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No Balotelli. Aurier freed up & Thank heavens for the insulting bid…..

Morning all.

Well last night served up a mixed bunch didn’t it.

Jack Wilshere tried all he could to work his magic for England and had Sturridge been able to find the goal, our man would have set up a lovely goal for England. It didn’t happen and the boys played out a pretty boring draw.

Joel Campbell tried his best to embarrass the England defence but it wasn’t his night in front of goal. This kid is young, he’s raw and he has a lot to learn and only time will prove whether he’s the real deal or not but it’s going to be enjoyable watching him and his Costa Rican side as they progress and it’ll be good to see how he fits in during pre-season at Arsenal. If he ever gets over here of course….

So that’s it for England, I suspect they are in mid-air flying home as I type.

Another team flying home early is the Ivory Coast after they were beaten by Greece and as Japan lost heavily to Columbia, their World Cup campaign is also over.

But the talking point of last night is Luis Suarez. What is going on in that man’s head?

As someone here suggested last night, he needs to either be wearing a muzzle when he plays football or a gum shield when he plays because he’s an absolute danger on the pitch. Not for the first time has he bitten an opponent and this latest incident on Giorgio Chiellini  is his third!

FIFA have already charged him and he could face a ban of up to two years and that ban could be worldwide and I hope it is. There is no place in football for behaviour such as his! This time last summer, I really hoped that we’d get Suarez but now I am so glad we offered that insulting amount of money which ultimately ensured he stayed at Liverpool. Ok he might have won us the league last season but look what problems he’d be causing us now.

Away from that though, the exits of both Italy and the Ivory Coast could see out transfer signings kick off, if we really are looking to sign Mario Balotelli and Serge Aurier.

According to the Express, PUMA are putting pressure on Arsenal to finalise a deal for Mario Balotelli before July 10 so he can feature at our new kit launch and as we know, rumours were rife about Aurier having agreed personal terms with us so if these are true, there is nothing stopping the club getting both deals sorted out real soon.

Although I’m still not convinced Balotelli is the striker we should get because of the baggage he carries around with him and as Luis Suarez proved last night, leopards seldom change their spots…..

Italian football pundit Paddy Agnew doesn’t believe AC Milan are ready to sell him in any case:

I don’t think they’re going to let him [Balotelli] go, it wouldn’t make any sense.

Arsene Wenger has denied any such deal could happen too, he told beIN Sports World Cup show that it was ‘pure invention’.

Trouble is, Arsene Wenger is not known to tell much truth when talking about transfers so anything could happen…

That’s your lot for today, not much to get your teeth stuck into but as we all know, that doesn’t stop Suarez…….


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460 comments on “No Balotelli. Aurier freed up & Thank heavens for the insulting bid…..

  1. Top of the table?

  2. A lovely post Rico;

    At least AW did not play dumb by saying he had not heard of Balo’ like he did with Santi:-)

    Dev-Re. the Udinese and Milan match comment from previous page it was 2010 the one that ended 3-2 with Huntelaar and Pato spearheading Milans front 2.

    Gattuso was played as a fullback just to counter ‘S’ with Nesta and Abate on teh other side. ‘s’ kept switching from left to right. classic match imo

  3. I’d rather ‘S’ plus Remy IMHO. Goodmorning rico

  4. Morning Tiz and all…

    I’d much rather ‘S’ than Mario…

    Thanks Ts.

  5. Arsene denying it could mean anything :)
    Morning all.
    Luis, you are a disgraceful excuse of a man.
    Hope you cop a few years on the sideline.

  6. Morning everyone. I would much rather have Alexis plus another attacker, than only Balotelli or Alexis. Let’s hope that Wenger is about to buy someone as world class as Özil. We need 4 players at least. COYG

  7. So do I hope for that Scott..

    Adk, ‘S’ and Remy would do for me…

  8. Same here Rico re ‘S’ a bit more fluid and less of a no.9. Which will suit us better.

    If Negredo becomes available we should go for him too imo..

    Adk with JC I think that will be enough; with Theo coming back in December-ish

    We also have Afobe… he is bound to get some luck soon…

  9. Morning all, another fine stimulus for discussion, Rico. Nice one.

    Two things come to mind, from the post:
    Balotelli first. Would you put your head in the mouth of a man hating lion or man eating tiger? No, neither would I? If we bought Balo in would be tantamount to doing just that. He, like Louis Fangchez is a simmering cauldron just waiting to erupt. Just like the man eating dipper. We would all be waiting for Balotelli to fulfil his destiny eg behaving I a totally unacceptable manner and being banned for x amount of games and bringing our club into disrepute. Leopards and spots, as you say Rico.
    Secondly. If the press are to be believed!!!??? Then we. Are. Ring pressured by Puma, a short term, johnnycake come lately sponsor into buy said italian and what’s more, before July 10th. If that were true. You have to ask the question, who is running the transfer policy and buying and selling of players at Arsenal?
    “We don’t need their sort around us” if that is the case.
    Whatever next?

  10. Ts, imo, Afobe will be a gonner…

  11. No team in the world cup has showcased a 2 man upfront effectively but France so I doubt Aw will go 2 upfront.

    AW has traditionally based his formation on Germany’s or vice-versa.

    With Loew playing the 4-1-4-1 that AW, and Pep refined and mastered last season. I doubt Aw will go into the next season with 2 new strikers…

    Chile have opted for a more structured 4-1-3-1-1; Only England, Brazil and Spain have played 4-2-3-1 in this world cup from the bigger teams and it has not really worked well imo…

  12. True Rico re Afobe but he just renewed his contract.. maybe just so we can sell him for £200k. lol

  13. Thanks Wavy.

    I don’t believe the Puma/Balotelli story at all, it’s all probably made up and the press just putting 2+2 together because Mario wears Puma….

    No way would Arsenal, Kroenke or Wenger be dictated to by a sportswear company…

  14. I must have missed his new contract signing…

  15. African football is shit.Cameroon is a disgrace,CIV?well you know

  16. Morning All,
    Wenger says…. pure fiction regarding Balotelli,
    where did the story come from?
    What we do know is The Arsenal are working flat out to get exceptional signings,because all the top players are ringing up to sign for us..everyone wants to play for us.
    This is not fiction..A Fact..
    We were told this just before the direct debits date for season tickets.
    Nows the time for a cheeky bid for Suarez..offer a quid wenger.

  17. Sukky, that’s a tad harsh…

  18. I wouldn’t want him for a pound now fred….

  19. Brenda can give us 40 million and one to take the grub.

  20. Thanks Hb.

    Aurier has always been described as being great at going forward and dodgy in defence.

    I’d rather a player who can defend properly first and foremost… Leave the attacking play to the wingers and midfielders…

  21. What are you smoking rico.

  22. Great post rico, morning everyone.

    Something, someone, anything, just happen soon please.

    I reckon Fabragas being passed over may return to haunt us. Especially if Cazorla not happy. Chelsea have moved early. Come on ……..

  23. People are beginning to speculate on the length of ban that Suarez might be facing. Does anyone know if this would relate only to international football or ALL football competitions? Given that this is his third biting offence and he served 7 and 10 match suspensions for the first two, it’s likely to be a really long one this time. What would that do for his prospects of a transfer to RM or Barca, if the ban were to apply to club as well as international footie? I reckon Liverpool could end up paying the man’s wages for half a season while he sits around twiddling his thumbs…

  24. Morning All
    Morning Rico

    I saw Aurier for the first time, on TV, yesterday, and I have to agree with Henry.
    Good going forward, defensively he so reminded me of Eboue…

    Not sure that he is the answer…

    Busy today, so lata

  25. Eboue despite being likeable, was never the answer!

  26. Don’t know fred, but it’s good… lol

  27. Hi Kev.
    Bye Kev.
    Aurier is young, guys.
    He has plenty to offer and will improve, but how long until he’s ready is the big question.

  28. Thanks Andrew, I’m not too bothered about Cesc…

    1st July AW will get going….. ;)

  29. FEM – my guess it’s down to FIFA, I read they have the power to ban him worldwide, whether they’ll have the balls to do that though is a different matter.

    Let’s hope they do…

    Morning Kev, we don’t need another Eboue do we,I’d much rather we stick with Jenks than go there….

  30. Well balanced article, nice little get away from the hell that is my work lol.

    Morning everyone,

    Having defenders that can defend are no fun tho Rico :p hehe

  31. I would have no problem signing Suarez. Just make sure he is fed before the match..

  32. Thanks Nickie, less fun but less strain on my heart and blood pressure though… ;)

  33. I think it’s blood he likes TT….

  34. Morning all,
    Where’s todays fixtures rico ?

  35. Family Man,

    FIFA have the power to impose a world wide ban on Suarez, and that would obviously include the Premier League and the CL.

    I do not think they have ever imposed such a ban before, and they normally restrict their WC bans to the current WC tournament and future internationals.

    They are so weak, I would bet he will get a ban that would rule him out of the next 2 or 3 games for bringing the game into disrepute, or for engaging in playful sexual foreplay. :-)

  36. Suarez has been going around biting people for years..Whats new?
    Lets be fair..who was surprised.

  37. Micko, darn, I forgot them….

  38. A ban for the next 2 or 3 games would be appropriate if he just head-butted. But the dive afterwards!! And of course, being a bit hungry.

  39. Attacking fullbacks is becoming a thing of the past imho..

    Even Lichtsteiner/Isla have not been attacking as much in the wc as much..
    Only Brazil have used both FB as wingers in their systems I think amongst the big footballing nations/teams
    Germany have chosen to deploy a flat back 4 with France the best team in the WC thus far only attacking with Debuchy most times whilst Evra stays a bit more defensive…

    We need a solid defensively sound RB now…

  40. Nigeria v Argentina
    Bosnia v Iran

    The later matches are:

    Honduras v Switzerland
    France v Ecuador

  41. But he told the world he was a changed man fred… lol

  42. I wouldn’t say they are in the PL Ts, in fact totally the opposite. Most clubs have full-backs who like to bomb forward.

  43. The stick wengers getting for not handling Ozil,
    makes you wonder whats going on between his southends.

    Will I Won’t I..Will I Won’t I..Dick what you reckon..Shall we?

  44. Thanks rico.

    Honduras, the murder capital of the world, you’d think their team would be doing everything they can to stay in the competition !

  45. An option for right back is at Newcastle, good age too…..

  46. What surprised me was the player trying to pull down Chiellini’s shirt as if showing a bite-mark is a crime!

    And Ian Wright feeling sorry for Suarez. Funny, I don’t have a lot of compassion for him! Actually feel a bit for Rodgers, what can you do when over-payed brats act like this.

    And as for newspaper Headlines ‘He needs help’. Give me strength, I read he was a changed man last year!. About as many times as Joey Barton is a changed man.

  47. I’m hoping he’s having little to do with transfers fred…

    Just for you Micko, wouldn’t do that for anyone else you know… lol

  48. I think the Balo’ temperament is a bit over exaggerated.

    In the last 3 years how many games has he missed through injuries or suspensions?
    He has averaged 30 games out of 38 in serie A over the last 2/3 seasons…
    Yes he gets too many yellows for a striker making fans be on the edge but 22 goals in 34 games won’t be bad for us as Milan are now very weak.

    imo majority of his issues has been off the field. At AFC he will ahve the discipline and structure for him to toe the line…

    Yes Rico, Debuchy has really improved; will Mike Cashley sell to us?

  49. Sorry rico last one.

    “He said it was a one-off gesture, but now he’s repeated it. In those years, he has not learnt his lesson” sighs ex-PSV star Otman Bakkal


  50. I don’t think it is, he’s moody, sulky and petulant….

    Can’t find anything on Afobe’s new contract, in fact the only thing I can find suggests he’s now out of contract, that can’t be right can it?

    Ashley would sell I’m sure but he’d be out to sting us….

  51. When I think of Newcastle I just think of French mediocrity lol. Debuchy is a bit of a hot head, not sure if I’d like him at Arsenal. Although, he is probably the best of a bad bunch of RBs in the premier league at present

  52. Nothing to be sorry for fred…

    I think he’s hoping the dippers will give up on him and let him move to Spain. Trouble is, would either Barca or Madrid want him after this…

    Actually, I don’t care, just hope he gets what he deserves….

  53. Poor Remy ;)

  54. Rico-Talk shite think Brenda will be rejoicing with LS07’s latest news as no one will want him…

  55. I’d love it if he received a full years domestic ban and it leaves Liverpool in the shiz lol Imagine Carragher on his MNF, Liverpool will be back to their poor old ways and he’d be lost. Remy would be a good 2/3rd striker/

  56. I read Liverpool are pretty cheesed off Ts…

    Me too Nickie, I’d love it….

  57. Good Morning to The Lady of the House and all fellow Gooners in residence.

    Has anyone got a link to a transcript of Arsene’s interview on ibIN Sports, I’ve only seen other people’s summary of Arsene’s reply to the Balotelli question?

    Rico – “Trouble is, Arsene Wenger is not known to tell much truth when talking about transfers so anything could happen…” Arsene is like a politician, you must read/listen very carefully to what he has written/said. He rarely, if ever, outright lies; but he is a master of the half truth and misdirection.

    I’d prefer to see us get Alexis Sanchez or Angel di Maria rather than Balotelli.

  58. Morning Cg.

    I think he’s fibbed on many occasions, he’s promised us signings and they have never arrived. The January one when he said he would get a left back in on loan still sticks in my mind…

  59. A very Interesting few days ahead, and i would not want to spend them in Suarez’s shoes!
    Oh to be a fly on the wall at Anfield though!

  60. I’m not an accountant,
    we have around 150million sitting in the bank,
    in 5 days time we will be rid of a players on very good wages,not to mention sell on contracts,money wise we are in a good place,
    Is it fair to tell us everytime we fail with a bid,that it’s a three way deal?
    As far as I know it’s a one way deal.. Money

  61. Belgian star Michy Batshuayi in Marseille to complete €8m move from Standard Liege

  62. Suarez tried to bite Chiellini a year ago during 2013 Confederations Cup http://ind.pn/1yN39EO pic.twitter.com/TfQtJimdcm

  63. Since Syg and Emma are not around I will do my best t imitate them.. :-)

    Hi Cg…

    El Mundo Deportivo: Wenger held meeting with Alexis Sánchez’s agent hours after Chile-Spain –


  64. Van Gaal has made their first move..

    Ander Herrera has passed at medical at ManUtd. Fee £28.7million agreed

  65. Ginge – You must be pleased to see us being linked with Cuadrado. I’m sure it was you that was singing his praises a few weeks ago before the WC kicked off.

  66. Kroos would have been a better option for Man u. This Herrera bloke doesn’t even make the Spanish squad.

  67. Is SYG lost down one of his tunnels or have the Vikings finally caught up with him?

  68. Scott, so would I ;)

    fred, money, it’s always about money, especially at Arsenal….

  69. Lol Nickie.. Herrara is decent… nor you dont want Kroos joining yanited do you? :-)

    Cg, I must admit Goonie has been Cuadrado biggest advocate in recent times; I posted a video on Cuadrado about a year ago and the blond Adonis could not more excited than I expected :P

    I thought we would have gotten him last summer; I sent Rico an email telling her about it when I heard we had a bid accepted but I later read IG and Aw decided to back out because of his double ownership issue…

  70. Rico – Did Arsene say he would sign a left back on loan or the more likely try or want to sign? He is usually very precise in what he says and leaves himself a way out.

  71. Lol Cg… I think Syg is on holiday again…

    He is Gervinho’s/Eboue’s agent afterall :P

  72. Hehe no way TS! I would hate it if Man u took Kroos but I can’t help thinking he was ideal for them.

  73. I have been browsing the internet for news on Dracuez Suarcula and I do not know whether to laugh, or cry, or cry with laughter or laugh and cry.

    The thing is………..I am dying with laughter when I read the comments

    Nice article Rico.

  74. Something like he wanted to find cover at the back Cg, but I can see where you are coming from. I just wish he’d say nothing and then it wouldn’t be so misleading..

  75. Once FIFA have found their cahones, if indeed any of them still possess them, and have dealt with Merseyside Cannibal; perhaps they could address the low standard of officials and possible appeals for a sideline video review of significant decisions.

    I hate to see a team knocked out of competition because the ref was conned into giving a bad decision for a penalty. Yesterday’s award of penalty for tripping over one’s own toes is a prime example.

  76. Thanks Devil

  77. CG, I honestly can’t blame the officials in most cases.
    The game is so quick, and players so adept at diving, it’s near impossible to be sure one way or the other.
    Blame the players and coaches.
    Diving just eats a way at me :)

  78. Mornung all, good read rico.

    AW should bid for LS07 again lol, most pundits are just trying to be relevant, once FIFA takes action against him its over. The football world will forget once he score a hatrick. Zidane headbutt a player in the world once and he was forgiven, even though LS did bite on numerous occasion he is still a world class talent which will always hide his baggage.

  79. Chiellini Con Carne, yum,yum. Afternoon all.

  80. lol Dev…
    Cg- Suarez started wearing a red string on his wrist last season after getting his 200k p/w contract ;but I bet he has not disciplined enough to acquire the ‘knowledge’ needed to be progress in that ‘craft’. ;)

    Lol Nickie, if they had gotten Kroos I would have become an AOB member… lol

  81. DNA, which club in their right mind would buy him now though?
    Would any of the big boys risk him?
    I reckon the damage is done already, and what FIFA do is irrelevant, unless they hit him with a very long ban.
    Bring it on.
    Let’s see Liverpool sweat, then cry, then suffer!

  82. Thanks Gdna, I wouldn’t want him at Arsenal… Not now…

    Early lunch Bt? lol

  83. Rico – That is the point, he is trying to say nothing, yet still fulfil his obligation to talk to the press. Arsene is like Sir Humphrey Appleby (Nigel Hawthorne) from the old version of Yes Minister/Yes Prime Minister, can talk much but say little or nothing.

    I don’t like the remake of the show.

  84. Thanks for the telegraph article on Sanchez, Tsgh. Personally, I think Sanchez + Remy suits me really fine, and would come at a totally reasonable price (~35m combo). Add Campbell back and that is a really good attack with pace and flair, complemented by Girouds hold up play and finishing in the box.

    ps Id put some money on the Dutch making the semis or further – in the last 16 the play Mexico, (and if win) then the winner of Costa Rica/Greece in the quarters. Thats favourable, and the reason why you always want to win your group! (take note Arsenal in the CL).

  85. Bt62 – I too like chili con carne, but I prefer beef to long pork.

  86. Nickie re your 11:19…

    My crystal ball tells me the bin-dippers will struggle regardless…

    Brenda will turn down England and get sacked for failing to joggle UCL and qualifying for next years UCL…

  87. Cg, I’d rather when asked he says: I am not prepared to discuss any transfer plans……

  88. I disagree Scott,

    Referees are trained. Referees will make mistakes, but it’s the clear cut mistakes and horrendous decisions that ruin games which are unforgivable. Brazil’s penalty against Croatia, the dodgy offside calls against Mexico etc. I’m lenient but there is a cut off point between close call and absolutely outrageous. Rico’s post yesterday on a ref celebrating with Nigeria? lol come on

  89. Ts, agreed but the added potential of missing Chewy will almost make their struggles certain. Can’t wait to see how badly they fall

  90. Scott – Diving, especially in the box, is one of my bug bears. In blatant cases like yesterday, a disciplinary committee should be able to review the incident and discipline the player even though the ref has made a decision. To take no further action brings the game and the officials into disrepute.

  91. Nickie, I did say “in most cases”.
    Of course some officials aren’t up to it, but these diving cretins make a tough job even tougher, so they should be eliminated from the game.

  92. CG, I truly detest diving.
    I’d rather lose than have our player do it.

  93. Which club would want Suarez now. Lol. FC Barcelona just went through a major scandal with the Neymar deal, Messi just miss jail time with tax problem, FIFA is corrupt so LS incident happens a good time because all the attention the is taken away from the failure of the English national team, If he only gets ban from intl games he will be playing for Barca or RM next season.

  94. Rico – I agree with you on that, but the press wont take no for an answer. Auld Whisky Nose was the only manager who could get away with declining to talk with the press. They’re not fond of Arsene as it is.

  95. DNA, You reckon they’ll take him?
    I hope you are right because more fool them, and due to this latest indiscretion, I hope they get him cheap.
    Some clubs, such as those you mentioned, have absolutely no class and no standards, so let them Get him, and I hope they rot in hell together.

  96. But if it’s a worldwide ban, Suarez will rot at Liverpool….

  97. Fingers are crossed, Rico :)

  98. Feed him before he goes on the pitch ?

    His menu Starters , Peter odem chicken wingies , or Soup of the day Alex Oxtail Chamberlain ,
    Main course :- Shaun Wright Filloets or Bacari Lasagna .
    Deserts :- Juicy Jaskelienen or Sergio Biscuits.or even John Cherry.

    Whatever ban he gets won’t be enough. I have even heard that Uruguay are claiming that Chiellini got someone to bit him at half time , so that he could blame Suarez.

  99. Scott – Amen to that!

  100. Rico, no better place for him to rot, now for that bite of lunch.

  101. Rico, Sports teams in general are run governing bodies who are corrupt and intimidated by monetary bribes, player agents are the most powerful persons in a player career, don’t be surprised LS only get ban for the rest of the tournament. The only reason FIFA acts this quickly is because the Italian player call them out when he said they would never ban 1 of the best player in the world or words to that effect.

  102. apologise Scott lol where are my glasses

  103. apologies*

  104. Mine are Scott..

    Potter, that is very good…. lol

  105. It’s not mine I got it on facebook from a friend but I couldn’t get the whole menu of Chez Suarez to copy and paste.

  106. Gdna, you don’t know any of that for sure…

  107. LS07 might purposefully bite the player to get on Liverpool nerves so he could get his dream move to Barcelona, his agent is a Barcelona fan. He intentionally slams the English media after he knock England out of the WC, he won’t be in the EPL next season.

  108. Rico, lol. FIFA is 1 of the most corrupt body that’s in charge of any sport.

  109. Ha ha Nickie, all good bud :)
    DNA, I disagree, as I think they will give him a decent ban, but saying that, I will not be surprised if you are right, and that will cause worldwide condemnation, especially from non footballing fans.
    It would undo the good work this tournament has done in attracting viewers.

  110. Why we all acting like we don’t know what up? AW was waiting patiently for FIFA fair play, where is it, what does it apply to? Sports is corrupt.

  111. Isn’t it UEFA governing FFP?

  112. Scott, what organization governs all things related to football/soccer?

  113. DNA, it is UEFA.
    Easy enough to find.
    Google it.

  114. We all think it is Gdna, bt it’s never been proved has it? lol

  115. Scott, is UEFA a football related?

  116. ????
    You said Wenger waited for FIFA FairPlay.
    They did not instigate it, UEFA did.
    Is it worldwide?
    No it’s not.
    It’s European, hence UEFA controlling it…well, sort of lol
    Hope that clears it up for you.

  117. Scott, FIFA Fair Play should be FFP, big head you didn’t see its a typo. lol. That happens when you don’t read over your post but thanks for the correction. lol

  118. In my view just because someone is brillant at something does not give them a free pass in life..

    Bob Marley/Nelson Mandela said and I paraphrase: ‘I rather die fighting for freedom than die a prisoner’

    The elected/illuminated one’s like Lincoln/Manly P Hall said – ‘ those who will allow anyone to lead them to ‘freedom’ do not deserve the freedom they want’.

  119. Stop your squabbling! ;)

  120. Dna, I am certain Financial FP is not a FIFA concept but rather a UEFA concept…

  121. Sorry Scott, just seen you posted at 1:16

  122. Dna, read that ref Chipmonk and the media and thought here we go again, angling for a move.

  123. There you have it…

    According to Kike Marin Sanchez wants to join Arsenal but FC barcelona want to include him in a swap deal for Suarez …

    BArca ideally want to buy Suarez without spending any money… we either pay £35M for ‘S’ so they add the CF04 fee or we forget about ‘S’…

  124. Afternoon All…

    It’s another warm, sunny day in London Town…

  125. Lets hope the ban is worldwide then Ts, that’ll scupper Barca’s plans…

    Or of course, ‘S’ refuses to go to the dippers..

  126. Ts,

    If true that’s very upsetting news. Hopefully Wenger pushes hard and gets his man. “S” is likeable and hardworking aswell, I think he’d be a real fan favourite.

  127. Ts, so u telling me FIFA got no say in what UEFA does (concept)? My bad thanks for the info.

  128. Afternoon Kev, lovely isn’t it, but it’s meant to change :(

  129. Ts, did Fiorentina not sort Cuadrados’ ownership problems out recently?

  130. Or of course Suarez only wants a Madrid move….

  131. Dna can you explain to me the meaning of “my bad……….” Please, cos I don’t understand,

  132. Fingers crossed Rico…

    Sanchez was really prepared to join us last summer… our lack of transfer strategy made us follow LS07 when Pep who is a sibling of Pere had said publicly LS07 was not looking to move…

    Those who claim LS07 can’t control himself like Wright imho are just naive…

    Last summer when LS07 got an improved contract (with clauses related to his discipline) I said on here LS07 will not cause anymore troubles.
    He wants a move now so he has started the same..

    AS I always say history repeats itself… last summer in the Confed Cup LS07 started false comments about the English media being after him etc…

    To me how like in normal walks of life how guilty and indivual is can be weighed by his immediate reaction. Also the punishment/pardon one gets after an offence can be heavily influenced by what that individual does after he/she realises he/has committed that error or offence…

    LS07 knew what he was doing and then tried to con the watching world by pretending he had been elbowed by Chellini…

  133. Rico, i think what we have here, is heading your way, enjoy while you can. lol

  134. Big head, DNA?
    How was it a typo when you continued to argue the point…and you still are.
    You are kidding yourself.
    Still, nice attempt at a back track, but a failed one hahahahahaha.
    Anyway, on that note, and after that lesson, I am off for the night.
    Ginge, keep up my good work :)
    Night all.

  135. Bt, potter says they have…

  136. Night Scott…

    Where is OZ btw?

  137. Not sure Ginge….I will send hm a message and get back to you tomorrow.
    Later, mate.

  138. Wavy lol. “My bad” I made a mistake.

  139. Ts,

    How do you know Sanchez wanted us? I’m fairly new to this blog and you have some great stats and interesting views but I always take transfer rumours with a pinch of salt but you seem to know quite a bit about our dealings, interest in players and whether or not players wanted to join us or not.

    Not a dig btw just a friendly question :) hehe

  140. and like Scott I struggle to read my comments back so the English is a bit poor lol but but but

  141. Ts, i read it somewhere a few days back, i think. lol. Hardly make any difference to Afc, Oz is the small island beside New Zealand, Ts.

  142. Wavy, I’m glad you asked that because I never got taught that expression at school….

  143. Nickie, that Sanchez story is in the papers I suspect or on twitter. Don’t be fooled that Ts has some kind of inside info… lol

    And the stats are all off of some database somewhere..

  144. Night Scott….

  145. and there was me thinking Ts was special :( haha

  146. That’s what was worrying me Nickie… lol

  147. Scott, i wan’t trying to back track on anything, i never act like i’m mr know it all. Most if not all football regulations are run by FIFA….

    The Union of European Football Associations also referred to by its acronym UEFA is the administrative body for association football in Europe and, partially, Asia. It is one of six continental confederations of world football’s governing body FIFA.

  148. ha ha Bt.. Scott will lynch you for that..

    Cheers Scott.. later

    Nickie, no offence taken mate… the player and Tata both said it last summer during the Suarez saga…

    Even the great Cruyff weighed-in on the player looking to join an EPl club.

    And we know we are the only 1′s from the EPL Barca turned down in August as Man city had bought Jovetic and Negredo who we also had a bid accepted for…

    Jose was never going for a fine player as him…

    Yanited had Rvp and were only on the market for a creative CM.

    The dippers had attempted to buy Costa and had already gootten Iagas..

    What allegedly transpired was that when Neymar was bought Alexis suspected the writing was on the wall as he had had a relatively poor season under Tito and Pep the previous seasons and was concerned he would even get less games…

    (My own view)It seems like we enguired for the player and Barca told us to wait until a new manager has been hired first…

    But the South American manager Tata promised him he would get chances and ‘S’ when on to have his best season since leaving River Plate.

    Before he joined Barca just like before Ozil joined RM, we were in for both but both apparently went for the big club cough money. ;)
    For what was in the media then…


  149. enguired=inquired*

  150. Article too short – ‘hungry’ for more :-)

  151. Lol Rico.. re 2:08

  152. Bt, just seen your comment about the weather, I don’t want any rain thank you…. :(

  153. Thanks Mystic…

  154. Hehe, thanks Ts.

    all very logical reasons, hopefully no distractions this summer and we get our man! I guess I was so absorbed in the Suarez hype I didn’t bat an eyelid at the other supposed targets lol

  155. Nickie, I am not in the know…

    I just hear bits around from someone who claims to know 1 of our scouts… ;)

    The reason why when Aw was repeating that Yaya was injured before January I always said AW was fibbing and that Yaya was in France working out to get stronger.

    I got the same curious comments on here when I implied that but a few months down the line AW admitted Sir-no-goal was not injured… ;)

  156. Sometimes you just get lucky, keep guessing a something will come true once in a while Ts ;)

  157. Balotelli / Remy….., maybe Suarez, hmm ‘food’ for thought :-)

  158. Nickie, also like when Laudrup won the CoC and I said that he would be sack before the end of last season.. it was not because I am an oracle or any gibberish like that…

    I just believe history repeats itself… just that we folks are so pre-occupied with the present that we forget the past…

    George Orwell said— ‘Those who control the present, control the past and those who control the past control the future.

    When I was in Sandhurst I asked one posh boy why he wasted his fathers money and studied history in Oxbridge…

    He answered me by asking me why all the politicians in the developed world.. 82% of UK parliamentarians studied some form of History or Anthropology whilst they tell the common people to study science and technology?

  159. Lol Rico… well Metro and CoF are yet to get one right yet. :)

  160. Good point Ts. They will… one day..

  161. a few of my guesses come right than the red tops Rico..

    Like us not going to bid for Higuain, Williams last summer and us going to move for Cabaye etc..

    Before Negredo admitted on TV that we were after Negredo no paper had even reported it…
    What i do is read Mg’s rumours and refine it… :-)

  162. But we did go for Higuain, AW admitted that but when he went to Napoli AW wasn’t disappointed because he wasn’t a ‘special target’….

  163. Eddy Grant over Bob Marley any day !

  164. Adam Ant Micko?

  165. Lol Rico… maybe someone claiming to be from AFC but not IG, Law or AW…

    The player said it on ITV before we beat Naples
    Reports below


  166. you couldn’t guess the lottery numbers for next week please? lol but in all seriousness that’s an interesting way to look at things re past repeating itself. I have to admit my ears do prick up when I see some of your comments in regards to team news, possible signings. lol

  167. Liverpool could build a case to sue Luis Suarez for breach of contract if he is banned for biting, according to a leading employment lawyer.
    The striker is at the centre of yet more controversy after appearing to sink his teeth into Giorgio Chiellini during Uruguay’s World Cup clash against Italy in Brazil yesterday.
    World governing body FIFA is now investigating the matter and the 27-year-old could face a lengthy ban that could be extended to club football.
    Suarez has twice been banned for biting opponents in the past.
    Last year he was banned for 10 matches for biting Chelsea’s Branislav Ivanovic while he incurred a seven-game suspension for a similar offence while at Ajax in 2010.
    Glenn Hayes, employment law partner at national law firm Irwin Mitchell, said: “The general position is that Suarez’s behaviour in the work environment would usually represent gross misconduct (given that it could be classified as an assault) and would usually result in the dismissal of an employee in most circumstances.
    “If the matter has occurred outside of work and is not connected to it, for example in the form of a work social, the issue for the employer would usually be whether the actions of the employee had brought the business into disrepute.
    “In the case of Suarez this could easily be argued – particularly as it is the second time an incident like this has happened whilst he has been with the club (and third time overall), and the Anfield club stood by the player last time despite risk to their reputation and despite his lengthy ban.
    “The decision for Liverpool however is not really about whether they do what a ‘normal employer’ may do.
    “With Barcelona and Real Madrid apparently planning to make significant bids for the player after the World Cup, the decision is whether they are willing to dismiss a player and waive a potential huge transfer fee.
    “Much will depend on what punishment FIFA hands down but if the ban is sufficiently long so that Suarez is unable to fulfil his contract, this so-called ‘frustration of contract’ could lead to claims by Liverpool for breach of contract on the part of Suarez.”
    The latest Suarez incident in the group match in Natal came amid growing speculation linking the PFA player of the year with a big-money move to Barcelona.
    European champions Real Madrid have previously been linked with the player.
    It remains to be seen whether such apparent interest is now tempered.
    Liverpool have declined to comment on the matter. It is understood the club intend to let FIFA’s process take its course before making their position clear.
    Yet with Suarez having also been involved in numerous other controversies since joining Liverpool in 2011 – most infamously a race row with Manchester United’s Patrice Evra that led to an eight-match ban – there is the potential for embarrassment for the Reds.
    Hayes said: “It will be interesting to see how the situation develops over the next few days and what stance Liverpool take in relation to their highest-profile and most-valued employee.”

  168. I don’t gamble mate Nickie… I am a keyboard oracle… lol

    I am a sadist i don’t want to be rich… I want to just be comfortable and healthy

  169. “ears do prick up when I SEE some of your comments”….lol

  170. I don’t do the lottery either, just a joke :) but i’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to be rich.

    Interesting Hell, Normal employers would just “sack” the employee. Strange how football works, Liverpool benefit from ones bad behaviour (if they were to sell for mega bucks)

  171. It’s the rich man’s world…

    There is a £65M clause for non EPL clubs…

    it all depends on how quickly potential suitors will pay the asking fee…imho

  172. Dev, I am sure the PFA lawyers will argue on a EHR article/statute in LS07’s defence… typical lawyers… really!

    When City with their limited resources threatened to fight UEFA a compromise was quickly agreed…

    Another famous saying.. ”When money talks, nobody notices what grammar it uses.”

  173. unlimited resources*

  174. Ts, are you suffering illusions of grandeur again sitting in that armchair of yours…..!

    You may as well get the weeegie board out ;-)

  175. Nickie – tsgh is special. We just don’t discuss how he is special.

  176. Ts, AW was on Bt Sport and was asked in person and that is what AW himself said about Higuain. I heard/saw it myself….

  177. I like them both Micko… lol

  178. I have much to learn :)

  179. Cg, Ts, is certainly special!!! lol

  180. Special needs….. ;)

  181. Uruguay have until 5pm on Wednesday, Brazil time, to submit a defence for Suarez and they plan to say that there was no bite to defend. Spanish newspaper AS claim the Uruguayan football authorities will say that what’s happened is a conspiracy aided by Photoshop and a general dislike of Suarez.

    The Liverpool player will not be asked by Uruguay to speak at his own hearing but instead he will be represented by Alejandro Balbi of the Uruguayan FA. He’s quoted by Ovacion as saying “Suarez did nothing wrong and we will show that.”

    Balbi, who has legally represented Suarez before, had said earlier “Italians are making too much noise, disappoint me, are not like those world champions.”

    It’s a sentiment backed up many within Uruguayan football. The country’s captain Diego Lugano has said “The scars? They are old scars, if you weren’t stupid you would be aware. Chiellini did it on purpose.

    “Worst thing is attitude of Chiellini, not normal in Italian football that a player leaves the pitch crying and accusing a rival.”


  182. His needs are covered with his “reclining” armchair….!

  183. Lol Wath… I learnt my armchair to Ginger Durham.

  184. Cg, you still up?

  185. lent* even… pfff

  186. Gdna, what buffoons eh, as if we couldn’t all see what happened on TV, especially in slow motion as has been showed today over and over…

  187. I stopped using the Ouija board when I stopped listening to Bone Thugs i the early 1990’s :D

    These days all I need to do is cover 1 eye and throw up a pyramid sign with my hands mate… :-)

    Adam’s old friend Aleister Crowley thought me that…

  188. Rico, i can’t wait to see what punishment is given to LS, He needs to apologize quickly and admit he needs help and is willing to do therapy, it would certainly help before the ruling. lol

  189. As if what Suarez did wasn’t bad enough now we have to listen to all the bullshit that now comes with it….! Like listening to those wankers down the road about winning the league…. Yawnnnnnnnnnnnnnn……………….!

  190. Phil Thompson on Irish radio, claims “S” to the dippers is a done deal.

  191. I’m sorry but how can they defend that? Chiellini is a big lad and he looked hurt by Suarez biting his shoulder. He went down immediately and you could see the fire and passion in his eyes as he approached the ref to show him the marks. Ok, some pictures probably have been photoshopped etc BUT there is video footage of the slimeball clamping his jaw. How is someone going to play out or fake being bitten? lol He has a past littered with these sorts of incidents, I wouldn’t even tarnish my own reputation to defend him

  192. I’d be very depressed if Liverpool managed to sign “S”

  193. He should of nutted the buck-toothed cnut!

  194. I am surprised it hasn’t happened in the car park after the match.

  195. “To be fair to Luis Suárez, ‘Chicken Chiellini’ does sound quite tasty.”

  196. Nickie, Thompson has a nose for these things..lol

  197. Suarez wasn’t the only naughty boy on the pitch, Marchisio was a bit nasty with that lashing out on Dios or Rios, the bloke who looks built to play rugby lol

  198. Bt, are you serious re Phil ‘Big Nose’ Thompson?

  199. it’s all that snorting he does lol

  200. Ts,going to listen to the link now, it supposedly came up when talking to about Chipmonk.

  201. Phil ‘Big Nose’ Thompson? Pinnochio you mean every time he told a lie his nose got bigger.

  202. Ginge – Yes, I’m still up. No sense in going to bed now as today’s games kick off soon.

  203. Thought it was a one eyed dart throw at the voodoo doll ;-)

  204. I will try that one next time Wath… :-)

    Cg- Us of A are not playing today… :P

  205. Ts, just listened, usual story he heard it from newspaper guys (lol) close to the dippers yesterday, that deal was done.Take with a pinch of salt and a nice shoulder of Italian ham.

  206. Don’t KFC do a Chicken Chellini…?

  207. Lol Potter… well I was trying to be nice… :-)

    It crossed my mind yesterday listening all the so called ex-pros pundits/experts after the 3 lions game that none of them volunteer to help the young lads improve on their technique. since they all claim to want to see England do well in a tournament…

    It was funny how Seedorf shut Hansen up last week when Hansen said no team without world class stars had won a major trophy..

    seedorf mentioned Greece and Hansen shut up.. :-) clueles those match of the day experts…

  208. It’s in their light bites range with the Julio Caesar salad and the (Leighton) Baines on toast.

  209. Wath.. where I am from its pure West African juju mate; no weak-a$$ voodoo shite.. :P

    I told Abou Dhabi to see one of my contacts so the fetish priest can turn his career around but he is dragging his chicken legs along… ;)

  210. Every time he came to the side of the pitch at Highbury the crowd gave him “” Sit down Pinocchio.””

  211. Potter,

    your list of light bites is actually making me peckish lol

  212. Ginge – Thank you for the schedule update. I’ll be sure to make a note of that.

  213. Nickie before you order at Chez Suarez . See the rest of the menu I posted at 12.45.

    His menu Starters , Peter odem chicken wingies , or Soup of the day Alex Oxtail Chamberlain ,
    Main course :- Shaun Wright Fillets or Bacari Lasagna .
    Deserts :- Juicy Jaskelienen or Sergio Biscuits.or even John Cherry.

  214. True potter with Gerald Houlier (spelling)

    Another liverpoool ‘leg-end’ who spills more shite than I do is Ian Rush… anytime he is on LFC he really spills his guts out on what is going on at the club… ;-)

  215. I hope that ‘S’ story is rubbish… :(

  216. :D Potter you are on form

  217. Ts, no probs mate, wouldn’t want anyone beating you to an exclusive..lol

  218. That the one Potter…

    Lee is having a Chicken Chellini Biriyani tonight..

  219. I will blame Wath if we miss out on ‘S’.. He brain washed us to mention ‘S’ like he is ANUM the Sun God… ;)

  220. haha love it

  221. There’s silence either because of A) people are getting ready to leave work or B) People trying to think of new Player/foods to spruce up Chez Suarez’s menu….I’m a mixture of both lol

  222. Atletico Madrid have announced that Koke and Juanfran have both signed new contracts at the club.

  223. I for one refuse to eat in a restaurant that serves Lional Bessi’s frozen roast potatos! lol catch you all later :)

  224. Nearly tea time so I’m off for a cup of Cafu and a Koke!

  225. And a little Eton Messi!

    Enough for now. Soccer a on the tele ??? ( former Brazilian manager, forgotten his surname).

  226. I prefer a simple veggie (Patrick) Burger myself….

  227. Messi!!!

  228. Mosa!!! ffs

  229. AMUN not Anum Ginge.

    Look at this. Cant be Shrek surely??? Is he in Brazil or he has secretly flown back earlier???

    A 90-year-old woman was dragged off the street and raped as she walked to her local butcher’s shop.
    The pensioner was attacked in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, at 6.45am on Tuesday.
    She felt a hand go over her mouth and was hauled backwards in Spotland Road, police said.


  230. To give you the exact name Ginge…..it is AMUN RA

  231. Lauren Blancmange is a nice dessert….

  232. Kev…..if you go to an Italian restaurant ask them for this……..

    Pasta Chiellini con salsa Suaresiana, patate fritte e una bottigla di vino rosso.

  233. which basically is …..Pasta Chiellini with Suaresian sauce, fried chips and a bottle of BLOOD RED wine.

  234. Rico. what about some plain old Pat Rice.

  235. That’s horrid news Devil, really horrid. Poor poor lady….

  236. Imo, and imo only, I would like the EU to pass a law whereby rapists, shaggers and peados to be castrated.

  237. by shaggers I mean granny shaggers.

  238. Dev, you’re letting them off lightly imo.

  239. Lightly????

    by castration I mean removing their testicles. This would result in a lowering of testosterone thus resulting in higher oestrogen levels. This would turn them into man with female voices, less body hair and chests turning into boobs.

    Is that a light sentence having to live with that for the rest of their miserable lives?

    no amount of viagra would allow them to have intercourse anymore

  240. I like that one Bt…

  241. They deserve worse than that Devil….

  242. obviously cat’o’nine tails, hanged, drawn.

  243. Just watching the Argentina game, could do with a glass of Di Maria ;)

  244. Or a bottle of San Miquel…

    Ok I’ll get my coat….. ;)

  245. Stunning free kick by Messi.

  246. Don’t even lift your coat…lol….Great to see Messi doing the bizz on the biggest stage of all.

  247. Bt, it’s too warm for a coat… ;)

  248. So how much did we get Gdna?

  249. Wow, go Nigeria :)

  250. 3-2 Argentina, this is a good game….

  251. The super Eagles are back…
    Oh no di Maria

  252. Thanks dev… I suspected the dev will know about Egyptology. :D

  253. Dna, so you see with your link… winning atrophy does not give you much return unless you can do it on the cheap…

    The winner only made 8M more than Arsenal.. considering the £80M spent on Bale…

  254. Ts, The Eagles have landed, Rico,you need a coat or an ella over here! lol

  255. Lol Bt- re ‘Eagle has landed’Jack Higgins is one of my favourite authors…

  256. “Dna, so you see with your link… winning atrophy does not give you much return unless you can do it on the cheap…

    The winner only made 8M more than Arsenal.. considering the £80M spent on Bale.”

    Ts, What is this suppose to mean, i thought the intention was for the club to win trophies, not making profit.

  257. My point is that those who claim winning a trophy will make the club money is not adequately substantiated..

    Moreover, Stan is about his investment and so the club not over speculating makes him more successful imo… that is why AW is his biggest asset in his franchise.

  258. Ts, didn’t think you had time to read novels, with all your stats work. Was that the Ricky Alvarez we were looking at a couple of years back?

  259. Did you see England dropped the southern based and northern based players in separate parts of UK?

    Bot planes had no livery on them and they got given a free Xbox one console…. typical! :o

  260. Ts, I didn’t want to read to find out, just wanted to be told… :P :P

    Thanks for the link.. ;)

  261. Bt- I dont get time to read anymore.. but Jack higgins book was even made into a film like the great escape…


  262. I heard they were doing that this morning, how flash eh….

  263. Rico, if I told you you would call me a liar so I sent you the link.. ;)

  264. If only I could play football better than I post on here with all my typos .. I won’t be moaning about those over-hyped players.. :)

  265. Ts, seen the film many times…..lol

  266. Very good film.. I admit it is not as good as the Great escape but…

  267. Only 3.5miles today. My body needs a rest to recover. I could not continue today.

    So no running tomorrow.

    We signed Messi and Ronaldo yet???

  268. Maradona is coming back from retirement on a pay as you earn contract… Dev

  269. Ginge did those Nigerians impress you or what? They played a good game. With better cohesion in their defense they could have stunned messi and his cohorts. What a game. End to end stuff.

  270. Snap, how many goals is Benzema scoring tonight?

  271. Ha ha Ts, not sure that’s quite fair though, not when it’s factual… lol

  272. The video with AW saying no to AW… lok at the body language

  273. Devil. No. ;)

  274. AW saying no to AW* Balo’ evn.lol

  275. Ts, ah, the Great Escape, Steve McQueen.l

  276. Hiya Goonie, sorry I had to do something…

    The Nigerian looked impressive but not sure if it was because Argentina were bad since I noted Obi Mikel dribbling for the first time his he appeared in the u-20 world cup almost 10 years ago…

  277. he looks very edgy doesn’t he? which is worrying. But he did say Balotelli was not convincing this world cup, so if he does pay money based on these performances then what is he thinking?

  278. Nickie, it is very unlikely for Aw to downplay or even comment an an individual player especially if that player is not playing for AFC..

    AW normally does that to deter interest from 3rd parties or reduce the price or send a coded message to the players agent…

    Bt- the great McQueen…

  279. Ts, McQueen The King of Cool!!

  280. Any comment on Higuain performance thus far…?

  281. ‘A coded message to the players agent’
    rico, proof if you ever needed it, time for random drug testing on here !

  282. tsgh, fully expect the average french bottler to get himself a brace tonite.

  283. ..Micko… you know me too well now…? :)

  284. I think I need to stop this double speak! :-) ‘Coded message to player’s agent.’ :-)

  285. Stan 7.29, it’s all that extra strong stout matey.

  286. Allegedly Morgan gets his first start for France…

  287. A few changes for France tsgh, koz and sagna start.

  288. Kosser to start me thinks. Was Higuain playing today? lol

  289. Micko, random drug testing has been a need on here for a while, just don’t know how to get it done without anyone knowing…

    I thought Ts might be able to help…

  290. Rico, no way!! lol

  291. watch it you 2, Micko and Rico… I am like Abou Dhabi I lead a clean life so your drug test will be negative.. :D

  292. Ts, are you sure? lol

  293. My players start for France..

    Italian press are slaughtering Balo’ for their exit… lol

    I think he will need to move now or grow up quickly..

    Roy Hodgson is wanted back at Inter allegedly.. lol

  294. Lol Bt.. Ia dmit it depends on drug you are testing for…

  295. Abou Diaby…….if there was work in the bed, he’d sleep on the floor !!

  296. a question I got asked at work “why do the kids wear yellow and red kits?” can anyone help me out?

  297. lol micko…

  298. Micko, doubt he could get to floor level, without injuring himself.

  299. ‘throw in for Columbia’ – it’s Ecuador you numpty commentator….

  300. Notice how Morgan is keeping the shape and never ball watching…. what a player.

    Get him AW…!

  301. Sakho should be off…

  302. Micko you know England national team is shit when the Swiss with Senderos and Djourou are going further than us…

  303. Afternoon guys…..what’s new?? Sanchez to poopville is a done deal according to reports. If that actually turns out to be true then you really must ask what they are smoking at the camp nou. Letting him leave and getting Suarez in his place. Beggars belief.

  304. Apart from Loris is anyone else in the French team actually a 2nd generation french man?

  305. Is Phil Neville doing the commentary? If so, he’s so much better than he was during his first match…

  306. According to Phil Tompson it’s a done deal Stan, sad eh! :(

  307. I thought it was Danny Murphy Rico?

  308. Malaga Gooner has not said it so its not true…

  309. Nickie 8.57, not sure where your coming from, need to elaborate !

  310. Just heard the other guy call him Phil Ts, so it’ Neville. He sure has earned from the comments made about him. Much better and quite easy on the ear… lol

  311. Can someone tell me why there is so much of fuss surrounding Paul Pogba?!!!

    His passing is simply appalling…

  312. Must be the home and away kits for Arsenal Nickie/Micko

    Scott will think that relates to a television soap… ;)

  313. tsgh, I think all 4 teams have a chance, they all have something to play for, although Honduras would need a miracle.

  314. Some of these guys are just so overhyped, it’s laughable…

  315. Hi Micko,

    you know when the teams first come out, the children that accompany them out and during the national anthems. What does the yellow and red kit symbolise ?

  316. Phil Neville reckons he’s the most complete footballer in world football Kev… Don’t see it myself…

  317. Nickie, I thought you meant the kids here in England :)

  318. Griezmann doesn’t look all that either in his game…

  319. lol sorry, i was very vague

  320. Griezmann is absolute class, I’d love him at Arsenal.
    So versatile, has excellent technique and tough for a little ‘un…

  321. He looks lightweight to me Kev….

  322. Schneiderlin looks a very accomplished footballer…

    You don’t like Griezmann then Rico?
    Hmm, you suprise me, I think he a fantastic footballer.

  323. How did Benzema miss that one…

  324. I am with you kev.. I think Pogba is atad over rated… he had a very good first season with Juve but he has been average since…

    Just young though so..

    Nickie no idea mate re colours will find out for you if I can…

  325. But that Benzema, Rico he’s so lazy… ;-)

    Only three goals as well, just not good enough…

  326. Not at all Kev, I can’t really give a view on him as I’ve hardly seen him play, just tonight he looks as if he’s struggling a bit…

  327. Nickie, I’m no columbo but have you noticed Brazil are wearing yellow shirts and red socks tonite !

  328. :) Kev, he’s another Costa. S**t!….

  329. I knew you’d know Micko…. lol

  330. Ginge, I cannot comment on Pogba in Serie A, as I don’t see it unfortunately…

    But from what I’ve heard I kinda expected another Deseilly, but he just looks a big lump…

  331. Rico :lol:

  332. :D coming from Robbie coke face Fowler…

    Robbie Fowler: “Suarez has dragged the good name of Liverpool through the mud again, and it’s not right. You can’t defend him.”

  333. Swiss are 2-0 up which means Ecuador would be out and Switzerland will go through…

  334. Kev-The french like us AFC fans have been looking for another PV04 for so long any Franco African is dubbed the new Vieira.

    He is nowhere as good as our only Diabolic Abou imo…

    For Juve he plays with Vidal and Pirlo in the midfield 3 or he is bound to look good imo…

  335. Rico, I like Griezmann’s close control, very neat and economical, and 20 goals from a winger is Piresesque..,

  336. Fowler is right though. And what he got up to didn’t harm anyone but himself, what Suarez has done is quite different…. imo

  337. There I say the French are missing OG12…?

    Their midfield without Cabaye is not as creative… even though Morgan is not too bad.

  338. Ginge imo, Vidal is head and shoulders above Pogba…

    Schneiderlin is very very good, his passing is excellent…

  339. Exactly why I wont judge him Kev….. One bad game doesn’t make a bad player…

    Just ask Olivier Giroud… ;)

  340. of course Rico… you are spot on but still a pot calling a ketle black imo..

  341. Fowler, pot calling the kettle black me thinks !!!

  342. spot calling a kettle black Ts, how??

  343. Ah, Fowler you meant, not me… :)

  344. Greizman is a solid player… Montpellier only sold him because of cabella and his size I read..

    To me Vidal is the best midfielder in football right now.. imo of course

  345. Can’t believe I’m on the same wave length as tsgh, gawd help me !

  346. Kev- you know my views on Morgan so… ;)

  347. I can’t stand Fowler, but I think both incidents are different, but yes, both let their club down big time, but imho, Suarez is worse because its biting another player.

    Decent people just don’t do that…

  348. Micko, take an asprin….

  349. Out of all these so called WC strikers Costa, Balotelli, Benzema. I haven’t really been impressed. Benzema is barely moving

  350. Lol… Micko; its because you haven’t been on the sauce…

    So on the theme of wc food… have you have your snail and frog legs yet Micko?

    Where is Goonie btw.. he is so quiet?

  351. Mick, go and have a lay down mate…

  352. Does Sissoko (spelling) play for Newcastle, or have I got the wrong one?

  353. nope you’ve got the right one Rico :)

  354. Martinez has been ok Nickie… ;)

  355. Jackson Martinez and Muller have been good me think..

    Higuain has been the worst imo followed by Aguero.

    Benzema is always elegant on the ball but I know I will get dissed but I strongly believe he can’t hack it against Stoke in February…

  356. Yeah Rico,

    he, Sanchez and Muller have impressed me

  357. Now I know what you meant earlier then Nickie.. ;)

  358. Bloomin heck, now I am thinking the same as you Ts…. :eek:

  359. ;) mediocrity at its finest

  360. Guys, as much as this game is an ‘on the edge of the seat’ match, I’m off to shut my chickens in safely and then go and watch some paint dry…

    Night all, enjoy the second half…..

  361. :) Micko…

    Gone now..

  362. Rico, drug test me thinks!! lol

  363. tsgh, I was in a bit of a tizzy this morning when I couldn’t find the fixtures, as you know I plan my meals around the games.
    The dirty Argies meant only one thing, a nice juicy sirloin.

  364. Night Rico

  365. Evening Rico and the house.
    Good to see Morgan getting his chance. Like Ginge I think he is just right for us.

  366. What an utter load of rubbish! “…but look what problems [Suarez would] be causing us now”. What problems? His value having risen at least 10%, because whichever club he plays for knows he won’t be disappearing off/getting injured on international duty for the next 2 years?

  367. I think for persistent offences he should be banned from international football for maximum and banned domestically for 6-12months

  368. Nite rico, for what it’s worth that would be about 12 hours for gloss paint !!!

  369. Hiya Rick long long time..

    Typical Micko, you had the chance to try some french cuisine and you went for steak? lol

  370. Just bring OG on. ;)

    People are acting surprised. But Valencia’s challenge was high and he was trying to shave skin off the leg of Digne.

    Hi, rico and bye, rico. :D

  371. .. I am still talking rubbish on here… lol- Agag

    OG12 coming on to score winning goal will be good?

  372. Benzema needs his strike partner. Lol.

  373. James 9.57, just my opinion, but I think the sponsers of any interested club would have a massive say in any transfer, their name is plastered all over the shirt, would they really want to be associated with such an animal, I think not !

  374. This is a bit Snoozy. I like Griezmann but he is so small, I’m not sure how he would fare against thuggish types in the prem.

    In the WC, I have been really impressed with Vidal. I think Valbuena has been fantastic too, as well as Cabaye.

  375. I am still making up for lost time before the new season starts ginge.I have been watching some cricket and making the most of the good weather.

  376. That is the spirit Rick..

    All being well, are you playing to make the Emirates for the u-19/21 matches in September?

  377. Hiya, Micko. Agree with the sponsors. But tbh, the likes of Madrid and Barca won’t care. Those two clubs are beneath contempt.

  378. True Agag… we are already a small team so it will be unfair on him me think…

  379. What a touch from OG12

  380. Hiya, Rick. Glad to hear you’re okay.

  381. playing=planning re 10:26

  382. Pogba and barn doors and all that.

  383. They are wasting sagna’s sweet crosses.

  384. Howdy agag, Madrid possibly, barca very much doubt it !

  385. Micko, you are giving Barfa too much credit. They are as shady in their business dealings as Madrid.

  386. Benzema is rubbish. Haha.

  387. og12 so unselfish

  388. no creativity without cabaye and valbuena but we are looking good……love seeing kos play…big Morgan fan…arsene get your check out…he wants out of Southampton I hear or read

  389. Oh no re the mall bombing… There have been some here, too in recent years.

  390. benzema shite and selfish.. sorry Snap i had to say it… ;)

    So true re Morgan, Cabaye, Valbuena

    Agag- its a concern isn’t it…?

  391. In fairness, OG12 coming in has seemed to have made Benzema look more interested.

  392. My other fave Kozzer has been calm to the point of looking a little too casual. Haha.

  393. Nite gooners, catch you tomorrow.

  394. good point Snap…

    morgan pure class… no CL appearance 1st major cap

  395. Good night, guys. On another night, that would have been thumping. France should take note, they need to be more clinical in front of a goal.

  396. i am off too,… night Agag and all

  397. no problem ts it is a free world….I think his head is too cut up chasing the golden boot pogba is a good player but he needs to learn a few things I reckon his decision making is not there yet….agag I think giroud player well for France with benzeama as he the goal scoring burden is not sorely on him and he can focus on his strengths IMO of course

  398. me too, night folks

  399. Who is “S”?

  400. Ginge your 10.26. My daughter has told me not to make any plans for Sept and Oct and to make certain my passport is up to date.
    Untill I find out whats afoot I cannot any plans whatso ever.
    Are you hoping to watch them. Night all.

  401. JM, ‘S’ is code for Benzema…

  402. Who is Benzema?

  403. Morning Lee….

    I must remember to get some shaving foam today…

  404. Scott, Benzema is that lazy French git, whose scored 3 goals in this WC…

  405. Hiya Kev.
    Oooooohhhh, that bloke.
    Is he joining us?

  406. Must be honest James, I think your comment is a load of rubbish too, but I wouldn’t be so rude to tell you that…

    Morning Kev, Scott and all…

  407. Well Scott, I kinda hope he does, but there are a ‘few’ who disagree with me…

    What about you Digger?

    Still waiting on that package btw…
    Did you send it via Kangaroo Post..?

  408. Has Suarez been banned for two years???

    What does James know that we obviously don’t?

    Does James work for FIFA???

  409. Morning Rico…

    It’s gonna be a ‘hot one’ in London Town today…

    On the subject of Suarez, maybe a 20 match domestic ban and a 12 month International ban would suffice….

  410. Talking of Suarez, I’m off to the dentist soon, so lata…

  411. He thinks Suarez value has gone up Kev…

    I hope it’s warm here, a bit cloudy right now….

    I’d be happy with that ban too, it’s not this was a one off….

  412. Hope all goes well Kev… :)

  413. Kev, did mentioning my name remind you to get shaving foam? Can’t think why?

  414. What time is your appointment? 2.30….

  415. Reporters in the Mirror reckon it’ll be a 4 match ban for Suarez…!

    I refrained from commentating on Kev comment Lee.. lol Morning to you…

  416. Man City have signed Porto’s Fernando….

    We are probably trying to get Benny and Bjorn….!

  417. So Pelle’ has captured Fernando the Octopus?
    Aw has to get us Morgan at least…!

    Morning rico et al

  418. Reporters in the Mirror? Strategically shaved chimpanzees could do a better job than those fucktards!

  419. Morning Ts..
    :) Lee..

  420. Bacary Sagna insists his decision to join Manchester City was not financially motivated.

    The French defender has penned a lucrative three-year contract with the Premier League champions after rejecting a new deal at Arsenal.

    Sagna’s move has led to criticism in some quarters, but the 31-year-old insists he simply wanted a fresh start to “boost” his career after seven years with the Gunners.

    “I’m going to clear everything up because I keep reading that I did it for money and I’m greedy,” Sagna said after France’s 0-0 draw with Ecuador in Rio de Janeiro.

    “What I want to say is I stayed with Arsenal with the same contract since 2008 and I never asked for more money.

    “For people who think it’s for money, it’s not. I just wanted to change. I needed a boost in my career and I think it was about time.”

    Sagna’s contract negotiations with Arsenal dragged on throughout the second half of last season, and he admits they were an unwelcome distraction.

    “It was not an easy time because we were still involved in the FA Cup and it was hard to stay focused,” he added.

    “I stayed focused on my team because I have a lot of respect for Arsenal. I believe Arsenal is a great team. I believe we have great quality and we won a trophy finally. It’s not even about that because Arsenal have a quality.

    “It’s just that, personally, I wanted a boost. I needed to start from the bottom again.

    “It is an exciting time for my career because I’m 31,” Sagna added. “I know they have a very good right-back in [Pablo] Zabaleta and I will have to fight to find some time on the pitch but I think we have a good team with City and we can do great.”

  421. Lol… I love the intelligent of footballers…

    Its not about money but he is letting us know he has been on the same salary since 2008?

    Apart from that, I hold no grudge against BS at all. He was an excellent professional who gave us no troubles, and always gave 100%. its a shame our club choose not to value certain type of players…

    It must be disheartening when folks like JW earn more than him when they have achieved F all…
    I wish him all the best nonetheless…

  422. intelligence*

  423. And he wanted to start at the bottom again.. Well why not play in Div 3 then… ;)

  424. Stop picking on Jack as usual Ts…………… Could you not of picked anyone else who earns more that 60k a week…. So bias….!!!
    Think your armchair needs a tweek…..!

    Morning All……

  425. Anyone seen this Messi bloke before, he was quite good last night, any chance we can buy him…?

  426. May have to have a quiet word with my mate “M” and see if that armchair needs to be fitted with an ejector seat……

  427. Bacary, what’s your new wage?
    ‘Nuff said.
    Morning all.

  428. Wath… the GG ban is having an effect on you mate… lol
    Hi Scott

  429. The Sagna salary situation shows you that Arsenal’s salary scale/model is shit! Useless wastes of internal organs (diaby,gerwankstain, bendtner,santos) all earning the same sort of dough as Sagna, is a joke!!!

  430. Leave Sagna alone. He want’s a new challenge, a start from the bottom and all he wants is 150k a week to do this.

    Hi all

  431. I agree, Lee.
    I just wish these players wouldn’t say they’re leaving for trophies.
    Hi Wath.

  432. Good morning lollipops and smarties.

  433. And that was the 500th comment for this post.

    This is the 501 st

  434. Who is the Messi bloke WATH?

  435. Messi Wath? Who is he….

  436. Morning Wath, Nickie, Devil….

  437. He probably will win a trophy too….

  438. Evening Scott…..

    No GG ban for me TS :-)

  439. 500 comments, that’s good and we didn’t even lose a game to get them… lol

    New post up now….

  440. We wetted his appetite for more trophies probably Lee

  441. Some little squirt that was playing for the Argies yesterday… did none of you see this Messi bloke… looked decent to me…! Worth a punt maybe if we can pick him up for a few million..!

  442. WATH, you not drinking GG? What a crock of shit that is…….

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