful DM. LP, AS, TW are not out and out strikers to my mind.

    Of course, if you think you have the answer as to which striker we should buy, go ahead and suggest. Im just saying Balo is a risky option. I cant see Wenger pulling a 30m+ striker out of the bag. See my analysis from 2 months ago on HH: http://highbury-house.com/2014/05/29/new-striker-for-arsenal-a-pseudo-scientific-analysis/

  164. Tai, did you watch Sanogo 1st half performance yesterday against BW? The postman can’t lace Akpom boot. We don’t have problems in the striking department?

    Man City




    Man U

    Van P

  165. Tai, I get all the attributes Giroud brings to the side, but we need someone different, a player with pace, a player who scores more than he misses etc etc…

    Sorry but we need another striker, a very different striker to Giroud and I for one, pray we do….

  166. Tai, in certain games, yes, without a second thought.

  167. roger, I hope Balotelli never steps foot in our club…

  168. Tai, I would be deeply frightened if you think Sanago can lead the line for the mighty Arsenal next season. Hes hasnt scored in a dozen or so games and his whoscored rating is roughly 6. Maybe he can in 2 years time.

    As for Campbell he’s doing well. But again not a all the level of a starting striker for Arsenal. He scored 1 goal in 5 games in the World Cup, and scored 1 in 5 games last year in the CL. He played well but he’s not going to hit 15-20 goals in a season. I’d be tempted to keep him in the squad this year though.

  169. I hear you Rico! (4.02)

  170. Tia, i’m sorry but i rate CF on conversion rate, if we buy two of the best DM and stick with OG12 as the main CF, its 3rd or 4th again. Sign up as a digital member and re-watch all our accidents games, when we could have either taken the lead or equalize which would make the result different.

  171. Rico,

    So, what do you think we have in Sanchez? Sanchez is the perfect striker who can play with or without Giroud, depending on opposition and tactics le Prof would deploy.

    Our problem is not in that point man…it’s rather hoping TW comes back and stays fit, then having OC15 growing fast into his potentials.

    Remy is good but he hasn’t got that fibre to stop boys in Sanogo and Campbell from growing into men. If a strker is truly coming, let it be one that can dwarf and truly put OG 12 non the bench…if it’s Remy, let’s do with what we have.

  172. Afternoon all. Just back from Sunday lunch.

    I read somewhere this morning that the Egyptian defender has gone back………

  173. We’ll have to agree to differ Tai..

  174. Phew Syg….

  175. Gdna, Rico, Rgb,

    OG12 is a 20+ goals per season…so is Sanchez…take away injuries, TW14 will do it this season. Besides Chelsea with Hazard and Schurle, no other team in EPL possesses flank players that can breath goals like us. When you have such potentials, including Podolski and Carzola…you shouldn’t bother about just central strikers putting them away.

    Are we suddenly interested in the way of Chelsea, City…? Thought we are a club who believe in giving youth a chance? Are we about waking up and throwing that laudable policy over the bar in just one season? I’m truly getting scared. I want trophies but it must be won the Arsenal way. Buying trophies has never appealed to me.

    There are two prospective boys, in fact, three if you add Akpom.. these boys in Sanogo, Campbell and Akpom need their chances. It’s not as if they’re starters. And mark this – that Sanogo will surprise you guys this season. I saw enough of him against Liverpool, Bayern and Hall last season to understand what Le Prof saw in him.

    And mind you, Wenger rates him highly…he’d rather make a 21-year Sanogo than depend on 27-year Remy, where neither would be a starter!.

  176. Rico, sometimes it’s hard, keeping a lid on my excitement.

    And then the news that, once again (yawn) that Super Saloman Kalou is desperate to return to the EPL.
    And, glory be, Arsenal the club he wants to join…

    I am just about containing it. zzzzzzz

  177. Tai, thats cool, you think we dont need another striker because we have the young ones, whereas i say we dont have enough firepower to last the whole season and the young ones are not good enough yet.

    Simple. Im just saying that for those who believe we need to buy more, Remy is the easiest, cheapest, best option with different characteristics from Giroud. Remember, one injury to Giroud is all it takes…

  178. Tai, I think we just see different players differently and that’s fine…

  179. :) Kev, he’ll never arrive at Arsenal….

  180. Of course, all the furore over Kalou is nothing compared to the reliable source, on NewsNow, who had told us the stunning news that Khadira will sign for us tomorrow.

    How do they know?

    Is there a mole working away inside the club??

    Is Wenger aware of this???

    The custard thickens!!!

  181. I’m with roger on this one ;)

    Remy, or someone else, in fact a player better than Remy would be ideal…

  182. Kev, there’s always someone who thinks he/she knows it all and don’t they like to tell us about it…

    However, there is the real world of course….

  183. I might as well out myself: I would happily take Remy, Schneiderlin, and Ospina tomorrow. Then shut down the transfer office and just focus on pre season. (jokes – everyone knows Arsenal doesnt actually have an office ;)

  184. Sorry, one more thing. Has anyone read this analysis of best B2B midfielders on a budget? http://www.whoscored.com/Articles/zpl-akpsjeyvhiwm51kuww/Show/Player-Focus-Five-of-the-Best-Box-to-Box-Midfielders-on-a-Budget
    NOTE Im not advocating buying one of them, BUT in terms of statistics (those damn things) several rate higher than Khedira across the board.

  185. Schneiderlin wants to join the toots roger, I’m sure they will get him as they can offer him so much…

    Err, but what about the CL football he craves for… ;)

  186. imho opinion, I’m not expecting any other striker this window, least of all Balotelli. In Wenger’s shoes, I’d rotate positions among AS17, TW14, LP9, with OG12 the main pivot…then boys in Sanogo, Campbell and Akpom getting cameos. Not forgetting that Ox and Gnabry should be getting look-ins as well.

    Why Sanchez’s signing is very shrewd is because of his versatility upfront. We have in him a striker that can put OG12 on the bench, yet strike fear on defenses from either flank. One bad thing about having a big player on the bench is …he will be putting undue pressure on the coach to play him, irrespective of how good the man benching him is…next he’s putting in transfer request. Vermalean is doing exactly that.

    However, I’d enjoy a marquee striker, just like you guys!


  187. Oh Yes Tai, what you say about Sanchez is bang on. The guy is amazing. I should agree that we are already a big step in the right direction there.

  188. Tai, i think TV is leaving because of AW failure to rotate the squad properly. Imo

  189. No quotes from Schneiderin yet…isn’t somebody being mischievous as usual?

  190. yes… that was me. Sorry!

  191. Gdna,

    TV should blame his injuries…whenever he got his chance, he got injured after two matches or less!

    With how tight last season was, you wouldn’t blame Wenger for not rotating the defense…when we were topping, we needed to maintain it…when we slipped, it was so fast we needed to hang onto fingernails…TV only needed either PM or LK getting injured. When Kos did against Man City…TV got injured next match that Kos was rushed back! Now, he reckons he can breat through PM/LK partnership. In a way, I don’t blame him…he’ll be 29 by November!

  192. …reckons he can’t break…

  193. Hence my ;) Tai….

  194. I don’t blame AW for standing by Kos and Merts, TV was not the player he once was…

  195. Catch up later guys…

  196. How effective can 2 players be playing 60+games, lack of proper rotation is why we have so much injuries.

  197. Get French Football
    BREAKING: Arsenal have reached a total agreement with OGC Nice for the transfer of David Ospina. More to follow. (Nice Matin) #AFC #OGCN

  198. So then, Ospina is on his way….

  199. BREAKING: Sami Khedira will be confirmed as an Arsenal player tomorrow after at fee of £19.8m was agreed (Los Blancos)
    12:59pm – 20 Jul 14

  200. The handbrake’s gone out the window this summer rico….rollin’ rollin’ rollin’.

  201. Keep those signin’s rollin’.

  202. We’ll have the deck-chairs out come August Bt62.

  203. Matt Spiro @mattspiro

    No way Ospina would automatically accept no2 role.Ambitious, young and talented. Szczesny faces serious competition if €4m deal goes through

  204. Let it roll Micko…

  205. Rightly so re Ospina, he’s 25 years old and Szczesny needs competition to keep him focused. Mind you, I can see Ospina peeing on his chips – excuse the expression… ;)

  206. Amen to that, Micko, would make a nice change.

  207. Gdna, i’d love that Khedira tale to be true…

  208. 6 Shakhtar Donetsk players have refused to return to the Ukraine after their friendly with Lyon in France last night.

    Micko, you must have something to say about this? lol

  209. RIP James Garner….

    A great actor. Loved the Rockford Files….

  210. Rico… dont tell me you had something to do with this… :D

    @caughtoffside: Exclusive: Arsenal Hope to Complete £23.5m Deal to Sign Varane as Real Madrid Agree Fee”

  211. Would do Szczesny no harm, real competition to keep him on his toes and of the chips.

  212. Ts, you should know by now that I leave the ‘making up stuff’ to you… I just repeat the garbage from the red tops… lol

    But I do make sure I credit them….

  213. Totally agree Bt…

  214. Jan Hagen @PortuBall ·
    Arsenal have got a €30m bid(in 2 payments) for W.Carvalho rejected by Sporting. SCP open for talks, but want all the money at once.

  215. Rico, the Khedira 1 might be true, It’s being reported that Real has signed J Rod from Monaco, he was pictured on a flight to Madrid this morning.

  216. AS Monaco coming to Emirates cup… hope to see James Rodriguez before he joins RM…

  217. Ts, have you been to Emms Cup before?

  218. You going to the Emirates Cup Ts?

  219. Jack Wilshere is at an age where you want him to move forward. He has the potential” – Wenger. a dig?

  220. I was at the Riverplate game to see one of my fave no.10’s in Riquelme….

    I am hoping to do the saturday game…

  221. Ts, he (JW) needs more than a dig.

  222. Lol Bt… he will be fine.. we have 10 homegrown players in the squad; he has a place still imo…

  223. Doesn’t he just Bt…

  224. My next door neighbour thinks my 2Pacalypse Now album is a bit angry for a Sunday evening… lol

  225. I wish JC well…

    Joel Campbell @joel_campbell12 · 22h
    Costa Rica see you soon. On my way to fight for my dreams ⚽️✈️
    ReplyReplied to 0 times RetweetRetweeted 3,313 times3.3K FavoriteFavorited 2,516 times2.5K

  226. Where’s JC going then, on his his holiday… ;) ;)

  227. tsgh, if you were flying areoflot you’d have second thoughts as well.

    rico, i was more Petrocelli.

  228. I’m off for the day guys, enjoy the rest of yours….

    Night all….

  229. :) Micko, he was ok too. Not a patch on Miss Marple though…

  230. ha ha ha Love you Micko…

    Night Rico

  231. I think Jc is in London now…

    Micko. There is nothing wrong with aeroflot unless you are snob to non-Airbus, Boeing, embraer aircrafts..

    Nothing like a Russian Yakovlev Yak-42 imo…

  232. Ts, play him some Public Enemy…..night Rico.

  233. or Police Woman…..nite rico.

  234. tsgh, I worked at Heathrow for years, I’ve seen it all, believe me !

  235. ha ha ha Bt…

    micko. Aeroflot or Uzbekistan Airways? which is he worst?

  236. Angie D. Micko..

  237. tsgh, don’t know about Uzbekistan but Aeroflot wouldn’t think twice about taking off with the cargo doors open !!!

    Ethiopia and Bangladesh still flying about in DC10’s, 30/40 years old, what’s that all about !!!

    Might need that bouncer you had on earlier at the emirates tomorrow if Gdna’s info is kosher….if you ain’t got a ticket you can’t get in.

    Over and out gooners.

  238. That’s interesting Mick, i’ve got a mate, who worked on security at Heathrow…

    His name???


    I kid you not.

  239. Seems like AW has ruled out signing another striker. Must mean Campbell and Sanogo are staying put and Afobe/Akpom will be back up….

    Mistake imo….

    Morning all….

  240. Rico…..you should trust more what your chicks cackle and doodle than what AW says about players. lol

    Good Morning everyone.

  241. Morning Rico and all. I was rather hoping that Wenger might buy another quality striker myself but perhaps not. With three(?) first team players going, we are replacing them, but with little increase in squad depth- up until now of course. Everything might change though.
    If TV goes that will mandate another defender but, personally, I would not sell him to Man Utd, unless Wenger gets the player he wants in p/ex perhaps.

  242. Morning Devil. I don’t believe him at all, I suspect he’s just trying not to upset a few players….

  243. Morning Adam. Me too.

    Man Utds young Mexican wouldn’t be a bad option, or maybe Ashley Young…

  244. I’d rather TV went off somewhere other than Man Utd if he goes but I can see him joining RvP sadly, they are away on holiday together at the moment.

    Agree re the numbers too, in theory, we have only signed one player in Sanchez and Campbell will no doubt be staying put.

    Still a lot to be done in this transfer window I think….

  245. Rico. Surely you jest :)

  246. Morning Rico and All.

    Looks as if Joel Campbell is gonna have a role to play this coming season.

    The 25 man squad seems to be putting a lid on all tne big clubs’ ability to hoard players, not least Arsenal.

    Hopefully the likes of Akpom can benefit?

  247. Ashley Young yes Adam, Hernandez would be good though… :)

  248. Morning Kev.

    He arrives in London today doesn’t he?

  249. Morning Adam and Coach

    According to all those wonderfully amusing rumour sites on NewsNow, we’re signing Khadira today…

    I can’t wait. :-|

  250. I read he’s off to Monaco as part of the James deal Kev… ;)

  251. Morning habib.

    Khedira for lunch. Ospina for tea.

    And finally Bent for Dinner.

    What more can you ask habib???

  252. Morning All,
    Agree kev Akpom,if you were scouting this lad,he showed discipline out wide plus he got the one bit of class in for an assist.Confidence is what the club will look for now in this lad,they know what his got.
    Could be useful for us.
    Poor old Remy’s,got to bolt his hub caps on now.

  253. Yes Rico, we should see him in an Arsenal shirt, at last, in New York.

    Breakfast calls, lata.

  254. :) fred re Remy, he’ll join in with pinching them….

  255. Drogba is returning to Chelsea for a season, that’s an odd one. Bet he’ll only play against us….. ;)

  256. You saying the metro has got it wrong kev.

  257. I wish AW had gone for Drogba for one season. He d have rested OG and helped the young ones

  258. player coach… re Drogba
    I trick pony Jose…

    Morning all

  259. Rico it’er take him a season to understand brogue,
    never mind brenda butting in.

  260. Ashley Young is worse than dreadful lol. No thank you.

    Morning all

  261. :) fred…

    Had my tongue in my cheek Nickie, diving cheat he is….

  262. Signing Sanchez has changed the way us gooners are thinking now,if he can carry over what he has already done,we have a 3 in 1 player,on top of that this little geezer gets stuck in.

  263. Ashley Young plays for Yanited and has won trophies he must be quality.. :P

  264. I should have known! hehe :) any gooner who says A.Young is decent needs their eyes rinsed out haha

  265. Can’t wait to see him in action fred, really can’t….

    Maybe Zaha then Nickie? ;)

  266. lol… I saw him once score a few goals against us in August 2011…

    Even Piers Morgan thought AW made a mistake by not buying A. Young and you know how informed Piers is… ;)

    A.Young was a goner and wanted to join us but Aw again was negligent not spending £20m+ on a player with 1 year to go on his contract.. ;)

  267. Rico ;)

    Mystic Morgan….haha, I can’t stand the bloke

  268. I wanted us to sign Young the summer he joined Utd. He was a really good player and just what we needed imo, but sadly, under Fergie he became a serial diver and no matter what was said/written, he failed to change his ways.

    A great shame and England lost a really good player…

  269. gooner*

    Rico, you should stay away from scouting… :D :D ;)

    Ashley Young was a one season wonder imho…

  270. One might suggest you should do the same Ts, or should I say, stop reading stats and forming an opinion… ;)

    We’ll agree to differ on Young then….

  271. Gedion Zelalem has said he couldn’t believe he was playing alongside Aaron Ramsey and Abou Diaby…

    I don’t think anyone could believe they were playing alongside Diaby….

  272. Stats is like alchemy. :)

    Only for the initiated. ;)

  273. :) Rico. I bet he was wondering how the myth/legend became flesh
    Most of the young players like Serge, Olson say Diaby, Arteta and TR07 are the best players in the squad..

    JW says Sc19 though so its about taste… ;)

  274. kitty can scratch! haha

  275. But honest Scott… ;)

    Like so many often say Ts, our kids have a lot to learn!

    Me-owwww Nickie.. lol

  276. lol Scott/Nickie… the lady is not in the mood for my non-humorous jokes this morning so I better stop.

  277. Your 9.08 went into moderation Kev :(

  278. I’ll have you know Ts, I am always in a good mood and up for a joke and this morning is no exception… lol

  279. Oohhhh the tension hahaha

  280. Coiled Spring Scott ;)

  281. New post up now….

  282. Seems to me that Ashley Young found his ceiling when he went to Man Utd. I see him now as despicable.

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