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Naughty ref! Arsenal in Cuadrado talks? Jack starts as Roy rings the changes!

Morning all.



And we think the referees are bad in the Premier League!

Surely this is nearly as bad as watching Mike Dean celebrate a goal against us, which he appeared to do during one particular match! Actually, not quite as Dean is simply an arse who hates Arsenal!

This referee is from New Zealand, his name is Peter O’Leary and after the match he officiated a couple of days ago, he can clearly be seen to be enjoying the result with one of the Nigerian players.

The moment hasn’t gone unnoticed either, in fact a petition has been raised and to date, there are over 20,000 signatures calling for O’Leary to be banned from officiating any more fixtures during the World Cup.

Add his little celebration to the fact that he disallowed Edin Dzeko’s early goal to stand during Saturday’s Group F clash, he also failed to spot a foul on Emir Spahic in the build-up to Peter Odemwingie’s winning goal. That winning goal saw Bosnia exit the tournament.

Actually, and I know I haven’t watched all the matches in this World Cup, but the ones I have always seem to have a dodgy set of officials and it’s not good for the game, let alone this huge competition. Of course it’s not helped by diving cheats like Arjen Robben etc but surely the standard of officiating needs be a lot higher and not only at the World Cup but in football generally.

Last night Brazil stepped up their performance with a 4-1 battering of Cameroon. They will now face Chile in the knockout stages who were beaten 2-0 by Holland. Holland will now face Mexico who beat Croatia 3-1 and the other game of the night saw Spain batter Australia 3-0. Both of those two countries will now head home.

Talking of heading home, England will do just that after tonight’s fixture against Costa Rica and it’s all change for Roy Hodgson’s side.

Foster, Jones, Cahill, Smalling, Shaw, Wilshere, Lampard, Milner, Lallana, Barkley, Sturridge will all start tonight and I strongly suspect we’ll see a very different game to what we have done over the last couple of weeks. Apart from Lampard and Milner, these players are no doubt the future of England and they’ll play without fear. Costa Rica are on form and England will need to be too if they are going to ensure they don’t leave Brazil without winning one game…

The other fixtures see Japan face Columbia, Greece against Ivory Coast and Italy play Uruguay.

In transfer gossip:

The Daily Express report that we are set to open talks with Juan Guillermo Cuadrado of Fiorentina and nearly all the newspapers are suggesting that Arsenal have turned down a £6 million offer from Manchester United for Thomas Vermaelen.

£6 million, what are they smoking in Manchester……..

That’s your lot, have a good day guys….


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400 comments on “Naughty ref! Arsenal in Cuadrado talks? Jack starts as Roy rings the changes!

  1. The Express reckon AW has had talks with the agent of Sanchez…

    I so hope they are right and we get him…..

  2. Cuadrado seems to be one interesting player! I didnt know he played 11 of his games last season as ‘forward-left’ and 10 at ‘defensive-midfielder-right’ – as well as virtually everywhere else on the pitch! Versatile to say the least… http://www.whoscored.com/Players/44868/

  3. That guy refereed us on the weekend!
    Over rules his linesman on an offside from 30 yards back lol.
    Morning all.
    Referees are the enemy :)

  4. He’s a Kiwi Scott what did you expect favours……?

    He’s upside down just like you but your not on his Xmas list…! ;-)


  5. Versatile Roger, AW likes those…..

    Sounds like he’s pretty hopeless then Scott…

  6. Oops, sorry Wath…..

  7. Or did you mean ‘signings’….

  8. Morning Rico, morning all,

    Never saw this happen but how terrible. The officiating has been very poor over this World Cup and it does need to be investigated.

    I’d rather “S” over Balotelli any day of the week, hopefully this is true. Cheaper, more effective, faster, more skilful, strong, can finish. He and Giroud would work well

  9. Kiwi’s aren’t they Aussies with class??

  10. Scott, Fulham have signed Adam Taggart…

  11. Onya Wath!!!
    Rico, The guy was atrocious.
    Still, most referees are!

  12. Morning Nickie, me too, every day of the week.

    Lee, hope you have a hard hat on… ;)

  13. Rico, that’s news to me….thanks.
    He’s done really well over here, but obviously it’s a massive step up.
    I wish him well…..the more Aussies playing at a decent level, the better.

  14. Some are an embarrassment and shouldn’t be anywhere near a football pitch..

  15. Seriously what happened to adam rico? Am freaking out. Gee somebody call him. It’s unlike adam to go missing on HH. WATH be a pal call him please.

  16. You could have a point Lee, I always thought they were the same til I realised the Kiwi’s were way better at the game they play with the egg shaped ball they throw about…!

  17. Only just been confirmed Scott, will be interesting to see how he gets on over here.. Fulham survived the drop didn’t they?

  18. Morning HH…

  19. In as much as the ball is a contested ball no faul in the build up to the goal. but disallowing dzeko goal was a mistake by the officials.

  20. Actually, they were relegated, the Championship for Taggart then but it’ll be good for him..

  21. Taggart… ain’t he that Jock detective….?

    Stan, Adam is fine he’s just busy…!

  22. I think Kiwi’s are clever Aussies that swam to New Zealand….saw the light!

  23. Adam is fine Goonster, I’m sure he’ll pop his head in soon.

  24. Are you positive WATH?

  25. £6 million, what are they smoking in Manchester……..

    In fact it was 6 million and 1

  26. Lee, how the f**k did they swim with that poxy big ball n chain…?

  27. As a Nigerian, my interest is obviously that of referee Peter O’Leary. I didn’t see the clip showing him ‘appearing to celebrate’ with any Nigerian player. He couldn’t have disallowed the goal if his assistant didn’t raise the flag.

    Emmanuel Emenike used raw power to go past Emir Spahic leading to the goal. It was NEVER a foul.Lastly, same ref allowed Edin Dzeko’s handball to go unpunished while the Bosnian almost equalised at the dead but for Nigerian keeper’s agility and luck! Trying to even out the offside error?

    You failed to add that errors are part of the game and that, for once in a very long while, Nigeria benefited neither did you acknowledge that on balance of play the Africans deserved their victory.


  28. Alright maam….Cuadrado I ll have in a heartbeat. This guy is the shit. He ll make ozster even better plus OG could score 35 goals next season with him on the team. The fact that he can play in the defense makes it sweeter but I don’t see this happening. Barfa and Madrid are his likely destination.

  29. Howdy lee :grin:

  30. Man Utd are about to sign Herrera…

  31. Rico, Don’t they already have a Herrera… which one… there’s about 15 at the world cup alone…!

  32. Really??? Wow great player but if we get either of Cuadrado or sanchez then am not worried about them. Either of those guys ll improve us tremendously. Both of them ll makes us world champions :grin:

  33. Morning Rico and all. Hi Stan. Lovely that you thought about me.

  34. Sanchez Watt is who we are after……….

  35. Adamant :grin:

  36. Lee you plonker….hahaha

  37. Thanks for that Tai…
    :) Wath, the one at Athletico Bilbao

  38. Morning Adam.

  39. What happened adam? Trying to give me a heart attack huh? Are you ok?

  40. I am fine Stan. I was involved in some trials for a new psychedelic drug and I have been on a journey on the astral plane. I was gigging with Hendrix and Jim Morrison just last night.

  41. Isn’t he about 17 Rico…. He looks it….! Is he any good…?

    Seems they going to have to pay mega dosh for a left back as well… Hope he plays well tonight and Saint’s put another 5 mill on their asking price lol..!

    Adam, r u ok, Stan has been very worried about you….!

  42. Good read rico.I have to disagree with you on Nigeria’s goal against Bosnia.There was no foul there.Emenike is a beast physically and he just used raw power to get past the defender.he did it about 5 times in that game alone.its similar to how Drogba used to bully our defenders.Dzeko’s goal should have stood I agree though.

  43. Oh wow that sounds like fun…glad you re ok big guy. Got me worried for a second there. How’s the missus?

  44. Morning Rico and all, Tai Emeka Obasi that’s correct, he didn’t celebrate with the keeper that was a friendly greeting, and the coach of Mexico Miguel Herrera had the same friendly greetings with the Uzbekistan official yesterday also, The Africans won don’t play it down to luck, 20,000 signatures all Bosnians, is Manchester United trying to sign the Mexican coach or the player or Bilbao player Under Herrera

  45. She is sitting beside me right now Stan, sewing a button on my Kaftan. She sends her best.

  46. No idea Wath, never heard of him but he’s costing them £28 million…

    Michu is off to West Ham…..

    Rio signs for Qpr…

  47. I’d lose my s**t if we were to sign Alexis…he is PERFECT for us.

  48. Kt I was going to say the same thing. The Nigerian dude did nothing wrong. That’s a good goal rico. If OG had done that am sure not of us will begrudge him. Like Kt said dzeko’s goal is legitimate though.

  49. Hi Wath. I am we’ll thank you but suffering with hay fever. Never had it before but something has triggered it this year. I think it might be the dawning of the age of Aquarius.

  50. Again, Ktr7, spot on on Sanchez. he’s the nearest to Suarez presently in world football. At Arsenal, he’d blossom…though physically, Balotelli is a beast!

  51. Hahahahahahhaha stop it adam I swear if I pee on my jammies I ll come for you…Kt if we sign “S” I ll probably go bonkers. Whatever that means :grin:

  52. haha thanks for altering my post ;)

  53. The peace is broken….Adam is back :)
    How are you mate?
    Have no fear, Wath, Lee and Stan have been sticking it to me in your absence…bastards, they are.
    Lee, Sydney has more Kiwis living there than any New Sealand city!

  54. Morning Rico and all, Tai Emeka Obasi that’s correct, he didn’t celebrate with the keeper that was a friendly greeting, and the coach of Mexico Miguel Herrera had the same friendly greetings with the Uzbekistan official yesterday also, The Africans won don’t play it down to luck, 20,000 signatures all Bosnians

  55. The celebration hug makes better reading, Luznic :)

  56. Good read Rico…

    I am with Kt re ref and goal, pure power in this case…

    Yesterday I was amazed how much leeway the ref gave the Brazilians against Cameroun… that Fred goal was as offside as a Suarez cheating but hey…
    Potter posted some interesting info on Cuadrado last night re his double ownership…

    Personally, I see the Cuadrado deal as reminiscence of the Hazard story…

    Allegedly a deal was agreed over a year ago for him but we decided to redraw our offer when we became aware of his ownership situation…
    He now has an EU passport so he can go to any team he wants…

    I am with goonie, Cuarrado looks like he will be going to Barca as a RB unless AW is planning to use him as an attacking RB.. but may only work in a 3-5-2 formation which we do not play…

  57. Thanks Kt, fair enough, I stand corrected then… ;)

  58. Tee hee :grin: scotty oz i see your Australia team is taking an early trip home. Too bad I was looking forward to us whupping the tar out of ya again. Maybe 9.0 in the quarter finals would have been fair. Don’t you think? :grin:

  59. Nickie, that was Wath’s handy work… ;)

  60. The fee quoted for Cuadrado as a right back is ridiculous. Not my preferred choice as right back or attacking winger.

  61. Ginge Cuadrado is likely headed to the camp nou. Maybe arsene is just doing the sensible thing talking to both agents if he really is talking to them. You can’t trust the British tabloids.

  62. Morning luznic..

  63. Nickie he’s not a rb I can assure you. This guy is the shit. The fact that he can play at the rb position is an added incentive. Hope we get him but it’s a long shot.

  64. Stan, Our master plan is to get Bartha to buy as many players as possible so they have to sell a few and we grab one that we want..! Makes total sense, when we linked with a player the world decides to go buy them… So you make out you want someone and then go get who you actually want… Get it…! Simples….!

  65. Tai Emenike is a beast physically.he has raw power and pace.Sphaic could not handle him.he just blew past him several times in that game.Nigeria deserved to win overall.

  66. Now Scott is questioning that my Mum n Dad gave birth to me out of wedlock… The cheek of it….!

    There he is busy hammering away at that chain and making the odd comment from his garage…. Use an angle grinder Scott it’ll work a treat mate….! Watch the ankle…!

  67. Tai I wrote a post here a few weeks back in which i said why i was desperate for “S” he has that aggressive nature that i like on top of his undeniable talent.Goonie am telling you i’d lose my s**t if we were to sign him.

  68. You can definitely say that again, Ktr7

  69. Goonster,

    Yeah I knew he wasn’t a right back which is why signing him as a RB for €30+ is even more ludicrous lol. If we’re going for a wide attacking option i’d prefer someone that’s an CF/Winger Hybrid like Dirty “S” :)

  70. Scot yes it really did make for good reading, sorry about your soccer team, anyway you do really make England Miserable in Cricket

  71. Kt, if you mention the “S” word again your going in the bin………..

    NO MORE “S” WORD………………. It’s “S” not S*****z….!

    You’ll jinx it happening…!

  72. ts there is certainly something to the cuadrado rumours.personally i prefer sanchez.Cuadrado for me is an excellent dribbler;the best in serie A but for me he has inconsistent decision making.he also doesn’t score alot which is a handicap considering we play a lone striker system.Sanchez makes better decisions,scores more and is a hell of a dribbler too.

    Unless Wenger plans on playing him as RB which would be a waste imo i don’t exactly see where we’ll fit him in.

  73. Yes, Kt…in my personal letter to Arsene Wenger, I begged him to ignore the temptation of bringing Cesc Fabregas back and go for “S”…the only player that can, when given the license, replicate what Suarez does on pitches. Wenger did ignore Fabregas…I’m now praying he gets me “S” too!

  74. Kt don’t get your hopes up compadre. It’s not gonna happen. We ll probably sign adam Johnson and milner with africa’s next George weah pierre utongo umbongo :grin:

  75. You know you want the “S” wath :-)

  76. luznic, we don’t need anyone to make us miserable at cricket we do a great job of doing that to ourselves :-) It’s similar to the FA, cricket also run by dickheads…!

  77. Wath, why so nasty…..I’m crying over here!
    Stan, 9-0….I reckon you guys should quite while ahead….our boys could wear clogs and beat you next time.
    Luznic, we whack theoms at cricket, but like Darts and Football, it’s hardly played over there, so no real challenge :)

  78. Kt, You have no idea mate…………. ;-)

  79. This is getting ridiculous…stop eating up my posts WATH you mongrel. Three successive posts yet I can’t find none.

  80. S is for Scott, and you know you all want more :)

  81. Scott, Have you ever seen me throw a dart after a case of GG… I am mustard mate…. That round thing in the middle safe as houses…!
    Shall I send over a diamond cutting disc for you………….. :P

  82. Stan, Not touched ANY of your posts…………! Only those who mention the “S” word in full and if it continues they will be binned ;-)

  83. Is cr***ming now a banned word on HH too? Lord God in heaven. Where are we YMCA? Come on WATH let me express myself.

  84. Told you… Not touched any of your comments you twit lol….. you getting do excited your pressing delete instead of post… :D

  85. Wath……with the English press the ‘dickheads’ just follow public opinion, decision making kills English spot and the press does a good job in promoting it, anyway England is thriving with the egg ball now and they just won the Junior Championship maybe that can lift the spirit

  86. What’s a goonster without his cr***ming?

  87. Kt, been thinking about what you said yesterday and I reckon you could be right, if we were to sign the ‘S’ – no other striker in, unless Campbell stays where he is….

  88. A better one Stan!

  89. Spot on Kt… I think looking at how Aw rates Ox and Serge… my concern is Aw deploying Cuadrado the same way he deployed Lauren/Eboue…

    I doubt Aw will buy Cuadrado and place him ahead of both Ox and Theo…

    The £30M+ fee is taking the piss but the market is for the rich so…

    Kt- are you also surprised we haven’t seen Bacca & Adrian Ramos in this world cup? I think Muriel did not even make the Colombian squad..

  90. Nah…better and me don’t go together maam. Am sorry. I need to express myself rico. Don’t take that away from me.

  91. It was funny listening to the drink driver Uncle Ray changing his tune on certain players on TS earlier this morning; before the world cup he had a different story… :)

    These rent a mouth-piece ex pro’s have no dignity imo… lol

  92. Wath you don’t want the S word jinxed? might we just say Sanchez watts so we know we haven’t jinxed the Alexis….just the watts

  93. I’d like that, Campbell back, Sanogo out on loan, Giroud and “s”. Options of Theo and Pod to play up top we would be in a much better position.

    Wenger doesn’t want to displace Giroud so someone coming in to compliment him or play the odd game upfront is more likely.

  94. Goonie, just substitute cr**ming with ‘stats’ and you will by-pass Rico and Wath’s dubious filter :P

  95. luz, spot on, decision makers in English sport for the most part are stuck up egotistical tosspots who have their heads up their bums…!

    The media have an agenda and for the majority the right people are never installed to run things correctly.

    It seems the rugby youth is well run and getting talent in it’s not transferring that to the national side.

    As for the footie and cricket i despair…!

    There are similarities there sometimes with how Arsenal are run as well but I now hope that’s been solved.

  96. We could just get emile heskey instead. “S” is overated :grin:

  97. Lol Luznic… Sanchez Watts… ( So close to the sin bin…)

  98. Luznic Wath wants us to buy Bony as Wath is his undercover agent ;) :)

  99. Ts…………….. thin ice matey that sin bin is empty at present… sit back in that armchair and behave :P

    Luz, no mention what so ever of the name “S” even if it’s a watt lol

  100. I’ve gone off Bony Ts, I quite fancy Dirk Kuyt….! ;-)

  101. ts am surprised actually.however i heard that Pekerman prefers Teo because he always delivers for the NT.he is kind of like podolski for Colombia.i hope that now they have qualified we see more of the fringe players today.I like Quintero personally.

  102. :P Wath… well I don’t mind getting into the sin bin if you allow Malaga Gooner back.. damn I miss his gibberish… I have been looking all over for him on the net but no luck…

    ‘ Higuain has emailed his medical results to Aw; once it is recieve the deal will be announced’ :D classic

  103. Bony?? he’s good but he cost Swansea 12m they won’t let him go for nothing less than 22m why not buy S and get Campbell back and Wath can hawk Bony up to the spuds they need him after Soldado forgot his scoring boots at the Mestella

  104. Interesting Kt; I didn’t know that.
    I was expecting to see Quintero and Seb perez as the pivot but it look slike since our Home Office refused Seb his work permit to join us his career has not been the same.

  105. If we have Giroud, Campbell and bought “S” would you all be happy with that…? We’d have Poldi, Theo and possibly Ox to fill in as well in emergencies. WOn’t mention Sanogo as i think he def needs a year with Olympiacos…!

    D you still think we need a winger as well..? Is Theo, Serge, Ox and Poldi enough and are they proper wingers..?

    Ts, you can chat with Malaga to your hearts content in the sin bin ;-)

  106. lol Luznic;Soldana may come good in the 2nd season..

    He was always going to be a bad fit imho…

  107. I will be happy with that Wath…

    Remember for the CoC we have Eisfield and Ryo on the fringes…

  108. Wath, someone told me MG and Micko shared the same IP address :P

  109. rico i still see it that way.Wenger for the past year or so has said he is looking for a player that can play with or without Giroud.Wenger loves Giroud and he’ll play alot next season.unless we get a physical midfielder or a big CF to replicate Giroud’s role in defending set pieces and his physicality he is going to play alot.

    Taking that into consideration “S” is perfect.he can play with Giroud or without.I can see us playing similar to liverpool in some games with walcott being instructed to push high up the right to give support to “S” if he starts up front to give support.its similar to how Suarez played majority of pools games from the right but stayed high up to form a front 2 with Sturridge.

    All this is hypothetical…sign him up 1st!!!!

  110. Wath, that’s a perfect Combo, get it done but I love Arsene because he always gives us surprises I still try to look at Ozil in an Arsenal shirt I still don’t believe he brought him in, Sirnogoal will come good he just needs to be loaned to Crystal palace with Tony pulis, Quintero that boy is a lovely footballer just too short even shorter than SC19 I think

  111. Is that where Malaga is?
    Poor bugger.
    His tips and rumours kept HH ticking over in some dull and dreary times.

  112. Dont forget Afobe’s contract has been extended… will he be the first striker to make it with us…
    His loan spell was not as successful as he might have hoped but his off the ball runs are second to none… I see him as a version of Benzema as TH14, Mozart and Pires said back then…
    Before his injuries TH14 and co all raved about him…

  113. Blame Wath for that Scott… his lack of sense of humour :P

  114. If Eisfield doesn’t get into the frame this season Ts he’s a gonna…. Ryo is there to sell shirts i’ve decided..!

    I still think we need a proper left sided winger….! I would not be surprised if it’s that fella from RM….! No, not that frog…!!!!

  115. Wath, since when is Ryo working in the Armoury :)

  116. Ginge, I blame Wath for everything.
    Spend some fekkin’ money, Wath!

  117. Its a shame Turan is joining Barca. He would have been perfect for us on the LHS.we had the opportunity last summer.

    I am with you Wath re Eisfield… he is over 21 now so its now or never imo…

  118. Lol Scott you are on form today… I take it you got a big bonus at work :)

  119. Wasn’t me Scott… Rico binned him…. he gave her bum a headache……!

    I think Micko changed IP’s after it was found out Ts, since then it’s all about his WC predictions…. Even AGA took the piss ;-)

    As said your right it’s called get him signed along with a few others….!

  120. Di Maria plus ‘S’ in one window… that will be Aw experiencing midlife crisis… :-)

    It is more likely to see Aw break dancing than such signings… lol

  121. It’s all he fit for Scott, he always injured to run around a football pitch….!

    Hark at you……… Still waiting for my GG let alone spend some money…!

    You still in the garage….? ;-)

  122. Now there’s an idea, put the word ‘stats’ into spam, certainly where it should be!

  123. Malaga blames you, Wath, so I do as well :)
    Ginge, no bonus, but my accountant rang today and stuff all tax to pay, so just as good hahahaha.
    True story!!!

  124. ts how concrete is Turan to barca though?…i’ve also seen that they have bid for Kroos…
    Barca this summer will surely spend a lot.I think they have already had a word with Suarez.

  125. Lee

    Kiwis are South Pacific Poms!

  126. Well you disappeared as soon as I landed, Wath hahahahaha.

  127. Ts…………… I find it mind blowing as well but watch….! ;-)

  128. Well said, Gnarley.
    Bunch of bloody Wengers, they are :)

  129. Sod off I vanished a week before just in case you flew in early………

  130. No tax as good as a bonus Scott, no now then… where’s my bloody GG…!

  131. I keep telling Micko, rico sells a very reliable pink fluffy dice and crystal ball for £4.99. If he bought one Micko won’t be predicting Spain winning 3-0 when they were already 2-1 down :P

    I bought a few and managed 12 predictions last season..

    That same dice foretold me Spain will be out like France did in 2002…

    The issue is the postage and packaging fee, Rico charges especially when she finds out the potential buyer likes meat… ;)

  132. Wath

    As per my 11.40am i’d be very happy with that

  133. Kt, they have got Rakatic already… will they go for Turan as well as Kroos…? I think they def a good bet to try for Suarez in a big way.

  134. Malaga is still in full swing on the Arsenal rumour site, I go there when I need to laugh….

    But, the editors of the site do seem to lead people to believe they are itk….

  135. So none of you think we still need a pacy left winger…?

  136. Scott, you don’t admit to dodging tax on HH… :P

    The ether has eyes.. :-)

    Anyway you promised me that car we saw in Picadilly square.. don’t shaft me now… ;)

    Kt- it sounded concrete in May but you never know… I was surprised they went for Rakitic.. I thought Kroos was to replace Alonso at RM as Gundagon was still unfit?

  137. Thanks Rico, for the Mg tip…

  138. Ts about Turan, he knows no more than us and we are all guessing… :)

  139. Wath, a pacy left winger would be nice but it is also a luxury. Ox, Pod, Caz, Ozil, “S”, Campbell could all do a job there. If we were to make signings my preferred choices would be.

    RB – Aurier
    Forward/Winger – “S”
    LW – Di Maria/Reus
    DM/CM – Khedira

  140. I think if we really do want a proper left winger it gives credence to the possibility that we’d be prepared to let Santi leave……

    I like Khedira Nickie but def not for 30mil if that’s what the mancs r prepared to pay…!

    Rather get Schniederlin for 20mil…! Ts, what about Gonalons…?

    I was interested watching Carvalho against the USA when he came on the other night and he played ok but was passed very easily a couple of times which was a worry… he looked slow n lethargic…!

  141. Wath/ts Rakitic is Cesc’s replacement.now xavi has decided to leave they need a similar player to take over since they have no young player to take over.Kroos for me fits the bill better than either Rakitic and Turan.Turan is more of an AM and Rakitic bombs forward too much to dictate play like xavi does.Kroos imo ticks all the boxes.Madrid are interested too i heard.he has to make that choice if he leaves bayern.

  142. I do Wath. Big time.

  143. Ginge, I don’t dodge tax, and I’m offended by the implication.
    I pay my accountant to do it hahahaha hahahahaha.
    Wath, the HH curry crew reckon you flew out 10 minutes before I landed :)

  144. Nickie, all very good players but all foriegn with no EPL experience..

    we need at least 1 player from this league imho

  145. I’ve seen the future wath, we’re gonna have new WC champions by the time this competition is over, mark my words.

    Anyone know when the new jersey’s coming out, Arsenal Australia are fcuking useless, about as helpful as tits on a bull.

  146. One of the reasons I chose Khedira for that role is because I think he’d bring an extra 10-20% out of Ozil. Ozil needs to be cared for and I think knowing he has one of his best mates by his side would help him. And Khedira isn’t the worst player i’ve seen :p

  147. Exactly Wath re Calvahlo; I also think he is a bit too young… the plus is that he admitted he is an AFC fan..

  148. Lol Micko.. are Ladbrokes still taking bets o your predictions? :)

  149. Ts,

    like Wath said, Khedira isn’t worth 30mil so Schniederlin would be my second choice.

    Out of all the positions we need players for, who in the premierleague would you take? There are better talents abroad. I’d be annoyed if we took Remy for his prem experience over “S” because “S” is clearly the better player.

  150. Scott, that HH curry mob are so pissed they couldn’t tip shit out of a bucket let alone tell you what time I flew out to escape you… It was at least a week beforehand I promise, I was scared you were gonna surprise us a week early :-)

    Micko… world cup winner you say…. Right I’ll go lamp a monkey on that then………… You know what those Aussies r like they in Macau now buyin up all those shirts 2 sell at double bubble

  151. Micko, check with Irish Gooners :)
    July 10th is the latest, but that’s not official :)

  152. I am with you on Kroos Kt; if he joins Barca at least i won’t be crying anytime I see him in a Yanited shirt…

  153. Wow!Toure is really pissed off with City…

    Matt Spiro @ mattspiro 27m
    ‘City wouldn’t give me those few days to
    spend with my dying brother’. Amazing
    Yaya Touré itv in France Football, explains
    apparent fall out

  154. I did get there a week early, but apparently you got wind of it and were last seen heading off in Kev’s taxi towards Heathrow, minus Kev!!

  155. Nickie, for attacking players I don’t mind imports but for midfield to defensive players I would rather we went home buys route…

    Especially for the RB and CB roles…

    Personally I like Morgan and I think England should have tried to get him to play for us…

  156. Here here ts.Kroos would’ve been excellent for yoonited.good to see he’ll not go there.

  157. Nickie…. Remy along with “S” would be good business though…! Also proper pace in the side…!

    Given a 30mil price tag Ts, Khedira and Carvalho in my opinion would both be on the expensive side and for 20mil I’d def take Schneiderlin. Agree with Nickie on Ozil having his best mate but Schneiderlin does have the prem league experience and is solid physical and no mug with the ball at his feet..!

  158. Ginge, German defenders go ok….especially big ones :)

  159. :) Micko re your WC winner prediction… I have a feeling you might finally be right….

  160. lol Scott they do..

    My only reservation is we don’t have 6 months or 1 year for an import to ‘bed-in’

  161. Kt- Kroos has links to Van gaal in the past… BM days albeit Kroos was very young but…

    hope you are right.

  162. Sorry scott, I’ve killed that one to death now, was just trying to get a few bites outta ya.
    rico, no need to sound so surprised !

  163. Ginge, fair call.
    Anyway, where is Macau….East or West of Dublin :)

  164. Haha Micko, I know mate lol.

  165. WEath same here re Morgan…

    I would rather we went £30m on Reus/’S’

  166. Hello everyone. Long time no hear. I am from Bosnia my self, and no one is more devastated than I am. Screw FIFA for hiring someone as incompetent as that guy from NZ. Our first ever WC as an independent nation, and this is how we are robbed??

  167. Hi DK.
    Bad officiating can destroy more than just a single game, no doubt.

  168. You sure Micko?? lol

  169. Hi Adk, all well I hope, apart from being robbed in the WC of course. I knew someone would agree with me. Eventually… :)

  170. Yeah, defensive recruits from abroad are always hit and miss. Not sure what right back i’d take on though. Coleman has had a good season but he’s not my cup of tea and I can’t really think of anyone else that would fit/suit Arsenal. Chambers or Clyne? Are they an upgrade on Jenkinson? or maybe Angel Rangel for a couple of seasons. It feels like there’s lack of attainable talent in every position we need lol

  171. Scott, absolutely agree!

    But was so devastated by the decisions, that I have now officialy quit watching the WC. And not just because of the Bosnia game. take a look at the first game with Brazil and Croatia, or the Mexico game where they had two good goals disallowed for offside.

    guess i’ll be spending more time on newsnow…

  172. Yeah, all good here in Copenhagen rico. How’s the weather in the UK ? Looking forward to vacation next month!

  173. Weather has been stunning Adk, mid/high 20’s. You over to the Uk next month?

  174. Nickie, are you saying you don’t believe we have secured Aurier, come on you know the newspapers are always right. lol

  175. Not bad rico. We’re not that lucky in Copenhagen. Not this summer i’m afraid, some of my family from London are going to the Balkans, so me and the missus are following them. But I guess 2-3 weeks in Croatia isn’t that bad either ;)

  176. Nickie don’t take away my dream about signing Aurier!

    Just read this funny article:


  177. ADK if you coming England for the weather you picked the wrong destination lol ;-) Glad you well mate.

    Ts. We will have around about the 150mil mark to spend on payers with the money from barca on that bloke they sold to the Chavs and the vela cash…!

    No way we can’t spend 30mil on 3 players…! or 40mil on two and another 50 on 3 players..! still doesn’t use up the war chest..!

  178. ha ha, I would never pick UK for the weather mr. Wath ;)

    Got some family there, and would love to watch The Arsenal at the Emirates, but so far my visits have been in vain :(

  179. Good Afternoon Sunshines and Moonrays.

  180. Dzeko scored a clear goal like I wrote a few days ago. Probabaly was a handball for Nigeria but Nigeria goal was a clear one.
    I’ve watched all the games of the world cup. Brazil plays with 14 men on the pitch and at least, one more, outside. Is not only the goals, but the yellow cards, the faults, the offsides, etc. However, if Brazil play with Luis Gustavo-Fernandinho will be better then Luiz Gustavo-Paulinho, Just two robots in the pitch.
    I follow Quadrado season at Fiorentina. He has quality in his way of playing. He plays for both sides.
    I hope the RB is choosen.
    I don’t know how much cost Luiz guatavo but in my opinion, will be a good increment for the team. He can plays with MA and others and give liberty to those ones to concern with attack (and they are more predestinate for attack then defend…)

  181. I was just responding to Ts’ comment about defenders from abroad lol I want Aurier, but I can see Ts’ point. I was just wondering which domestically based defenders are right for Arsenal lol.
    But like you say, if you papers say it’s done, it’s definitely done ;)

  182. Brazil getting lots of good calls go their way JM that’s for sure.

    You need to go during the season ADK, am sure if you tell us all on here and we have notice then we’ll be able to help out and sort you a tkt for a game..!

  183. I think decent right backs in the prem lge are few and far between at the moment Nickie…. Most love to get forward but very few can actually defend which surely is the priority… getting forward is a bonus…!

  184. Very nice Adk, at least it’ll be warm….

  185. We should have got Gustavo last summer maybe JM? He was a lot cheaper then but the old tight one went for Flamini instead…

  186. :) Nickie…

  187. Gustavo wanted to stay in Germany Rico… wasn’t our doing he didn’t want to sign..!

  188. Thanks Wath. I will write it here next time. I have been a supporter for almost 20 years and haven’t watched the team, not even once. Here’s hoping we’ll meet a danish team, so that I can watch the game here i Denmark :)

  189. As long as you give people plenty notice of a planned trip ADK am sure a tkt can be sorted for you…! Email Rico next time your planning a trip to London and try make sure you tell her 6/8 weeks before hand and we’ll see what we can do to help make sure you get to see a game.

  190. Nice article Rico. Goody for you to spank the ref for his moment of sheer enjoyment on behalf of one of the teams. shame on him. tsk tsk

    JM….you follow cuadrado and said that he plays for both sides. Does that mean he plays for his team and opponents as well??? :P

    I thought the Eboue days were over.

    Or does that mean he plays for both sides of the pitch ;)

  191. Hi Devil and thanks re the post.

    Wath, I thought it was about him needing regular football and AW wouldn’t guarantee it…

    Shame in hindsight…

  192. £150M in a transfer window, Wath? You really went to ‘kill’ AW /Ig and Stan? :-)

  193. Hi Adk, the WC is a special round table party for an elect few… most teasm/nations have to earn their seat at the high table… ;)

  194. come on now Ginge.

    Wath meant £1.50

    he just forgot his period.


    I meant the period.

    oooopppppppppppppsssssssss. Again at fault

    he missed putting that small little tick were it matters,. ;)

  195. :D :D Dev… Mr pargamatic Wath…

    Well Wath and Rico, hold the keys to Ig’s purse/wallet but they keep moaning about lack of signings :P

  196. no, he plays for rigth and left side in the same way.

  197. Rebekah Brooks has been acquitted on all accounts of phone hacking…..

  198. If we held the key to the Afc savings account Ts, they’d be an awful lot less money in there!

  199. I know JM. just wanted to pull your leg a bit.

    but the way it was said meant that Cuadrado plays for both teams.

    just joking mate

  200. No Ts, I want them to spend what we have in the bank it’s not “their” money it’s what we have all helped contribute… I want it running around on the pitch mate…!

  201. you want to see money running on the pitch Wath?? :O

    I wish to see it running around in my room mate.

    but you are right. its not their money. it is the money which supporters like you give week in week out.

  202. Be sweet FA left if I had the keys to the vault…………

  203. It’s money that Arsenal fans worldwide contribute to Dev, from shirt sales from online buys and from supporting the team be it a season ticket or a cupboard full of merchandise…!

  204. hello guys

  205. finally I’m here …. been trying to post for a few days now… well done guys reading has always been interesting and sometimes hilarious.

  206. Great post rico, but for me i cant be angry with the decisions of the referee … Nigeria won and that’s what matters to. Ive suffered so many heart aches in my football life time to understand that u take whatever good fortune that comes your way.

  207. Hi bondex…

    Thanks, seems I am in the minority… ;)

  208. within your feelings you are right bondex.

    but value wise I am sorry but I do not agree with you. What is wrong is wrong. even when it is in favour of my side.

    And believe me. I have had decisions going in my favour from the refs in my career. And I never liked them….for the simple reason I want a ref to be fair.

  209. Seriously rico you gotta let me express myself. I feel constrained. Trust me you don’t want that. Come on maam don’t censor me.

  210. you have censored Goonie????

    OMG Rico. What have you done??

    Poor lad.

    its not his fault that he hasnt anything to censor :P

  211. DG apparently I can’t use the word cr***m again. What is a goonster without his cr**m? It’s the stuff of life. God help me. Rico let me be free.

  212. If you dont have any salad cream go to the supermarket Goonie. AND BUY ONE.

  213. if you want salad Kream than go to the supermarket and buy one Goonie.

  214. or is it bryl Kream Goonie?

  215. Sorry Stan, no can do… ;)

  216. Wath, watch it! PHW told you its ‘their’ club not ours… :P

  217. Ok can I say kreaming then? :grin:

  218. Is it offensive? Did anyone complain? I just wanna know why u re cutting me off. Why? I need some explanation.

  219. now why do you want to scream Goonie??? :P

  220. tsgh 1.40, no more so when the costa ricans beat Italy last week, 7 of their players pulled in for drug tests, only 2 from Italy, the four stars on their shirts obviously have some sway.

  221. He’s not be censored at all Dev don’t listen to his drunken ramblings…………..

  222. Now why do you want to skream Goonie???

  223. Rumour has it stan it ain’t big enough to cut off.

  224. I am enjoying myself Wath.

    this is for you Goonie…….

  225. Only slightly Devil.. ;)

  226. ADK, I’d feel hard done too in your shoes. But the ref in that match did little wrong. Offside calls are duties of assistants. No ref calls for offside if flag isn’t raised. And the rules haven’t yet stopped assistants from holding flags.

    Nigeria’s goal was a good goal…NEVER a foul to the build-up.

    Dzeko’s last-minute striker that ricocheted off Nigerian keeper’s leg for the upright…your striker clearly handled the ball in an attempt to chest it down…the ref ignored it, apparently to even out that wrong offside call … but destiny denied Bosnia from equalising.

    Finally, refs are human…we get better views based on replays. The first time Dzeko scored that goal, I personally screamed offside…until I saw the replay. Chances are, if I was equally holding that flag, I’d have raised it too. Calling it a deliberate call from that assistant is taking it rather far. Besides that ‘offside’ goal, I wouldn’t recall any other incident in that match that favoured Nigeria.

    The Africans rode their luck. It happens all the time. I’m never one happy with my team winning unfairly but being an Arsenal fan, it happens against us all the time…and it didn’t stop us from eventually winning our trophy. Your days will come … maybe in four years’ time.

  227. Yeah I agree with Hell,

    You cannot justify poor decisions. Ok they’re humans and humans make errors. But referees are trained and money is spent on making sure they’re the best they can be. Celebrating with a team you helped win is a definite no no, refs should be as unbiased as they come. Some of the mistakes at this world cup are unforgivable and downright poor. These referees should go away for further training and not allowed back until they pass probationary period in lower leagues. They should not be allowed near the biggest footballing tournament in the world. Shame that a few games have been ruined by these “referees” and more could have. I have no sympathy for them and they deserve their criticism for continuously poor decisions.

  228. Magnifying glass Micko………………

  229. Hahahahah micko my mad I rush friend…pretty sure am bigger than you my friend. I mean havr you seen me. They don’t call me blonde adonis for nothing.

  230. What happened to my last comment, Rico? You into censorship or something?

  231. Mad irish friend…tai emaka obasi tell me about it. Rico’s gone jet Li on us all. God help us.

  232. What is the span of your forehead then Goonster? haha just kidding

  233. Nickie not as huge as robben’s or gerwanko’s I guarantee you :grin:

  234. If your comments are vanishing then it’s not us… seems to be a problem lately with comments not going through for some reason but all will be sorted in the next few weeks…!

  235. Shut up WATH you re messing with our comments. You sly one eyed freak.

  236. have you ever seen a baby caterpillar Goonie???

    you need a magnifying glass for them as well.

    has anyone seen Goonie here??? he himself has asked if anyone has seen him.

    Thank God we are spared.

    Its ladies we want to see not your caterpillar you plonk :P

  237. If I was messing with your comments Stanley I would just kick your sorry arse out of here :P

  238. Seriously what is the world coming to when a guy can’t say kreaming? Lord God in heaven. What’s next rico ll have us watching our hands before we blog?

  239. Lol Micko… you probably instigated the drug test… ;)

    Dev, so which one are you at 3:44;ODB or ghost face Killah? :-)

  240. Dev, you know he loves the sound of his own voice……………

  241. Wath your comment at 4:00 pm sounds like Dick n’fox in transfer negotiation… ;)

  242. WATH you re just jealous of my pout…DG go suck on a lollipop you old git :grin:

  243. then no need wasting time here. see u in next few weeks.

  244. Lol… I am dying with laughter.

    Goonie……you fall for them like a ton of bricks mate. we keep egging you on and you fall hook line and sinker.

    dear oh dear

    just teasing you mate.

  245. I do not need to suck lollipops goonie. I concentrate on something else.

  246. Tai emaka obasi don’t leave. Now look what you did WATH you old goat. We lost another fine blogger cause you had to censor our comments. You just had to be all WATHY don’t ya? Grrrr

  247. Tai calm down mate.. Rico and Wath only censor you if you post stats that show OG12 is world class…

    Seriously though… no censorship… we all experience issued with posting on here sometimes… :-)

  248. Hehehehe I ll love to see what your missus looks like DG :grin:

  249. goonster and ts…ok, I’ll try to re-write.

  250. Stay tai HH is a wonderful place. I ve been here since the inception and trust me. We re all family here. Stay my friend you ll never regret it.

  251. Tai Emeke…..join the club mate. we appreciate your ideas. but we do not slag each other. We respect each other and even if we do not agree we stay friends.

    And the more you beat the crap out of Goonie the better.

    Goonie…… a brazen brunette with large brown eyes and long hair. Does that suffice? And a martial arts expert as well. Anything else?

  252. Tai, wordpress sent you into spam for some reason, and Devil. Comments out now…

  253. We have folks from the world over. We have a some mug from cyprus that’s DG by the way. A few ausssies. Some dutch hunk and irish drunk and a ghanian a kenyan Ktr7. A Bosnian arsenal adk. A filipino hottie. And of course lee and adam. What more can you ask for. It’s a holiday every day on HH :grin:

  254. Dg is from Holland goonster, the clue is in his same, ‘Dutch Gooner’…

  255. Nice DG my kinda woman :grin:

  256. I call devilgunner DG maam….not dutch gooner. I just call him DG2

  257. Your kinda woman will beat the shit out of you Goon.

    and remember…….I am the coach and she is my student mate.

    I used to hang out with a kick boxer Goonie.

    So I like these type of women mate.

  258. And now off to clock another 6 miles on the clock. I hope we sign someone by the time I come in.

    cu later folks.

    Goonie, stop salivating now that you cannot kream.

    Tai….welcome mate. and your favourite Gunner is………????

  259. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA DG a few knocks is Nothing to me as long as I have my fill :grin:

  260. ADK, I’d feel hard done too in your shoes. I’m a Nigerian and you needn’t be Nichodemus to guess I accepted the result.

    However, I’m not one who enjoys my team winning unfairly. As an Arsenal fan, we’re so much at the dark side of refereeing errors to be happy whenever an opponent, however rare, gets same treatment.

    Nonetheless, no referee ever whistles for an offside when a flag is not raised. And the rules haven’t yet stopped assistants from being in custody of flags. The Edin Dzeko disallowed goal was the assistant’s error…keep the centre ref out of it.

    But both ref and assistants are humans…the most difficult decision to make in football are offside calls…why? Because the responsible assistant must take the decision the moment the ball is kicked. Now, think about having to watch a defensive line and at same time waiting for the player with the ball to kick it! When Dzeko broke free, I personally screamed offside before he scored. Even Dzeko didn’t contest the decision. The replays showed it was a wrong call. If I was holding that flag, I’d have raised it too. Saying that error was deliberate is taking it too far!

    Nigeria’s goal was a very good goal…NEVER any foul to the build-up. The Nigeria striker showed a permissible ingredient in football – raw power!

    Dzeko’s last-minute strike that Nigerian keeper’s leg diverted to the upright … your striker clearly handled the ball inside Nigeria’s six while trying to chest it down…but ref ignored that, apparently interested in evening out that wrong offside call but destiny denied your side the equalizer.

    Besides that ‘offside’ goal, I can’t recall any other incident in that match favouring Nigeria. The Africans rode their luck. As Arsenal fans, we’re used to ref errors but it didn’t stop us from winning our trophy eventually.

    Hard as it is to swallow, I’d urge Bosnians to take it as one of those errors in football and move on. Your days will certainly come…and believe me, in national team football, four years is never a long wait.

  261. Devil is not from Cyprus either Stan!

  262. Ok..ok…great guys you all. Gunners forever. Got to watch World Cup matches now. Thanks Rico for eventually getting that comment out. Hope ADK goes back to read.

  263. Gee rico cut me some slack. What am I an Atlas? Sheesh.

  264. rico, some of us are wise and some are otherwise !

  265. Hahahahahah micko you re a hoot

  266. Andy Townsend with the quote of the tournament:

    ‘Nothing like showing some ambition in your foreplay’….. :lol:

  267. Tai, I promise to be much quicker nest and not let ‘having a life’ interfere with your comments… lol

    Never heard of that word ‘other’ Micko. ;)

  268. Super stuff Jackie boy, shame Sturridge couldn’t finish….

  269. F***ing itv commentators jack beats two players in mid-field in on the the back four gets brought Down and he’s running in to cul-sac’s.

  270. Ignore them joe, they all talk b****x….

  271. Am I the only one noticing? Isn’t there a chance we have our own Suarez in this Campbell chap? Guys, look deeply…

  272. another poor game and performance from Balotteli. One yellow card, problems with the team, the referee and the oponentes. Probably, Italian coach must replace him; else, he could be sent off.
    Moreover, he not defend and not help the midfield.
    why we need this expensive player?

  273. and Balotelli out – Parolo in… normal!

  274. Tai, not by a long chalk in my opinion, he looks like he maybe good one day, but nowhere near Suarez….

  275. Italy down to 10, and no it wasn’t Balotelli who saw red….

  276. I try but it’s hard with idiots

  277. Cross the f***ing ball to Stirling

  278. Jack carrying the England team every thing coming from him

  279. Everything good

  280. Every thing good

  281. And now he’s off. Fit and ready for a holiday I hope….

  282. Suarez has bitten one of the Italians!!!

  283. Jack goes off England return to rubbish around mid-field

  284. Are Italy also going out?? Hello, all.

  285. Shit for brains rico !!! It will all kick off when the whistle blows.

    This will be a great result for england if they can hang on, I’m welling up.

  286. No energy bars in Uruguay

  287. Suarez should play with a muzzle. Haha.

    I hope the cameras give better views, because if he has indeed bitten Chiellini, he ought to be suspended.

  288. Hi agag – :) re Suarez

    Hasn’t he just Micko, that could cost his side big time…

    Joe :)

  289. Agag, 3rd time he’s been caught biting, Liam Brady was just on the box saying it should be 3 bites and your out for the season, can’t really argue with that.

  290. Kind of glade we did not get Suarez last summer imagine having to defend him like liverpool fans.

  291. We should offer John Henry a part of the offer we made last year.The £1.00.

  292. My goodness Schiavone has one loud grunt when she hits a ball….!

  293. Don’t you mean real or barca fans Gonerjoe !

  294. Suarez certainly hates everything in blue…glad both Arsenal and nigeria don’t romance with that colour! But Suarez is smart in his choice of victims…he should have tried Balotelli!

  295. :) Micko, I like that…

    I reckon this latest bite is all about him wanting a move away. He knows the press here in the Uk will get straight on his back again…

  296. Rico, re 5:02 I thought this was a PG rated site? :D

  297. Check-in, now open for the flight of Shame… evening all.

  298. Goonie, you se how the Azzurri collapsed without Montolivo?

  299. That much Potter?

  300. For all those fickle fans who climbs on the bandwagon that ozster is shit. Well have fun. Tell me what you think after 5 minutes. What a player we have on our hands.

  301. It is Ts, trust you to read that in the way you did… lol

  302. Hi Bt… Brings a whole new meaning to ‘football’s coming home’ eh…

  303. Great vid Stan. I love our little German.

  304. rico, you getting risque?? :P

    Suarez is trying to engineer move away; his father-in-law has certainly started the buzz, and now he’s gotten all bitey again. Then he’ll try to play the victim card, i.e. being unfairly covered by the English media. So scheming. :?

    Hiya, ginge goonie, BT, potter, tai, et al.. :)

  305. Micko
    Just glad it’s not us who ever gets him are welcome to him

  306. Me agag? Never… lol

  307. Howdy AGAG…how are ya? Rico with an in form Walcott he ll even be better. Damn the injury gods that robbed us of theo.

  308. Hiya Agag.. exactly my thought re Suarez. A snake is always a snake even if he is good at finding the back of the net.. :-)

  309. Agag and the others. do you think so? That Suarez is trying to engineer a move away?

    What if now Fifa ban him for three months from football?

    Would Barca and Real want to buy him?

    How much would the dippers fetch for him, especially if he is suspended on national and club level?

  310. Just back from the run to witness why I was right that I did not want that slimey snake in our club.

  311. Micko, he really should be given a ban for the rest of the competition. Shows absolutely no sportsmanship. Made me laugh how one of the Uruguayans fixed Chiellini’s sleeve to cover what was presumably the bite mark. and how quickly he pulled his sleeve down again to emphasize his claim that he was bitten. Haha. Someone will be in hot water again…

    Hiya, Goonie. I am well. How are Cassie and Brianna?? :)

  312. And Ramsey Stan..

  313. Come on, this time last year, had we signed Suarez, you’d have all been over the moon!

    I know I would have been….

  314. Off out with Fido, catch up later…

  315. not me Rico. from the beginning I never wanted that slime package in our team. Go and look in the articles to check

  316. Dev, I honestly won’t put it past Suarez to try to create some controversy and the bans are something he might have considered already. As it appears now, the footage is inconclusive, but it is already generating much furore. And Chiellini is certainly already talking about it.

    I don’t think he really cares about what it does to Liverpool, how he will disappoint his fans, how his price may be lowered, etc. He was banking on a bidding war for him last summer, and that did not come to be, he will be up to his old tricks again during this transfer window.

  317. rico, I still think Suarez gets the business done, tbh. He really is an outstanding striker, even if he is part canine. :D

  318. lol Dev i will back you on that one…

  319. Any ban he gets for this incident will be for international football. The club scene will be largely unaffected apart from a possible price drop which his agent will convert into higher wages. Premeditated ?most probably.

  320. Devil, I don’t need to check, your word is good enough for me…

    Agree agag, never thought he’d bite again, not for one minute…

  321. Maybe that’s it Potter, he wants to make sure Barca or Real can afford him…

  322. Keown says Gerv is brilliant… Martin you legend.. ;)

  323. Suarez has been offered a part in the new Star Wars Movie.
    They want him to play Chewbacka.
    Fancy being banged up with him.

    The only player that I can remember was the old Chelsea player.
    …….Ron(bites your legs)Harris..Who comes anywhere near this geezer.

  324. Lol Fred;Ron Harris and Dennis Wise… loonies

  325. Will fifa have the balls to make a stand, not so sure they will, the only thing we’ll probably learn from tonite is Suarez likes Italian cuisine !

  326. What about Norman Hunter ? Joe . Ron was Chopper , and Wise was just a nasty little irritant , kind of like a forerunner to Robbie Savage.

  327. You really are a hoot Micko… lol

  328. rico 8.03, this time last year you were doing your bestest to raise a collection for a caravan for rooney !!!

  329. Maybe the refs should add a snack break to the water break. You never know about some players.

  330. Imagine had he done that to Vince Jones.

  331. Guys, did you notice the English fan waving a little Shrek.doll? Haha.

  332. And he did that to Chiellini however much ugly the latter looks.

    Imagine it was Sam Fox, or LAna del Rey, or Kate Middleton. What would he have done?

  333. Probably run a mile.

  334. I was Micko and I’ll happily admit I was wrong in my judgement. I really wanted us to sign Rooney and I still think he’d have been good for us.

    Sometimes a change of club works wonders but at £300k a week. No thanks….

  335. Imagine our Blonde Adonis in Chiellini’s place. Goonie would have Kreamed and farted at the same time had he been bitten.

  336. Poor Japan… And they were playing so brightly…

  337. Cuadrado just scored

  338. Price goes up

  339. A real shame rico, WHL would have made a great caravan park.
    300k a week, we were never in with a shout from the start.

  340. Another one I’d never heard of till you mentioned him potter, arsenal and columbians, that would have to be a first.

  341. :) Micko….

  342. I’m done guys, enjoy the footie…

    Night all…

  343. Don’t ask me why agag but i’d say your the kinda girl who’d be up for a bit of sushi.
    Nite rico.

  344. Suarez….another bullet dodged.
    He must cop 6 months for the third offence, surely?
    Someone should put him down like they would a dog!
    Morning all.
    Gustavo…….he will be available once the WC is over.
    Thanks for reminding me on that one, Ginge :) :)

  345. I won’t ask, Micko. :D night, guys.

  346. Scott, suarez comes with a trip switch, he’s not right in the head.
    Nite agag, nite all.
    England’s boys done us proud !

  347. Micko, I wonder what the repercussions are now.
    Will Suarez be for sale at a cheaper price?
    Will Real be in for him or not now?
    If they don’t get him, will the likes of Benzema not be on the market?
    This could be huge……like his suspension should be :)

  348. James Rodriguez and Jackson Martinez both from Porto two years ago

  349. FIFA will find him not guilty. They will accuse the press of over reacting to a ‘coming together in the penalty area’ and dismiss all other lines of appeal, because they are BENT! (Not Darren, bless him).
    Definitely a bullet ducked, no matter how one eyed you may be if Vlad the Uraguayan had joined us we would ALL have been chopped off at the legs if we had tried to ‘gain an advantage by biting a player’!
    The man is a total tosser or as I would have it A NOB! Worse really, he is just a totally despicable human being. Our player, thank god he’s not.

  350. Wavy, I’ve seen the pic of the bite mark…..there’s just no possible way they can find hm anything but guilty.
    The world saw it.
    Surely they can not be so ignorant or arrogant as to think it can be swept under the carpet?

  351. Morning all.

    No ducking out for Goofy:

    Statement from Fifa:

    “FIFA can confirm that disciplinary proceedings have been opened against the player Luis Suarez of Uruguay following an apparent breach of art. 48 and/or art. 57 of the FIFA Disciplinary Code during the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil match Italy-Uruguay played on 24 June 2014.

    “The player and/or the Uruguayan FA are invited to provide with their position and any documentary evidence they deem relevant until 25 June 2014, 5pm, Brasilia time.

    “According to art. 77 lit. a of the FIFA Disciplinary Code (FDC), the FIFA Disciplinary Committee is responsible for sanctioning serious infringements which have escaped the match officials’ attention.

    “Furthermore, according to art. 96 of the FDC, any type of proof may be produced (par. 1), in particular are admissible, reports from referees, declarations from the parties and witnesses, material evidence, audio or video recordings (par. 3).”

  352. Although I feel sorry for Giorgio Chiellini, this will surely reduce Suarez value by an awful lot which in turn does us a huge favour as the dippers won’t have mega bucks (sorry) to spend this summer…

    The ban Suarez gets could be worldwide and for up to 2 years. Could be he’ll be stuck in Anfield whilst not playing for a long while.

    I hope FIFA throw the book at him, I really do!

  353. Rico, will it just be an international football ban, or club football included?
    Morning btw.

  354. I’m surprised none of the victims haven’t knocked the little fucker spark out…..I would of!

  355. Mixed reports Lee, some papers suggest it could be worldwide..

  356. Morning to you too Lee, I’m surprised too but I guess they’d be off and banned then. I’m glad we didn’t sign him even though I sure as heck hoped we would last summer….

  357. Good morning lollipops and smarties.

    Have they banned Dracuez for biting a bit of Chewlini???

    And he realised that he had done something terrible. Did you see Dracuez wiping his teeth with some of the grass to take away the bad taste?

  358. Acc to AW Balotelli is pure invention.

    What do you make of that?

  359. Morning Devil.

    AW was always bound to say that…

  360. for me if its a choice between Sanchez and Balotelli I would go for the former.

  361. Me too.. I don’t want us to sign Balotelli, not one bit…

  362. Morning all.
    He must be banned worldwide.
    They will use his past record against him, and that was at the domestic level, so any ban will include domestic games.
    Lee, I’d have smacked him for sure, and I’m also amazed nobody has, to be honest.
    Morning all.

  363. Morning Scott…

    I too hope it’s a worldwide ban… Certainly deserves it.

  364. Scott, I’m 100% with you on that and the other thing that deserves being punched is spitting! I’d fucking lose it if someone spat at me……pure filth!

  365. Spitting is the lowest of the low. Vieira really disappointed me when he spat on Ruddock….

  366. A mate pointed out the grub does this when he’s pushing to leave a club.
    He did it at Ajax.
    Did it at Liverpool when we all know he wanted out….maybe this is the same.
    Would any club want him now?
    I mean the clubs that can actually afford him.

  367. Lee, yep, spitting deserves the same treatment!

  368. I would have punched him back.

    in the mouth. Twice over.

    …….and made sure that for the next two years he will consume only liquid food.

  369. From what im hearing, even Scouser fans have had enough of him.
    That says a lot lol

  370. Paul Davis anyone????

    would Suarez have done it to Paul Davis after the Cotterril incident?

    Or to Vince Jones???

    Or Roy Keane???

    Or Vieira???

    Or Di Canio???

    Or Cantona???

    I would have liked to see him do it to any one of the above.

    The exacted revenge would have been out of proportion for sure.

  371. Devil, I must say I gave Ivanovic more credit.
    I thought he’d have torn Suarez a new one!

  372. Some of today’s players are pansies Scott. They whine and whine and whine. And do nothing else

  373. Just why I hope his ban is worldwide Scott, they the nasty piece of work can rot in Anfield

  374. It has been confirmed that Fifa is looking in the matter with urgency. And yes…..Fifa has the power to ban him world wide….including domestic level.

    Whether Blatter has the balls to ban Dracuez Suarcula is another matter.

  375. The folks on Talkshite Radio reckon, this latest saga will ensure that the bin-dippers keep Suarez as no one will want him.. :D

    Thise folks must have attended the same ‘Imagination School’ as Malaga Gooner. :P

    Dev, AW was asked 3 years ago if he liked El Sharawaay(spelling) or Balo’ and Aw said Balo’..

    I think AW rates him; the issue now will be if AFC will be prepared to pay the asking price in 1 or in installments with performance related clauses. e.g £17m now will £5m in 6months plus £5m after we win something.

    On ‘S’ I hope we have not missed the bus as I said last summer. We literally had him but we dittered until Barca and the player changed their minds.

    I can see him moving to Naples if Higuain is brought to Barca.

    Morning Rico and HHers

  376. morning all

  377. Ginge keep the faith…S will be ours :)

  378. There’s something wrong with then guy for sure. His head needs checking.

  379. As I said a few days ago Ginge……if we find a good neurosurgeon who can correct the synapses which go in Balo’s head its ok then. He is a powerful player who has the physique and raw power to be one of the three top players in the world.

  380. Devil, how do you rate Sanchez, and how would you play him?

  381. lol Scott…

    Getting him will make several people happy.

    Even the Lady might be pleased with a signing for once.. ;)

    Dev- Balo’ is a poppy compared to the Voller’s of this world.

    Klinsman and Tigana i heard had issues under AW in the AS Monaco days too….

  382. Sanchez I rate highly. I would play him either on the left or through the centre. He is fast. If we play the 4-2-3-1 then on the left. But in a 4-4-2 I would play him off OG.

    But he can also play as a lone forward. He did it with Napoli to a good effect against rigid Italian defences.

  383. If we had ‘S’ Scott, I would play him and Ozil in a front 3 with Ozil having a free role with ‘S’ in the big games.

    I will then pack the midfield ready for a quick counter.

    A front of Theo and ‘S’ and Ox will be frightening.

    It will be like ‘S’ in Serie A. Set-up for counter attcking football

  384. Hell,

    I was sold on the media hype of Balotelli, I wanted him. Now I have to admit I don’t watch him in Serie A, but I remember thinking when watching him for Mancity that he wasn’t exceptional, few good games here and there never really got me excited, no stand out games. His performances this world cup has cemented my thoughts on him, very happy Wenger has said we’re not interested so we can move on.

  385. Udinese it was… but you are spot on Dev re he can play anywhere on the front

  386. Morning Ts.

    New post up..

  387. Those days ‘S’ and Di Natale were a deadly duo upfront.

    I remember one AC Milan vs Udinese match. that 4-4 game. Pure classic match

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